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02:02 Right now, Ray Pete, Georgi Dinkov. Georgi, sorry, interrupting you. Go ahead and ask your question. 02:07 Yeah, my question was related to this question we just had is basically if in past periods of Earth’s history there were such massive animals and also massive vegetation I mean really dwarfing in terms of size the trees that we have nowadays and not only the height but also like the thickness and it was everywhere there were really I don’t think there were any areas of deserts back in dinosaur time so do you think like the Earth was more geologically active at that time basically that was able to support all of these organisms yeah I think the Earth was outgassing lots of carbon dioxide and and oxygen and internal heat was probably adding to the climate warmth and speaking related again to I guess the Earth supporting all of this are you familiar with the abiogenic theory of oil creation oh yeah I had many 03:17 years ago read the watch the periodic table Mendelev yeah yeah he was interested in oil chemistry and he dissolved iron in acid and floating on the liquid when it was dissolved was an oily material and he took samples of it to various petroleum chemists and asked them to identify it and they all recognized it as petroleum and could even give the region that it smelled like and that was I guess 1859 or something so he dissolved iron in what hydrochloric 04:18 acid I think was okay so dissolving metal into hydrochloric acid basically made it look like iron is a high carbon content metal and so it was the catalytic effect of the iron on the intrinsic carbon that produced the oil and so that interested me in in the Russian understanding of petroleum and that had been they were publishing various theories of that in the early 60s 1960s is when I started reading it and there was an article about something to do with the renewability of oil wells published in in science news and the 05:29 I wrote them a letter about the Russian studies on the theory that it’s being generated deep in the earth and and so you can pump out an oil well and have it come back after several years and when that letter was published this guy’s Tom what’s his last name he’s one that is considered to have invented the abiotic oil theory at least for Western chemistry he about a year after that published his first article on abiotic oil but leaving out all of the interesting Russian history did you know in 2011 they found oceans of liquid 06:32 methane and oil on one of Saturn’s moon and Salatus and it created a little bit of controversy but mainstream media quickly shut it down there were some people saying like also how is this possible either they were dinosaurs or some kind of a life on that moon of Saturn or the creation of oil or all fossil fuels quote-unquote doesn’t require life and the intrinsic heat of the giant planets that is still being confirmed that the giant gas planets are emitting heat in proportion to their mass and that’s consistent with the whole planetary creation of everything that happens on the planet not just driven by solar energy but the internal chemistry of the planet so do you think 07:37 in that case things like peak oil are just another political sigh up that’s basically created to feed the narrative of climate change and you know the great reset and so on yeah the deep ocean vents that are emitting organisms basically a whole ecology of up to worms but in the super hot ocean water the high pressure lets them tolerate the heat and the emissions volcanic emissions in the ocean water are providing the life-supporting system I think that’s a model of how life originated hot rocks and gas interacting with water producing 08:40 very quick highly developed ecologies and the whole story of gradual evolution I think is really just looking at how the phases of the earth’s development turn out rather than random gene accumulation so basically if I’m if I can make a jump here a thought jump evolution is a energetically driven process it doesn’t necessarily proceed in a straight line or even progress all the time it really depends on the energetic supplies from the environment okay do you think there were times during Earth’s history when there were organisms or maybe even if we if you read mythology and believe the mythology there were human races or 09:43 humanoid like beings that were more advanced than us do you think that makes sense based on you know if yeah yeah there have been fossil observations of what seemed to be petrified human like things in a rock that was believed to be millions of years old there and all of those extreme anomalies get people include them in in literature and such but they don’t make it into the science journals are you familiar with the Hindu mythology they have these periods of development in the universe and apparently right now we’re living in the period that’s like the least beneficial for organisms they call it I think Kali Yuga under the goddess of the evil and and their mythology says that in the past there were periods when when the environment was much more I mean they speak about gods but really it’s all 10:45 it’s all allegory and in the past there were periods when the environment was much more conducive for for civilization and and consciousness and the human beings of these past eras were 10 feet tall they were living 900 years which you mean it let me think you know of the boss cop skull and the stories of the Bible of Matusila live in 900 years and whatnot do you think all of these things could be talking about the same phenomena like civilizations being better in the past at some point yeah and even in the last 100 years or so we see extreme differences in the life spans that the official biology industry just says that it’s all lies but the churches have been keeping birth records on people for hundreds and hundreds of years and the records are there showing people quite a 11:45 few well over 150 years old in terms of civilizational development what do you think is a I don’t know if there’s an optimal energy source but is there or do you think there’s an optimal energy source I mean I would think you would be heavily against nuclear power right oh sure volcanic powers the obvious thing I’m basically converting that to yeah like geothermal energy is that what you have yeah it’s generously available and easy to get the life arising from the ocean that was a in in the living state st. Georgie that was also his thesis that we couldn’t leave the ocean until we figured out how to bring it with us like the water in our bodies is that is that on the right track no I don’t think that’s the membrane of people talking they had to invent genes that could make a seal 12:52 membrane that would let the cell hold water but the primitive proteins spontaneously generated in a few minutes in the lab by Sydney Fox those proteins are water regulatory that create their own appearance of a membrane they have a very standard regular size and they can assimilate new proteins and when they do they bud off just like a yeast forming a little sphere that then assimilates more protein and it grows up to the standard size at which point it buds so all of all of this is something that happens in a matter of hours in the experimental laboratory and the evolutionists are just trying to hang on to their picture of 14:01 history and how a cell requires a membrane okay well you mentioned how it life can be the volcanoes and the creation of life in the water how does that translate to like eventually forming us like what’s the volcano happens to be in the near the edge of the ocean or just in the place that gets rained on then you get the same thing happening just with the drier surroundings but the proteins regulate the ocean to keep out excess water and they regulate the air environment to keep in the right amount of water it’s hygrophilic enough that it’s self-regulating for the water and mineral content so the ocean plays the 15:04 role of the was that experiment that recently was done somebody through like water or like really hot rock and then amino acids that start spontaneously emerging yeah that Sydney Fox the spontaneous cell-like spheres did you ever have any communication with him right nope what so I have a the biosphere by Vladimir Vernadsky a few quotes up and he says creatures on earth are the fruit of extended complex processes and are an essential part of the harmonious cosmic mechanism and so what when was he writing that was that in the 18 the 1930 period I think and then you you have a quote by like an old interview where you say talking about purpose you talk you speak more like a religious person but like but this whole idea of energy being thrown into a system in complexifying that’s that’s kind of what Vernadsky was talking about the things 16:10 spontaneously organized and create higher and higher organized structures in terms of driving the course or in terms of driving the course of evolution do you use the would you think it’s the earth’s internal activity and energetic balance that’s more that’s a bigger factor or solar activity and other planets or is it is it all like together the totality of it the present condition on earth is being slightly modified and directed by changes that interact between planets and the sun but the same basic tendency to basically create hotter faster bigger brains that are organized bigger longer-lived organisms that’s the 17:14 general drift that Vernadsky talked about you familiar with the work of this young professor at MIT who’s basically verbatim said what you just did and his his theory now and he’s presenting his own is that basically life isn’t is simply an energy dissipating mechanism and you can measure the complexity of life by measuring the intensity of the energy dissipation process which is just another word for metabolism you know I think he’s like 32 years old or something they familiar with his work yeah and there’s a Russian that I think he died about 20 or 30 years ago that had carried on the idea to study the energy dissipation in an egg he described the process as an egg unscrambling itself by the intensity of the energy that it produces so in other words it’s 18:17 the intense it’s the it’s the energy dissipation that keeps the egg from randomizing itself and the same thing for all life it’s a generator of higher and higher order so the egg is apparently mostly random stuff when you compare it to the organism that comes from it but it’s the ability to produce energy with just enough of the residual information put into it by the the mother system that will shape how that energy develops but the whole process is really the ability to produce energy very fast starting with the egg on the early embryo and then that’s modified by the conditions it runs into was the 19:19 name of the guy who challenged Hayflick and he had the opposite idea of him that basically he said that cells are immortal and he did his experience with chicken embryos Alex Alexis Carol Carol yeah yeah so do you think his I mean because they if you read the official story they they said oh he was a fraud like he was basically it towards the end of his life yeah it always has to be a fraud anything that is very clear and and obvious it had to be that these technicians over a period of 20 years were all participating in a fraud to introduce new chickens so so when when do you think that drives started happening to prove that that life on its own the case and basically you know that’s that’s our destiny there’s nothing that can be done about it because it seems like the early 20th century people were most of the scientific consensus 20:19 which is a bad thing but at the time it was they everybody believed based on the available evidence that cells were immortal unless harassed externally by a bad environment yeah Mendel really started it as his attempt to disprove all of Charles Darwin’s unorthodox Lamarckism Mendel was going to prove that genes are are immortal and that it’s only the the soma or body that’s mortal and that was taken up by August Weissman in the 90s he was the guy that amputated the tails of a hundred thousand two hundred mice and said they’re offspring still had tails so Lamarck and Darwin were wrong and he advocated the 21:22 wear and tear cause of aging because the the genes are immortal and they spin off this the the dregs that don’t he said they don’t even have the genetic ability to make any any more that the process of differentiating according to Weissman was a progressive loss of potential as thin thin out the inheritance genes and so this somatic dregs is just constantly wearing out the way a machine wears out because there’s no mechanism for renewal and so that gets set to tone for the 22:23 1900 rediscovery of of Mendel and the creation of the so-called Neo Darwinian view in which Darwin is censored the genetics industry was committed to this idea of the mortal body being a machine and the mechanistic reductionist approach to biology strongly based on those religious Mendel did it for religious glory and Weissman did it for who knows what so speaking of genes and evolution I guess at this point it’s 23:24 probably clear that that genes are not the drivers of evolution they’re just simply the result of it right so these attempts to drive evolution by the modern genetics establishment by messing with the genes they really they’re not really affecting evolution at all if you want to affect evolution should be modifying you should be modulating the energetic supply which is exactly what they’re not doing am I reading this right yes in the fox and demonstrating that his artificial cells could not only assimilate nutrients and increase their size and numbers but he added the makings of nucleic acids just the free bases that are a DNA synthase system turns into genes he fed these nucleic acid precursors to his proto 24:35 cells and they with only the spontaneously formed proteins they polymerized the precursors in the DNA like substances in terms of you think they’re missing pieces in the theory in the current theory of evolution you know the one that’s being taught in schools right now I mean for example they’re saying the humans and chimpanzees are very close relatives and they descend from a common ancestor but there’s no archaeological evidence at least that’s what they claim that that has ever been found of a common ancestor of these two two two species what do you make out of them all kinds of alternatives are possible for example one that a vegan tribe decided to restrict their diet to leaves and an occasional bug and that caused them to expand their digestive 25:41 system to get big bellies and to not be able to support such big brains and they turned out looking like chimpanzees and if you look at the implications of what Sydney Fox did that amino acids spontaneously make proteins which spontaneously are able to make an analogs of DNA then you’ve got the central dogma of the Watson Crick approach to genetics they said that information flows only from DNA to RNA to protein never the other way but Sydney Fox showed that information is generated spontaneously in proteins and that they can then insert order in the precursors and actually make DNA from protein so 26:53 it completely shows the experimental basis energy basis for reversing the Watson Crick approach I posted a clip on of us talking about evolution and one of the comments was how could have what Ray was talking about be possible because everybody knows we we evolved under very harsh circumstances and so in your point of view is that is that possible like we evolved during an ice age or some really unfavorable scenario I think the real evolution was happening in the tropics with good diet and happiness and that when people drifted off trying wheat-based industry and agriculture that some of them created the dairy 28:00 industry and turned out to continue evolving others didn’t do so well and degenerated into war-loving tribes and countries but like a level deeper of that like the to the achievement of the human organism that would have to have been maintained in an oxidized redox balance and you couldn’t have that would be impossible under extremely harsh conditions is that right yeah just the whole idea that the brain requires an abundance of energy flowing through the organism to develop and the whole fantasy that magic like cosmic rays for 29:03 example breaking genes to people have been looking at the effect of mutations on proteins now for a hundred years and they’ve never created a better gene yes speaking of which I have friends who work in genetics and we’ve had this exact same arguments they said look we’ve been trying I mean the our field has been trying for over a hundred years to create new species in the lab and we’ve been unsuccessful and I said well what have you been doing well we’ve been blasting him with ionizing radiation we’ve been exposing him to mutagens we’ve been stressing the cells in all kind of different ways and yes they do mutate but they don’t appear to be creating new types of organisms and those people are walking around free in society that’s true they actually pretty high place too they’re not they’re not peons either yeah you would think some kind of a 30:06 growth mental defect was involved and such silly ideas so speaking of growth mental defect do you think the redox balance and the way the basically the way a well differentiated organism depends on the intensity of the of the metabolism and the redox balance beings being heavily in favor of oxidation you think the same thing happens at the mental level the ability to hold a diversity of ideas and to see each new piece of information as expanding your horizon rather than limiting it would that also be kind of like the analogy of the well differentiated mind which requires an oxidative metabolism yeah and it also requires a surrounding world that responds in in some sense that gives it scope for develop development rather than the idea that competition 31:10 between individuals drives improvement there’s no more evidence for that than for x-rays causing evolution that’s right there was an article that came out maybe about five years ago which said that anyway of course it was immediately vilified and it was in the native in the nature journal it said that all the evidence that we have so far indicates that when organisms strive they regress and I thought then how is it possible that this is the driving force of evolution and we should be seeing like more and more primitive life forms would be evolution in reverse that’s really a socio-political argument for your own good we’re starving you exactly you should you should tighten up your belt because it’s it’s better for you right you’ve been losing weight some I 32:14 related but right you had quoted David Bowman one of your articles and you said the being of Matt or he said the being of matter is its meaning the being of ourselves is is meaning the beings of society is meaning the mechanism mechanistic view has created a rather crude and gross meaning which has created a crude and gross and confused society so that ties into that that’s an example of something that is so true that it’s very funny do you think the this this whole idea that I think Western civilization is kind of driving towards in the last 100 years that they’ve managed to convince people that simply being is not enough and that basically people are now like restless they can sit still and they can enjoy themselves simply living their lives because they’re constantly being told you just have to do something meaningful with your life do you think there’s a more nefarious purpose behind these political messages especially when they’re combined with the impossible impossibility of 33:17 doing something meaningful to yourself that creates a rather confused and almost suicidal human being right because you always fail yeah you must do this but you’re only permitted to do what we say is meaningful we talk to we talked about a quote from Maslow the last live stream and he said something like the only happy people I know are the ones doing work that they feel is meaningful and how many people can say that they they do that yeah occasionally a person gets in in a position where it’s possible but usually the ones who do that quickly get fired but occasionally that can can work within the system but it’s the great exception are you familiar with those 34:18 studies from the 1960s that showed that doing altruistic work for others activates the neocortex and actually makes it grow and doing doing stuff entirely for yourself only activates the lizard brain and actually shrinks the total brain volume okay do you think it’s possible that somebody would have a meaningful life doing nothing except satisfying their own needs it often at the detriment of others no experiment you mentioned shows exactly that you need meaning to include everyone and ideally the whole ecosystem benefiting from your project so in order for meaningfulness to increase other people need to be involved so you should be investing in the environment instead of investing in yourself as the current mantra goes yeah so the elite are 35:23 motivated by some type of self-loathing type of situation they’re not they’re not satisfied in any way shape or form yeah I think at an early stage in life they swallowed and believed an image of themselves that someone told them told them what they were and they’re stuck in that mistaken image of what any organism is but all of our societies tend to do that to tell little kids who they are and and what they are and what the rules are and unless you see yourself as deep deeply involved in your project that you’re defining and 36:27 discovering yourself in the process of what you’re doing that’s part of what altruism does to the brain that your sense of self is based on this defining yourself constantly through experience and assimilating the viewpoints of others to expand your experience and then ideally working for the expansion of everyone’s experience but if you’re stuck on a model of what you are you’re this particular historical entity usually with a religious imagery this 37:29 imposed idea of what you are is going to say that your destiny is to serve that image and look for power for example power and wealth so that that early implanted the image of you survives and thrives rather than constantly looking at the world as part of your own definition to complete understanding yourself you have to keep going into the world have you noticed that some of the most pathological people some of the most evil ones tend to come from either religions or social practices that seem to involve self-mutilation or mutilation of very young people circumcision is probably the like the one that’s the most commonly practiced doing that plays a role into like 38:30 traumatizing these these young minds very early on and they basically grow up to hate the world and try to revenge I guess for the rest of their lives I don’t know if we talked about this before but a guy at Oxford JD Unwin argued that civilization comes from repression and sexual unhappiness drives the high creative societies but what a creative society is is one that makes war and conquers everyone around it and he looked at the records of advanced and simple civilizations and drew that generalization that repression and body negating processes will lead to essentially the the war-making high 39:37 civilizations a guy working at the National Institute of Mental Health in the 1960s published an article in Journal of the Atomic Scientists on body pleasure and I forget the rest of the title but we’re looking at these same 80 8080 one or two very detailed records of societies at all levels and found that all kinds of body mutilation circumcision lip expanding earrings tattoos the whole range of body mutilation that goes with higher arty in the society women 40:38 children are under control and inferior in status enemies are basically to be killed or subordinated and the but basically the outlook of high civilizations even if they’re just a very nasty tribe somewhere but the rule from these 80 society showed that the egalitarian societies that didn’t mutilate the children and didn’t suppress women and repress sexuality these were peaceful with their neighbors so do you think in regards to pleasure and like and freedom and and you know being able to to do to to participate in activities 41:40 that that sort of enhance your well-being the thing that may have something to that may partially explain the fact that almost every culture around the world was found to like dabble into either alcohol or psychedelics or other things mind enhancing substances and and and those that most often did that seem to achieve that least in the past pretty high levels of civilization yeah and they were not not warlike the in Central America the drug-using cultures were generally civilized by ordinary ideas of culture and civilization but they they had highly developed arts and weren’t interested in conquering people yeah and they medicine to I think the Incas were able to perform brain surgeries like a 42:43 thousand years before medicine even knew what the scalpel was yeah the northern Europeans were still very barbaric when the Incas and other Central and South American cultures and Abyssinia cultures all around the world were highly civilized when northern Europeans were still slaughtering each other very very crude societies speaking of early childhood traumatizing experiences do you think the current environment of encouraging women quote-unquote encouraging they’re really being forced for a variety of economic reasons to sort of dump their children into these you know mass-scale child care facilities at the age of four to eight weeks and then go back to work do you think that that has 43:45 a similar effect of no not maybe the same as circumcision but you know parental neglect it’s surely stressful for a baby what I mean yeah and that version of feminism was strongly promoted by the CIA through people like what’s your name glorious item glorious I mean the turning women into aggressive competitive competition for men there was that Jaffe Berylson memo between Planned Parenthood and I think or the people that wrote it worked for the Rockefeller Foundation later where they were trying to get women into the workplace and they were saying like restraining child care and promoting different aspects of culture to do that so yeah did you have any more questions about cultural things George yeah I just had one but they just flew out of my mind I guess I have to 44:50 remember oh yes the different versions of feminism I mean I first 12 to I guess maybe almost 15 years of my life because communism officially ended in Bulgaria in 1989 but sort of like stumbled continued to sort of partially survive until maybe three or four years later but the version of feminism promoted in socialist societies at least part of the Soviet block was very different than the feminism that I see being promoted here is there a reason for that do you think because the way the socialism at least the idea was that women are allowed to do to do what they want with their lives and this the state is supposed to help them out not force them into specific careers or sort of like force them to abandon their children I mean to this day if you go to like certain European countries there is their two to three years of paid maternal leave and they get their full salary yeah the CIA’s feminist program was exactly an antisocialist feminism program because what you just described 45:55 as absolutely destructive to the capitalist ethic so they basically said oh this is what the comics are doing and if you’re a good capitalist woman you embrace our version of feminism and not what the reds are trying to sell you on right right become an aggressive money-seeking male equivalent do you think that the term toxic masculinity also has its roots in the CIA driven culture yeah yeah machismo is one of these implanted ideas it defines you what what you can become and how you should behave early as a child four or five years old it’s already embedded and that machismo implant is just one 46:59 side of the CIA feminist implant was there at any point in I guess the 20th century did you notice the CIA or the powers that be kind of getting concerned that the socialist ideas are spreading to America especially like the socialist version of feminism was there was there kind of like a counter movement here saying like oh don’t listen to the propaganda the reds are trying to brain wash you was there ever a concern that that basically does the Soviets maybe winning the war of the mines oh yeah that was a motive for the Congress for cultural freedom very very conscious of people like John Dewey was already working on it as far as anyone knows free of the secret police but definitely in harmony with them and these pre-existing pro-capitalist ideas were 48:07 scooped up by the CIA and when they saw the the real danger of the ideal of ideology of more or less libertarian approach to a self-determining individualism in the socialist countries the CIA created the Congress for cultural freedom which was to pick out things that could be promoted in all of the cultures as the ultimate product of free enterprise they got philosophical and economic leaders in the various countries to organize this take money from 49:14 the CIA which was diverting it from the Marshall plan of vast amounts of money that were intended to restore Europe that the CIA was using to indoctrinate create exhibitions of art and concerts and journals journals of science technology economics politics philosophy everything subsidized by the CIA was a huge huge fountain of money going into particular CIA approved ideology all intended to counter that the danger of those liberating aspects of the 50:17 socialist idea speaking of the powers that be manipulating society I mean I remember very vividly this I think you had the discussion with Danny about the origins of the HIV virus and how you got approached by a guy in Oregon back and I think it was the 60s or the 70s when he said he used to work at Fordedrick and said there was a virus that was created to target specific racial groups well do you think something like this may have been may have happened or at least was designed initially to happen with the contraceptive pill or what do you think was entirely done to you know just just just for profits because he cannot have evaded the attention of the powers that be that giving estrogen to women tends to masculinize them and and really twist their behavior like basically make them act not only like males but like really psychopathic males yeah the Nazis introduced estrogen for use in the slave camps concentration camps because it 51:25 made them into authoritarian people who would follow orders and if necessary harm their fellow inmates is there anything published on that or was it entirely just like any daughter Barbara Seaman was one that gathered up some of the information I think her book has references to where she founded okay so do you think like so because the initial contraceptives were pure estrogen and then they started adding these toxic synthetic progestins at some point was this just to appease the Catholic Church because the Catholic Church was starting to wisen up on the idea that the estrogen pills were actually abortion pills that are not contraceptives yeah it was the fact proven in the 1930s but my thesis advisor at the University of Oregon worked on the fact that estrogen at any level is creating abortions 52:34 if it has been implanted for two weeks or months or two months the dose has to be bigger but you get the same contraceptive effect but they all work after conception has happened so at every level estrogen since the 1930s has been known to be an abortion pill and it was only in the early 1950s when they started thinking of a way to sell it as something other than an abortion pill and they called it a contraceptive with absolutely no evidence but that was just a sales point to shut the the church up Ray what do you think about the all the toxic masculinity the racism and all the things that are kind of um occupy the minds of a lot of Americans that that psychological operation 53:41 and those topics ramping up after Occupy Wall Street somebody was google trending those terms and it was showing like a steep incline right after around 2011 maybe the Occupy Wall Street really scared the powers that be what term oh like the talks like the the topics that were allowed to talk about the the racism the toxic masculinity of feminist intersectionality all those types of things yeah the the control of Occupy Wall Street you know the the government allowed the industries to have snipers ready overlooking the demonstrations ready to shoot the leaders if things got out of hand so the the government was 54:42 uh uh completely sympathetic to uh uh treating it the way uh uh things happened in the Ukraine there were snipers shooting people on both sides to rouse the crowds against the government and the the the point was to kill the leaders if the movement started being successful and so the surrounding apparatus everything from assassination down has been put into action have you noticed I think what Danny was asking is that have you noticed that throughout critical periods of of history in in the western world whenever the powers that be feel threatened 55:43 by a specific movement they immediately start invoking these controlled opposition themes such as racism feminism what not that they’re not real topics but they immediately provoked or immediately invoked to sort of like shift attention away from the real problem which is the the existence of the haves and the have nots yeah divide and conquer idea you you have people putting their attention on on things they they were mostly mostly not issues in in the socialist countries uh but uh they made them issues specifically uh a transgender thing that never would have taken off by itself but uh it was promoted by by government and industry as part of the distraction 56:46 what was the distraction that was used around let’s say when Kennedy was shot or MLK was shot what did they what did they pull out of the sleeve back then oh a discussion of whether it was Russia or Cuba that was responsible and did it capture the public imagination or what did the public see right through it oh no total total capture at first there were only three or four uh skeptics publishing and it took 20 30 40 years to develop a uh a fairly sizable skeptical population did nobody question the fact that the chairman of the candidate commission wasn’t wasn’t it one of the dullest brothers wasn’t it what one of the dullest brothers wasn’t he the chairman of the candidate commission allen dollars yeah the the whole thing on its face 57:50 anyone who’s paying attention uh immediately knew it was a coup but like like uh ms r noni had a little newsletter called minority of one he immediately gave a detailed analysis of what would happen as a result of this coup absolutely correct and it was i think something like november 27th when he sent it out but uh people who instead of reading that who may maybe a thousand people read it but uh everyone else was reading the newspapers and listening to the radio and tv and uh hearing the discussion of how oswald was a marxist who had defected to the 58:55 soviet union and uh came back and visited the soviet and cuban embassies in mexico and they were i think they call it sheep dipping they were creating this legend around him so that when they needed someone to kill and put off the assassination on on a a victim he had this aura of marxism around him but he was actually just a normal texas marine uh right winger who um worked for the the cia on the u2 spy plane knew the codes needed to use radar 59:57 to shoot it down which the soviets hadn’t had so then they had him with that information defect to the soviets and uh then when he was in place and they wanted to block eisenhower’s attempt to establish detente with a summit meeting in may of 1960 uh they they flew the u2 plane gary powers fluid over the appropriate rocket sites with information harpy oswald had and got it shot down or if that failed probably had a self-destruct bomb in it anyway they they arranged for it to fall and interrupt the detente of eisenhower had 01:01:04 in mind as his legacy for ending the presidency and when his job in the youtube business was finished he he came back and they continued his the creation of this aura around him by having him join the fair play for cuba committee become get in the news by having a fight with the anti-castro people get on the radio interviewed as a marxist member of the fair play for cuba committee which he wasn’t really and distribute leaflets in the street uh pseudo marxist propaganda 01:02:04 would be address for getting in contact with him on this leaflet was the same address that the cia and fbi used in new orleans so that they didn’t do a very thorough job of cutting his connections with the cia which have eventually been brought out are you familiar with the interviews of this lady called k griggs she describes all of these things that you just mentioned in great detail as well she was married to the chairman of of natus committee for international policy i don’t know what you know what exactly but he was he was basically involved in multiple assassinations she talks about how that was that you the head of the united nations that was killed in africa um it was a swedish guy dog homer yeah i think so 01:03:08 yeah yeah she she has a number of different interviews um and she talks a lot about the basically the entire army it’s just a it’s just a muscle for for the corporations and how you know everything is just it’s just a big economic game and um economic game and then basically the cia the fbi all of these are just enforcement arms of the of the industry anyways long story short so you said that most of the public happily gobbled up whatever whatever false story was given about the kennedy assassination m o k assassination so we should i guess we’re living in better times these days because it looks like at least half the nation is at least greatly suspicious even if they don’t know the whole truth the half of the nation does not believe the official story that is being fed to it uh by mainstream media at this point i think that’s part of the reason that the great reset is going so fast now uh using the pandemic virus as a way to uh take uh uh information 01:04:12 control turn the whole society into a robotized smart artificial intelligence controlled system just because of the well the unrest that expressed itself in trumpism uh half of the population very disgusted with with the clinton obama type of government wanting something radically different but uh they’re afraid it could turn into something more more constructive and and more dangerous to them so basically now now that there there’s a critical number of people who just mistrust anything that the official that the powers would be telling them they’re saying oh crap we better hurry up because 01:05:15 we don’t have much time left yeah and they’re hoping that being subservient enough to to get vaccinated repeatedly and by the hundreds of millions that this is going to drive their control faster and faster these what do you think they will do considering that the official even the mainstream media says the seven out of ten people are now saying they will not voluntarily get the vaccine even if i even if they get paid to do it do you think at that point they may they may start getting the military involved in saying you know what it’s not it’s not going to be a choice uh yeah i just saw a video of a guy in a military uniform saying that uh with with the emergency authorization of the fda uh that the the military 01:06:17 is getting organized to vaccinate a hundred percent of the population within 24 hours simultaneous in that vaccination of the whole population but how is that going to do it the military is what like five million people total um how are they going to vaccinate 300 million people probably deputizing local police okay these article titles are like they’re from the onion vaccine safety to remain unclear until million millions get their shots and then uh this one doctor say cdc should warn people the side effects from cova vaccine shots won’t be a walk in the park do you think they’re preparing people uh that there’s going to be side effects and almost like incepting the idea into people’s heads so they can’t complain about it well the the fact that they’re starting with the minorities uh under the guise of fairness and equality but uh they want the millions of minorities to 01:07:30 to be the ones to take the first testing risk did you see i mean you probably haven’t seen it because it’s a tiny state it’s not real i live in dc area and they recently passed a law under the the cover of covid 19 emergency now they’re allowing children as young as 11 to self-consent to vaccination behind their parents backs and actually the law makes it gives full retractive immunity to doctors school personnel insurance companies whatnot and they actually require them to lie to their parents if the parents call and say did my child get vaccinated they’re legally allowed to say no so what what is your plan if this gets to the point where now it’s actually getting to the point at least in dc where where these vaccinations will be um you know mandatory um would that be your essentially like the the point in which you say i’m going to leave yeah and that’s the point which they’ll seal the borders you have to present your certificate before they allow you to leave 01:08:39 yeah well speaking of the vaccine there was a Forbes article and it was talking about how the vaccines were targeted for like mild symptoms and not for uh kind of the um communicable nature of the virus and so nothing you don’t know these the vaccine trials were were set up to totally fail you know but i i think the average american would think vaccination means freedom from disease and so i think the there there’s a bait and switch going on here yeah the irrationality is more than sufficient at every level you look at it you don’t have to figure much to to discover the fullness of it when you see every bit of things that they’re advocating is irrational if the mRNA protein that the vaccine contains codes for the spike protein 01:09:42 of the virus um don’t you think there’s a significant risk that insusceptible people which probably there’s more than enough of those this vaccine may actually lead to very serious side effects potentially death and if they start mass vaccinations we’re going to start seeing that at a mass scale and the public will quickly get spooked yeah the spike protein it causes inflammation by inactivating the enzyme that inactivates antrotensin that so the spike protein essentially turns on our inflammatory system the antrotensin system and the RNA allows our own cells to manufacture the spike protein so we are being prepared to manufacture the activator of our own inflammatory system which is 01:10:47 basically the only thing that causes people to die from covid if they die from it mostly none of that diagnosis or determination of the cause of death none of that has been done in a traditional scientific manner but to the extent that the virus is harmful to weak people then it’s causing our body to produce the agent that kills people and they ignore the fact that we have reverse transcriptases that can turn RNA into DNA and integrated into our genes so that we can pass on the ability to destroy our defenses against inflammation what do you think is the onset of action i mean what’s the time period for onset 01:11:49 of action of this potentially highly inflammatory response to the vaccine is it days is it weeks is it hours to do what i mean once you get you know injected with this mRNA the codes yeah how long before we actually before the you know proverbial bullcrap hits the fan it depends on whether it’s spanning by reverse transcriptase it couldn’t happen within the first day or two and some of the test victims have become very sick with with interest today or two but there are so many counter defenses the adrenal and other glands can uh increase to to overcome those inflammatory effects but if your body then 01:12:56 increases the the production of the spike protein you could get cycles of inflammation coming and being overcome and then recurring indefinitely if you look at the uh published officially published side effects of the vaccines and I’ll even saying that article that Danny mentioned uh CDC said oh Moderna or Pfizer should be more forecoming with people about the potential side effects of the vaccines and that article says oh the side effects of the vaccines are the same as COVID so i’m thinking well how convenient tonight they’re gonna administer the vaccine to all of these elderly people probably in Florida God knows where that are already compromised they’re gonna start dying in droves and then we’re gonna get told that oh no it’s not the vaccine that killed them they they contracted COVID so it doesn’t hinder the vaccination campaign yeah yeah that’s that’s a nice development the flu vaccine is well established as a destructive influence on the immune system 01:14:08 increasing your likelihood to contract uh non-influenza respiratory viruses and so the industry just isn’t looking at the outcome of a big population that follows a year or two or three years after a big influence a vaccinating campaign the immune system is damaged by every vaccination and you have to look at the long-range outcome from any any vaccine and that’s going to be a lot worse with an RNA virus a vaccine is the mrna aspect of this too um is there some tech that they need for kind of the future what they want to do the surveillance type of thing do you 01:15:09 see any connection between the two right oh um in vaccinating the whole population uh uh they’ve got everyone uh uh located and uh subservient and uh they don’t really need to do the uh injected uh uh chips and and all of that stuff because just the process of uh rounding them up and vaccinating them once uh they’re entered into the system but but like the for is there a reason this uh technology is being employed now or is it just totally just a crazy experiment that’s made even crazier by these being the first mrna vaccines i i think claus forts made it very clear a few years ago this book that this is a very 01:16:14 convenient way to bring on very quickly the uh corporate system of of control finances education shopping uh medicine long-range medicine uh through the computer all he has explained that all of this is going to be the only way out for society if it doesn’t quickly get everything under control then there will be outbreaks of barbarism people in the chat or we’ve talked about this but people in the chat are asking about how to protect yourself from this vaccine but i’ll interject that one i think there’s two shots of the the coronavirus vaccine and then correct me if i’m wrong right but the the rockefeller foundation they really some paper 01:17:16 projected future scenario where they said the ideal situation was to get a vaccine every week and so it’s not it’s not like protection from this one time vaccine that people are going to be forced to get this is this is at some point people have to take a stand uh because it’s uh not going to end uh you know the the chinese when they identified the virus found there were five versions of it already existing uh different places around the world especially in the united eastern united states and if there were five versions that early we can probably figure there now maybe 25 different andogenic versions variations of the virus and next year there might be 125 variations and so naturally a weekly vaccination would be an attempt to keep up with 01:18:19 the mutation of the virus but obviously insane i did read this a little bit about fizer they say set up a secretive trials in kano the the second largest city in nigeria to test an experimental antibiotic trovin trova flax us in and uh just how evil fizer is and they didn’t let these people get the the money for for killing these kids and asking them for dna samples and the and these are the companies that we’re supposed to trust for this warp speed vaccine speaking of fizer a former vice president at fizer michael yedden y e a d o n has a half hour video that’s very good especially the last two minutes of it just a very blunt description of how serious it is and how essential it is that as he said right thinking people stamp out this deadly hoax of a 01:19:28 pandemic then speaking of protection from the vaccines i looked at some of the adjuvants and in previous vaccines there isn’t much information on the current ones but the all the adjuvants seem to act by activating the endotoxin receptor tlr4 and also this mRNA vaccine it relies on the on the cells producing RNA for the spike protein and the tetracycline antibiotics are known to inhibit the synthesis of foreign RNA by the cell so in other words even though they’re antibiotics they seem to be able to inhibit the production of viral RNA by cells if the cells get infected so wouldn’t something like a tlr4 blocker combined with a tetracycline antibiotic some of which are also antagonists of that receptor themselves wouldn’t something like that be a decent protection against mRNA vaccines to some extent yeah azithromycin has a kind of anti-inflammatory 01:20:33 i think that’s the major benefit of urethro or azithromycin and the tetracycline is there very strong anti-inflammatory effects but what about the i’ve seen some articles saying that studies showing that the tetracycline antibiotics are capable of suppressing the production of foreign body RNA especially from viruses but they’re not they don’t inhibit the normal cells production of its own RNA do you think that may be used as a defensive mechanism against this vaccine yep it sounds reasonable okay so what which one do you think is more dangerous the adjuvant which is triggering this inflammatory response or or the mRNA which well i guess the final response is like the production of protein the ingredients of the Pfizer vaccine suggests that it contains no adjuvant it lists 01:21:38 two lipids with a mysterious code number and that’s traditional that the FDA allows people to use a made-up name to identify something on the label so that you don’t really know what it is but they list these two lipids in inert ingredients that the only active ingredient is the RNA but these two lipids if you google them you you don’t find that particular code number but what you find is companies selling lipids that can be used as a solvent in vaccines as simply a passive carrier that would let you list it as an inert ingredient but also the very same lipids are sold as adjuvants so just by a double naming identity 01:22:50 that they claim that their vaccine has no adjuvant but meanwhile the similar lipids are being sold widely as vaccine adjuvant isn’t Pufa by itself an adjuvant doesn’t Pufa inject it directly to the bloodstream cause a similar response yeah that’s the essence of the lipid adjuvant effect okay so so do you think that’s the because we don’t know what those lipids are you think that may be the more dangerous part that they’re not letting the public in on on what maybe it’s not so much the mRNA protein but it’s one of those unknown things that are there yeah the great alternative in the vaccine industry to aluminum for several years now has been lipids and and so they would have to identify the specific lipid and then show evidence that it’s not 01:23:56 a wide spectrum adjuvant before anyone should believe that right with our last conversation you called Biden winning do we want to talk about this like what what does this mean for the next 10 years that Biden it seems like will be in the White House and he’s tweeting a lot and he’s saying things like he he promises things are going to get better what what do you make of that oh it’s almost all the same delusion that we’ve been suffering from for 50 100 years things are always getting better as the power becomes more centralized and he’s promised and continues to choose the people for his his cabinet he’s promised that 01:24:58 Wall Street will will like his program and the people in charge of foreign policy and the pandagon are the biggest war mongers in the country but you didn’t he’ll be able to survive a four year period i mean the guy looks like just he’s about to fall apart like he doesn’t see many healthier than Hillary Clinton maybe when she collapsed several times during the primaries when she was arguing with Donald Trump like after that they they literally dragged her out to her van and like her feet were dragging on the on the curb i mean he seems he seems of about the same level of health as her yeah he does uh look very weak when he’s talking i don’t know if the video was doctored but there’s one circulating that shows him talking about the biblical 01:26:00 psalms quoting from one of the psalms but he’s calling them poms well people really reading the poms people were joking saying he’s the first deep fake president because like his announcements seem like they’re on a green screen or something they look really fake uh there was a zero hedge article ray and it said joe biden the return of the cfr and uh isn’t the cfr intertwined closely with the cia so biden will be doing their bidding very closely oh absolutely uh he’s never denied that to people that were uh uh the the war mongers from obama’s government went into business as in effect industry uh uh uh representatives but they they simply gave industry people detailed 01:27:03 instructions who to talk to and what to say to them instead of getting involved directly as a lobbyist they were doing illegal lobbying but uh making it technically uh legal by putting it at arm’s length and these these people i think it was the one chosen for secretary of defense who said that building bridges between silicon valley’s defense industry and the pentagon was a work of love that’s what eric schmidt is doing right yeah yeah the whole system is ready to pop into action immediately in january establishing the great reset i don’t know what day the dabos meeting occurs where they 01:28:12 the meeting is is called the great reset but it’ll basically coincide with with biden starting to apply the great reset i wish i put it in my notes but the world economic forum was talking or they did some simulation of cyber polygon so they’re cooking up all different types of things for the future apparently of cyber attacks and food shortages do you is there anything you think is more likely to happen that you’ve read about right oh that they really need to control the the food industry and uh medical industry uh those those are things that will make people do anything to get medical care and food well what do you mean there’s a control in the medical industry they fully own it at this point are you saying like they’re gonna start mandating people to go to the doctor or 01:29:13 yeah just just making it possible only for those who are uh totally subservient vaccinated and uh willing to accept the terms it’s only those people will be allowed to buy food that kind of thing yeah yeah the people that haven’t been destroyed by the lockdowns do you think the cyber polygon or some cyber attack or resetting people to zero do you think that’s in the horizon or do you think there’s something else because what about the people that can still maintain a living even if they didn’t have their small businesses eviscerated by the lockdowns if you have land and some trees and animals they’re you’re momentarily able to resist but they’ll just increase the taxes on your land 01:30:14 and give it to a corporation when the time is right so i have a question all of this great reset and the new economic policy and whatnot i mean money at least in a normal world derives its value from people and their interactions with each other if they’re if they’re so consistently decimating the population all over the world wouldn’t that devalue in a sense the wealth that they have or do you think they’ll come up with some other way of you know continuously continue continue to get richer even even if the population is declining yeah when you have absolute control then you can create only the wealth that you need and the useless eaters will get none of it and so it’ll be a better organized kind of wealth but if the if it’s funny money so to speak if it’s based not based on anything of value 01:31:17 how are they going to convince other competitors on the world stage such as china or russia or india in other words countries that can put up a fight how are they going to convince them that you know this money has value because ultimately comes down to using that money for resources or whatever it is that they want that these countries that the other countries have china is going to say i don’t need your fake dollars or fake currency or bitcoin right and same with russia yeah libya was at the point of doing that and that was quickly dispatched by killing libya and they know that russia getting together with china and the whole reorganization of the middle east with their influence that that is a deadly threat and so world war three is their their solution there’s no no rational solution 01:32:27 and the if enough other countries get involved the great reset can be stopped but if it’s only russia and china then this new china policy for example starting by occupying taiwan or formosa and taking it away from any relation with china that that would be a way of threatening and trying to get china under control by threatening to annihilate them with nuclear weapons but if china resists then we have nuclear war basically the end of 01:33:32 life on the planet so the the only real hope is that a lot of other countries start breaking through free from the the empire so that the the great reset has to be rethought so even the great reset is really just a means to an end the ultimate thing is for as long as you know as long as countries like russia and china exist and they’re naturally now aligning the interests against the empire that’s a deadly threat to the empire right yeah eric schmidt outlined a several years ago uh saying that china is now on track to defeat the u.s economically and the only way we can keep keep our control is by shutting down everything including chinese industry and replacing it with artificial intelligence under our control 01:34:39 because china was threatening to be the the masters of the artificial intelligence industry but instead of destroying china’s economy along with the world economy the u.s economy was i think 20 percent decline 10 10 20 percent loss of productivity and and china just went from very fast growth to moderate growth so so they didn’t get set back by the the pandemic in fact their position relative to the united states lurked ahead so that was a great mistake that uh will have important outcomes right but i’m saying is that let’s say let’s say the great reset succeeds ultimately that’s not enough all of this industry including the ai is very energy hungry 01:35:43 it will still come down to somehow snatching those resources out of the hands of china and russia which can only happen by war right okay so i guess what you what you are saying at some point is either the empire crumbling or engaging at the very least russia and china into some kind of like a you know either conventional or nuclear war over resources yeah something i didn’t realize till a week ago was the technocratic slave grid made possible by collecting all this info is to develop the ai uh in an arms race with china is that the way you see it right say that again like the the tech the the accumulation of data about the citizenry is to form an ai to compete with china is that right um no i think that’s separate they that they just hope to uh 01:36:46 pour money into uh selected industries uh to develop uh more powerful digital uh surveillance uh and in the background uh doing all of the manipulation of the population that’s one thing but concentrating on investment in the corporations like the building bridges between silicon valley and the pentagon direct corporate government essentially corporate military operation and that highly developed artificial intelligence then would be directed towards towards neutralizing china getting ahead of not just for 01:37:50 profitable industrial purposes but getting ahead of for things like inactivating their defense against rockets and and airplanes and submarines um i was reading an article about a year ago saying that china china’s military program of course still highly classified but they seem to be shifting um a significant amount of resources towards developing electromagnetic pulse weapons in other words um they’re saying that now that the world is so fully digitized they’re thinking that they can you know either defend themselves or the very least inflict a pretty severe harm on other countries by plunging them into sort of like the middle ages by doing an electromagnetic weapon that will just disable the entire you know digital grid of a specific country so i guess they’re expecting that that ai that will get be heavily involved in the future warfare and planning accordingly that was a problem 01:38:53 already met about 50 or 60 years ago when they were starting to get computer controls in airplanes military airplanes and they thought that they had the technique to energetically knock out the navigation system and it turned out that the the russians were using old vacuum tubes that were resistant to these electromagnetic interferences that were designed against transistors so they’ve been working the US has been working to destroy defense systems for now several decades so do you think i mean how much value do you assign to that whole concept of ai i mean we’ve discussed in the past that without consciousness there can be no true intelligence this is all 01:39:56 manipulation of structured information that’s out without context it’s next to useless um so what could this ai do other than some very specific tasks mostly revolving around computation but it’s really i’ve worked with ai for for at least 15 years at this point i am in the it field and that most of these these things that we see on the news they’re just hype and many of them are lies do you really see that much promise i mean even even from an economic point of view in this ai concept because i personally am not sold on it no not at all but it’s a propaganda scheme for increasing the obedience of people if you say that the algorithm will educate you and diagnose you and treat you and and do surgery controlled by computers that you don’t need intelligence anymore for any of these traditional human activities and there will be no intelligence it’ll 01:41:03 uh i’ll be manipulated like making vaccines appear to be effective by changing the names of the disease you change the death records or paralysis records or or whatever uh just rename the particular disease and it has gone away and that is used to sell the effectiveness of vaccines and and it’s constantly being done right now they’re practicing diagnosis by an entirely uh intended new baseless set of definitions has nothing to do with determining the the cause of sickness or death and so the artificial intelligence will be validated in 01:42:11 terms of simply changing the rules and the definitions so the students educated remotely according to the stereotype classes that they’re presented with they will be diagnosed as having outstanding out in outcome of their training if you control the definition of the outcome you can make anything look good what was that the guy from the 60s he was a civil rights from a civil response he said the power to define terms is the ultimate power will george robin i think or maybe yeah the control of language is the ultimate power okay so so in terms of so so here’s the thing um but all of this ai it has to be again i’m coming 01:43:19 down to coming back to the value of money right so i guess now they’re going to start changing the definition of what economic growth is because if this thing is mostly fake i mean it’s not fake but if ai is not it’s not nearly as great as they’re trying to hype it up to be then then economic growth will continue to lag real economic growth so they have to come up with some other kind of a story as a cover so they’ll just redefine what growth is all of the official government numbers on the economy have been rigged now for about 20 years the they used to publish the the money supply in terms of bank accounts and dollars and investments about 20 years ago they stopped making public the actual extent of the money supply so that they could pump fake money in to keep the stock market climbing and same with unemployment figures 01:44:30 they have rigged it so that most of the working force can be unemployed and it looks like it’s only four or five percent unemployed because if you haven’t found a job within so many weeks then you’re no longer in the working force so you’re not counted as unemployed even though technically you are yeah yeah all of the numbers published by the government are now totally fake for the last 20 years speaking of redefining diseases to explain one with another have you noticed at least especially i mean even at this point in the official mainstream media they’re saying that the flu season has mysteriously vanished in pretty much every country around the world you can see that happening the first or second week of april of this year suddenly there was no more influence it fell off the cliff and surging instantaneously the same amount of hospitalization 01:45:36 and death was taken over by covid looking at the curve you can see it’s just a change of name so so if the so the explanation if you’ve seen the official articles it’s like well of course flu is going to disappear because everybody’s been practicing social distancing my question then is so why isn’t covid disappearing as well have you ever seen anybody ask that question which question well if the they’re saying the flu is disappearing because everybody’s been practicing social isolation and there’s a lockdown right but then why isn’t also covid 19 disappearing aren’t they viruses so if it works for one it should work for the other both should be disappearing what’s happening with covid 19 how come it it can resist the lockdown and the isolations yeah people like michael the edin make make it very clear that people people are just saying in the almost context-free way they’re just saying what you should believe 01:46:44 with no rationality or evidence to say why you should believe it when did the education one last question when did the education in the u.s start to become context-free and and teaching and damaging people’s minds to really take everything on faith instead of asking questions was that a gradual process or just didn’t really all fell off a cliff after a certain amount of time um i think it accelerated after about 1960 the 1947 through government action all the markians were fired in high school and colleges all the markian teachers disappeared and progressively since then there has been a a refinement of education eliminating descent in in every field 01:47:52 so basically do you think there was also something that was driven by the cia or is it like a more of a concerted government policy nobody has interest in a thinking public yeah the cia was there organizing it orchestrating it but it had defenders in in every agency the pen the gun didn’t want anyone questioning the harmful effects of radiation and so they fired biologists and physics professors who insisted on discussing the the facts of biological damage by ionizing radiation every field that impinged on one of the interests of the powers had to be removed from the schools 01:48:53 i was going to ask a raid you think michael yet uh what’s his name yadan is trying to um tone for his sins working for feiser um i i think he’s probably just uh been in a position where he could perceive the evil that is growing everywhere in the system speaking of let me uh i can read the donations here i’ll read those real fast five for five pounds thank you so much fob kana for twelve hundred and twenty yen thank you so much kana harry burgos for twenty dollars uh linda bell for five dollars thank you harry thank you linda chris h for uh twenty dollars thank you chris michelle for fifty dollars thank you so much michelle christina tomahash for 1999 all long-term contributors of the show uh sincerely appreciate it i will forward 01:49:53 those directly to rey and rey well usually uh i’ve almost kept you for two hours you know conscious of your time but what are you working on right now a newsletter on uh temperature the effects of body temperature on everything people for a variety of reasons have been getting everything wrong uh the rate of aging theory for example people were saying uh you should live slower and colder and it led to a kind of a fetish of cryotherapy chilling newborn baby’s brains and dropping the temperature during heart surgery or treating brain injury and neglecting the harmful effect of lower body 01:50:57 temperature such as increasing anaphylaxis and allergy and chronic degenerative symptoms i love that because i i interface with the paleo community so often and that is something that has never worked into their their ideas that the temperature and pulse rate are very important i i recall from a previous conversation you were saying the specific mitochondria or the respiratory enzymes are sensitive to temperature but the whole thing just stops when the temperature declines of the cell right yeah the the redox balance shifts uh towards inflammation as soon as your oxidation energy slows down did you know i’m sure you’ve you’ve seen but even the american cancer society has a page of treating cancer with uh hyperthermic therapy yeah i i knew someone that i 01:51:58 uh quoted the the the italian research on the much higher success with prolonged hyperthermia just sitting in a hotbox uh then all of the conventional uh treatments for those particular cancers so if you heard that the government had approved uh two or three centers in the u.s to to test hyperthermic treatment of cancer but they had the requirement that they accompanied it by a mild radiation treatment so she decided that to get the effective heat therapy she would give in and have their mild radiation treatment and after a couple sessions she described that they had a heating pad on her abdomen and she asked how they 01:53:04 knew that it was heating her body they said it was controlled by computers the computers knew and asked her how much radiation she was getting by the second session i think it was she had received 800 rads and they were planning to double that but she was getting nausea radiation poisoning symptoms to such an extent i don’t think she wanted to continue but it was a total fraud there was no attempt to have an internal thermometer to see if her body was really reaching a therapeutic temperature to just have this magic heating pad on her said to be controlled by magic computers yeah i saw some of the studies that were done in animals they achieved up to 60 full cure rate by raising the body temperature to about 40 degrees centigrade 01:54:10 to 41 that even old people could tolerate sitting in a box slightly over 40 degrees celsius for eight eight to ten hours at a time so do you think the fact that the cancer patients often have bouts of fever that’s the body’s attempt to essentially raise the temperature and like treat itself yeah i i think that’s what the the various unorthodox treatments going back more than 100 years have done they activated the fever system to get your temperature up to at least 40 degrees c so metabolic and couplers such as dinitrophenol and aspirin maybe part part part of their anti-cancer effects is precisely this raising the body temperature yeah right aspirin does tremendously increase our respiration rate and heat production but 01:55:15 the medical world insists on classifying it as a fever breaker that they won’t acknowledge that increasing respiration and heat production will contribute to hypothermia but uh several experiments where they combined it with a smaller dose of caffeine or adrenaline promoting things the dose of aspirin tremendously increased the fever produced the hypothermia so it is a thermogenic substance despite its silly anti-fever reputation there was an article that came out maybe two months ago and it said that one of estrogen’s primary metabolic purpose may very well be the opposition of progesterones raising of the core 01:56:18 body temperature so estrogen is a very potent temperature reductant yeah many years ago Russian experimenter knew that rabbit ears were very cool compared to the body they implanted bits of ovaries into the skin of the ear and the animals went into a constant estrus a sign of continuing increased estrogen production so the the cooling of the ovaries increases estrogen production and when you measure the temperature of the ovary compared to the surrounding tissues very weirdly it’s about a degree or more cooler than the adjoining tissues 01:57:20 does cortisol also lower core body temperature yeah except when it’s breaking down your your protein of severe toxic excess of cortisol will heat you up so much that it will raise your temperature but the tendency is to stop the respiratory energy production so it can lower your temperature chronically the the hypothermia how are those people being exposed to the high temperature and it not causing a stress similar to like maybe a very hot shower or sitting in a very hot bath you have to keep drinking orange juice but are those people having the therapy keeping their blood sugar up yeah oh okay you tend to faint after an hour or so if you don’t don’t replenish your 01:58:25 carbohydrate and then i think in your autism article you referenced hypothermia for autism is there some when you heat up the body what exactly is happening to presumably reduce serotonin in other mediators of stress it does reduce those estrogen related things but the brain works better for every degree it increases up to about a hundred degrees Fahrenheit and people have tested the mental performance reasoning and memory for example giving various tests and putting a heating helmet on they effectively were increasing IQ simply by raising the temperature of the brain 01:59:26 i was uh i was reading articles on metal in blue also being an uncoupler in higher doses and i know that back in the day i think both st george and the broader barns and i think salier noticed that cancer cells preferentially uptake metal in blue precisely because of their highly reductive metabolism and i thought that there’s also this thing called a photodynamic therapy which combines red light with metal in blue and if tumors preferentially take metal in blue which is itself an uncoupler wouldn’t the same thing as as heating the entire body what can be done more in a more targeted way by taking some metal in blue and then shining red light on that area of the body where the tumor is yeah if it’s making the tumor blue then that would absorb the red light okay i’m thinking as a way of like less i guess less risk instead of heating the well i guess heating the entire body has other benefits right if the brain operates operates better at higher temperature it the brain itself a better operating brain can control 02:00:31 the tumor growth too even if you’re not directly targeting the tumor yeah as a chronic thing i think the development of the tumor uh thrives on the inflammatory environment of a low brain temperature so the all of these therapies that are promoted now online called cold thermogenesis is essentially asking for trouble yeah yeah so we had a few more donations the great awakening for ten dollars thank you for that david um hindricks for twenty dollars thank you so much david thank you so much great awakening a gene long time contributor as many of these people are for twenty dollars be love for 149 thank you so much be love uh jackson for five dollars thank you so much jackson uh and i’ll send those straight to rey and rey you uh confirm you are receiving my paypal forwards yep i think so okay uh with that i mean i could keep asking you questions georgia you have any any last burning questions for rey nope i think we should allow the the man to eat 02:01:34 he’s been with us for two hours again sincerely appreciate you joining us rey thank you georgie rey any parting words nope well actually can you let people know how to subscribe to your newsletter and purchase your books i repeat newsletter at gmail.com that’s the address for both newsletter and books and then they can order back issues as well by emailing that address uh yeah awesome okay one last question for me what’s the status of the digitization project for your books because you mentioned a couple months ago i think that you’re working on that uh yeah i don’t know of any progress it’s partly intention but it’ll come along would they be in a pdf format or or just available to a library is that what’s what’s the end goal here um we’re getting it more accessible easily it is a basic goal 02:02:46 okay but what i’m saying is that would they be similar to the newsletter will be distributed in a file or would would be to a library where you just uh people will go and like will be able to browse and maybe buy or rent or whatnot i think i’m getting it downloaded to the readers probably the best okay thank you amazing thank you so much rey stay on the line georgie thank you so much thank you listeners thank you everybody watching liking this show will be on bit shoot in every other uh place the show is available in a few hours so i’ll i’ll do some work after this to make it available for those thank you everybody we have an amazing listenership uh sincerely appreciate it have a safe weekend take care everyone talk to you guys soon okay bye everyone stay safe.

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