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00:00 Well, welcome to this month’s March, the 20th, 2020 edition of Ask Your Herb, Dr. Ron K. Newdy Garbable, 91.1 FM. From 7.30 to the end of the show at 8 o’clock, you’ll be invited to call him with questions related to this month’s very specific topic of the worldwide frenzy surrounding the coronavirus. Dr. Pete is going to be joining us, and he’s bringing a very interesting mental shift in the way that we’re looking at this to bear. And just want to state at the very outset of this that it’s a very emotional subject and no one is taking death lightly when you’ve got loved ones sort of dying, is absolutely no joke. So, whilst some of the comments may seem a little light on it in terms of statistical numbers and some presentations from a Dr. Wolfgang Wodag in Germany, I will give information 01:05 out to people to search all of this on the internet and see for themselves how some of these statistics have been extremely skewed and that the data can be seen fairly clearly from several other sites around the world that monitor outbreaks of viral pneumonia. So Dr. Pete, are you with us? Yes. Okay, thanks so much for joining us. As usual, at the beginning of the show, I always ask you to introduce yourself so that people who are listening to the show who maybe haven’t listened to you or heard you before can find out a little more about you. And then at the end of the show, we can give out your website where people can go read some of the abstracts and articles that you’ve written and find out some more about you. Okay. I got a Master’s of Arts degree in 1960 from University of Oregon and a PhD in 1972 specializing in physiology and biochemistry and have been concentrating on reproductive and aging biology 02:15 but with special attention to the nervous system and how nutrition interacts with those changes. And it turns out I’ve never was at all interested in virology, but it happens that this particular virus impinges exactly on the things that I’ve been working on for a long time, inflammation aging and cellular respiration. Excellent. Good. Okay. I know we’ve spoken the last few days here to thrash out some of the details surrounding the very alarming, certainly media alarming information and the lockdown statewide in California and across the states in America, similar to what they did in China. Anyway, without going too far into that, I think what I would like to try and do is to 03:20 just outline influenza for people. I think a lot of the terms confuse people. I think there’s a lot of terms and a lot of synonyms given to things and that people need to understand what it is that we are working our way through here, what we are dealing with influenza and the various designations given to these influencers of which there are four, type A, B, C and D, with only really type A, producing all of the major flu, the Spanish flu and the Asian flu and Hong Kong flu, the bird flu and SARS and MERS, etc. These are all the things that I think have come to the public attention over the years with, in the last 15 years for sure, the potential pandemics that never did become pandemics but certainly were very fatal to those great percentage of people that got them from the MERS and the SARS. 04:20 So influenza, I mean, when most people get a common cold, a common coronavirus, it is another coronavirus, so let’s not keep them separate so people can understand that the common cold is the same type of general virus as this influenza and that the main issue I think with this, before we get into some of the political and some of the actual facts around statistics that have really, I think, alarmed people and not just to mention the people that have been shown in hospitals and on ventilators and unfortunately for those people that have died, it is extremely tragic, I’m not saying or downplaying it in any way. So influenza, as far as I know, the main thing with influenza is the massive amount of information that comes as the body’s immune response to the virus and it’s a severe complication 05:25 that we get viral pneumonia and that is hand or secondary, bacterially infected and then so that you can get various strains of bacteria that wouldn’t normally take up residence in the lungs that can become overwhelming to a system that’s already crashing because of the information. Yeah, when a person gets a verified influenza virus, for example, a typical analysis will find various other viruses like common cold viruses and other respiratory pathogens as well as the true influenza virus, so even when there’s a confirmed definite flu virus, you can’t be sure that that’s really the culprit because like at present, most of the people 06:25 getting seriously sick or dying are old, definitely beyond their mid-50s and the highest mortality is over 70 and one place said that 99%!o(MISSING)f the people dying with the coronavirus were suffering from other very serious things such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke symptoms and things that made it much more likely that they would die from a stress but also other pathogens take advantage of that weak condition and then just because you have one particular pathogen that you have a test for, you can’t be sure that that is really a contributing factor even when there are so many other pathogens present. No. Okay, so somebody catches a species of virus known to cause influenza and that then either 07:31 does or doesn’t become complicated. We’ve heard a lot in the news about this particular outbreak and we’ll get into whether it’s a zoonotic infection or whether it’s weaponized and all of the things that come out that are seemingly plausible but I know we’ve got some facts coming out that I’d be very interested to hear from you, which you mentioned a couple of days ago and I don’t know how long it would take for that to propagate but we’ll find out from you in a moment but the actual death rate really is as you said it’s from the older populations although there’s been reports of people, young people, old middle aged people suddenly got the complications of this infection which have become viral pneumonia and overwhelming inflammation and that’s how they suddenly end up short, very short of breath and then needing ventilation in the hospital environment and it’s the seemingly the overburdened hospital system with those kind of cases that seems 08:34 to be making the drastic news. So far as, let’s get into the origin of this because I think most people are just buying the standard kind of doctrine that this is coming out of China, it’s the Chinese origin, it’s come from a wet market and there’s a zoonotic infection meaning that animal species that naturally have their own influenza because it’s not just human beings that suffer from influenza but bats and pigs and camels and mice and civic cats etc. many species have their own type of influenza but rather than the news talking about the wet markets and originating in Wuhan, you came out with some very interesting fact, interesting controversial or shocking news about it and in terms of the gene sequencing that’s happened it’s quite 09:36 interesting for people to hear this so would you outline what you’ve understood as an origin for this? There are 5 different biologists in Europe and the United States, South Korea, Taiwan as well as China have the Chinese refer to the DNA sequence analysis showing that the trunk of the series of the family tree is in the United States and there are 5 different branches or varieties occurring early in the United States before the strain in China identifies as the fourth or fifth branch of this trunk and that’s based on the fact that they’re 10:39 analyzing substitutions of bases in the DNA chain and when you see 3 different changes the third one if you have one with 2 of the changes and then a third one with 3 changes and then a fourth with 4 changes, the ones with the fewer changes necessarily came before the last one. This is like a phylogenetic tree in botany right where they classify the species. The family tree of this virus shows that the one occurring in November in Wuhan was either the fourth or fifth descendant of this virus. So what’s the position on where this would have perhaps come from then? People have been pointing out, for example, a 2015 article in Nature magazine was just 11:47 a news item mentioning that people connected to the CDC, I think working at Fort Dietrich, Maryland, were working to produce a vaccine to the coronavirus and they were creating pathogens to develop a vaccine in advance so that when a natural epidemic broke out they would have a vaccine ready because normally it takes 12 to 18 months to prepare a vaccine for a new strain and by that time the flu season has passed and so the virus, the vaccine doesn’t do much good. This was pointed out in 1976 in connection with the so-called swine flu pandemic which never existed and the man who pointed out that the whole idea of making a vaccine for 12:52 influenza or a disease of that sort which mutates rapidly and the vaccine production takes at least a year that the whole thing he said was conceptually fraudulent so he got fired and the government announced a pandemic but basically only one person died from that virus so it definitely wasn’t a pandemic. And that was back in 1976? In 1976, yeah, the swine flu pandemic in which the only people died were a few hundred from the vaccine and a few thousands that got paralyzed from the vaccine. Wow, okay so basically what you’re saying is that when virologists look at the gene sequencing of the current coronavirus and then they can see the genetic changes saying that there were four or five different steps before it meaning that the current or the 13:55 one that broke out in Wuhan had ancestors that they’d already known about in the United States. But if the CDC could in their lab experimentally produce a passage that might naturally occur if they could produce it before it naturally occurred then they could have their vaccine ready for it. So that they were working on that, that was reported as a news item in 2015 in nature but right below the title of that news item, the editors last month inserted an editorial note that people have been citing this as indicating the possibility that the virus escaped from the CDC’s Fort Detrick lab that they said that wasn’t a proper thing to suggest. But even if it wasn’t an escaped virus from a bioweapons lab, if they were working on 14:59 viruses that occur naturally and trying to find vaccines for those viruses then… That was a perfectly proper thing to do according to their, they patented a coronavirus in 2003 specifically to work on that project so that there was nothing improper conceptually that they wanted to be ready with a vaccine. But that was a 2015 news report in Nature Magazine and then last summer either July or August it was in the news that the CDC had ordered the closure of the virus lab at Fort Detrick because they had carelessly let their escape protection system deteriorate and their water filtering system wasn’t working so they closed the lab because of the danger of an escaped 16:05 virus. That was in August of last year, just two months before the outbreak. And then American soldiers have been participating in international military athletic contests. It’s been an opportunity for Olympic athletes to practice becoming soldiers so they can have a full time train while still being an amateur and normally they’ve scored very well in world competitions but last year for unknown reasons there were either 180 or more soldiers there in the competitions. They came in 35th in rank among all of the countries of the world. 17:07 The U.S. soldiers came in 35th in the competition that was held in Wuhan. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been reading and the Chinese were ridiculing what miserable athletes they were and commenting on whether that reflected on the American army but normally the army athletes were outstanding Olympic quality. Interesting, so when from what you would normally expect at an Olympic competition presentation you’d have people of the highest level it went from that what would normally happen into a stunning 35th place and comments about how amateurish the competitors from America seemed. Yeah, the Chinese in particular were saying it was hard to imagine why they came in so poorly. Okay, you’re listening to ask your doctor on KMEG Alval 91.1 FM from 7.30 to the end 18:13 of the show at 8 o’clock. You’re invited to call in with questions related to this current pandemic and the frenzy and hysteria here that’s been generated for sure about COVID-19. So Dr. P, you were also mindful that when I first heard it I couldn’t quite believe it but the potential source of this could potentially have been from this country and that I know there’s been sparring between both nations about two to blame because most people in the press wants to just take them back to assumption that these do not take infections they do occur and it’s typically the finger pointing was at the wet market in Wuhan because it exists and animals have been known throughout history really to transmit disease to humans but this information about the phylogenetic tree of the virus is genome and how it’s changed 19:19 over time indicates a historical timeline for it and that it was prior to the outbreak here in Wuhan that the sequence originated so that’s very interesting. A very recent article was published by a top rank virologist saying that this particular virus was impossible to anticipate and to engineer so even though that was the intent of the CDC for years was to make a pathogen. These recent virologists say that just the nature of this particular one they can’t foresee that anyone could have engineered this one. Okay, I think probably what we want to talk about at this point in time is the numbers. 20:21 Certainly from an alarmist point of view it’s gripped everybody’s attention. I would say that having spectacularly gathered everybody’s attention in one go, this event has shut down most of the western and the rest of the world in terms of paralyzing it both economically and financially and I guess there’s one thing to see to wonder how we’re going to come out of this economically and another to speculate that people were shorting the stocks or selling. We’ve had a couple of examples here of some senators who sold several million dollars worth of stocks prior to this happening because of the briefing that was given back in late January. Yeah, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, the morning before 21:22 he gave a talk and a week before announcing it to the public he one morning sold 1.7 million. Okay, let’s briefly mention this doctor’s name because he’s certainly in the news and he’s been in the news before in 2010 when he basically said the same kind of thing about the previous, I won’t call it a pandemic because it never did turn out to be a pandemic, but Doctor Wolfgang Wodarg, so Wolfgang W-O-L-F-G-A-N-G Wolfgang and his last name is Wodarg W-O-D-A-R-G. Would you like to speak a little bit to Wolfgang in his background or we can get into the statistics that he highlights that at this point in time really basically flat out refused to believe that this is anything exceptional and obviously there are links to potential for producing 22:25 vaccines and all the money that’s involved in giving those contracts out and not only that but the people that would readily take it up given the scare mongering that’s gone on with this. John Ioannidis is another very well-known professor who has analyzed other statistical disease situations and he is suggesting that this might be history’s greatest evidence fiasco. If that happens though considering the ruining the economy of the world no one is going to be able to admit that. So there is going to be a great campaign of trying to convince the world that something really is happening despite Ioannidis and Wodarg’s points that they can’t see the evidence 23:27 because they weren’t doing the testing in previous years in a way that can be compared and the testing creating many new testing kits it’s very useful and can be used to help to control the virus but when you look at its application in China first it looked like 2.7%!o(MISSING)f those infected were dying but as they produced huge amounts of the test kits and we’re testing very large numbers of people going the mortality rate per infection decreased to 0.6%!w(MISSING)as the most recent one I saw and people like Ioannidis are saying the actual mortality figure from the statistically interpreting the available information could range from 24:33 0.025 up to 5%!I(MISSING)taly and Iran have been in areas reporting 5 or 8 or 10%!m(MISSING)ortality of those infected but if you look at just the people reporting to hospitals for example then 10%!w(MISSING)ouldn’t be an unreasonable expectation because the sickest people will be the ones you’re measuring but as the population expands for example in South Korea and China where they measured larger numbers of people the mortality rate ended up closer to 0.6%!(NOVERB) and then of course there’s people that might have this species of coronavirus but they aren’t getting tested so if everybody the whole entire population were tested then that mortality rate 25:36 would drop to what you’re saying something like 0.025 so the mortality rate is very skewed it’s not an accurate way to look at this yeah it’s approaching the normal flu mortality of one in a thousand so Dr. Pete you’re probably probably just the right person to speak to about statistics having gone through you know everything that you did back at university and going through you know just providing data and comparing and understanding the way that statistics do get skewed certainly to benefit the editor or the magazine it’s being published in just give us an idea about some of the statistical skewing and then we’ll look at the numbers of people that they’re quoting on various news sources and sites about this particular outbreak I’ve been mentally comparing it to what has happened historically with cancer incidents mortality and diagnosis 26:45 I saw a general electric television advertisement years ago saying that if everyone would buy their x-ray machines we could reduce the or increase the cure rate of cancer to close to 100 percent 97 percent cure rate I think they said because if you if only say 40 percent of the population is going to die of cancer but you diagnose it in 100 percent of the population at a certain age only one percent might be dying in that population range but if you increase the number that you treat and you’re treating people that were otherwise would never 27:47 have discovered their cancer you will seem to have a high cure rate 50 percent of people 100 percent of people 50 years old and older could have somewhere in their body tissue that can be diagnosed as cancer right so if you look hard enough that you can say there’s 100 percent cancer uh incidents but no 100 percent of people will die from cancer yeah yeah only a smaller percentage die so you can claim to have cured it if you find it in those people who never would have developed it but when you treat the cancer increasingly as you diagnose it at an earlier age you’re if your treatment is killing people then the mortality rate will increase with the 28:48 diagnostic rate and starting in 1945 the american cancer society publicized that you should regularly have a checkup for cancer and watch for the signs and steadily for 40 years after that the cancer mortality increased in the two or three years after the prostate specific antigen test became available the number of diagnoses increased radically and since there was no change in the population the mortality would be expected to stay the same but since the treatment went up in proportion to the extreme increase in diagnosis also the mortality suddenly surged up strongly implying that it was the treatment they were dying of and when you look at at the people going to the hospitals 29:55 a certain proportion of those historically in the united states between 200 and 440 000 are being killed by medical mistakes in the hospital so even with the doctors being the ones judging what happens to you in the hospital when you use a diagnostic test to herd people to see their doctors and go to the hospital you’re for sure going to subject them to this very high rate of medical accidents yeah we’ve always said that the heatrogenic drug deaths as figures are pretty startling in terms of the sheer numbers okay you’re listening to ask your app doctor on kmedealable91.1fm from now until the end of the show you’re invited to call in the questions about this non-stopic on the outbreak of coronavirus and its impact worldwide the number is 707-923-3911 31:06 that’s 707-923-3911 my name’s Andrew Murray my name’s Sarah Johanneson Murray and we’re joined by Dr. Raymond Pete okay I think then we have a caller on the air so let’s let’s just take this next caller caller you’re on the air where you’re from and watch your question hello caller I told you to listen on the phone oh well try again okay try again oh I do actually have someone else called in and with one for me to ask you about I wanted you to talk about the origins of the Spanish flu and theories about that and conspiracies surrounding that okay well before we do that let’s just give out the number again Michael and then you can just let me know when we’ve got more callers lined up here but the number is 707-923-3911 so Dr. Pete Spanish flu 1918 extremely virulent wiped out they imagine between 50 and 100 million they’ve upright up 32:12 revised that number from 25 million but very deadly and not necessarily due to the end of the war and well obviously the end of the war that people were sick and malnourished but it was a very virulent form of h1n1 virus that just seemingly had a perfect storm of genetic ability to rapidly take over human cells and the data it’s a very few actual tissue samples that that’s based on compared to the millions of deaths yeah so at that time the flu was thought to be a bacterial infection and there was one popular treatment for it using camphor injecting camphor dissolved in oils such as olive oil and it turns out that even though they 33:19 thought it was a bacteria and they believed they were curing people with this camphor treatment about 40 or 50 years ago someone noticed that a distillate of petroleum smelled like camphor and they purified it and added an amino group to it to make a water soluble and found that it’s an anti influenza agent I think it really grew out of the perception that natural camphor was was being used widely in the first world war and this drug that was created about 50 years ago amandadine and it’s a relative remandadine and the newer memandine which it’s most most known for treating Alzheimer’s disease 34:20 but these are all a broad spectrum antivirals and they happen to be safe genetically where many of the antivirals being recommended especially in the United States recently are acyclovir, ribovirin and chloroquine all of those happen to interfere with human DNA and they’re recognized as genotoxic so if you have many millions of people taking those preventively you’re going to have millions of people with genetic damage and you don’t want that in the young population. I know you’ve spoken to this in the past when we’ve done various radio shows on viral disease and you’re you’re not very 35:27 I know you really want people to be healthy and you want them to be as healthy as they can be and do it as naturally as possible but you’re really not into antivirals such are you in terms of safety treatment or these related to camphor of memandine for example so they’re safe I think they’re safe genetically and they’re moderately effective against a wide variety of viruses but aspirin if it was under patent it would be considered the super antiviral because it’s active against such a variety including influenza and herpes and rhinovirus and various hepatitis viruses. I just want to hold you there for a moment though to be able to definitely have certainly make sure we have time for strategies here to mitigate this but I think we have a caller on the air so let’s take this next caller caller you’re on the airway from. 36:33 Yes hello Amir. Yes go ahead. Yeah well I’m wondering that since the transmission is by droplets rather than aerosol that are coming from the oral or nasal cavity which could be considered like a point source similar to a point source and pollution why isn’t wouldn’t you think that mandatory wearing of masks when you’re around other people would stop the spread in its tracks? That does seem reasonable since the aerosol will likely be trapped on a fairly fine porous mask. And I’ve always mentioned the regular hand washing as being a number one preventative because most people unfortunately don’t even think about it but they’re constantly touching their nose rubbing their eyes putting their fingers near their mouth and I think people 37:37 probably a hundred times a day unconsciously and I think that is much better. So soap is a sure fire viruside for this type of virus but that was in the news and shortly after a man was hospitalized because he ate soap thinking it would be internally but it’s not safety but it’s very viruside a lot in the skin. Okay you’re listening to ask your doctor camey de garbable 91.1 FM from now until 8 o’clock you’ll be invited to call in with questions related to this month’s topic of the coronavirus and the numbers 707 923 3911. So Michael is there anybody else here that’s waiting at this point in time? Yes that’s what the theme music means you have two calls. Okay yeah it’s difficult to see. So Cora you’re on the air where are you from and what’s your question? Hi I just had a quick comment and the question I’ll take my answer off the air. 38:40 So hi is it me? Yeah yeah go ahead. My comment is that a few months ago Dr. Pete mentioned a few times that just forming organizations would be the best way to fight whatever negative kind of impact the ruling class was having. I realized that this this new concept of social distancing is just a great way to crush all organizations going forward. Not me not to sound too conspiracy theories but that’s just something interesting I noticed and my my question is that the Governor of California said around half the population is going to get infected with this virus do you think that an accurate projection and I’ll take my answer off the air thank you. Sure okay so Dr. Pete I guess we should talk about this looking forward and I guess historically will be vindicated by whatever the outcome is but what do you think I mean he said Newsom said 50 to 60 million people. I think it’s 60 percent I think the 60 percent of the population 39:45 he said expected to contract this virus I think in this go around not just in this general yearly return but I think that’s within the historical range that almost none of them will have a serious sickness but the stuff blows around and the reason there’s a flu season from winter until late spring is that during in the temperate zones the sun exposure goes down and most people become to some extent vitamin D deficient and extremely susceptible to infection especially viruses and by summer the vitamin D is rising and viral immunity rises very strongly ending the flu season year after year. Interesting I just want to say speak to that in terms of 40:53 I have a friend who’s using 20,000 okay so most people would be listening vitamin D comes in drops and without naming names there’s plenty of people that manufacture it but there’s one particular manufacturer in Chicago I think that’s where they’re based that produce a vitamin D of 4,000 international units per drop and I don’t think the CDC or the other health bodies here in the states recommend anything more than 800 international units or 1,000 international units anyway this vitamin D product is a 4,000 IU per drop product and this particular person has been using 20,000 IU per day okay so well well over what would normally be recommended and they’ve had labs and blood work to test their vitamin D and their vitamin D is just about in the middle of the range because it was very low to begin with and so they started using more and more and more and they had three or four labs done and at this point in time the vitamin D is about 50 pg per mil when the reference is between 25 or 30 to 100 so how about that it’s such a 41:59 variance in people. So people taking your vitamin D the best way to know whether you’re taking enough is with a skin prick test and you can get that from the vitamin D council online and that way you need to be aware of actually what your level is and Dr. Pete recommends it’s not below 50 nanograms per 50 to 60 is a safe range and I’ve seen probably 95 percent of the people I’ve been in contact with have been below that range and there are lots of other symptoms that that go with low vitamin D fatigue muscle weakness high blood pressure is strongly connected with it and the the virus I mentioned that it interacts with the endocrine and inflammatory systems and vitamin D and adequate 43:07 calcium in the diet happened to work on the same part of the immune system that the drugs that the Chinese have been having success with in treating people who already have the infection. One drug is seen ancerine which is a serotonin blocker the other is low sartan and andro-tensin receptor blocker at one receptor blocker and low sartan has has been used for treating high blood pressure mostly but it turns out that all of these anti inflammatory natural substances a good calcium intake in the diet adequate vitamin D normal level of progesterone aspirin and almost almost everything anti-inflammatory that has been studied in relation 44:17 to this inflammatory system works in the same direction as this drug recommended by the Chinese. So would you recommend that people go see their doctor and ask for a prescription of low sartan and amementine and any other drugs or would you recommend people wait till they get sick to use them and what’s your recommendation? A man in Italy about a week ago emailed me about his friend with confirmed coronavirus and I mentioned the Chinese recommendations to him he rushed out and got a low sartan prescription the next day he said his friend was up and out of bed and feeling good and today I got an email from him saying that not just good he feels like he has new lungs. I wanted you to outline here you mentioned that the 45:19 ACE1 and ACE2 the the drugs that block that that the low sartan is one of those drugs isn’t it? Yeah it blocks the well it there’s a lot of confusion going around because the ACE inhibiting drugs have been available for decades but in just the last 10 or 15 years a lot of subtle details have been discovered some people are saying that since the virus attacks the ACE2 enzyme that this is the receptor so-called for the virus and that this receptor combines with the ACE1 entretensin receptor site to infect the cell and reproduce they say that 46:20 that anything that increases ACE2 enzyme must increase your susceptibility to the virus but it’s exactly the opposite because ACE2 is a defensive anti-inflammatory enzyme that destroys entretensin even though it’s called entretensin converting enzyme number two what it’s doing is trimming two amino acids off the end of entretensin molecule turning it into what they call entretensin 1 to 7 which is doing the opposite curing preventing the the fibrotic and inflammatory processes that damage your lungs arteries bones heart nerves and kidneys and so on so the things that have blocked the AT1 receptor also increase the ACE2 enzyme which is protective 47:26 so that it and as it turns out in fact it looks confusing to the old textbook idea that the ACE enzymes are simply making the entretensin I don’t think I don’t think this show would be complete without mentioning herbs obviously given the title of the radio show I kind of get lost in a lot of the science and a lot of the science does support a lot of the interactions herbs and herbal medicines I know in Europe for the countless countless years pneumonia has been present in England and in Ireland and people have died obviously from pneumonia it’s very common in the winter there are some there are products like pleurisy root which has been well well documented for its antibacterial effect for pleurisy and then obviously other material that works to either cause an anti 48:29 inflammatory effect but we did mention the the whole point of the what they call the cytokine storm in the pneumonic version or pneumonically primary kind of pneumonia you really want anti-inflammatories and so echinacea root is definitely an anti-inflammatory rather than the flowers the flowers do have an anti-barrel action but I think they’re probably a little bit too maybe stimulating so it’s the anti-inflammatories and then I know elderberry has been picked up a lot certainly in the press and on the internet as being beneficial for this particular virus obviously things like time and again the antibacterials that the labiety the daisy family I was sorry the daisy family the mint family exhibit a lot of those monoterpenes and terpenes there are very positively antibacterial but I think from an inflammatory perspective it’s the main thing is to try and get on top of the information 49:31 and then for secondary infections those things that would be used as volatile oil herbs to control bacterial infection okay so I know we do we do have callers on the air here and we want to make sure that the callers can get on so let’s and we’re probably gonna do this next month if we’re all still here I’m sure we will be but let’s take this next call the call you’re on the air where you from and watch the question and we need to be fairly quick I am from the San Francisco Bay area and I’ll take this off my what will it take for our economy to bounce back to where it was before the coronavirus well good question I know you’re not an economist Dr. B what do you think about the potential fallout from the financial meltdown that’s going on the government is talking about giving large amounts of money to corporations rather than emphasizing getting it directly to the population of the extremely conservative 50:35 economist Milton Friedman decades ago proposed a minimum basic income as the way to stabilize he proposed for example there it would allow industry to have stayed in the United States instead of going to China and at this point his proposal probably wouldn’t do much to to recover the industry from China but I think he was on the right track that it’s necessary to get money to the consumers not just to the corporations that are losing money if I could jump in for a second I’m going to be on bud Rogers’ show it’s not till the 19th of April his next I guess it’s the third Sunday of the month all 130 and we’ll be talking about modern monetary theory and sort of how that works in because the basic guaranteed income is sort of related to that so I know it’s a long way away but people are asking about it 51:39 I have some interesting facts that I wanted to mention Dr. Pete I was looking at the number of deaths after you had told me that there was an average of 44,000 people that die in the United States from flu and right now it’s when they’ve done the math they’ve extrapolated that about 10 percent of those flu cases were caused by the coronavirus in previous years now this is a different strain but anyways if it was going to stick with previous years it would be about 10 percent of that 44,000 would die from this coronavirus am I understanding you’re correctly Dr. Pete? Yeah and Dr. Vodard made the same point that he said according to the historical curve using those figures he would have expected I think he said 2,025 deaths in Germany where at that point it was 200 so they were behind the mortality curve and then I found another database 52:42 that talks about deaths from pneumonia which can be pneumonia caused by anything but so it could be because someone had a bacterial infection and older people right so basically there was 85,000 people died in the United States in 2017 and 58,000 of those were 70 plus years old and in China they had in 2017 161,000 and 125,000 of those people were 70 years or older so these deaths are from pneumonia of various causes. Yeah old age causes sepsis and pneumonia as the most common causes of death other than specific things like heart disease and cancer but it happens that old age changes the inflammatory system the same way this particular virus does increasing enterotensin receptor and decreasing the protective H2 enzyme system so anything you’re 53:52 doing to protect against the the viral effects really are protecting against aging and the main outcome of the pneumonia produced by these viruses is a chronic fibrosis of the lungs and all of the things protective against the inflammatory system helped help to reverse the fibrosis once it has started. So would you recommend people go ask their doctor for prescription of Louis Sarton or would you recommend they just wait until they get it get the virus or get the flu? I think I think it’s not such a problem that a person needs to go to the doctor for it almost everyone is going to have only mild symptoms from it but right and everyone has access to aspirin and herbs like echinacea and elderberries and astragalus and bicochol cap and then also 54:55 those anihistamines if you do get the flu loratidine and syproheptidine but otherwise known as pheriacin. Yeah, vitamin D, vitamin B1 and aspirin are moving this system in the corrective direction. And if you are really sick in the hospital get your doctor to give you a prescription of Louis Sarton. Okay we better hold it there we’re really close to the top of the earth. Thank you so much for joining us Dog Speed. Let me quickly mention your website and thanks for your time. Okay thanks. Okay so Dr Pete can be found at www.repeat.com

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