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00:00 We’re going to get fit with Jodell podcast. I am as usual Jodell and I value and respect Dr. Pete as he has generously come back on the podcast. And every time I get to talk to you, Dr. Pete, I’m like a kid in the candy store. I just can’t wait to see what kind of nuggets of goodness you’re going to teach me today and teach our listeners too. So thank you so much for coming back on. I really want to pick your brain on the topic that everybody’s thoughts are on today. Obviously COVID-19 is what everybody’s kind of focused on right now. And then I’ve got some listener questions as well. So I hope we have time to get to those too. So if you’re ready, let’s begin. Okay. All right. All right. So let’s first hear your thoughts on coronavirus, this novel strain of it. What are your thoughts on this? I’ve been looking for any information I can get on it. And I’ve run across several well-known 01:00 prominent influential virologists who the media are totally ignoring, but they have information on the internet that you can find. And they, I was wondering what evidence is there that it’s such a dangerous strain? Because there haven’t been any published numbers that made it look like anything out of the ordinary. For example, in the United States from all causes, the total annual death rate is, I think 2,000,000 or 800,000 something like that, approaching 3 million per year dying, which if you say to the population is more than 300 million, 02:03 that’s less than 1%!.(MISSING) Since we don’t live a hundred years on average, that means that the population is skewed towards old people. I’ve been towards young people, away from old people, so the longevity looks artificially long, like we’re averaging more than 100 years lifespan. But despite this odd population, you look at the number of people dying in any four months period about the length of a typical flu season, that comes out to about 900,000 deaths from all causes in a period of four months. And in a typical year, the average dying from flu is less than 10%!o(MISSING)f all causes. 03:06 The highest year, according to the CDC, was in 2017 to 18, with more than 60,000 people dying of flu-like infections. And historically, any year that they looked for the components of those flu-like infections, about half of the people with influenza or symptoms like that, half of them no pathogen has been identified. But the most common pathogens are the respiratory syncytial virus and the common cold rhinovirus. And previously, the coronavirus, which is about 10%!o(MISSING)f those people with the flu infections, 04:10 where rhinovirus, I think, is about 30%!o(MISSING)f the flu infections. And so, historically, lots of people are dying from flu, apparently caused by rhinovirus, common cold virus. And the coronavirus, historically, has been considered a major cause of the common cold. So, it has been considered just a mild, almost harmless virus. But the proportion of the flu infections caused by coronavirus varies from 5%!t(MISSING)o 15%!.(MISSING) So, if you look at an average being around 10%!(NOVERB) of the, say, 60,000 flu deaths per year, 05:12 that means an ordinary annual death from coronavirus-related flu in the United States would be from 4,000 to 6,000 people, just an ordinary year. And so far, we’re towards the end of the usual flu season. Yesterday, I think, was 1,100 deaths in the United States. So, we’re way below a normal death rate from coronavirus-related flu. So, I can’t see what the excitement is. I’m so glad to hear you say that, because why is no one talking about the fact that every year 1.25 million people die from traffic accidents? More people die in a year from texting and driving, probably, or just traffic accidents in general, than there are people dying from colds and flu. Yeah, and the gunshot deaths in the United States 06:13 are ranked right up with traffic accidents, 35,000. So, in your opinion, then, do you personally think there is any conspiracy theories that are worth entertaining with regard to this pandemic, or now? Oh, definitely, since I can’t see any rational justification. The most rational thing, I watched the Democrat primary debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, and you could see that they were rushing to be prepared by calling for extreme crisis measures against the flu, while Trump was saying it’s nothing special, don’t get excited. They were hoping that there would be enough of a panic 07:16 that they could get credit for being more panic-promoting. And their opposition. So, it looked like the politicians were in competition to see who could be most panicked. I’ve had, for many years, I’ve been following the progress of German warfare research, and just in 2015, in Nature Magazine, one of the world’s biggest science magazines, there was a news story about the creation of pathogenic coronaviruses at the National Laboratory at Fort Dietrich under the sponsorship of CDC. 08:16 And the editors just a few weeks ago inserted a note right under the title of that news item saying, this is recently being cited as a possible source of the corona flu epidemic, and the editors were saying, don’t believe that. But the fact is, the news was reporting that the researchers for the government were developing pathogenic varieties for the purpose of creating a vaccine ahead of the appearance of a similar pathogen in Nature. And then last summer, the CDC closed down that lab because they were not taking proper precautions against the escape of pathogens into the environment. 09:20 So, an accidental release seems like a very likely explanation for this particular pathogen, except that immediately a government-connected virologist rushed into print, explaining why it would be impossible for the lab to have created this particular pathogen. I think my personal experience with that lab, I was teaching a course in 1969, or maybe early 70, taken some courses in virus-related molecular biology, supposedly the latest stuff. And at that time, the HIV surface antigens that are involved 10:29 in the infectivity of the HIV virus had not been published. That came out in 1971. But a person came that didn’t sign up for my course, but he stayed for the first class. And after everyone left, he stayed and said that basically he just wanted to talk to someone. He had recently quit his job at the Detry Lab, he said, because he ethically felt it was something he didn’t want to be connected with. He said they were working on the design of an ethnic or racially specific virus. And since that didn’t seem plausible in terms of the coursework that I was currently taking, I didn’t know how seriously 11:32 to take him, but he seemed very depressed and didn’t know what to do with his life because he thought people should know about what he thought was a very dangerous policy going on. Anyway, just a couple years later, papers were published by people at that lab showing that there were antigens on the surface of white blood cells that would make it possible for a virus to be racially selective. Wow, I didn’t even think about that. That’s unbelievable. What are your thoughts on the fact that the governments around the world are also rolling out 5G technology at this time? At the same time that coronavirus is a pandemic, there’s a lot of cities rolling out 5G. I don’t know if you are familiar with that 12:34 or if you’ve read much about that. Do you think there’s any correlation with that? I’ve been following the effects of electromagnetic radiation since I think it was 1956. My brother was in the Navy and he described someone on his ship who had stood in front of the radar too long. His brain was basically cooked by the radar. That led to research showing that a monkey with a small brain doesn’t have any brain damage, but if the wavelength is similar to the diameter of a human brain, that frequency will damage that organ. There’s a resonance in a microwave which is similar to radar. 13:39 To certain substances will heat much faster than other and that’s because of a resonance of the molecule. But there’s also a resonance of organs according to the size of their chamber. The spleen is enclosed in a membrane. The brain is surrounded by membranes and electrically it forms kind of analogous to an antenna that resonates to particular wavelengths. That just during those stories in the 1950s about what radar does got me interested paying attention over the years to what the cell phones are doing with the wavelength. Some of them analogous to the diameter of the gonads 14:39 or the brain, for example, or the eyeball. It’s now known that cell phones do terrific damage to the gonads if they’re carried in a pocket, for example, of the pants. Yeah, and I had read something that was talking about the symptoms of COVID-19 are very similar to the symptoms that people have felt with exposure to 5G technology such as one of the initial symptoms being loss of smell. Both of those are correlated together. I just found that interesting and I wanted to see if you knew any correlation with that at all. I’ve been studying the inflammatory system for a long time and in recent years I’ve been paying attention to the antiotensin system which used to be thought of as exclusively a matter of blood pressure regulation. 15:46 For many years there have been drugs to block antiotensin, reduce its formation to lower blood pressure. But it happens that antiotensin is one of the things at the very root of the inflammatory process and that inflammation of various types can damage, for example, the olfactory nerves. That is a very sensitive part of the nervous system. The Greeks considered the olfactory sense to be upon essential understanding the essence of things, their smell is an intrinsic way of grasping their real being 16:54 which chemists for many years have known that they can analyze chemicals by their nose better than machines had been able to until just a few years ago. So the olfactory system fails under many different kinds of stress or aging or poisoning but the inflammatory system is one of the basic routes in the cell damage and this virus attacks as a so-called receptor how it causes its damage is by binding to the ACE enzyme. ACE2 is one of the enzymes in the antiotensin 17:57 blood pressure regulating system but the enzyme that binds to ACE2 rather than ACE1 is the enzyme that destroys antiotensin. The antiotensin is the mediator of inflammation that will damage your particular type of cells and ACE2 by destroying antiotensin protects against not only high blood pressure but all of types of inflammation that is being studied in relation to rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative osteoporosis, dementia, kidney and heart failure especially lung fibrosis. The pulmonary arterial hypertension 19:01 is an inflammatory process in the lungs very highly influenced by antiotensin and so the lung damage caused by the virus is caused because it’s knocking out our anti-antiotensin virus. So the logical approach to treating it is to promote to restore that anti-antiotensin enzyme and all of the common anti-inflammatory things including the antiotensin receptor blockers and vitamin B1 and aspirin and I think the T3 part of thyroid progesterone and the several of the antiotensin receptor blockers 20:09 all help to increase the production of the ACE2 enzyme that is knocked out by the virus. The virus lowers the availability of it and these anti-inflammatory things restore the anti-inflammatory thing so even if the virus is there and you can produce more of the protective ACE2 enzyme then you’re okay. Well you beat me to my next question because I was actually going to say what would be for those who are really worried about this COVID-19 what would be some ways of prevention but you mentioned like the aspirin and the progesterone and things like what about your thoughts on methylene blue because isn’t methylene blue similar to like this chloroquine doesn’t it kind of hit the same receptors am I understanding that correctly? Well it works by keeping your nitric oxide down. Nitric oxide is turned on by an antiotensin 21:12 so it works in at least part of the inflammatory system toxic system and it also helps to maintain mitochondrial energy production and the failure of energy is at the deepest level of the inflammatory degenerative process so it’s doing two things but I haven’t had any feedback from people who have tried it. I have heard a couple weeks ago a person in Italy said his friend was very sick in bed sleeping 21 hours a day and groggy but definitely very sick and wondered what might help. I mentioned the Chinese research on Losartan on an antiotensin receptor blocker and he the next day he said he had fresh out 22:14 and got a 50 milligram tablet of it gave it to his friend and he said his friend was already out of bed and feeling okay and then several days later he wrote again and said his friend is exuberantly healthy and feels like he has new lungs. Wow that’s awesome. I would stay with vitamin D. Vitamin D is known for quite a few years as a very reliable antiviral anti-infective but it also increases this anti-inflammatory enzyme along with progesterone, aspirin, siamine and the anti-serotonin drugs that was the other best documented Chinese research they were using an anti-serotonin receptor blocker called C-n-n-c-i-n-a-n-s-e-r-i and 23:21 having good results along with Losartan. Interesting okay great well we have I’ll go into some of the listener questions we only had actually one about coronavirus and then the rest are all other questions but Dan asks can you ask Dr. Pete about the importance of white sugar and immunity and how it works to keep us protected against COVID and other viruses? It has a definite anti-inflammatory effect by keeping the T3 thyroid hormone you need glucose in the inside the liver cells or other cells which are producing the active thyroid hormone and if you are under stress you’re likely to be liberating free fatty acids from your tissues that will tend to block the use of glucose 24:22 and that will put you in a diabetic pro-inflammatory condition and increasing your sugar intake is one of the things that can prevent that lipolysis to keep the fat in your tissues where it belongs instead of flooding the blood stream and blocking sugar use and and so blocking production of the active thyroid hormone and the thyroid T3 has a very long history of reversing fibrosis along with progesterone and for example they would produce fibrosis in the heart of rats and then give them extra T3 and so that they could actually reverse the heart fibrosis by giving them a prolonged T3 treatment and fibrosis in the lungs is the 25:25 almost consistent outcome of a serious infection by the coronavirus. Excellent as far as like I have a question too it’s still regarding coronavirus what about the benefits of keeping carbon dioxide levels adequate like even doing some bag breathing during this time just to keep that level elevated as opposed to like a lot of oxygen? Yeah that’s extremely important because people have been demonstrating for years that the stress of surgery the inflammation the systemic inflammation that’s produced by for example operating on your gallbladder or intestine or whatever causes inflammation in your your heart and brain and lungs all of your organs and by hypoventilating giving them less turnover of 26:34 in their lungs during the surgery they protect the lungs but also the whole systemic inflammation is reduced by keeping the carbon dioxide level higher and that is something that I suspect probably 95 percent of hospitals are still tailing to use carbachin which has been known since the 1930s when Yandell Henderson showed that fire departments using oxygen for resuscitation had consistently better results when they use either five or seven percent carbon dioxide added to their oxygen tanks because the anti-inflammatory and breath stimulating and oxygen delivering effective carbon dioxide is much better than when you force the CO2 level down by giving them pure oxygen 27:42 even increased oxygen to 50 or 60 percent like is very typically done in a ventilator that high excess of oxygen is lowering the amount of CO2 circulating in your blood increasing the inflammatory reactions exactly what a person with influenza doesn’t need okay I’m so glad we’re talking about this I hope people are listening and they’re paying attention now we’ll jump into some just basic listener questions I have a gal named Sandra who has asked several here so we’ll start with her first one is after a terrible experience with Invisalign where the trays you know they kind of shape her teeth where my trays are often coated with goop when I pulled them out and tartar was awful I stopped wearing the trays and I no longer care about moving my teeth back I’m left with terrible excess saliva that seems to be thicker 28:43 than normal and this leaves me constantly having to suck my teeth which is super aggravating it has improved slightly since I stopped wearing the trays but it’s still bothersome so any help with this would be greatly appreciated what does she have to do for excess saliva oh sometimes a low thyroid function will imbalance your nervous system slightly towards the parasympathetic side which can produce extra saliva but a lot of other things could be involved it would be good to check for temperature and pulse rate waking and in the middle of the day to see how her thyroid function is yeah she had another question actually that is goes along right along with what you just said as she said a recent study came out about body temperature 29:43 going down approximately one percent um should that be a concern and I actually I think I found the study she might have been referencing um in scientific American like that body human body temperatures are actually cooling down what do you have to say about that oh yeah um the writing in the 1960s Broda Barnes commented that he was seeing much more hypothyroidism than he had seen when he started his studies in the 19 1930s and uh the um typical food supply uh when people ate fish or poultry or beef or pork they were likely to be including some of the thyroid gland in their diet beef and pork thyroid were thrown into the sausages and the uh 30:48 chicken necks and fish heads were always used in the soup but starting around 1942 the US Department of Agriculture ordered meat producers to remove the thyroid gland from the meat sold to the public and to either put it in dog food or sell it to the pharmaceutical companies to make pills with so starting in the 1940s people were no longer eating their normal diet if they were omnivores they were continuing to eat anti-thyroid foods without the balancing actual supplement of thyroid tissue in their diet and at the same time the increased use of liquid oils as shortening instead of lard and butter people were propagandized as to add 31:55 corn oil soy oil safflower seed oil and later canola and and so on uh the reason for that was that these were otherwise waste by products or they were used in the paint industry and the paint industry no longer had the need for them so they propagandized the public to believe that they were health foods and uh those are the most powerful anti-thyroid pro-estrogenic uh food that were exposed to and there are no effect is to lower the metabolic rate and therefore the the resting temperature yeah this this body temperature thing i looked up said something about you know because of even the 32:56 clothing that we wear and the way we live more of a sedentary life that it’s slowing down our body temperature or lowering our body temperature as well you know the muscle activity changes our hormone balance when the muscles are inactive our balance between cortisol or glucocorticoids and the endrogens such as DHEA and testosterone shifts in the direction of the stress hormones further weakening our muscles and blocking our our good metabolism based on thyroid okay okay so her next question is electric cars any danger from driving around in them all day in Dr. Pete’s opinion there were studies of people who worked in the clothing industry and operated an electric sewing machine for their whole career and they had several times the 34:01 normal incidence of Alzheimer’s disease after years of sitting at an electric sewing machine and i imagine an electric car has fields at least as strong as an electric sewing machine oh for sure i mean i think some of the new cars coming out are going to be 5g compatible too so then you’ve got 5g on top of just the electric car so yeah in 1968 i had been reading about the influence of electromagnetic fields on the nervous system i hadn’t started graduate school yet but i’ve been studying that for years and a man in Moscow had been doing the best research on that so i went there to talk to him in the summer of 68 and he gave me a very good bibliography on the effects of 35:02 electromagnetic fields on both the nervous system and the gonads he found that those were the most likely to be damaged by otherwise invisible and seemingly harmless electromagnetic fields yeah not something you want to mess with they want to mess with the gonads so um okay uh her next question about coffee does quality matter does decaf have any issues or is it just as beneficial oh there’s still some good stuff in decaffeinated coffee but i think the main value of coffee is the caffeine it is when black tea and coffee have been compared it turned out to be the caffeine that made them equally valuable and before the carbon dioxide method had been used for removing the caffeine 36:14 they were using toxic solfums and so some of the older studies showed a positively dangerous effective decaf but about 15 or 20 years ago all the standard decaffeinated coffees were using the the safer carbon dioxide method and as far as like the you still get the magnesium benefits in decaf as well correct uh yeah the magnesium uh some of the vitamins and anti-inflammatory things like chlorogenic acid are still in the decaf you gotta love our coffee that’s for sure okay so her last question here uh can you explain what causes impossible remedy for lipidemia such a sad thing to deal with for a lot of people i guess she has a friend with lipidemia and this is becoming more prevalent referring to the um or lipidema i’m gonna be 37:16 saying it wrong but lipidema well triglycerides or cholesterol or both are all of them yeah both in general if when i when i looked it up i noticed that in any in a lot of different cases it was it was becoming more prevalent the cholesterol directly corresponds to your metabolic rate and so inversely proportional to your thyroid hormone activity the cholesterol level goes up with your tsh as your metabolic rate goes down and so just i’ve seen people lower their cholesterol level from the 400s down to the normal range in as little as a week by supplementing t3 carefully but that’s been known for 80 years that you can 38:16 uh predictably controllably normalize your cholesterol and that usually takes care of the triglycerides but uh if the triglycerides are associated with a diet that isn’t heavy on the polyunsaturated fats the triglyceride itself isn’t harmful and in fact it’s better than free fatty acids when you’re converting free fatty acids to triglycerides that’s a defensive reaction and the triglycerides in themselves don’t hurt your heart and are valuable as a sign that you’re under stress for some reason and anything you do to lower your stress can lower the triglycerides so for those who don’t know like lipidema is a disorder where 39:20 there’s the enlargement of both legs like you gain fatty deposits under the skin and a lot of people say that’s not known why like there’s no understanding of what the mechanism is behind it but do you have an idea of what that mechanism is i mean is it a cholesterol and a triglyceride or a fatty acid issue or is there something that’s causing it that the person’s doing oh when you get the lumps under your skin i think that’s primarily the triglycerides that associate with that but i’ve seen people correcting their thyroid function who got rid of their under the skin lumps okay good yeah that’s something they should look into and even if the blood tests don’t reveal that there’s anything wrong even if symptoms show up i’m of the impression that if you have all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism or or part of a body 40:21 issue like that going on where obviously there’s something going on with the thyroid you definitely would benefit regardless of what the blood work says to take some natural dedicated thyroid would you agree yeah broda bartons books are the best science on the issue that’s available without doing a lot of searching in the literature the medical profession has been indoctrinated now for 50 years to believe that they should pay attention to the tsh thyroid stimulating hormone that’s the only basis for diagnosing hypo or hyperthyroidism but they neglect the fact that stress hormones can change the tsh level and unless you measure all all of the stress related hormones as well as some of the physiological indicators such as 41:30 nerve conduction the tsh itself can’t be meaningfully interpreted people can have hypothyroidism functionally with high cholesterol blood sugar regulation problems easy infections and so on and still have low tsh if they’re heavily under stress because the stress hormones will interfere and artificially lower the tsh making it look like you have too much thyroid hormone when you don’t have enough you know and it’s interesting because doctors are usually so quick to put people on medication except for thyroid medication they always have this big range that you can fit in so that you don’t have to take thyroid medication and that’s interesting to me because it’s almost as if the medical system might know how powerful thyroid medication is 42:33 that they don’t want to give it to them because it may get rid of all the other symptoms that they’re putting them on medications for yeah but that’s a conspiracy theory that if you look at the facts it’s hard hard to think otherwise because the fact is that almost any bad condition can respond to the correcting supplementing the thyroid hormone if your diet is supportive you have to take the diet and the thyroid into account and then you can have hypertension for example I have about 20 articles demonstrating curing hypertension just by supplementing thyroid hormone I’m so glad you said the part two about thyroid and diet yes it’s very important that 43:36 they not just supplement with the medication but also work on a better poofa-free and anti-inflammatory diet as well so yeah and vitamin d works very closely with thyroid and vitamin d doesn’t work properly if you’re getting too much phosphate in your diet and and not enough calcium okay Corinne asks what are Dr. Pete’s thoughts on dosages of 50 milligrams of progesterone is that too high or can it be beneficial when dealing with excess adrenaline during the the luteal phase from opulation administration has 30 to 40 or 50 milligrams it is a very physiological range dose but therapeutically sometimes a woman will benefit from much bigger doses and sometimes a much smaller dose is all that’s needed 44:42 another common medical misunderstanding is that if you supplement a hormone you’re going to turn off your body’s ability to produce it that’s true of the cortisol you can shrink your adrenal glands by supplementing prednisone or cortisol but in the case of progesterone if you are feeding a blood supply to an ovary for example measuring how much progesterone is synthesizing and then you add progesterone to the mix it stimulates the ovaries ability to produce progesterone so it becomes more active the more progesterone is given within no one knows exactly what the limits are but there’s a positive feedback relationship so an example 45:46 the most vivid thing that i’ve seen was a woman who since puberty and she was 30 at that date since puberty her skin had been just as white as skin can possibly be and her lips however were purple without any makeup on she had a very weird appearance and like like a porcelain doll sort of with painted purple lips and what we had been talking one afternoon about progesterone and i gave her a blob probably contained maybe 50 or 100 milligrams of progesterone but put it on the back of her hand so she was only absorbing maybe five or ten milligrams into her bloodstream and she did that just as she was leaving 46:52 and a few hours later she said as she was leaving my driveway she felt something odd happening and when she got home she looked in the mirror and she said for the first time since she was 13 years old she had had a normal looking face no longer purple lips but pink cheeks and a good pink color to her skin and a couple weeks or a few weeks after that she went home to visit her parents she said so as she came off the plane they both exclaimed on her appearance they said they hadn’t seen her looking like that since she was 13 so one dose can profoundly normalize the adrenals other things being adequate 47:53 so the next question is interesting too speaking of the skin or topical janine asks it’s my understanding that endocrine hormones are also made in the skin which hormones and how can we improve them is that accurate in saying that there are certain endocrine organs or hormones made in the skin yeah in 1960 someone was studying tonsils and found that insulin could be identified in the tonsils and people just hadn’t been looking they didn’t expect endocrine functions in different organs but it turns out that the skin even can produce the pituitary hormones that activate the production of things such as cortisol androgens progesterone the skin is possibly our biggest steroid producing organ but it’s almost always ignored 48:58 the brain is another major steroid producing organ but it isn’t generally considered an endocrine gland but the the various protein and peptide hormones are at least potentially produced in tissues like the skin um victoria asks what could cause assist in the kidneys and how would you recommend getting rid of it um various hormone imbalances can do that getting off polyunsaturated fats in the diet would be one important thing and making sure your thyroid function is good to your vitamin D level is at least in the middle of the range and to your calcium phosphate 50:01 ratio is is good low thyroid it is known to be able to produce fluid accumulations in just about any part of the body including the kidneys but here here and there in joints around the heart a lot of inconvenient places so it’s good to consider the possibilities of diet and hormones one last question this one’s kind of detailed um so we’ll just do our best with it and has a question about her health in general so she has severe fatigue anxiety and panic she was diagnosed with PCOS at a young age and then it caught up with her in her 30s she went through stress it said she’s been on she’s been following your way of eating no poofas and following kind of a peat diet she says 51:01 taking about a grain and a half of thyroid progesterone magnesium vitamin e and still having anxiety and fatigue especially in the morning um and then she has blood work says oh go ahead does she mention vitamin D and calcium yeah i was going to read her labs to you she said her she’s got a prolactin of 9.7 her DHEA is 422 and her cholesterol is 218 and her vitamin D is 26 and her CO2 is 22 which obviously we can see there’s some problems so any suggestion she said on her situation uh definitely vitamin D you mentioned PCO yeah she started out at a young age with PCOS yeah vitamin D came to my mind when you mentioned that because it and thyroid are behind the PCOS problem uh the vitamin D should be at least 50 i think maybe 55 or 60 and the calcium intake 52:13 should be close to if possible two liters of milk per day will give a protective amount of calcium the vitamin D and calcium alone might improve the sensitivity to both progesterone and thyroid so i would normalize the vitamin D first and then watch what’s happening to temperature and pulse rate and sensitivity to progesterone you should be able to feel the effective progesterone when you need it as relief within five or ten or fifteen minutes and so you can repeat to those if you did don’t feel the relief so i am so thankful that we were able to do this i think this has been really enlightening in many different ways and especially hopefully people have a different spin on the coronavirus um and obviously i’m kind of a conspiracy 53:19 theorist so that’s why i had to ask some of the questions i think would be good for everyone to look at the videos by wolfgang codark w o d a r g and sutrad bakhti b h a k d i and john yoannadis has a website discussing it and for the people who like conspiracy theories there’s a very good one by david hike spelled icky okay i will put i’ll see if i can find those and pop them in the show notes too so that’s awesome okay well i so i’m so thankful that we got to do this because i needed some uh needed some dr pete insight on this covet 19 and i feel like i’ve gotten it so thank you so much and it’s always a pleasure so um how can people um support you with your newsletter can you enlighten them as to how to do that because they’re definitely going to want to read what you have to say i’m enjoying them anyway so okay you could i i don’t have anything on my 54:24 website yet about the virus out while i’ll be doing a newsletter on it uh in a couple months maybe and the place to subscribe to the newsletter is rape each newsletter at gmail.com and other topics are on my website rape eat dot com okay i’ll pop that in the show notes too dr pete thank you so much this is awesome as usual and we’ll be in touch for the next one okay very good thank you i’ve got a promo code for you so you’ve heard me talk about

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