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00:00 Well, good night and welcome to this evening’s Asher of Doctor, my name’s Andrew Murray. For those of you who perhaps have never listened to the show, just tuned in for the first time, we do a once a month hour discussion on various topics and we have Dr. Raymond Peat joining us and using his wealth of expertise to add to what may or may not be known currently. This month’s topic is going to be about diagnosis as a double-edged sword, looking at shamanism and other spiritual healing modalities, but then also looking at what I know Dr. Peat is very interested in is that its cultural ideas and the change in ideas and how things develop and how language is used sometimes as a tool against us and other times as a tool to further 01:02 our understanding and a lot of scientific research that’s done doesn’t often make it to the public sphere for quite some time and so we go through all the suffering that we go through being told that liquid oils for example are good for us and they’re heart-healthy and they lower our cholesterol when actually the exact opposite happens and so 40 or 50 years later we get this admission but it’s too late for a lot of people by that point in time and it takes a long time for those cultural beliefs to filter out. So this month’s subject I said is going to be kind of two or three fold things like diagnosis and how that’s sometimes a double-edged sword, environmental enrichment and a little bit on new tropics and so I wanted to start the show off by Dr. Peat’s latest newsletter he does one every month by the way folks if those of you who have listened or maybe haven’t heard the shows before he does usually it’s a once month or 02:04 bimonthly actually I think it’s bimonthly letter but I’m pretty sure he’s still open to subscriptions to it although I know there can be a backlog sometime because I think there’s just so much going on it’s difficult to keep it all maintained sometimes I know what that’s like. So as I read his latest newsletter it’s quite funny because you put a sentence in there first deny that harm is done we know the Hippocratic oath first do no harm and we’ve talked about that and the ethics in medicine of first doing no harm and that a lot of current medicine and medicine really since the 30s or 40s has been doing a lot of harm but unfortunately culturally and mechanistically from advertising and corporate planning we’re not told the full story about things and very often we’re not told at all. So first deny that harm is done now this is going to be a tenet of Dr. Peat’s discussion 03:12 here when I asked him to come on in a few minutes and that rationale will get borne out for the rest of the show’s discussion. So during his newsletter my thoughts went to Native American Indians, South American Shamans, Aborigines etc as cultures where ritualistic dream quests typically involving some mind-bodied disengagement etc disengages the kiss of death given by Western medicine’s diagnosis over a patient by the environmental enrichment of the quest and the very nature of both allegory and interpretation of the person’s reason for being involved ritualistically in healing as a journey especially the patient has not received a diagnosis prior to the quest to fixate their mind. Now the sentence in Dr. Peat’s newsletter where the organism is working meaningfully useless structures tend to atrophy as new structures develop and the quote 04:12 unquote meaningful being the environmental enrichment of the pursuit of creativity altruism selflessness etc this I believe can truly bring about what Dr. Peat quote says unveiling of new possibilities for reorganization and repair which I feel was akin to cure in the mechanistic sense. Now perhaps there never was so much death and disease prior to the advent of a diagnosis in Western medicine as I believe this can be the kiss of death to many founded in such a concrete mechanism and I don’t doubt the substances that Dr. Peat has long supported do affect the physiology for the good of the organism and help resist the disease process. I also understand that antibiotics would have halted the black death in the 1300s and as well as the plague which ravaged Europe among the many incidences of it worldwide in time but I’m sure the older arts worked on a more subtle 05:12 energy underpinning physiology psychology and spirituality as a unified system and in shamanism especially medicinal plants are central to the quest and for the critics out there on the forums especially I’m not advocating neo-luddism here either so let me first introduce Dr. Peat and then I’ll start questioning him. Dr. Peat are you there? Well thanks so much for taking your time to give here to share on the show I know lots of people listen online and lots of people pick up the audio tracks afterwards in their own time so and it’s also a very posterity based altruistic deed that you do when you do this so thanks so much. If you were just in case people haven’t heard of you before I’ve heard you for the first time or just once or twice would you just outline your professional and academic background so people can understand where your training comes from? 06:14 So a new graduate student in the 1950s I tried several different departments but mostly concentrated on the linguistics and the psychology of language and dropped out of several departments before going back to get a PhD after I got my master’s degree with a thesis on William Blake I went back to study biology intending to investigate how the brain can function in ways that could explain intelligence and language use. I was partly reacting against Noam Chomsky’s doctrine which when I began thinking about linguistics in the late 1950s he 07:15 was just taking over the culture of language theory and I considered him as one of the great evils of our culture the way he was treating language leaping the brain and intelligence out of the whole thing it became a motor program actually for following rules laid down in the genes. What was he a proponent of then in terms of that discussion? Well his doctrine he’s explicitly said that the behavior that allows us to make language and follow dramatic rules must be in the genes of very much the way Conrad Lorenz has said that all of our behavior is in the genes and so to improve the species we have to kill inferior people Chomsky doesn’t say that but he has a very arrogant attitude towards people who question his very arbitrary genetic explanation 08:24 So it’s a bit like this kind of neo Darwinism and Mendelian type situation then? Yeah it’s a kind of cultural arrogance that was based in MIT with all the power of the Pentagon behind it so over the years when I was trying different departments I found that he had penetrated every department of universities a friend and I did a course in the honors college at the University of Oregon on interdepartmental views of humanity human nature and we invited 10 different professors to speak about that and we picked a professor in each department that students thought was the outstanding professor in that area and each one of them said that 09:28 his department’s contribution to understanding human nature was Noam Chomsky’s generative grammar, sociology, folklore, literature, all different departments of the university at that time 1968 thought Noam Chomsky had defined the world for him. All right so you’ve obviously had plenty of experiences with research that doesn’t make it to the market with false ideologies with the truth being there but not being revealed lies getting around the world faster than truth can get us shoe laces tied and I know you’ve mentioned this many times so within education at that point in time there was this lie being spread and seeded rapidly through these different domains that all seem to agree on the same thing they’re all deluded by the same lie. Yeah and you can trace it going back 10:33 to the beginning of the 20th century being financed by various corporate interests military interests all of the powers that were interested in expanding their power were promoting research and teaching in these areas that really were presenting a very arbitrary and degraded picture of human nature. Yeah okay I just want to let people know that you’re listening to ask your abdoctor on KMUD, Garberville, 91.1 FM from 7.30 to the end of the show call us our encourage to call in with any questions hopefully related to this month’s subject of diagnosis and the mind-body connection between disease and recovery as well as the environmental enrichment aspects that we’re going to get into here is being very important to change the structure of cells and promote natural autogenous healing and also get into a little bit again about 11:36 new tropics and get Dr. Peace feedback on a new tropic that you probably don’t think about as a new tropic. The number here if you live in the 707 code it’s 9233911 or if you’re on the outside edges here of northern California we’ve got an 800 number for you which is 1-800-KMUD-RAD that’s 1-800-568-3723 and obviously hopefully those guys on the internet that listen to us in different time zones would be happy to hear from you guys too. So Dr. Peep looking at your newsletter then you mentioned again the beginning of it the thing about heroic medicine 200 years ago and then the generation of this term that we I think people still refer to it as a positive term but I think we’ve found out here that it’s actually quite a negative thing because it doesn’t imply real healing at all. The healing crisis as a defective understanding seeking to integrate treatment to effect with the use of mercury and arsenic for example being commonplace then 12:38 to the concept 50 years ago of hormesis which a lot of people may not have heard it’s not it’s like homeostasis or hermetic but it’s hormesis so firstly would you speak about this planting of concepts in our mind to create the false narrative we interpret now? Well the the idea of genes and determining the nature of a species has its theological advocates in the 19th century and that genetic definition of a fixed unchanging organism accidents were the only things that could change the genes and the genes controlled our being and so our being was essentially an accidental construction and on top of that understanding which was well embedded by the 1940s the industries were starting to produce a reaction to their 13:49 polluting processes especially when atomic bombs were being exploded in Nevada and poisoning everyone downwind all the way to New York and around the world. People were getting concerned about the quality of air and water and city pollution was killing people with smog factories and cars and so the the industry started fighting back saying that well look at history we see that what if something didn’t kill you it made you stronger because we do hear that don’t we? Yeah if you survive the mercury treatments then you were cured and a strong healthy organism supposedly and none of the mercury stayed with you. Right so this was like this was the original heroic medicine and then it 14:52 basically morphed into a like you mentioned the atomic bomb testing in in the early 50s here where it took quite a while for public outcry to get to the gates as it were to start fighting this back so that it didn’t carry on happening but the the industries started funneling huge amounts of money for example one current professor in Boston someone figured that he has received more than 40 million dollars in research to promote this phony idea of Formesis which is several years about 15 years ago they started giving it the definition that it’s a biphasic response meaning that a small amount moves the biology in one direction a larger amount moves it in the other direction but basically the idea was that a little bit of a poison is good for you and so the argument was that 15:57 the leak from the the nuclear industry atomic bombs falling out etc all of these were called low level radiation and they used some some pretty phony evidence and argument all of it turned out to be upside down evidence but they argued that these so-called low levels of radiation or other pollution were actually causing biological benefit and that developed into the argument of the the big think tanks find finance by the same industries saying that the government should stop regulating industrial pollution because the regulation is causing damage to the public health because the pollution is so beneficial really unbelievable yeah i kind of i i it takes 17:03 a long time you know i don’t know what you feel folks when you hear this but it’s like it’s like many many things you know the wall has been pulled over our eyes and you know what it takes a long time before we get into vision and get it into focus when it’s lifted even so i know you’ve mentioned lots of things and we try to keep them on the front burner as it were for people when they we do the radio shows and i know we cover you know i won’t say the same topics because they’re not they’re quite different but they’re interrelated so but when you gotta keep hearing things like you know the polyunsaturated oils are very damaging for you the industry would tell us that they’re great the industry told us or is telling us that fluoride is good for you and obviously there’s many places in america here that abandon it and wanted to get it out of the water supply if it’s still there um there’s many foods that we consume which should not be even be on the market and all the time they want to tell us that it’s for our own good and use this kind of hormesis mechanism to justify it and i think that’s carried through a lot into medicine 18:07 hasn’t it there’s plenty of medical procedures that you would look at is definitely dangerous and not at all beneficial um and i think the uh that that understanding still supports that and nobody really questions it that’s the worst part of it it’s such a long-term thing uh the vision that we have is so short-term and yet what happens does happen over the long term so especially things like radiation you know most people uh just and it’s shrouded in secrecy obviously because if everybody was to fully you know gain the knowledge of what it’s doing we would be absolutely horrified aghast and really up in arms about it like never before and shutting it down completely but it’s just it’s just kept on the uh on the edge of the edge of the field there so that we’d never really never really do too much about it you know so it’s very important that people hear it time and time again because it’s like anything else it’s the uh like like the the lie that’s mentioned uh over and over again people start believing it so people also have to look for the truth and and be hear it 19:11 more and more and more in order to gradually get the blinkers off and get into focus what it is supposed to be looking at even though john gauffman was a major government uh nuclear researcher uh he eventually started looking at the facts and he gathered evidence showing that most cancer and a large part of the heart disease in the united states can be traced to medical x-rays there you go and uh my brother who worked in the nuclear industry for most of his life it said that every week they had the seminar teaching them about the benefits of well that will radiate oh my gosh yeah and again people that are listening that’s the other thing i think that you you hit on the head there x-rays they’re so ubiquitous i mean who doesn’t who doesn’t go to a dentist and the first thing they want to do is x-ray uh who who doesn’t go to the ER department 20:12 the first thing they want to do is uh well not always but x-rays or CT scans which are a thousand times worse how often do you see uh imaging reports that are actually MRIs and not CTs i mean like you’ve mentioned before and GE are heavily invested in their old technology they don’t want to give it up yet um they need to recoup their costs and they obviously very cheap to run them and so there’s still a financial incentive using them whereas the newer technologies are more expensive and it’s less incentive to utilize them because there’s not such a return so you’ve got a question everything you come across i’m not saying you need to be a conspiracy theorist about everything but you know what it’s healthy a good healthy dose of fear or healthy dose of suspicion is actually very very good a very good help for most people so once again the people that are listening here if you want to call in from 730 on the number here if you live in the area 707 986 sorry 923 9233911 uh oh there’s an 800 number which is 1-800-568-3723 getting getting uh away from the 21:17 the concept of the brainwashing and the repeated advertising and uh you know whether it’s printed press or tv or radio about how harmless things are um in shamanistic and i mentioned this at the very outset here just because you pique my interest in your newsletter um and i’ve long i’ve long held the belief and i’m not a luddite but i’ve long held the belief that diagnosis can be probably one of the most dangerous things going and for somebody to hear they’ve been diagnosed with some chronic disease or even life-threatening disease you know it can be coughing now sometimes for some people because there’s such a strong mind-body spirituality connection in us as and i’m definitely aware that we are spiritual beings i know some people might want to argue with it but there you go um we’re definitely very spiritual beings and we have a definite journey in this life you know i don’t believe i don’t believe that this is it this is the one that matters but um it’s very much a spiritual 22:17 journey and so in shamanistic and ritualized medicine then the healer is a mediator to a spirit realm then uh where a very different set of interpretation exists so what are your views on on the mind-body spirit approach to healing and do you think um there are fundamental differences which would yield more beneficial results um i think what you’re calling the the shamanistic view of their reality i would call the simple basic reality and the the world that the scientists and government people are advocating is a world of manipulation and control and enforced agreement uh where the all you have to do is back away from the the way it’s set up by by the academic orthodoxy you back away from it and you see some of the reality that the shamans are are 23:25 uh working with it’s a basic uh participation in the world around you all organisms do it and so sometimes i call it the animal conscious consciousness but it’s the uh the shaman’s therapeutic reality is to get the person back in touch with the complex reality that they’re living in in reality and not not being attached to the stories that they’re they’re being brought up with yeah i mean so often that it’s important to pull people out of this dream state that they’re in that the world around them is uh something that doesn’t affect them and um they don’t need to question everything it’s so much like the matrix i keep thinking about the matrix uh uh that movie when i first saw it i just thought you know that is that is it we pretty much kept in the dark and um just spoon-fed lies you know and there’s still a 24:28 lot of good out there but like you said the uh that that view is a view of non-ordinary reality then which i think is very excuse me very important for practitioners when they’re trying to get into the psyche if you like of a sick person that they can make a connection to them and that person really hears because it’s so important to i know you’ve you’ve probably spoken to thousands and thousands tens of thousands of people um and there are those people who will either just uh not come back because they’ve heard what they heard or there’s some people that really follow through what it is that you’re um advocating and i’ve had that experience too with quite a few people who were just so on it that they totally got the results that they knew they could get you know because they’d heard or read the science and they knew that this substance and that substance was implicated and so making that connection with the person is so important and i think perhaps that is also what you’re talking about in a shamanistic world view as well as any uh uncoupling uh agents 25:35 that might be used to deeper penetrate someone’s uh you know subconsciousness and you know lots of people ask me about a cancer diagnosis they’ve had and uh when i ask them exactly how was the diagnosis made and and what did it really find what are the actual observations uh sometimes they’re they’re annoyed that i question the simple fact that they have a terminal cancer underway but uh very often i would guess uh almost nine times out of ten it turns out the diagnosis was very exaggerated they’re given the impression that uh invasion is underway but you look at the actual pictures and try to find out what the pathologist was really saying and uh basically they 26:38 have a slightly abnormal tissue in most cases and if you press the pathologist to explain they’ll say well it’s abnormal it’ll undoubtedly turn into cancer and so it’s good to get rid of it right okay all right well i’m going to pick this next question to you but in the meantime i think the calls are starting to call it cups sorry the callers are starting to call in the lights are flashing so if you’re in the area 707-923-3911 if you’re outside the outside this number error code there’s an 800 number you can call which is 1-800-5-6-8-3-7-2-3 we’re very pleased to have Dr Raymond Pete joining us so how about how about the idea you mentioned it earlier about a little bit of something harmful is good for you concerning toxic substances like carbon monoxide which i think most people do agree is probably toxic because that’s the thing that we’re looking out for in inadequately burnt gas for example or you know combustion but then 27:42 there’s nitric oxide i hear people all the time using nitric oxide and then i hear people not even have to say i hear people using it but lateral i mean one of those things that i first learned you know when i was studying herbal medicine here was apricot seeds containing this hydrogen cyanide and the hydrogen cyanide was useful for you was anti-cancer and so there these kind of substances that you know supposedly a little bit of it does you good and what do you what do you think about those in terms of what i mentioned well the composition of city smog is rich in carbon monoxide and nitric oxide and so it’s interesting that these now become medically and biologically desirable it makes the fear of smog pretty much go away if you think that there are real defense they’re calling carbon monoxide a very powerful anti-inflammatory 28:48 agents in our bodies carbon monoxide yeah carbon monoxide and it just happens to make smog in the city look beneficial rather than harmful if it’s stuff that we produce it for our own benefit but when you look at how it’s produced in the body it breaks down the heme group which is involved in all of our essential oxidative metabolic processes inside the cell not just in in the bloodstream but it does break down the heme of blood but also the heme of respiratory and detoxifying enzymes and as it breaks it down and releases a molecule of carbon monoxide it also releases an atom of iron at liberating it where it can act randomly as an oxidant 29:52 and the first step of degrading the heme goes into billy pherdon which is quickly turned into billy rubin and billy rubin is being touted as a very powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidant so both carbon monoxide and billy rubin are said to be antioxidants and something i’ve been pointing out for many years is that cancer is extremely endowed with antioxidant processes that’s why it can resist chemotherapy and radiation so well because of its antioxidants and what makes a cell healthy and able to endure and function is the whole system of oxidative processes and if you stop if you plug up the ability to run the oxidative machinery you go 31:00 into a reduced state and that’s the antioxidant power of a cancer cell that pushes reductive processes against in the failure of oxidative processes and that’s what you have when you increase your carbon monoxide and billy rubin and billy rubin has the extra function of exciting nerve cells and so you get the process of inhibiting respiratory enzymes by both carbon monoxide and billy rubin at the same time you’re exciting the nerves exactly the formula for exciting oxytotoxic death of brain cells and that’s the the so-called very powerful protective antioxidant it’s a it does have that reductive function of in certain contexts being an antioxidant 32:07 but those processes are among the very most dangerous things that can happen in cells so this like you said this is the way that cancer can evade this kind of treatment then huh is that it’s it has it has enzymes that are able to um yeah it turns off the oxidative process and that produces things like lactic acid which is a reductant because it’s certainly a while to get this concept too because I think again it’s it’s one of those things that’s just so in your face um you know whether it’s in dietary supplements or foods that are you know advertised for their ability to be antioxidants now you’ve mentioned before and I don’t know if other people have got this but it kind of it certainly has tripped me up in the past because I always um you’ve understood the word and term antioxidant to be beneficial but you’re actually saying that 33:10 oxidants uh so vitamin e and c and are actually the beneficial substances and it’s not in the healthy cell vitamin c exists in the oxidizing form and and it stabilizes the structure of the cell by keeping things from being excessively reduced by by oxidizing things and vitamin e fits into that extra two okay all right uh we did have a caller but that call is uh he’s he’s dropped off okay so we’ll just carry on but if people want to ask uh any questions start to pick numbers 800 5 6 8 3 7 2 3 um so I guess just getting back to um the doctrine then of hormesis then which is opposed to the precautionary principle which we did a show on um back in January um how does this concept work into our consciousness then and and subjugate our well-being and in terms of the way 34:16 it’s um it’s just constantly uh purported as something that we need to be paying attention to and it’s good for us and um you know I don’t know how I don’t know how it is that people can wake up from what it is they’re being bombarded with in terms of finding information I think this is something that you’ve brought out in the past that um medical abstracts and no longer reside in libraries and real data is actually pretty hard to find and the initial um documents that were written or the initial papers that were written um can get buried quite easily and so actually what we hear is usually the result of well-funded um research um so I think you’ve long held a tenet perhaps that it is actually a uh uh I’d say conspiratorial but it is actually a fairly uh fairly blatant um act and that what’s um what’s actually proposed in many many papers that are written does not reflect the true science that there is behind you know the 35:21 reality of it. The um theory that is is um repeatedly taught and publicized of what consciousness is what the brain is doing fits into this picture that is beneficial to industry. They want to present the brain as having uh for example programs that are genetically determined or trained by um uh so-called uh uh uh adaptive learning the behaviorist approach that you you learn by repetition rather than by insight and uh this programmed behavior 36:24 uh tends to um be digital or um have very concrete symbolic uh units of meaning and the the actual organism deals with patterns of holistic uh very rich information field patterns so that in a moment’s perception a book uh called um I think it was uh I in the brain by Gregory in the 60s have the illustrations showing if you looked at one image with one eye and the other image with the other eye you could see a three-dimensional image which uh involved I think it was something like a million different points of information which had to be processed 37:29 in an integrated way by each eye and put together by the brain. That kind of input century uh assimilation of millions of points of information every moment is something that is denied by the the culture that wants to have controllable educable people who will deal only in symbolic forms of information. So it’s again it’s another example of the reductionist view world view. Yeah yeah and um that the only way uh those types of mental calculation can be conceived is um in a simultaneously uh presented form of consciousness so that 38:32 formula exists as uh something out of time it works as the same way uh backwards and forward uh where the uh the actual organism is embedded in time and seeing the implications in the future and reinterpreting the past input so that logic and math are distractions from the the the way the organism is integrating its information. I wonder what what do you what do you think it’ll take given where we’ve come from and where we seem to be going where what do you think it’s going to take um for medicine um to actually change and be beneficial and do no harm? I think it’s going to take a public uh recognizing the extent of the harm that is happening 39:33 and uh I’ve seen that happen uh locally uh where uh doctors it only took four or five patients uh standing up to the doctors to absolutely change them 180 degrees. Yeah again because it’s such a such a powerful effect that this kind of brainwashing has and I think the um I think the uh personable uh nature of most people I’ve heard it from several doctors here now that their training was so brutal and they used that word it was so brutal and put them under so much stress that um there was a a very corporate feeling of one upmanship that was displayed by many people in their training as doctors or when they you know specializing and going onwards to become surgeons um that it was almost a rite of passage that you had to dominate and uh I wouldn’t say destroy but dominate and control the others other peers in 40:38 your field and uh wouldn’t take no for an answer and what you was doing was absolutely right and you weren’t to be questioned and there was very much a uh a pecking order uh in medical school that I think caused some people to drop out and others to become really very uh resistant to change. I think there are lots of doctors who are open to the opportunity that would be presented if the public would start asking for that other kind of medical approach that doctors I think feel trapped by the the system just as much as the patients. Yeah no I can understand that too because I think financially there’s quite a and quite a lot of strings being attached and they certainly wield their own effect in terms of debt when you’ve graduated and then also in terms of becoming successful so I’m not bashing the doctors I know there are some very good ones out there who are very altruistic but I think the the main model 41:39 and concept of medicine uh really put somebody up on a pedestal and I think that is I think human beings are very uh uh vulnerable to that kind of pressure that kind of temptation too I think which comes with um you know large salaries private practice etc okay so I’m getting on getting on to another subject uh you brought out and then this brings us back to um those things like pregnal alone uh carbon dioxide glucose uh and you mentioned um warmth obviously as a function of temperature and presumably that’s all tied in with metabolic rate but you said that experiments done over the last 60 years showing that these substances during embryonic and fetal development can affect the growth of the brain and the brain’s way of guiding future development and adaptive ability and do you think outside of gestational uh sufficiency of these that supplementation of the things uh just mentioned it can make up for lack of these things earlier in life or is there a finite 42:45 replacement or reorganization event occurring in the brain yeah I think every night we’re producing masses of stem cells that are going out and attempting to renew worn out or damaged tissues and that with age things accumulate polyunsaturated fats and iron and bilirubin for example accumulate making it too hard for the stem cells to do full repair and so instead of getting repairs we get fibrosis and gliosis and degeneration of the various organs but with the right support both in the way the person is using their brain or their self and the the way they’re getting access to what they need in the environment I think at any late 43:50 stage those repair cells can be integrated and and taken advantage of okay so this this would support what everyone would probably some of the truth that they hear in this repeated statement is that most of the repair happens at nighttime and that’s why good night sleep is very important and you do advocate and I know it’s probably it sounds strange to people and I mention it and they say well how much you think like nine hours or more sleep is good for someone right in the winter when days are short I think more hours of sleep are protective yeah and I’ve seen examples where very very damaged brains sometimes lifelong damage can very quickly show radical restructuring it’s like the brain knows how to rebuild itself and it’s given the right opportunity and materials yeah all right this brings me on to my next question 44:53 then you stated that in experimental situations and the epic okay there’s a feedback going on I think that in experimental situations the epigenetic changes produced by stress are reversible but when the organism stays in the same sort of environment that started the process reversals become less likely with increasing age and that polyunsaturated fats amplify this effect by generating carbon monoxide and prostaglandins liberating themselves carbon monoxide from the breakdown of heme and prostaglandins which activates hemoxygenase and aromatase production which you’ve mentioned in the past which produces estrogen from androgens both of which are degenerative and destructive processes so the picture of learned helplessness comes to mind here coupled with lack of environmental enrichment and do you see these as paramount transformations necessary to drive change in the right direction and can cultivating a positive attitude in the absence 45:59 of this suffice yeah I see adaptation as constantly choosing between two directions one to become more to know more and have more ability to move into the future the other defensive adaptation is simply surviving on the cellular level and the brain if you look at it across generations the mother who is under stress or actually both parents under stress contribute to the the outcome of the developing baby but the brain is the first thing it’s a very expensive organ and so stressed parents will tend to have babies with a less functional brain even a smaller brain 47:04 and that at any point the brain is willing and eager to repair itself and grow if the background has been very poor and restricted then that means that the repair situation has to be more intense so that the conscious attitude has to be pretty deliberate to avoid getting in the harmful rats of helplessness and to seek the particular things that will for example stop that production of prostaglandins reduce the the storage of polyunsaturated fats help to eliminate the iron which is causing lipid proxidation and activating aromatase and so on 48:13 both the substances I’ve talked about so much are active at these various points for example aspirin against the production of prostaglandins and lipid proxidation progesterone against the prostaglandins and the aromatase and the elimination of carbon monoxide and iron let me let me hold you there for a moment because we do have a caller here who’s just been on hold for a little while but let’s take this next call called away from and watch the question yes hello uh from trinity county out here in zinia okay welcome and I’ve been hearing you mentioned polyunsaturated fats quite a lot uh what about mono unsaturated fats and does this include all these things like olive oil for cooking yeah mono unsaturated fats are fine they’re they’re very a part of our nature if we eat nothing 49:15 but sugar we’ll make mono unsaturated fats of our own and those are the n minus nine fats like in olive oil and butter and we produce that ourselves even if we eat only starches and then from that n minus nine series of fats we produce our own polyunsaturated fats called the n minus nine or the mega minus nine series and it’s the lack of those partly which is the damage done when we eat things like soy oil and safflower seed oil and so on they inhibit our abilities to produce our own polyunsaturated fats which are stable and beneficial okay so you’re saying it’s better to consume the sugar the sugars that will help us produce that in our bodies as opposed to putting it in our food 50:21 oh no yeah if some people have have researched uh finding organisms that will make the uh uh equivalent in minus nine series polyunsaturated fats and they find that they are very protective anti-inflammatory uh agents they’re the things that we would be producing if we weren’t poisoned by poofa okay um now what maybe i missed a little bit here but what is a major difference between monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats oh the mono are almost always the n minus nine fats like uh oleic acid and from that we make if we aren’t interfered with we make our own omega minus nine series and the ones that are synthesized in seaweed or soybeans 51:28 crops things that grow in the cold climate i can’t use the uh more saturated fats they they produce their own polyunsaturated fats for the sake of being fluid in cold weather or in in the cold ocean so the cold organism polyunsaturated fat happens to be unstable when you make it uh as warm as we are 98.6 degrees for example will cause very quick oxidative breakdown of the fats that are stable at at uh almost freezing temperature in fish uh fish oil is very good for fish although when they gave a more saturated fat diet to salmon i think it was they had greater endurance than if they had the algae or fish oil in their 52:34 diet can i can i interrupt you there for a second because we do have one more caller who i think has got a very quick question and has been waiting sometimes so thanks for your call the caller next caller where are you from what’s your question hi i’m from tansas city i have a question i um saw in pub med where they did a study about hypothyroidism and heat intolerance and anxiety and i asked because i have that and i’ve never heard about it before and i wondered if dr heat had anything to say about that because i do wake up with a low temperature in the morning but i i’m very sensitive to heat and i become overheated very quickly um have you checked your temperature during the times when you’re feeling overheated um yeah it usually doesn’t seem that high um i mean it’s it’s never usually more than 99 um it um if you’re really hypothyroid and and have say a 97 degree temperature when you wake up it’s important to keep taking your 53:37 temperature and pulse rate during the day to see what the effect of food and activity is on both your temperature and pulse rate lots of people who have discomfort in the heat have a very high nitric oxide production and that causes what vasodilation and the reddening of the skin but that will lower the the core temperature uh so to to understand what’s happening metabolically you should check your temperature before and and after those experiences of heat intolerance okay well thank i’ve got to stop both of you there i’m glad that person got the chance to pick their question but thanks so much for your time dr pete and i’ve got to give out your information i appreciate you joining us again okay okay well there was one other person here who was um on on hold but not too sure why everybody left it to the last 10 minutes but i can only 54:37 imagine that’s because they wanted to hear dr pete and didn’t want to interrupt him with their questions but who knows um okay so dr pete’s website full of um very very well researched information uh you’re going to find things there that you won’t find anywhere else and a lot of what he’s saying is already come into pass so um you do well to go there and find out more about him and what he’s been supporting and purporting uh and researching for the last 40 years it’s www.raypete.com r a y p e a t .com um excellent excellent website uh lots of articles fully referenced and um he does he emails lots of people so i’m not saying he wants any more work to do but you know people have people have emailed him before in the past and he’s actually been very good and responded so um for those people who were tuned in tonight thanks for listening for those people that got the questions in uh thanks for calling uh we’ll be back next year 2018 um what 55:44 can i say uh it’s the end of another year and uh we’ll see we’ll see where the cryptocurrencies go from here on in uh anyway all the best you know good night and see you next year

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