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00:00 Well welcome to this month’s Ask Your Herb Doctor and my name is Andrew Murray. For those of you who perhaps have never listened to the show they run every third Friday of the month from 7 till 8 p.m. and we talk about a wide range of topics related to health, alternative health and uncovering some of the lies and that’s part of this evening’s program. I can be reached at business hours Monday through Friday at 1-888-WBMR and if people have any questions that we don’t get around to having live on the air which we do from 7.30 until the end of the show the questions can either be posted to me at Andrew at Western BotanicalMedicine.com or you can go ahead and call up and leave a voicemail if you don’t find a person answering. So like I said it’s a live show and from 7.30 to 8 o’clock we have questions either related to this month’s subject of more misconceptions, lies, education and reeducation 01:06 and if people have other questions for Dr Pete about health topics or about substances or protocols etc the number here if you’re outside the area the area code is 707 923 2513 so 707 923 2513 there is an 800 number that’s 800 568 3723 800 568 3723 and we’ll be taking calls from 7.30 to 8 o’clock so this month I wanted to go over subjects some of which we have covered for sure but I can’t emphasize enough the indoctrination that definitely myself has been through in medical education and which is very difficult I think very difficult to unlearn it’s not saying that I haven’t unlearned it but it’s 02:11 I think it’s far better if you’re going to get educated in real medicine and science that you get your facts right the first time around I know Dr Pete when he was studying had to overcome quite a lot of that bias while he was doing his PhD and I think he would speak to the fact that he just had to keep quiet half the time because it would not have bowed him well had he have spoken up perhaps but anyway so I wanted to start off the show with a paragraph that I’ve kind of written to just introduce the subject and then to introduce Dr Pete and then to basically get into the substance of tonight’s show I wanted to say from the very beginning here that there’s such a complex web of both ignorance bias and deceit woven into medicine and its practice and evaluation from peer pressured competitive education through to the brutal and exhausting residencies that are the perfect breeding ground for the lack of a questioning scientific inquiry and 03:14 acceptance of the status quo in terms of medical practice that it’s no wonder progress has been slow in that the previously rational objective principles which it once stood on has now given way to marketing and designer drugs for ever increasing diagnoses couple this with a biological understanding that’s no longer holistic and it’s a perfect storm advertising and marketing have probably been the most invasive elements of medicine and monopoly profits foster this arrangement superbly over the last 10 years of doing these interviews with Dr Pete time and time again what I thought was grounded in science has been far from it and it’s the reality of buyer beware do your own research question and search and don’t just take your doctor’s word for it they’re under pressure to perform and within the standard medical protocols not thinking outside the box as this is a surefire way to lose your license to practice as malpractice 04:17 so how do we get to this point where it was initially first do no harm and now eatrogenic death or disease is commonplace to the point research is biased it’s funded by powerful interest it’s doing more harm than good and it’s supported by government so before we take a look at some examples in which stunning misconceptions are rapidly repeated as truth amongst the population let me introduce Dr Raymond Pete Dr Pete you there yep okay but thanks so much for joining us again as you have been doing for a long time now um for those people who perhaps have not heard the shows before or even heard you would you give a night outline of your academic and professional background um I was a school teacher in several different subjects first thought college happened to be introduced introductory physics for biology majors was my first college course that I taught 05:18 but along with several other courses including art theory theory and appreciation and introduction to computers and different things but then I mostly was teaching english and humanities related subjects before I went back to get a degree in biology at the University of Oregon 1968 I had already been teaching and studying in different subjects for several years so I did my dissertation on the first I was intending to do it on the brain nervous system to understand how that forms a basis for consciousness but when I saw the world of neurology people of the brain researchers I looked for the other end of the animal and 06:24 found an actually scientific sort of lab over at the other end of the department doing reproductive physiology and so I did my dissertation on that age related processes in the uterus how aging changes the respiratory mechanism and process of the reproductive system and since then I’ve just been continuing to uh work on everything between the brain and the reproductive system related to biology okay I spoke a little bit at the very beginning here to the uh whilst you were going through your education probably on numerous occasions you you’ve come across research papers suggesting something quite the opposite of what was being pushed and or what your um dissertation would have or should have contained perhaps that’s an interesting another point there for example 07:28 I my thesis professor Sodorov asked me how my work was going and I said it was looking like the older animals had more intense respiration in their uterus which would be the same as increased estrogen and he said oh that’s interesting carry on and other professors would have said wait that’s contrary the textbook stop and do something else in fact I had I had watched professors in other departments say oh you have to find something that is going to be consistent with our project here right how how often was that the case perhaps where you’ve come up with some information or uh some some evidence of counter um in in this this department Sodorov 08:30 all in the reproductive physiology he was on the female reproductive physiology side he accepted anything we came up with but even the male reproductive side they were old phogy professors that insisted on not departing from the textbook right yeah that’s I think that’s probably what I was expecting to hear but in terms of uh maintaining their egos and all the quote unquote hard work they did to get where they were um yeah I think the reason for that was reproductive female reproductive physiology was the low low rank on the totem pole sciences interesting well it’s probably a very pivotal point at this point in time okay I wanted to say to you also that you know you’ve repeated this quote quite a few times that a lye spreads around the world faster than truth can get its shoelace or tight shoelaces and when this lye is 09:31 promulgated by big pharma and big avatars in the FDA as well as the government there’s little opposition and it seems so often that the lye is so massive and the deception is so apparently clear when you look in the right direction until it’s challenged people accept it as fact and I know we’ve gone through this again and I hope it I hope it doesn’t bore you and the reason I want to ask about some of these questions is related to your newsletter is that I think I myself I think I’d be the first to raise my hand and say that I think the initial education does such a good job at brainwashing you in a certain direction and everything you read everything you see everything you hear by most people recapitulating these lies that they don’t know any better about is very it makes a very kind of very strong fortress that you have to break through in terms of I know that you’ve practiced this a lot and since I’ve been working with you and Sarah’s been working 10:34 with you I’ve seen definite positive changes in the way that you apply the science of what you’ve been talking about on the radio shows here with progesterone and pregnant alone using thyroid aspirin and the other compounds that you’re talking about as being energy saving not energy wasting and anti-estrogenic and all of these things have just flown in the face of everything that I would have been taught which was current medical model and which has still to this day been taught and which big pharma and advertising continue to push and so at the question of the serotonins and the reuptake inhibitors was something I wanted to visit again and obviously if people were listening great because you’re hearing it right now but obviously the radio shows are archived people have put them up on YouTube they’re on our website although I’ve got a backlog the best part of the year and a half that I need to put up but that people need to hear it time 11:37 and time again because otherwise it’s just swept under the carpet and tomorrow you’ll hear how good SSRIs are or you’ll look at the TV at my mom that we have a TV but people that are watching TV are seeing these adverts for these drugs and oh it’s just normal oh you take an SSRI if you’re depressed and so I wanted to basically get you to go through serotonin and the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors to get an idea this kind of ideology that they’re pushing because the fact is it’s not the way it is and so I think people really need to hear this and this as well as a few other substances that I will cover in the show just want to make it very clear for people what these things are and so they get prescribed them they need to know ahead of time what they’re dealing with so yeah the archives are there and I’ve I’ve often said these shows will stand as a kind of testimony over time to your work and understanding so would you please explain what we’re told about serotonin first I mean how they say oh it’s the happy hormone and how they get away with that 12:41 how we’re told it’s useful and then go through the misconceptions of it being a happy drug and then explain what you know and understand about its activities to make it very clear for people to know what it is they’re dealing with I have looked at that recently on some of the best known medical websites on the internet and they’re still basically saying the same thing no one has looked at the critical information of at least in a very public spot on the internet and when it was when serotonin was identified chemically as something in the body it was seen to contract constrict smooth muscles and first the intestine then blood vessels the uterus and then it was discovered to exist in the brain and in the first several years up into the 13:42 mid and late 60s people were still looking at the actual research and they would look for things that worked with it or and antagonized it and they saw that things like the ergot family lsd and related things were able to block it prevent the actions of constricting muscles in all of the known tissues by blocking serotonin you’re saying yeah blocking the nerves the main nerves that produce serotonin are just turned off by lsd and psilocybin and the best best known psychedelics but as that was being known in the 1960s the government was also coming out and starting to criminalize the psychedelic chemicals which were 14:50 in the news repeatedly as anti-serotonin agents and when the government criminalized these the drug companies were starting to see that they could form the basis of drug products and it was in their interest to say that those evil illegal drugs are anti-serotonin and naturally they make you insane and kill you and so on because the good stuff which makes you sane is serotonin and that created a foundation of public opinion to build the whole myth on the same way the government puts out stories politically and economically and such to to 15:54 create a background of belief in which future events can be backed up so that the government has been creating political myths the chemical companies use the government to support their economic sales myths and protect the companies no doubt yeah to some degree for sure the companies are supposedly defending the healthy scene parts of the organism and the psychedelic people are threatening the sanity of the population and so that implies if you go crazy when you take an anti-serotonin agent then what you need is some products to increase your serotonin so what tell me what you know about the harmful effects of serotonin because obviously these 16:58 things we’ll talk about the SSRI is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors just after but what do you know about serotonin and why you don’t want to be exposed to it why you don’t want it lingering longer yeah the animal research has the advantage that they can take fluids from anywhere in the animal or grind up its brain and extract see what’s actually in there where you can’t grind up a person and if you stress an animal injured in horrible ways suffocate it for example you will increase some of the stress hormones cortisol estrogen serotonin our chronic stress increases serotonin in the brain as well as several other tissues if you make an animal unusually happy comparing an average lab animal 18:11 or one which has been tortured deliberately or one which has been put in a big vacation space with entertaining to do the one that is suffering from all kinds of mistreatment will have high cortisol and lower adrenaline usually high high the cortisol is driven up by the corticotropic release hormone which is activated primarily by serotonin so serotonin in triggering the stress hormones rises itself and so in these miserable animals their serotonin is higher the happiest animals have the lowest serotonin as well as lower acetylcholine and 19:14 generally a little higher adrenaline they’re very alert learned very well and have very low serotonin if you give these exactly the same chemicals that you are giving starting to increasingly young kids if you give SSRIs to adolescent hamsters for example they become vicious and aggressive do we do you understand the mechanism by which this increased serotonin would cause the aggression of what system that would be supporting I don’t think anyone does or all right but aggression is definitely associated with increased serotonin yeah there are lots of situations at different parts of the brain will 20:20 show different amounts but this general the you can suppress the aggression by giving them a hopeless kind of stress okay without the inescapable stress that you’ve mentioned yeah the hopeless helpless stress is serotonin seems to be the crucial thing for putting that into effect and anti serotonin drugs are being they’re starting to be used as antidepressants but what they have been used to cure learned helplessness and so on there you go and there’s that’s that that’s in a nutshell we we just said just in that last sentence that the anti serotonin drugs are being used yeah about 35 or 40 years ago a psychiatrist psychologist C.R. Clahnenscher was defining personality types and relating people to animal 21:26 studies he was proposing that higher serotonin in the process of making people more depressed or anxious or aggressive what the type of personality promoted by that was harm avoidance and no rather than a creative activity the animals figure out different different ways to avoid being hurt right you’re full anxious and so on now isn’t uh isn’t suicide increased as part of the kind of disclaimer literature in ssri yeah they’re looking at the brains of people who commit suicide they have found several different kinds of support for the idea that they were suffering from 22:26 excess serotonin production okay all right you’re listening to ask your doctor k.m. u.d. galva ball 91.1 f.m. from 7 30 to the end of the show at eight o’clock you’re invited to call in any questions the local number here nine two three three nine one one the area code is seven zero seven so that’s seven zero seven nine two three three nine one one uh or you can use an 800 number that’s still in effect is it the 800 number i’m not sure okay all right well the 800 number is 800 k.m. u.d. rad which is one eight hundred five six eight three seven two three but if you just dial seven zero seven uh you’ll get here from anywhere yeah and that way you pay the bill instead of us okay we didn’t quite make our pledge all right there you go oh okay okay um and i wanted to remind our international listeners please do hit the donate now button because i know a bunch of you just tune in and you missed our pledge drive because it was at the wrong spot and i know we have a bunch of regulars so all right thank you for listening good good okay um so 23:27 Dr. P I wanted to mention that 50 years after he and his partner defined the famous experiments for learned helplessness he and his partner revised their theory and and decided that it was in humans too caused by increased serotonin originally they had suggested it might be the loss of serotonin but they have changed their minds now and then again a kind of other misconception that people have that serotonin and melatonin are just happy chemicals and that we need more of it and so why why is it we’re just so brainwashed into into especially when the people who really have defined the context through current discussion have changed their mind okay okay so i wanted to talk a little bit now about um mono a mono amine oxidase 24:32 and again this in conjunction with serotonin uh so it’s it’s as most people have heard of m a o’s and m a o i’s uh the mono amine oxidase and the mono amine oxidase inhibitors uh again this has been completely deranged in terms of what’s actually happening with it um but mono amine oxidase and it does actually break down serotonin that is truthful enough they haven’t that’s not been altered um and we have these medications m a o i’s the mono amine oxidase inhibitors to prevent the breakdown and increase the levels of serotonin available um they’re also marketed um for improving uh the other mono amines like dopamine and norepinephrine um saying that these can increase as low levels are implicated in depression um what do you think about low levels of these mono amines other mono amines like dopamine and norepinephrine in depression 25:33 i mean you’ve already mentioned the animal experiments with the more attentive uh uh hamsters or whatever rodent that was that was uh uh used when when they all come up together if things tend to stay more in balance when you have adrenaline norepinephrine dopamine acetylcholine uh uh all all coming up at the same time okay now wouldn’t uh wouldn’t you suggest that um anti serotonin drugs would be useful uh they are in a way of being used for uh all of the things now known to be promoted by serotonin uh there there are anti serotonin products starting to be studied and recommended uh against cancer arthritis autoimmune diseases depression uh psychosis i wonder how how is it that we go one disease especially 26:36 go on yeah so i wonder how is we go three or four decades under this complete fast and people suffer and or die uh and then four decades later it’s it’s it’s just what you’ve mentioned about a lie getting around the world faster than truth can tie those shoelaces uh because it’s only really been in the last couple of years that there’s been a pushback against polyunsaturates and actually some studies showing how beneficial saturated fats are and i think there’s a historical rule that every stupid medical ideal lasts about 50 years and again i can’t help but thinking it’s the it’s just the brutal egotistical education that doctors go through and that they come out the other side of it thinking that they’ve just they’ve got a handle on it and they’re not going to listen or or read anything else and this is what they’re going to prescribe because science has got it right and the drugs that they’ve got in their hands are indicated for the disease and it’s standard 27:37 medical practice and next okay a local caller got it in five words how does psilocybin fit in okay so dr p you mentioned uh first off the egotemines or the lsd psilocybin uh being used as anti serotonins so i think psilocybin i i think works very similarly to lsd on suppressing the serotonin nerves some of the others there is a little overlap with the amphetamine derivatives and mescaline i don’t know that much about but it doesn’t work exactly those same nerves i i’m pretty sure i read that colorado or one of those states there had legalized psilocybin and other hallucinogens as part of part of parcel a bit like now the 215 was here 28:40 15 20 years ago started as a kind of treatment for various different medical problems that people could get a certificate for so that’s interesting if that’s uh if that comes around because like you said all the initial research into lsd and psilocybin was probably going in a pretty good direction until it was scuppered by the serotonin industry you know they were they were seeing good results in treating alcoholism and depression and a lot of psychiatric things yeah um when do you think serotonin would be useful i mean because i know we produce it ourselves so it’s got to have some uh some activity that you could quote unquote call useful but is there any instances where you think serotonin is useful i think the place that it operates is so at the heart of things that it’s best to let it develop under its own rules for example 29:46 the cryptophane which is turned into serotonin it has a resonant uh aromatic electron system which is very responsive to uh light electromagnetic energy and oxidation reduction and if this is in practically all proteins this amino acid and so those proteins intrinsically have their electronic uniqueness which makes them responsive to the interaction with with other molecules that lets the whole molecule have the possibility of resonantly interacting with its environment so it’s sort of like the nerve center of each protein molecule and the structure of most cells every cell in in some 30:53 condition is built on and uses to move the micro uh trabecular micro architecture of the cell uh framework of filaments and tubes that give the cell self stiffness and movement and uh these are increasingly being thought to be uh electronically or oxid go reductively uh interactive with mobile electrons giving the tube a special uh function in the structure not just stiffness but also electronic interactions across the whole cell simultaneously so again it’s like the nerve system in a protein is triptophane nerve system and the cell is a 31:56 microtubules containing these proteins and serotonin acts on these uh responsive proteins and microtubules and other systems in the cell with a special interaction so serotonin can uh stop the uh polymerization of of the microstructure of a cell can interrupt it so that it can start de-differentiating and getting ready to divide and when something is is uh so basic to the existence of a cell i think it’s the the worst thing you can do to try to intervene by giving appeal to someone yeah it’s like a thing if you have an electric motor trying to pour a tire into it for fuel or or gasoline yeah or giving it lightning to try and 33:01 make it work when all it needs is a 120 volt system yeah all right well listen we do actually have a bunch of quarters lined up so let’s start taking these quarters and see where they go so caller you’re on the air uh watch a question away from i’m from new york can you thank you have me i say that again yeah i lost the first part of that i’m from new york new york okay i welcome to the show what’s your question uh yes um so this is for me uh basically you know i was basically active one cable safety when uh at that point i got a spelling on my ankle and the doctor diagnosed with uh rheumatoid arthritis yeah uh then i when i read more about that in the internet um you know there it looks it looks like hundreds of traditions have this uh you know the account r.a and uh and then they seem to treat everybody pretty much with the steroids so there i mean whether it’s a previous case or a people case uh they it looks like they they have 34:06 the same kind of treatment uh out of mind you know i don’t feel that crazy but but uh you know the doctor that was diagnosed already uh does dr pete have any um any suggestions dr pete did you i’ve got a lot of feedback on my end here and i couldn’t really make out a lot of what he was saying did you catch that i couldn’t i couldn’t either rheumatoid arthritis is what i had heard yeah i heard that but what was uh yeah but was it was he looking for your approach to rheumatoid arthritis caller was that what you wanted oh no no so i’m just saying uh mine seems to me uh the based on the pain and and things like that so let’s see here compared to some other real uh you know r.a symptoms and but still the doctor said that you know the treatment is pretty much same with the steroids and things like that okay so it’s like hundreds of traditions of r.a they say 35:08 you know it’s just so i just uh so how was they able to first of all you know diagnose anything as an r.a and then you know give the same kind of medications that are severe less severe uh simple so this is about the differential diagnosis for rheumatoid or i think that he thinks he has a very mild uh case of the rheumatoid and doesn’t want to do the the really intense intervention so dr pete would it would uh i know you’ve got a different idea uh and uh intuition about rheumatoid not intuition it’s based in science but it’s uh how would you approach rheumatoid arthritis um i’ve seen several people uh seems like every couple of years i run across one uh and their doctors have all told them that they’re incurable and and just stop thinking about it differently they don’t want to uh at first they don’t want to uh hear criticism that doctors 36:15 sometimes are telling them to take estrogen even but always a glucocorticoid is is part of the treatment but uh i think if you find out what’s causing it sometimes you just discovered that the easiest thing is to realize that maybe you didn’t have that diagnosis in the first place that the foods that that you’re eating or supplements you’re taking or especially if you’re taking a serotonin or an estrogen drug those are enough to bring it on so we still believe in the the inflammatory process mediating swollen joints and the presence of rheumatoid factor in the blood you think that’s uh uh definitely a differential uh no it it will go away if you don’t have it 37:17 anymore same with lupus right another person with lupus recently stopped thinking she had lupus and and just started correcting her diet and her taking taking vitamin d and and thyroid i i and if the caller was asking for this i i know that in terms of traditional herbal medicine for the treatment of rheumatoid excretion is definitely a system to be supported and strengthened as is things that support the liver because of the excretion so basic basic things like celery seed and devil’s claw have totally been used as anti-inflammatories i think mainly and then any of the kind of waste clearing products like birdock or yellow dock to aid in either bile production and metabolism as well as to improve a laxative effect 38:18 i think there’s definitely definitely mileage in clearing waste and the anti-inflammatories but just avoiding some of the foods that have been causing intestinal inflammation i think is is the first thing to look look through your diet and see what things might be hard to digest or might be leaving something inflammatory and using a regular fibrous food in the diet sometimes is enough to tremendously reduce inflammation inflammation there you go yeah but because you’re a complete proponent of bowels being the seat of your health and so improving your intestinal health would decrease endotoxin etc okay so let’s take the next call to make sure we get through these two before we carry on with tonight’s discussion call you’re on the air and where you’re from hopefully there’s no feedback hi i’m from the san francisco bay area oh hi what’s your question my dad recently had a health care where he was on vacation at high altitude and he 39:19 experienced shortness of breath excessive coughing blood in his lung and feeling tired in a hospital a doctor at the hospital took his blood work and diagnosed him as having a heart attack and after more blood work like a day later a CT scan and further assessment they said he just had pneumonia and they um said it was not a heart attack but i wish we could have avoided the harmful effects of the CT scan and just got the diagnosis of pneumonia first so my question is how can you diagnose cardiovascular disease in a safe way without resorting to a CT scan or angiogram basically what’s the ideal way to diagnose cardiovascular disease yeah dr p i think the first thing a person notices is that they’re they’re having trouble doing their usual energetic activities there’s something going wrong with their circulatory system and then would you would you be thinking along the lines i mean a typical model would be 40:21 uh stress induced pain exercise induced pain um for angina for sure and in terms of uh functional stable or unstable angina um yeah i find that kind of strange that they uh would put down to um the event as a heart attack that there are certain enzymes that are leaked by cardiac muscle in response to that ischemia that’s the result of heart attacks so what they how reliable do you think those enzymes are as a marker somewhat but i wouldn’t trust them in myself okay the there are a couple types of enzyme one is a particular heart protein right you can trust that but uh just uh stress and exertion uh the same way that you can damage a muscle by uh running uh too too far too fast uphill or such over exertion and so if your energy supply is low 41:34 uh if you’re uh hypoglycemic and uh running on on fat and stored energy exertion uh can damage any muscle including your heart muscle just by extreme over exertion so if it’s just uh somewhat borderline evidence of a heart attack uh you wouldn’t necessarily uh do anything more than take good care of yourself and i know i i want to ask you this question for myself i’m just uh curious as to your response but uh one of the first things that they’ll want to do i imagine uh in another medical doctor but i imagine they’ll want to do a examination of the vasculature of the heart and inject dyes and have you give you an angiogram and uh what do you what do you think about the components of the dye and or any uh risk associated 42:36 with angiograms if you’re not sure that your heart has been slightly injured just because you have a slightly different feeling when you get a chemical injected into your heart and then uh especially if you exercise with that chemical in your heart the chemical itself is going to irritate things and cause some damage so it isn’t an entirely free and safe thing to do but you have to really suspect that there’s something to look for and then what are you going to do if you find it right right because i i mean stents or bypass archery grafting is uh current for for about 30 or 40 years now uh there has been the they call it a magic m a g i k standing for magnesium glucose uh insulin and potassium which they give to uh someone 43:42 if possible at the very beginning of heart attack but at any point it accelerates the healing of heart the glucose lowers both the glucose and the insulin lower the free fatty acids which are a major damaging factor in causing the heart attack and and that will actually be made worse by the die examination but this treatment they give is a simple injection of magnesium potassium uh glucose and insulin yeah insulin interesting the the glucose uh itself helps helps to reduce the stress the insulin helps to lower the fatty acids and let the heart use the glucose and both of those help the cells to take up the potassium and magnesium 44:48 they need to restore their energy and a small amount of of orange juice or sugar with the active t3 hormone has been used the same way the t3 is anabolic like insulin helps the cell to take up both the magnesium and potassium i just wanted to also say from an herbal medicine perspective that in germany uh they have published quite a few papers supporting um hawthorn extract and they said in their papers that if a patient is administered hawthorn extract within 12 hours the myocardium in fact it significantly decreases the ischemic damage and so i think there’s a rational use for anti antioxidant anthocyanins that are contained in the product for heart attack but i just want to make sure people are aware of that there’s actual reality good research from germany okay i think we have two more calls on the line 45:51 let’s take the next call a call away from what’s your question hi there have you got me yes what’s right there i’m from the garberville area thank you very much for the call for the show a while ago you were speaking about serotonin and anti serotonin compounds for the lack of a better word there were have been used in a psychiatric sense and my father battled his entire life as far as i know and had multiple diagnoses and um i remember clearly howl doll and thorazine and i may be just asking inappropriately but word though word was the action of those antipsychotics similar to uh the uh antidepressant action that she was speaking of was there a uh an improper use of these compounds 30 40 years ago thank you very much yeah one one second thorazine and howl doll i remember howl doll as being an antipsychotic i was you know a teenager and was helping him so 46:53 i may not have missed uh remembered the name correctly do you dr pete you uh have much to say about thorazine and or howl doll not heard of howl doll heard of thorazine but um i have the impression that that uh howl doll was a danger to that system but i’m not sure about thorazine i think the main problem with that was that it was given in such large amounts that people lost functioning indeed but it was a supposed antidepressant right that’s uh or antipsychotic antipsychotic i think mostly it just quieted people down uh okay thank you very much yeah you’re welcome okay we have another call so let’s get this next caller caller you are on the air where you’re from what’s your question hi i’m from utah uh andrew hi dr pete 47:55 dr pete uh i was wondering why you choose to live in oregon as opposed to someplace like new mexico with a lot of sun highly elevated possibly cleaner thanks yeah oh definitely not for health but it was the location of the university of oregon library i lived close enough to it that i could walk to the library regularly and uh in in los angeles for example there was no way to get to a big library simply there we go okay patch it okay thank you simple answer i know i know you’ve been asked that before for sure i’ve even thought it myself and asked you okay all right so the number here if you’re in the area or out of the area or anywhere else uh 707-923-3911 uh and then from now until about five to the hour here the next five minutes uh you’re invited to call in with any questions 48:56 related to rum related to this week’s discussion of what we’re told is the truth but actually what the science shows us i was going to actually ask you about um the next thing that is a mistaken belief oh and there goes the light so rather than me let’s get the next question uh caller you’re on the air uh there’s one more coming in okay caller you’re on the air uh where are you from what’s your question uh my question is i’m from arcada okay my question is uh is um maybe a little pep talk on still for still full eating for a diabetics all right you want a pep talk for um okay well dr p i know you’re going to have a very different answer to the medical um the medical elective uh in terms of a diabetic in their diet what would you speak to it well avoiding serotonin 49:57 promoting drugs is one thing because that’s a factor in and creating a diabetes as well as the other things it does uh but uh my experience with diabetes started with my father having a diagnosis of extreme diabetes of the classical kind in which he had lost about 50 pounds of weight wasn’t very big to start with and uh by looking at the old literature medical literature from beginning of the century that they found that uh eating certain foods in this case it was uh primarily brewers yeast but uh he totally cured himself lived about 35 years after that and uh that got me interested and i read that in the 19th century england and france there were 51:04 two doctors who absolutely cured the mortally sick very very profoundly diabetic people by living them at first they thought they were just going to let them die happy by not starving them for sweets but they let them eat as much sugar as they wanted and that happened to be almost a pound of sugar a day and instead of dying over a period of several days the conversion of protein to sugar decreased and finally stopped and they recovered and stopped wasting yeah and what they had done was broken the pattern of stress simply by letting them follow their their appetites and uh that led to uh investigating what actually is the cause of 52:08 diabetes not eating sugar for sure uh sugar the beta cells that make insulin are always regenerating and sugar promotes that regeneration and supports it if you don’t have sugar they can be created as insulin producing cells but then die and it’s the free fatty acids right which are killing the beta cells constantly right because if you don’t have enough sugar you break your muscle tissue down you generate free fatty acids in an attempt to raise glucose so there is animal research that really pretty well explains it but doctors don’t want to listen to that well there’s that there’s a whole medical malpractice thing that they are under because they’re not following standard medical procedure because that’s not uh that’s not not the way forward for them okay well let’s take this next caller because we do have one more caller on the end let’s get this question 53:11 where you from caller what’s your question hi i’m from texas and my question is besides altitude is there any or is there any other characteristic that affects thyroid function so for uh i actually heard population density is associated with serotonin levels like that is it any other characteristic of a location that affects thyroid dr p did you get that i’m not all of it but um living situation how it affects thyroid uh also what was the first thing you said caller so uh i know altitude for your location affects thyroid function is there anything else uh any other characteristic locations like total rainfall or just some other metric that is related to thyroid function yeah is there anything that you know uh that positively stimulates thyroid function that it may be the sunlight or we’ve mentioned altitude or co2 uh in certain geographical locations that would be positively beneficial uh or um improving thyroid function well avoiding 54:18 very long winters is important because of the stress of the long nights but i think altitude is very important because the high oxygen pressure at sea level is constantly creating the stress in itself uh a random tendency to um oxidize fats spontaneously which disappears uh at a higher altitude when you find the right altitude for your particular adaptation uh then you’re able to retain the right amount of carbon dioxide so that oxidative processes run more smoothly without stress okay well listen we’ve actually thank you for that dr p we’ve only got a few minutes here to the top of the hour and the engineer says that there’s an easy question here that was called in so let’s just get this one and it’s five words does acetaminophen 55:19 impact steroid production it definitely impacts the liver but does acetaminophen impact steroid function had nothing that occurs to me right now but through damage to your liver it undoubtedly will undoubtedly yeah okay well thank you very much again dr p for giving your time and i’ll spend the next couple of minutes letting people know how they can reach you and or read about your work okay okay thank you okay so for those people who called in tonight thank you for those people that listened and didn’t call in thank you for listening the shows are archived on kmud’s website so if you go to or the audio archives you can look at friday night talk every third friday of the month from seven to eight p.m is the show that we’re on although they only keep the archives for two months i think on 90 days they used to keep it for a long long time but they only keep it for three months anyway so a lot of the radio shows that we’ve done with dr p over 56:21 the last 10 years are on our website which is www.westernbotanicalmedicine.com on the resources tab in the right top corner drop that down all of the shows that we’ve done up until 2017 at the end of 2017 are there i’ve got 18s and 19s to go up just um haven’t done it at this point in time and there’s a lot of the radio shows have been put on youtube um so there’s a resource out there and dr p who’s the creator of all of the content folks and there’s another moot point here in terms of copyright uh and it being put up on youtube without our permission um the actual information is dr p’s own original work so he has a copyright on that work his website is www.repeat.com and he’s got lots of articles that he’s written over the years so they’re fully referenced extensive scientific articles and his knowledge and wisdom has been poured into them just like these radio shows there for the future generations and for the truth to bear out what 57:26 he’s been saying all this time until the third friday of october uh happy fall

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