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00:00 So you’re listening to ask your doctor on KME de Garbeville 91.1 FM and from 7.30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock you’re invited to call in with any questions either related or unrelated to this month’s subject of energetic interactions of ionizing and non-ionizing radiations. So the number here if you live in the area is 9233911 or if you live outside the area and toll-free number there’s 1-800-568-3723 or 1-800-KMUD-RAD and we can also be reached toll-free on 1-888-WBM or for further questions during normal business hours Monday through Friday. And we’re also once again very pleased to welcome Dr. Ray Pete to the show to share his knowledge on the subject and to offer alternative strategies for maintaining rather good health. So by the term non-ionizing radiation we mean that type of radiation that doesn’t carry enough energy to ionize atoms or molecules that is to remove an electron 01:05 from them. Whereas the ionizing has a sufficiently high energy basically to remove electrons and basically damage DNA etc. So even non-ionizing types are certainly under question. Can you give us some examples of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation? Yeah well the non-ionizing types would be things like radio waves, microwaves, up to up to the infrared and then the ionizing types would be ultraviolet radiation from the Sun for example x-rays and gamma rays and that kind of stuff and they’re the ones that really damage DNA whereas the non-ionizing radiation per se doesn’t damage DNA but definitely has excitatory effects that can be very damaging and a recent article published in Science Daily November 13th 2012 reports that even low level radio activities damaging and even the very lowest levels of radiation are harmful 02:08 to life. So the scientists concluded this at the Cambridge Philosophical Society’s journal The Biological Review and they reported that the results of a wide-ranging analysis of 46 peer reviewed studies published over the past 40 years researchers from the University of South Carolina and the University of Paris South found that variation in low-level natural background radiation was found to have small but highly statistical significant negative effects on DNA as well as several other measures of health so no levels of radiation are safe. I’ve heard plenty of doctors tell me directly that you can withstand a certain amount of radiation and it’s perfectly harmless like a certain number of chest x-rays per year certain number dental x-rays but John Goffman disproved that already and now some more research is coming out saying that no level is safe there’s no threshold at which there’s no negative 03:08 effect beneath. So the levels have continually come down from post-war units to the present date that definitely have come down quite quite significantly but obviously there’s still measurable differences in exposure. Okay so I don’t know if we’ve got Dr. Pete actually on the show at the moment if he’s still being contacted or not let me just see if he is no I guess he doesn’t okay all right well until until we can get Dr. Pete on the line we’ll just continue what we have here although much of what we’ve got is we’ve got no choice okay what’s happening then okay all right so I guess until we have Dr. Pete joining us the the main things we wanted to talk about were the effects of non ionizing radiation and that the recent research showing that no levels are safe and how the radiation interferes with cell processes and the 04:13 excitation that occurs can be mediated in part or the effects can be in part reduced by the substances like pregnalone, progesterone, testosterone in fact also has a similar effect and that other hormones that were definitely associated with inflammation things like estrogen are particularly damaging because they have a very potentiating effect to what would normally be experienced by the organism estrogen itself is actually a significant magnifier of a negative effect so much of the environmental pollution that’s happened over the last 50 years with plastics and the petrochemical industry etc and radiation yeah and of course the radiation testing that’s happened since the 50s all of this has been a major burden to us as organisms and also the other thing I think that we’ll try and bring out later on in the show is that the science of photobiology where science is now looking at light as a very 05:17 significant player in the in the in the role of good health and that I know we brought out in past shows that red light as a significant free radical quenching effect and no Dr. Pete has been a pretty big proponent of red light and there’s been plenty of studies to show that the free radical quenching effects of red light can have very significant effects to prevent cancers etc so I don’t know if you have Dr. Pete on the line yes I was hearing the first part of what you said but you couldn’t hear me okay and then I missed the second part okay we’re very very happy to have you with us Dr. Pete I think as usual there’s always a group of people perhaps who’ve never listened to the show before so I’m sure they would definitely benefit from hearing your academic background in regards to what we’re going to be talking about tonight okay from 1968 to 72 I studied biology reproductive physiology and biochemistry at the University of 06:23 Oregon for PhD but my first teaching job was 1959 1960 and the main course was called physics for biology majors and the main content of that had to do with the interactions of radiant energy with matter and so it covered things like photosynthesis and nuclear fallout, sunburn and so on all the ways in which radiant energy can interact with matter was with a big part of the course and before that I had been following the the government doctrines about the safety of the fallout from atomic bomb tests and just about the same time the government was they found that in the Navy some people were injured or killed 07:33 by working around radars and that got me interested in the effects of microwave radar frequencies they found that if the wavelength was similar to the diameter of the person’s head they could be very quickly killed as their brain overheated and in experiments they found that that same frequency I wouldn’t kill animals with a small brain at the same level of exposure because it was a matter of resonance with the properties and size of the animals head or the organ so that particular organs could be overheated according to the wavelength. So this is the excitation that the non-ionizing form of radiation produces. Yeah and the US government policy was based very largely on the 08:44 work of Herman Schwann who was brought over from Nazi Germany to work for the government explaining the safety of microwaves and radar waves and he knew that the brain could be clipped by over exposure and the technicians sometimes would heat up their hot dogs by putting them in the radar in front of the radar antenna and so he argued that that he wasn’t a biologist at all he was a physicist and he argued that that was the only danger from radar or microwaves was if it heated you up and so he found that to heat up a beaker of saltwater noticeably it required sitting in front of the radar for at least an hour at an 09:46 intensity of around a hundred thousand microwatts per square centimeter and so just to be safe he and the government said that we’ll set the safety limit at 10,000 microwatts per square centimeter but meanwhile or earlier the Soviets had been having technicians get sick working around radar and so they did experiments to find out what the safe level was and they determined that only 10 microwatts should be allowed for technicians and only one microwatt per square centimeter for the general public exposure that’s a big difference from 10,000 from the beaker of water experiment yeah so where were the Russians testing humans and the the Nazi German in America was testing water 10:48 beakers of water yeah and the the government knew about the dangers of microwave radiation just as well as they they knew about the dangers of radioactive fallout but over the decades they they would fire employees who exposed the dangers of microwaves so until just about 20 years ago that same 10,000 microwatts standard was recognized and now it’s down I think about a thousand microwatts okay yeah the that recent November 13th article stating that the even the very lowest levels of radiation were harmful to life what do you what do you have to say about that in terms of the non ionizing sources I think we’ll get into the non ionizing radiation talk a little bit more 11:51 specifically about that and how that can be ameliorated or how we can do things to avoid exposure or lessen the lessen the exposure there are reasons to think based on good evidence that the lower limits of interference with life are produced at much much lower power levels than anything that people are now worried about for example one study found that brain electrical activity could resonate with a field if it was tuned properly with a field with an energy of only one billionth of a micro just an incredible difference and sorry to interrupt but this interaction there may not necessarily be harmful but 12:55 just to say that that even at that level there was an interaction yeah something is happening yeah and in animal experiments they know that they can interfere with the orientation of bees and pigeons homing pigeons okay because to get lost if they put a magnet on them because they’re using electromagnetic fields to guide themselves aren’t they yeah pigeons when the Sun is obscured by clouds they rely on magnetic fields otherwise they use the Sun yeah and salamanders I think are about a hundred times more sensitive to the fields nails there’ve been many studies through the 50s and 60s of the ability of organisms to sense these extremely weak environmental fields and resonances in the 13:56 50s and 60s for example human studies done by the I think was the CIA found that if you field a person from the Earth’s resonant very very small electromagnetic activity the brain waves become disorganized in other words normal alpha rhythms and similar brain oscillations in the 7 to 12 cycle frequencies okay these are getting their cue from the Earth’s resonance of the frequency now when they talk about you talked about beta in sleep there’s a theta wave I think that’s about 12 cycles per second that is associated not sleep theta is thought isn’t it when people are thinking about things and they’re focusing that’s the general well-being and thought-based brain wave 15:02 and then there’s the the beta is the sleep one isn’t it I think that was a seven cycle that you were talking about the if you drive the brain with a signal that is larger than the Earth’s resonant frequency you can cause the brain to adjust its cycling or if you simply put a person in a in a cave isolated from the Earth with a metal shielding around them all of their systems become desynchronized where normally each organ and system coordinates with the others when you interfere with it the whole body loses its coordination so the monthly cycles get out of phase with the daily cycles and those with the more frequent hourly rhythms and so on so the something that 16:07 interferes with our sensing of the Earth’s rhythms can have all of these effects on for example menstruation fertility even mental clarity causing insomnia loss of ability to concentrate and I think the the mental effects are probably already being seen Michael Persinger in a video that’s on the internet called no more secrets he mentions that the abnormal very common rare experiences of extrasensory perception and such are tending to disappear from society people aren’t having those interesting experiences anymore he thinks that’s because of the pollution which is while the brain 17:11 energy the oscillation of our nerve cells and such is just about the same level of energy as the natural oscillations of the Earth’s magnetic field the pollution is thousands or millions of times more intense so even though our brains can tune in and select to a great extent these very weak fields they are the body is being influenced by this junk which is coming in at all kinds of frequencies okay well welcome this month’s ask you a doctor we’re very pleased to have dr. Raymond Pete join us on the show tonight from 7 30 to the end of the show people can either call him with questions related or unrelated to this month’s subject of the energetic interactions with reference to non ionizing as well as ionizing radiation the number here if you live in the areas 9 2 3 3 9 18:13 1 1 over the outside the area the numbers 1 800 km u d rad so dr. Pete getting back to the cycles that you were talking about of obviously as human beings I think everyone I think most thinking people recognize that we are pretty complex creatures and that we’ve very much grown fairly interwoven with the environment in which we live and we are definitely affected to a large degree by our environment and how how we damage it can also have effects straight back at us so you’re mentioning the earth’s natural magnetic field as I did you say it was six six cycles a second there there are various parts of it one important one is 10 or 11 another important one is six or seven okay so am I right in thinking that the power the most power transmission stations are 19:17 also running power at the same kind of frequency you know the standard house current at 60 cycles per second 60 it’s close enough to our common oscillations that it can have a very big effect in Europe it’s 50 cycles per second rather than 60 okay and those are known to affect the rate of cell division the rate of developing blood vessels and so on so if you use them in the right context you can stimulate the growth of a broken bone or the revascularization of an injured tissue but if it’s just happening at random it is known to increase the incidence of cancer for example promoting growth when it shouldn’t and many other kinds of biological disorganization for example Alzheimer’s disease and ALS 20:26 garrick’s disease okay those are very well connected with the circuits lever level of electromagnetic energy that lots of workers are exposed to for example from sewing machines okay the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is three times higher among people who work with machinery like that do you think that’s like industrial sewing machines um well yeah home sewing machines are very similar so this is because of the motor in that you’re talking about electric sewing machines now yeah okay so presumably the motor is generating fields sufficiently strong enough to interact in a negative way yeah and the rhythm is governed by the speed of the motor okay and so you get these rhythms that are on the order of our our own native rhythms from a few per second up to 21:31 maybe a hundred per second good I just wanted to ask you what other common household appliances have there been studies done showing an interaction a negative interaction with the emf and human biology you probably remember the the thing about electric blankets about 10 or 15 years ago housing cancer even electric clocks having one your your head while you sleep is probably a harmful and my electric well my electric you know a little digital clock that I’ve had since I was probably 15 is um reads danger when I put the emf reader to it really yeah and one of the strongest things around the house is the fluorescent tube or fluorescent compact bulb laptops are another danger on the emf reader 22:38 what other things that you’re aware of electric shavers are connected with rain tumor electric shavers what about those sonic toothbrushes I haven’t seen a study of that but hair dryers and electric shavers are definitely okay so it’s all to do with how close it’s getting to your head right yeah so this it this goes this this strengthens the the argument that cell phone use can can lead to some cerebral tumors because of being very close to your head in proximity for both duration and intensity yeah about 40 years ago there was at one of the big electronic companies there there were a few people in a lab working with a essentially a big dynamo sort of thing that had a 23:39 pulsating of magnetic field and within just a few months of each other two of these employees developed and died from an astrocytoma very uncommon kind of brain tumor and brain tumors are the probably the most most common cancer other than leukemia because it that going back to leukemia doctor Pete the incidence is very statistically significance with children born contracting leukemia that are localized around high-tension power lines yeah yeah any kind of a power line is a risk but those very powerful ones I think it’s especially within a hundred meters of the power line that’s very dangerous yeah I remember and also yeah unfortunately I think because of space 24:40 or whatever it is but I remember it’s fairly common in certain urban areas in England to see these electrical pylons carrying high-tension voltage to be in people’s back gardens and also associated people living underneath those high-tension power lines have a higher incidence of multiple sclerosis now there and the radio and television broadcasting towers are major dangers within a half a mile you can get into the the toxic field strength so if somebody lives in the city and they live near a radio or a broadcast or a telephone company what would you recommend they do if it’s like put metal roofing on and grounds yeah I think if I live near a either a power line or a telephone company headquarters I would have a metal roof and probably some metal 25:41 screens connecting between the roof and some of the plumbing that’s well grounded okay all right I think what we’re trying to bring out I think more than anything else with this the show tonight Dr. P and I’m sure I’m sure you agree with it is that information is a valuable resource and that whilst in our society in 2012 it’s the best we can do in terms of using these fields etc for communication or whatever else we’re using it it’s at this point it’s the it’s the best option that we have but I know you’re very interested in light and in terms of communication obviously fiber optics jump out as a means of transmitting data via lights and I wonder that anything can be done to further that to to prevent what we have at the moment is a kind of next best 26:42 thing that we’re dealing with in this technological stage that we’re at with our communications I think as people become more conscious of the seriousness of the question I think the pressure will force the rapid development of fiber optics and at least having other ways to communicate with electricity and electromagnetic I know in major cities etc in Europe and I’m sure it’s probably the same in states but that most major cities have fiber fiber optic backbones running in a ring or in a grid through the city that will be a conduit for data transmission I think we have a caller on the line maybe not we actually last them but somebody else called in to say that the best way to protect yourself 27:44 from the emfs is to take the example of the salmon Creek beaver and cut the poles down all right so getting back to some some research articles surrounding the effects of vmf dr. Pete I know you’ve mentioned Alzheimer’s and I think amyloid was an amyloid deposition a significant factor in am I thinking of something different I think no the microwaves are able to very quickly increase the beta amyloid that’s characteristic of Alzheimer’s right okay the mechanisms at least partly are known as well as the fact that there’s a strong association between exposure and yeah okay it’s not too big a stretch is it I think for most people listening at this point in time to understand that as organisms interacting with our planet what we’ve been exposed to in the last hundred 28:47 years or so is probably never we were never probably meant to I say we probably were never meant to be exposed to it but it’s certainly having a pretty big impact on us and obviously our best interest is to try and work it out and deal with it so in terms of the effects of non-ionizing radiation and the way our brains you said our brains are interacting with our environment with our planet because we’re born of this planet and this planet resonates at certain frequency as beings of light perhaps that’s another way of looking at us the other effects of the other radiation that non-ionizing that we’re exposed to what do you what do you think about the likely potential of health effects of light therapy no no I was gonna ask Dr. Pete what he was he was gonna perhaps talk a little bit about the negative health effects of the electromagnetic radiation oh yeah the very basis for the government policy 29:52 ever since that 1947 to 50 study based on jars of salt water heating up the very basis for the whole policy is the image of the organism as a bag of chemicals in water all the water solution and absolutely never founded a model of what organism is so it’s a horrible fantasy idea which leads all of these corporate and government people to say oh there’s no danger you’re just a bag of chemicals in salt water a reductionist principle yeah and that part of the problem there is that that policy is reinforcing an anti-scientific attitude in the 30:56 universities and in general public understanding of what an organism is then Georgie was one of the early people recognizing that life is an electronic process and Alexander Gervitsch even 20 30 years before cent Georgie was demonstrating that cells communicate through light in the case of his experiments it was in the ultraviolet region but cent Georgie emphasized that resonant electrons can travel through the organism and that that opens up the possibility for for these resonant interactions between other frequencies not just the high-energy Gervitsch rays but the very low energy rays which can 31:59 resonate with groups of electrons that are behaving like an antenna where the reductionist sees our cells as simply groups of atoms each atom being the only thing that can absorb radiant energy the cent Georgie model is that great molecular spans integrate the cellular processes by conductive electrons so we are like an electrical piece of equipment yeah and the in the late 1940s two Romanians were the first ones to show coherent electronic interaction producing microwaves they basically invented the maser or the microwave amplification by stimulating emission of radiation of the microwave 33:05 equivalent of the laser and just this last summer some Englishmen found that they could make a maser that operates at room temperature by coherent interaction of electrons at the microwave frequency so now the the physical non-reductionist approach to matter is established that the masers do exist and can work at room temperature so now we can go back and say cent Georgie’s thinking wasn’t entirely unrealistic he was describing the chemistry or physics of a maser operating in the organism but now we know that it’s actually a thing that can be manufactured and exist at room temperature got it okay we have a 34:09 caller on the line I think oh hello hi you’re on the air yes I have three to the questions I want to ask I hope they can be addressed concisely the first thing um Dr. Pete you just touched very simply on on pardon me um fluorescent light okay you said that fluorescent light tubes were dangerous and did you say that those little squiggly ones that they want to solve to use instead of incandescent light bulbs are those bad for the eyes or the nervous system I think for the for the nervous system especially because they emit in the radio frequency and microwave frequency so those little squiggly fluorescent lights are related to microwaves they do emit yeah that’s kind of very easy because they’re uncomfortable to me I don’t like them and everybody tries to tell me that they’re they’re not as bad as the long 35:12 tube old-fashioned ones and that they diffuse the light and that they’re okay and that they’re better than incandescent because they save energy now if it saves energy fine but if it doesn’t save the first the energy of the person the cost more energy to make and what and the disposing of them is a very energy expensive exactly because of the mercury in them so you think it’s better to stick with incandescent bulbs yeah I think they’re still the best answer at LEDs maybe okay now my other question is um um now I don’t have any computers or anything like that but when I go visit my daughter she’s got all kinds of fast machines and computers and electronic stuff and when the lights go out and she’s got a lot of these in the guest room and when the lights go out these lights all these different colored green and blue and red lights coming from the machines are powerful and penetrating I can’t they’re disturbing to my 36:13 sleep they’re disturbing to my eyes and I end up throwing pieces of cloth over them so to cover the lights I don’t have to see them are those harmful I don’t think the light itself is but there’s probably activity in the computer even when it’s asleep well why is it make such pungent light when it’s off they just have these little LEDs to indicate so led lights themselves are very very powerful no I don’t think the lights are especially harmful okay now my other question is uh about uh microwave ovens uh do you think that microwave microwave ovens are dangerous I know you’re supposed to not be in front of it you push the button and get out of the way but are they dangerous to use and is the food bad for you that you eat the microwave um the um microwave is now pretty well shielded in 1973 the consumers 37:14 union recommended buying no microwave oven because they weren’t properly shielded but now if you don’t stand near them and just use them for a couple minutes they aren’t one of the worst problems okay but what about the food you eat does it uh does it do something to the food to make it less nutritious or bad for you in any way no it’s basically like boiling the food because I thought that it was uh it it stirred up the molecules and heated it up from the inside and that that somehow was destructive to the nutrients that’s not true uh no it’s it’s just like boiling oh it does uh heat damage but nothing much worse and the other reason why the uh fluorescent twirly things and the fluorescent tubes are bad is because they don’t emit a lot of red light which is what incandescents do yeah they have always disturbed my nervous system and made me feel uptight around them and people think I’m crazy well thank you very much for your call 38:17 and I hope we answered your questions okay I think we have another caller on the line so let’s take this next caller you’re on here hi there is that me it is you’re on here okay well you know this subject I I’m appreciating this show uh but I am I’m a very long-term person with electromagnetic hypersensitivity and I’ve studied this for a long long time with some great experts in the field and I respect your opinions very much but you don’t know the half of it folks and as someone who actually is a mind canary I have to say that microwave ovens are not safe that modern microwave ovens emit quite a quite a heck of a lot of stuff uh I have to stand you know like uh six to ten feet away from all microwave ovens not to not to get pressure in my head I found that out in 1990 uh the process of how you cook food in microwave ovens uh it isn’t exactly like boiling because the process that heats it up actually uh does in fact impact 39:23 uh what would you call it the uh the actual um the field of the food the uh the textural quality of the of the electromagnetic bonds in the food uh but worse than that is that there’s so much ignorance out there and there’s so much electromagnetic pollution uh because we we have been kept totally in the dark because of the money just like tobacco and and what I would urge uh first of all there is no level of radiation ionizing or non-ionizing that is safe you know we’ve been you’ve been talking about it I you know it’s true and yet and yet there’s always women walking around with cell phones in their bras I just read an article today about you know the incidents of breast cancer right where you held your cell phone uh you know and they recommend you hold it five eighths of an inch away from your flesh and I’m like oh that’ll slow it down a little bit you know and maybe it will but the fact is that a huge amount of damage has been done over the 40:24 last just in the last 15 years really this explosion of stuff and I’m really worried guys because what I’ve looked at from almost dying from this is that yes you can supplement yourself with seaweed and you can get a hair test and find out what your what your mineral balance is so you can get it back to normal so at least your body has half a chance to to fight off some of this stuff and you can eat as well as you possibly can and as organic as you possibly can but uh three to ten percent of the population like me are just not going to be able to function in civilization really and anyway and the rest of the people don’t know why they feel vaguely sick you know and so you know I am so looking for people with with a solution but I don’t really see any solution except turning it off now I I realize that you may think I’m an extremist here but I’m really not I’m a pragmatist okay and what I see is that very very slowly after a whole bunch of horrible 41:26 damage has been done maybe we’ll really regulate it mildly and then it’ll be so cool that the kids will uh think that they have to have it because it’s it’s banned you know the kids at the community school here in Mendocino used to take three or four wi-fi hubs put them in a circle point them inward turn them on and stand in the middle of it to get an effect like bad speed okay so that’s that’s I’m telling you the truth yeah that’s fine I appreciate your comments problem here and I would like to know do you have any solutions we are going to discuss we are going to discuss some ways to protect yourself from the cms what about the people who aren’t just theoretically involved but the people like me and worse the people who are hiding out in canyons in arizona you know in their campers because they literally would have a heart attack or a stroke or you know die yeah well that’s one yeah okay appreciate you cool but rather than uh rather than going on a uh a crusade which I can understand you feel very uh personally about let’s uh give us a moment to talk about some of the 42:30 things that people can do to help themselves and that’ll be more constructive than uh just damning the science obviously that’s behind to uh promoting it okay so appreciate you cool um okay so dr um I should mention that um in scandinavian countries uh they’re taking the uh ultra sensitivities to uh electromagnetism in a few people uh seriously so that uh they’re protecting schools if if a student reacts to it uh they’re insulating the school or grounding the school to protect individuals who are super sensitive yeah and are they doing that in the same way like we talked before with metal roofs and metal that connects the roof to the ground and the plumbing that’s in the ground metal plumbing yeah and even special paint that has a shielding effect yeah it’s like anything else it’s a fairly new technology but I think 43:31 if you talk about time you know it hasn’t really been around for that long and we are gathering data all the time and the fact that there are negative effects coming out and released in scientific journals is obviously pushing the uh quest for more information forward and and I think I get like I said halfway through the show I think we’re at the uh the best alternative that we have at this point in time and I think that’s hopefully that’s where the human species is going if we’re going to be um smart enough to work this out we just need to keep seeing the evidence that’s uh there and uh open our eyes and start thinking about the alternatives I know money is always a driver of the industry um but I think when also enough evidence is brought to bear that people are getting sick then I think there’s enough political will to change things and that hand in hand with industry will will fuel the the next generation I you talked about I want to quickly say that I um I pulled an article up actually just as we’ve been standing here uh from the 44:33 general borderland research and um there was a little bit of experiments were done with a group of people uh to see whether or not they could perceive the uh the ELF from about seven to ten hertz and there was a definite sub proportion of the uh subjects who could definitely definitely sense the uh the ELF that they were receiving through the uh through the headphones and uh so specific was it that they were took about a quarter of a second for them to react to the on or off switch and there was nothing that they could physically hear or see but their brains were definitely telling them that something was happening at that time so that’s pretty interesting what you said dr p about the schools in sweden and what they’re doing uh to shield the children but we do have another corridor I think on the air so let’s um we have to make it quick because we have to discuss some ways to help protect ourselves okay there we go let’s I’ll also briefly interject that there is a kind of police radar speed radar that I can detect I found out 45:36 about a very interesting way but it is possible and here is our last caller of the evening I assume because perhaps yeah let’s just take the call hi you on there hi um yeah I wanted to make a comment about uh this document I watched recently called the uh light bulb conspiracy and talked about something called the international energy cartel which shows documents like internal memos and stuff how they control like how long household products last like a thousand hours for light bulbs and all this stuff it’s why like back in the day things would last right I wonder if that has anything to do with uh you know renewing the bad energy they can give the things and whatnot but I also get tension headaches from CFLs and uh I say something to everybody I come across that has those in their home especially a lot of them uh it’s crazy because they got I guess tax breaks from the government is like green energy stuff and you know they’re made overseas they’re all toxic there’s no waste disposal set up so all my theory is that we’re the waste disposal because 46:36 you know knock people’s IQ points down and keeps them from resisting and stuff like that against uh I guess we call it new old order um but anyways I don’t think it’s about money is uh one of your other callers talked about I think it’s really about power because powerful people are the ones that control the money um and then basically my my question is about directed energy weapons like they use them against what they call riots which are protests when people are conspiring against the world on that kind of deal and also the work of Nick Begich who talks about the heart project with all the radio antennas they generate resonant frequencies and bounce off the ionosphere I want to know if you know a bit like that or about that and I just wanted to finish the comment it seems like a pretty high level conspiracy against people like worldwide to you know expose them to these fields and uh that’s all I have to say I’ll hang up and listen to your response all right thank you for your call I think I think Dr. Pete what we’d like to do is really talk about what people can do to help themselves and let’s focus the next the last part of this show on positive things I know you’ve um you’ve written articles about uh the hormones uh testosterone and progesterone being 47:43 very proactive and anti-inflammatory and even in uh for EMF and the free radical damage that can happen it’s certainly applicable you know uh their deficiency is involved in all of the degenerative diseases heart disease sudden death from heart stopping alzheimer’s disease they’re deficient and especially relative to the estrogen level and with alzheimer’s have high estrogen low testosterone and the all kinds of injury whether it’s ionizing radiation or electromagnetic waves longer waves and microwaves and so on uh these all lower testosterone and progesterone and they all cause the cells to increase more estrogen and serotonin right um yeah and so it’s it’s not surprising that the the radiation uh non-ionizing causes 48:51 the same diseases that ionizing radiation does because they’re all affecting the same basic physiology lowering our protective hormones and um the um one of the types of of radiation I didn’t mention was what they’re using now in airport scanners of the ones that aren’t x-rays are in the millimeter wavelength and about 20 30 40 years ago the russians were working on the effects of those which are very useful for navigation and and various communication purposes but because they were starting to put them into practice they studied the biological effects and found that that wavelength is is especially important in cell communication 49:56 and and so as with the other frequencies the tsa is telling the public that that’s a completely harmless level of radiation and the um energy level they’re using in airports for those scanners are about uh 10 to 100 times higher than the russian studies showed are involved in cell control and cell communication so if they um when you’re standing in line to go through the security if they tell you it’s not an x-ray machine and it’s like an ultrasound that’s what they told me I just said well no thanks I’d like to be patted down but then they punish you they make you wait a long time and then they’re also very rough and rough when they pat you down they make you seem like a uh a convict patriotic convict if you decide to decline the non x-ray machine okay so what about um things in our home so we can have our computers with the wireless switched off plugged 51:00 into plugs and ethernet cords for our computer internet service we can hold cell phones if we have to talk on them away from our head as far as possible and shout loudly or put it on a stand as far away as possible and shout loudly any other common practical recommendations for the unavoidable emf that we’re exposed to dr b at this point well uh using the simplest older fashion technologies like wires i think is very important rather than the the wi-fi and bluetooth even the bluetooth is is emitting enough to add to the biological confusion well you mentioned even if you put the little earpiece in your ear and it’s connected to a wire to the actual cell phone it would still be bringing some emf extra emf to your brain yeah in fact any metal in the environment is a potential source of re-radiated energy when i was experimenting with making biological 52:10 detectors i hooked up my first detector to my finger and got a radio station coming out of my body showing that i was resonating so strongly to that i couldn’t pick up the the energy i was trying to detect wow okay and foods dr b can you mention some foods that are emf protective um things that are rich in magnesium help to uh stabilize cells because all of the stresses ionizing or non-ionizing radiation uh fatigue and stress cells cause them to take up and hold mag or calcium and uh that displaces magnesium so if you have a magnesium rich diet phosphate for diet and avoid the polyunsaturated fat 53:14 um to lower stress and support the testosterone progesterone thyroid system those foods um offer considerable uh defense caffeine is helpful uh to the extent that it increases progesterone and testosterone and thyroid for example and helps with any kind of radiation resistance so in the herbal world um nettle tea is very rich in minerals and um raspberry leaf tea any kind of green leaves and in the vegetable world you know kale charred collards those are all very very magnesium rich foods phosphate poor foods like you mentioned dr p are going to be um milk and cheese and eggs eggs are eggs have a quite a bit but not again the greens and the greens right they’re phosphate poor the greens are good for you 54:14 aren’t they you see how they told you that when you were a child they don’t have a lot of phosphorus okay well thank you so much for your time dr p let’s have a few minutes uh on the air just to tell people more about you or how they can get a lot of your information so thanks so much for joining us we really appreciate it and uh again it was uh another chance of people listening to get some valuable information so thanks a lot okay thank you good night okay so for those of you who’ve listened to the show um dr raymond p has a website www.raypeat.com lots of published articles that are scientifically referenced so not just hearsay they’ve been delving into this information for the last 40 years or so so either a research endocrinologist with a very big brain and he’s uh he’s got a lot of information in there to share with people so always pleased to have him on the show um okay so for other people that have perhaps have listened to the show um we can be contacted uh monday through friday uh nine to five p.m uh 55:17 the toll free numbers one eight eight eight wbm herb uh we can be reached for consultations via dr p through that number um until december the third week of december december 21st december there we go that’s the winter equinox so we’ve had two equinox on the show this year okay anyway thanks so much for listening i hope people get some valuable information and can benefit from it anyway to those of you who have ears let them hear my name is sarah murray my name is andrew murray good night good night

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