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00:00 Well, welcome to this September 2018’s Ask Your Herb Doctor. I should say straight off the bat here, after the engineer had mentioned the fact that we are not government-supported radio station KMUD Garberville 91.1 FM. Thank goodness we’re not government-supported, so we’re very much a free speech, free enterprise, and funded by you guys, the public. If you like the show, then I would definitely encourage you to visit the website, www.kmed.org, and hit the red donate now button. And we do actually get a tiny bit of money from CPB, a little over $100,000, but they’re constantly threatening to take that away, and that ain’t enough. So they do actually restrict a little of what we can say, but we got freedom like no place else, and God bless it. Yeah, well, amen. And that’s the whole reason that we do this radio show, and so many other people are out of KMUD’s range of artists do their independent shows, 01:02 bringing your independent news, giving you all sides, you know, both perspectives, and not just a steered perspective that you might typically get from any particular radio stations that have their own agendas. So people please do go ahead and donate. I want to say please donate as much as you can. Don’t just be stingy. I appreciate that keeping something alive takes more input than just talking about things, but actually putting some money up there really will help the radio stations stay on the air. I’ve been doing this show for 15 years now, and I’ve seen the pledge drives come and go, and they always do manage to reach the targets. I think at this point in time, though, we are about 15,000 short of the target folks, so 65 is the number right now, and 80 is the hope for. So if you can go ahead, please and donate as much as you can. And let’s just keep moving forward into this 20 coming up 2019. 02:07 So I wanted to carry on from last month’s discussion on critical thinking and cover up. Like I said, we’re an independent program, independent radio station, and lots of times you’ll listen to people in different articles, exposing different things, and for the large part, you’ve probably never heard of it before, and so it’s very important to have free speech, and that’s certainly constitutionally one of the bedrocks of the American Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution enshrining First and Second Amendment rights, etc., to keep everybody free and to enable people to be heard, whether or not they sound like they’re crazy, or they have crazy ideas, or what they’re saying sounds so far out there that you could hardly believe it. But that’s the truth of it. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. So last month we discussed the beginning of critical thinking and how different trials that are done, and we’re talking about medicine here at this point, 03:12 but it does run into several other subjects, but medicine’s the subject that we speak on for our radio show, and lots of clinical trials and lots of searchable publications found on the internet. Anyone can go to PubMed, for example, there’s the National Library databases, and many other portals that will have clinical trials, and the very fact that some of these clinical trials are done by people that have an agenda, so whether or not we want to believe that the drug companies have their own vested interests first and foremost, and that less than stellar results are covered up, I think it’s undeniable. I think it’s just a fact of life that there is something to be sold and sometimes the cost is not too high. So when drugs come out and then they’re pulled after a couple of years after causing heart attacks or raised blood pressure or other serious events, 04:17 that does happen, and we have plenty of evidence behind that, but in the meantime, billions and billions of dollars have been made, and the punitive damages in lawsuits doesn’t really count for much against the billions that are made in profit. So whilst the internet is an excellent source of information, you have to be very measured in your forming opinions about things, and for every good article, you’re going to find some bad articles, and so it does take a modicum of science and definite intelligent pursuit in that subject to be able to filter it out sometimes, because sometimes they’re so well written that it’s difficult to discern the truth from the fabrications. Once again, we’re going to be joined by Dr. Raymond Pete and have his wealth of experience on the matter, and I think without further ado, Dr. Pete, are you with us? Yes. Well, thanks so much for joining us again. As always, if you would, just give an outline of your academic professional background so that people can understand where you come from. 05:22 I was a linguistics teacher for a while before I decided to get a PhD in biology in 1968 and enrolled at University of Oregon in the biology department and worked there for four years on reproductive physiology, largely, and right after that, then, I went back to my interest in linguistics, philosophy, and consciousness, how the brain knows the world and worked on a book on brain physiology. The book title was, I can’t remember right now. I’ll show you in a minute. 06:24 Anyway, it was about brain physiology and reviewing a lot of research. After I finished with that, then, I got involved in doing nutrition counseling. So there has been a lot of interest in neurological, psychological effects of hormones and nutrition. Okay, I think in the very pertinent application on a one-to-one basis in terms of counseling people and seeing people where they are when they first visit you and then taking advice and recommendations and suggestions of how better to change your lifestyle, probably nothing more evidence-based than that, and that leads me on to the evidence-based medicine. I know that is a phrase that’s been around now for some time and I think is touted as a secure rationale for what it is they’re trying to tell you or sell you. 07:39 But as we’ve mentioned before in medicine and in trials, I know it sounds very glib, but I think it’s just the way it is. Big corporate interests have a lot to lose in getting things out of their control and steering medicine is extremely important in terms of the ideology behind it. For evidence-based medicine, it depends entirely on a reliable base of evidence and this is the studies that are done and if the evidence base is tampered with and or paid for, then evidence-based medicine as a science is pretty useless. We have things like financial conflicts of interests and then actually selling the science as a marketing initiative in terms of the outreach, in terms of meeting and capturing an audience and then the ideology behind it. 08:41 I know that you’ve talked many times about the ideology on the ideological drive behind things, whether it’s politics or whether indeed it is science and medicine’s, you know, it’s the revelation of medicine and I know you’ve mentioned in the past here and I know you don’t really have too much stock in it because you’ve provided other evidence to support the contrary thinking, but receptor-based medicine and then there’s a whole cancer targeted gene cancer approach. What do you think about evidence-based medicine in terms of what you’ve found in the many, or at least four decades, that you’ve been looking at what you’ve been told or what we’ve been told and what you’ve certainly found out is contrary to it and why that’s happened? A few hundred years ago when there was an established religion, it determined what people could believe philosophically 09:49 and as science, physics and biology took over from the established religion, they became the established religion in its place and they tell the public, the people in the universities and the established research institutions under the control often of the government, they tell the public what they should believe exactly the way the medieval church used to absolutely require conforming belief that they don’t burn you now for descending from science, but it’s almost… Metaphorically they might. Yeah, they kick you out of universities and any good social position if you really descend. 10:51 The authoritarian aspect of medicine peaked when this idea of evidence-based medicine based on these big multi-million dollar, multi-year studies became at least a nominal standard. Most of what doctors do has nothing to do with that, but it’s a way of enforcing certain practices and kicking out of medicine the doctors who don’t want to conform to those big practices and it has to be either the giant industry or the government working with those industries to fund these huge multi-institutional, multi-year research projects. And many of these major studies, for example in AIDS drugs, the corruption has been documented. 12:02 Some of the institutions participating simply put in funny information to support the sale of the drugs they wanted to sell. And this is the collusion and this is between such things as the government and their ability to silence opposition and the corporations that have financial wherewithal to pull this off? Yeah, in many ways the institutions have controlled the government and the universities and there’s a long tradition of that. At one time the land grant colleges were a way of letting science help farmers and the county extension agents and the Department of Agriculture and such for a time actually put out useful information to the public 13:03 but they were soon taken over by the industries. And now, for example, Oregon State University which was land grant university, the insecticide and herbicide companies and the radiation industry really set the tone for what they’re doing over there. Okay, I wanted to just bring up again, I’ve mentioned this several times in several previous shows that the Hippocratic oath is something that doctors all take on graduation and swear to defend and the first do no harm rule. I wanted to talk about several specific drugs, excuse me, and classes of drugs and just really just to bring it to the listener’s attention that these things are no longer buried, no longer hidden, they are public knowledge, they’ve become public knowledge in the last 10 years, 15 years, maybe 20. 14:09 But yet they’re still very much part of the medical dispensary and millions and millions of people are still using these and again I think the mind is a very difficult thing to re-educate actually with a lot of people. I think we go through school, most of us go through school and or college and university and we study different subjects and we, I don’t want to say this, I sound too much like a fatalist but the force fed information or the information that we are taught and we are reading is steered by certain interests and this is what we come to understand as the way it is and it was very much the same with me when I was studying herbal medicine in a degree that I did there in England. All of the microbiology was standard medical microbiology, the pathology again, standard pathology, tissue pathology and medicine per se was standard medicine and the drugs that we were taught about 15:11 and the class of mode of action, et cetera, et cetera, it was all based on standard medical science and so getting good information and finding the truth out about certain things takes a bit of work and it’s actually a level of undoing the brainwashing because when I first got speaking to you almost ten years ago, some of the things that you were saying at the time shocked me I couldn’t actually believe I was hearing it and it sounded so extraordinary that I had to listen to it because it was so extraordinary but I was a little skeptical to begin with because it sounded so different and I think that’s the very thing that people have to understand, they have to unlearn what it is that they’ve been processed with in terms of schooling and education because of the way that it’s driven and so looking at drugs in particular, I just wanted to cover a few of those drugs with you and I know you’ve got a wealth of experience behind understanding both the drugs mode of action 16:13 and you have a very different opinion about the cause, if you like, of the disease for which that drug may be prescribed and actually have a good understanding of the drugs action itself and a very good way of refuting its existence or its prescription and so I guess let’s just start by saying KMUD Galvavel 91.1 FM from 7.30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock people are invited to call in with questions either related or unrelated to this month’s second part comment commentary on cover-up and collusion and critical thinking and Dr Raymond P is our guest and from 7.30 until the end of the show people are invited to call in with questions either related or unrelated to the show’s topic and the number here is in the area 707-923-3911 and just to remind people that we are in the last hour of the pledge drive that’s been running 17:14 and we need more money and so please donate, go to the website www.kmud.org and hit the donate button and please donate as much as you can, I know we’re about 15,000 short of the target at the moment so let’s just close that gap and then engineer, Mike I think you wanted to say something or were you just Well we have a thank you but it’s an anonymous thank you, I was just waving the money to show you so you’d get a little little voice He’s got some greenbacks, well I know who it is, we love you even more because I know who you are Okay so 707-923-3911 to phone in for pledging and also for people who want to ask questions and we do get people from all over we’ve had people out of the states regularly so people go ahead please and do donate whatever you can if we can make this collection around the world I’m sure we can get this 15,000 done So Dr. P I wanted just to open up the repeated example of SSRIs and these commonly prescribed antidepressants 18:23 and the fact that they increase quite clearly in terms of their side effects and their label warnings the risk of suicide, violence and homicide at all ages and in 2007 the FDA admitted that SSRIs can cause madness at all ages and that the drugs were very dangerous otherwise daily monitoring wouldn’t be needed for them Now I looked earlier on and I was drawn to an article actually it was written in 1960 and it was a study done on Cyproheptidine and how beneficial Cyproheptidine was and it’s actually an anti serotonin agent so I find it so strange that here we are in 2018 and have been for the last decade at least been prescribed SSRIs which are the very drugs that would block the uptake of serotonin making it more available when actually Cyproheptidine is an anti serotonin agent and the 1960s article which was so positively in favour of blocking serotonin 19:30 how it gave the positive benefits of it, how the SSRIs could even stand against that What’s your view of SSRIs and how they are working and why and if they are prescribed? They talk about different generations of the antidepressants and the first generation was the amino oxidase inhibitors that increased your adrenaline along with the dopamine and serotonin and that first generation the patents expired and they wanted to sell new products they had to find reasons for getting people to stop those which often worked very well and to move on to a new product and after the first two generations patents had expired they had to come up with something really new and there were various reasons for switching serotonin from a problem 20:51 for example the carcinoid tumor that produces lots of serotonin usually in the intestine sometimes in the lungs that produced insanity, depression, mania and lots of mental symptoms that in the 50s people knew as soon as they knew about serotonin they knew it was a dangerous substance but when following the MAO, monoamino oxidase inhibitors which worked they needed to come up with something to build on that and they said well it must have been the serotonin increase produced by the first generation and so we’ve got a new way to increase the serotonin and actually a study of one of these SSRIs so-called they were going to try to treat vicious dogs by increasing their serotonin supposedly 22:02 which was the serenity and peacefulness and bliss transmitter but they found that the aggressive vicious dogs actually had high serotonin and when they gave it the SSRI its serotonin went down as it became a pleasant dog so something which has been sold to millions of people to increase their serotonin it actually sometimes does have good effects but they’re most likely by lowering serotonin because it was touted originally as a treatment for depression but you mentioned serotonin a lot of times as an inflammatory molecule and you always advocate blocking exposure to it yeah it’s known to cause blood clotting spasms of coronary arteries other arteries of inflammation 23:04 the lightest horrible thing is that it’s a major factor in osteoporosis just the excess serotonin produced by an inflamed intestine that creates osteoporosis but that’s one of the side effects of drugs that increase it again when I was looking at material with which to substantiate the claims here as it were against these well-loved drugs a 1975 article it was actually a Polish Journal of Pharmacological Pharmacological Pharmacy had an article here that read anti-serotonin agents parentheses Ciproheptidine in the treatment of migraine connects the gut to the formation of migraine in this article and you’ve long mentioned serotonin in the gut as an inflammatory mediator and that the gut related to migraines and headache and spasm is well established 24:08 but that I think these days most people don’t even really associate their gut and their bowel movement with their with their headache or with their mental processes that’s been a major project of the medical industry in the 19th century and earlier the intestine was a central part of medical understanding of the body right at the core of how the body works but then with the beginning of organized so-called scientific medicine there was a campaign to wean doctors away from the use of laxatives and enemas claiming that’s too primitive and they thought doctors that they were dangerous addictive all kinds of ways to incriminate and just move doctors into more mechanical treatments but in fact right if you start up in the middle 19th century to the more recent endotoxin studies starting 20 or 30 years ago 25:24 you see that they were on the right track in the 19th century and now it’s turning out that endotoxin serotonin histamine are major things in everything that goes wrong in the organism it’s interesting you mentioned that about cascara and I just wanted to mention that to substantiate that cascara and cassia both the anthroquinone containing herbs that are laxative have laxative properties improve bowel movement, relieve constipation and by doing so benefit the person using it because endotoxin formation from constipation has such negative sequelae that there’s almost a campaign against manufacturers that produce these products because they’ve gotten such a bad press and they are casting such a bad light. Well that’s actually an FDA conspiracy. 26:27 Right well that’s the very people you’ve hit the nail on the head. I won’t get any further than that but that was very much two of the plants that were in question. They’ve gone through a series of natural substances killing the general access to them as far as possible and assigning all rights to one company which then increases the price third fold and basically making it impossible to use the cheap natural herbal form. It’s not conspiracy at all it’s actually the truth folks but like I said truth is always strange in fiction. Let me put you on pause there for a minute Dr Pete because we have two people here lined up here to ask questions so let’s take this first call a call away from and watch your question. I’m from New York New York State and my question it’s actually a follow question from previous show I had a skin rash and a couple things Dr Pete mentioned was one the dry CO2 but the assault baths to which I’ve been doing it’s gotten a lot better but there’s two things I added that I just wanted to get your commentary on one probiotics. 27:40 I’ve been doing decay in the carrots and I just don’t know that that does enough to build the right bacteria given that theoretically even if no bacteria is ideal I don’t think it’s practical and I think from reading one of your papers Meshnikov about Meshnikov said inflammation is an exaggeration of the aging process or maybe those are your words and that he consumed fermented food and believed the proper bacteria was the key to longevity so in light of that I mean I think the probiotics actually has been helpful to me it took about 15 strains and maybe you haven’t had the maybe there hasn’t been enough science done on it but it seems to me that it’s a positive so that’s one and the second thing I added was thymus gland and adrenal gland and hypothalamus desiccated low heat grass fed animals and I think that’s helped too because I think you mentioned the first thing that happens if you have a cortisol spike on a regular this is you know your thymus gland goes first then your muscles go and if you’re older over 50 it you know that to me seems like you never know whether your thymus gland is gone but I figured why not take that so those I’ve added those two things another thing topically the third one is vitamin E from a capsule 28:59 let’s go and COQ 10 squeezed out of a capsule onto the skin area sort of around it don’t really think those are good ideas or whether you’d have anything else to try to clear the thing up completely okay well let’s let’s get around to those three questions thanks for your asking the questions so Dr. Pete probiotics first let’s get your take on probiotics and then move through the glandulas and the vitamin E CoQ 10 and we do have three more callers queued up here so let’s get started with this getting the ideal intestinal flora would be extremely important it’s very hard to do though and so it takes a lot of trial and error, yogurt works for lots of people but sometimes it takes other bacteria my experience is that the antibiotic substances produced by a bacillus subtilis and the kind of formus like a kind of formus I think is or like a like a formus I guess but anyway the bacteria that produce antibiotic substances are very helpful and the bacteria phage or virus that kills specific bacteria 30:15 including some of them kill E coli and some of the others that can be toxic so are these bacteria phages are available are they? yeah a few of them are available in a life extension foundation for example but there are other companies making a bigger variety of them now available but most of the work for the last 70 years has been in eastern Europe and it’s just now catching on in the US ok and then what about glandulas? they are at least good nutrition and some of them do have some active agents like adrenal cortex contains a fair amount of pregnenolone ok I know you’re a good supporter of pregnenolone and then I know you do support vitamin E’s use and what do you have to say about vitamin E and CoQ10 as a cutaneous treatment? I’m very good that they’re poorly absorbed and you do absorb this very helpful 31:20 ok alright well there’s that one let’s take the next caller call away from and what’s your question? I’ve got a comment and a question you were saying something about migraine headaches and pertaining to the gut so was there a suggestion there to keep the valves like enemas and that sort of thing would help with migraine headaches? yeah definitely the whole endotoxin issue surrounding poor gut motility is responsible for inflammation and that inflammation is picked up in intestine and that actually causes a reflex action for migraine, triggering migraines in terms of vasoconstriction Dr. Pete let me just clarify your understanding of migraines in relation to serotonin and endotoxin when your blood sugar is low your intestine is very touchy and has exaggerated reflexes so that stretching it or bulging it with gas or with constipation 32:27 or chemical inflammation from the endotoxin and other chemicals produced by the bacteria any of those irritations is exaggerated when your blood sugar is low and a good diet making sure your thyroid function is good to stabilize your blood sugar can greatly reduce the incidence of migraines because your intestine loses that hypersensitivity when your blood sugar is good ok and then caller did you have a question specifically for? I have a comment regarding you guys were saying we’re talking about psychotropic drugs or antidepressants and violence and my comment to you is I was at a radio program years about two or three years ago they listed 75 people that did mass murders and they listed the drugs that they are on or it just come off of or it just started there’s the psychotropic drugs antidepressants and mass shootings whether it be knives, legend or whatever they named all the people and the drugs that they are on 33:42 and the alphabet channel news channels briefly said something about it but then probably pushed it under the carpet mainly because of the pharmaceutical companies probably put pressure on people I’m guessing I don’t even know but there is obviously a correlation with antidepressants and violence is what you guys are saying like I mentioned the FDA is making a statement about it’s a public statement in 2007 that’s interesting that they said it and my point is they’re blaming the gun but it’s not the gun it’s the person behind the gun exactly ok thank you ok you’re welcome ok so we do have one more call on there hang on hang on a second I just wanted to say that we’re on the air live and this is ask your doctor so if you want to call KMED Garberville our number here is 707-923-3911 and Dr Pete is our long term guest and so either question is surrounding or even unrelated to this month’s show 34:47 go ahead and call and please do donate it’s a very independent radio station there really aren’t too many like this especially across the states in the days when I was a teenager there was a radio station called Radio Caroline and they were in the English Channel and they were a very independent radio station they were just floating out there on their boat and they had a big transmitter and these kind of people you know what you’ve got to give them space and free speech is very important let’s not quash it let’s keep it alive because there’s always more than one side to an argument and sometimes hearing that other side might just save your life so that’s the reason for having Dr Pete on the show and running the monthly shows that we do so please visit the website KMED.org and donate some money now we’re still about 15,000 short and the show closes at 8 o’clock and that’s when the pledge drive closes so please do donate some money keep us going so Dr Pete we do have another caller on the line so let me just get the engineer back in 35:48 hi you there good where are you from caller and what’s your question I’m from London Ontario Canada okay and I’ve been a listener for a little while and I’ve heard you to talk about various government agencies such as the CIA, FBI and some other ones and I’ve also seen some interesting threads on the repeat form and I was wondering who you feel or what group is at the top of the pyramid of world power interesting well Dr Pete do you want to say anything to that do you have any kind of opinion who might be on top of us it’s just a generalized mania for control yeah generally people with poor judgment and bad information are in control well there you go let’s leave it at that and in terms of not wanting to name names but I think the whole thing is such an embroiled soup of just deceit and dishonesty and poor judgment like you say 36:57 and it’s unfortunate it’s a mixture of greed and money and power and it’s always been sold that it’s going to be the problem that we live with and so you know there’s no surprise it’s ever since Adam and Eve okay but the bells ring in and the lights flashing so alright thanks okay now you’re welcome thanks for calling in okay so we have another caller caller you’re on the air where are you from what’s your question okay that caller is out there somewhere in the engineer okay please call back yeah go ahead and call back okay so just to wrap up the whole SSRI thing which had a lot of press and massive amounts of sales and lots of people being prescribed it the very fact that serotonin is an inflammatory molecule involved with dysbiosis and poor bowel function etc etc responsible for things like migraine headaches 37:59 amongst many other things the fact that they produce an SSRI is kind of madness right there what you have to do is look at serotonin look at the negative effects of serotonin and get over the fact that they’re painting it in this blissful peaceful hormone type light because that’s not the way serotonin is but that’s just misinformation again you see so have to be very careful where you get your information from and see who’s selling it because you sometimes find there’s a very biased approach that they’re taking so moving on from SSRIs let’s just talk about some other compounds which I think will force fed and advertised and are big money makers but unfortunately they’re around for a long time before they become discontinued or withdrawn from the market because of their side effects I think some of these things that I think about are going to be, I know we’ve mentioned the estrogens and the Xeno estrogens that are in the environment that have been linked to cancers and other inflammatory degenerative processes 39:07 but what would you quickly say because I know we’ve got other things to cover here what would you quickly say about estrogens? that they synergize with radiation and stress that estrogen is sort of an ultimate stress related hormone like histamine and serotonin and they have their place in tissue renewal but that should be limited to a few hours following any trauma or tissue injury and you’ve always said that really estrogen’s main function I think is from an inflammatory point of view for implantation during and the same thing when any tissue is injured it helps to activate the cell renewal process but if that continues then the cell renewal turns into a tumor right and there’s lots of estrogen dependent or estrogen promoted tumors 40:11 I want to just quickly say because we do have another couple of callers here I looked at an advert if you like for a product called Dell Estrogen this was a prescribing information as of November 2017 and I was quite pleased and shocked to see that it said in pretty big bold capital letters estrogens increase the risk of endometrial cancer it wasn’t just that there was a big list of other issues associated with it but yet they are advertising this product and quite blatantly telling you that it is actually a fairly big promoter of endometrial cancer and the publications in the medical journals over the years have claimed that estrogen is good for more than 200 different disease conditions all of which were proved false it’s almost like tell the biggest lie and you have the greatest chance of getting away from it or rather be the most blatant and people I think unfortunately are just in a state at this point in time where they just don’t really want to hear too much more 41:18 because it’s just too shocking and so when they freely tell you that these things cause cancer or they cause you know heart attack or stroke or increased risk of death I think unfortunately most people are not really serious enough about being critically thinking about it anyway let’s get the next caller, caller you’re on the airway from and watch your question from Long Island and my question is the B vitamins, most B vitamins when you take them separately they’re not in the right ratio and they’re all synthetic I was thinking that like you mentioned Brewer’s yeast in the past that nutritional yeast which I think has less estrogen has to be vitamins in sort of a natural ratio in relationship plus selenium in bioavailable form and being in the proper proportion it would be you know may not be as large a dosage but it seems like it would be a much better way to go for the body to absorb them and help with digestion and all other aspects when in the right form 42:21 I would say this right off the bat, Dr. Peake is not, he really is not a very big advocate for vitamins per se and he’s much more based on his food but if you have to take any kind of vitamins Dr. Peake knowing what you know about their manufacturing process etc what would you have to say about vitamins that we think might be okay for you and or what do you have to say about nutritional yeast? Nutritional yeast does have a good range of B vitamins, the drawbacks besides the small amount of estrogen is indigestible charge and high phosphate content so if you use it for a supplement using it for several days is okay but you don’t want to use it as a major part of your diet because of that high phosphate content unless you take measures to balance it with calcium and then what about good, are there any good vitamins out there actually are good? 43:23 I stopped using oral vitamins in the 1970s because I had some extreme allergic reactions to vitamin B2 and folic acid which being yellow colored absorbers of even visible light causing chemical reactions to happen and that means that before you get them into your mouth they’re likely to have been exposed to oxygen and radiation that has activated free radical processes making a pretty bad risk for allergy Okay well I think we have three people kind of cute One of the questions about vitamins, you mentioned magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate but if they’re less bioavailable wouldn’t your body treat them as toxins too if they’re not as bioavailable? In fact the magnesium supplements very often cause migraines and asthma symptoms because of some, probably some contaminant in them 44:35 but in your stomach the stomach acid generally will turn much of the supplement such as magnesium carbonate into magnesium chloride which is instantly absorbed Okay thanks Oh by the way, are you blood type B? What was that? Is your blood type blood type B? I don’t know my blood type Alright thanks for your question Let’s get this next call, a call away from and what’s your question? Hi I’m from Northern California, I’m 77 and I’m a sustaining member of K-MUD and I love it and I listen to it almost exclusively and your show sounds great I’ve had some high thyroid issues and been taking my own whatever you call it, every day, twice a day and it goes between 170 and 144 and then it goes down to 113 and I was wondering what you think of, what your approach is to high blood pressure 45:40 Do you, how do you feel about, for instance, Lysinopril, is that how you pronounce it? That’s how you pronounce it but I haven’t taken it yet but I’ve been, I have a bottle of it here and I’m wondering whether I should do it or not So don’t be high blood pressure and specifically the person is asking about Lysinopril but Big doses of vitamin K often cure it in just a week or two but getting enough calcium in your diet, especially in relation to phosphate calcium and vitamin D are extremely important and then if you can’t do it with good nutrition then of all the medical approaches that I know of the angiotensin blockers and the ACE inhibitors are the safest medical approaches that I know of 46:44 And how much vitamin K, thank you, would you recommend? I know people who have lowered their chronically extremely high blood pressure over 200, over 100 lowered their pressure within a week or two down to the normal range by taking 30 to 50 milligrams a day and then stopping 30 to 50 milligrams of vitamin K? And that’s a vitamin pill, you’re saying? No, it’s generally a liquid but I know you can get a pool. Oh, it’s a liquid, okay. The liquid form is what I use but there are obviously tabulated versions of it but Thorne Research does a good one milligram per drop actually now I think there’s actually 10 milligram per drop but they do a liquid vitamin K2 which is the supplement that I would recommend most people go find. And you take it on an empty stomach? Yeah, it doesn’t really matter, it’s only a drop or two drops or whatever but even if you’re taking more than that 20 or 30 drops 47:48 it wouldn’t be a problem regardless. Can you eat vitamin K in something? Also? Well, it’s generated by your gut but your gut flora generally produce vitamin K. Oh, I see. And then you said calcium also and D? Calcium and vitamin D, they’re both… Oh, vitamin D. Yeah, they’re intimately related. D3? Yeah. And how much of that would you suggest? Well, you want about 4,000 to 6,000, 8,000 IU. It’s very different from person to person if you get your blood drawn and I think the reference range is above 30 nanograms per milliliter or nanograms per deciliter. Somewhere in the range of 50 is probably better. I think the upper limit is 70 or 75 and I find people that take 2 or 4,000 a day sometimes they have very low vitamin D labs and some people… Oh, really? And some people that can take 8 or 10 or 12 they still have normal vitamin D so it’s quite important to get your vitamin D tested. It’s not an expensive lab but it would give you a good idea of where it is and then you can get retested in a month or two months and see where you are. 48:55 So take the K and the calcium and the D3 and I also take the thyroid medicine. I had my thyroid removed. Okay. The right kind of thyroid supplement often lowers the blood pressure. You want to keep your TSH fairly low at the low end of the normal range because TSH itself is responsible for increasing blood pressure. Okay, terrific. Thank you very much. You’re welcome. I’m looking at this medicine and I’m just nervous about getting involved with Cinnopril. Try natural alternatives first and see how they work for you. That’s my advice. And then hopefully your supporting Kmud financially. I am. Good. I’m a sustaining member. Excellent. I didn’t really want to put you on the spot and you didn’t have to answer. No, no. I believe in this station. It’s great. Awesome. Listen to it all the time. Thank you so much. 49:56 You’re welcome. Thank you for your call. Okay, the lights are flashing. I know there’s several people here. Oh, okay. He says, no, even though the lights were flashing, I don’t know what happened there. Okay. I think people are just giving money. Okay, good. There’s people calling in. Got it. Okay. So we’ve got eight minutes to go. I wanted just to quickly, I know we’re not going to get through what I had prepared here and perhaps we can just carry on with it next month. But I like it when the calls come in thick and fast. I know Dr. Peatfield is the same way about it. But he’s obviously very able to give plenty of information without really having to answer questions. But I know he kind of enjoys it. So I just wanted to mention a couple of things related to SSRIs and articles that are, you know, 2018. So published this year. And this is things like bleeding induced by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, a case report and review of literature. It’s a 2018 article. Another one here in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, gastrointestinal bleeding risk of SSRI by level of kidney function. 50:57 So people with decreased kidney function have definitely increased risk of bleeding. And anyway, there’s hundreds, hundreds and thousands of articles, you know. So don’t just accept what your doctor tells you as being something that’s safe for you. Question it. You know, it’s your right. It’s your right to question what it is you’re being told. Just like it’s your right to question what I’m telling you. I don’t expect you to go away and just believe everything I say. Go and find it out yourself, you know. That reminds me. And just last week I’ve heard from two people that when their doctor prescribed a certain drug, immediately they started feeling terrible. It felt like it was killing them. And I said, well, why don’t you stop it? And they both have said, my appointment isn’t for two or three weeks yet. And I can’t stop it until the doctor takes me off it. Oh my gosh. I mean, the doctor, unfortunately, is elevated to such a supernatural position. You know, it’s so bizarre. It’s so bizarre. I don’t know if there’s anything else. 51:58 I guess priests are probably the only other class of people that people would listen to without questioning so much. But anyway. All right. So the lights are flashing. I guess people are calling in. So hopefully people are calling in and they’re donating. The number is 707-923-3911. And we need another probably, I don’t know how many thousand. Let’s say it was 15 when I came on. Hopefully it’s less than that now. Please do donate. Visit the website kmed.org. Push the red donate button and please donate some money. I also wanted to mention an article, Dr. Pete, that I looked at just amongst other articles supporting Ciproheptidine back in the 60s. And the main reason for Ciproheptidine was because it was an anti-serotonin agent. And yet here we are in 2018. And you’ve kind of constantly said in the past on radio shows that there’s lots of material from the 30s, 40s and 50s which has just gotten buried. Because the advent of modern quote unquote medicine and the corporate interests that are driving it and steering the ideology behind it have buried it. 53:05 One study found that a small dose of Ciproheptidine was effective against lymphoma. Yeah. Anyway. Okay. I know it’s 5-2. I don’t think we’re going to get time for any more callers. But I wanted to hopefully next month question you some more about some of these things that I think people unfortunately just take for granted as being things that we should take. Things like the lipid lowering drugs. I know we’ve mentioned statins in the past. And there’s plenty of very respectable people campaigning against them. And then the ADD and ADHD drugs. Which are basically the amphetamines. And then all the other cardiovascular drugs that people are taking. I mean that last caller there who was being prescribed lysineopryl. I’m not saying she shouldn’t take it. But I’m saying that there’s plenty that you can do that’s alternative to it. So don’t just jump into the first drugs you’ve prescribed. And then other things, Alzheimer’s drugs. I wanted to ask you some more about your belief in some of the other things that you’ve researched over these last four or five decades. 54:11 Well thanks so much for your time Dr. Pete. And I’ll point people to your website. Okay. Okay. So Dr. Pete can be reached www.repeat.com. And fully referenced articles. Many different subjects. And like I said, fully referenced. And he’s been spending a long time. Probably 40 years here doing what he’s doing. And he’s very, very purposeful. And he’s very altruistic. And he’s not doing it for money folks. So please take a look at his work. And for all those people that are listening at this point in time. And who have donated and have pledged. Thank you. And for those people who are thinking about it. Please get off the fence and push that button. However much it is you decide. It’s all going to add up towards enabling this radio station survival. And continuance into 2019. We’re probably never going to stop raising money. That’s just the nature of being independent. So don’t be surprised. And sometimes you just have to be careful about the people that you do support. 55:13 Maybe it’s time for you to not support other things. And start supporting Kmart in terms of what it is you hear from them. So until October of this year. I’ll say good night. And we can be reached www.westernbotanicalmedicine.com. Doing normal business hours. And thank you for listening until October. When the clocks roll back. I’ll see you then. Enjoy the beautiful fall.

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