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00:00 Well, welcome to this month’s Ask Your Herb Doctor. My name’s Andrew Murray. My name’s Sarah Johansson Murray. For those of you who perhaps have never listened to the show, which runs every third Friday of the month from 7 to 8 p.m., we’re both licensed medical herbalists who trained in England and graduated there with a degree in herbal medicine. We run a clinic in Garberville where we consult with clients about a wide range of conditions and recommend all herb supplements, nutritional counseling, etc. So you’re listening to Ask Your Herb Doctor on KMUD Garberville 91.1 FM and from 7.30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock. You’re invited to call in with any questions either related or unrelated to this month’s subject of exploring alternatives. If you’re listening and you want to call in after 7.30 or even before, the number here if you live in the area is 923-3911 or if you live outside the area the toll-free number is 1-800-KMUD-RAD which is 1-800-568-3723 and we’ll give those numbers that during the show. Okay, so once again just want to introduce people 01:06 to our main guest speaker, Dr. Raymond Pete. Are you there Dr. Pete? Yes. Okay, thanks so much for joining us again. As always and as hopefully the new listeners to the show, I know there’s lots of other people who listen to the shows repeatedly and or who listen to the podcast but for those people who perhaps have never heard your voice or read any of your work, would you just outline your academic and professional background for those people so that they can get a good sense of who you are? I got a master’s degree in general studies with working literature and philosophy and other things from the University of Oregon. Then about eight years later I went back to specialize in biology, especially physiology of aging and reproduction for a PhD in 1972. Okay, 02:06 all right, well let’s start the show then. So in your recent newsletter which was entitled Comments on Cancer Therapy, you coined the phrase, I think it may be it was you had not heard it before, but you coined the phrase trust, trustanoia in response to your definition of paranoia, that being the belief that powerful forces are trying to harm you. In the form of trustanoia is the irrational belief that those in power are working for your benefit. So in trustanoia then a carefully sculpted directive and narrative has been foisted on us in the form of powerful entities often protected from prosecution, as in the case of vaccine makers for example, who tell us they have the answer and only they can help us. So just like the governments generally do with the usual results being inefficiency and waste. But the medical industry in particularly their failed war on cancer along with all the other wars has yielded few results at the cost of countless suffering and death. And you outlined a chronology culminating in the infamous Carnegie and Rockefeller 03:09 foundations which a lot of people listening perhaps the alternative populations have certainly heard about especially with the Rockefellers and their central banking. So this was at the beginning of the 20th century then this was pivotal in the establishment of these powerful institutions of the forced religion of the mechanistic biology as opposed to holistic and relevant research which you constantly bring out, which has only just emerged in publications and theories from eminent scientists of whom you’ve previously mentioned from Gilbert Ling to Gerald Pollack and the others and the other scientists like May Wan Ho and the others that Brad and Jeremy have been busy interviewing in their coming expose on the back of a tiger which we were waiting for. Can you discuss the shift in perception that’s occurring away from a dogma which has been upheld for so long? Yeah, first I want to mention that the word trust annoy was I think coined by Laura Nader anthropologist but the shift of perception, I think it’s only 04:23 partial. In biology there’s a lot of good science that’s picking up or continuing from the ideas that were suppressed around the Second World War when those institutions including the medical establishment which fused itself with state power and the foundations. The science that was being developed by the government for warfare was shifted over to take advantage of these mechanical mechanistic ideas that medicine had developed. So the government and the medical establishment really began powerfully working together right after the Second World War with a lot of money of 05:25 flowing from the government to medical research which was sometimes you couldn’t distinguish it from a biological warfare research. Some of the same people went right from one field to the other. For example Carlton Guidasek who got the Nobel Prize for slow virus research. He was working in biological warfare and I’ve outlined some of my suspicions about how he came to invent that idea of the slow virus. I suspect it was a cover-up for the effects of radiation on the brain and other organisms rather than this hypothetical virus that Guidasek invented. But the dogma has essentially 06:28 denied all of the traditional ideas of biology and the nature of life to impose the idea that things are predefined from Gregor Mendel in the 19th century. The idea of the gene was gradually used to deny that plant breeders and animal breeders were really changing the plants if they seemed to be producing big animals from little animals or big plums from little plums. The most radical changes they were producing rather than being adaptive to the environment. The textbooks at the time I was in graduate 07:31 school said well these were genes that really existed previously. Now we’ve just for the first time in science we have simply revealed that there were genes for these traits which the plant and animal developer seemed to be producing. So it seems that there were these secret genes that explained everything. It really was a sort of a magic actor or metaphysics that they made up the story that went along to explain things that really could more easily be explained by the idea that the organism is highly adaptive and the gene idea allowed people to work, create changes in the DNA so that they 08:34 could now produce engineered organisms after 100 years of denying that there really was any adaptation. They said now that we’re in control of the genes we’ll make organisms the way we want them but they were claiming that it was purely in the genes and that they could control it so there was no danger of things being unpredictable or going wrong. People like Barbara McClintock who in the 1940s and 50s she was demonstrating that organisms can change their own genes to adapt to situations. So the idea of being determined by their genes was exactly turned on its head by her and other people who showed that the organisms change their own genes in an organized 09:36 way. So what do you think is going to happen with genetically modified organisms? Do you think they’re going to start changing the genes that have been put in them? When you realize how ignorant the molecular biologists and molecular geneticists have been you have to worry that things could be much much worse than anyone so far as suspected. James Watson of Watson and Crick who invented the structure to explain the double helix of DNA. He’s now 88 years old and just a couple of weeks ago he was quoted in the New York Times saying if he was starting over to understand cancer he would not study molecular biology he would study biochemistry. He said he never thought 10:40 he would have to learn the Krebs cycle. He said now just a couple months ago I had decided it would be necessary but the arrogance of these geneticists meant that they simply didn’t have to know anything at all about biology. Purely reductionist thinking. So getting on to the kind of change in perception I think you made an interesting point when I read your newsletter that science essentially was becoming a private matter and that was in reference to the procuring of difficult substances to get like radioactive isotopes for doing research. Now governments in this situation would be entirely responsible for distributing radioactive substances to companies obviously would be under their control. They would largely be able to I would think predict the 11:40 outcomes which they wanted to find in terms of having complete control over this material. It’s not like you can just get radioactive isotopes from anywhere and do your own research and find information contrary to what it is they might want to tell you about the supposed safety perhaps of some of these things but that was pretty interesting and then the talking about the application of various medical approaches being very closely controlled by a fairly large overseeing industry which we will have mentioned the medicine industry as being exactly that an extremely lucrative profitable and to be very much protected from any assaults and this is where you also made reference to in the early in the early stages of the formation of doctors and the industry the doctors themselves wanted government to protect them from other practice practitioners and you mentioned the heroic I thought it was 12:42 very funny but it’s very true the heroic medicine that was practiced by these early doctors included using mercury bleeding vomiting diuresis and uresis and all sorts of purgative mechanisms by which some at some if not quite a large proportion of patients died and then of course turned to alternatives because the doctors were being so blatant about what they’re doing and overtly killing people that the you know the whether it was I don’t know the local folk medicine or midwives or other people that had various skills in different areas and were definitely used before that this was then being seen as the the the alternative that they had to pursue because otherwise this heroic medicine was just going to kill more people than not so recently anthropologists were able to identify the places where the Lewis and Clark expedition had camped by finding so much mercury in soil oh my 13:49 goodness oh my goodness okay all right so just in terms of the protectionist I mean we would almost call it a racket I mean I’m sure it is a racket I think that’s probably the best term for it actually this protectionist approach to medicine and how a lot of the a lot of the research is very hard to either replicate because the products that they’re being used are issued under very tightly controlled circumstances or whether in fact the results of some of these outcomes are really not laid out accurately and that’s why we find post stock or PhD research being done to show the opposite is true for a lot of the things that we’re being told by the quote unquote authority on medicine that this is the way it is and that for example as we’ve mentioned many times and you’ve bought this out in the very early days that you know sugar is essential for you it’s not bad for you the same goes for salt the same goes 14:52 for saturated fat and all these lies that they would have us believe when actually there is evidence which is done by very credible scientists and PhD researchers so the fact that the authority out there is this a quote unquote authority doesn’t mean to say that you have to believe it and this I found it very funny I’d never heard the trust annoy a quote before so that made me made me chuckle quite a bit because the opposite generally in questioning society is paranoid that they’re doing something that’s not good for us I know here especially on the west coast of California you know we look up at the skies and we look at the chemtrails and we see them spreading out and we just like that is not normal you know we read about and hear about fluoride in the water and we’re very skeptical and want that pulled out of the water is no reason for it at all to be in there and the research shows that it’s very damaging there’s many other instances where the supposed authority and the government that most people definitely shouldn’t look at as being the final 15:54 saying anything has total control over this so it’s very it’s always very good to be skeptical and not just accept what they’re saying as a truth but really do your own research and that’s that’s why we love having you on the show Dr. Pete because you’ve done a lot of this research and you’ve brought out so many things that have illuminated a lot of seemingly obvious facts to people when they’ve read the research so you go there’s there’s one group that I’ve read many of their papers that were published over a period of about 50 years and back in the 50s and 60s Otto Warburg had completely ignored the gene mutation theory of cancer and was showing that it was definable and understandable in terms of a simple metabolic imbalance and starting in the 1960s the Pentagon started financing people who worked on projects to debunk 17:02 and disprove supposedly or at least defame Otto Warburg and one of these groups is still publishing right as recently as last year I read some papers saying that Otto Warburg was wrong because we etc and their reasoning isn’t right they’re misinterpreting what Barbara said but it’s so important that the Pentagon has consistently financed people to to push a doctrine such as disproving supposedly ideas that would have invalidated the whole war on cancer and as if our tax dollars should be supporting the Pentagon to do such work now correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it the FBI that I heard this the other week and I’m like mmm that sounds like I say pretty plausible I 18:03 remember watching a Mel Gibson movie a long time ago Conspiracy Theorist it was called now wasn’t and I heard also that the FBI were the were the organization that coined the term conspiracy theorist just to give people the one-word phrase that would debunk any person who was coming out with some fairly uncontroversial and surprising news about something that was supposedly accepted as fact and that it was just regularly used as a kind of method of invalidating anybody who had any sense of a truth that was looking in the opposite direction so the word conspiracy theorist on its own right was coined by a kind of government agents to turn this on its head when they have hundreds of billions of dollars to spend on their conspiracy it becomes so pervasive you can hardly say it’s a conspiracy it’s an alternate reality 19:06 that they’re constructing all right well you’re listening to ask your herb doctor on KMUD Galvable 91.1 FM also on the web but KMUD.org if you’re in the area there’s a 923 number 9233911 if you’re outside the areas 1800 KMUD Rad which is 1-800-568-3723 from 730 to the end of the show callers are very welcome to call in with any questions about this month’s subject of exploring the alternatives we’re very pleased to have Dr. Raymond Pete with 40 years or thereabouts of postdoc research coming our way with lots of facts and figures about the relevance of what we read and hear and we think is true but he actually has a very different viewpoint in which to see that and Dr. Pete I time and time again even though I’ve spoken to you quite a lot and we have had you on the radio show a lot I still have to remind myself that your 20:07 perspective is very much a biology based perspective and I think to remember what you said earlier in the radio show I think that’s a point that a lot of people forget is that biology has really been superseded isn’t it and squashed if you’d like by the tax dollar corporate model of genetics and the war on cancer. Yeah the medical establishment has had its own reasons for following their theory of cancer but it has been reinforced by the government’s biological warfare perspective so they’ve blended them together to say that everything is determined by the DNA and you don’t have to learn anything about biology or about the chemistry of life itself. Let me get you to hold that thought a moment because I think we have one or two callers have already been calling in so let’s see if we could take this first 21:11 call away from and watch the question. Collar you’re on the air. I can’t hear the caller you’re better not sure what’s going on so bear with me for a minute. Collar you’re on the air. Nope. Ask the doctor if he could talk about any alternatives for emphysema you know as opposed you know something other than the pills that they give and the respirators that they give and I will take my answer on the air. Okay Dr. Pete did you hear that because I didn’t catch the first part about emphysema. I’ve had a couple of very interesting experiences with people who had apparent emphysema that was the diagnosis extremely inefficient lungs. One person was purple in the face and his memory was affected he was getting so little 22:16 oxygen to his brain. The other person was a woman in her 30s who had been in that way for about 15 years and in the woman’s case it started when she had multiple estrogen injections and she was about 20 and that got me reading about the history of experimental emphysema and they found that they could produce it reduce the ability of the lungs to absorb oxygen by 90%!i(MISSING)n just an hour after an injection of an excess amount of estrogen and in the case of the man I suspected that it was a combination of too much unsaturated fat in this diet increasing his estrogen actions and decreasing his thyroid function so I 23:20 gave him some progesterone and pregnant alone and I think a little thyroid and in two weeks the next time I saw him that was in Toluca altitude well over 8,000 feet and his office was upstairs in a building without an elevator and two weeks after he was sitting puffing and purple and he took me around the city took me up to his office and just zooming up the ramps of 80 82 or 3 years old at that time and fully functional lungs as quickly as two weeks. The young woman tried different things but she noticed that she felt better when a doctor prescribed farmer thyroid and she kept talking him into giving her 24:27 bigger doses got him up to five grains and she was feeling pretty recovered but she went to another doctor and got another five grains from him and with the third doctor each prescribing five grains as what they considered a maximum dose she recovered completely over a period of two or three months. With 15 grains of thyroid a day. Yeah but if you don’t activate the thyroxin in arm or thyroid which is three-quarters of the active from cereal you’re only getting a fourth of it so in effect she was only getting about four grains of activity. Right. So you’re looking at emphysema and this in both of these cases then is really is an energy depletion and or factors that are contributing to inflammation and calcium influx being pushed back by thyroid hormone. Yeah there were animal studies 20 30 40 years ago in which progesterone resolved 25:33 their emphysema and pregnenolone and progesterone both allow cells to handle water properly so that they don’t swell up and they retain normal elasticity. Got it. We do have another caller on the air so let’s take this next caller and see where we’re going. Caller you’re on the air what’s your question? I had a question. What do you think of using the anti-adrenaline drug quantidine to reduce adrenaline at night? I’ve read of some people’s experience with using 100 microgram dose and it’s working quite well so yeah. What was the name of that? Quantidine. Quantidine. Quantidine. G-u. Quantidine. Quantidine. Not the adrenaline drug? Quantidine maybe Cl-O-M. Cl-O-M? Yeah that’s a blood pressure lowering drug too. 26:33 Sometimes yeah low thyroid person sometimes compensates by producing gigantic amounts of adrenaline just to keep running. And it helps to maintain their body temperature at normal and keeps their heart rate up. And they can seem even hyperthyroid sometimes when they have very little T3 production or very high reverse T3 blocking it. And when these people have their daily adrenaline measured in their urine, some of them are making 30 or 40 times more than the normal amount just to compensate for hypothyroidism. And those people, they often feel a great reduction of anxiety and tension, pressure 27:37 and so on. But since the adrenaline is compensating in many ways keeping their blood sugar up, it’s important to be very cautious when you oppose the adrenaline because it can sometimes give you asthma or low blood sugar. Because if it swings the other way, you’re talking about it kind of crashes, yeah. Do you think it could be used safely at a dose such as 100 micrograms? Does that sound like a reasonable dose, do you know? I’ve never experimented with it myself, I don’t know what the right dose would be. Okay, I’ve also read that it actually lowers cortisol as well. So do you think that would be in a direct fashion or indirectly as perhaps a result of it lowering the adrenaline as the adrenaline in chronic excess is also highly stressful when your organism can definitely keep the cortisol high? 28:39 Yeah, the cortisol generally follows a period of excess adrenaline. So if you take your adrenaline down, it might let you lower your cortisol unless you lower your glucose too much and that can increase your cortisol. Yeah, salt and sugar are great ways to lower adrenaline. I recommend that to people who are performing and they’re anxious before they perform, tell them to stir in a little salt in a glass of orange juice. Works great. Okay, well thanks for your call. Okay, thank you. Okay, so it’s a 7.30 here, you’re listening to ask your abdoctor, K.M.D. Garbapool, 91.1 FM. The calling number for this area here is 923-3911. If you live outside the area or you’re on the web, 1-800-KMUD-RAD, which is 1-800-568-3723 29:40 for your calls and Dr. Rape is our guest. Okay, so Dr. Pete, I guess moving on, I wanted to ask you a little bit about epigenetics then. So you’ve mentioned the study of epigenetics, which is currently getting quite a lot of attention as providing clues to many different pathologies stemming from environmental origin or ingested pollution, both atmospheric and dietary. Now we fully understand the world we live in now as far more toxic than the world the Native American Indians, for example, lived in with cancers and diabetes almost unknown then, but which now a common place. It’s important now then ever to make sure you’re eating organically raised food, drinking organic milk and juices that you mentioned are used a lot, as well as clean filtered water. And the same goes for the water you bathe in with added fluoride causing known cancers. From a holistic perspective, there exists a very real mind-body connection between 30:43 your thoughts and your health that we’ve mentioned in previous shows and the convincing benefits of meditation or stilling the mind, being healing. What do you see as the mechanisms by which this acts in terms of meditation, because I know you have a biological perspective and like you’re telling me there’s another caller there. Oh, okay. Let’s hold that thought for a second if you can retain what I’ve asked you, but let’s take this next caller. Caller, you’re on the air. Where are you from? Yeah, I’m from the Laytonville area. Okay. What’s your question? I was wondering, I read an article recently and it was about the duality of taste buds. Of taste buds? Yeah. Okay. I think you pronounce it rhino sinusus, doctor. Rhinocite? No. Rhino sinusus? Rhino sinusitis. Rhino sinusitis? Yeah, that might be it. People who like are constantly sick and have like a cold or flu like syndrome. 31:44 Got it. You have a running nose and… Yeah, and they were claiming that the bitter taste buds are the body’s first line of defense and the cilia acts as like a filter for bacteria and then in the nose it releases a nitric oxide and does all this great stuff and tells the body that something that could hurt it’s entering the system. Okay. And I was wondering if you guys thought that maybe like smoking or being in like the fires we’ve had recently could coat these cilia or the taste buds and give you the symptoms kind of like rhino sinusitis. Rhino sinusitis. Okay. Well, I’ve got my thoughts. Well, Dr. Pete, what’s your thought on whether or not the atmospheric pollution from forest fires that the call has mentioned might contribute to this situation, rhino sinusitis? 32:44 And also smoking too. And smoking. Yeah. Things are not only contacting the membranes locally in your nose and mouth, but when you breathe them you swallow them because they dissolve in the saliva. And in the last few years people have been observing the same sort of taste buds existing in the intestine so that your intestine can detect the chemistry of what’s present even though you aren’t consciously maybe tasting it, but the nerves are still doing their chemical analysis. And so one of the things that endrologists have been noticing for 100 years is that the inflammation of the nose and throat very often starts in the intestine. 33:50 If you have a chemical irritant or a stretching from gas or constipation or a viral or bacterial infection there can be no toxin or germ present in your nose, but the nose will get inflamed and start running. And then later after the inflammation is under way then it can pick up germs. But there is a very close integration between the respiratory system and the intestine. So things that you’ve eaten will affect the rhinitis and that’s something that people often neglect. They’ll take vitamin pills thinking that it’ll help their immunity or their allergies. But I’ve seen dozens of people who recovered from their chronic runny nose when they stopped 34:51 taking their vitamin and mineral supplements. Is there anything you would recommend to take? Or food to eat? Yeah avoiding irritating foods, green salads, uncooked vegetables and many seeds and nuts are always irritating and some people can have a runny nose from just having a salad once a week that sets up a chronic irritation in their intestine. Alright thank you very much that was very informative thank you. You’re very welcome. Don’t forget that people listening you can always listen to this podcast on the web at www.kmud.org go to the audio archives and just select Friday Night Live and it’s the third Friday of every month. Okay I think we have two or three callers so let’s get going with these next callers. Next call away from and watch the question. 35:52 Hi I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area. Okay hey welcome to the show. What’s your question? Dr. Pete I was on a low carb diet for two years and ate a lot of artificial sweeteners during that time. I have two questions. The first one is what negative effects have artificial sweeteners had on my body and the second one is how can I undo or is it even possible to undo those negative effects? The artificial sweeteners sometimes activate insulin and cause weight gain just by acting on your hormones even without increasing your food intake but they have different toxicities. Some of them are excitotoxins if you eat large quantities of them but usually if you just stop using them and eat a proper non-irritating diet things will correct themselves just nutritionally. 37:02 Oh wow that’s great thank you very much. You had a second question? He answered it. Okay alright I thought it was two. Okay fine. Thank you for your call. Well thanks for your call. Okay we have one other caller on the air so let’s take this next caller away from and watch the question. I’m from Yuccaipa Southern California. Okay what’s your question? I wanted to find out if Dr. Pete knows anything about alternatives for seizure medication. Okay I’m sure. In fact I know. Yes Dr. Pete, seizure medication or in fact your rational approach to treating epilepsy or other seizures? Since we were just talking about the intestine that’s something that should always be taken into account. Make sure that you’re not disturbing your system by eating green smoothies or too many 38:05 nuts and raw foods and such because irritation in the digestive system will increase the things that promote seizures or lower the threshold for them and the brain is one of our biggest steroid forming organs produces considerable amounts of DHEA, progesterone, prognanolone and metabolites of those and those have a quieting effect and when the brain is under stress those increase to compensate for the excitatory effects. And there are some foods that specifically excite and damage the nerves and tend to predispose 39:07 you to seizures. Amino acids for example including glutamic acid, aspartic acid, cysteine and tryptophanes are the worst amino acids for lowering the threshold. Supplements of progesterone have been used to reduce the sensitivity to various factors. The threshold to excitation and seizure increases in proportion to the amount of prognanolone, progesterone and several of the metabolites of these. I had a client that had epilepsy and she was able to wean herself off all of her medication and resume driving and lives a very normal life now and she sticks to a very strict diet that 40:12 doesn’t have any kind of food that the bacteria can live on in her intestine. She takes prognanolone and progesterone and she has a thyroid prescription and she also takes anti-adrenaline herbs like fallarian and skull cap and passion flower. And she had grand malceses, didn’t she? Yes. My daughter, she’s 35, she’s had them since she was five and we tried the progesterone, she was taking about one to two bottles every three days but she was able to reduce her medication by 75 percent but she just couldn’t keep that up because you know you can’t keep taking that much. Dr. P, what do you think about the dose of progesterone a year called as talked about? Well the lady that I worked with, she was taking an eighth of a teaspoon of progeste three times a day. Has she had her thyroid hormones including reverse T3 measured? 41:15 No. Those can, when someone is resistant to progesterone and needs extremely large amounts of it to feel right, it’s usually because their liver is letting estrogen and the excitatory things accumulate and so it takes a super normal amount of progesterone to steady things and if you eat the things that your liver needs, not too much of some proteins which contain the excitatory cysteine and so on but for example gelatin or glycine as an additive, shifting the balance away from the excitatory proteins towards more sugar or in juice for example 42:17 and making sure that your thyroid is letting your liver use the proteins efficiently to store sugar and eliminate the excitatory estrogen and other things. I think I had another question. My hands within the last six months my hands have started to shake and whenever I write with a pen I have jerky moments, you know, tricky movements and I’m not smooth anymore when I just relax my hand it doesn’t shake but How quickly or slowly did it come on? It’s gradual. Over what period of time? Six months ago. Oh six months ago. Okay and so Dr. P in terms of hand writing changes in hand writing, well actually let me ask you first this, is it, do you have a fine tremor or a coarse tremor? Do you notice if you put your 43:18 hands out in front of you whether you visibly see any shaking or your hands by your side? Yeah it’s a very fine tremor. Very fine so okay and had you noticed this tremor before you noticed your hand writing change or was your hand writing the clue? I was holding a book in my hand and I noticed it that way. Yeah okay Dr. P in terms of excitation or muscular excitation contraction and tremors what do you think about when you think about that physiologically? Vitamins and minerals are the first things I think of. I’ve known people who had what they thought was Parkinson’s disease and all they needed was in one case vitamin B12 did it immediately, other people magnesium supplements have a sudden steadying effect, anti-tremor, sometimes more calcium and vitamin D will do it. 44:20 All of these are antagonizing the excitotoxicity and that affect the anti-inflammatories. Yeah and pregnenolone is always protective whenever you’re under stress you tend to use your steadying, quieting steroids faster and sometimes just a supplement of pregnenolone can quiet things. Okay did you take most of that down? Yeah I’m going to actually listen to the broadcast afterwards but I have one other question alpha lipoic acid my daughter wanted me to ask about that. Dr. P what do you think of the sulfur containing lipoic acid? It I think it’s one of the safer things experimentally at least. Do you know what it does? 45:22 In small amounts I think it’s safe to experiment with it. And what would it be used for though? It is supposed to keep your glucose metabolism efficient. Biotin and lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10 and various B vitamins work together. I’m sure there’s some component of energy production in it too because I noticed that in fitness fitness and bodybuilding that seems to be one of the many components that they advocate for you know a supplement stack if you want to call it that. I have one other question if you don’t mind. I don’t mind too but we do have two more callers after you so go ahead. Real quick um Dr. P you said that when you have higher T3 it can lower T4. 46:24 If you well if you’re under stress your reverse T3 goes up under the influence of cortisol and if you lower cortisol your reverse T3 just naturally goes down. But everything that helps to lower cortisol will help to free up the normal production without reverse T3 and things that can help include sugar and aspirin and B vitamins and minerals. Thank you very much. All right thank you for your calls. Okay so we have two more callers so let’s take this next caller. Caller where are you from and what’s your question? I’m from Eureka and my question is can cannabis assist with epilepsy or do you know anyone 47:25 who has used cannabis with epilepsy and what’s your overall view on cannabis? Well I would automatically be a little bit skeptical about cannabis for epilepsy due to its estrogenic compounds but I’ll let Dr. P comment more on that. Um yeah some people think it it soothes the symptoms but again I think it’s going to be cautious especially if it’s if it’s used in any crude form that might have other plant components in it that could be irritating. Okay thank you. All right thanks for your call. Let’s take we’ve got two more here still so let’s take the next caller. Caller your question and where are you from? My name is Robert I’m from Trinidad and I’m interested I like stevia a lot as this is the only sweet man I’m using right now and I’ve heard a little bit about 48:28 maybe just like some of the other more artificial sweeteners and I’m wondering if it has the same issue. Dr. P what do you think of stevia as opposed to some of the other artificial sweeteners in terms of its safety or its allergenicity? Oh I’ve never heard of serious allergic reactions to it seems to be fairly harmless. And caller what was the main reason that you were using a sweetener like stevia rather than sugar? I had candida so I’m not wanting to eat it but maybe stevia is an issue with candida. Oh she said she has candida. Oh well candida thrives when you’re lacking some of the membrane surface antibodies and those depend on many things but especially thyroid and progesterone. 49:33 So if your low thyroid you will both have a problem regulating your blood glucose and your immune system will tend to favor things like candida overgrowth but other bacteria too can produce similar symptoms and so the if you starve candida thoroughly by cutting off all of its sugar supply it needs glucose and so it can put out filaments and actually become invasive when you’re not feeding it sugar and if you do feed if you do have candida in your intestine and you keep it well fed on glucose it’s not going to invade and become deadly but the worst it does then is to maybe make too much ethyl alcohol but it can be eradicated 50:36 pretty easily just with a little very small amount of flowers of sulfur just 200 milligrams or so two or three days in a row will typically clean up the intestine from candida and other harmful fungus and bacteria. And that’s available at pharmacies over the counter also called sublime sulfur. It’s called what sulfur? Either flowers of sulfur that’s easier to remember or sublime sulfur. And sometimes precipitated sulfur. It doesn’t work if it’s ground from crystals. So you’re saying don’t do a candida diet because I’m doing one with sun carbs in it like basically I’m having sweet potatoes. Coconut flowers cannot get ketosis but I think you’re saying don’t even 51:37 bother with that. Yeah I think the main rationale for the approach to treating your candida is that if you actually starve yourself of glucose you’re probably going to put yourself at a disadvantage because you will by necessity of starving candida from glucose you’ll cause it to invade tissues more thoroughly to seek out sources of carbohydrate or other glucose stores and actually you really want to just keep a normal diet don’t avoid and restrict sugar intake but then if you use something as simple as flowers of sulfur and I think Dr. Pete said 200 milligrams a day for two to three days works pretty effectively for that. Which is just like a pinch a large pinch. Yeah and things such as carrot salad, shredded carrots with a little olive oil and vinegar and salt. The oil suppresses candida multiplication and the carrot has antifungal substances naturally because it grows in the ground and has to avoid being. 52:44 It resists digestion. Yeah I’m eating a lot of carrots. I’m eating all of those things. Did you say vinegar too? Well yeah and it has to be raw carrot. Otherwise it will be a food source for bacteria. Okay we do have another caller so thanks for your call let’s take this next caller. Caller you’re on the air where are you from? How do you do? How do you do? Okay what’s your call caller? What’s your question sorry? Yeah I’d like to know what is the safe hormone for a person that’s transitioning to a trans-femio? Well progesterone is a feminizing if it’s in large amounts it antagonizes the effects of testosterone. In France there were studies 40 years ago in which women with whiskers 53:45 moustache and sideburns at chest hair applied progesterone topically and in two or three months I think it was they feminized their facial hair and when a man takes just a moderate amount of progesterone orally it stops the whiskers growing or flows it greatly and those French studies showed that it would reverse the differentiated masculine type bristly hair and it’s safe for men or women unlike the estrogen that they use to produce breasts. What would be the dose under testosterone? It’s an individual matter the quality of your thyroid function and your diet and liver and so 54:49 on affect your response to it. It’s important to make sure that your thyroid is good the low thyroid person can increase the risk of cancer if they use anything estrogenic. So what tests should be done? What tests? Yeah to return to dosage. If you’re wanting to reverse hair growth you can use it topically and just watch for the effects. And systemically? Oh it’s safe at several milligrams per day I’ve experimented with it and saw that I didn’t have to shave for a day if I took around 10 milligrams. 55:52 All right well listen let’s keep it there let’s call that question answered it is just coming up to three minutes to the top of the hour we’re done at eight o’clock so thank you callers that I’ve listened in now like I said earlier on anybody caught part of the show or wants to listen to it again KMUD has an audio archive that allows you just to go to the website www.kmud.org and then go to audio archives Friday night live and select the calendar third Friday of the month from the list and those are the shows that are recorded from seven to late p.m. Thank you so much for your time Dr. Pete let me let people know how to get a hold of you and find out more about you. Thank you Dr. Pete good night. Okay so for those folks who’ve just listened to Dr. Pete for the first time or those people that follow him closely I know he’s got a pretty big fan club going in a big old Facebook page that he’s even completely unaware of but if people want to go to his website it’s www.repeat.com.ru 56:54 It’s lots of fully reference articles available on his website and he’s extremely well versed in his subject so I encourage you to take full note of what he says and read what he has he’s not selling anything and he’s not seeking to gain political control or anything like that so he is aware of we have told him about these fan club pages that people put up about it but he’s not associated with any of them. He’s not at all social media relevant anyway so thanks to those people that have called in tonight as always it’s a pleasure to receive calls and I know Dr. Pete gets pretty stimulated by people calling about different subjects even if it’s off topic so until the third Friday of next month wish you good night. Good night thank you for listening.

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