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00:00 Okay, so Dr. Pete, thanks so much for joining us again. I think as always for people here perhaps have never listened to you or never heard you or this is the first time. Would you just outline your academic and professional background and then we’ll start with the show. I was a biology teacher before I studied biology professionally actually about 10 years before and during those years before I went to graduate school in biology I had taught English and other subjects but I had done a lot of experimenting in for example bioelectric subjects and that relates to the the topic of biological fields that had been a long time interest of mine. Good, okay well I guess I kind of want to pick out a little bit of a loose end 01:01 from last month and I know antioxidants were a subject that we covered so with antioxidants in mind I think it’s very important that our listeners clearly understand what they’ve been led to believe by nutraceutical companies etc as beneficial nutrients may in fact not be so and that they should be treated with caution with reference to the action of blocking a certain antioxidant reactive oxygen species in the body. For example, ascorbic acid functions primarily I think in the cell as an oxidant maintaining cell structure and regulating synthetic processes largely by its oxidative form of dehydroascorbic acid and so you don’t want an excess of the reduced form and vitamin E had a history really starting as an anti-estrogen regulator of the sex hormones 02:05 and after it was discovered that the unsaturated fatty acids were causing sexual derangement, sterility especially in males and a brain decomposition then was when vitamin E shifted over to to be described as an antioxidant rather than as an anti-estrogen and still it’s gradually being recognized as an anti-inflammatory agent but but it’s still stuck in that mold of being called an antioxidant. Okay so with reference to cancer and the kind of new understanding we’ll get into a little bit later on in terms of field biology and how cells are actually intelligent and they do communicate and they’re not just a product of the organism but they drive the organism. In terms of cancer 03:07 and antioxidants I think in particular relation to suppressing reactive oxygen species as an antioxidant what’s the do you know what the rationale is behind that? Yeah they’re thinking that there are several interpretations but one group thinks that if you intensify the reactive oxygen species you’ll be able to kill the cancer cells because they are defending themselves by their excess antioxidant capacity but others recognize that it’s the reactive oxygen species that are causing the de-differentiation and aggressive destructive processes in in the cancer cells. So the reducing the formation of them metabolically is the safe biological organized way to go about preventing cancer and preventing it 04:17 really is part of curing the disease. Some people have said that you can never tell when cancer is malignant until the patient is dead because the organism always has the capacity for a spontaneous recovery from any kind of tumor. It’s very most often seen in melanomas because you can clip off a few bits of the tumor and see that it’s definitely cancerous but there’s spontaneous regression seen so often in melanomas simply because they’re near the surface invisible but I think that spontaneous regression is is probably going on all the time with many kinds of cancer. Yeah am I right in thinking that you don’t particularly advocate topical treatment of melanomas for example? Definitely not because 05:22 so many things will disturb your defensive reactions against them and annoy them and make them try to survive more intensely rather than more intelligently. I mean interestingly I come into just here and there are several people who have had and or have skin cancers various aberrant moles or darkened patches that are very regular borders and they’ve been told it’s cancer and I’m only asking you the question about your view on topical treatment of these kind of tumors because blood root is a very commonly touted treatment for these tumors and I’ve met people who have showed me patches on their arms or their legs that they’ve used blood root with and there’s a site that obviously looks a little scarred but there’s no presence of what was 06:23 previously a kind of discolored mole and how do you? What are the active chemicals in that? Well it’s a sanguinaria canadensis is a latin name so I’m sure sanguinarian and probably hydrastine or some other alkaloids are the major but it also contains tannins so I know tannins have also traditionally been used for skin tumors and one of the old things that derive partly from herbal knowledge going back to the turn of the start of the 20th century was thinking of the molecular structure of these things as catalysts of energy production. William Frederick Koch was one that first proposed this and it was developed later by Albert St. Georgie and particular molecules were explored by each of them and what they had in 07:28 common was the activated ketone structure activated carbonyl group and opposed by for example activated amine groups or hydroxyl groups such as estrogen is in that general irritating category and there are a lot of the tannin category of chemicals that unbalance or in their most relevant part of the molecule have this oxidative catalytic function that can restore the oxygen production of energy. Interesting because I know that sanguinaria does have very intense red and I know in the past we’ve talked about intense red dyes or herbs or compounds that have this kind of free radical crunching activity. Yeah that means they’re absorbing 08:34 high energy particles. Okay but as far as you’re concerned now you still don’t advocate any topical use. No I think systemic is better because of everything contains impurities and just a little bit of the wrong impurity can irritate and possibly direct cells in the wrong direction but I haven’t experimented at all with any of those older traditional things but I did experiment on my own things a couple of doctors at different times were convinced that I had things that were melanomas from their shape and behavior and probably a total of 15 or 20 times all together I’ve had things popping up that were black and blue and growing quickly and changing shape 09:35 and just by increasing my thyroid systemically and putting some DHEA and or progesterone on the skin adjacent to maybe an inch away from the developing spot. Okay within two or three days you would see very intense changes happening and for example the color would change from blue and white to maybe an even brown color and then simply the whole thing would melt away so it’s kind of like giving the cells what they need to differentiate properly otherwise they go off exploring what they want to be to deal with the deficiency that they have and I think the body the particular areas they choose seem to be areas that the body is able 10:43 to provide something that sustains their growth and if you can let the body provide more of that increasing its energy then those cells can go ahead and differentiate and the reducing or antioxidant direction of a cell is interfering with differentiation there are several chemicals known as differentiating agents that some doctors are treating cancer with and what they have in common is a shift towards the oxidative balance of the cell. Okay I guess lastly I just wanted to say that I think from a scientific that’s the right word perspective irritation has always been known to be cancer causing and any cell gets chronically irritated and I think that’s probably where your hesitancy with topically addressing anything like 11:44 that comes from yeah yeah although I know there have been very successful things I’ve seen people with pink spots on their skin where they previously had had a very aggressive tumor I know an old woman who’s I saw her when she was I think 91 92 and 93 and in between my visits I saw what had been a mole on on the side of her forehead evolved into a hole where the bridge of her nose was eaten away right next visit there was nothing wrong with her nose the nose had grown back wow okay you’re listening to ask your herb doctor on k.m. u.d. Galboville 91.1 FM 12:44 and from 7 30 to the end of show eight o’clock you’re invited to call him with any questions related or unrelated to this month’s subject of field theory we’re very fortunate to have Dr. Raymond Pete sharing his experience and his wisdom and his latest findings on field theory and we’ll get into that in a moment so Dr. Pete physiology is clearly a subject where nothing’s isolated or reduced per se but one where there’s clearly an association with a world of interacting mechanisms albeit the assumption of one molecule being the prime mover of a directional series can be misunderstood a knowledge can move along blind pathways and last month you touched on James Watson as an example of an extreme reductionist now tending to be a little more open-minded in his understanding of biological interactions to some degree how is science to be moved in the right direction and allow a paradigm shift in our understanding of disease for example to proceed along constructive and regenerative processes well those people who were insisting on a kind of straight line causality 13:50 they Gregor Mendel for example wanted traits to be eternal rather than occasional or accidental or changing and so he did his experiments to show that even though the pea plants were changing they had traits which were eternal and that got adopted by the gene people at the beginning of this century and that led to people like Watson identifying this eternal gene except with the qualifications that although it’s like Mendel’s eternal gene it can be changed but only by chance not by anything intentionally useful to the individual organism and although at the same time that was going on other people were showing evidence that the whole organism is influencing what happens to those 14:57 traits that the traits actually can be blended and changed rather than being a discrete absolute causal unit and the other kind of causality is recognizing that at every level you have a new kind of causality working. Aristotle had a complex view of causality the substance and the intention and so on and with the development of cybernetics this Aristotelian view of causality rather than plate plate was fixed rigid view of the nature of things the cybernetics people saw that the each level of organization 16:00 has its own laws and causal processes and there were particular ulterior motives driving each of these greater views of causality and of biology and it happened that there were business interests that promoted the idea of genetic based medicine each drug could identify an causal action on one of these causal genes and so all through the 20th century there were these profit motives of selling drugs for diseases supporting that idea of genetic causality but then the cloning and stem cell 17:01 businesses started to be seen as viable and those were things that the reductions had absolutely couldn’t exist you can’t have stem cells you can’t clone an animal from a body cell and so now that they saw that those could be a good business they changed the history and Barbara McClintock who in the 40s and 50s had been treated rudely at when she would deliver a paper in the 80s and 90s she was pulled out of obscurity while she was still alive and given the MacArthur Grant and Nobel Prize to create a new history that would justify cloning as a genetic engineering changing the genes as a something like a natural process 18:04 so it’s science is really being driven not by what’s plausible or really ultimately helpful but by what these powerful institutions see as something in their interest right and profit profit driven turned into a business that can be used to generate income to further the business okay I think that’s a fairly fairly common world game that’s played in most businesses okay so I know you’ve mentioned people in the 20s and 30s who were prominent in their time and coming forward with some pretty novel and pretty groundbreaking tenants surrounding things like field theory and cell intelligence but that was pretty quickly squashed by the evolving gene people who suddenly became the became the dominant influence because 19:06 things could be sequenced and money could be made and it could be driven in a very orderly fashion one profit profit lead and product after another so so the the classic embryology is where the the field thinking really had its practical influence and there were great implications for health in their experiments for example someone demonstrated that knowing that you could take a part of an early embryo out of the embryo and the embryo would replace it the cells weren’t fixed they could fill in for each other and you could move a cell from one place to another and it would be its fate would be changed by where you put it so that it could be developing along the line to become a foot and putting into another 20:09 place it could become a face and knowing that kind of field effect one researcher took a tumor and cut off a tadpole’s tail and grafted the tumor on where the tail had been and the tumor was converted by the developmental field of the tadpole into a new tail so it’s potentially a very useful way of looking at the organism that cells are shaped by their environment as well as modifying the environment right and not strictly so far as the science scientists are concerned governed by the genes immutable and unchangeable yeah yeah okay I think probably brings me on to something I was pointed towards earlier on this afternoon was some work done by Gunther Albrecht Buller in a paper that he’s called Cell Intelligence and he’d been working 21:16 for about 30 years now and suddenly became very interested in some of the dogman mistakes that were being touted in the genetic world and started looking at cells and was very interested to find a lot of what he had been told as kind of unchangeable cell biology was actually quite mobile quite flexible and cells was certainly in his in his lab displaying intelligence as it were in terms of I think it was the infrared light that they were subjected to they would gravitate towards it they would move towards it and make kind of informed choices about directional you know the direction that they would go in and yeah the light has been there’s quite a bit of evidence that light produced by the dividing cells and metabolizing cells is a signal he’s arguing for infrared as a very important signal the garbage is in the 1930s provided good evidence that there’s 22:24 ultraviolet frequency they demonstrated that it could transmit mitogenic signals through a quartz glass but not through ordinary glass that would filter out ultraviolet but still that’s just something that’s hardly been scratched uh umbrecht bueller is currently probably one of the leading people fritz pulp in germany has been another more recent one okay all right so in term in terms of um I guess we’ll get a little bit more specific now and we’ll start talking about some disease processes perhaps which have been consigned to the genetic uh bin you know your parents have it and you’re genetically predisposed to it so there’s not much we can do and especially things like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease which have become very very big news I think along with diabetes in the last 20 years um 23:28 suddenly becoming as much of a plague as cancer has been for the last 30 or 40 years and probably will have as little attention given to it in terms of successful treatment so in terms of field theory then um how how do you think this can be applied to the process within which we kind of currently understand Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and diabetes or the science people do but how can it be applied to those conditions the way you understand it um well umbrecht bueller uh sees fields as uh working both inside and outside the cell so the cell has to have a very organized meaning interpretation system for knowing which set of genes to turn off to turn on and off in certain environments and cells have to sort of reach out and manipulate the environment around them conditioning their surroundings to fit their needs and so any change in the 24:36 surroundings that they can manage will help them follow the the course that is best for the organism the organism as a whole running into stresses and problems can change that territory around the individual cells as well as the metabolism available to that cell and uh so you’re changing the um the surrounding structure and the metabolism and uh those function as as a single system uh the metabolism is creating uh the uh for example collagen to uh restore and and renew its environment is produced under uh more of its produced under stress when lactic acid is present because there’s not enough oxygen 25:38 and lactic acid uh turns on um many of these reactive defensive processes that as a signal to the organism will tell the organism to deliver more more oxygen more sugar more nutrients to the cells but if the cell doesn’t get that what it needs from the rest of the organism or if the field disrupting it is too intense for example just um a very intense electromagnetic field for example almost any kind of of disruptive field ultraviolet ionizing radiation or intense radio frequency can can shift the cell or hold it keep it from maturing properly but if the organism can get the necessary materials to the cell the cell 26:43 can recover and in this recovery condition uh it part of the recovery will allow it to communicate so that if it’s in the wrong place it might simply allow itself to collapse and be used as material for adjoining cells in the apoptosis process but ordinarily even very deranged cells can begin functioning and participating constructively if they get the right materials but lactic acid is is one of the basic uh disrupting signals if it continues too long and uh it it turns out that uh one of the basic features of diabetes is that they can’t oxidize sugar all the way to carbon dioxide instead they produce lactic acid and if that 27:44 continues too long lactic acidosis is very often what antibiotics used to die from but any of these stresses will interfere with the ability to oxidize glucose in the brain or um blood vessels uh and the organ that’s uh under too much stress and not getting repair materials will uh shift over to producing lactic acid and the lactic acid and uh is a stress signal and an immune signal for the rest of the organism and that kind of reminds me and I know we’ve discussed this previously on shows at various parts through various shows but um lactic acid now this is something I think most people can identify with well there’s two forms of it perhaps that most people will probably quite commonly associated with one I would think was being yogurt uh lactic 28:48 acid formed during the fermentation process but I think probably more commonly still during exercise when people exercise their muscles when either running or aerobically exercising the lactic acid that builds up in the muscles is often felt as a cramp and this is the same lactic acid that you’re saying is completely a destabilizer of the cell and um quite disruptive to the field yeah a very well developed athlete will not produce lactic acid too easily a sedentary person who is forced to exercise will be flooded with lactic acid because they have developed the system for delivering oxygen and fuel to the tissues so a really good athlete is is resistant to producing lactic acid and carbon dioxide produced by healthy metabolism directly participates in suppressing lactic acid and in maintaining and promoting 29:55 oxidative energy production and a place where you can see this is people who live at high altitudes for the the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide leaves their bodies having a higher residual carbon dioxide level they can work very intensely without producing lactic acid uh that’s called the lactic paradox sometimes because ordinarily oxygen deficiency is what turns on lactic acid but once you get adapted and are able to produce a lot of carbon dioxide or hold it in your tissues then that in itself prevents this toxic formation of lactic acid interesting so the the ad is this adaptation a different type of adaptation to the um red blood cell increasing adaptation uh with exposure to altitude that mountaineers train for and that 30:55 kind of thing is this different uh yeah it’s part of it it’s part of it the the tissues in themselves the they develop more mitochondria and the the enzymes that regulate carbon dioxide shift and the the red blood cell itself doesn’t deliver all of its carbon dioxide when it gets to the lungs it picks up as much oxygen as as it can but at a lower oxygen pressure that means the blood is still retaining a slightly higher amount of CO2 okay i had another question for you and that was regarding lactate um how how feasible i know we work with people who regularly get blood work done um and depending on what their blood looks like there’s various reasons for suggesting changes to their diet or lifestyle what do you think of lactate testing 31:56 as as a means um to ascertain whether somebody truly is under stress and and what would be the best way to do it i mean in what time of the day or would that have a bearing on how much lactate was present in a in a blood sample um yeah the uh probably the time that you’re feeling the stress would be the best time to measure it if you uh do it when you’re fasting you’re going to get a different measurement you just have to know what time of day and what the circumstances are uh but it’s increasingly being used for example to uh diagnose uh cancer and monitor the progress right when the cancer is is being regressed the lactic acid in the serum goes down what do you have any idea what kind of uh state of development of a tumor that lactic acid would be increased oh it starts showing up in the blood at a very early stage very on okay and uh 33:04 at a certain point uh i don’t remember the exact concentration but it in itself causes an inactivation of the immune system that should be helping to correct the cancer but even before that it can be seen as a product of cancer yeah i i expect somebody would probably have to have uh not just one spot check um but uh several over a period of weeks just to see whether or not the level of lactic acid in the body was holding fairly stable it was stably high or whether high reading maybe just an aberration due to something since everyone over the age of 50 has cells that can be diagnosed as cancer it’s a good idea not to be panicked by any measurement that could indicate cancer it’s simply a a sign for example if you ate something 34:09 very disagreeable your lactic acid would go up just from the general inflammation and uh so you want to take everything in context and even if it’s being produced by a cancer most cancers don’t kill people since uh in in adults cancer if you look carefully enough you can find cancer like cells everywhere in in everyone of middle age or more so it’s something that’s naturally being cured spontaneously and this is in the same vein that cells are constantly communicating with each other they just they’re not um blind or dumb they’re completely uh autonomous and are actually able to communicate with each other and change the environment in which that particular area is subject to yeah i i think that same thing applies to the 35:13 degenerative nerve diseases and all of the age related stress related diseases i think there there’s not an all or nothing definition of the disease if you notice a trend starting that doesn’t look favorable then it’s time to change the way you live okay so if carbon dioxide is analogous to an antilactate as you’ve mentioned here what would be the best method to raise this and how long does that affect last um everything that keeps your um free fatty acids from being released uh and those are released by uh too much adrenaline for example many of the hormones pituitary hormones in general help to um increase the toxic free fatty acids and everything you can do to lower the stress hormones aspirin for example is a good anti-inflammatory anti-stress 36:19 agent vitamin e is another protective ascorbic acid in ordinary foods provide abundant amounts of ascorbic acid so i don’t recommend that as a supplement in general this is why you’re so big on orange juice uh yeah and meat eggs milk everything vegetables of all sorts contain sure like ascorbic acid but meat contains it in the dehydro ascorbate form where people measuring the reduced form overlook it okay all right i think we have a couple of callers who’ve kind of flashing up the lights in the studios here so um let me just um let me just get the uh let me just get the word from the engineer okay so our first caller is uh from northern australia okay so let’s let’s say caller 37:24 you’re on the air hello hello yeah where you’re from northern australia you say no no i’m from melbourne australia oh okay melbourne sorry southern australia south southeast australia rather oh victoria okay yeah good we’re glad to have you on the show what’s what’s your question hi dr tate how are you um my question is in relation to electromedicine and where uh george lopskowski and royal rite had produced certain wavelength peculiar pathogens and also dr robbeck and hilda clark had come up with the machine what they call the dupers where you place them in your palm on your arteries on your wrist a lot passages i just want to know whether or not those machines are viable but what is true does really work and also uh drinking ozonate water is there any health benefits to it okay all right with dr p i know uh the first question about 38:24 electromedicine and royal rife uh the first one was i missed the uh the caller was asking about rife and the rife machines that were used oh oh yeah and the viability of it um there um definitely is is something to the principle but i i’ve never seen evidence that it it uh is uh as specific as many of the people claim it to be uh i i know people who use apparatus of that sort and i think it’s acting probably as a stimulus rather than having that specific action that that the rifeians think for it right okay his other question was uh ozonated water uh do you have any thoughts on ozonated water i think he’s using it for health benefits i i think um ozon is is too toxic in itself um the um superoxide radical 39:34 which which is produced by ionized uh error and and some ionized water uh that can be beneficial uh as part of a detox system in in the lungs for example from ionized air but i would be very careful with uh either ozon or peroxide containing water okay okay thanks very much for that but thank you thank you for your call caller okay so engineer was there another call on the air on okay so let’s take let’s take the next caller and uh let’s see what we think here how are you on the air hi i had a question about an herbological protocol for Lyme’s disease okay uh dr p i know you’ve got a fairly specific view of Lyme disease um the call is asking about Lyme disease protocol oh well there’s a lot on the internet suggesting that it’s a lifetime 40:43 project but there’s also quite a bit of information that says that two or three weeks with the right combination of antibiotics have almost always uh cures it so i think it’s good to uh look widely take get a second third and fourth opinion before you commit yourself to a very very prolonged protocol how do you feel about the the the pathogen itself in terms of what they the scientists or the doctors identify as the organism that causes it oh um the that class of bacteria the uh the spirochetes in general uh some of them can be very does what really exist the what i’m sorry okay carry on i’m sorry oh oh i was just saying that uh some of the the spirochetes are very toxic and harmful and long lasting 41:48 uh so it’s it’s good to uh if you have any symptoms it’s good to check it and if necessary have the proper antibiotic treatment but there’s a lot of selling services some doctors want to make it a many-year project of treatment recovery okay all right well you’re listening to ask your herb doctor on kmud garbable 91.1 fm and from now till the end of the show you are welcome to call in with any questions related or unrelated to this month’s subject of field biology and things around that nature so the number if you live in the area is 93 3911 or through outside the area like the chap from melbourne was or victoria there’s an 800 number 1800 km ud rad okay so um i’m always i’m always getting asked questions about nutrition and those are from people also who’ve been quite uh quite fastidious in following your recommendations 42:53 dr p what i’ve got a questions regarding newborns and um okay so the world health organization actually advocates a four-year breastfeeding uh for newborn babies and i think that’s awesome um i think current trends unfortunately not in all population but current trends certainly in city dwellers who are just too busy to have children wean them as quick as possible and feed them as soon as possible just so that they are kind of independent i know that you definitely don’t advocate that and for very good reasons or what do you think um would be the best possible start for a newborn in terms of nutrition well breastfeeding naturally but with the mother well fed and happy and unstressed because when the mother’s under stress or not properly nourished the composition of the milk shows it and the milk good milk contains a lot of 43:53 blood sugar converted into the lactose of the of the milk and hormones some thyroid and progesterone and a lot of immune factors so the even if a baby has an endocrine problem as long as it’s getting good milk something like hypothyroidism often doesn’t show up just because the milk is so rich in these protective factors okay all right i know we have a couple more callers so let me just uh okay well let’s take this next call it’s actually uh about a very similar subject but Dr. Pete um the caller you’re on the air hello hi you’re on the air and where you’re from yeah um 44:55 i’m from Salmon Creek local okay i had a question something about you said about wine disease i believe you said it takes it’s a three month protocol on antibiotics and i cheers it is that what you said uh yeah sometimes it disappears in just two or three weeks with i know a lot of people on disease that i’ve never seen that work ever that quickly um what protocol is there some special protocol you’re speaking of um you you can find several articles uh on pub med that are very good and uh i think part of the problem that makes it seem so incurable is that it often is uh uh misdiagnosed uh they recognize uh evidence of an infection but they don’t recognize any clear signs of improvement uh because in many cases the person just isn’t eating 45:57 right or has other uh passions in their environment okay i just i just know like groups of people that are diagnosed with wine disease and you’re tested positive with wine disease and have been seen a doctor for usually a couple years of taking antibiotics and you don’t have the improvement that you’re talking about so i’m extremely curious i think the other thing just to interject caller is that um more often than not when people may well test positive i think a lot of the population would actually test positive on an ELISA test for uh Borrelia antibodies etc or whatever is now used to currently uh diagnosed limes they have a lot of other metabolic defects and i think that in particular is what causes people to be so um so sick as it were and especially um with the protocols that are used for not just antibiotics but other fairly heavy heavy drugs um i think these can really play into someone’s downfall and like we spoke about earlier dr peat mentioned 46:58 the the kind of energetics in the body that gets once someone’s exposed to so many drugs and so many chemicals to try and supposedly cure something is very difficult for the organism to respond appropriately and it’s more of a more of a kind of a failure of the organism under the barrage of drugs and chemicals to treat that that’s the problem uh yeah okay you know so we’re in pub med we’re not fine this protocol you speak of is it pretty um obscure oh no just look for borrelia or Lyme disease and antibiotic treatment okay a random bunch of people that have Lyme disease and they definitely have it they have all the symptoms and they’re positive yeah and they remember to take bite and everything and have all the you know and it would have definitely helped them to get rid of it yeah well it didn’t be taken a while with their doctors that there’s another alternative that would be great well i think i think the other thing again just to add to that question caller is that um in terms of metabolic energy that we as you know organized living beings 47:59 have a need in order to survive everything i always say to people that every transaction that we ever make in this world with our bodies costs something and in terms of metabolic energy to fight disease or to digest your food it all costs energy and that atp has to be uh has to be uh derived from something and so nutrition is extremely important and and i know dr peat does a lot of um a lot of advocating nutrition as a way to restore health rather than drugs or you know that’s like a big of controversy it seems like that everybody has their own take on nutrition some people are low carbs people are high carbs and people are vegan which i don’t yeah there’s a lot of there’s a lot of science behind it it’s not just hearsay and dr peat spent a long time um researching this and so as i said before it most people can be a chronically malnourished not maybe to skin and bones but chronically malnourished or uh assaulted if you like by the kind of foods they’re eating that are blocking thyroid function and if that’s the case then it’s very difficult to generate 49:02 enough metabolic energy to deal with it right that that does make sense where’s the information where’s the right kind of diet for a person to what have the right kind of metabolic energy and take the right kind of medication together is there any information on that well if you want you can uh you can email me anytime monday through friday um and i can point you to the right direction of all those kind of things that dot in your email is as andrew at western botanical medicine dot com i’m sorry at what western western botanical medicine medicine dot com yeah okay thank you okay you’re welcome so thank you much yeah i think we have another call on here yep okay call you’re on the end where you’re from hello hello hi you’re on the air yes hello am i on yes okay um yes i think one of the things that um about lung disease that hasn’t been addressed is that you mentioned that it’s from a spirocute which means it’s similar to syphilis and syphilis goes has a first stage a second stage in the third 50:09 stage and i’ve always heard that lime disease did also and if you catch it in the first or second stages it can be cured with antibiotics just like syphilis but if it goes into the third stage before it’s treated that’s when it’s really difficult and takes a long time and a complicated protocol to try to deal with it and i think a lot of people don’t know they have it until it enters the third stage but you haven’t mentioned anything about the first second and third stage well dr pete what have you got to say about primary secondary and tertiary syphilis in relation to um viralia i think it’s probably analogous uh and uh the um the right antibiotic is needed to treat tertiary syphilis but something that gets into the brain and nervous system right we’ll do it right i know you’re you’re a very a very strong advocate of antibiotics and i understand the rationale behind it completely so again it’s it’s unfortunate a lot of people associate antibiotics with 51:11 something that’s bad and they shouldn’t take but it’s uh it’s actually a very very valid part of part of medicine okay so i don’t know whether any other callers no okay well i know we’ve got a few more minutes dr pete and i just wanted to uh just talk about a few of the many many names and the many authors that you’ve mentioned in the past just so that people are listening to the show or would download um this show later on in their own time and and re-listen to it we’d have a chance to look up some of the people that you you commonly mention so uh i know you you talked about uh we’ve mentioned him in the past too michael polanyi so he’s been pretty uh dominant in field field theory uh and then i know you mentioned uh earlier on uh hungarian astrophysicist atilla grand pierre was it grand pierre yep yeah grand pierre okay and his ideas uh there’s a video 52:12 by michael purcinger called no more secrets that talks about some of the field interactions that grand pierre is writing about they’re um very interesting but uh the um the details are um in so many fields it’s uh i’m i’m not sure how practical ether of them are okay i know you’ve mentioned also in the past pk anakin um as a somebody who was studying uh co2 and uh looking at the acceptor of action as it were conditioning and conditioning reflexes and their responses yeah that that was uh an antecedent for uh cybernetics he was a a colleague and student of pavlov and he uh devised this cybernetic interpretation of reflexes which sees the 53:17 model of the world that we have in our consciousness as determining how the reflex works and it’s our purpose reflex actually so it’s a very interesting concept but it it makes a very simple way of interpreting uh other other fields such as han selli’s stress process uh if you see it in terms of pk anokin’s acceptor of action and and how the uh how the the meaning of a particular stress and how the body is is responding uh governs the field all the way down to the cell and the chemistry of the cell is responsive to this through the meaning of the stress okay and then there was that noam chomsky uh and then you’ve met i know you have quite a quite a quite an affection towards william 54:20 blake as well as part of your early earlier um exploits uh yeah uh blake our thing was uh in a very holistic cosmic way as well as very biological soundly based in the organism and then there was uh dostoyevsky’s the um diary of a strange fellow wasn’t it or uh uh yeah uh various translations of that uh some of them are easier to understand than others but uh about the uh essential meaningfulness of experience and reality yeah okay well i guess we’re getting to the top of the hour and i just wanted to mention a few of those authors just so people could uh recapitulate and um perhaps look them up google them search out what they did and find out that a lot of brilliant scientists have done lots of pioneering work in the past and unfortunately with the advent of science and the money that was being produced by the science 55:25 and the patenting of and etc um that these people have been pushed into the background um but had some very interesting uh direction that they were going in and fortunately uh with the internet and people being disillusioned with the way medicine’s going these things are becoming more common again as uh postdocs etc take up these previously relegated concepts and they’re bringing them back to life again by their own work so i really appreciate all those people that you’ve mentioned on the show and just want to make sure that uh we’ve put them out on the air again so people can find out that these are not just quacks they’re they’re actually very brilliant people had most of them are Nobel prize winners too so thank you so much for joining us again Dr Pete um we really appreciate your time okay thanks okay so for people who have joined in uh Dr Pete’s website full of articles fully referenced everything that he says there can be traced back you know can chase his uh his citations on the web uh and all of his newsletters are fully referenced so uh www.repeat.com an excellent resource 56:31 as a very altruistic man very humble i’m sure you probably pick that up when you hear him um brilliant that he shares his knowledge the way he does i so appreciate his time um for those of you who’ve uh listened to the show the third friday of every month and we can read we can be reached at www.westernbotanicalmedicine.com and or email me andrew at western botanicalmedicine.com monday through friday or the weekend doesn’t really matter uh nine to five and um thanks so much for your time all right that was ask your herb doctor we got uh support for k-mud comes from in of the lost coast in shelter cove fireplace spot in son

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