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00:00 Hi, welcome to this month’s Ask Your Herb Doctor. My name’s Andrew Murray. My name’s Sarah Johanathan Murray. For those of you who perhaps have never listened to our shows, which run every third Friday of the month from 7 to 8 p.m., we are both licensed medical herbalists who trained in England and graduated there with a degree in herbal medicine. We run a clinic in Garberville where we consult with patients about a wide range of conditions. And this month, we’re again very pleased to welcome Dr. Ray Peep, the show, and we’ll be finishing up last month’s discussion on food additives and the detrimental effects, detrimental health effects of food additives and ingredients that may not even be listed. But after that, we want to cover the topic of cancer in general and immunosurveillance and immunology of cancer and perhaps a lot of beliefs about cancer which are probably more propagated than true. 01:02 So I know Dr. Ray and Peep has quite an extensive experience with this and certainly from his background, things have changed a lot since he was studying and I think what he will bring out is that some of the doctrines that have been made very common are pretty erroneous and that some of the old research as well as some of the new research needs to be taken carefully in the light of what it is showing. Okay, so Dr. Ray and Peep, thank you for joining us again on the show. Hello. Okay, so just to finish up last month’s topics of the food additives and the kind of things that they will be harmful, they will be harmful in consuming them and most people when they buy foods off the shelf, I know in England definitely people will look very carefully at the labels, the ingredient panel and everything, as far as I know, has to be disclosed in England. 02:06 They have got fairly strict food laws. Whereas in America, there is a certain percentage of food ingredients that legally don’t have to be detailed. So I know some of those things that we mentioned last month we talked about and I know there is a couple of things, things like dough conditioners and renits that I would like to just discuss with you. The dough conditioner, most people probably don’t even know it exists in bread although if they do they haven’t really thought too much about it. But would you say a little bit about the iving bromate which is a fairly common additive to bread and what likely negative health effects it is going to have? Well, besides any changes that it makes to the proteins and starches which will make them more likely to be allergenic, any that gets into the system is going to be an anti-thyroid agent at least. 03:10 Right. Okay, so it is going to be thyroid suppressive in some respects. Okay. And then things like the, I know cheeses, I know we have spent quite a bit of time researching cheeses. I know our family consumes lots of different cheeses and have leaned more towards the European cheeses because of their consistency and the type of manufacturing they go through is certainly less, I want to say harmful but it’s more of a traditional type of manufacturing for food. I know in the States, and it’s not so much just the States but I know probably for the last 15 years or so, the genetically modified yeasts, etc. that have been used to culture cheese have been certainly very widespread and it’s quite difficult these days to get a cheese that’s not actually made using a genetically engineered yeast. What do you know about the genetically engineered yeast and the trouble with them 04:16 rather than using traditional rennet from… Well, I think the worst problem is that they are using things to carry the microbial enzymes. There is always some debris from the aspergillus or whatever the microb is they’re using as a source of the enzymes and the genetic modification is going to make them somewhat different but they’re already toxic and hellergenic in themselves and so even if they’re perfectly normal, naturally evolved organisms any debris from them that goes along with the enzyme is going to be very risky but even worse than simply having microbial enzymes where there used to be animal enzymes to distribute and emulsify 05:17 or mix the enzymes efficiently to make them store and package so they can be canned and just dumped into the batch and they’re using seaweed materials, either carrageenan or other things that for example one of the compounds that’s being used to make microspheres to enclose the microbial enzymes, one of these has been used to make dental molds for taking impressions of the mouth and making restorations one person died shortly after having some of that stuff put in his mouth and the students of dentistry, a very high proportion of them had serious allergic reactions 06:18 when they were practicing with them but these things are routinely being added to foods to carry other products and as a packaging or carrying material they don’t show up on the labels at all So even on the labels for cheese, if you go into the grocery store and look at the label for the cheese sometimes it just says rennet and that could mean animal rennet or vegetable rennet and the vegetable rennet never really comes from a vegetable source it’s always either genetically modified or grown on a mold and that would be the microbial enzymes or it says non-animal rennet, they have all these different types of course there are natural rennets available like fig juice and cardoon thistle but of course no companies use those anymore to manufacture so you’re saying not only are these enzymes problematic Dr. Heap but also the carriers that carry the enzymes so that it’s easy and convenient for the cheese maker to make cheese and they’re being used as carriers for other foods 07:25 I don’t know how far it has gone but for the last 10 years it’s increasingly common to use the seaweed materials which are potentially deadly One of the other most deadly allergens was sulfite that killed a few people eating restaurant salads or seafood that had been deodorized with it but even after that was recognized that it could be deadly when it was used on a salad it was still used in drugs sold for treating asthma patients for years and years the product Alupent girl who had almost died in the hospital being treated once was about to be treated with it again the doctor wouldn’t acknowledge that she had any validity 08:31 and she grabbed the bottle and ran with her oxygen bottle and right on the bottle it said contains metaphyselphite and I wrote to the FDA and the drug companies that made it and the Journal of the American Medical Association they all said yes it’s a problem it can kill people but they went on selling it for years and didn’t even publish warnings or extra labels that this might kill you were they trying to cite the small numbers of people that might be killed as a reasonable cost yeah it killed mostly people who already had asthma and who are already allergic to the sulfite right? now it’s interesting you mentioned sulfite so thank you for mentioning that the wine and beer industry that’s pretty much what keeps most wines stable 09:32 or so they say stable I know that winemakers don’t have to use sulfites I’m certainly not defending them but sulfites are prevalent as sodium metaphyselphite both as a cleaning agent and also as an agent to halt fermentation I know in beer making I used to make quite a lot of beer when I was younger and I know that sodium metaphyselphite tablets were a pretty common place in beer making and even organic fruit can be processed with the sulfur dioxide yeah and that’s another very interesting point the sulfur dioxide they use in dried fruit especially that’s a fairly common ingredient isn’t it? yeah so what do you state as the kind of toxic side effects of sulfites apart from what you’ve already mentioned for the asthma patient? I think that the allergic reaction is really the only serious toxic effect 10:34 but a person never knows when they’re going to have an allergic reaction if they just happen to have not eaten for an extra long time or if their thyroid happens to have fallen there can be a sudden increase in allergic sensitivity because the blood sugar very very powerfully controls the release of histamine and other agents in low blood sugar situations is that the case? yeah in experiments they found that the mildest allergen would kill animals with shock if their blood sugar was lowered to 50%!o(MISSING)f normal so this would be another good reason to defend the consumption of sugar it’s always been such a maligned substance you know if they doubled the blood sugar of the animals 11:36 even the deadly allergen would only cause a slight reddening of their nose and sniffles so that’s the motto eat frequently throughout the day right? yeah eating frequently avoids several stress reactions including fluctuations in blood sugar now I know there are people listening who are going to be still stuck on the mantra or the doctrine if you like and that’s the thing that I want to open up in a few short moments about cancer but we’re all led to believe that sugar is bad for you you’ll get diabetes if you eat too much sugar how would you defend that doctor Pete and support sugar’s role in the healthy organism? a lot of people cite Otto Barber’s work in the 1920s in which he showed that cancer cells can’t use oxygen efficiently and so they use sugar at an extremely high rate 12:40 and so people are now saying if cancer cells can only live on sugar then you shouldn’t eat sugar but that isn’t an argument because the body when you have even a small tumor the body senses a danger and increases its production of cortisol one of the very early events in cancer is a chronic elevation of cortisol and the cortisol turns your tissues to sugar and so if you don’t eat sugar your body wastes away faster right, that’s the catexor associated with that and that the wasting way of your immune system and other tissues is really what kills most people from the cancer and so there have been experiments in which very high concentrations of glucose were put in 13:44 for example if there was a tumor in an extremity where they could isolate that circulation and put a high concentration like glucose syrup into the artery feeding the leg the sugar itself would cause the cancer to die and so it not only spares your immune system and brain and other tissues but if it can be delivered long enough at a high enough concentration it allows something to happen in the cancer that can kill the cancer OK, so let’s go straight into the topic of the science and the dogma surrounding current cancer theory and the fairly new or even in cases of older papers the kind of re-discovered papers written some time ago 14:48 that are kind of largely ignored and not part of mainstream understanding and some of those theories about cancer in the new stem cell research that’s being done how do you see cancer cells arising? because we’ve always been traditionally told or taught at least that cancer cells outside of the body’s general control and we all led to believe that this apoptosis or cell programmed death exists and it’s part of a genetic code in each cell and it only has so many times that it can reproduce and then it’s automatically turned off but cancer cells don’t acknowledge that everything is wrong with that belief going back to the middle of the 19th century people were seeing that cancer arises in a field 15:54 in the cancer field of visibly abnormal cells and after this basically inflamed area had persisted for a long time mutant cells might appear somewhere in it but that is something that has been developed progressively over 150 years that there is such a thing as a cancer field and anything irritating or destructive that the body can’t overcome will cause a progressive stressing or inflammation of the tissue and you can develop a cancer before there is any mutation identifiable Harry Rubin at Berkeley is really the only official academic biologist who has worked on that topic 16:57 and he has shown that there definitely is a pre-mutational definitive cancer condition and in the cancer then in the tissue as a whole is so unhealthy that mutations among other changes occur in the DNA but the DNA event really is down the road from what is causing the cancer So you’re suggesting that there is such an injury or chronic inflammation to a certain tissue and eventually that’s what causes the cancer? Yeah and when you look at the actual functioning of a tumor which it produces cells that look funny have three-cornered cell divisions and very bizarre behavior and genetic changes in the DNA these cells are very very sick cells that don’t have a long lifespan 18:00 when you see them in a biopsy cross-section what you’re seeing as cancer cells are very mortal cells that probably will die in the next couple of divisions and the doctrine that cancer cells are immortal and body cells are mortal it’s completely backwards the Hayflick doctrine was really invented that cells can only divide 50 times it was really invented to reinforce this DNA-centric view of biology and in fact the stem cell work has definitively shown that all cells seem to be basically stem cells and immortal given the right circumstances and when the cancer industry is now forced to think about the idea of stem cells 19:11 but when they talk about a cancer stem cell basically they are just going back to the old concept of a mutant cell and the clone of a mutant cell they totally miss the point of the stem cell research which is that the stem cells are normal cells which are able to regenerate any tissue that needs help and the function of the tumor is some kind of a process of healing and regeneration that can’t come to completion something is missing that would allow a tumor to let the sick cells die while the healthy cells return to normal functioning studies of x-ray treated tumors found that in fact the x-ray had accelerated the death of all of the original tumor cells 20:22 but it actually accelerated the ability of the tumor to call for help and recruit stem cells from the bloodstream or from adjacent tissues and so the same signals that are sent out causing a region of inflammation to progressively become more active metabolically these signals are calling for assistance and replacement cells so when a tumor is irradiated it increases its ability to call for help and so the reason the tumor keeps growing even after everything is killed with radiation is that you have increased the injury and made it able to recruit more stem cells that then grow into more cancer because something is still missing in the organism which could allow proper completion of the healing process 21:29 how do you see metastases in the light of the cancer being a recruitment of stem cells to that local site? way back in the 30s, 40s and 50s tests were made on prison inmates and foreigners implanting pieces of cancer in them either without their permission and it was over and over found that people who had the cancer would accept the transplant and people who were healthy didn’t suffer any consequences from having a bit of a cancer injected into them and the bulk of the research with putting human cancers into animals are done in the nude mouse which happens to be a mutant that not only lacks hair but it lacks the thymus glands 22:32 this is the B-cell so the transplantation or the metastasis which is simply a self-induced transplantation this involves a defect in the whole organism that makes it susceptible to receiving a transplant right because it shouldn’t be receiving the transplant in the first place I didn’t hear that basically the body should be rejecting the cancer transplant they’re constantly rejecting cells that go astray and if the cell isn’t appropriate for that organ or tissue it can’t live in that environment and so dies but the animals that could accept the cancer transplants were obviously so unhealthy that their bodies didn’t reject the tissue is that what you’re trying to say? yeah, they can’t even grow hair 23:35 I want to go back to what you said about radiation is that why radiation is used in the cancer industries because it does kill some tumor cells? oh yeah, it’ll stop the cells that are irradiated it stops them right in their tracks they’re sick, especially the six cells were going to die anyway but it’ll stop the growth of healthy tissue and cause it to produce first it releases histamine and serotonin and triptase enzymes that cause inflammation and degeneration locally that’s within 30 minutes of getting irradiated there’s a burst of these allergen reactive substances and then that leads to a chronic overproduction of collagen and the growth of repair cells, fibroblasts 24:42 so first it’s inflammation then fibrosis that’s the body’s trying to heal the inflammation or take care of it and if the body can’t heal this scarred atrophied tissue then the cells can… they recruit cells that try to repair it and so it’ll keep becoming a risk over future cancers just as part of the attempt to repair a sick tissue so that’s why while some people might have radiation for their cancer it’s very often that the cancer returns is because it didn’t take care of the underlying problem in the first place yeah okay, you’re listening to Ask Your Herb Dr. on KMU D. Garberville, 91.1 FM and from 7.30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock you’re invited to call in with any questions either related or unrelated to this month’s topic of current cancer research and old theory 25:45 my name’s Andrew Murray my name’s Sarah Johanneson Murray and we’re joined by guest speaker Dr. Raymond Pete endocrinologist, biochemist and physiologist the number here if you live in the areas 9233911 or if you live outside the area the total free number is 1-800-568-3723 how about the… is the current theory in place that cancer cells have slightly different surface markers on their cell membranes? the MHCs that are normally associated with body cells being different in cancer cells is that immunology still current or? oh, yeah, they’re degenerating and so they can go off in many directions and so they tend to be killed very easily because they’re recognized as abnormal material and the normal function of what’s called the immune system 26:46 is to maintain the proper development and form of the body and the phagocytosis of sick or injured tissue is really at the center of the immune system and germs don’t necessarily trigger the immune system unless they damage something as soon as they damage something then the immune system tries to take care of it cleaning up what damage has been done and in the process they’ll clear out the bacteria or viruses but really in the development of the organism the immune system is really part of our developmental nutritional control system 27:49 okay, I know we mentioned at the beginning of this discussion about constant irritation and I know when I was studying this constant irritation and specifically something that most people can understand is constant irritation smoking and how smoking ultimately in a lot of people would lead to lung cancer and so that constant irritation of the tobacco smoke, those particles in the lung tissue caused this change in the cell and that was the beginning of lung cancer the higher a cell’s energy capacity is the more it takes to irritate it and so keeping your cellular energy at a maximum means that you’re pretty immune to irritation but if something impairs your energy production then almost anything becomes irritating so that’s what you see commonly in low thyroid diseases 28:51 the energy production of the cell is very decreased, very much decreased and then you can have allergic reactions or cancer come start up and in cigarette smokes there are not only the irritants and the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are the famous carcinogens but they are also estrogens and irritants causing pain and inflammation and estrogen like changes and behind those irritants there’s the carbon monoxide which blocks oxygen use and also makes the cell spontaneously more susceptible to overstimulation or irritation and when you add up different types of stimulation and impairment of energy production 29:55 then you have a greater risk of chronic inflammation and cancer and besides those hydrocarbons that you say are estrogenic those suppress the thyroid as well yeah, the alternative really used to be the mainline cancer research was really at the point of understanding how cancer development works the work of the Pullmans in the 1940s and 50s was showing that it’s the electronic behavior of these aromatic hydrocarbons that act as signals to the cells in the same way that estrogen substances signal the cells and the various drug interests and government interests diverted that line of research by not financing it anymore 31:01 and instead they financed the molecular biology approach which is explaining away those hormonal actions of the aromatic hydrocarbons as nothing but a type of mutation they happen to fit into the DNA very compactly and do mutate it but really their main mechanism for mutating the DNA is by acting as hormones that deplete the energy of the cell while overexciting it I think most people listening to the show this evening could understand the truth behind the statement that an energetic, active organism is more able to defend itself against external threats and external breakdown but the weak, de-energized organism is more easily overcome 32:05 how does a human being energize itself in terms of improving its ATP production and being more energetic? First you need all of the essential vitamins and minerals and adequate amino acids and proteins of the right sorts but sugar is very essential for keeping your thyroid functioning up without resorting to a cortisone overproduction and the essential nutrients if you’re getting enough sugar will allow your thyroid to function unless the thyroid is specifically signaled to turn off by such things as polyunsaturated fatty acids and estrogen which are very systematically involved in turning down your metabolism 33:11 once that weakening process starts from such things as smoke and hormone imitating toxins then the bacteria in your intestines will produce toxins that you absorb when your intestine is de-energized it becomes permeable and anything in the intestine then can leak right into the bloodstream so if you’re exhausted you might get flu-like symptoms if your thyroid is being poisoned, flu-like symptoms will often make you ache all over and feel exhausted and so on so the intestine is always available as a third level of toxicity and energy poisoning okay so you would avoid things like polyunsaturates, you would improve your thyroid function 34:20 let’s just specify the polyunsaturated fatty acids are vegetable oils, corn, soy, canola, cotton seed, sesame seed oil all those vegetable oils that are in common use in restaurants in the 1980s the French did a great series of experiments showing that every stage of the thyroid hormone production and response and transport every stage was blocked in proportion to the number of double bonds in the unsaturated fat so the monounsaturated were slightly inhibiting compared to the saturated fats or sugars the two double bonds like linoleic acid were much more inhibiting and the triply or quadruply unsaturated fats such as the popular fish oils and omega minus 3 fats 35:24 these are the most inhibiting to the whole energy system so the bottom line there is eat coconut oil and butter and avoid all other oils, olive oil and moderation yeah and sugar is really the basic protection against the toxicity of the oils so keep your blood sugar up with frequent meals and lots of fresh fruit lots of fruits yeah lots of fruit is the best sugar perfect I think we’ve got a caller on the line so let’s take the caller caller you’re on the air hello caller oh we had a caller anyway alright well until the caller comes back or we get another caller I think the phones I can see the lights flashing and the phones are going so until we get the oh you’re on the air again hello well that’s not done either well I know they’re coming in because the lights are flashing but for some reason they’re not coming through anyway so I think to get back to the the cancer issue and what’s not being done 36:33 in terms of what’s being done wrong in terms of most people’s treatment for cancer and the pretty poor success rate almost universally doctors want to kill cancer cells but the cancer cells just want to die they’re very weak cells and you damage the organism when you concentrate on killing the cancer cells and since the total death rate from cancer has simply steadily increased the only way they can claim they’re making progress is by diagnosing cancer more often if you look in enough tissues and organs by the time a person is 50 you can find at least one cancer and so if you diagnose really hard you can have about an 80 or 90%!c(MISSING)ure rate 37:35 without actually curing anyone I think the caller that we had Dr. Peters come back on so we’ll carry on this conversation once we’ve had the caller Yonia? Hello? Hello Yonia? Yes hello? Yes Is that me? It is I wanted to ask some questions about sugar to clarify you sound like the impression I’m getting is like oh sugar is okay go for it you need sugar now as far as I know sugar especially refined white sugar is addicting it’s more of a drug than a food most people’s obesity can be traced to their addiction to sugar and most diabetes can be traced to an overuse of sugar which overuses the insulin to where the insulin production, the pancreas, wears out and can’t produce enough insulin to keep up with the sugar and then a person has to go on artificial insulin just to live 38:39 I assume fruit sugar if you’re just eating fruit is that so okay but can you clarify the difference between eating fruit sugar and an apple or an orange or eating candy and cookies with white sugar and refined white flour I mean that can’t be good for your body can you address that please? starches and proteins really are very powerful stimulants to insulin and the combination of starch and polyunsaturated fats will cause the greatest disturbance of blood sugar much more than eating white sugar candy and such the polyunsaturated fats block the ability to use sugar and so the cells experience the sugar deficiency and turn on stress reactions and the starches are pure glucose rather than 50-50 fructose and glucose 39:44 and so starches are much more powerful stimulants to insulin and the stress reactions so just to kind of clarify that a little bit here for our listeners Dr. Pete you’re saying that starches well I know they have a glycemic index of around 140 or 138 and that includes bread, pasta, chips, cookies, cakes all those foods that are starchy carbohydrates rather than actually the sugar in them well that adds to it but the starches themselves have a much higher glycemic index so they will cause your pancreas to have to screed a lot more insulin now white sugar has a glycemic index of around 99 and whilst organic rosh honey is one of the best sweeteners there is fruit sugars, honey has a lot more fructose than sucrose so honey even has a lower glycemic index of white sugar and fruits have a glycemic index of around 75 the potassium content of fruit is really what keeps the insulin much much lower 40:51 if you eat a piece of bread you are getting very little potassium but if you eat a piece of fruit with the same amount of sugar the potassium will pretty much take care of the insulin issue it acts like insulin and so when you eat a piece of fruit you’re having very little stimulation to your fat production and the other thing too that I’ve found out is that white sugar actually because it’s been filtered is much less allergenic to the organism than the raw brown sugar, the rapidura sugar Dr. Pete can you comment on that point? the manufacture of brown sugar when you centrifuge it the first wash is blackstrap molasses and I’ve noticed that there’s usually a very smoky taste in the blackstrap 41:56 and it has been a common practice to burn the cane fields to make it easier to harvest and so some of the brown stuff is smoke and the rest of it if you just boil sugar even white pure sugar if you boil it at a very high temperature driving off the water so the temperature rises above 100 degrees Celsius any impurities in it will start causing polymerization reactions and create allergens from the sugar itself and so the brown material containing a lot of biological materials other than sugar heating that with the sugar can make some pretty intense allergens so to summarize all that the best source of sugar in your opinion than Dr. Pete 42:57 is fruit, soft, ripe, fresh fruit and milk sugar is and milk sugar and then so that’s number one number two would be raw honey and then if you had to eat sugar then it would be white sugar rather than brown correct? yeah and then the starches are the least preferable form to get your sugar in because they have very little minerals to balance the high spike of glucose that’s released and the high glycemic index they have even in whole grains yeah and that stimulation of insulin always leads to a surge of cortisol which tends to destroy the protein in your tissues to keep your sugar up against the effect of insulin and so eating even too much protein at a time without fruit will waste a lot of protein people I’ve seen people who were eating more than two pounds of meat a day 44:03 who were having signs of protein deficiency with super amounts of cortisol being produced and tremendous amounts of amino acids in their urine waste so not only do these starches so it’s you know it’s yes it’s a well-known fact that cakes and cookies cause problems and diabetes but it’s not as well as the oils that are put in the cakes and the cookies the vegetable oils but it also can be too much protein not balanced by enough sugars can lead to the same situation okay I think there’s another caller so caller you’re on the air hello hello yeah you’re on the air okay I just had one question and one thing I wanted to thank Dr. Pete because I heard him on another radio station and I cut out everything but butter and it gave me a lot more energy so I stopped using vegetable oils entirely so thank you for that and what I wanted to ask you was I was told that if I folic acid 45:11 that would help depression and I’m not sure why could you explain that or is that wrong what kind of acid? folic acid oh well fruits are very good sources of folic acid I don’t know of any special function that has in digestion but the right amount of it is very protective not digestion, depression did you say depression? yeah yeah okay so that the lady was talking about depression oh depression oh yeah it’s needed to make the transmitter substances nerve transmitter oh okay alright so eat your fruit for your depression activity okay very good thank you I think we’re getting a little bit of disturbance on the on the phones it’s a bit unfortunate and I keep hearing some very strange alien type sounds 46:13 but that’s probably some of the reason for the hopefully it’s on the assets here isn’t it yeah well I’m not sure if it goes out on the air or not okay so yeah it’s 748 and we are very pleased to have Dr. Raymond Pete on the show and we were talking about cancer in terms of the most current theories and old theories and the best ways of treating the organism so far that we’ve got out of this is that the organism’s energy the amount of spare energy the organism has the greater the amount the better able to defend the organism against insults etc and disease in general so what’s being done currently that you’re excited about in terms of cancer treatment Dr. Pete oh more and more people are recognizing the importance of aspirin and stopping inflammation and that is not always interpreted appropriately 47:14 but as we age we accumulate more and more of the polyunsaturated fats in our tissues and under stress we have those circulating in the blood and that means that they are available more and more chronically to produce the inflammatory prostaglandins and so aspirin is in a way an anti-aging defense against a lifetime of accumulating polyunsaturated fats and it’s now knowing that it prevents essentially all kinds of cancer to some degree if you have used it chronically but it’s now being used therapeutically backing up other more conventional or toxic treatments but it’s a very safe treatment and its use is increasing 48:17 and aspirin has been around for a long time and it’s very cheap but you know originally they derived acetylsalicylic acid from or precursors to that compound from white willow bark and meadow sweet and other herbs so it’s a very ancient remedy how many aspirins or how much aspirin would you suggest Dr. Pete because I know some people out there undoubtedly will be talking about gastric ulcers and bleeding you know how bad aspirin is for you yes the aspirin should be backed up always with plenty of vitamin K and not the synthetic K but natural K1 and K2 and vitamin K happens to be structurally extremely similar to a tropical botanical drug called lapacho and that has been used for generations with lots of success for treating cancer 49:25 and it’s analogous to several other drugs that have a good history of treating cancer emoden from aloe and cascara is structurally analogous to vitamin K and tetracycline the microbial antibiotic is it has considerable anti-cancer action but it doesn’t kill the cancer cells necessarily it protects the organism the same way cascara does to protect the mitochondria from being poisoned okay I think we’ve actually got one or two more callers on the line so let’s take the next caller hi I almost hate to call in an interrupt that I have so much gratitude for these programs thank you you’re very welcome thank you for your call oh it’s immensely informative I’m in really great health luckily I just follow the herbs and good food 50:32 and what do you have any feelings about quercetin and staying healthy or okay Dr. Pete do you have much to say about quercetin what was the word quercetin quercetin yeah well you get similar things in fruits in the safest way I think okay oranges have some substances that are even safer and better than quercetin nourishment for example that’s my favorite thing in that category and also nettle leaf not only is it high in vitamin K I always like to go on about nettles it’s very high in vitamin K but it also has quercetin as well as lots of minerals and anahistamine function well the quercetin is part of the anahistamine function okay I think there’s another caller caller and we’ll take this next caller Dr. Pete and I think it might be hello hello you’re on the air yes now I have two things and now when you mentioned the nettles that I thought of another 51:37 because it’s very little time so you’re using white willow bark in Medi herb what would be maybe an average amount for what Dr. Pete is recommending like one tablet well yeah the Medi herb tablets I think you’d probably need to be using I mean if you’re talking about just an anti-inflammatory effect daily probably about one tablet daily maybe split up into a couple doses but if you’re talking about an anti-cancer dose it’d probably be more like nine tablets a day okay well I think people might like to know that there’s something besides like a Bayer Aspen which some people don’t want to use that company race corporate company that there is a well alternative called Medi herb yeah yes and there is white willow bark this see the white willow bark itself is so you have to take so much of it so if you make a tea you have to drink a lot of tea that’s why when it’s standardized and concentrated it’s more effective and it is a problem with the aspens they have starches and other odd weird ingredients in them 52:40 but the one brand that doesn’t have as many terrible ingredients is the western family brand if you were looking for aspirin otherwise for white willow bark we have a standardized white willow bark powder that is standardized it contains certain amount of salicylic acid and the therapeutic dose is much easier a couple capsules a day rather than gallons of white willow bark tea but did you have another question? yes I wanted to ask the audience that there’s somebody who has an abundance of either of you that I would like to trade for a plant my number is 925142 this is Corinne and the alien sounds are coming from this radio yeah I thought I heard those two your number again? I’ll repeat Corinne’s number is 707-926-5142 and she’s looking for some fever food plants if anyone has some fever extra fever food plant she wants to trade good okay thank you for your call Corinne yeah I don’t know what’s up with all the echo tonight it’s all coming from the calls from the phones but I don’t know why 53:43 well we won’t say it’s anything to do with any kind of government control or anything like that it’s just the way it is okay because I know there’s plenty of controversy surrounding some of the topics that we cover I know people certainly like to hear it I want to ask Dr Pete one more question tonight what do you think of the American Cancer Society and the whole cancer treatment in this day and age? oh I haven’t been following it recently but I’ve checked in on them over the last several decades and I see a lot of fraud one lecture to be sponsored by them was to show that they had cured lung cancer and leukemia and this famous biologist from University of California was using phony statistics to make it look like the American Cancer Society 54:46 was responsible for the disappearance of both leukemia and lung cancer and the figures simply didn’t show it for lung cancer if you use the right kind of statistics and the ending of atomic bomb testing accounted for the drop in childhood leukemia but they do propagandistic things pretty habitually I think it seems to me a lot of the research you send me is a lot of scientists around this country and around the world doing research on anti-cancer substances but it never reaches the hospitals and where people are actually getting treated for cancer so why is that Dr Pete? well drug companies really want a good drug for them is something that you pay all your money for and keep taking as long as you’re alive 55:48 and they don’t want people getting cured with something like aspirin and fruit juice or pow-darko and… it would take their power away with them okay alright well I know it’s getting pretty twitchy there in the control room and it’s 7.58 so we’ve got two more minutes but hey we needed to think about wrapping up for this evening well thank you very much again for joining us Dr Pete thank you okay so for those people who’ve listened to our show thank you very much for all the feedback and your comments much appreciated Dr Ray Pete can be contacted by his website on www.raypeat.com and that’s spelt R-A-Y-P-E-A-T dot com R-A-Y-P-E-A-T and we could be reach toll free on 1-888-W-B-M-ERB which is 1-888-926-4372 for consultations or further information thank you very much for listening and thank you very much for joining our show Dr Pete 56:52 okay and I think we just break the end of the show by saying the truth is out there for those people who want to hear the truth stand up look around open your ears and the truth is out there so whilst a lie and this is one of Dr Raymond Pete’s quotes on his newsletters whilst and I think I can get this kind of right whilst a lie spreads around the world truth is just putting her boots on so think about that folks it’s truth it’s not going to be easy to find but it’s out there

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