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00:00 We’re going to be joined in a moment here by Dr. Raymond Pete, who’s an expert physiologist, chemist, research scientist, and we’re going to be hearing from Dr. Raymond Pete about some helpful things to do to counter any potential radioactive spread to this country. It was probably earlier in the week that I first started finding some internet-based evidence to show that the spread of radiation from the steam leaked from the plants subsequent to the explosions, the hydrogen explosions on the actual buildings, not the containment vessel for the reactor, but the buildings that housed all of the reactor and all the machinery, that that steam was laden with things like iodine 131 and cesium isotopes and that these had been released in the steam cloud as the engineers desperately tried to 01:03 lower the pressure by allowing the steam from the reactor to leave so it didn’t cause any further breakdown of the containment vessel, which would certainly result in fairly widespread and very damaging radioactive release, and one of the reactors, number three, the mix-oxide fuel reactor that contained the plutonium, 6%!p(MISSING)lutonium and 94%!u(MISSING)ranium, that would lead to a much more serious environmental damage if that was released. Okay, so we started coming out on Wednesday, I think it was. I first started seeing some spreading clouds as it were in color, showing potential spread to the east coast, and then the CTBTO from Vienna released information and it became widespread public knowledge. It was no longer something that was on the fringes, but fairly widespread public knowledge and today, that was on Thursday and today and Friday, quite a few government agencies are also admitting this. 02:03 So on Wednesday or Tuesday of last week, they started saying that the radioactive components would be in the upper atmosphere, spread by the jet stream, moving east and due to hit the Aleutian Islands on Thursday, and then be on the west coast of America with spread potentially from Oregon down to California. So yesterday, I read the CTBTO report online and indeed, this cloud was coming fairly close and was expected to make landfall by Friday. So funnily enough today, in Sacramento, now the CTBTO is the center, basically the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization that was set up to monitor the atmosphere for radioactive particles, isotopes, emissions from nuclear testing. There’s a comprehensive test ban on nuclear explosions and these sites, there are 60 of them around the world. And these sites actually measure radiation released from nuclear explosions. So the ones in the Pacific were starting to detect this and actually in Vienna, they released 03:09 the information. I think it was, I don’t know if it was a mole or an insider who just wanted to make sure that it got out, because as well as radioactive data, the CTBTO collects geophysical information. So it’s seismic activity, tsunami activity, and on top of that, the third thing they do is maintain and monitor any radioactive release as a telltale signature from nuclear explosions. Okay, so they started picking this up and then on Thursday it was released from Vienna and they said on Friday it would be making landfall in California. And actually today, one of the CTBTO stations based in Sacramento actually recorded a very small, so although they’re very small, they’re present particles of iodine, I131. And so it’s fairly real that what we have in the upper air jet stream and or coming down in the rain is potentially going to land here, and that’s something we should just be aware of. But at this point in time it’s still, I would safely say still fairly small, but it’s certainly 04:14 coming this way all the time now. It’s made its first landfall from when it first started and the fires broke out on Saturday or Sunday of last week. And so for the last five days the cloud trail has been coming east. So we’re joined by Dr. Ray Pete today and I want to introduce Dr. Pete and then also ask him from his sources if he believes it true that the radioactive iodine has reached our land yet. It’s probably present in detectable amounts, but probably not yet biologically significant, but it could quickly become concentrated enough to affect pregnant women because the fetus concentrates elements from the environment at least 100 times faster than other tissues and so during the first two or three months after an accident like that there will be 05:21 radioactive iodine which would be concentrating in the embryo and fetus. Other isotopes such as cesium and strontium would continue to be dangerous if they got into the food supply, but the radioactive iodine is one that’s most crucial for developing babies. So Dr. Pete, we wanted to go over and discuss what different foods and nutrients could help protect us from increasing levels if it does increase or more dangerous levels of radioactive iodine that may be present and or cesium and or strontium from this cloud that is coming over from Japan and we wanted to go through the list of different things that specifically can block those radioactive particles as well as in general what nutrients are protective. 06:22 The first principle is to dilute the radioactive isotopes with good stable or relatively stable isotopes and so old food is best. The iodine radioactive isotope is practically all gone after three months after the production of it and the others will eventually tend to wash down into the ground and so the plants that grow in the first few months after an accident will contain those isotopes. So if you have canned food, dried milk, or aged cheese, these are very safe and will continue to be safe for months because they were produced before the accident. 07:25 Another principle besides diluting the isotopes is to increase your resistance to stress and radiation and it happened that my very first newsletter 30 years ago was on radiation resistance and I want to do it in case of a nuclear accident and at that time I reviewed a couple thousand research articles both from the old AEC, Atomic Energy Commission research and a lot of it from the Soviet research and the main conclusions that I found were that increasing the metabolic rate which causes cells to retain magnesium, magnesium is very important in repairing cell damage and the faster the metabolic rate is generally the more damage can be repaired 08:35 before it becomes established as a stress factor in the organism. The high metabolic rate produces carbon dioxide which has an antioxidant, anti-stress effect all through the organism so if you keep your metabolic rate up and eat a balanced diet your tissue is going to retain the magnesium it needs out of the food and produce the carbon dioxide it needs assuming that you’re getting adequate protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and a balance of minerals. So you mentioned to me earlier that there are ways and foods that we can eat to keep our metabolic rate high as along with taking thyroid so can you expand on what types of 09:37 sugars and fats and proteins we should be ingesting? The ideal fat is coconut oil because the short chain saturated fat acids compete with the other fats that normally are slowing metabolism and oxidizing metabolism and so for a couple hours after you eat more or less a tablespoon of coconut oil per meal for a couple hours your metabolic rate is increased producing more carbon dioxide and accelerating cell repair processes and the fruits that come from the tropics the farther south the fruit is grown the longer it will be free of this high latitude Japanese radiation so oranges grown in Mexico, Brazil and Florida are still going to be pretty pure in terms of radiation 10:44 for a very long time and the sugar and the minerals in oranges are very close to what we need so coconut oil, orange juice and milk as a good source of calcium during the atmospheric bomb tests in the 50s and 60s I got interested in the study the government was doing or they were doing it secretly before it became public for a long time but they were collecting baby teeth from around the world to measure the fallout effects and the government began recommending that people not drink milk because milk was contaminated with the strontium which was taken up along with the calcium but I looked at the actual analysis of the food value as well as the 11:52 isotope content of vegetables and found that a person getting their nutrition from vegetables was going to have about five times higher exposure to strontium 90 than people who got their nutrition primarily from milk and cheese because the cows were able to concentrate the calcium and filter out a little more of the strontium than the vegetables were doing. Yeah you mentioned to me that in order to get enough calcium to protect against your body’s own bone destruction that you would have to drink one to two quarts and eat some cheese daily and that same amount of calcium from green leafy vegetables would be about three pounds of spinach per day. Something like that yeah and then in the fact that you’re eating so much spinach that could have been contaminated with strontium you’d actually be exposing yourself to much higher levels of strontium. Yeah and what 12:58 can you talk to us about what you’d recommend for elimination methods like if we are breathing in or ingesting radioactive particles what’s the best elimination method you find to take because I know there’s a lot of stuff on the internet about all these different things you can take that will help find the radioactive particles but what do you recommend Dr. Pete? Well once it gets into your digestive system if it’s coming in incorporated in the food there’s really no way to sort it out but if it’s in the water for example if you can just keep a lot of fiber flowing through your system like eating fruit that you know isn’t contaminated carrots for example if you know that they’re safely grown uncontaminated will sweep the material through your intestine preventing 14:03 the absorption of some nutrients at the same time that if you’re exposed to a very concentrated dose from rain or something it’s better to go hungry for a little while while sweeping out your intestine. So would you consider just to kind of go back a little bit here but would you consider the the radiation that we might have been exposed to thus far dangerous enough to avoid drinking any milk and eating any vegetables from California and Oregon? Oh no not yet. If it becomes if the reactors start burning fuel rods someone is likely to leak the information in time that people can take precautions but if it reached the proportions of Chernobyl then it would take extreme measures 15:11 for a very long time using only stored antique food the older food would become more valuable. So it sounds like we need to start stocking up on sugar and dried milk powder. Okay and other things that can help move things along in the intestine are all the various liver herbs and cascara bark powder at all speeds intestinal transit time. But I did want to ask you Dr. Pete there’s a lot of hype around people using potassium iodide already and it’s selling out of the stores and people using kelp and can you please explain to our listeners how taking kelp or the potassium iodide supplement would help protect them against the high amount of radioactive iodine in our environment? It simply dilutes the radioactive isotope when you’re taking in a lot of old stable iodine. It 16:18 saturates your thyroid your thyroid shuts down and stops taking up anymore and so you can add a radioactive iodine to a saturated person and it just gradually washes out without concentrating at a very high level in the thyroid. But if a person is deficient in iodine almost all of it will once it gets into the bloodstream it’ll stick in the thyroid gland and give an extremely high dose to the gland and even more so to a developing embryos thyroid gland the fetus will concentrate even more than the mother’s thyroid. The potassium iodide is very good protection but only from the damage to the thyroid gland it doesn’t do anything at all to protect 17:22 against the other isotopes or the other tissues of the body as some people are are saying on the internet. In fact it probably if you took it more than enough to saturate your tissues the center for disease control advocates 160 milligrams one dose. If you took that much every day for a long time your thyroid gland would shut down your metabolism would flow down and you would all of your defensive reactions would flow down so you would become more susceptible to injury throughout the rest of your body. So you’re not recommending that people take any kelp powder or potassium iodide at this current level? No just the minimum requirement is only 150 or 200 micrograms and even one 18:28 milligram per day continued for a very long time increases the risk of damage to the thyroid gland thyroiditis appears increasingly when people eat just a milligram of iodine or more. And do you know the measurements on how much is in kelp powder? How many milligrams is in a teaspoon of kelp or a half teaspoon of kelp? No but probably a half teaspoon. I think people have calculated it would take an ounce to be equal to the center for disease control amount but probably a half teaspoon is adequate to saturate most people. But only once we have more information saying there is actually elevated levels of radioactive iodine in our environment? Yeah one half teaspoon dose isn’t going to hurt anyone but you don’t want to do that every day for a long time. Andrew did you have a question? No I think what was like you were saying the rush 19:36 on buying potassium iodide was pretty apparent I know I saw plenty of information regarding that and the thing with iodine if I’m right in saying this Dr. B is that the radioactive iodine that was present in Chernobyl was also responsible for the big increase in thyroid cancers and are you saying that pregnant women are actually more susceptible even than young children? Yeah certain glass who got interested in the issue when they were doing atmospheric bomb tests. The government timed their bomb tests in Nevada so that the wind wasn’t blowing towards the big California cities. They wanted all of the fallout to go into Utah and the population of Utah suffered the most from autoimmune diseases and cancer and other diseases but occasionally the rainfall would be so light that no fallout would come down 20:47 until it got to the east coast and one of these times Ernest Sternglas had his students studying how to use their digercounters and they found that there was a terrific amount of radiation at the university which the government hadn’t mentioned to anyone and that got him studying it and paying attention to how dishonest the U.S. Public Health Service and Atomic Energy Commission and state public health officials were. But he showed that probably there were tens of thousands of mysteries and the babies that survived a very high percentage were hypothyroid even there was an epidemic of babies born without their thyroid glands and as long as they were being breastfed the mother’s thyroid was entering the milk at a high enough level to cover up the 21:55 symptoms so as soon as they were weaned they were discovered not to have thyroid glands. Going back to coverups or suppression of information I found it quite interesting from the moment the tsunami happened and the evolving situation at Fukushima was passing day by day with ever-increasing explosions etc. I found the most information funnily enough coming from Russia today that news agency there I think probably not suppressed so much by the west as the BBC even I found the BBC’s coverage was pretty good but I found Russia’s today their coverage was pretty excellent and they they had the most up-to-date information I presume because the time zone there are much more on a par with Japan so in the waking hours they were picking up the information as soon as it was being released from sources in Japan but I wonder what would be the best I guess to keep monitoring Russia today but the best source for people in America to be able to find 22:57 out more about local results with real time and real real figures to show what actually is in the environment I wonder what would be the best way to go about doing that. I don’t remember the web address but there is a good nuclear site and basically an anti-nuclear power site that is getting up-to-date information. The other thing was I was looking on eBay at Geiger counters of all things just to see you know they’re out there there’s hundreds of them on eBay and they’re not expensive and I think a lot of them are kind of post post Cold War post Three Mile Island so the getting hold of a Geiger counter to actually do some physical measurements yourself. For a while the internet stores were selling old Soviet Geiger counters for about $15 and someone just told me that 24:04 she and her neighbor had bought two at $35 and as soon as the radiation scare hit the price went up to $75. Oh my gosh okay because I saw them on eBay and they were going for about $150 to $200 and I can get hold of the information pretty quick but they were all fairly similar they’re kind of bright yellow and maybe about the size of an egg carton. So I’m actually holding mine right here which I got on the internet. I could have paid anywhere you know I got the cheapest basically which cost me about $250. I did see even cheaper ones at the places but the really good expensive ones cost $10 to $20,000 and the little booklet I got with this you know I can tell some kinds of radiation from other kinds but I basically have it beeping and I got it to check out both industrial metals and phosphate fertilizers and I did find some things which are definitely hot by mine. It’s not being much more than normal right now though. All right let’s get back to some of 25:08 those some of those things that people can do. Yeah we do have a color on the line but I did want to at least go through a few more of the anti-radiation nutrients. Dr. Pete Caffeine there’s lots of information out there about tea and coffee and can you describe to us briefly what the nutrients are in the tea and the coffee and how caffeine helps to protect against radiation? Coffee is a good source of magnesium and of some B vitamins niacin especially and the caffeine is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and so if you happen to have some mobile isotopes that are still in your bloodstream and going through your kidneys caffeine helps to flush them out faster and safely. It has a slight chelating effect as well as anti-inflammatory. And the things that have an anti-estrogen 26:13 effect as well as anti-inflammatory the radiation effect itself imitates estrogen in the body everything that estrogen does can be imitated by radiation including making a rat go into estrus for example and if you’re in a high estrogen state then you’re more susceptible to radiation injury and that’s why progesterone and thyroid and caffeine by helping the lower estrogen and inflammation are protective against radiation too. So just to recap those you said caffeine coffee because it contains a magnesium and B vitamins progesterone to block the estrogen effects of radiation other antioxidants like vitamin E also blocks the effects of estrogen and helps with radiation and vitamin C and orange juice and tropical fruits. Vitamin A found in 27:19 eggs and liver helps in the repair processes. I wanted to briefly ask you about the glutathione that that’s been touted to help with radiation damages. There’s a lot of confusion around glutathione because anything that harms yourself turns on a defensive reaction and increases the glutathione and so a lot of things that have exactly the wrong effect are being suggested on the basis of the increasing glutathione but many harmful things by stimulating that defense reaction will increase glutathione and taking a large dose of glutathione in itself animal studies showed that it could be carcinogenic to the liver just by starting pre-radical reactions rather than stopping them. Are there anti-inflammatories that can help protect against radiation aspirin? 28:22 Of course which comes from white willow bark well not anymore but originated from white willow bark also ginkgo tumeric those are other herbal anti-inflammatories. Various adaptogenic adrenal herbs aluthro root American and Korean ginseng have been shown to help with radiation sickness and we mentioned the B vitamins already. I wanted you Dr. Pete to talk to us about animal liver which contains a lot of B vitamins and the fat soluble A, D, E and K vitamins and why it’s contrary to popular opinion it’s actually less toxic than the other parts of the animal. Yeah the liver is the main detoxifying organ the kidneys and brain have some of the same detoxifying enzymes but the liver is is where a great bulk of detoxification happens and there have been studies in which beef were going into the slaughterhouse their urine blood 29:25 and tissues were measured and the large proportion of the animals more than a third showed chemical contamination in the blood and urine and practically all of them had the same chemicals in their fat and muscle tissues the meats that are most popular but only a very tiny proportion still had any of the toxic chemicals left in their liver for the first 24 hours after you’re exposed to a insecticide for example it will collect in the liver and and be bound to a certain kind of protein but during this first day in which it’s collecting at a high concentration liver the liver begins destroying it and after just about 24 hours liver has cleaned itself 30:30 and then begins the slow process of cleaning the blood as it draws toxins out of the muscles and fat tissues the fats are relatively inert and so the highest toxins accumulate there over the years and so the fatty meats are the most risky as far as the chemical poisonings go delivers the cleanest okay good um there’s a call on the line so let’s start taking the callers because they may will be one behind the other hi um hello fellow downwinders of the vast nuclear corporate industrial empire uh i’ve been watching the the news and i thought maybe it was the website that dr p mentioned uh an anti or a nuclear information site uh it was on the news couple of uh programs had the plume coming from japan and it indicated that the very first uh uh place where it was 31:38 hitting the west coast was actually kate mendicino from about eureka to fort bragg that was like an 11 o’clock last night they were showing that map so we’re the initial uh fallout point of of that particular plume and i have a couple of questions concerning the first one before i forget that the first uh the calling cleanser that you mentioned i didn’t quite catch the name of that what was it again grated carrot great raw carrot once again raw carrot salad like raw carrot okay and then a little static on the line when uh on the radio and that you have mentioned that and i understand also garlic is supposed to um help bring iodine into the system is that something that you’re aware dr speed oh what was that garlic garlic oh um i it has some antioxidant effect but uh i don’t think it has a big effect on iodine okay and then this weekend we’re trying to safeguard ourselves with uh our potassium iodine salad which is bananas and seaweed is 32:42 there uh i mean if we don’t really you know go out and eat a whole lot of i don’t know what the flavor is but it’s better be better than the tasteless plutonium and uranium that’s literally raining down on us um is is there a cautionary amount that you would eat of some kind of uh fruit slash sea salad like that that would be reasonable to start maybe uh implementing some protection talk to me did you hear that question the last part of it i couldn’t hear okay well basically he’s suggesting eating a banana and seaweed salad so to provide potassium well the seaweed kelp and dulse for example or sea organisms like uh shrimp and oysters and clams those are good sources of of iodine but um but the banana if you bring up an important aspect of radiation which is uh bananas are probably one of the richest food sources in 33:47 serotonin and uh some uh biologists uh carmel mother sill and collin seamore for example have been studying the effects of uh low level radiation on cell physiology and communication and they find that at a very low level uh ionizing radiation causes cells to produce serotonin among other agents that uh even if you take the injured cells out of the organism or the culture dish the water that they were in when they were injured uh becomes equivalent to the radiation uh for other cells uh the same kind of genetic damage caused directly by the radiation can be caused by the chemicals put into the environment by those injured cells and serotonin 34:52 at a level above uh 20 nanograms per milliliter uh is one of those uh communicators of radiation damage uh they in one of their books uh have uh studied by some of the biologists who worked with the Chernobyl victims both the children who have been living in the region and the people who survived working at the accident and they find that the serum taken from these exposed people 20 years after the accident their serum separated from their blood components added to another person’s cells caused radiation damage equivalent in those cells and since they identified a very small amount of serotonin as one of the factors 36:00 spreading this inflammation uh genetic destabilizing material uh I think it’s good to avoid as many sources of serotonin as possible especially bananas good well so when it’s said that somebody is going bananas there’s actually a pharma pharmaceutical psychological aspect to that it sounds like um well I guess I’ll be adding raw carrots to our salad and uh reducing the amount of bananas is there any benefit to eating dried bananas to fresh bananas seeing the psychopharmaceutical aspects of the serotonin in there um there I think shifting towards gelatinous meats away from muscle meats uh would help to reduce the uh a tendency of the tissues when when inflamed to produce serotonin a good 37:03 balance of vitamins and minerals helps to avoid excess serotonin production during inflammation but all of those inflammatory anti-inflammatory things that have been mentioned are basically anti-serotonin and just okay and my final question on estrogenics for concerning the ingestion by men I don’t know Paul Meadow is one of those but are there anything is there anything that maybe should be taken to preempt the estrogenic effect of the radionuclides as far as the difference between men ingesting them and women ingesting them or is it at a point where maybe drinking water out of a plastic bottle with a bisphenol A is better than uh dealing with the radionuclides that that might preempt at least over the next couple of weeks and thank you very much for the programming and release the line thank you very good doctor did you hear that a gentleman’s not okay yeah we have a little 38:07 bit of feedback here so he was um asking about the anti-estrogenic uh what else could be taken at um or what else could men take that’s anti-estrogen to help protect against the radionuclides and also um whether you would recommend people drink bottled water versus water from spring or well in the next several months given that the bottled water is a potential source of estrogenic substances I I think a good filter for well water is is adequate okay and progesterone is um very anti-estrogenic and for men uh keeping the thyroid function high is the main thing um aspirin and thyroid are able to inhibit the estrogen that’s produced as a result of stress okay I’ve actually just thought of something and in the in the water filter um is 39:09 the because we have water filters that we run our water through and I know that the core of the filter is a as a carbon a pleated carbon core is that carbon there is that able to sequester things like iodine if it was in the water um yeah I think carbon catches uh almost any any solid will absorb to an activated pericle okay good all right there’s two more callers on the line so let’s take the uh take the next one you’re on here hello hi you’re on the air um will the brown c reads like will comey and kombu especially kombu or high in sodium sodium altenate and they’re supposed to take all heavy metals and radioactivity out of your body just not the iodine so don’t you think they would be good did you hear that dog speak um yeah if you if they pass through your intestine well yes eating them uh yeah they they aren’t going to um be any more effective than good cellulose anything the indigestible that stimulates your intestine 40:15 will sweep out even with the sodium alginate uh well the trouble is that alginate is um very dangerously allergenic for many people so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are sure that you’re not sensitive to it because I don’t know one person that eats the uh kombu that’s ever had allergies to it um yeah uh dental patients have have died and and dental students uh very high proportion of the dental students working with alginate to make molds uh surprisingly healthy well that’s a concentrate that they made not a whole food product um well if caragenin is somewhat worse but um the um alginate itself has the potential to be dangerously allergenic okay I think in light of um raw carrots being so absorptive in the 41:17 intestinal tract and non-digestible meaning that if they were contaminated themselves when you eat them you’re not going to be absorbing heavy metals and when they wash through your intestinal tract they’re going to be absorbing potential heavy metals and radioactive particles oh well I think carrots are a good idea but cellulose uh seaweed I think well see it’s taking too much seaweed well actually lower your metabolic rate and make you well even eating it daily is enough it doesn’t it doesn’t take that doesn’t take that much in order to start suppressing the thyroid okay thank you okay you’re welcome uh there’s another caller on the line you’re near oh hello yes what I recommend uh using is um mushrooms uh there’s this mushroom right around here called the turkey tail from Eddie’s birthday color and this one is actually in Asia is used as an anti-cancer 42:18 drug because it has a high quality protein-bound polysaccharide which is very discovered very effective in cancer and also in treated uh treating cancer patients that had chemotherapy in their uh survival rates and stuff it also has other uh qualities that free radical oxidizing compounds and all kinds of things like that and other mushrooms do the same quality which are called polyporeal mushrooms which is the richeas one and these big thick conchs that grow like wood look like looking mushrooms and these mushrooms have been studied in Japan and around and uh have been proven to uh been uh produced you know the T cell production and uh and was that interleukin production and I was wondering if you know anything about that dr p how how uh how much do you know about those particular fungi oh what was the name of the 43:23 well he mentioned things like the polyphores the um but turkey tails and one that grows around here yeah most common and uh I make a T from it just by drying it and dust in a powder okay do you know that uh fungi it’s like the most it actually is the most studied uh fungi in the world as far as medicinal okay are you speaking about reishi no it’s related to rishi is also a polypore mushroom it’s a thick mushroom that uh around here if you look on these trees there’s these just layers of these mushrooms they’re like tri-colored mushrooms they’re called turkey tails they go like green and brown and with a white edge and they grow on all like the oak trees that maple all basically hardwood trees and they’re the most common mushroom probably in the world they grow in the most fumbora boreal forest to tropical forests and in every state in the union except for i think no matter i think a lot of the um and they’ve been studied all over the 44:25 world and they they actually make this uh uh commercial uh thing it’s called crestin it’s actually called the anti-cancer drug in asia okay i’ve i’ve not heard of it but i think a lot of the mushrooms have the polysaccharides that are active at um absorbing a lot of things from the gastrointestinal tract right and that’s what i was saying they they use them in chemotherapy and stuff like that but i’m just saying that uh well they also have um um you know for uh other types of uh things besides uh anti-oxidizing compounds but uh so i always take mushrooms anyway i’m a big fan of them and i would recommend that people use this mushroom it’s growing right on it i think you look under your oak tree your apple tree your uh big tree over here on the ground and you look 45:26 at the dead branches and you see it’s covered with these mushrooms all right they’re very dry they’re not they’re they’re dry mushroom all right and that is called the turkey tail okay well people can people can check that out on the uh on the internet and find out some more about yes i’m not i’m not too familiar with it yeah and it is like it has been used with reche okay i’m familiar with reche yeah and that’s another one of the poly and the other one that around here is uh are those you ever see those mushrooms they’re like they look like a piece of wood real heavy sick things thrown off of a tree uh yeah i’ve seen those they’re called conks yeah yeah yeah and that one too has been uh has the same quality okay all right okay well thank you for your call i know i know there’s a couple of other people probably want to get a question in so uh let’s take the next caller hello hi you’re on here all right so uh i have a great website the epa has revamped for the general public so we can easily access the graphical representation of the raw data 46:31 of the monitoring sites along the west coast okay and that is so you can see the actual gamma and beta radiation levels what’s the name of the site what’s the website okay here it comes you guys ready i know people waiting yep uh world wide web epa.gov backflash japan 2011 backflash r e r t backflash rad net r a d n e t okay hyphen data.html okay good well maybe we’ll get all that i wrote it all down okay great okay let’s try it it’s really handy i already looked at it we didn’t see anything unusual anywhere yet okay okay just one thing in that department after 2011 forward slash r e r t you said uh japan 2011 slash r e r t right okay that’s it slash rad net okay hyphen data.html check okay good 47:36 well people can go check that website out and then see how that compares to the ctb to information especially the one that was published from vienna on thursday thank you for that your call okay thank you for having the discussion okay thank you good night okay bye are there any more callers yes there is good okay go ahead you’re on the air yes i was wondering about using uh d ribose to raise the metabolic rate okay dr pete did you hear that question d ribose yeah d ribose um it i think that the main risk is that those things have produced industrially very often have contaminants that that no one knows about or mentions on the labels and so you have to be very cautious that you don’t have an allergic reaction to any of those semi-purified chemicals okay there we go was there was that was that the any question 48:38 okay all right i think they’ve i think they’ve dropped up anyway was there any more callers on the line okay so let’s go back to uh the uh useful things and that people can do given that there is an increase in uh radioactive contamination uh if that plays out i think particularly a thing that i’m thinking about dr pete is uh if if that third reactor the mix oxide fuel reactor actually becomes uh a fire or the fuel rods in the in the pools actually become combusted and there are release of that that fuel third plutonium particularly is that is the dangerous the very dangerous and very long half-life isotope isn’t it yeah at that point i think people should either if they can’t move to bolivia they should think about building a giant greenhouse and getting some goats and chickens to live in the greenhouse with them uh huh yeah well i hope it doesn’t come to that for sure it i think there’s one more caller on the line so let’s take this caller 49:43 hello hi you’re on the air hi thank you um i did come in late so i’m sorry if i missed the answer but um oh you were talking um various vitamins and they’re could you turn could you turn your radio down sorry i was trying to step away one okay um you were talking about various vitamins and are you suggesting only get those from a whole food or what about supplements from a reputable company like rainbow light or something like that i think dr pete’s always recommending fresh fruits and uh so dr pete uh yeah for an emergency uh like just for a period of two or three weeks while the cloud passes over i think it it could be for most people it could be helpful to take a beef complex supplement and uh to um eat extra eggs and and milk and uh very nutrient rich foods 50:47 uh but a beef item and supplement is uh pretty safe and helps to uh keep a maximal rate of metabolism uh supported okay did did you uh you heard that okay yeah thank you um and so will there be a place to go to hear the whole um show tonight since i yeah you can you can pick it up online um at kmud.org okay and then what you do is you go to the audio archives yeah oh and then under audio archives you’ll find the third friday beach month there will be a friday night talk it’s called it’s from seven to eight p.m yeah just search via the date okay which today is march 18th yeah so go to friday night talk and it’s all there excellent it’s been a great show thank you you’re very welcome now thanks for your call okay yeah i know we’ve got five minutes to the hour of eight o’clock so unfortunately it’s coming to an end was it were there any more callers on no okay there’s 51:49 no more callers so let’s okay so dr p if um cesium the half life is 30 years and it’s supposedly heavier than iodine do you think it’s true that more is likely to fall out over the pacific ocean before it gets here or i wonder if there’s even sight showing that it is here um i yeah i think there would be a little bit of everything that was produced um they would there would be only a very slight difference in fall out in the rainfall yeah and going back to potassium i know that caller was asking about bananas but orange juice is very rich in potassium and potassium will also help your body pick up less cesium like the um kelp will help your iodine and the kelp will help your body pick up less radioactiv iodine um yeah um 50 years ago i proposed that the safe thing would be to um have industrial sized greenhouses which um during if they were going to keep doing the 52:54 atmospheric bomb tests i suggested that all vegetables should be grown in either petroleum or coal uh fired greenhouses providing fossil carbon dioxide to avoid the radioactive carbon isotope from the fallout and using limestone as the safe source of calcium for fertilizer and other fossil minerals to give the complete non-radioactive food source for the the plants and and the animals that were being used for food but uh by 1963 the government had agreed to stop testing in the atmosphere uh one of the reasons 53:57 that i did my newsletter in 1981 on radiation protection was that uh beginning with that huge burst of atmospheric fallout from the bomb tests in 1963 the scores all kinds of indicators of intelligence the babies born in nine months after 1963’s burst of atmospheric tests their uh SAT scores uh were showing up in 1981 as the lowest of history and it turned out people were arguing that it was because more poor students were taking the test but actually it was the high scoring people who were uh eliminated from the SAT scores the high scores decreased progressively 55:06 in in proportion to the amount of fallout being produced by the bombs okay we’re gonna have to we’re gonna have to call it a night dr p i’m afraid i’d love to hear more and i know a lot of other people would but it’s uh one minute to eight o’clock now so we’ve got to stop it at eight thank you so much for joining us yet again i would really appreciate everything you have to offer for more information you can visit www.raypeat.com and you can reach us toll free 888-926-4372 or locally 986-9506 thank you for listening we’ll talk to you next month thank you good night

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