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00:00 I don’t think they’ve ever used progesterone itself in a study in humans, going back to the 40s when progesterone was just barely becoming available. People were using it to treat cancer in humans, but it was just on an individual basis. And there have been quite a few publications using medroxyprogesterone and stuff which is not progesterone to treat kidney cancer and breast cancer and such. It works somewhat, but it isn’t progesterone and doesn’t have all of the good properties of progesterone and has some of the bad properties. So, the best information is still from animal studies and even those pretty much faded out after lip shoots left the field in the 50s. 01:05 I thought I remembered one with women who had cervical cancer where they were injecting progesterone. Oh, yeah, yeah, that was… Was that medoxyprogesterone? It was just a few women. That was real progesterone, but it was only a few women and they had diagnosed them as being incurable and so they were willing to see what happened. They were trying to cure it and they photographed and felt the condition of the cervix at the start and then they injected what they thought were big doses. But they never mentioned that any of the women were anesthetized, which happens when you give a big dose, so we don’t really know how much women were getting because they were injecting it in vegetable oil, which is an unpredictable solvent and so if they weren’t 02:14 getting anesthetized to any extent that anyone noticed, they were hardly getting anything more than a physiological dose, but still during the course of the study they saw a great improvement in the appearance and feeling and symptoms. The bleeding decreased, the lumpiness decreased and so on. It looked less like cancer after a few weeks of treatment, but since they didn’t do the experiment to intending to cure cancer, they went ahead and cut out the uteruses after a certain number of weeks had lapsed and concluded that progesterone had no promise as a treatment. The article is mostly interesting for the weird conclusion and then the article published 03:16 right next to that in the same book was about treating breast cancer with estrogen and as many of the patients got worse, as got better with the estrogen and they concluded that this stuff has great promise and those two articles published right against each other are most interesting for the degree of psychosis that goes unnoticed in medical science. Maybe in our society, in general, it’s funny you were pointing out the dominance of the estrogen industry over the last couple of shows and I was thinking that’s kind of analogous to the dominance of estrogen in the sick person without the progesterone to oppose it and it seems like the same thing is happening in our society which indicates to me that 04:20 there’s something wrong. Yeah, this one study I think is still going on, I think its initials are DG, DG Stein was the leader of this study giving progesterone within the first 24 hours after a catastrophic end injury and finding that the people survive when they get estrogen and recover remarkably well instead of just progressing to dead. So it’s very effective as you said for any kind of injury of stopping excitation? Yeah, it stops edema and excitation and deterioration of any tissue but especially noticeable in the brain because edema is deadly in the brain. And as Ray pointed out in the last few shows that it’s not a money maker to put it simply, 05:26 progesterone is not patentable. Perhaps you could, I mean you said they tried to alter the molecule some so they could patent it but those artificial progestins they call them actually have estrogenica. Yeah, either estrogenic or androgenic or in some cases glucocorticoid effects and just recently I saw an article emphasizing the difference between the real progesterone and the medroxyprogesterone that was used in the women’s health initiative study and this person was sort of sounding annoyed that people were making the confusion but I don’t know how influential that publication will be. 06:27 And the medroxyprogesterone is actually what’s called a progestin if you’re taking hormone replacement therapy you think you’re getting progesterone but you’re probably just getting progestin. Yeah, it’s similar enough to progesterone that it turns off your own production of progesterone and the odd thing about real progesterone is that if you aren’t producing enough of it and you take some, you produce more of it. It reinforces the system for its own production just exactly the opposite of what the synthetic progestins do. I see on the same subject of cancer somebody brought up the point that the Craig B. Thompson president and CEO of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has something on YouTube where he discusses new ways to think about cancer and how cancer arises in humans and I’m going 07:34 to accept this call here. He concludes that at the end that if you overfeed someone with fat you do not increase the rise of cancer at all. If you overfeed someone with carbohydrates you dramatically increase the cancer rate and the protein is halfway in between and this person would like to hear your response to that. Oh, I haven’t read it but I’ve seen a couple of other things that I think are equally crazy. Gary Tobbs or Tobbs has an article in Science about a year ago saying basically the same thing which I think he got his idea from Dr. Lustig’s video but I have read lots of studies on the subject and going back almost 190 years anyway I think the evidence is very 08:43 clear that fat is the main unsaturated fat is if not the only at least by far the largest promoter of cancer not just in humans but everywhere they look and the interesting thing about carbohydrate is that the fats that we make out of carbohydrate when we eat an excess of it are anti growth of cancer. They lower the amount of the unsaturated fats circulating in our blood and they have a shift effect on the metabolism of cancer cells they tend to restore oxidative metabolism and suppress aerobic glycolysis which is a characteristic cancer metabolism so this guy he might have 09:49 some bit of evidence in mind but if he doesn’t mention the 99%!o(MISSING)f the overwhelmingly opposing evidence there’s something wrong with this presentation. He doesn’t distinguish between fats he just says fat or carbohydrate. One of the ways they trick the experiment so it looks like they can improve their sales of fish fat or whatever is to give the most toxic fat to the control animals and their test substance such as fish fat to the other animals and the fish fat happens to oxidize so quickly that it doesn’t reach the sales in quantity as great as the sea-doyle does and if they’re feeding a comparison between fat and sugar for example they’ll make sure 10:53 to add the carcinogenic required amount of linoleic acid to the diet so then the sugar all goes in the storage but the animal is still being exposed to the crucial carcinogenic amount of linoleic acid and I’ve looked at probably 150 articles that claim to have results of that sort and it’s hard to imagine that they weren’t designing it just to get the results they want. Well we should probably get back to that in a minute we have a caller on the line Jean are you there? Oh yes yes sorry I should listen I didn’t listen before I called in so hi a couple of questions if it’s okay one I tried I haven’t eaten dairy food much dairy food for many 11:57 years and I was I’ve been trying your diet and I started drinking milk whole raw milk and my sinuses got stuffed up again is there any what happened my sinuses got clogged up oh well I’ve I’ve always had that problem I wouldn’t necessarily recommend whole milk or raw milk unless you’re familiar with the particular cows and if you get a bad result from one dairy or one cow then try another one that feeds the cows something different I’ve felt the difference myself just between local dairies and in the supermarket there was one brand of milk that was always cheaper and tasted a little funny and I always got 13:00 sick when I drank it and there are so many things that can go wrong all milk except whole milk and maybe even that now but the government requires the addition of vitamin A and D to all of the commercial milk supplies and those dairies don’t like to tell how they add those vitamins but generally there is some deluent that the vitamins are carried in probably an emulsifier so that they don’t stick to the sides of the vessels or or float to the top well this this this milk was from a local organic raw dairy raw milk you know with the cream mixed in and I’ve had the same problem drinking or eating dairy from many different sources for 14:02 many years I seem to have the same response whether it’s from store bought or you know right from the cow or whatever yeah you get that from cottage cheese or cheese yes or from goat milk I don’t like goat milk I don’t like the taste of that so it’s undoubtedly some kind of digestive problem but it’s just a matter of experimenting different kinds of cheese uh have you noticed an effect on your your sinus symptoms um yeah usually once in a while it doesn’t bother me but most of the time it does I don’t have any digestive problems just sinus and in my my lungs get I get mucus in my lungs as well or you know cough up mucus 15:04 well what how the mucus gets there is that your intestine is being irritated and the irritation is either that you have bacteria growing on the food or the food itself contains allergens and and very often just by by changing the dairy or the type of cheese or cooking it rather than eating it raw you can find which things cause the mucus reaction but it isn’t that the milk gets into your blood and causes uh mucus production in your head or lungs it’s a reaction from your intestine oh okay hey jean could you stand back from your microphone or talk a little softer it’s it’s your your you’re a little too loud okay sure yeah um I’ve been working with Lita Lee and she suggests that I drink cream instead of milk to solve the problem drink what kind of cream 16:09 rather than milk I I’ve never heard of anyone trying that but I would say try um some homemade skimmed milk uh cottage cheese first okay all right um is that better john that’s a little better you can you can even back up more because you’re coming I think because you’re so close it’s very loud okay um well thank you that my second question is um I have a relative who’s been diagnosed with um chronic superficial gastritis um and also inflamed duodenum what would you suggest there um have they um been checked with with an endoscopy for for bacteria or exactly what the condition is this was through uh yes yes they through a colonoscopy and uh also they 17:15 through the throat through the throat and did they find that they had any bacterial problem growing up in the duodenum or stomach I believe so but I’m not positive um he’s had severe uh uh stomach pain for two or three years it’s been getting worse and lots of diarrhea it’s good to check things like the thyroid but also to consider an elimination diet there are so many foods and even natural uh fresh foods you can rank them according to their likelihood to uh support bacterial growth and and then there are lots of food additives that uh are definitely anything with kerogenin for example uh it it’s causing a a lot of 18:20 cases of inflammation of the stomach bowel uh diarrhea constipation um and kerogenin is showing up in an incredible number of foods everything from organic whipping cream to uh squid patties hmm okay we’ll check we’ll work on that um all right anything else jean um not at the moment all right hey ray um hang on just a sec jean uh is there any use in sneaking up on the milk consumption uh just doing a little bit at a time um to get if a person thinks they if they think they might have a problem digesting uh the lactose or any food uh that’s chemically different uh then if you drink 19:29 two or three ounces at a meal uh that exposes the uh intestine to the new chemical and in a week or two or most a month or two the enzymes usually will express themselves even though they might have been gone for years uh you can usually induce them in a few weeks by these small samples just a half a glass at a time so there’s not enough to feed the bacteria significantly but enough to uh sort of tickle the enzyme system into getting active i actually started with just a couple of ounces a day and uh as soon as i um as soon as i did i had that response all right and uh what about were you going to ask about the enzymes jean we talked about that on 20:31 monday was that something oh uh yeah as i said i’ve been working with lida li i guess you know her right yeah and she has uh recommended i take a number of uh enzyme uh supplements are you familiar familiar with those um yeah but i’m very conscious with uh any kind of a a kill-shaped supplement in the process there are so many allergens that can enter so anything that’s especially involves microorganisms you want to be very cautious a couple of people have told me that when they took the pure free amino acids that they got incredibly sick and you have to be really cautious and maybe take a half a 21:34 half a tablet as a trial and wait three three days or so just to make sure you you handle it the same with any supplement uh vitamin c supplements can cause terrible problems for for people i’ve seen people who had terrible sinus symptoms for years and years and uh when i just suggested they lay off their vitamin supplements for a week they didn’t ever have a runny nose again not too much of a testimonial for vitamins yeah for a while i was counseling at a an alternative health place in eugene were allergies in the summer because of the grass fields around eugene allergies were a big problem and uh for a couple of years i had the reputation for curing everyone’s allergies by getting them to stop their vitamins 22:36 wow are you familiar with Lyme disease and any connection that with that in thyroid um yeah hypothyroidism is often misdiagnosed as Lyme disease do you think candida is the other thing that is commonly if you can’t find a cause then Lyme disease and candida are are the first suspects but usually it’s just hypothyroidism what if you test positive for uh Lyme well lots of people do there’s some overlap with other we all tend to be exposed to spirochetes and there’s overlap with other spirochetes and uh a course of antibiotics for a week or two is a way to uh eliminate it uh the Lyme disease 23:39 can be eradicated just just as syphilis would be for example but uh by avoiding looking for other causes such as hypothyroidism uh some doctors make a good business out of out of the uh the Lyme treatments forever i’ve been working with a naturopathic doctor who doesn’t he recommends you know antibiotics for the initial onset of Lyme but then mostly herbs um and um what he’s what he says i guess a number of people say is that um um the uh the antibiotics for force the uh spirochete to create a hard shell around themselves and they go into the shell which is why the symptoms uh desist after antibiotics but then over time the spirochetes break out of the shell and and migrate around your your body 24:41 especially in joints and stuff which is why people experience uh joint pain years after uh the initial onset of the Lyme well uh if they haven’t eliminated an endocrine problem um very what i see is that the uh hypothyroid people with low immune function also get the whole range of symptoms that are blamed on that such as arthritis and uh if you can cure the disease by correcting the thyroid it’s a lot easier uh about 40 40 or 45 years ago a friend of mine uh had an accident working on his house and the the stress of it apparently brought on severe arthritis and he went to his doctor who 25:46 examined him and uh didn’t prescribe cortisone for his arthritis he prescribed high thyroid armor thyroid supplement because he saw he was hypothyroid and my friend was really annoyed went home grumbling uh the doctor had fixed something that he thought wasn’t broke and in a week or two of taking the thyroid his arthritis disappeared and never came back but not many doctors are aware of connections such as uh injury stress arthritis hypothyroidism and uh most doctors would would prescribe uh at that best cortisone to treat the symptoms but i think a lot of the Lyme doctors are are doing a similar thing making a problem simple problem 26:51 complex raise is it possible that the uh the bite from the tick triggers some uh anti thyroid response oh well probably low thyroid people i have a bigger inflammatory response and that probably are more likely to uh fail to throw off the infection i see so if you have the diagnosis it’s good to take your course of antibiotics but yeah antibiotics a good combination of antibiotics it’s well established as a cure i see all right you have another question gene um you’re starting to uh break up again oh how is it now is it still terrible yeah certainly okay let’s see if it corrects itself 27:53 in a minute gene whenever you move around there’s a huge amount of noise too on the radio so uh i i can’t understand what you’re saying okay uh let me um i’m going to reconnect the call and we’ll start over okay okay okay yeah all right you’re listening to wmrw lp warns a special wacky fundraiser show with dr raymond pete uh raise not wacky but uh the technology is amusing skype to try to do a call-in show and it’s our fundraiser so if you’d like to contribute to wmrw you can go to wmrw.org and click on the pig hey we’re back okay and uh gene are you still there no we lost gene too so um 28:54 the phone line is open again and i should repeat it it’s 802-526-2326 802-526-2326 if you have a computer with skype in it and you’re sitting in front of it you can also skype john barkhausen and we should probably open the lineup for some other people up genes back hey gene yes yeah um do you have another question we should probably see if somebody else wants to get into sure go try someone else and if they don’t i’ll i’ll come back with another okay great can you is this streaming working all right it is now yeah okay great all right well we’ll talk to you probably in a little bit should i stay on or uh it’s better for the noise level to not be on because oh every little noise in the background distracts oh so i can listen on the radio and then call in if no one else yeah that’d be great okay thanks okay thanks and um so you think lime ray has an initial uh infection that can be affected by 30:00 antibiotics but uh most likely it’s it’s not the cause of the the tiredness and the somehow it’s triggered hypothyroidism ah so we lost ray again on hold hello this is wmr wlp worn with a series of mess ups calling back dr raymond pete who’s a phd in biology and has done extensive research and hi hey ray yeah one more time this could get old but uh so i was just asking so you really think lime disease is just a thyroid problem that’s triggered by the by the uh 31:04 well no not the disease but the diagnosis i would say 80 or 90 percent of the people that i’ve talked to have been the doctors who specialize in diagnosing it and treating it chronically i see and have you had luck treating people uh for lime yeah well no no but um they get well i see and and forget about the lime diagnosis i get you so you give them nutritional advice yeah yeah um and i think and the the power of um undigested food is very underestimated can you explain that well and overcooking food like people used to do a hundred years ago it’s much better for the digestion because 32:06 we aren’t designed to eat uh undercooked or raw vegetable matter bacteria can eat it and uh if someone happens to have just the right mix of bacteria their bacteria can eat their vegetables secondarily and release some of the nutrients but um if you get the wrong bacteria then they produce toxins rather than nutrients and that’s the endotoxin problem that you’ve referred to yeah which basically uh poisons your system and taxes your liver yeah endotoxin and many other things um allergens released from the specific plant material as well as bacterial toxins i don’t know if we discussed this on the air before but it’s always amazed me that you talk about endotoxin all the time uh if you look it up on 33:10 the internet there’s a lot of information about it it’s a real thing it actually causes severe problems and that seems to be well recognized but i’ve talked to several doctors uh internists about it smart people they’ve never ever heard of it i guess they forgot that section in medical school during the generation or two but in the 19th century the intestine was a big focus of of Anglo-American medicine and some other European varieties but especially the English and Americans were very interested in what the intestine does to the the whole system the brain intestine symptom uh interactions and the other organs as they’re influenced by the intestine 34:14 that was still pretty big up until 1920 and there was a campaign against it uh Walter C. Alvarez a newspaper enteralogist uh helped to um suppress the the intestine culture in popular medicine uh by um for example there was a belief that uh migraines or headaches in general were produced by toxins absorbed from the intestine and uh he was of the new school that didn’t want to think about the intestines so much even though he was a gastroenterologist so he stuffed wads of cotton into his medical students uh rectums and uh reported that the next morning uh a certain proportion of them had headaches caused just by the the pressure in the 35:20 rectum he said uh so you see headaches are caused by pressure not by toxins but he didn’t put any toxins in his students intestines so he didn’t disprove the idea but it was just a little propaganda bit but uh the other people russians for example uh studied in more detail the intact toxins nutrition and pressure interact very meaningfully uh in uh an experimental animal for example they would put a balloon in the intestine and blow it up and nothing would happen uh the animal would would keep functioning but if they gave the animal hypoglycemia and then blew up the intestine unpredictable things would happen in the all through the rabbit uh it would have hormonal 36:20 and neurological reactions triggered just by that pressure of blowing up a balloon in the intestine could cause seizures or freezing or all kinds of widespread reactions and that’s when you have low blood sugar that’s when it’s particularly dangerous yeah to have blockages yeah and French and Canadian researchers instead of using pressure they combined allergens they would feed a bit of walnut uh to an animal and it would maybe sneeze from the allergens you know then they would give it a moderate hypoglycemia and feed it the same thing and it would die in shock and then if they would give another uh a bunch of animals slight hyperglycemia by infusing some glucose and feed them the 37:26 same walnut or whatever they wouldn’t even sniffle wow so that goes along with what you said that sugar or glucose is protective so it’s yeah it’s very important to keep your blood sugar up yeah um the uh i think a particular researcher who did that was uh named Adamki Wicks and it was published in a book by uh Yasmin or jasmin j-a-s-m-i-n by kaitan Yasmin and why was alvarez so opposed to uh the the research that was done in the 1800s i i have a a book of his and he seems like a very reasonable fellow but yeah he was very entertaining and intelligent but he was just a modern that wanted to get away from the old fashioned uh country doctor who cured everything with laxative i see um and so as long as we’re on the subject of uh uh digestion how important is it that 38:33 people have regular bowel movements um i think like um the um person who popularized fiber 40 50 years ago in the u.s. was studying uh the african uh relative freedom from bowel problems uh cancer and he saw that they typically would have three bowel movements a day and uh that they ate lots of potatoes and that it was the fiber in the potato stimulating the intestine that seemed to protect their bowel so he published things about the benefits of fiber and uh the uh serial industry in the u.s. started selling oat bran as the preventive of colon cancer which caught on in the 70s but then 39:39 in the 80s some australians tested oat bran diets on animals and found that it promoted increase the incidence of bowel cancer apparently by the nature of the breakdown product yeah i don’t think that knowledge has ever gotten around not very well but in in general uh fiber does clean the intestine and and keeping it moving lowers the estrogen reabsorption uh the the bile puts out uh get tries to get rid of of toxic materials including estrogen and if you don’t have a regular movement through the intestine a lot of that gets recycled reabsorbed and uh raises your general exposure to toxins including estrogen all right well that’s a good answer um i better get to some of the questions that 40:46 come in by email i keep thinking we have so much time because it’s a two-hour show but if we have any more mess ups with the phone system it may be a short show so let me get to these questions um there’s one here from uh kenan asking um what what do you think of medicinal marijuana as in its relationship to uh uh cancer and AIDS is it a is it um efficacious efficacious if i can say that um well it helps uh with the nausea if a person is uh having symptoms and can control the symptoms whether it’s uh very effective for for many people and the tea uh when when i was tan the doctor gave me a bag didn’t say what it was but prescribed a cup of tea every day and years later 41:54 i recognized the taste of it as as marijuana but really i it yeah it was supposed to um prevent my headaches but it didn’t do anything noticeable for me but it is it used to be prescribed a lot as a tea and i think it’s a lot safer that way than smoking it because the the smoke itself is carcinogenic and estrogenic and uh the um the various chemical in the leaf are themselves slightly estrogenic or antiandrogenic so i think that’s probably the the main uh concern for someone who’s using it regularly but i i think there are other probably healthier solutions for nausea the anti serotonin drugs and and simply increasing the blood sugar uh salt and sugar 42:59 have very often helped with nausea okay well thanks we have another caller on the line roger you there yeah hi hi yeah this is ray p on the line with you hi hi dr p thank you for taking my call my my question centers around um omega 3 fatty acids uh a couple years ago yeah i i came across um a supplement that of whole fish oil of salmon fish oil that contained omega 3s and it was touted as being a great supplement to help arthritis and and lower triglyceride levels and that kind of thing and then i read your um your research which sort of contradicted all of these these things that i was i was hoping that uh fish oil would do like save my yeah you 44:00 know a great antioxidant and reverse my aging process probably about 20 years but uh i was wondering if you could elaborate on on on what you found and and explain what you think the the uh the the uh dangers are of taking uh supplements of fish oil because i’ve been seeing that these fatty acids the omega 3s are showing up in all kinds of organic products like organic milk and baby formula and that seems kind of dangerous to me if there is a problem with the supplement yeah yeah someone two or three years ago analyzed that the baby formulas and and found that the great bulk of the omega minus 3 that that had been added to it had broken down and was probably in a toxic form so their worst feature is that they break down and oxidize 45:07 very fast and a couple of researchers have have looked for them in the blood at the time that they are having their anti-inflammatory actions and found that they had already broken down but just between the mouth and the bloodstream they broke down in the completely new chemicals which were uh what accounted for their anti-inflammatory effect but those same breakdown products are what in the long run suppress the whole immune system and have a lot of other toxic effects so the the short range anti-inflammatory effect i see is analogous to the anti-inflammatory treatments i used to give with x-ray or or other radiation yeah what would what what would some of those um other the the other effects negative effects be other than um 46:14 um well the whole immune system gets turned down so that it doesn’t produce the inflammation that’s bothering you but in the long run that makes you susceptible to all kinds of infections and i think in the long run it increases the risk of of cancer and and the all of the age-related degenerative processes do you think do you think it would be important to continue to monitor people mothers nurses all of us who are using these omega supplements to see if we have specific a few people are are doing that and warning about their increased use uh it seems like a very bad idea to put it in powdered baby food because 47:17 the the time and oxygen exposure before it’s eaten it it just does a terrific job of degrading those fats because they’re so unstable yeah what should we look for as a symptom that this this is a you know a problem more infections more colds uh yeah um more infections would be the the first thing i’ve seen that in experimental animals and uh there’s been some studies in in people in which uh they their immune systems were relatively inert uh against various organisms and uh i’ll go ahead Ray would be anti-inflammatory x-ray treatments that they used in the 40s so enthusiastically it took uh from 10 to 15 years before they saw the uh harmful effects of them 48:24 um and what can we what can we do as consumers to to alert or to get other uh doctors such as yourself to you know maybe conduct additional research that supports your theories uh is there i have called various manufacturers of the product and and milk companies who are using the product and they they assured me that everything was completely fine but yeah um it’s the same with the additives they’re putting in uh so many products uh the uh like the fumed silica uh silicon dioxide that you see in in vitamin pills and and drugs and even foods and uh titanium dioxide and so on these things are proven uh risky at best but you talk to the companies that use them 49:31 and they don’t want to to think about it they won’t respond to sending them an article indicating that they somehow selectively misread the research incriminating the material right it’s hard to to converse someone’s occupational commitment to something that isn’t helpful and uh ray maybe you can explain why it’s come about that i mean i don’t know if there’s a short answer to this but why it’s come about that uh most of society this in scientific culture uh is invested in these uh products that actually although they might help inflammation in the short run cause cancer in the long run um how did we get here uh the um the whole idea of science has been shaped by uh commerce and the military uh the 50:38 people who have uh something very powerful to gain from using science in a certain way supported being used that way and uh the uh the people who are trying to be objective don’t have any ulterior motives and that means they don’t have a source of funding like there are minority views in science about issues like this and uh my understanding is they just can’t get published oh yeah um and the uh have you have you uh looked at some of the controversies in other fields of science such as halton arp and his uh quasar astronomy no he he was successful in his career as long as he published his pictures in his uh 51:41 atlas of odd galaxy as long as you just said yours odd stuff i’ve been finding but when he when he pointed out uh some very orderly things that related the red shift of quasars to the red shift of galaxies that they were clearly part of they said you can’t use our telescopes anymore even though he was funded by uh taxpayers money they wouldn’t let him use the public telescopes yeah i guess what i’ve become aware of during the show is that there are scientific dynasties just like there are dynasties in in other fields and commerce and uh people get to the top of their career and obviously i think it’s just human nature they don’t want to be they feel like their own reputation and uh status is on the line if their theory ends up being proven uh not to be true um yeah if there’s a little 52:49 maybe a one or two minute video a bit of of uh halton arp talking about its experiences and actually uh quotes some of the things that that happened to him on his way out of the profession uh very ridiculous things that the the top people in the field uh said and did wow this sounds like it would be ripe for the science channel to to do a documentary on some of these contradictory things but thank you very much i’m gonna hang up and listen to you guys on the air okay thanks thanks for calling ruch and i’m contemplating having dinner and then going to the bathroom after that thank you for telling us good night night ruch all right uh the phone line is open 802 526 2326 802 526 2326 53:52 or if you have skype on your computer you can skype john barkhausen all one word let’s see have you ever seen the article ray uh called um i think it’s called against the tide and it’s uh about minority views and science and the experience of several scientists that we have another caller coming in i’m gonna take that all right you’re on the air hi this is justin now i was wondering if uh right to elaborate on uh any misconceptions you thought science might have in its view of the immune system all right thanks justin let me just say before you start right good night i just got to say this is wm or w lp1 okay sorry that was about the immune system yeah any um justin you’re still there yes i’m here can you repeat that again um any any misunderstandings you you think science might 54:56 have in the way of views the functions or the interactions of the immune system uh yeah i think the the best answer to that is to look at the articles by uh polly matt zinger and jamey cunliffe or cunliffe cun li ffe and polly matt zinger they i think uh they are inspired by the the thinking of of um ailey mechnikov uh who was contemporary with uh erlich the um the the magic bullet uh drug person uh that the german view of the uh immune system is the one that was profitable to the chemical drug industry looking for a magic bullet that would kill each kind of germ and then 56:03 by extension applying it to the uh cancer looking for chemicals that would kill cancer cells and not human uh non-cancer cells uh but uh mechnikov took a totally different approach to the immune system the developmental nutritional uh morphogenic approach and uh that didn’t find any commercial sponsors and it was the french russian orientation uh that actually was the biological orientation rather than the industrial and so the the place where his ideas are are well summed up the the alternative idea of the immune system it is it is in these papers by cunliffe and matt zinger 57:05 okay great that’s things stuff and if i could have one follow-up i’d love to hear ray um i’m always very interested to hear him talk about the dead universe theory and biological fields so i’ll hang up if there’s anything he’d like to go into on that i would be very interested to hear it thank you ray and thank you john all right thanks a lot jesson are the quicks universe theory was it uh justine you gone i think he said bio universe but i’m not sure are you having trouble hearing ray on on your end i know no i just i just didn’t get what kind of universe he said uh maybe um yeah i don’t want to speculate could it have been dead universe oh possibly i can um well for example if you want to look at at another controversial video on the internet uh wallace or wall thornhill uh has some things on the uh electrical 58:14 uh cosmos um i think uh his website is thunderbolt dot com if i remember okay that sounds interesting now we have another caller are you are you there caller oh no this is justine again i was just gonna clarify i was just talking about okay uh the notion that the the universe was dead and inert and uh most of biology was just kind of that nature this you understand what i’m saying right i showed you didn’t get the word there was a bubble right oh yeah he was saying that the uh he was wondering about most of that most of biology looks at the universe as being dead and inert and not a living system okay yeah yeah um the field idea in biology uh embryology as the model um developing according to its 59:15 interactions with the environment um that idea continued uh some of the people who who were developing experiments on trying to understand the rules by which an organism takes form some of these people were vitalists who believed there was something extra besides the matter but uh at least they were interested in the actual events as the organism took form and they were knocked out of biology by the gene people who um i would say are on the side of an inert cosmos they want to explain things in terms of uh essentially immaterial information 01:00:15 and and they’re the ones who talk about the vitalists wanting to introduce uh a vital principle as as being somehow against the materialism of science but but the genetics people really want to uh depreciate the material world in favor of an information world and and the the idea of the central dogma was that the information that we have in our genes is immortal and uh can’t be added to and it can only be written out into mortal temporary uh imperfect organisms but it’s the the timeless stuff so uh really the calling people like uh dreish uh a vitalist and saying that they were really 01:01:17 biologists uh it’s kind of self-referential because the genetics people have thrown out most of the interesting stuff in biology until the last 10 years or so when they’re starting to get back to the field theory again yeah did you get that justin yes i did thank you okay and i’ll hang up so someone else can get a question okay thanks thanks a lot for calling all right all right and the number again is uh 802-526-2326 and i do have some um questions here we get to them before we get busy um there’s one from uh britney asking see if you are trying to self treat for hypothyroid based upon blood tests and symptoms how much t4 would be considered too much to take and is t4 even necessary at all 01:02:21 um the um problem with the the commercialization of synthetic t4 that started in the late 40s was that they tested it on male medical students who are about 25 years old and selected for good health and they found that it worked in them just like the real thyroid substance that had been in in use for about 40 50 years at that time yeah and uh the trouble is that it then became commercialized and women have at least five times the uh incidents of thyroid problems because of the antagonism between estrogen and thyroid and the um thyroid sluggishness 01:03:25 that’s so common in women shows up as a slow metabolism of the liver uh typically a woman premenstrually will get drunk on a fraction of the alcohol that it takes to make a man drunk because the liver is slowed down by the antagonism between estrogen and thyroid and oxidative metabolism and it happens that uh thyroxin has to be activated in the liver by taking off one of the iodines in the right position to make it the active hormone called t3 and so if if women are having already well blood sugar symptoms or high estrogen symptoms things that are the result of of hypothyroidism then t4 can very often not help or even make the problem worse 01:04:30 some experimenters took they were trying to argue that thyroid does something other than rev up the oxidative metabolism so they took slices of muscle and kidney and liver and brain and heart and added thyroxin t4 to these cultured slices and saw that the liver had a tremendous burst of oxidative activity but the the kidneys didn’t do much and the livers the the muscles didn’t do anything and added to the brain it actually suppressed oxidative metabolism in the brain and so they said you see oxidation isn’t what thyroid really does it just happens that the liver responds that way but they were looking at the pre-hormone the liver has to 01:05:33 turn it into the active hormone before it can work in the muscles kidneys heart and brain and what it turns out that the brain concentrates the blood can have 40 times as much t4 as t3 if your liver is a little sluggish and your brain will still concentrate the t3 to the point that it has a one-to-one ratio and so if you put the the brain slice in the dish where it can’t get a new supply of t3 constantly the added t4 can’t do anything except displace some of the active hormone that the brain had been concentrating at the one-to-one ratio so adding t4 to the brain in the in the culture dish it caused suppression of metabolic activity and in people you very often see it causing neurological symptoms 01:06:40 strange electrical sensations or ringing ears or worse memory of various things that that are really signs of worse thyroid function so it sounds like t4 probably is not you shouldn’t be taking very much of it if any at all especially if you’re a warm yeah it’s it’s very good if you don’t need that very much so a lot of people take a mixture of t4 and t3 supposedly close to the physiological dose of a one-to-five i think it is of well the gland if you take a human gland or a cow gland it’s close to a four-to-one ratio okay and is that a good mixture to take if you’re supplementing your thyroid with it yeah even a five-to-one mixture is okay but the people who were insisting on 01:07:45 still using the armor with its four-to-one ratio in the 1960s as the pharmaceutical companies developed tests for diagnosing thyroid they started noticing that the people who were taking thyroxin had maybe a 40 to one ratio of t4 to t3 in the blood but the people who were taking armor had maybe a 10 to one or a five to one ratio and so they defined the people who were taking t4 as the normal and the ones who were taking armors having too much t3 but most doctors at that time weren’t aware at all that t3 was the thyroid hormone oh i see so they jumped to conclusions and we’re still stuck with some of those conclusions yeah one of the the ideas that 01:08:46 spread quickly in the late 1940s when the the first blood tests for thyroid came on the market or on the same time as as synthroid the t4 product they it was the protein-bound iodine test and where people like Broda Barnes had seen close to half of the population benefiting from some thyroid which used to be part of the meat supply until the agriculture department said the meat companies could no longer sell it but in Broda Barnes time he saw that somewhere between 20 and and 45 percent of the people benefited from taking some thyroid but these new blood tests in the late 40s found that 95 percent of the people had a fairly high level of iodine-bound protein in the blood and 01:09:53 that created the only five percent need a thyroid supplement idea i see but then by the 1960s new tests came about and they realized that the protein-bound iodine test had almost nothing to do with thyroid function really nothing to do with thyroid function so the the standard that still persists widely that not only five percent of the population is potentially a candidate for supplement and the basis for establishing that had nothing to do with the thyroid function yeah i’m beginning to see that that’s a common problem in science is that basically conclusions get set in stone and then they never get revisited again yeah uh lilia asks oh there was a follow-up question to that last one let me just get that before i move on because i’ll lose it um hang on a second 01:10:58 let me find that uh this is also hang on just a minute oh here it is yes it was a undigested food question if you tend to constantly have excessive air chest pressure or feeling the need to burp is that a sign of low stomach acid with undigested food causing problems or too much stomach acid and what would you do about it if you have any idea i basically know that a lot of different things can cause that some people can actually have reverse peristalsis when you analyze burps most of the time it’s air that you’ve swallowed coming back just plain perfect error but sometimes you find other gases such as methane coming out in burps and the walder alvarez one of the interesting things he 01:12:12 demonstrated was that it’s pretty common for people to experience very very intense reverse peristalsis um he put some lycopodium powder in his medical students rectums when they went home for i’m beginning to get the idea that i wonder wanted to be in his medical class he had them fill out a questionnaire saying whether they typically experienced morning breath and then when they came in in the morning after getting the lycopodium powder he took a swab in their mouth and found lycopodium powder in the mouths of the ones who typically had bad breath in the morning wow that’s a little grim i hope they didn’t have girlfriends um 01:13:13 they were friends so but you think most of the time the air is just from swallow i mean the the burping is just from swallowing air most likely yeah in the daytime the most of the reverse peristalsis happens in the night all right um if if you’re low thyroid your autonomic nervous system tends to rev up compensating for the low uh uh oxidative metabolism it pushes it harder to to increase your your um adrenaline in particular some of the other things uh histamine and serotonin go up too but the um the adrenaline tends to stop the forward propulsion of the peristalsis and and then uh random signals irritation from something in your intestine can probably send waves uh going both directions and and that probably is more common when your 01:14:22 digestive system is slightly paralyzed by a very high adrenaline level yeah all right um sheila asks what are your thoughts on multiple sclerosis what causes it and how do you think it should best be treated uh in the 70s i saw a series of five people over a period of just maybe a i don’t know a year or two i think and as they told me their uh symptoms i said that sounds like classical hypothyroidism and uh they a couple of these people that went to their old-fashioned doctors with a list of what they had just told me that their symptoms were and i said here are my symptoms what do i have and the doctor said hypothyroidism 01:15:24 and gave them thyroid and uh that series of five people in a row every one of them discovered they didn’t have multiple sclerosis but rather just needed a thyroid supplement uh the same person asks and this is definitely related why do i feel bad after i accidentally took too much desiccated thyroid uh she increased it a little too fast over the couple course of a couple weeks and she was eating she actually managed to get some raw thyroid from a butcher which is interesting because that’s something i’ve been trying to do for a while unsuccessfully and uh she would like to know how long does it usually take for the thyroid to get back to normal when you stop eating it and is there anything to do about it getting to feel better quicker oh um well people probably worry too much about it the t4 has a half life of two weeks 01:16:28 and t3 in different people can have a half life as short as as one day and and so if if you were getting a sudden overdose and your pulse went up maybe a hundred and fifty beats per minute that rest in oh 48 hours probably you would have lost at least half of your t3 which is the active stuff and your and your liver would then be putting out just sort of a disposal amount converting the t4 to t3 so usually if if you took so much that you had a very fast 150 beat heart rate in two days you would probably be down to a fairly safe comfortable 120 beats per minute i see and if you wanted to intervene and and make that even a quicker 01:17:31 transition oh yeah i’ve seen uh oh some people who who just suddenly spontaneously became hyper thyroid or who had overdosed uh juicing cabbage raw it just takes a glass or two of that to uh very powerfully suppress your your thyroid functions it worked at several levels but usually a glass or two a day for a couple of days and person is back down to normal and what’s your suppression oh go ahead well well liver is is another suppressive food if you eat two big meals of liver you can see a big decrease in thyroid function and how long does that suppression last from liver or cabbage if you eat something and say you’re not uh hyper thyroid you’re just normal whatever that is and you eat some liver um how long does it take for your thyroid to bounce back is that also just a matter of a couple days 01:18:35 yeah okay and uh uh the fear of suppressing your thyroid gland itself by taking too much thyroid that has been tested by using isotopes that they could tell where the thyroid was coming from so they would dose them until they could tell there was no uh thyroid being produced by their own gland and then they stopped dosing them to see if there was any concern about prolonged suppression and everyone’s land came right back in a couple of days well that’s encouraging so you can supplement your thyroid without fear of permanently uh taking it out of the system which i think is what a lot of people are told if they talk to their doctor about it um yeah and the um people farmers use who had their own uh animals often they would eat the thyroid gland in the chicken neck for example and uh one guy i knew uh said that on friday they 01:19:43 always had fried chicken in the field for lunch and he said the friday afternoons he was always too hot to work but he would eat five necks and and get probably uh oh 20 grains of thyroid oh yeah a very suppressive dose and you’d be very hot but by the next day it would have passed i don’t that’ll get you moving um is another thyroid question here from wade uh i would like to ask ray’s thoughts on reverse t3 uh if it is really necessary to use t3 treatment only to clear out the accumulated reverse t3 or if a combination thyroid product and proper nutrition will resolve the issue yeah i think it’s mostly caused by a high cortisol and stress hormones and so just um 01:20:43 eating a good supportive diet plenty of fruit or in juice and milk uh will help keep the stress down and uh i think it it works just as effectively as as i’m taking just small amounts of t3 and what causes reverse t3 is basically where your whole thyroid system shuts down is that right yeah if you um are if your body thinks that you’re having an overexposure to thyroid it gets rid of of the excess by turning thyroxin into an inactive kind of t3 it takes off the wrong iodine and so if if you’re fasting for example part of the thyroid is being excreted the way estrogen or toxins are being excreted all the time but part of it is being 01:21:50 inactivated in the way that has an anti thyroid effect it interferes with the active t3 so it’s an extra fast way to turn off your thyroid function not just getting rid of the active stuff but making you know a neutralizing blocking form of the thyroid and i missed part of the question of the person who was concerned about ms and that was had to do with a drug to decrease the number of ms symptoms and i think it’s called just can’t find the word here uh nalaxone or do you know what um yeah nalaxone or naltrexone yeah there you go thank you so um when you’re under stress uh you produce the endorphins and the endorphins uh 01:22:54 uh they compensate for injury or stress and they should go away but prolonged stress can leave you sort of inhibited in various ways with the wrong pattern of of endorphins and uh the if if a person has uh been exposed to prolonged stress sometimes you can break out of the pattern and recover functions uh with an anti morphine treatment these these nalaxone and naltrexone are the injected under oral forms of an anti opiate that that simply keeps the morphine or the endorphin from having its effect and and sometimes that can restore functions that that had been suppressed 01:24:02 and it sounds like you’ve you’ve opined that you don’t like opiates so that you think they’re actually bad for you in the long run and so that sounds like it’s not a bad thing to be taking um yeah i i think it usually has its effect in in just a few days though i see um and i think that hasn’t really made a big difference in just a few days then it’s probably some other problem i see so if you uh wanted to keep the inflammation low could you just use some other inflammatory anti-inflammatory oh oh yeah um all kinds of of uh stabilizing anti-inflammatory things um thyroid and progesterone and the uh short chain fatty acids and sugars are all things that help restore uh injured demyelinated nerves 01:25:09 what well let me ask before i go into my own questions and the phone number again is 802-526-2326 802-526-2326 if anybody wants to call and you can Skype me at john barkhausen all one word lilia asks um do do you ray have any thoughts on the efficacy of pro low therapy in which a solution containing sugar in the form of dextrose is injected into tendons or ligaments to strengthen weakened connective tissue uh tissue that was weakened as the result of injury have you ever heard of that oh yeah um my father hadn’t done i think they used vegetable oil in the 1950s uh a combination of uh no novocaine and vegetable oil i think was the the popular thing then and it uh causes an inflammatory reaction and toughening up of the ligaments and uh it can 01:26:16 can cure some back problems without anything very invasive just a shot into the ligament and so it it’s proven to to work but i think there are better things it’s usually uh a low dha production from from low thyroid high estrogen uh and stress hormones that cause the ligaments and tendons to get weak and uh the uh correcting the thyroid function and maybe taking a dha or a pregnant one supplement would be the natural way to strengthen the the ligaments and tendons and it helps the bones at the same time okay i guess the person who did this did find relief from it um and she’d been uh suffering for 35 years so it sounds like there’s a couple 01:27:23 ways to to fix that problem um and i was going to ask you uh i know people wonder when you would they hear you talk by the way we are talking to dr rehm and pete who’s a uh phd in biology with a specialization in physiology from eugene orgon and he also has vast knowledge of science history uh and we have about half an hour to go here at w mrw lp1 and we are having a fundraiser by the way i keep forgetting to mention it but if you’d like to contribute to alternative radio radio that doesn’t have commercial conscriptions uh feel free to do that at any time at w mrw dot org you can click the pig to make a paypal or credit card donation and we’re trying to raise our ten thousand eight hundred dollar annual operating budget which is uh not much money to 01:28:25 run a radio station so and that’s because nobody here has paid a salary thanks for putting up with that ray uh let’s see i wanted to ask you oh a lot of times it sounds like all of our problems boil down to having a a slow metabolism are are basically the engine that drives us and gives us all of our energy is not running well and i’ve heard the complaint about your writings before that all he ever thinks is wrong with us is our thyroid um and somehow that’s a a put down um well how do you respond to that well the uh it doesn’t apply just to people it applies to uh all complex organisms practically the difference between us and the fungus is that we’ve had a lot of of thyroid and oxidative 01:29:31 metabolism that the fungus hasn’t benefited from uh all of our functions are uh characterized by high energy oxidative metabolism the brain more than any other part and as you look at the animal kingdom uh the outstanding thing is that their oxidative metabolism increases as they go up the so-called evolutionary scale uh and it’s that um oxygen is is driving our existence and our our existence is culminating in a bigger more expensive brain that other animals couldn’t afford because their thyroid function wasn’t adequate it’s uh really the 01:30:31 the essential thing given oxygen and and sugar and a few other materials uh thyroid is the catalyst for uh making things run right and it’s i mean when people complain that all you and i don’t think it’s actually true but when they say that all you talk about is the thyroid it’s um it’s they make it sound like you’re not interested in any of the other systems of the body but the thyroid does seem like the master system in terms of energy production for everything uh yeah and if your thyroid for example is is working efficiently then your um pituitary doesn’t have much to do and uh you you aren’t likely to get a pituitary tumor your adrenals don’t have much to do your ovaries don’t don’t get overstimulated 01:31:39 uh the other glands have an easy job when your thyroid is working right if your thyroid gets interfered with then you’ve got to rev up your adrenals and then your pituitary becomes a commander-in-chief and tells everyone what to do with the stress hormones yeah and uh then then you’re at risk of of getting tumors of the ovaries or testicles or adrenal glands or thyroid glands because your your pituitary is working them too hard that’s a that’s a good way to look at it um i also wanted to in lieu of anybody else calling in i have some questions about common problems uh a lot of people have arthritis and we’ve just discussed that a little bit today but in our shows about progesterone you were talking about several instances where progesterone was 01:32:44 very helpful to women with arthritis but what about men is it a is it the right substance to use for men in arthritis um yeah one of the first people i gave it to was a a friend over 40 years ago i think um who um every afternoon his knee swelled up obviously rheumatoid arthritis and looked like a football and i just got some standard injectable progesterone from the drug store and he put the whole vial on rubbed it from his side down to his calf and uh two or three hours later he was walking and showed me his knee it was no longer swollen and uh just um about three or four years ago he was still walking without a limb and hadn’t noticed arthritis in all that time 01:33:46 so for so for people developing arthritis in their hands now um is that is that also a thyroid problem do you think or is it it’s not just some inflammation that could be taken care of with aspirin or progesterone uh yeah when your thyroid is down you compensate with all kinds of other stress hormones your autonomic system goes up but so does your adrenal cortical and elastrone hormones estrogen increases even melatonin gets involved everything uh runs to compensate when when the thyroid is low and uh some of these compensatory things don’t quite compensate fully and then they get involved in in creating the inflammation 01:34:48 and that’s where the dhpa and progesterone either taken orally or or can be applied topically uh those are the things that are deficient uh that as a consequence the other more uh delicate and dangerous hormones such as estrogen and cortisol those increase because you’re you’re low in progesterone dhga and pregnant alone and so supplementing any of those three or all three of them will usually alleviate or cure arthritis i’ve known people with dogs or horses they thought that the horse was so old that it would never work again and just giving it progesterone they they made the the horse healthy and happy for several more years 01:35:53 and people with dogs that couldn’t basically couldn’t walk around couldn’t get up on the furniture they gave him pregnant alone or progesterone and they were their normal tests if it’s illness that’s great now we have a caller are you you’re on the air caller oh hi thanks for taking my call um ray um in your i’d say on autonomic systems there’s a little passage about 20th century writing and painting and you talk about um those things being considered expressive rather than communicative um i was wondering if you could give some examples of 20th century writers or painters do you think are communicative and not insane and um if someone maybe who is following in lake effort steps and there’s several parts of those sentences john could you repeat them um i’m not sure if i got them all either could you try again caller 01:36:58 i’ll turn the volume up so maybe ray will get it okay i’m sorry it might be my cell phone’s fault um i was just wondering if there are any um 20th century writers or painters who you consider not insane you consider communicative rather than expressive maybe somebody who’s following in Blake’s footsteps somebody who’s following in Blake’s footsteps uh yeah um i see keros was one of my heroes uh David Alparo de keros how do you know that si q u e i r o s okay thanks and and why did you originally say that ray that the 20th century artists 01:38:00 are um considered to be out of their minds um well the um they were driven out of their minds partly by the cia’s project called uh the uh uh congress for cultural freedom which uh worked with uh nelson rockabeller to uh glorify some of the uh what c keros called them the ghost artists they were creating a culture of anti-culture and uh the cia knew exactly what they were doing and presumably nelson rockabeller did too uh when he and his uh two or three other philanthropists concentrated on these people because of their anti-social consciousness 01:39:03 uh and they ridiculed the idea that art should have a social consciousness and the cia pumped marshal plant money into uh creating this alternative culture of abstract expressionism and such hmm sounds like we need to start a new show called politics and art uh corrupting uh influence of money everywhere uh do you have another uh comment caller okay uh no thank you i’ll i’ll get off now okay thanks for calling um i’m not sure i think it was just because uh c keros was working around the new york crowd that he saw what was happening uh it was years later before uh the actual 01:40:08 uh fact became public i think was 1968 when when this uh cia financing of of culture was revealed but uh c keros had been there seeing it going on so he was the the first person i heard of writing about the you know the government’s official ghost culture yeah that’s uh and what do you think the government’s motive was for doing that right was it just to divorce people from uh the well to um to improve the power yeah to improve the power of of the rockefeller class by keeping uh anyone who said the art should be socially conscious show them to be uh some kind of degenerate or subversive um we just got another email question in uh it’s to ask you what caused uh what causes mols on the skin 01:41:20 um i’m not sure what you would say causes them but uh i’ve in myself and in uh i several friends uh i i found that they were very hormonally related uh in about 1980 one summer i had been watching a a mole grow on my belly and it was obviously to me becoming a dangerous melanoma it had grown from a little brown spot um can you just keep it down while ray answers this question there’s some turn off your mic for a second okay um the um i it was becoming a an obvious melanoma to me and a couple of doctors who happened to be visiting that summer saw it and and told me that they thought it was a melanoma 01:42:24 but around that time i was experimenting with uh different steroids and i just happened to be tasting some data around that time and uh without thinking of any connection one night i noticed a shiny red dome on my belly where the mole had been and over the next three or four days the mole disappeared and uh thinking about it i realized that i had been sampling the dha around that time so the next time i started getting a mole that looked like it was turning into a melanoma for example uh turning blue and white and the the blue and white spots swimming around or changing positions rapidly typical behavior of a melanoma i would just apply a a little either progesterone or dha to that area and immediately the color 01:43:31 instead of swimming around in in colored spots would level out and become just a little tan colored thing and then it would go away and i had a a series of experiments one was a mole as big as a jumbo olive that uh when i finally put some progesterone near it within two weeks it had turned to a crisp and fallen off without leaving a trace of a scar wow where this huge huge black thing had been and i found that i could sort of steer them uh they’re extremely mobile the pigment cells uh a huge black thing appeared suddenly on my lower arm and having the other experiences i put a a dot of progesterone in oil on the uh upside about an inch from the the spot 01:44:34 so coconut oil the next day there was uh it well i think was vitamin e and progesterone okay thanks and the the following day there was a shadow of it uh about an inch uh downstream towards my hand and i put another dot on and each time i put a dot on the next day there would be a shadow uh an inch farther down so i had a series of of three or four progressively fainter shadows and each time a shadow moved out from it the spot itself got fainter and pretty soon all of the cells had uh walked away from the the big black spot and in in another case putting a dot on the front of one on my forehead uh the pigment cells moved out in a circumference 01:45:35 away from it so it looked on the third day it looked like a bull’s eye and after about a week the original spot had shrunk up and uh pinched off at the base wow and uh left left no scar that’s phenomenal various other people who who didn’t experiment in such detail would just take an overdose of thyroid for a week or two and day by day you could see their their mole shrinking until in in one case a mole an inch long uh disappeared from a guy’s back in two weeks so you were just toying with it with that progesterone and pregnant alone yeah it’s very entertaining to see how fast these cells can run through your body yeah people have have studied them on uh cover slips and uh at 90 degrees which is the average skin 01:46:35 temperature uh a cell of that type can walk about an inch per day wow if it’s motivated if you if you’ve got something to move it along no loitering yeah we have a I think the reason I think the reason they collect in certain spots is that they come looking for something that’s missing from where they were hmm they’re looking for some resource to take advantage of or yeah like some they found some cell that was getting uh DHEA possibly oh and so everyone moved in to take advantage huh I see and that’s maybe what caused the mole to form in the first place yeah that’s some people just the last couple of months have been thinking about the factors that guide cell migration and it’s probably going to be a very interesting field in the next few years 01:47:38 trying for example to lure cancer cells back from their metastatic positions call them back to where they should be hmm that sounds much more civilized than what they do now we do have a call array and not very much time left so a call if you want to turn on your mic yep yeah thanks for doing that and uh what’s your question uh yeah I wanted to talk about um uh type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome um and how it causes with you know go together with low testosterone and you know what’s the best way to attack that okay we have about we have about seven minutes um I’ve I’ve got some uh newsletters specifically on that but uh getting the polyunsaturated fats out of your body uh as as far as possible or keeping them in storage if they were there 01:48:41 uh but definitely avoiding all kinds of polyunsaturated fats because those are the things that specifically interfere with the ability to oxidize uh glucose one of the one of the reasons that aspirin for a hundred years has been known to help lower blood sugar in in that kind of diabetes uh is that aspirin uh does several things to interrupt the effects of the polyunsaturated fats it keeps them from turning into the inflammation causing prostaglandins but it also helps to keep them in storage where they don’t do any harm or not so much harm all right is it college still there yeah I’m here thank you for that 01:49:42 and I wanted to know about also you know correlate into the weight loss because I found that you know as soon as weight is lost the the blood sugar starts regulating itself yeah the um the fat cells are sending out signals that create inflammation uh leptin is one of the pro-inflammatory signals that you want to signal your fat to stop sending leptin if possible all right uh thank you thanks for calling thank you very much yeah thank you we have one more question that came in by email Ray and it says uh that’s from Jerry I eat raw vegetables out of the garden all summer is that a no-no I always thought raw veggies were more nutritious than cooked it depends on what they are uh like uh peppers for example are really fruits uh tomatoes and 01:50:46 peppers are are good raw and carrots and uh some of the uh the radishes for example are if you ate a lot of them they would be anti thyroid but uh there are there are some things called vegetables that are really fairly uh rich in in sugar as well as the minerals and so those sweetish root vegetables are pretty healthy and the fruits tomatoes and bell peppers in particular as long as you’re not uh nightshade uh intolerant yeah yeah the um allergy to those is a problem for a lot of people you’re not very big on uh some raw vegetables is that right like 01:51:48 beans and such um yeah the the um the raw stuff it’s likely to uh feed bacteria and cause problems and uh if there is a seed developing in it uh that has other specific toxins like like peas and beans are not not so great yeah um and I really wanted to ask you about eczema I was wondering if you had any tips for how to handle that we only have a couple minutes um keeping your intestine in good condition is is one of the things uh both eczema and psoriasis uh tend to flare up uh in a lot of people when they eat bread or other grains and uh beans are very hard on the intestine in general but uh seeds, grains and beans 01:52:50 irritating the intestine tend to create sympathetic reactions uh the particular enzyme that reacts to uh gluten is uh involved in the maturing of the skin cells and so the uh this particular enzyme is now being studied as a link between the intestine and the skin the transglutaminase enzymes and what can somebody do about eczema if they have it um uh thyroid very often helps helps yeah mm-hmm would progesterone also do you think yeah very often uh sometimes pregnenal and by balancing all of the others it’s the precursor to all of the steroid hormones and uh in itself it stops the stress reaction and to the extent that 01:53:56 your uh stress system uh from pituitary to adrenals it associates with a flare up of skin problems just by turning off the stress with pregnenal on uh you can see a big change in a lot of problems and well we’re actually out of time so I can’t go on even though I want to um Dr. Raymond Pete it’s been a real pleasure once again having you on the show and thanks for doing such a marathon and handling all those questions okay so well really appreciate it okay thank you okay have a good night Ray okay bye yeah bye bye well it’s hard to believe that’s sped by so quickly I want to thank everybody

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