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00:00 earbuds. I’ve never done this before. This is my first YouTube live. So if you guys are out there listening, welcome to my first live Q&A. And what we’re doing here is in honor of Dr. Ray Pete, who was a great mentor of mine that recently passed away, as many of you know. And so today I want to make this all about him. So give me a second to get my earbuds and let’s see if you can hear me better that way. It’s live. You never know what you get when you’re live. You just get what you get. So let’s see here. I don’t even think I can plug into that. Questions? I would love to answer them as best I can. This is in honor of Dr. Pete. I am not anywhere in the vicinity of the knowledge that Dr. Pete has, but a while 01:03 back, you guys, I asked for questions for you because I was going to have Dr. Pete on. And so you gave me a slew of questions, which I was super stoked to share with him. However, we never got to do that, unfortunately. So let me see if you can hear me now. All right, so just a shout out if you guys can hear me. Okay, now that I’ve plugged my earbuds in, like I said, this is my first live Q&A. I’ve never done anything live. So I apologize if the quality isn’t up to your standards, but I’m learning as I go today. But I really wanted to be with you guys in your grief, okay? Because I thank you, Nate. I see your post. Thank you that you can hear my volume is good. Great. I’m excited now. But I really wanted to be with you guys in your grief because we all suffered the loss of a great man. A great doctor. And I thought, what a better way to celebrate him than to come together with all of you who appreciate him and just anybody listening to know 02:05 that if you’re not familiar with Dr. Ray Pete, please go to raypeat.com and just start reading all of the many wonderful articles this man wrote who had been doing nutrition longer than most of us have been alive. So I really trusted his knowledge, his accuracy, and just his sense of direction. You know, one thing I always appreciated about Dr. Pete was that when you guys ask a question or when we had a topic with him, hi, it’s DC, you will. Yes, I have a question for me. I’m going to answer that today. I, one thing I appreciated about him was, let’s say someone asked like, do you think I should take, you know, such and such? He would never say, no, I don’t, you know, that would never be his response. His response would be, there was a study and he would go into the data that he knew about it. Now, whether the data was, you know, updated later on and maybe he hadn’t seen that or what have you, there’s no meaning. What matters is that he never told anybody what they had to do. What he did was, he would give you the 03:09 information and then he would let you make your own informed decision. And that’s a really beautiful person that can do that and not condemn you for what you’re doing or say, no, you’re doing it wrong. But instead, he would, he would just guide you in the direction of learning what’s best for possibly your body. So yeah, I just want to be with you guys in that. I want to celebrate the fact that you guys followed him for years and I wanted to make this Q&A about you guys. I wanted your voices to be heard and you had asked Dr. Pete some questions a while back and we never got to have that podcast. So what I thought we would do today is we would answer some of those questions in addition to whatever you guys want to post here. If you want to post some questions here, I would love to answer those as well. So like I said, I’m not Dr. Pete. I have one 99th percent of the knowledge that that man had. So when I answer your questions today, this is my own professional opinion based on the 04:10 knowledge that I gleaned from Dr. Pete over the past decade based on the knowledge I have as a nutritionist in the field for over 20 years now. So when I answer your questions, just take them with a grain of salt. The basic premise of our health is n equals one, bio individuality. We really have to know ourselves and what worked for Dr. Pete doesn’t always work for all the rest of us and he himself would have told you that because he never told you there was a Pete diet. He never told you there was a precise way that you had to eat. All he did was guide you in the right direction. That’s what I want to do today. I want to guide you in the bio individual direction because I appreciate the individuality of each of you. Now, I just want to scroll and can I see some of these comments because you guys are posting things and I really want to say hi to you. Let’s see. All right. Well, I’ll have to figure that out in a second. Maybe I can pull it up on my computer. I’m so not tech savvy, by the way, you know how I feel about EMF. So I’m doing this for you guys. Now, I will say based on the bio individuality thing I just shared, some of you, in fact, 05:13 many of you have been listeners and have reached out to me and hired me as your nutritionist and I want to give you a big thank you and a big I’m humbled by that because the other thing is is I only, you know, I’m in this relationship with you where I haven’t met you guys as listeners yet. You guys email me questions. You post things on my message board on YouTube and I love that. I love all that. But when you reach out to me and I get to work with you as a client, it’s so fun for me because I get to learn about you. You’ve been listening to Dr. Pete and you’ve been listening to me for a while, but now I get a chance to learn about you and that’s really fun for me. So if anybody is looking for answers to their nutrition and you just want somebody to walk alongside you and help you in your search for your bio individual health, please reach out to me. Get fit with Jodell at gmail.com. I’m happy to put something together for you, even just a free 15 minute call where we can see if it’s right, if that we work together. Okay. So anyway, that’s the fun aspect is getting to know a lot of you listeners out there. So keep listening. We’re 06:14 going to have a lot more to talk about in the upcoming months. I’ve got a lot of really great people coming back on, including Georgie Dinkoff. It won’t be till after the end of the year. You see, super busy, but after the end of the year, we are going to have Georgie back on for part two. I promise you we’re going to do that and I promise you we’ll get to your questions as well with him. Okay. So I want to jump into questions, but before I do, let me just pull up my YouTube page here so I can see what you guys are commenting because I’m not sure if I know how to do that. If you guys want to type something, maybe I can see it real quick how to see the post, but I’m not really sure how to see that because I want to be able to answer your questions here too. Okay. So not just on the questions that I have from from you for Dr. Pete, I have all of those right here. We are going to do those and we’ll get to as many as we can in the time that I have between clients here. So, okay, so I don’t see how to do that. So we’re just going to move on. All right. So first question 07:15 comes from, let’s see, Dirk. Okay. The first time ever, I wanted to ask Dr. Pete questions after discovering him six years ago. Oh, this is DC. You will see your posts there. Cool. I’m going to figure out how to get to those and I’m going to answer you back. But first we have a question from Dirk and he had sent Dr. Pete a thank you. A thank you. Love what you do. Listening to you and Ray speak is so relaxing. He says we’re relaxing. You know what? I need to share with you guys a story. Okay. I promise we’re going to get the questions, but this is how sweet Dr. Pete is towards all of you. You guys’ voices were heard and he cared about you and I want you to know that and here’s how I know. I had emailed him when we were having trouble coordinating our podcast after he wasn’t able to make the one I had scheduled and I had said, just checking on you. Are you okay? Do you know when we might be able to podcast and he came back and he said, my voice still isn’t working, but why don’t you send me all of the questions and I will email them back to you and you can post them or you can 08:20 share them. That’s how sweet he was. He was going to literally go through all these questions I have and answer them via email for me to read for you guys. But unfortunately, I really was pushing to be able to podcast with him. I thought he was okay. I was just like, hi, Ellie. I thought he was going to be able to come back on the podcast. I just said, no, I know you’re going to be back and we’ll just save the questions for then so they can hear you answer them out loud. I’m really sorry that I didn’t do that because a lot of you could have got those questions answered from him and I really thought he was going to come back as all of us did. Excuse me for a second while I’m having a moment, but anyway, that was how sweet he was to you guys. So, Dirk, we’re going to dive into your question before I get too emotional here. So, Dirk is a male that’s been on testosterone injections since he was 20 and now he’s 28. Oh, by the way, I have my coffee here. Is anybody else have 09:21 their coffee in memory of Dr. Pete? I’m drinking some Turkish coffee. I don’t know why it’s Turkish, but it is. Anyway, back to Dirk. This is all about you, Dirk, if you’re listening. So, his testosterone injections were cotton seed oil based in about 10 milliliters worth every two months injected sub-Q. He avoids all seed oils as best as he can, but he’s wondering if he can, number one, come off the testosterone after being on it so long and also thoughts on the cotton seed oil in the injection be put directly into the fat or the muscle. Any alternatives, maybe an MCT oil, oil base could be better, just anything that we might know about testosterone injections. I know a lot about this because I can’t again not speaking for Dr. Pete. Dr. Pete could have a complete different answer than what I’m about to share with you, but I’m just answering from what I’ve learned from him and then also what I have gleaned as a nutritionist working with people on HRT or TRT as it is here. So, yeah, you really don’t want one with 10:24 cotton seed oil if you can help it. Now, if your practitioner is only using that one, I can recommend a couple of telemedicine places where you can get your blood work drawn and you can get on a testosterone that does not have cotton seed oil. You can get an MCT oil at worst, you know, like the better bad poof a choice might be like a grape seed oil. That’s not great either, but it’d be way better than cotton seed oil. So, what we need to do is look at the fact that you started at age 20. Now, at age 20, I don’t know your circumstances. Definitely, if you were a normal healthy 20-year-old, you probably shouldn’t have started, I’m just saying on testosterone because you’re gonna have to stay on it for life now because you have disturbed your own natural flow of testosterone and I know you asked, can I come off of it after being on it for eight years now? I don’t know because there’s so many factors that go into that. I’m not one of those practitioners that believes once on it, always on it. I believe we can give our body the proper conditions, but it’s determinable on a lot of 11:25 different factors such as your thyroid, such as your stress level, such as how much you’re working out, such as, you know, what’s your lifestyle like in general? Is your circadian rhythm right? Are you getting sunlight? Are you going to bed at a decent hour and getting seven to eight hours of sleep? There’s a whole bunch of factors that go into it. However, you can stay on the testosterone, but let’s look at another company, maybe like Titan Medical Center out of Tampa, Florida. They do telemedicine and they can run your blood work. It’s very inexpensive and then they can get you on a better quality testosteronecipionate that’s not with cotton seed oil. Yeah, there are pharmacies doing MCT oil, which would be the really good choice to get on if you have to stay on those injections. As far as directly into the fat or the muscle, it really depends on how much you’re injecting. 10 milliliters is a pretty good dose. So I’d say you can still get away with it in the subcube, but you’re probably going to want to stay with it in the muscle for better absorption anyway. Now, I did pull up some stuff that was based on Dr. Pete’s 12:28 work as far as the cotton seed oil as a poofa. So I want to read a little bit of that for you because I want his elements in here, not just me blab in my mouth. Okay. So the enzymes, this is Dr. Pete’s talking. This is all verbatim him. The enzymes which break down proteins are inhibited by unsaturated fats, meaning these cotton seed oils are inhibiting you from breaking down proteins in your body. Okay. And the enzymes as well. And these enzymes are not only needed for digestion, but also for the production of thyroid hormones, clot removal, immunity, and general adaptability of the cells. The risks of abnormal blood clotting, inflammation, immune deficiency, shock, aging, obesity, and cancer are increased when you’re using this cotton seed oil. Thyroid and progesterone are decreased since the unsaturated oils block protein digestion in the stomach. Okay. So he goes on to say plants produce many protective substances to repel or injure insects and other animals that 13:31 eat them. They produce their own pesticides. The oils in seeds have this function. So talking about cotton seed oil on top of this natural toxicity, the plants are sprayed with industrial pesticides, which can concentrate in the seed oils themselves. And it isn’t the quality of the quantity, excuse me, it isn’t the quantity of these polyunsaturated oils, which governs the harm they do, but the relationship between them and the saturated fats, obesity, free radical production, and the formation of age pigment, blood clotting, inflammation, immunity, and energy production are all responsive to the ratio. So how much saturated fats you’re getting versus unsaturated fats? The higher the ratio it is, the greater the probability of harm there is. So, you know, you could do yourself a service and make sure nothing else that you’re taking in is, and this is just me talking, it’s coming from a polyunsaturated fatty acid, which it sounds like you’re aware of that. So if the cotton seed oil is the only thing coming in, then, well, I mean, that’s the best you can do. 14:31 However, like I said, if there’s a way you could switch to a testosterone sapionate that didn’t have that, that had an MCT oil, much better on you. Okay, so he goes on to finally say, all systems of the body are harmed by an excess of these oils. There are three main kinds of damage. One, hormonal imbalances, two, damage to the immune system, and three, oxidative damage. Okay, none of that is what we want. So just so you know, it might be really smart if you want to look into Titan Medical Center, you know, call down there and tell them Jodell sent you in Tampa, Florida. Another one is matrix hormones. I’ve heard that they also will use the MCT. And I believe there’s one out of California. I want to, I want to say it’s like genetics, genetics with an X maybe. So get back to me on that. You can email me getfitwithjodellatgmail.com and maybe we can come up with something that will work for you as far as a different practitioner or just asking your own practitioner, can I get one in an MCT oil? Okay, on one of your recent podcasts, this is Kami asking, Kami says, Dr. Pete said to eat more 15:36 carbs in relation to protein in your last meal. But then he spoke about ice cream and marshmallows. Don’t you love Dr. Pete? That’s both carbs and protein plus fats when it comes to the ice cream. So what does it mean when he says to have more carbs in relation to protein? Really good question, Kami. So there’s a ratio of usually, you know, you want the energy foods. So your carbs and your fat are your energy foods. Protein is your sustaining food, kind of like, like we know they’re the amino acids that build the body, build up the cells, good cell turnover and such. But your carbs are actually your energy foods. So you want that ratio of energy that you’re trying to derive from your food to be higher because those are your, it’s your carbon, it’s your hydrogen, you know, carbohydrates, it’s your electrons. Okay, so you need those to be higher than the protein. Protein can sustain you, but it’s not what we call an energy food. Just like, you know, people that are on carnivore or I did carnivore for four months to heal my thyroid, it totally does that for somebody who’s dealing with 16:40 an actual condition. But for just all-out health, you want to focus on making sure that you’re getting the energy to fuel your body, to fuel the cells of your body, to get those electrons and all of the different nutrients that fuel the cells for the mitochondria. So what I wanted to bring up here is the going back to the protein aspect of it. And I have a book that’s pretty old that I wanted to show you guys, Adele Davis, and I have heard Dr. Pete reference her before. I really love this book. It’s very old. Let’s eat right to keep fit. It’s very fun to read old nutrition books because it still is so applicable for today. So she has in here that the actual, and this was news to me, because as a nutritionist and as a former person that loved to bodybuild, I was always taught, you got to get your protein. Tons and tons of protein. And still, I’m going to preach protein till the day I die. I mean, protein is where it’s at. However, there is a time, and according to Adele Davis, when a woman is at the peak of 17:44 her life, when she’s at her healthiest, maybe 30, 40, somewhere in there, that middle of the life, we actually don’t need to keep growth stimulators coming on so strong. And this may be where people that are high protein intake, body builders and stuff like that, that they’re getting kind of thicker instead of actually leaner. So if leaner is more the gains you’re after, then consider, am I taking in too much protein? Because I had to come to this conclusion too. I was like, I kind of want to get leaner, but I just keep getting like better muscle. Yeah, I want muscle, but I also want the fat to kind of strip off around the muscle, you know, so you’re kind of lean and mean. Okay. But protein is a growth stimulant. It stimulates the growth of muscles, of cells and good cell turnover, all of which is good. But if your goals are to get a little bit leaner and you want a nice balance in your meals, according to Adele Davis, she recommends 60 grams, that’s 66 grams for women of a healthy genre, the typical woman that’s 18:47 of healthy range, 70 for men. That’s not a lot. I mean, I usually say half your body weight and grams of protein a day at a minimum. If you’re working out, you need more than that. Okay. And I’m going to stick with that except for in the sense of like what your goals are. If your goals are to now start seeing some leanness come in, then put a back down on that protein and get your carbon take up. Because carbs, that ratio is going to give your body the energy to burn fat. Carbs are very metabolically fire producing to the thyroid. A lot of people don’t know that carbs actually stimulate the thyroid, but they do. And of course, we’ve heard Dr. Pete talk about fruit and sugar, helping to boost that thyroid and help into lower cortisol, which all of is good for leaning out and getting a better body. So I kind of want to do some more digging into this idea of maybe it’s not so much of a high protein, but more of just a moderate protein and getting those carbs up a little bit more depending on what the person’s goal is. Now, if I have somebody that’s coming in, they want to put on mass, then I still 19:49 want them eating 30, 40%!o(MISSING)f their calories from protein or half their body weight at a minimum, but upwards of 100 to 150 grams of protein for their day. And especially, Adele even talks about in the book, 150 grams are higher for the day for people that are suffering from some sort of condition. Because we do want to give that raw material to the body to rebuild a healthy immune system, a healthy thyroid, a healthy gut, whatever it is that the body’s needing. So if somebody’s been low protein for a long time, she says in the book that a month worth of maybe higher protein such as 150 grams a day would be all somebody would need. And then they can drop back down to that 60 or 70. And that seems pretty logical to me. I like the idea of just using protein now as more of a way to address certain conditions, but not staying, staying, staying constant high protein. You know, I’ve actually seen my body kind of do 20:49 like not, not the goals I was looking for, even though I’m, trust me, if I could just eat meat all day long, I would, I’d be a okay, because I love me some meat. So anyway, I just want to throw that out there. They’re a ratio, a general ratio is maybe as far as your macro range, maybe look at like 50%!c(MISSING)alories coming from carbohydrates. And then maybe something like 20%!c(MISSING)oming from fat, 30%!(NOVERB) coming from protein or vice versa, depending on again, your constitution. I also teach Ayurveda. So I want to look at somebody who, if they’re a lean, lanky, vada body type, obviously they could benefit from a little more protein. But if they’re that mesomorph, you know, the cross fitter that’s like thick and lean and mean, they’re probably going to put on muscle pretty easy. So they can err on the side of a little more fat and a little less protein. Okay. So patient, know thyself that bio individuality is really important. Okay. Next is from sealish productions. I’m not sure what that means, but that sounds like that’s his business. I’m having or her having really bad 21:53 Candida have tried the carrot salad cooked mushrooms. I’m having harp arrhythmias, shortness of breath and pretty bad autoimmune issues. Ray nods. That’s where you lose like the color and the blood in your fingers. Muscle and joint pain, any solutions to this? Yeah. So it sounds like a thyroid slowing your digestive system. Okay. Thyroid slows down. Everything slows down. Right. So thyroid goes slow. Your digestion is sluggish. Anybody who’s had low thyroid has experienced that they get constipation. They get bloating. They get gas and fermenting. Well, what do you think is happening down in there? Okay. So when that’s happening, Candida has a chance to proliferate because stress and low thyroid can contribute to getting those bad, those good bacteria that keep the Candida at bay. They kind of kill those off, especially stress. If you’re under high amounts of stress, a minute by minute, you could be losing that good Bifidobacteria, the lactobacillus, and all these things that are keeping that Candida from overproducing. 22:53 So Candida is within all of us. It’s a fungus that needs to live among us, but in a way that’s very balanced. And, and we have purpose for having it in there. We don’t want to eradicate all of it. However, for most people, in fact, I’m getting ready to do a Candida class at the gym I teach at. And the truth is 90%!o(MISSING)f people are dealing with fungal infections. I mean, it is, it’s skyrocketing parasites. If you’re breathing, you probably have a parasite in you, but there’s ways to address it. And it really does start with addressing the stress, addressing your thyroid and addressing that dysbiosis in the gut. So gluten is something that I always have someone eliminate because gluten is very disastrous to most people’s intestinal systems. So watching out for that. Something called IGA is the main type of antibody on surfaces and secretions that protect against Candida. But when you’re low thyroid, IGA is deficient. Okay. 23:54 So hypothyroid people have more susceptible membranes in the, in the gut lining and the yeast thrive on the sugar that comes in. Now, not the sugar that we’re talking about, you know, when we say sugar, you know, fruit, stuff like that. No, this is like processed gluten containing fast food, crappy sugar that your body has no business dealing with. Non-native is what I should say. Non-native sugars. Like if it’s not grown in the earth, then it’s probably some sugar that your gut shouldn’t have because it doesn’t know how to digest. So eating sugar and fruit is actually helpful, contrary to what mainstream says. Why is that? Because they adhere to, they adhere to the, that membrane. If there’s a proliferation of the hypothyroidism, like if the thyroid’s low and everything’s sluggish and they get stuck in there and that, that gives the yeast a chance to feed. But if the yeast come out of that, because there’s beneficial sugars coming in, 24:58 then they come out of that little sticky biofilm and stuff like that. And you eradicate them with things like some antifungals and also addressing the thyroid to get things moving and get some fibrous stuff in there, like the carrot salad that you’re doing, to push them out as soon as they come in, then you can actually get rid of them. Now it’s not overnight. I mean, you can take these humongous candida cleanses and boric acids and all these things. And, but I can guarantee you, it’s not an overnight battle. What you’re, what we’re looking at here is 30 to 60 days to balance everything out, but that’s really what it is. It’s balanced. It’s not, it doesn’t have to be this extreme going on a cleanse. They can’t have anything except for meat and water or I can’t have, you know, I have to take all these supplements. You really don’t. What we need to do is look at what’s out of balance and put it back in balance. And if you give the body the proper conditions, it’s definitely designed to heal. So bottom line, candida is a symptom that the most efficient systems, I’m sorry, candida is a symptom. I can’t remember if I said system or system symptom because what I’m about to say 26:00 is talking about the most efficient systems of the body. I think I need a drink of coffee. That it shows that those systems are not efficient anymore. And what we have to do is get them to be more efficient. So eating fruit, protein, avoiding grains and nuts. Why do I say that? Because a lot of the grains are stored in these vats or what, what’s the thing? What’s the bulk? Oh, the bulk department at the store. They sit in there. Who knows how long they’ve sat in there. And they’re growing all kinds of different molds and funguses while they’re sitting in this dark damp store. Okay. So we got to avoid all those nuts to are grown under like a lot of moldy situations and stored in a lot of moldy situations. Now you could consider a milk cleanse. Okay. It’s specifically a raw milk, a raw goat’s milk, because there are some studies that show that raw goat’s milk is really good, that caprylic acid that’s in there can help fight off the candida. Okay. And caprylic acids also in the, or there’s different acids like loric acid, 27:02 caprylic acid, also in coconut. So also taking in as many coconut oil products or cooking with coconut oil and stuff like that. Healing the liver is really important. Let me go back to the milk cleanse. So an eight day milk cleanse, I’ve seen a lot of people do really good. And this cleanse is Dr. Pete approved by the way, I asked him in one of the podcasts what he thought about an eight day milk cleanse and he was all about it. Okay. So this cleanse, I’ve seen a lot of people get rid of parasites, get rid of candida, get rid of ongoing like lifetime issues with their gut. Okay. In just eight days, it sounds like woo woo crazy, like marketing stuff, but it’s not. It’s just the fact that you have gotten rid of all of the sludge and the plaque and the mucoid plaque that builds up in the gut and you can really see some benefits from doing that. So sometimes you have to do a couple rounds of it, but some people only need to do one eight day cleanse and they feel immensely better. Now you’re not just doing milk on this. When you go to the milk cleanse or email me, cause I have a code, 28:05 you can save about 10%!o(MISSING)ff of the kit cause there’s some herbs you have to take with it. And everybody says, Oh, do I have to take the herbs? Really? Is it necessary? Yeah. Because let me tell you about some clients that didn’t take the herbs and almost had to go to the ER for a bowel obstruction. Okay. So you have to get these herbs in there to once the candida or the fungus or the mold or whatever’s in there gloms on to that little gelatinous milk that’s being formed in your gut. You have to get that out. And if your gallbladder is not working right, if you’re not secreting bile and you’re not emulsifying all those fats from the milk, you just get like this glimmy mass that will not come out. And it’s very dangerous to not do it without being under a practitioner’s care or working alongside a practitioner that can help you, or at least following, you know, ordering the milk cleanse and following it to the tea because there’s a reason why it comes from old ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine, this mono cleanse of a milk dye. It’s very powerful, but if you don’t do it right, it can also be very detrimental. So all right, 29:06 going back to healing the liver, lowering stress, lowering estrogens and estrogen substances, which we’re going to have another question on that in a second. So we’ll get into that more removing hard to digest foods. That would be things like raw roughage, like raw broccoli and raw veggies and raw salads and stuff like that. You want to be really careful with those because anything that sits in that gut that’s slowed down by the thyroid is going to go just fermenting and fermenting and the little bugs in there are going to start producing gas and you’re going to get bloated and uncomfortable and in pain. Not to mention how we all know about endotoxins. Ray Pete has talked to us about that at nauseam because it is going to proliferate that we’re going to get more endotoxins if we don’t take care of our gut and make sure that we’re not bringing in all those hard to digest foods. Okay. And then decreasing Poofa, that’s obvious, and supporting thyroid function. So you might consider sealish productions. This person that asked the question, you might consider to take some thyroid 30:07 supplement if you’re not already, some natural desiccated thyroid. Ray really likes the cytomel and I like that as well. So, okay, do steer clear of fruits though. While there’s a couple of fruits I wanted to mention, just this is me talking. This isn’t Dr. Pete. But just to be aware of some that I’ve seen that just don’t really help the Candida situation when you’re trying to like rebalance everything. And that would be grapes and a few of the different berries that when you look at them, they have like a white film on them. Okay. Some people think that’s like a, you know, a waxy substance. Yeah. And it is. And it contains Poofas and it’s like a layer of yeast that’s kind of in that Poofa on the waxy surface of the grape. They can harbor fungus and all kinds of stuff. So stay away from grapes, stay away from bananas. And the only reason I say that is because bananas have a higher histamine load to them, to where if you eat them, you could create a histamine reaction and then cause more mucus and more things in your body that just don’t let you 31:07 know that you’re headed in the right direction of clearing out the Candida. Okay. All right. Moving right along. How are we doing here? Does anybody tell me how to check the, why can I not see that? I want to see your post that you’re making. Oh, wait. I just did it. Okay. Let me look at some of these for a second. Yes. Herbs for the win. I agree. Best fruit is acerola cherry vitamin C complex. Yeah. Hi, Diana. Hi, back to you. Georgie has very good anti-endotoxin supplements. Oh, Nate, I agree with you. What is that called? I’m going to sit here and have to think about it for a second. Gosh, I know what you’re talking about. I will, I’ll post that as soon as it comes to my brain. And then, yes, fat burning, no good. And then let’s see, yes, he was a sweet, sweet genius. He did have fun with me. Yes. Dr. Pete, I would always get off the podcast and I’m like, I made him laugh. I was so excited because he didn’t, he, you know, he’s pretty serious. 32:10 So if you can make him giggle a little bit, then that cracked me up. My favorite was when there was a guy that asked about stopping how to, like, you know, self discovery himself. I’ll just say it that way in a nice way. And Dr. Pete. So the guy was looking for advice about how to stop, like, self discovery. And Dr. Pete was like, we’ll just get a girl. I was like, like, come from an 86 year old man, you know, like, it just cracked me up. So anyway, good sense of humor he had to. All right. Ray Fox, BZ 18. Oh, yeah, I see you DC. Oh, yeah. Oh, thank you, Ellie. It is the D metoxy harlem and yes, or Harmelin. Yeah, we talked about that on the podcast that we did recently, too. So thank you for posting that, Ellie. OK, Ray Fox, BZ 18. Can you ask the good doctor? Oh, I wish I could. If it’s better to have sufficient energy levels supplied by the adrenals than to have almost no energy when taking a variety of anti stress measures. 33:12 The adrenaline supplies me with warmth and energy that last longer compared to the more relaxed, wholesome thyroid metabolism. I can only seem to temporarily ignite the metabolism after consistent hypoventilation. Then benefits disappear when I forget my breathing. Breathing is important. But OK, I’m going to answer this from my perspective. Yes, it might feel nice to run on adrenaline. And it might might work with you for a while. But what happens when that adrenaline runs out? Because I see it all the time. Whenever the adrenaline runs out, it just hits like a wall. So you’ll be fine, fine, fine. One morning you wake up and you can’t get out of bed. OK, so yes, take it from someone who years and years I ran on adrenaline, you know, slept four or five hours a night, top 15 classes, ran eight miles. You know, I did it all. I wanted to burn the candle at both ends. And I came by it honestly, too. My mom did the same thing and died at 45 of stomach cancer. So once I kind of came to and the light bulb went off in my head 34:13 that like I can’t do this, my body’s breaking down, my thyroid quit. I’m infertile, like everything that could go wrong and my body’s going wrong. So I’m going to have to make some changes. Then you start. Yeah, the energy is different when you start running on actual native thyroid energy, but it’s a clean burn. It’s kind of like going from like dirty gas to where you’re kind of wired but tired all the time to this clean burning energy that maybe I don’t want to go run eight miles right now. But I could certainly go run a couple and not break my body down too much and also enjoy it, you know, and then also it’s consistent. Just like you said, ignite that metabolism after being consistent. You want a consistent energy. We got lots more life to live here. You know, hopefully we can all live to be 86 or more like Dr. Pete was. So you want it to be sustaining. Adrenaline’s only going to last for so long and then it’s going to then it’s going to kick out. So I really want you to take the road less travel than go with the thyroid energy 35:17 and look at, you know, also the mitochondria. Don’t just look at the fact that you want to run on caffeine and stimulants and adrenaline and keeping your body going. But ask yourself, why don’t I have a lot of energy when I’m not on those stimulants? What’s going on with my mitochondria? What’s going on with my little energy factories and myself? Am I getting enough sunlight? Am I drinking enough fluids that are hydrating not just water, but drinking actual hydrating fluids with minerals intact? Am I resting enough at night? Am I getting seven to eight hours of sleep and repowering that? How much am I on a device? Because these devices rob us of energy. In fact, if you’re holding your device right now, please set it down. Don’t touch it. Like you can keep listening, but keep it, you know, distance is your friend. So these things are robbing us of energy and we have to keep putting in money into our energy system in the form of food, sunlight, rest, good sleep, you know, minerals to keep ourselves going. And if you don’t do that, then you’re going to be paying for it in the long run. 36:20 So all right, raise thoughts on low free testosterone, high SHBG, which is sex hormone binding globulin. OK, so I’m going to dive into that first. Let me tell you my side of things. And then what I know about this, and actually, I don’t think I put down his notes that I had looked up in his stuff. But it’s I think what I had read was very similar to what I have written here, what I had seen of his. So the sex hormone binding globulin, as it sounds, it binds to all of our different androgens and our estrogens in our bodies. OK, so it would naturally cause low free testosterone that was floating around. And you might see it affect your total, you might not. However, if it’s too high, then it’s going to bind not only to testosterone, but it’s also going to bind to thyroid hormone and get rid of that. It can bind to T3 and get rid of that too. So and there’s that goes back to the person’s question before this. You don’t have a lot of natural energy. 37:22 What’s your T3 doing? Because that’s your active thyroid hormone. OK, so what causes increased sex hormone binding globulin? Two things. OK, number one is thyroid hormone. If the thyroid is off or kind of chicken and the egg, like did the sex hormone binding globulin steal from the thyroid and allow it not to be as proliferant or did it start with some sort of stress or trauma that led to lowered thyroid hormone and then your SHBG went through the root. So number two is estrogen levels. OK, so these are typically the things I see that cause sex hormone binding globulin to be too high. Both of these hormones may stimulate or increase the circulating amount of SHBG in the serum. So you could be seeing that on your blood work and wondering why that now you know. Let me look at the thyroid. Let me look at the estrogen. If you’re a woman and you have high SHBG, the most likely cause is excessive estrogen in your environment. Whether it’s you’re taking in foods that are promoting in it, you’re living a lifestyle, 38:22 it’s promoting it, you are taking in a lot of plastics and DPAs and products that have estrogen mimickers in them, you’ve got a high stress lifestyle that’s elevating cortisol and estrogen. And it can also be from developing over time estrogen dominance, where even from a young age of puberty, you can have too much estrogen in your serum and it just gets higher and higher and higher. And also taking birth control pills can exacerbate and cause estrogen dominance as well. Then to that also, if you’ve had issues with your thyroid, if you’ve been diagnosed with something like Hashimoto’s and you’ve had all kinds of autoimmune issues with your thyroid, that can also elevate SHBG. So what are you going to do to deal with it and get it back in check? Again, finding the balance. We’re going to improve the thyroid. You might want to look at some thyroid supplementation, such as natural desiccated thyroid, maybe tossing in some T3, just a small, you know, I always say, go small at first with T3, maybe just microdosing at like 2.5 micrograms or 5 micrograms 39:27 and see how you do with that. Lower your stress. That’s always going to be top on my list. Are you getting sunshine and are you lowering that stress in your life? And I don’t mean like if you’re a caregiver, don’t give care. Like that’s not neither here than there. Like there’s certain stressors we can’t change. What I’m talking about is this kind of stress, like how much are you on a device? How much are you getting notifications on your phone that remind you that you’re not, you know, living up to the life that everybody else is living on Instagram? How much are you out in nature away from all of the to do? I got to do this. I got to do that. I got to go, go, go, go, go. OK, how much are you sitting on a blanket and watching the clouds go by? How much are you praying? How much are you into spiritual things and giving your thoughts to a creator that can help you? How many times are you really aiming to rest on a weekend instead of go, go, go and do more and more and more? OK, so there’s all kinds of ways you can take irons out of the fire that don’t involve stopping caretaking or, you know, just telling yourself to calm down that there’s more than that. 40:28 We have to actually establish systems in our life. Like when my daughter goes to bed at 7 30 lights are off and I only have a little red light headlamp. If I want to do anything that that I can’t see beyond that, I can’t do it. Like if I want to read, I can read, but there’s no devices on. I’m not lighting up all my all my house and, you know, cleaning and piddling and stuff like that. I’m winding down. OK, so we have to create those spaces to de-stress because we live in a really toxic stress world, right? So you’re going to have to create ways to de-stress. And this can answer so many of the questions in this list because if you guys will just look at the way your body is reacting, OK, if you’re getting low thyroid, that’s your energy tank. And I get lots of crackling. OK, hold on. Let me fix that and see if it’s any better. All right, let’s try that. See if it’s any better. Let me know if it’s not. So going back to your your thyroid, that’s your energy tank. 41:32 If it’s not working right, then and it’s slowing you down and your energy is lackluster, could that be your body going? Will you slow down a little bit? Will you kind of calm down and I’m going to do it for you if you don’t do it for me because I can’t keep going like this? OK, look at it from that standpoint, too. It’s not always just about, you know, do I have enough B1? Am I taking breweries and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I could be more than that. Is it OK? But if I hold it up, is that better if I hold it up like this? Then I’ll just talk into the microphone like this. We’ll see if that helps the crackling. All right, so lower stress, decrease aromatization to estrogen. So not only do you want to decrease those substances that could be causing mimicking estrogen in the body, such as we know about parabens and sulfates and BPA and stuff like that, but also decrease how quickly you’re converting everything to estrogen. And that’s part of the stress thing. But it’s also there’s things you can do that are aromatase inhibitors such as progesterone can help with that. 42:33 So you’ve got to mention progesterone on any podcast where we talk about Dr. Pete, right? So progesterone, getting that in check can actually kick out excess estrogens. And and then also, I really like things like Dr. Pete has mentioned aspirin for the right individual. Now, again, I’m going to go back to bioindividuality and remind you guys that if you’re a pitta in Ayurveda, you’re that person that’s fiery, you’re a leader, you take charge, you get stuff done. Maybe you get red hair and red face. And it’s that fire in Chinese medicine or in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s fire and water is pitta. OK, those people, they have a lot of inflammation. They have a lot of redness in their body. They they’re prone to ulcers and stomach issues and things like that. So they don’t do as well digestive wise with the aspirin. But for somebody who’s a Vada, who’s the squirrel brain that’s always thinking, always creative and running their brain like crazy, they do really well on aspirin. So I just have to throw that in there. As far as the robot a robot is inhibitors, really great. 43:35 But also you have to know, is this going to work with my body type? So if you’re one of those people that every time you take aspirin, you don’t feel very good. It could be that you’re more pitta and it’s causing more inflammation than it’s helping. OK, OK, is my mic any better when I’m holding it like this? You guys just make sure and comment. Let me know. Let me see what you said down here. OK, they said it’s better now. So we’ll see. We’ll see if it stays that way. Next one is let’s see. OK, Jay Love asks, how does high testosterone and good thyroid function help with perception of a situation when hormones feel optimal? I’m not stressed by going on dates and what people think of me. But when my body is cold and adrenaline is high, I feel more insecure. Oh, my gosh, I love this. This is so cute. OK, in nature, when an animal has adequate levels of hormones for reproduction, they feel the urge to reproduce, such as right now I’m a bow hunter. We just went through the rut. 44:36 OK, the rut is when the the bucks are like crazy over the females. OK, they the females hormones are lit. The males hormones are lit because of the females hormones. And it’s all systems go right. OK, but if the same if that’s true, then the same is also true if an animal is stressed and running on adrenaline and fight or flight. The body senses it’s in no position to procreate, so it will not send the signal that it’s safe to do so. So you’re exactly right, Jay Love. You’re not going to feel like going out on dates or meeting people when you’re cold and your adrenaline is high and you feel insecure. That insecurity is your body saying, we’re not going to meet a mate right now and like progress to a relationship and get married and have a baby because I’m in a place that my life is not safe. You know, our brain is always going with the thought of, is this safe? Is that safe? What about this? Is this safe? That’s our whole brain mechanism is that everything we do every time we’re sitting somewhere, we’re in the car, we’re in traffic, we’re eating, 45:39 we’re talking with someone. Is this safe? Is this safe? That’s what the brain does. It’s all about safety. And so if your life is high stress, go, go, go. Burn the candle at both ends, like I was talking earlier, then your body’s going to say, no, you know what? This is not a safe place for a baby. And you might not be thinking about a baby right now. You’re just thinking about finding a mate. But your body is giving you that that’s its number one job, especially as a female. If you’re I don’t really know if you’re a female or a male right now, if I’m looking at it. But that’s its job is to procreate. We are put here to procreate. So if it senses something off, then other things will be off too, such as your your sense of security, your optimization, like how optimal you are and also how how positive and happy you are and joyful. So so, yeah, so focus on getting the thyroid at a good adequate range, balancing out your testosterone. 46:40 If you found that it’s too high, you might want to do things such as get more time in the sun, get your vitamin D adequate and get that stress to come down, because those are native things that will remind the body. Oh, OK, yeah, we’re we’re good. We’re OK, we’re calm, plus weightlifting in a way that you’re lifting weights. But then you’re also resting in between sets. We’ll use up some of that high testosterone. And that way you can you can get that down a little bit too. But don’t you, you know, heavy and tense, you know, hit training. I want you to lift and then rest and then lift and then rest. And that way use up some of that testosterone, but then also keep your thyroid in check. OK. OK, so Nick T says, when I find when I take higher doses of thyroid, that it can make me very tired. Could this be a blood sugar lowering effect and can too much thyroid supplementation be detrimental? Many things. All right. So what’s high? OK, so it’s all relative to each human 47:40 when we’re talking about high doses of the substance, like high doses of thyroid, especially because all of us know that they’re sitting here today that what’s high to one person isn’t high to another. And I know people that are on seventy five micrograms of T3. And I know people that can barely touch two and a half micrograms of T3 and they get the heart palpitations and jittery and stuff like that. So I don’t know how much you’re taking, but I do know this. I would say that if you consider what you’re taking to be a higher dose that makes you sleepy, either A, consider taking it towards bedtime as I’ve heard Dr. Pete talk about to or B, consider the fact that you could be taking too much. And you’re kind of on the verge of becoming hyperthyroid, meaning that a lot of people that are hyperthyroid, it doesn’t mean that they’re like crazy amounts of energy. Most of them are actually kind of wired but tired because their thyroid’s overworking and it’s almost giving them those heart palpitations and making them feel like they need to lie down because they’re they’re just running out of energy. 48:42 OK, so in any case, listen to your body. If something is too much and you obviously feel that even compared to what somebody else has told you to take or your doctor has said, you know, try a higher dose, you know your body better than anybody. So you listen to your body and if it makes you feel unnatural, then back off and take it at a rate that makes you feel like, OK, I have good energy. I feel good. I’m going to the bathroom. Well, I’m not I’m the right temperature. You know, take your temperature, keep track of that. But then also, if you’re taking it in a higher dose because something else is concerning you with your thyroid, that you or your body in general, that you’re trying to address with higher doses of thyroid, then let’s look in a different avenue because you might have the adequate amount of thyroid hormone coming in. But that’s not the answer to the problem you’re trying to address, such as maybe you have like, you know, dry flaky skin and you’re thinking, well, I must still be hypothyroid. So I’m going to take more thyroid to address my dry flaky skin. Well, what if it’s the fact that you’re low on vitamin A? 49:44 What if it’s the fact that you’re low, you’re very, very, very low fat and you’re not getting any fats in your diet so your body’s not getting any sort of sebum production for the skin? What if it’s the fact that you’re taking in a lot of gluten and that gluten is an anti-nutrient and it’s pulling out a lot of those great cofactors to make the oil in your skin? So you really want to dance around some other avenues instead of just the thyroid for stuff that when it starts to get into the range of like, I feel unnatural taking this this amount of thyroid. OK. All right. Next question. Does anybody have any questions on here, too? We’ll come back to this, but I’m happy to answer any questions. Oh, hi, Diane asks, what’s your favorite magnesium supplement? Ooh, I love this when I get this question. So actually, I make my own magnesium drink that I really like with a blend of a couple products. So I have a full script where for my clients, it’s an online dispensary 50:44 and I use a product for a lot of my clients. That’s called Calming Day by Jiro formulas, and it’s a magnesium carbonate. And I use that, but I also put some magnesium chloride salts in to my drink that’s actually they’re like bath salts. But I put them they’re just they’re not flavored. They’re just magnesium. And I put them in my water. Sometimes I even put some sparkly mineral water in there, like a Gerald Steiner or I’ll make it in my own little soda stream, just like a bubbly water. Sometimes I won’t. And then I put some trace minerals in there as well. So did I really answer your question? Not much. I was telling you about the magnesium drink that I make. But I mean, I’m pretty sure this thing is like 600 milligrams of magnesium when I drink it. And I need a lot. I take about 1200 milligrams of magnesium a day because my burn rate is really high. I get eye twitches and toe cramps and foot cramps all the time. And I can tell as soon as I hit my level, none of that happens. So my body is really telling when I’m not getting enough magnesium 51:46 to answer a question, though, I really like lifebloods magnesium plus, as far as a supplement that you just take. So lifeblood, in fact, when we get done here, I’ll put a link in the in the show notes and you guys can use my code and get their magnesium, the mag plus, it’s really good. It’s a really well thought out blend of magnesium, glycinate and torene. And so I like that. The other one that I really like, like I said, that calming day in Fullscript, if you guys want that one, all you have to do is set up a free Fullscript account under my name and then I can just put that in for you and you can order it. And I get I can save my clients like 15 to 20 percent using Fullscript as compared to going online and buying it or buying it in the store. So those are probably my two favorites. There’s another one on Fullscript that is made by I ish herbs, I think, and it’s called Super Mag. I really like that one, too. So, yeah, I like a magnesium carbonate a lot. I like a magnesium glycinate. I like different magnesiums for different things. I have a whole bunch of different magnesiums. 52:48 I have a topical magnesium. Probably my favorite topical is Flo’s daughter. I’ll try to put that one in there, too. It’s actually a friend of mine out of Rhode Island that makes the best transdermal magnesium lotion I’ve ever tried. And all of her stuff is made with no poofas, like none of the safflower and cottonseed oil in her stuff. We’re talking just either beef tallow or coconut oil. I mean, she’s really well thought out all of her products. OK, NC girl nine of five. She just posted, does coffee prevent you from absorbing minerals and vitamins and milk if you drink them together? You know, I asked there was probably one of the first times I podcasted with Dr. Pete. I asked him about coffee and stuff like that. And according to what I remember him saying, obviously, he heard him say that coffee has magnesium. And so a lot of people and myself included, I think people that crave coffee are low on magnesium in general. And so they’re trying to get it from coffee. Now, I would say it’s a pretty low amount of magnesium that you’re getting from a cup of coffee. 53:51 But I feel like our bodies are just like with chocolate or just like with certain things that we crave. We crave them for the minerals, not necessarily for the sugar or for the whatever. Like when I have people that say, oh, I can’t give up my dark chocolate every day. I’m looking at we need to put you on a copper and a magnesium supplement because that’s generally what they’re actually craving is minerals. Now, as far as like, can it kick it out? I’m not going to say no because coffee is a diuretic. OK. But if you’re taking it in throughout the day, then you’re going to have much less chance. Plus how much are you drinking? Like if somebody is going to drink six to seven cups of coffee a day, then yeah, you’re probably going to kick out a lot of minerals. But if you’re just having a cup of coffee a day and then you eat your fair amount of foods that contain minerals and contain magnesium and you take a magnesium supplement, I think you’re going to be OK. So the bottom line is you’ve got to go back to that balance. Like what’s the balance? If I know people that drink a pot of coffee a day, I can guarantee you they’re low on minerals because you can’t replace all of the the content 54:54 that the diuretic pulls out of you because it is that anybody knows that’s drank a lot of coffee, you’re peeing a lot. So you can’t really tell me that it’s not a diuretic and you can’t replace it with just water or you’ll get more dehydrated. You have to bring those minerals back in to get the water into the cell. So so yeah, very good question. Hopefully that answered it in kind of a patient know thyself way. It depends that it’s always the dose that makes the poison, right? All right, I’m going to jump back into these questions here. What time? We’re at almost an hour now. OK, I think you guys tell me how long you want me to go because I can probably go for about another 15 more minutes. So if you want that, I will. If you want me to wrap up, I will. OK, so chronic fatigue syndrome is the next question. Can you ever permanently get rid of it? Number one, I’m going to put a link in the show notes when I get done here of a video of Ray Pete talking about chronic fatigue. But this was his answer that was on the video. Typically, the cause is low thyroid, excess production of lactic acid. 55:56 Higher histamine levels can contribute to the onslaught of the fatigue as well as higher prolactin in one of his articles. So this is what I pulled up in one of his articles. The premenstrual estrogen dominance usually leads progressively to higher prolactin and lower thyroid function. OK, so typically when you see someone in a chronic fatigue state, they’re kind of at that premenstrual and even sometimes postmenopausal, just kind of in that time of life. You know, unfortunately, it is getting younger and younger, but so are all of the hormonal issues that people are having today. So it does go back to the hormones as always. Estrogen is closely associated with endotoxemia and with histamine and nitric oxide formation and with the whole range of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Anything that irritates the bowel, leading to increased endotoxin absorption, contributes to the same cluster of metabolic consequences. In a nutshell, he’s saying estrogen is usually the main cause 57:01 along with these the gut having a lot of issues based on these the inflammatory things that are coming in and the endotoxins that develop because of them. That is the main cause of any sort of itis, you know, like chronic fatigue or what is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis. So any of these if it says an inflammatory itis at the end, then you can go to the gut first. You can go to the fact that we need to balance out the thyroid. You can go to the fact that we probably need to look at lowering estrogen levels in a male or a female body. So it always goes back to those things. So keep that in mind when you’re trying to address your own health concerns. It’s like what’s happening with my body temperature? What’s happening with my thyroid? Do I have energy? Is my body temperature good? Am I sleeping through the night? Is my gut working? Do I have gas and bloating? If I answered and there’s an issue with any of those things I just mentioned, then chances are let’s start with those first. 58:02 And then if it doesn’t work and your energy doesn’t come up and you’re still fatigued, then we can start to address the other things like the environment like I’m all about. Here’s my two cents when it comes to chronic fatigue. I want somebody off devices. I want them their Wi-Fi off in their house at all times unless they’re using it. I want them to slow down. I want them to stop being go, go, go because their body has specifically slowed them down for a reason. OK, like I said earlier, perhaps this is your body’s way of saying you need to stop. You need to stop this pace of life. I need to rest and digest. I need to organize the grief or the trauma that I’ve been through. I need a sabbatical from the rat race. OK, we need that sometimes. And if we don’t allow ourselves to grieve, then that’s when issues can manifest in the body. This is all based on Chinese medicine as well, too, and Ayurveda as well. Like you have to feel the pain when you go through something traumatic. You have to address the social anxiety 59:03 that developed from being in COVID land for two and a half years and being locked in our homes. You have to feel these feelings instead of stuffing them with alcohol or food or drugs or games on your phone, word with friends or whatever. Like let’s feel again and then let’s decide what’s true for my life and my body and then move forward with that and don’t get stuck dwelling on these little insignificant things that that are holding you back, such as social media and then addressing fibromyalgia from or chronic fatigue. I keep saying fibromyalgia addressing chronic fatigue from a mitochondrial standpoint of what’s are you feeding your mitochondria well? You know, are you giving him sunshine? Are you getting your feet on the earth to ground because mitochondria grounds all the energy in your body that’s static charge. OK, so mitochondria benefit from that. They benefit from cold therapy. They benefit from things as simple as just splashing your water 01:00:05 or your face on your water that’s nice and cold, that mammalian dive reflex that can really calm your vagus nerve and stimulate the activity of the vagus nerve to calm your body down. So all of these play into it as well. All right, let’s go to does anybody comment like how long I can stop? If you guys want me to. So otherwise, I’m going to keep going. Nobody’s commented yet. So OK, here’s one from Ellie. Any idea from clients? What is a normal sleeping heart rate? Mine is in the 40s and sometimes upper 30s, daytime 60 to 80. Well, I know that Dr. Pete always liked the idea of it being a little bit higher. OK, so during the day being more towards the 80s and stuff like that. However, again, I go back to the bio individuality of the body. So if somebody is a Vata in in Ayurvedic medicine or in Chinese medicine, it’s the metal element, sometimes the wood element. These are very active individuals, also fire, fire in Chinese medicine. 01:01:06 These people have to be moving a lot. And so maybe they do better moving at a higher heart rate. But because they’re moving so much, like as they started out younger, as they get older, their heart rate goes down because they’ve their bodies adapted to the high amount of activity, OK, if that makes any sense. So what you want to do is make sure that what’s what’s your bio individuality? What’s your body doing? OK, now, if you have somebody who’s a kafa in Ayurveda, that’s the person that’s the earthy mama in your family. She’s big, she’s voluptuous. She you want to waller in her, you lay on her, you tell her all your problems. You you go to her for advice. She she calls everybody baby and she sleeps a lot and she’s a slow mover, but she just can’t help but love her because she’s got she’s just got this way about her. Right. OK, that’s your kafa body type or your kafa mentality type. Somebody that’s a slow talker. They’re not easily irritated. They think a lot when they’re getting ready to answer your question. 01:02:07 OK, so those people, they’re naturally a slow or paced body. So I would be concerned if their heart rate got up too high. That means that some things going on in the body, such as like their their bodies dealing with more histamine, like they could be having higher histamine levels. And that way their bodies reacting to that and the heart rates increasing. And that’s a histamine reaction. OK, so maybe they’re eating foods that don’t resonate with them or they’re developing some sort of allergic response to something. So it always goes back and that’s what I do with my clients. If you guys ever decide to work with me, it’s going to be based on what you are as an individual, not what heart rate every human should be at, because we really have to dial into are you a overthinker and overanalyzer? You’re moving all the time. You’re shaking all the time. You can’t sit still. You fidget. You you if somebody tied your hands around your back and you had to tell a story, you just it would kill you like this. Me, that’s me. OK, because I’m always using my hands. 01:03:08 Or are you the person that you’re chill? You’re cool. You could sleep till noon. Nothing bothers you. You don’t get you don’t get pent up very much and life is good. And you like to waller around and you like to eat deep fried greasy foods. OK, so there’s the imbalance. That’s where we want to find the balance with. Let’s let’s add in some things that bring you some energy. Because a lot of times those individuals, their heart rate will be so slow because they don’t have enough energy. Or conversely, if they have an elevated heart rate, like I said, that’s when we look at what’s the inflammation in the body because that person is naturally probably more prone to a slower heart rate. OK, hopefully that answered your question. All right, so 10 par 6 asks, to what extent does Ray consider synthetic estrogens in many everyday products, such as soaps, detergents, carpets, plastics in food, etc. that are major causes of health issues amongst people today? Are these worse than biologically natural estrogens due to the fact that the body does not have processes to excrete them? 01:04:11 And what are some methods for reducing exposure and detoxifying from them? OK, I do again, this is my answer. I don’t I can’t speak for Ray on these synthetic estrogens, but I’ve done a whole class on it. And we really have to do our due diligence anymore to make sure that we’re not getting these exposures because I have been able to these are just n equals one, but I have menstruating young girls that are clients that when they’re exposed to a lot of these things, like maybe they got some new detergent and they’ve been trying a new makeup line and they’ve got this shampoo that’s the popular one that everybody’s using. There they’ll come to me and they’ll say my period was terrible this month. I was cramping, I had breast tenderness, that was a heavy flow. And so over the months as we weed out those Xenoestrogens or the Obesogens, they’re also called. I’ll notice that their periods they’re telling me are easy, like no big deal. Like everything feels good and I don’t have any symptoms. 01:05:12 So these if you can see that in a monthly menstrual cycle, that it gets worse when you add these these toxins in and then when you replace them out with things that are non-toxic as far as estrogen goes and you can see a difference. Then that goes for every system of our body because if it’s that delicate of a system, then we can we can attest to the fact that these are affecting things. And frankly, there are studies on them. So a lot of these these Xenoestrogens and what what the who calls estrogen mimickers, they are their studies on them as being carcinogenic. OK, so more than just affecting our hormones. Now you’re talking they’re putting they’re putting our bodies at risk for cancer. So can you excrete them? I don’t know exactly if excrete is the right word, but just getting them out and focusing on quality products that are made native to nature. I’ll just always go back to nature. Like that’s really what it’s all about is always go back to nature. 01:06:13 So I I like to find products like vinegar and lemon to clean my house. White vinegar cleans everything. You mix it with a little bit of water and that’s your spray bottle everywhere you go, OK, in the shower. You can just get a little wash rag and wash yourself with water. Yeah, if you want to use soap, that’s cool. Maybe a nice coconut oil bar soap or something that’s really simple. But we used to not have to do that before we had houses with running water. You went down to the cold creek you got in. You rinsed off as best you could. And then you got out. You didn’t have fancy soaps and body washes and sparkly things to take with you to the water. That was too cumbersome. So you just got in and you washed and you were done. Bob’s your uncle. So as far as like laundry soaps, the worst things that you could do is these dryer sheets that when you walk by somebody and they smell like a freaking dryer sheet. I’m just like you are just it’s just sinking into your skin the whole day you’re wearing it. So there’s companies out there at best, like like seventh generation 01:07:16 that makes free and clear dryer sheets. If you’re going to use them, at least use those or get the little wool dryer balls and put little of your favorite your favorite fragrance like a rosemary or a frankincense on them. And then put those wool dryer balls in your laundry if you want to dry them better yet, dry them out on the line like I do. Because what’s better than smelling the outside when you dry your clothes? So it’s always back to nature stuff. Keep it simple. We over complicate our lives with all these fragrances and chemicals and stuff like that that we clean our homes with. And it doesn’t have to be that way. I can clean virtually every single thing in my house with white vinegar. OK, I’ve yet to find something now, maybe like if you get that iron ring around the bathtub, probably not going to do a whole lot for it. But that’s OK. Then you can get some like borax and or some I like the. What else do I have the Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds? It’s like they’re all purpose Sal Suds that’s just like all natural and those will clean anything to those will get the iron scrub off and stuff. 01:08:18 So but yeah, just keep it simple because when push comes to shove and this system keeps getting worse and we don’t have access to all these fancy things anyway, you’re going to want to know how to forage out in nature. You’re going to want to know how to clean without a lot of fancy things. And you’re going to want to people to see what you look like without all the fancy cosmetics because you’re going to be out without them. So yeah, back to nature. OK, let’s do one more. Let me see if anybody posted anything. And then I’m going to wrap us up here. And, you know, this has been really fun. I might have to do this more often. OK, what about idea labs mag oil? Is that a good one? Patricia McCartney, yes, that’s actually I’m so glad you brought that up because that’s actually one of my favorite topical ones, too. Like I said, I love Flo’s daughter as like a whole body transdermal magnesium. But if I really am dealing with an acute area that has inflammation or spasms or something like that or my little daughter, if I can’t get magnesium into her, oh, my gosh, mag oil is magnoil 01:09:20 is what it’s called with an N in the middle is one of my favorites for her because I can rub that on her little feet and then I that calms her instantly. Like within 15 minutes, she’s so much calmer. Or let’s say you have a child that’s dealing with constipation. You can get a lot of magnesium in them if you rub it topically versus trying to take, you know, a lot of kids are like, I’m not taking a gummy. I’m not taking a chew like I’m not taking a magnesium drink. Like you can’t get it in their body. So you want to get it absorbed through the topical, but also for yourself. Like I’ve had clients that have really bad menstrual cramps when they’re starting out. Obviously, we want to get their estrogen load down. Obviously, we want to get their thyroid address, but acutely at first, I want to get them some relief. So I’ll have them put 20 drops on their belly right where they’re cramping. And I kid you not, like within 15, 20 minutes, they’re like, oh, my gosh, I can feel my I can feel my body again be normal and not feel so out of sorts. So yeah, give that a try for sure to you guys. This has been fun. 01:10:20 I’ve enjoyed having coffee with you. I wanted your voices to be heard. I wanted us to connect as a community and I wanted to just talk to you as an individual. So I’m glad I got a little bit of that today. I do have more questions that you guys had asked. So maybe if you guys like this, comment below and I will do more of these. I’ll do more Q and A’s because this is kind of fun. The only detriment is I wish I could hear you. Like I wish we could all talk and I could hear you guys talk. So like I said, if you want to hire me as a nutritionist to help you with your specific health goals, that’s that’s a treat for me to get to know you guys. So reach out to me, get fit with Jodell at gmail.com. Or you can, you know, try to just post here and I don’t know what I can do here because you got to get a hold of me so we can set something up. Post below anyway and let me know what you think about doing the live Q and A’s. And yeah, you guys, thank you so much for listening to Dr. Pete and for supporting him. And you know, if you want to go on to his PayPal, Ray Pete’s newsletter at gmail.com. 01:11:24 I’m sure that’s still working. You could donate to his family and send your condolences that way too. Maybe to just, you know, help in any way we can. And this has been fun. Thank you so much. I wish I could hear all of your voices as I wrap up here. But just know that I’m hugging you in my heart and we will do this again. Okay, bye for now. If I can figure out how to turn it off.

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