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00:00 Well, welcome to this month’s Ask Your Herb Doctor, my name’s Andrew Murray. My name’s Sarah Johanneson Murray. For those of you who perhaps have never listened to the show before, we do this every third, probably every month from 7-8pm. We’re both licensed medical herbalists who graduated in England with a degree in herbal medicine. And we consult with people about wide range of conditions and, you know, basically give nutritional advice, et cetera, et cetera, about whatever it is they need help with. For those of you who perhaps have just tuned in and perhaps maybe have never listened to us before, like I said, it’s a once every month, third Friday of the month, and this has become very normal now. Dr Raymond Peeley is our special guest and we generally cover wide range of different subjects. And so this month I wanted to have a little break from doing the endocrine stuff 01:01 that we’ve been doing for the last couple of months and just discuss Dr Pete’s newsletter, number one. His main newsletter, which was entitled Language and Criticism. And that will tie in very nicely to a, basically, an expose that was done by Carla Rottenberg, as a Harvard graduate, who basically discussed the mechanism by which the estrogen industry was protected and how estrogen was given good light and good press and used in HRT, contraception, et cetera, and made billions and billions of dollars for companies like Wyeth and Lilly and Scribb. Just to name three or so, the corporations who are involved in it. But more to the point, that progesterone, which is the kind of… Andrew, excuse me, I’m not sure why we’re not picking you up so well. 02:04 Sarah, you were coming through quite fine on mic two. I’ve checked the volume levels for mic one. I know, I can hear Andrew is very quiet. Yeah, I’m not sure why that is. I’ve got the volume level turned up all the way. Would you please try mic three? Yeah, try that one. Okay, how’s this one? There you go. Oh, that’s much better. Thank you. Excuse me. Yeah, there was a lot of interference. Teleprompter three. Here we go. Okay, so, as I was saying, I won’t go ahead and repeat everything I said, but ultimately, this month’s radio show is going to be on two subjects. One is Dr. Pete’s newsletter, which is language and criticism, basically outlining the authoritarian attitude towards dissemination of information and steering the public consciousness in a very controlled way. So just to highlight why things are the way they are and why they shouldn’t be that way. And then the other half of the show, which may actually run over until next month, 03:05 is exposing all the documents and all the proof and evidence that Carla Rothenberg, a PhD graduate, managed to find out about blatant obvious lies which were included and misinformation that was included and misrepresentation that was made supporting the estrogen industry when actually the papers were there very clearly outlining the negative effects of estrogen and the positive effects of progesterone. And Dr. Pete is a big proponent of progesterone, and I think we’ll see if we haven’t already in the months and the years that we’ve been doing the show with him, that he’s been supporting and advocating the use for women and or men in some instances to be using progesterone. Why is such a beneficial anti-inflammatory hormone and why it is estrogen, which was always maintained as the female hormone that women needed, especially in menopause, why it’s such a dangerous chemical to even be promoting, 04:09 especially after menopause. So I wanted to start the show by reading out a section that last month was going to prelude this month’s talk. So saying it’s basically, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s declassified fact that the CIA, the CCF and Rockefeller and Ford foundations are all implicated in molding and steering culture and belief systems to their doctrines and thereby controlling them as high priests. It’s not surprising it happens. After all, if it wasn’t them, the vacuum left would be filled by others. It’s just a moral issue of deception and greed behind the construct, which is shameful. So through misrepresentation and bad science, the anti-cancer benefits of progesterone were skewed and suppressed in favor of estrogen and the estrogen industry’s multi-billion dollar production of contraception and HRT fueled massive profits and a propagandistic population reduction religion. 05:11 Because of this skewed information, progesterone was added to the California Prop 65 list of known carcinogens. Big pharma interests and lobbying happy to keep it this way because of financial interest maintained the disinformation and academia followed compliance in doctrine and education. So before we get into the expose surrounding the misinformation regarding the effects of estrogen versus progesterone, I wanted to start the show by outlining the truth regarding the criticism in that during the last 10 to 15 years, Dr. Pete’s newsletter mentioned that several people have written about the lack of major transformative ideas in science since the middle of the last century and that the status quo is devoted to maintaining this. So let’s just see if Dr. Pete is on the line now. Okay, do we have Dr. Pete yet? Doesn’t seem like we do, so we’re just… I’m not sure what we’re doing. What’s the engineer doing? Do we have Dr. Pete with us? Say again. Do we have Dr. Pete with us? You know, Dr. Pete, are you there? 06:13 I guess not. I’m sorry. Let me try reaching him again. Okay. All right, well, until we get Dr. Pete on the line, we’ll just continue in the hope that he can be reached. So essentially, the newsletter that Dr. Pete wrote, and this is his May newsletter, outlined that the very war, and I will call it a war, against true science was being waged by a very egalitarian and authoritarian industry with both regulators, lobbyists, and government, and other big interests at the heart of maintaining a status quo of domination of the market. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s just a fact that vested interests like pharmaceutical companies generating billions and billions of dollars in revenue with drugs produce reports about drugs that some of which we find later on were found to be very dangerous, and obviously people can think about drugs that have hit the headlines 07:14 as being very damaging and dangerous products that were withdrawn, but then also there is the fact that lots of research is actually buried. Some of the research that shows things are not that good for you are skewed. The reports and the results are skewed in favor of the decision that’s wanted by the drug manufacturers, and also evidence to show that a drug’s effect is actually very negative, is often buried. Now, it’s certainly a case in point of maintaining a control over an industry, which is quite a monopolistic industry, and the FDA again have been implicated in being complicit in this deception. So his newsletter was basically comparing the academic and the sort of libertarian side of academia, whether it’s the humanities, including the philosophy, the arts, 08:16 and a kind of creative thinking side of the education system versus the reductionistic and scientific side of the equation, which was born out of the rapid increase in knowledge, but that rapid increase in knowledge itself brought its own problems because it could be seen as being steered in a certain direction, and that direction ultimately, and I think it’s fairly common normal bias, that it was steered in the direction of those powers that had the most control and wanted to maintain the narrative that was important for them. So when we do get Dr. P on, we’ll question him about the findings that he’s producing, his newsletter, and then we’ll go probably about 7.30 or so to open up a discussion about Carla Rothenberg, and then as usual, we’ll take callers from 7.30 until 8 o’clock, and then people are very welcome to ask questions outside of the subject, 09:19 but it’s always good when we keep on topic, so if people do have questions surrounding either the estrogen industry, progesterone, estrogen’s effects, or whether or not there are people that have direct experience with the authoritarian academic mindset that people come across. Another thing I wanted to mention is that funding for these natural hormones that drug companies are not able to patent becomes a problem because if there’s no monetary incentive for them to do studies, then studies are not done on such things that are not patentable, such as thyroid and progesterone, because they’re natural hormones. So are we still trying to get Dr. P on the line? Yes, we are. I just had him for a second. Dr. P, are you there? Okay, you guys, I’m really sorry. There’s another engineer on the way, 10:21 and he should be here in just a minute, and we’ll get it worked out. Excuse me. Okay, no problem. Now these things do happen, it is a live broadcast, and Dr. P, I know I spoke to him earlier on, he’s certainly joining us, but whatever there is, it’s a technical glitch for some reason. Okay, so some of those things, I just wanted to mention, who doesn’t recognize the term MKUltra? I’m sure quite a few of you have heard the term MKUltra before. It was actually a very real exercise in producing a situational mind control to not only maintain compliance and order, but to physically, mentally direct the minds of those subjects that were under that influence to be basically willing pawns to do the bidding of the organizations that were controlling them. So we’ve all heard about the CIA, we’ve heard about the Rockefeller Foundation. Sounds like they’re born movies. 11:22 Well, it’s a little bit, it sounds conspiracy theory folks, but you know what, truth really is strange in fiction. It’s not until people start waking up and turning around and looking over their shoulder that they start seeing things are not actually the way that they’re told things are, that’s just the kind of limited brain space that they want you in so that you don’t argue and that you don’t buck the system. Question authority. Okay, so I think, do we have Dr. P on the line? Yes, I’m here. Okay, Dr. P, thanks for joining us. Okay, so I’ve given an outline of what it is we’d like to discuss. The first being the newsletter that you produced on the language and criticism and how the authoritarianism within the educational system has been motivated and fueled by big business and big money, whether it’s the Ford or Rockefeller Foundation or the CIA, and how this very much controls the narrative, especially within education about what it is that is and isn’t published 12:27 and what we are or aren’t expected to know. Yeah, the gene theory is really the best basis for an authoritarian theory of society and organization of society. Conrad Lorenz developed the idea of genetically based behavior for Hitler, for the Nazi party, as the ideology for the race supremacism and the elimination of inferior people and so on. And exactly that ideology was taken up by American biologists as soon as the war was over. And Chomsky’s idea of a generative grammar, it’s really structurally identical to Conrad Lorenz’s genetically based theory of behavior. 13:30 And Chomsky’s research has been, since the 1950s, financed by the Pentagon for use in war-making. But it’s really the same ideology that Lorenz developed for social control and genocide. Okay, so I mentioned earlier on a little bit about what was brought out in the document here that the Rockefeller and Ford foundations, as well as the CIA, actively identified individuals who represented particular features of their ideologies, who could exert effects over organizations and people. And it was only the humanities, the languages, the arts, literature, philosophy, et cetera, that was a major obstacle to this authoritarian civilization. And the funding for this pro-authoritarian direction included prestigious publishing houses, 14:35 major mass magazines, Hollywood, and broadcasting to dictate the position. Yeah, I gave the example of C.P. Snow’s famous article and lecture in the 1950s on the true cultures. That was, the ideology was that science was the basis of the true culture and the humanities, art, philosophy, literature, religion. All of these things were obstacles to the progress of civilization. Right, because these would have been much more altruistic, compassionate, looking for the better good of civilization and humanity, and not at all vested financial interests. Yeah, that’s why they were called the humanities. Because they were humane. So what were you saying, you said grammar was structured around this ideology? Yeah, it started in the 1930s. 15:40 Chomsky wasn’t the originator of the idea. It came out of the early computer thinking that you needed a language that wasn’t complex and fluid if you were going to put all knowledge into computers. Things had to be absolutely self-contained. And so they developed a theory of reality in which the reality was made up of self-contained units in which their position in space and time didn’t affect them, essentially, because they wanted the language to have one-to-one relationship to reality, and the computers could only handle absolutely discreet units of information. So the ideology of reality was set so that it worked in computers 16:43 and that fit with the idea that each of our units of meaning is determined genetically by a discreet molecular structure. And so behavior would be reduced to these discreet units, and grammar was simply one of the types of behavior that could be genetically determined. And so Chomsky was just one of the people completing this theory that genes control behavior. Grammar is one of our behaviors, and so language can be reduced to these units. Okay, I mentioned a little bit while we were getting you on here that also the program, the MK Ultra program came out of the same CIA desire to control 17:45 and very much through language, it was called the command and control, wasn’t it? I think the tenet. You can read some of the Pentagon’s books describing what they’re doing on the Internet. So it does go on. It always blows me away. The more outlandish something sounds, the more realistic it is to actually having happened. And yeah, it never fails to amaze me that sometime down the road, even when I’m tentatively cautious about adopting that position, that down the road there’s more and more evidence that comes out to compel me to believe that this was actually the way it was. It’s a little bit of an aside here, but I remember when I first came to this country, 2001, it was in 2002 and three that we were starting to visit different stores 18:47 and seeing what accounts we could raise to send our products that we produced. And I was talking to one of the people in the store, probably a 23-year-old female, not an older person, very kind of hip with it, young and just kind of eyes open. And after the end of the presentation that we gave her, she said, she started going on about chemtrails. And she said, yeah, it’s disgusting, you know, the chemtrails up in the sky, they’re just coalescing and forming this big map cloud and they’re cooling the earth down. And I’m starting up this coalition here in California to campaign against it. And I just looked at her and I just, I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless and I looked at Sarah and then we kind of left and we got back into the car and I said, wow, that girl is nuts. And you know what? I maintained that position here for a couple of years because I didn’t really know anything about chemtrails. It was not something that I was looking at. I wasn’t really looking sideways. I was just keeping my head down, working. And then slowly but surely all the evidence was coming out and I could not believe it. 19:49 It sounded so outlandish but it was so true. And so here we are today with not only chemtrails but we’ve got all the GMO integration of different biological compounds that are now in the atmosphere or in the food or in the water. Then we’ve got the nanoparticles that are potentially messing things up and the whole genetic basis by which tomatoes have been spliced with fish or whatever. The more wild it is actually wake up folks and take a better look at it because you know what? It’s kind of hiding in plain sight and they’re just hoping that you’re so dumb and you’re so brainwashed and just mindless and just watching TV and obviously going to work and keeping a live, paying the bills that you don’t have time to look anywhere. So when we first started this discussion here years ago, I asked your head doctor, we were looking very much on a kind of counter-culture kind of way looking at alternatives with alternative medicine being our background. And I’m very pleased when we met you because you were very much supporting a lot of the things that we thought about before that were very much true 20:57 and a lot of other things. So the whole thing, MKUltra, the CIA involvement, the Rockefeller Foundation, the whole end of the Second World War, the formation of these big, big councils and organizations to control the planet. And it’s not that far-fetched, it really is actually quite true in fact. So between World Health Organization and the European Union, with all their influence, I’m very much wanting to control the narrative to tell us the way things are. And drugs and drug research is just another arm of that, which again, multi-billion dollar powerful industry with powerful lobbying in government. So when we do find out later on, in the rare instances when we get told that some of these drugs were crippling people or causing more cancer or just doing more harm than good, we have to remember that that tenant of medicine is first do no harm. And I think bringing out the discussion with vaccines that the vaccine makers are indemnified against all blame really just lays it open 22:05 and they are very much hiding behind a government protection that enables a system to proceed pretty much unchecked. Part of the control system is convincing people that medicine is really good for them covering up the actual facts of vaccination. The total of cancer picture, for example, I think it’s been fraudulent since the turn of the century. 25 years ago when Donna Shalala declared that the cancer war was being won, I looked at the statistics and saw that she was using fraudulent statistics to declare victory in 1994. And I predicted then that they weren’t going to be able to keep using the present statistics to continue winning the war on cancer because the baby boomers would be reaching the cancer age in the year 2000. 23:18 In that year the National Statistics Bureau shifted that they no longer give raw data on cancer mortality but only age-adjusted figures. So it’s almost impossible to put together a picture of what’s really happening. But in a few situations like young women with breast cancer, there is a very great increase among young women and both incidence and mortality from breast cancer. So they are doing their best to cover up the figures for things like cancer, asthma, all of the degenerative diseases, the effects of vaccination, and so on. So it’s follow the money and if they’re not going to fund a study then we’re not going to hear the truth. It’s like the radiologist says he sees brick defects in women who use fertility treatment and you ask the fertility specialist and they say no, that’s not a fact. 24:26 Because it hasn’t been studied and why hasn’t it been studied? Because there’s no money to pay for the studies. It reminds me what you were talking about Dr. P and you’ve mentioned it quite a few times. When you were pursuing your PhD you would spend hours and hours in the library looking through abstracts and looking through chemical abstracts and database information to find supporting or refuting evidence for whatever proposition you were trying to make. And that quite soon after that, I think you were talking about the 50s, the library suddenly started pulling all their printed reference material out of the libraries and we’re starting to turn to a digitized format where those papers that were written in the 1900s and up to the 1950s that showed very good science based research that was done in many different areas was suddenly not available anymore. I used to use biological abstracts and chemical abstracts which they had back to 1910 and it filled a whole huge room. 25:37 Each year there were about 30 or 40 pounds of books of abstracts printed and suddenly that whole room full of abstracts disappeared about 10 or 15 years ago and I asked the librarian where they were and they had been moved to a storage basement and I said well can I ask for particular years of volumes and they said no they aren’t labeled. They’re not indexed. Oh my goodness. That’s why they call it the healthcare industry. Yeah very much so. Okay the engineer wants to read out. I think you’ve got something to read out here. I do thanks just we’ve got to take a short very short break here to say thanks to some underwriters. The time is 728 temperature outside is 77 degrees Fahrenheit that’s 25 degrees Celsius. Support for our voice in the Redwoods has come is coming from Chautauqua Natural Foods in Garberville locally owned for 34 years they specialize in local and organic produce natural groceries nutritional supplements and body care products. 26:43 Now announcing every day is senior day Chautauqua is open Monday through Saturday 9 to 7 Sunday 10 to 5 they’re just off the town square in Garberville. More information is online at facebook.com slash Chautauqua Naturals. Big thanks as well going out to Sage Analytics makers of potency testing devices that give results of potency in a matter of seconds faster than sending it to a lab. The devices can be found at Bogart located in Eureka. More information online at SageAnalytics.com you could also telephone area code 619-847-4477. And finally heaps of gratitude going out from your voice in the Redwoods to Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse who created the Eclipse system. It’s an auto blackout light deprivation greenhouse and timer run. It can create an autumn darkness anytime of day. More information on the Eclipse system is available at emeraldkingdomgreenhouse.com. 27:47 And finally the views and opinions expressed throughout the broadcast day are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of this station its staff or underwriters. Time will be made available for other viewpoints. Thank you for joining us. Okay so it’s 730 now and from 730 to the end of the show people are invited to call in with any questions related or unrelated to both Dr. Peach newsletter on the language and criticism. Basically the authoritarian model that we’ve been raised with very much pro-government authoritarian control of our thoughts and our minds with information they want us to know. Hiding the information perhaps in plain sight sometimes for those things that are counter to that. And then we’re going to carry on the rest of this show from 730 on now until the end of the show. Breaking down Carla Rothenberg’s absolutely devastating dissertation showing all the facts in very very clear very very clear ways to show that the lies purported by the estrogen industry was so blatant. 28:59 And that actually the protective effects of progesterone was so hidden that it led California’s proposition 65 to list progesterone as a carcinogen. With some very very very poor science behind it. In fact no real science but actually a failure to see the science for what it was. Hello hello. Or more all willing inclusive attitude to maintain estrogen as the prominent drug manufactured by the markets. And now they classify breast tumors as progesterone dependent as well as estrogen dependent. So we will take we will take call us from 730 to the end of the show. The number here if you’re in the area 707 923 3911. Or if you’re outside the area there’s a 1 800 number which is 1 800 KM UD RAD. Hello. Yeah you’re on here. Hello. Yeah you’re on the air can you hear me. 30:00 Oh yes hello. So yes I have a question. Estrogen is. Hello. Yeah the engineer cut you off I think now. Go ahead. Okay can you hear me. Yeah I can hear you just go ahead. Okay. Yeah so estrogen is also a natural hormone produced by the body. Why is why is it not good and progesterone is good and also progesterone is also in birth control pills correct. Not not not the well Dr. Pete can talk about the differences but not in its biological. Not an identical formula. So they use progesterone as well as estrogens so synthesize progesterone. Yeah the body makes a variety of hormones which are essential for acute reactions to stress. Antihistamine for example and antihistamines are beneficial in many even though the antihistamine 31:07 is a synthetic drug turning off a natural drug it can be very protective safe lives. Estrogen and antotensin serotonin nitric oxide are other intrinsic natural hormones which are very important for acute reactions to stress but like histamine when they are continued too long or at too high a concentration they become deadly. Estrogen was known over a hundred years ago about 19 five that was clearly identified as a cause of cancer. I thought they knew I thought they knew in the 1800s that the chimney sweeps were developing testicular cancer from the high estrogen content of the charcoal and the coal. Oh yeah the identity of estrogen and the carcinogens that wasn’t clearly chemically identified until about 1935 36 37 a series of papers came out and these people warned 32:18 against the use of any estrogen for treatment because the chemical work made clear that the soot carcinogenesis that was known from the 18th century and the various chemical coal tar carcinogens that were studied through the late 19th and early 20th century. These were seen to be essentially estrogenic creating inflammation fibrosis and cancer as well as the typical estrogen symptoms and in the 1930s already progesterone was identified as the protective agent against the carcinogenic and other degenerative effects of both estrogen and the coal tar soot of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and for 20 years from 1935 to 1955 33:31 that work continued but it was submerged the story that Carl Rothenberg tells makes it clear what was happening. 1940-41 the drug companies intervened to create their own first that estrogen was a female hormone that would report pregnancy and retard aging. Then in the later 1940s progesterone to sell products they realized that progesterone was expensive to make and couldn’t be patented so each company developed a synthetic product that had some of progesterone’s actions but testosterone for example had some of progesterone’s action it can sustain the uterine condition that’s necessary for pregnancy but many of 34:39 the chemicals that showed one of the reactions of progesterone most of them in the late 1940s had also properties of estrogen and in fact they would terminate pregnancy. Progesterone was named for the ability to sustain gestation progestational but the synthetic chemicals were given that name even though they blocked destroyed gestation created immediate miscarriage or abortion so the the FDA was basically controlled by the drug companies to falsify language use language exactly in the opposite sense so that the progesterone that have continued to be used in birth control pills some of them are strongly estrogenic and all of them interfere terminating pregnancy and they’re not bioidentical progesterone they’re 35:47 a synthetic progesterone um yeah they’re anti progesterone actually but the FDA do not support gestation allows them to be called progestons and worse than that the FDA requires that natural progesterone be given the properties of the anti progesterones the if a synthetic progesterone causes breast causes heart disease for example then they have to warn that natural progesterone might cause heart disease or deformities of the developing embryo. Well and also I’m aware that estrogen is found in food it’s leeches out of plastic bottles hormones that are in the oil contraceptive pill are estrogenic the water supply becomes contaminated with estrogens what else is there that’s estrogenic? This phenol A is one of the most widespread synthetic estrogenic substances used in plastics 36:55 it’s been known for about 120 years and men who developed a diacyl still bestraw DES in the 1930s was warning that it shouldn’t be used in treating humans but drug companies immediately put it to use as the female hormone to prevent miscarriage and retard aging even though it was known to cause miscarriage and to cause cancer. So we’re exposed to a lot of estrogens in our environment but are we exposed to progesterone natural biogenical progesterone in our foods or in our environment? Milk naturally contains some progesterone and it contains a little thyroid and estrogen but naturally if the mother was providing a large amount of estrogen to the babies natural milk would cause feminization of boy babies so it’s obvious that natural milk contains 38:03 predominantly progesterone. Alright so I think that wraps that up for that caller. I think the lights have not stopped flashing so I’m not too sure whether or not there’s people queued up or not but let’s see if there is another caller. Okay so I think we’re having some technical difficulties here folks because I see the lights flashing constantly and we’ll just see if we can get those people actually to look out. Michael is coming back and he should be here in a second. Okay so I think let’s carry on with what I wanted to break down is a revelationary piece of work done by Carla Rottenberg whose Harvard PhD student who basically wrote a fairly damning expose from the estrogen industry especially with reference to HRT and contraceptives that showed 39:05 that the damage that was being caused was irrevocable and catastrophic in a lot of cases and that the estrogen industry was certainly being exposed for what we’ve already discussed as a previous collusion to maintain control over the production of estrogen with no financial incentive to push progesterone and the two of them had a very disparate price limit I think the estrogen’s worth was a thousand times what progesterone’s was and a lot of the research was actually supporting the evidence to show that estrogen was supporting bone health it was preventing the hot flashes with HRT and how women needed estrogen and progesterone in the meantime was buried I think what I wanted to bring out, we do have another quarter on the air here but I wanted to bring out the whole reason why in California and always California isn’t it 40:07 the Proposition 65 mandate that said that chemicals known to the state of California had to be listed on the label of whatever it was you’re buying again there’s a little bit of a weird spin on this and that is left to the legislators and the lawyers in as much as if it’s not used internally you don’t have to put that disclaimer on but if it is to be used internally you have to list it now the fact that they put progesterone on the Prop 65 list and not estrogen is beyond me and we’ll get into that after the next caller so let’s take this next caller call you’re on the airway from caller are you there? we think they’re there okay caller you’re on the air oh good hi where are you from and what’s your question? I have a question I have called a few times I’m the one that wakes up every night with a headache okay and I have a question I found or I traced it back to an injury that I sustained in the nasal cavity 41:09 and what I understand now is I’m leaking cerebral spinal fluid okay every night okay so it has to do with my fluids if I drink too much fluid it can make it worse but anyway it oozes water interesting so what I’m trying to figure out is I had handled my allergies I have taken the thyroid and I take quite a bit of it and I’ve been on the diet religiously and very carefully and I’m thinking let’s see I’m 61 now okay have the doctors or the medical professionals no I really don’t want to try that well what I wanted to ask is have they identified this this structure that you say is located here at the top of your nose presumably here at this barrier the CSF barrier you said that it’s leaking 42:14 it’s leaking so has that been visualized who told you that it was CSF that was causing them I’ve done a lot of studies I’ve been at it eight years trying to figure it out okay Dr. P yeah just a few weeks ago I was talking to a girl who had been having that for at least several months but her symptoms went back several years since late puberty years and it’s closely associated with high estrogen to progesterone ratio the pregnant alone DHEA testosterone and other androgens are protective so it isn’t just progesterone but estrogen makes the blood vessels leaky and various types of inflammation can set off that leakiness it isn’t necessarily an injury this girl that I recently talked to 43:16 didn’t have any identified injury it was just closely associated with PMS symptoms and vitamin D deficiency is one of the things that can increase the leakiness of the membranes has yours been tested? yes it was up very high at one time the vitamin D I brought it down I think to more of a normal range it was up in the 80 90s so I thought maybe 50s would be safer do you watch your calcium to phosphate ratio in your diet? yes I have one meal a day and it’s done with the gelatin so I’m very careful with that and I drink two quarts of milk and then of course the orange juice and have you ever had your estradiol to progesterone ratio tested? I really don’t want to do any puncturing to my body so I don’t quite know what else to do there 44:18 I’d rather guess on that but I will have you tried supplementing progesterone or progesterone? yes it was due to an injury it was a ballooning endocrinial adjustment to my nose because my jaw got dislocated I wake up every night at about 2 or 3 and I understand that the brain or the body makes cerebrals a final fluid at that time and so the best thing I can do is drink coffee and sit in a bathtub for about 40 minutes and then it will drain out and then I can go back to sleep this is definitely the time of day where you’re most subjected to cortisol in terms of low blood sugar have you experimented with making sure? definitely I eat a lot of sugar now 45:19 what about antihistamines? I don’t take antihistamines if coffee helps what about aspirin? I take aspirin I take three tablets a day I space it out with the K of course what about syproheptidine doctor Pete? I think that is the safest antihistamine because it also takes down serotonin excess I tried that and then I got restless legs so I could try it again but it really didn’t help me sleep very well did you say doctor Pete that you’d like to recommend like a tenth of the normal dose? after you’ve used a few of the typical doses of one or two milligrams 46:20 it seems that you get more sensitive to it and can get a good reaction from a tenth of a milligram got it I’m going to try it thank you so much for your help I love the diet the best diet in the world I mean I’m very healthy but this is quite a conundrum one other substance that has some antihistamine anti-leakiness effects is emoden either from cascara or rhubarb root okay I do take cascara can I take just a bunch a bunch a bunch of it? no well it keeps my bowels moving very well and I appreciate it very much how much you said you are using pregnenolene did you? I do use some pregnenolone I use those little scoops I use two scoops is that not enough? I don’t know what size of scoop is what is that size please 30 probably 150 milligrams 47:25 when I first tried to I brought back a kilogram from syntax in Mexico and I felt so much better on 100 or 300 milligrams I wanted to see if it was safe to recommend and so I ate about 3,000 milligrams a day for a year and felt great didn’t find any side effects and studies on rats in which they gave a rat about 10,000 milligrams in a single dose they didn’t see any harmful side effects so and I noticed personally that 100 milligrams I didn’t notice anything with but 350 milligrams then I said okay now I notice an effect from this pregnenolone a very positive effect and it would be good you know despite your reservations about being punctured for phlebotomy it would be good to know your progesterone to estradiol ratio to be reasonably scientific about the whole approach to it because you might have a very low progesterone to estrogen ratio 48:28 which is what Dr. Pete is coming from I think in terms of estrogen being totally responsible for inflammation and that inflammation and leakiness that is governed by estrogen’s effects on the vasculature may well be a contributory factor to watch your experience at night time and if you look into life extension you can get some blood work ordered they’ll order blood work for you without a doctor so if you don’t want to go see an MD then call life extension up very good they’ll order you blood tests right I do have a doctor I can get a pump we have two more callers in order to be fair with these people I need to I do appreciate your time thank you Dr. Pete you’re amazing thank you okay next caller where are you from and what’s your question hi there yeah where are you from and what’s your question um I can hardly hear you can you speak up I said where are you from and what’s your question oh I’m from Laytonville and I have a question and a clarification first at the beginning of the show you mentioned Chomsky were you referring to known Chomsky the linguist 49:32 correct yeah wow okay you didn’t say his first name oh I think Dr. Pete mentioned you might have mentioned his first name oh okay I tuned in a little late no problem my question is this I’m 76 I’ve been on the bio identical estrogen progesterone for 20 years right I’m just using the E2 and E3 forms of the estrogen not the E1 topical cream really low dose and 50 to um I don’t know if you want the numbers with the 50 of the progesterone and um I use a half a gram twice a day and it keeps the hot flashes and night sweats away and how do you think of the bio identical how old did you say you were 81 76 50:33 Dr. P um in the 1930s and 1940s Alexander Lipschut tested on various animals the effects of very small doses of estrogen and he saw that if that small dose was continuous it would be carcinogenic to every tissue he looked at brain was that bio identical estrogen yes bio identical but he found that if you interrupted it regularly the way the body does with the menstruation the monthly progesterone the luteal phase where you have progesterone in huge amounts for two weeks that interrupts the carcinogenic effect of estrogen so even a big surge of estrogen once a month isn’t carcinogenic as long as you’re protecting it and knocking it out of cells 51:34 with good dose of progesterone so the it doesn’t matter that the dose of estrogen is small it’s the discontinuity that is protective and Dr. P Dr. P would you not also say that it’s estrogen which is more responsible for hot flashes actually the estrogen turns on nitric oxide which is a vasodilator and causes leakiness of the blood vessels is that all three, you know there’s three estrogens and you’re using them all they all have the same effects but at different doses the estriol is about ten times weaker than estrodial and so many doctors prescribe a dose such as maybe a hundred micrograms or up to one milligram of estriol 52:38 to get the same effect that they would get from maybe twenty or thirty micrograms of estrodial but it’s still harmful if you don’t interrupt it well how long do you interrupt it for? I’m not sure but something approaching the body’s two weeks is probably ideal but I think a week with a progesterone supplement is probably safe enough okay well so you don’t see much difference between the synthetic estrogens and the bioidentical ones no it’s the estrodial is the powerful natural one the ethanol estrodial is the estro… estriol and estrone? the added group makes estrodial simply stay in your body longer seventeen times longer which one is that? you want E2 or E3? 53:40 the ethanol estrodial is one used in so many birth control pills no but I mean but the estrodial is the natural is that E1 or E2 or E3? that’s E2 so what would happen if I eliminated the E2? well that’s the strongest one so it’s safer with the lower dose E3 is the weakest well E1 and E3 are both weak so why don’t you try cutting out E2 and just using the E3 for two weeks out of the month and using the progesterone the whole cycle and see what happens with your hot flashes that’s interesting well you don’t have to go through all the night questions and hot flashes do you think? well you might not we might find that you don’t have any at all that’s the point I just go right on to the new regimen yeah because the estrogen is what causes the hot flashes and the progesterone is what stops it 54:42 so once your system gets used to the new regimen then maybe you won’t have any more hot flashes but we do have another caller on the line we could maybe squeeze in one more quick call I don’t know if we can, we’ll just try caller you’re on the air where you from and what’s your question we’ve got to be quick, you’ve got about two minutes hello my name is Peter, I’m from San Francisco go ahead Peter, two minutes alright, my question is related to the estrogen research I understand that there are certain substances in plastics like DPA that are estrogenic in nature I’m wondering if there are certain types of foods maybe more acidic or more basic that are more likely to leach plastic or these substances into the food yeah Dr. Pete no I don’t know of any such effects of the pH of the food metabolism but it’s important to keep your protein and your B vitamins up those are the main things that deficiency of will allow the liver to let estrogen build up in your body 55:45 protein and B1 especially are the anti-estrogen nutrients another research fact that my colleague a friend from Oxford University found out about plastic water bottles is that if they’re room temperature they leak less plasticizers into the water if they’re cold or frozen they become brittle and leach much more plastic compounds into the water I think with the advent of this information of plastics leaching estrogenic mimics into the food and into the liquid they carry I think there’s much more effort now to produce HDPE and other plastics which are not not into go food they’re not going to use that high quality plastic and to go foods but so that might apply to your food that you buy out of plastic containers if it’s in the refrigerator it’s going to be leaching more plastics into the food anyway Dr. Pete thank you so much for your time Dr. Pete we’re going to sign off 56:46 we’re letting people know how to find you and a bit more information about next month ok thanks a lot ok so for those of you who tuned in this month thanks for your calls next month we’re going to continue the subject we didn’t really get into it too much but we’ll break it down in full detail Carla Rothenberg’s expose on the lies purported by the estrogen industry and why progesterone is as anti-inflammatory as Dr. Pete has been saying for a long time now and research has shown obviously ok so we can be reached Monday through Friday 1-888-WBM-URB for those people who want to find out more about Dr. Pete if they’ve never heard him before his website www.raepeat.com is full of referenced articles so plenty of different information about lots of different situations there that are referenced and also on YouTube if people want to tune in on YouTube to listen to any of these shows I think every one of them is on YouTube now and I’m doing my best to get the 2016 57:48 and the early 2017 programs on our website that you’ve tuned in and all of you listening out there the pledge drive is coming up in July so if you like this kind of show this alternative show it’s just not the mainstream if you want to keep hearing this support the station please thank you for listening goodnight happy solstice

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