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00:00 Well, welcome to Ask Your Ab Doctor. Here we go again, the third Friday of the month. I was just thinking about it on the drive-in and I think it’s 13 years. That’s flashed by pretty quick so I think we’ve been doing this for 13 years now and as always we’ve got some interesting information that is probably not frequently talked about and a lot of the science and information behind it has been buried and there is definitely a conspiracy that we are in the process of uncovering. So once again you’re listening to Ask Your Ab Doctor K.M.E.D. Garberville 91.1 FM and from 7.30 to the end of the show at 8 o’clock, callers were invited to call in with any questions either related or unrelated to this month’s continuing subject of Carla Rothenberg’s, Dr. Rothenberg’s thesis on the estrogen industry and how the benefits of progesterone were suppressed and the cancer causing progestergens and astrogens were hidden 01:04 in plain sight and there is certainly collusion between the pharmaceutical companies, government lobbyists, big pharma obviously making a lot of money from estrogen sales and hormone replacement therapies and lots of evidence and research done as well as trials to show that progesterone was extremely safe and was actually anti-cancer. Well guess what folks it’s on estrogen and some of the estrials and some of those other compounds are on the Prop 65 list now and this month’s talk I wanted also to include the Prop 65 information. A lot of people in California have probably been made aware of it just because the increasing notifications that are on dietary supplements and products food products are coming with warnings about Prop 65 components to be found within that food or that dietary supplement and a lot of it actually is very fear-amongering where supplement companies are doing this just to cover their backs because the legislator and the legislature 02:11 is very much moving in this kind of draconian way very much like a complete sewn up industry if you like that’s basically part of a kind of one world approach to the way we live. Dr. Pete will be joining us and we’re very pleased to have his expert knowledge he’s actually quite a professional professor if you like of progesterone and estrogen and other hormones having done his dissertation on reproductive biology or his graduate studies. So we’re very pleased to have Dr. Raymond Pete with you. Dr. Pete are you with us? Yes, hi. Well thanks so much for joining us Dr. Pete I know there’ll be gaps in and out of the show this hour for the play drive but can I just I just wanted to get you to tell people about your professional and academic background because there are you know surprisingly some people who’ve never heard of you and who may have tuned in for the first time so it’s always good to give them up to speed about what you’ve been doing for the last 50 years. Before I decided to study biology full time 03:19 I was a teacher of English Lit and several other subjects of painting and such but by the time I was approaching 30 I decided to get serious and study biology because I had been interested in it for a long time and postponed studying it because I thought that there were ulterior motives and I didn’t want to start immediately fighting the system until I had figured that more about how graduate schools work and how to find my way through a four-year program. I intended to study brain biology at first 1968 when I enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Oregon 04:19 and very quickly within a few weeks I saw that my major brain biology professor was very doctrine error and used phrases such as we threw out the bad evidence and it seemed like a really an ideological indoctrination program so I looked around all the different departments and found that the other end of the organism reproductive people were actually doing observational analytical science and so I shifted from the brain concentration to the reproductive system and very quickly I was seeing things that they were counter to the textbook doctrines about estrogen being a fertility drug for example and my professor years and years before 05:28 showed that estrogen was an abortifacient and his professor before had been one of the earliest people showing that estrogen created abortions and miscarriages that was discovered in the 1930s but as I started studying the metabolism of the uterus I saw that estrogen impaired the metabolic efficiency of the uterus making it impossible for the embryo to survive if the tissue was dominated by estrogen rather than progesterone it was a matter of oxygen delivery to the tissue so by finding the right professor and people to oversee my dissertation I got through the program while contradicting all of the medical textbook opinions 06:33 awesome okay I wanted to excuse me I wanted to outline a few things and I’ll try and get through if people wanted to contact me at any point in time I’d be happy to pass them a pdf version of the thesis that Dr Rothenberg wrote when she was refuting the estrogen industry’s claims about how beneficial it was and exposing how dangerous it was and the skewed methodology used within the research and that as you mentioned was a very much a cherry picking type of situation where the good evidence or rather the bad evidence wasn’t promoted and only the positive things that they wanted to see came out in the in the papers you’ve you’ve always promoted progesterone as a progestational compound and that’s very much where it’s its name comes from and estrogen you’ve always talked about as being carcinogenic inflammatory promoting all those kind of weak 07:35 cell states and decreased cell energy that would be associated with cancers or other inflammatory processes where the cell’s structural integrity as well as its energetic level is decreased because the compound itself is a inflammatory compound so within within Dr Rothenberg’s papers she outlined many different instances where data was skewed that the science was not done properly certainly wasn’t reproducible in many instances and that was a tenet of a lot of what was happening and should still be happening in good science is that it should always be reproducible you should be able to give the methodology to anybody and they should be able to reproduce the same results and that’s the basis of all good science is that it’s open and transparent so in terms of the the the misnomers I think with the gestational hormones you’re certainly an expert in that having done your graduate studies on these hormones and having looked at progesterone especially as a kind of anti-aging compound would you say a little bit 08:40 about progesterone’s anti-aging effects in terms of its states you know cell stabilizing effects or other effects that you could attribute to an anti-aging situation yeah in in studying the effects of estrogen and aging on the uterus I saw that the same changes that occurred in old animals in the uterus could be produced immediately just by overdosing them on estrogen and my professor had previously found that a vitamin E deficiency would create the same conditions and others had found that an excess of polyunsaturated fatty acids created very similar conditions a vitamin E was around 1935 to 40 was known as the fertility vitamin and some Italian researchers in the 40s called vitamin E the progesterone protective vitamin 09:49 they saw that both progesterone and vitamin E were preserving fertility while estrogen or polyunsaturated fats were seen to create very quick miscarriage my professor showed that at any stage of pregnancy if you adjusted the dose of estrogen you could create miscarriage death of the fetus in animals very often resorption rather than expulsion of the embryo just by according to the stage of pregnancy he would give an increased amount of estrogen and it would kill the developing embryos and this may be quite interesting for women out there who are perhaps just realize they’re pregnant and or who may have previously had miscarriage I know Dr. Pete you are and we’ve done it countless times with people and I’ve seen the evidence myself 10:53 for women who are in danger of miscarrying progesterone is certainly a savior for saving a pregnancy and preventing miscarriage until such a time as a placenta can carry on supplying the natural progesterone that is a thousand fold background levels when you’re not pregnant so that again that’s the complete support for progesterone as supporting gestation and what you’ve mentioned about estrogen actually causing abortion should make women think an awful lot about estrogen replacement therapy I know hopefully and rightfully so the whole hormone replacement therapy bandwagon has been getting a good beating because of the countless women who probably have caused the countless women who’ve probably gotten cancer from it not to mention the bone weakening effects of estrogen and all of these things are supposedly the exact opposite of what the industry would tell us about estrogen so what do you what do you got to say about progesterone supplementation during the early part of pregnancy for example 11:56 if the woman is either high estrogen and low progesterone and is showing some kind of trauma symptoms like some spotting during the early part of pregnancy which might precipitate an abortion oh yeah sorry miscarriage in the 1930s and 40s both thyroid hormone and progesterone were recognized as the fertility protective chemicals and progesterone was widely prescribed to if a woman was starting to bleed during the early months of pregnancy just a few doses of progesterone would prevent that and make the pregnancy turn out normal even if it wasn’t continued. Thyroid was after a long time considered to be the main fertility chemical for both men and women but then in the 1940s after the 13:01 estrogen industry had created the consortium and conspiracy that Carla Rothenberg wrote about the similar things were happening to the thyroid industry and the same companies that made estrogen were selling progesterone and since progesterone countered the effects of estrogen they suppressed their own promotion of progesterone and started selling something that would be compatible with their sales of estrogen and to suppress the the importance of using progesterone I think was 1946 or 47 that I thought the publication declared that progesterone the natural substance is destroyed by stomach acid 14:01 and this one as mentioned in a medical journal had no supporting reference no explanation they just said stomach acid is harsh stuff and it’ll destroy progesterone but it turns out that to make progesterone you you purify the substance including stages in which it’s boiled in concentrated acid to remove the other things. Progesterone is intensely resistant to a breakdown by things in the stomach so it works fine to take them orally but they created the myth among doctors that you can’t take it orally so they sold a new chemical which they called a progestin that would sound like progesterone but it wasn’t. Yeah and in fact it became a component to use with estrogen in the birth control pills because it prevents gestation. Anti progesterone. 15:06 Anti progesterogenic. Yeah they’re anti progestational but they’re categorized with approval of the FDA in the same category as progesterone so that has tainted the understanding of progesterone because it classified in the anti progesterone class and a similar thing happened with thyroid the synthetic products have displaced the natural thyroid products and the whole thing that thyroid creates fertility by lowering estrogen and increasing progesterone that whole principle was suppressed and forgotten out for 70 years. I was going to say it’s unbelievable but it’s not. I get pretty 16:07 hardened to these kind of situations where previously I would have just shook my head in disbelief and would have just walked off but now it’s so much of it makes so much sense when you look back at the history of where we came from to where we are now I think that’s a thing with a lot of human life and experience and where that old tenet came out that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it and so history is so important and a lot of people and I really don’t know the background history not just of the you know things like chemical research and where drugs came from but even our own history and where we where we where we came from as a people lays a foundation for so many things that are part of our culture or part of our awareness or just part of innate knowledge and so it’s very important for people to do background reading because unfortunately it’s a little bit like the Chinese lie you know when 17:08 it’s whispered to one person of people person at the end of the chain has a very different sentence to repeat than the person who first started the sentence and so these small amounts of error are increasingly compounds that you find something is unrecognizable at some time or some generations down the road so what we’ve mentioned here briefly here that progesterone is an extremely beneficial beneficial gestational hormone has certainly certainly been used to save a lot of women from getting abortion estrogen which we’ve always been brainwashed to believe is a female hormone that females need is actually really not very useful at all and I’ve I kind of gotten used to quoting what I think for me helps me understand estrogen but you tell me if this is if this is how you would describe it maybe you have other terms for it but when I tell or we’re consulting with women about whether it’s pregnancy or fertility or whatever it is and you know whether it’s stress and inflammation and I come to the subject of estrogen I tell them typically that 18:11 it’s only really useful for implantation because of the inflammation that’s caused but do you do you have any other kind of one sentence or one paragraph term for how you would describe estrogen I think that’s a good description it stimulates cell vision during a period of about 12 hours once a month it surges and dominates and is concentrated in the pituitary the breasts and the uterus and it prepares those for pregnancy by creating a wave of of cell division but the function of progesterone is to come in at 100 times the concentration or even higher to knock out destroy the progesterone or the estrogen binding chemical to destroy the influence of estrogen so that the cells stop dividing and start maturing 19:13 because it is totally progesterone that sustains a pregnancy and like you said is 100 times or more that background physiological levels that give women that glowing skin and the kind of freedom from any acne they might have had before as well as the hair that’s growing beautifully and it’s silky and the nails and everything that’s flourishing and blossoming in a woman when you look at the pregnant lady and you go wow she looks really healthy she looks beautiful you know that’s a glow of progesterone isn’t it okay so I never even mentioned the 9233911 number or the 800 kmud rad number for people to call him from 730 on and someone’s already called in so I think it’s possibly a a a loyal fan maybe let’s just take this first caller call away from well I’m gonna kick in and say hey I know there’s a lot of loyal fans out there and you want to keep dr. Pete on the air our finances aren’t that great please join k-mud and keep keep alternative views on the air because you don’t hear dr. Pete anywhere that’s right are we still rebroadcast this show rebroadcast somewhere else you know what several other 20:16 stations pick it up um there’s a lot of people posting it on youtube now so they’ll pull it straight off the k-mud website and they’ll put it up on youtube well wherever you are support your local alternative media and support otherwise it wouldn’t be there for you to do it yeah so here we are okay caller you’re on the airway from um london interior canada Uganda you know canada oh canada it’s gonna say we’ve never had anyone from africa all right awesome but canada is canada is quite a way away too so go ahead what’s your question yeah uh first of all i’d like to thank you very much for what you’re doing especially dr. Pete with his wisdom he’s literally saved my life i think and i just wanted to ask a few good questions just quick ones here go ahead yeah reading his newsletter heart hormones and in there he quotes simplicity of things such as supplementing thyroid digestor and sugar avoiding excess phosphate in relation to calcium and avoiding polysaturated fat makes it possible people to 21:18 take action without depending on the medical system and this is exactly what i had to do and i had this on my heart issue and i think it literally pulled me out of the problems i had but in i was trying to get some clarification about um the gesture on how much to use a good idea to put it around the heart area or and i suppose that was a little bit of tricky thing i don’t know but being a male right yeah just how much you would use there that’s that’s one of the only caveats but dog’s pee i’ll let you answer that uh did you hear the question clearly or um a few words were popped out i think i got the point that i’ve used progesterone myself on and off for about 40 or 45 years and i’ve i found that at times only 10 milligrams per day was enough to stop my whiskers growing temporarily and act as an antitestosterone but other times i can take 22:24 fiber 10 milligrams and it seems to increase my my testosterone and my whiskers don’t slow down and people have told me that they have a similar effect usually it’s people over 55 or so who have the pro androgen effect when they take 10 or 20 milligrams of progesterone but if a person has for example heart failure i think it’s or other fairly intense things for migraine or epilepsy for example i’ve used as much as 100 or 150 milligrams and one dose for a migraine and it stopped within about a minute and you get a very sudden effect strengthen your heart for example if you’re having heart failure when you take a good strong dose like that but it depends on the situation 23:27 and your own hormone balance you can at the same way a woman would you can take five milligrams wait 15 minutes see if if you feel the desired effect repeat it just keep taking fiber 10 milligrams at a time until for example i when i’m under stress sometimes have bulgy veins on the backs of my hands and wrists and either a big glass of very sweet orange juice or sugar and milk or a dollop of progesterone will make the veins tone up and i don’t have um any varicose veins in my feet and so on which i was starting to get 45 years ago but the occasional use of progesterone has made all of the visible blood vessels in my feet disappear you see me taking them orally yeah i’m yeah i’m sure he’s using oral yeah phone oh and the other issue that i have 24:34 a high calcium and high triglycerides is that whichever concern uh yeah those are produced under stress and so keeping the intestine uh uninflamed avoiding uh raw or undercooked vegetables and grains for example uh sometimes it’s all it takes uh increasing the movement through the intestine by uh increasing the fiber content of your food raw carrot or cooked bamboo foods or cooked mushrooms for example can lower the uh the stress hormones uh by cleaning out your intestine preventing reabsorption of estrogen and cortisol uh from the intestine okay yeah the question had was who water swelling tension and pain and fatigue that’s the article in there you mentioned obon modelates the more um metabolism of the heart stimulates this up no sorry you don’t 25:38 mention that that was somewhere else i read but you say darkness and hypothyroidism both reduce the activity of cytochromoxidase making cells more susceptible to stress promoter of excite excitotoxity obon or lack of salt can function as a equivalent of darkness so i see this obon which is uh straffatus grata some kind of a herb um which i was thinking of using but it’s not a good thing to use uh what was the herb it is spelled as o u a b a i n lubein yeah oh oh oh no that i think that’s too dude it’s similar to digitalis which yeah in the right dose it can be protected but progesterone and gha are the body’s natural hormone equivalents of and uh they don’t have the the risk that you have run if you’re taking a 26:43 an unmonitored uh wobbin or or digitalis and then you say lack of salt um i have an issue with that i have slight swelling in my feet and i can eat salt uh to taste but if i go any more than that i get my blood pressure goes up a bit um i have the besides salt is just one of the things that will lower the um aldosterone and that whole system that controls blood pressure uh progesterone is the body’s natural antagonist to aldosterone uh so progesterone and thyroid make you retain your sodium so you don’t have to eat a lot of it but vitamin d and calcium are the other very powerful controlling factors for keeping aldosterone down okay so the swelling in the feet is just basically salt not being used properly 27:45 i didn’t hear that i didn’t hear that either the swelling of the feet yeah it’s not the salt not being used properly uh did you say the swelling of the feet is is the salt not being used properly yeah yeah oh um yeah um the um if something is driving your aldosterone abnormally high such as a deficiency of progesterone uh then the combination of high aldosterone and high salt intake will increase your blood pressure but when your thyroid and vitamin d and calcium intake are good that will hold down your uh aldosterone and progesterone antagonizes the effects of aldosterone so that combination vitamin d calcium thyroid and progesterone are the basic uh anti-aldosterone system and the uh blood pressure regulating system apart from sodium 28:56 okay oh that’s pretty much there oh i do i i have high high calcium according to my tests um yeah but the high calcium level in the serum is a pretty good indication uh in most people that you’re not eating enough calcium or not having enough vitamin d not enough sunlight a vitamin d deficiency will very often cause your parathyroid hormone to rise to the point that it takes calcium out of your bones and increases the serum calcium so taking a good supplement getting your serum vitamin d level up to 15 nanograms per 50 yeah nanograms per milliliter and taking in at least a thousand milligrams of 30:02 calcium per day will generally lower your serum calcium to normal by lowering the parathyroid hormone okay i was eating some egg shells and i was eating a lot of cheese and i still i need to add some vitamin d then more yeah could be it could be that i do talk to people in canada that have low vitamin d i think just being that far north uh you certainly get less daylight um well less sun exposure than you do in more temperate regions so vitamin d supplementation is always good to get your blood tested for vitamin t because you may well find you’ve got a low level you didn’t even know about yeah okay you know that’s pretty good that’s a good idea thank you so much you’re you’re very welcome but thanks for tuning in um i’ll put the number out there for people that are listening if anybody wants to call in to ask dr pete any questions about this month’s subject of an ongoing situation with the promotion of estrogen at the expense of the beneficial hormone progesterone um the number here is 31:08 9233911 that’s in the 707 area code or if you’re outside the area code there’s an 800 number which is 1-800-568-3723 which is 1-800-KMUD-RAD and dr pete i don’t know how much we’re going to get through this but that’s usually the way there’s lots and lots of that wanted to try and get down but we’ll have to do this not next month but the month after i wanted to get into a little bit about some of the studies that were used to put progesterone on the california prop 65 list as a compound or agent known to the state of good old california to cause cancer if anything about this whole prop 65 list there’s 986 chemicals on the list as of january 2017 but i find the strangest part of all of it is that it only applies if the product on that list is being put in your mouth um so presumably um if you’re putting something on your skin that’s 32:12 on the prop 65 list you don’t actually have to worry about it either from the legislation and from the litigation um and like i said at the beginning of the show um more and more products i see on supplement shelves have this little sticker you know prop 65 warning known to state california to cause cancer it’s just become like a little a little plague if you look around the store shelves you see bottles with all these little stickers on them and it’s all because of prop 65 and uh wanted to get into prop 65 but obviously wanted to make sure we get as many people aware of the whole estrogen conspiracy as we can either because they’re listening to the show now or they can download this show from kmud’s website at any point after the show in the audio archive list and also people can go to youtube and find the same shows on youtube and or picked up by other radio stations and other people who want to repeat this so anyway i forget call us the numbers 933911 33:14 if there’s an 800 number you want to use it’s 1800 kmudrad and don’t forget folks you wouldn’t be hearing this if it wasn’t a free radio station perhaps i think some of the things that are bought out on this radio station just not this not just not my program but uh other programs are definitely alternative and we’ve got to live in an alternative world that has alternatives available to people otherwise it becomes a complete dominated system where there is no choice and i think more so than ever the medical industry is recognizing the uh both the power uh in the actuality of results as well as a financial uh control um that um natural products have you know they there’s a it’s a huge multi-billion dollar market and that’s because people are just tired of being given one alternative which is the chemical which is the product that gets pulled off the shelf you know two or three years later after it’s killed a lot of people and and there’s just more and more and more chemicals being added to the list every day that we have no idea really 34:15 what they’re doing they’ve not been tested properly um to the fact that they’ve gone through clinical trials really doesn’t mean that much because when you look at the results and this is what we’re talking about with the whole mistake of putting pregesterone on the cow prop 65 list is that the research really has not been done and um you know parts of it have been skewed and buried in favor of promoting something that drug industries are very keen to maintain the status quo of so uh i wanted just to break out a little bit dr p about uh and because this is another specialism of yours the veg the subject of vegetable oils um that the um the spontaneous cancers they’ve shown increase in proportion to the quantity of polyunsaturated fat especially linoleic acid in the diet and by the end of the sixties the carcinogenicity of vegetable oils or at least their co-carcinogenicity or tumor promoting effects have become widely known and one of the world health organization’s own publications observe that progesterone 35:15 carcinogenicity studies using vegetable oil as the carrier couldn’t be recognized as valid and they were using and they may well still do i’m using sesame oil peanut oil corn oil and then they turn to cyclodextrin which had its own problems um and the just throughout the paper kala rossenberg points out the fact that this there was this kind of tumorigenesis um injection site inflammation that was occurring because of the localized inflammatory and pro-carcinogenic effects of the vegetable oils and i know you’ve spoken for decades about the um dangers of liquid oils and how a thyroid suppressive they are but obviously they obviously have another directly carcinogenic effect too um yeah it was around 1970 when it was finally becoming too public that linoleic acid was carcinogenic to keep promoting it as the uh heart protected hat because it caused heart disease as well as cancer and that was when the the fish oil 36:22 industry that the environmental protection agency was pressuring them to stop polluting throwing fish fat and fish heads and fish skins in the coastal waters and nearby landfills and the the carcinogenicity of the vegetable oils was an opportunity for them to say well here’s another essential fatty acid so-called that isn’t linoleic acid so that whole promotion of the fish oils as the alternative supposedly less carcinogenic essential fatty acid grew up but um the um the around 1970 was a turning point for for the essential fat mythology and and for the estrogen progesterone uh industries uh the there were carla rossenberg points out some of the main 37:30 phases of conspiracy for example in the 1940s it was the george and olig smith professors at harvard who promoted the des use during pregnancy and created the the epidemic of cervical cancer in the daughters of the women who had it and even in the granddaughters of those women as then the uh the birth control uh industry uh created a new uh definition of of the protestants and and progesterone was identified with the anti uh protestants used in contraception and in the 1960s uh the the three major uh estrogen industries uh in total they gave 1.3 million dollars which in 1960s was a lot of money to have robert wilson at his foundation he wrote feminine forever a book 38:40 uh really just um of an accumulation of of lying claims that that estrogen keeps you young and that menopause consists of the loss of of estrogen when in fact uh the first signs of menopause involves the failure to produce the surge of progesterone at around the opulation leaving estrogen unopposed so the onset of menopause really is the onset of estrogen dominance yeah let me hold you there for a second doctor p because we do have another caller on the i want to make sure they get their question into you okay caller you’re on the way from hi you’re on the way from yeah i’m i’m steven i’m local here okay and uh yeah it’s just interesting to hear here i like your guys show and i’m like you know and uh yeah i think i think uh 39:44 that’s really good to tell people about the history of how the whole uh birth control pills and how the that became a became an issue you’re covering it really well um and i i hope that at some point you’ll go into the uh what do they call that crypto estrogenic effects and things like fire retardants and stuff like that yeah we’ve done definitely done programs on it on bisphenol a in the past sizes hello yeah i can hear you i said we’ve okay we’ve definitely i can barely i can barely hear you but okay yeah we’ve definitely covered things like bisphenol a and uh environmental estrogen mimics that certainly yeah that estrogen hormone disrupting effect okay well i probably all right well i’ll let you go then because i got a bad connection that thank you thank you for presenting this information okay you’re welcome we’ll take care yeah that’s what it’s all about um following following the support for uh robert wilson’s book uh there was a huge increase in sales of of progesterone such as a primer and 40:48 and other not not progesterone of estrogen and the primer and especially the number of prescriptions for estrogens uh between 1970 and 75 quadrupled largely because of that promotion of of robert wilson’s phony phony claims about estrogen preserving youth and the the consequence of that tremendous surge between 1970 and 76 in those years the incident of metastatic breast cancer in very young women between the ages of 25 and 39 began to increase steadily every year and by the year 2009 that that age group had experienced a three-fold increase in metastatic breast cancer 41:55 other things environmental estrogens and obesity and other things probably contributed to it but um that great surge of of the use of estrogen was probably the the main cause and we’re we’re still seeing the um increased drastic increase of metastatic cancer in young women where it never used to occur and in the 1930s and 40s animal experimenters were seeing that estrogen is not only carcinogenic to the uterus and breast but the next most sensitive tissue is the lung that the kidneys and brain and other organs are also caused to to develop tumors and then cancer but the the lungs are the next most sensitive 42:55 and if you look at the uh incidents incidents of lung cancer in men it was dropping off by the 1970s when women were starting to use more estrogen and the female incidents of lung cancer took off at the same time breast cancer in young women took off and the curve is very similar for lung cancer and young women’s metastatic breast cancer and it has continued to rise it’s rising more slowly in the last 10 years but still it shows that tremendous increase in exposure to estrogen yeah yeah well that’s a little part of the the reason for doing this show and on this subject it’s another subject it’s just to make people aware um that as we’ve always said you know the truth is out there if you’re just willing to open your eyes uh not stare at the tv go uh get 43:56 your head in some research and start looking at it yourself you’ll soon find there’s uh plenty of patterns out there for people to live a better life and avoid those things that they’ve been told are good for them uh and to start listening to people like you who are espousing the truth from a point of altruism you know and um just crying out from the top of the hills uh well dr p listen i got a few other things i want to make people aware of and it is eight minutes to eight here so we probably better wrap this show up for tonight but i do thank you so much for your time okay thank you okay so for people that have either called in tonight or have just listened to the show um dr raymond p uh he’s been he’s been working on this kind of thing for 40 plus years and he’s certainly published a lot of reports and he’s written several books um he’s written hundreds and hundreds of newsletters and they’re all fully referenced and um he’s not he’s not in the process of selling you anything so he’s very much um an altruistic type researcher who having gone through 45:02 the whole process of brainwashing if you like from the industry that was controlled realized that there was a lot of um a lot of problems within the academic institutions to maintain the role and the job by the professor i had to defend this or that and had to take a a positive stance towards you know chemical companies etc if he was doing research or microbiology using certain chemicals and so the whole indoctrination of education leads us to where we are now where we are told what we’re told by vested interest and so never underestimate the uh the powers that are at work in the world you know not necessarily looking at your best interests um so it’s always good to find out uh impartial third party advice and definitely to look at research articles yourself um that will spell out clearly what’s been done and you can certainly without too much science um see see the truth out there it’s not it’s not difficult you really just have to go look for it but anyway that’s what this program is 46:05 all about is just bringing some of these subjects to light so that in layman’s terms we can turn people on to what it is we’re saying and then you can go elsewhere and find more information about it well i think we’ve probably um gotten to the end of the estrogen progesterone debate but uh i really wanted to bring out the whole california prop 65 subject um it’s a fairly big subject and unfortunately it’s got a lot of twists and curves and it’s a big old rabbit hole with things like i said at the beginning of the show that they’re on the prop 65 list but if you don’t put it in your mouth it doesn’t have to be uh adhered to you know that you can find these things in on the shelves and nothing has to be said about it but what i what i’m telling you now is that you will find an increasing amount of litigation um as we move forward in time and uh you know the chips come down uh you’ll certainly start to see more and more of a push towards providing litigation services and lawsuits against companies uh that are putting products 47:07 whether they’re natural or chemical products into a container that is to be used for food that where the compound is uh a prop 65 compound i just wanted to quickly tell you some of the prop 65 compounds that you may or may not know on the list aspirin for those of you who want to avoid the liver toxic ibuprofen uh aspirins are known anti-cancer substance and it’s very inexpensive to make and it’s not patentable now ethanol in alcoholic beverages for those who enjoy cold beer or glass of wine or tequila at the end of the workday it’s got many many positive benefits in moderation but it’s on the prop 65 list now how about wood dust it’s also listed for all of your creative woodworkers out there then there’s marijuana smoke for those who like to partake how about that folks marijuana smoke is on the prop 65 list is this the smoke from burning the herb or probably why the industry is busily promoting vaping and oil production it’s another 48:10 way to own the rights so you lose your freedom and for you seafood lovers arsenic and methyl mercury is there too and i’ll discuss this i think in two months time uh it’s probably the most relevant but untackled area of prop 65 legislation so you see there’s something for everyone on the list and now we’re run by legislators and litigators there’s little to stop draconian enforcement oh and don’t say i didn’t warn you you get what you asked for when you give up your rights to self-determine and we discussed the bill of rights the constitution and the declaration of independence oh some time back as a blueprint to avoid overreaching government when america was formed the big brother’s coming and from the end of world war two and the codex alimentarius that was drawn up by the ross child to build the burgers and rockerfellas the plan was for a new world order and centralized one world government a totalitarian system and if you think that sounds good you should move to north korea or china and see how you like it rather than being complicit an ignorant of what you’re demanding here by voting for the government to keep you safe well 49:13 like i said dr raymond pete and all that he works for and all that he publishes is freely available on his website www.raypeat.com and we can also be reached toll free uh monday through friday nine to five uh wbm herb 1888 wbm herb and uh just to let you guys know as a heads up we won’t be doing the show in august but we’ll be back in september so we’ll be back at the all dawning end of the summer and we’ve barely just got through the middle of summer here to july the 21st 2017 so thanks so much for listening and we’ll see you in two months good night

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