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00:00 Well, welcome to the Get Fit with Jodell show. I am super stoked because it’s time for another mind-blowing episode with Dr. Ray Pete. Dr. Pete and I decided to do listener questions today so I can hardly wait to hear his responses to some really great questions that people put up on the posts and on my Facebook and things like that. So I appreciate you guys asking questions. And Dr. Pete, I appreciate you because once again I’m so honored beyond words to have you with me. Thank you so much. So are you ready for this slew of questions? Yep, go ahead. Okay. Great. Well, we’ll start with this person wanted to remain anonymous, but they said, and it was kind of an interesting question. They said, can you give us your opinion on the current fitness trends and also what your daily exercise looks like? So this one’s a little personal to you, Dr. Pete. 01:02 Oh, I never exercise. Well, once about every 10 years, I do some exercises just to see how things are working. But the idea of exercise, I think, is not biologically sound. I think all of your activities should be intentional in some way, constructive, or at least a pleasure giving. And the idea of exercise seems to be more fulfilling a duty or obligation rather than doing something just because it’s fun or productive. Yeah, so that kind of takes me down. I’m going to go a little further down on my list because there was another person that asked a similar question about exercise, and this was an individual 02:04 who likes to run. And this woman said, if a woman would like to run on a regular basis for enjoyment, is that something that’s beneficial and does she need to be more vigilant as far as poofa intake and environmental estrogens? If you have a very pretty place to run in, like the natives of northern Mexico have canyons and interesting sceneries to run through, just to do their social visits and tend to their chores and such. So running is part of their lives. But it’s also meaningful in many ways. It isn’t just running down the street at a certain point and coming back. The rote-ness of it, the predictability 03:09 and the sameness of it, I think is actually somewhat harmful to your nervous system. Yeah, so what you’re saying is more your thinking in terms of movement. Like people need to move their bodies, but not necessarily getting on a treadmill or an elliptical machine to hash out 45 minutes just because they feel like they should. Yeah, the brain, the mind has to move at least as much as the body. And when you’re on a treadmill or running down a certain track, your mind is not moving. Your body is moving, but your mind is in a rut. And being in a rut is biologically harmful. From a stress standpoint, right? So sometimes these exercises that we’re trying to do to get our bodies in shape, if we don’t enjoy them, they can actually be stress inducing, yes? 04:14 I’m deepening the rut of a habit of doing something that isn’t pleasurable or meaningful deepens your tolerance for meaninglessness. And you’re at risk of sinking into routine behavior and routine life. Yeah, I like that. I like not living a life, like you said, not a meaningless existence or having meaningless in your life. We need to have meaning in everything we do. So I like that approach. The next question is, Dr. Pete, could you please tell us the difference between a dairy allergy and lactose intolerance? Like what different symptoms would we expect between the two and what can we also do in case it’s actually a dairy allergy? So I guess in terms of them saying, if it is a dairy allergy versus the intolerance, what can we do? And I’m sure you have some insight 05:17 on this as to what they can do to kind of make the intolerance go away, because I’ve heard you talk about that. Yeah, an allergy can be deadly. A mild allergy is just annoying. If it’s on your tongue or mouth, it makes it burn and maybe swell up a little. If it’s serious, it will make your membranes swell up just to a hideous extent so that you can move your tongue, can’t swell, and in any of the surfaces that it reaches, if it’s a real allergy, it can stop the function, can make it impossible to breathe, for example, which is fatal. But lactose intolerance is simply 06:20 the inability to absorb and to test milk sugar. And if you have a sugar in your intestine that can’t be absorbed, it has a laxative effect and it tends to run through you, or if you have the wrong kind of bacteria, the bacteria can convert it to gas. And so gas is the most common symptom for lactose intolerance. And so like I’ve heard you mention before, if somebody does have an intolerance, I’ve heard you talk about how different approaches towards nutrition can actually help that individual develop a tolerance and be able to eat dairy, yes? Yeah, a deficiency of thyroid hormone creates various inefficiencies at metabolically. 07:21 A low production of digestive enzymes is typical. Low stomach acid sometimes, and the enzymes to digest lactose, among other things, will be low when your thyroid hormone activity is low. And so low thyroid people, as a rule, to some extent, have a lactose intolerance and just fixing the thyroid function will improve their digestion of milk. There were studies of people who were theoretically, genetically unable to digest lactose because of their race. And the tests done in those people starting with half a glass of milk or a quarter of a glass of milk every day, doing that for a few weeks, they found that these 08:26 genetically intolerant people were able to induce the enzyme. The enzyme is there in infancy, and it’s just a matter of keeping it active or re-inducing it as an adult by giving your intestine the exposure to a daily amount of lactose. Okay, that’s interesting. So I’m going to throw in my own question here. So let’s say somebody, like you said, we have that since infancy has the ability to digest dairy, but all of a sudden, in their older years, they can’t digest it anymore. What would be the cause of that? Would that have to do with the low thyroid? And like you were mentioning the lactic acid? Or a vitamin deficiency. And vitamin deficiencies and thyroid deficiencies often go together. As your digestive system slows down from low thyroid, 09:30 you will absorb poorly and be more likely to get a vitamin deficiency. Okay. Well, then hopefully that’s helpful to that listener that they can start to maybe take some thyroid and be able to replenish their ability to take in dairy, because that actually happened to me. Once I got my thyroid working after that toxic mold exposure, I was able to do dairy again, which before I’d been having problems with it. So yeah, I think you’re obviously spot on. So okay, go ahead. I’ve known people who recovered from a variety of very different kinds of allergies or sensitivities. Aspirin sensitivity is another thing that is supposed to be genetic. But I have a friend who was, for 55 years of his life, he was thought to be aspirin intolerant. And now he takes aspirin every day. Wow, that’s fantastic. Okay, so there is hope for those 10:32 people that have intolerances to certain things. The next question we got was, what is the root cause of grinding of the teeth? Or I guess it’s called bruxism. Is that right? Yeah. And serotonin excess is one of the things that happens during the night. And usually an irritation in the intestine during the night as your blood sugar goes down, your nerves and immune system become more irritable because of the falling energy supply. And that irritability during the night, even though the food wasn’t causing an allergic reaction during the daytime, during the night, the falling blood sugar makes you start sensing relatively toxic things in your intestine or irritating things. And that causes the intestine 11:35 to increase its production of serotonin. And serotonin is closely connected with bruxism. Wow, that’s really interesting. So someone would want to get their serotonin levels down in order to prevent that from happening? Yeah, usually just looking at your diet and finding things that are not well-digested. Our green salads are the worst offenders. That they never can be digested by a human being. And so they feed whatever bacteria or fungus happens to be in your system. And then the fungus or bacteria will make toxins that irritate the intestine so that it overproduces things such as histamine, serotonin, and nitric 12:36 oxide. Yeah, I can’t tell you how many people will, well, women especially will say, well, I have a green salad every day and yet I have a lot of digestive issues. You know, we want to tell them, well, that, you know, here’s your sign. That’s why it’s happening is we, like you said, we can’t digest all of those greens. Yeah, we simply don’t have enzymes to digest them. There were experiments with rats feeding them fresh, raw vegetables or the same vegetables that had been canned at very high temperature and pressure. And supposedly the nutrients are lost by high temperature cooking, but actually that because it breaks down the cellulose, it actually makes more nutrients available so that the rats wasted away when they were fed fresh vegetables, but thrives on the canned vegetables 13:38 of exactly the same sort. And you can do an experiment if you put a bit of green salad into a plastic bag and then keep it at body temperature for two or three days, which would happen after you ate it. See what happens to the fresh green salad after two or three days of body temperature. That usually a foul mess. I can imagine that would be a fun party trick to show your friends, like look what’s happening to salads when we eat them. Okay, so Rachel asks the next question. She says, what does Dr. Pete feel are the better exercises? Of course, we touched on that. Foods, supplements for middle-aged women in regards to lowering chronic stress or cortisol. I know getting outdoors in nature and plenty of sunshine are huge lifestyle factors in helping this, but what else? And as always, thank you. If you live in a woodsy cold climate, cutting wood 14:52 and stacking it in the summer months is a good, useful exercise that uses your muscles. And in the winter or if you don’t have wood to cut dumbbells are the closest thing to getting muscle use. I love that you just said that because I went to camping recently and my husband and my brother were showing me how to chop wood for the fire. And I fell in love with it. Like I told them I want to learn how to be like a really great wood chopper and it was such a great workout and yet it was fun too and it was almost like a stress reliever too. Yeah, and with a good crusket saw you can saw logs for the fireplace and get push and pull exercise on your arm muscles 15:52 doing using alternate arms on a crusket saw. It’s like a very expensive exercise machine. Oh, I love that. I’m going to give that a try too because I was just using an axe and chopping, so I got the chopping mechanism but I didn’t do the push pull. Now she also asked like what supplements or nutrition do you recommend as far as lowering chronic stress and cortisol? Things that are easy to digest and that don’t lower your blood sugar are the most powerful anti-stressers. Calcium, keeping the ratio of calcium to phosphate very high in your diet has a relaxing anti-stress effect. When your muscles are active and growing they actually produce some testosterone. When they’re under stress and not being used properly they tend to 17:02 convert cholesterol into cortisol and actually create the stress syndrome. The unused muscle is slightly toxic under some conditions where the used muscle is adding to your steroid protective hormones. Wow, okay, so and okay I’m going to throw in a question here too. Since you have a lot of history in Mexico living down there and such, I have kind of a favorite starchy vegetable that’s jicama and I was wondering your thoughts on jicama as far as the food that’s might be good for digestion or not or what do you think about jicama in general? I’ve eaten a lot of it and I don’t generally tolerate starch as well. For example cucumbers give me terrible gas and even cantaloupes are 18:05 too gas forming for me but I never had trouble with jicama. I don’t know what it is but it is a starch but it isn’t famously gas producing. Yeah I noticed that for myself that I found it easy to digest but there are so many other raw vegetables that if I would try to eat them in you know the raw state then I would have problems but not that one so I wonder if it’s because it may be part of the tuber family like a potato? It’s in a very different family but it’s probably a different set of allergens and antigens. Okay well good to know I’ve been wanting to ask you that for a while so that’s good. Okay and then Tina asks does Dr. Pete advise those coming from calorie restricted eating and intermittent fasting protocols to slowly increase food intake and possibly count calories? So that’s her first question so what do you think about somebody 19:08 coming from calorie restricted and intermittent fasting and how would they slowly increase their food intake and count calories or should they? The important thing is to watch your temperature and pulse rate as indicators of how energetic your metabolism is. It’s normal for your metabolic rate to go down during the night but after breakfast you should pop right up to a working temperature of 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit and the pulse rate of more or less 80 or 85 beats per minute I think is good during the day. Great and also her second part of her question was should we take T4 with T3 or does Dr. Pete advise just taking T3? 20:11 The value of T3 in a free form is that if you’re in a hurry to correct a problem you can use a physiological replacement amount of T3 such as between one and four micrograms per hour and like with a meal where you’re going to be absorbing food for two or three hours 10 micrograms with a meal is a pretty physiological amount and you can see if that relieves your symptoms. I’ve seen very serious symptoms disappear in this little as a minute start after taking a 5 or 10 microgram dose of T3. In some you will very often disappear 21:15 5 minutes after chewing up a bit of T3. You don’t have the usual delay in getting to sleep and pains arthritic pains or breast pains for example will disappear in from 5 to 15 minutes after taking some so it’s valuable for its essentially instantaneous repair functions but it goes away almost as fast as it takes effect and I for a time was taking 25 micrograms in the morning all at once and after doing that for a couple of weeks at sunset my heart would begin stopping every 10 seconds for two or three seconds at a time and once it stopped so long that 22:23 I started blacking out with a shrinking visual field and had the cough repeatedly yet my heart started again and so I realized that taking an outside dose all at once after a week or two your liver starts eliminating the T3 after the next abtrase or drape because it doesn’t doesn’t recognize that as an actual process and after 12 hours of the liver excreting it at that high high rate if you don’t replace it suddenly you’ve gone to an extremely hypothyroid state which leads to heart arrhythmia as the worst symptom and if you take the T4 only 23:29 a very healthy person they tested it in the 1940s on male medical students and said thyroxin T4 only had exactly the same effect that the full thyroid substance had on these healthy young men but they didn’t test it on women and it happens that estrogen affects the liver and the thyroid gland blocking secretion of the hormone from the gland and slowing the metabolic process of the liver so it turns out that women have about five times the incidence of thyroid related disease and autoimmunity is closely connected to that feminine 24:35 thyroid estrogen interaction so T4 is very fine as a replacement only for healthy people but the people who have a metabolic problem mostly women it’s exactly the wrong thing to use but since you don’t want to have to take four micrograms of T3 half a dozen times a day if you take T4 in the evening for example once a day a dose of T4 will help to sustain things through the night but it should be accompanied by ideally one or two doses of T3 during the 25:39 day time the sustaining effect of T3 during the night means that the when you’re exposed to the T3 it should activate your liver keep the estrogen from accumulating the liver excretes excess estrogen and the active liver will activate the thyroid gland protecting it from the blocking effect of estrogen so given the supporting effect of T3 then a woman’s liver can metabolize T4 just like a man’s wow okay that was that was something that I had been interested in learning about too because I have seen people take T3 and then they say that they after a couple weeks they no longer can notice the the difference on it would that be because 26:43 the liver is starting to push some of it out since they’re taking it and now they need to up their dose or should they yeah okay if you if you take if you take a 5 or 10 or 20 micrograms at once your liver is going to develop super excretory enzymes to lower it faster than normal okay and then taking T3 sounds like a way to remove excess astrogens from the body is that correct um yeah and that will help you handle the T4 okay well speaking of excess estrogen there was another another listener Diego he had a question about anti aromatase products such as eczema stain so he said what do you think of anti aromatase products like eczema stain also known as aromasin yeah those generally have fairly serious side effects 27:49 the one of them which is a steroid I forget whether that’s when you named the steroid based one is the least toxic of the aromatase inhibitors okay so probably needs to be careful with that then if there are some pretty harsh side effects yeah yeah and the there are safe aromatase inhibitors aspirin and the progesterone for example do a very good job yeah that’s that’s a much better point much safer to take those things for sure okay we have a gal named Christie that had a couple questions the first question is I’m losing weight and my hands and feet are cold even with natural thyroid medication and I’m getting colder so why is that it’s important to check temperature and pulse rate as well as how you’re feeling if you have been reducing your 29:04 intake of nutrients you might have produced some essential nutrient so much that you’re in a stress state and high cortisol can make you lose weight under stress but it will be primarily muscle weight dieters used to go on a very low calorie diet or even fast and I find that they could lose 10 or 12 pounds in a week or 10 days someone did the study analyzing what was happening to the body and they found that on an extremely low calorie diet the weight loss was about a 80 percent protein and only something like 15 or 20 percent fat 30:07 but if they took a moderate amount of nutrition enough to reduce the stress hormones they could lose 80 percent fat and only 15 or 20 percent protein tissue so it’s essential to keep your adequate nutrition while lowering calories yeah the adrenaline will will come up and bring cortisol after and the cortisol is what makes you lose muscle yeah so instead you might try you know adding some more calories and would it serve her if her adrenaline’s high to add carbohydrates I’m definitely yeah the carbohydrate at the right amount will spare the protein so 80 grams of protein a day for example if you’re getting the carbohydrate from orange juice for 31:12 example comes with minerals potassium has a sparing effect on the protein besides the sugar so fruit juice plus the adequate amount of protein will keep your metabolism up and tend to promote fat loss rather than protein loss yeah that’s that’s a very good tip because anytime I drink orange juice I always feel warmer right after I drink it and so I’m wondering if she would take her temperature prior to drinking it and then after she might notice that she’s getting less cold when she does that do you agree um yeah you have to allow time for your uh the effect of the cold orange juice to wear off if you drink warm orange juice then you’ll see the the warming effect immediately okay very good okay hers the second part of her question was uh she doesn’t 32:16 have a uterus because she had it removed and um her doctor told her that she doesn’t need to take she’s taking progesterone but her doctor said you don’t need to take progesterone if you don’t have a uterus and she wanted to know if that was true I have many doctors thought that was true 60 years ago but I didn’t know anyone still said that last time I I saw that was I think 1970 roughly it’s a kind of horrifying thing to think that a doctor still can’t believe that progesterone has use only to the uterus progesterone is one of the most basic molecules in the universe and starting right from the 33:25 ovum itself it is involved in the structure of the ovum which organizes the genes the cell division mechanism everything from the beginning of the organism up and uh as as the organism matures even before pure puberty progesterone is uh in charge of brain development uh if progesterone is low during gestation as the brain fails to develop when it’s given as a supplement the brain becomes super super able bigger bigger and more uh more functional in animal experiments as well as humans and in the mature adult brain uh progesterone 34:32 is the major steroid 10 times higher in in the brain for example than circulating in the blood so you might say uh the uterus is a very minor uh uh field of operation for the progesterone molecule it governs brain growth brain function if it’s low a woman will experience uh epileptic seizures uh when the brain progesterone falls too low uh mood depression uh deficiency of progesterone uh affects every aspect of life wow okay so there’s your answer christie he he says yes you can take your progesterone even without a uterus because there’s so many other benefits to taking progesterone so that’s awesome 35:39 okay one more from christie she wanted to know our sulfur supplements good or bad such as in the form of msm oh when when people email me that question i send them a couple of of uh articles from uh about 40 years ago i think it was a woman at in a california hospital was brought in and uh she exploded in the operating room and several she died and and several of the staff were injured and analyzing the the chemistry of what happened uh the best hypothesis he must be that she was using msm uh to treat a cancer using very large amounts of it and some 36:41 fluke in the way it metabolized led to that toxic explosion and that that only happened once but i think it’s good for people to be aware of that chemical analysis that was said in california just as an indicator of how little is known about the supplements that people so commonly use without knowing knowing very much about the the actual chemistry so she literally exploded like her body exploded and yeah or the gasses around they had opened a big incision 37:44 i think it was described as an explosion but the fumes quickly knocked out several of the staff yeah well that’s definitely a supplement that we want to stay away from as far as like i know you mentioned that they took it for cancer but what why do people take msm like i’ve never recommended it to my clients but are there other reasons people take it and is there something they could take instead if they’re doing it as an anti-inflammatory yeah there are lots of anti-inflammatory things the the safest approach i think this is to try to look at causes and and see what the particular problem is low blood sugar leads to inflammation too much unsaturated vegetable oil in the diet amplifies inflammation 38:46 too much phosphate in the diet relative to calcium is a very powerful promoter of inflammation uh things that over activate the parathyroid plant will lead to inflammation fibrosis calcification and saying that these supplements are recommended for that they almost always have a clear uh cause that can be approached supplementing calcium for example avoiding things that are over rich in phosphates too much eat too many beans too many nuts for example those are all heavy in phosphates yeah i can’t tell you how many people i talk to 39:46 about going off of nuts and seeds and for the reason of poofa as well as oxalates as well as inflammatory responses like what you’re talking about and how much better they feel after even like less than a week they notice the difference being off of like nuts and nut butters and seeds and things like that okay so trudy asks i would love to know dr ray peats stands on colostrum powder and powdered milk um something that i just ran across a few months ago was that the dehydrating and and powder producing industry has sometime in in recent years they have begun using nanoparticles to prevent clumping of their powders and colostrum is is a good idea powdered milk is just a wonder food for convenience i’ve used 40:58 hundreds of pounds of it myself but recently running across this bit on the new technology just so that the the powder will flow easily they’re they’re actually uh microscopically coating it with nanoparticles uh and uh i i haven’t found any uh industry source which admits that they’re using it but on the internet you can look at uh nanoparticles and powdered milk products you can find lots of articles about the use of it people selling the the technology to be used and these nanoparticles if if they’re in a particular size range are carcinogenic and pro-inflammatory 41:58 and so it for several months i haven’t been uh recommending uh some of my favorite recipes such the powdered milk pancakes flourless pancakes and biscuits and so on because of the uncertainty of how these powders are being produced yeah there’s so many things that start out great and then they process them a different way and we as health advocates have to stay are okay well at one time i recommended those but now i can’t because they’re changing the processing of it so that’s unfortunate you know that happened with vitamin vitamin c in the mid mid 1950s the research that made it famous was done in the 40s and and early 50s and i used it myself and with two tablets tiny tablets of 50 milligrams each 43:02 uh i ended a very intense poison oak allergy so that i could work in the woods without a trace of poison oak sensitivity just after basically a hundred milligrams synthetic vitamin c but the next time i took it it had come down in price by about 90 percent and the tablets were now 500 milligrams instead of 50 milligrams and it caused cold symptoms and other allergy symptoms when i took it and after my own experience i started mentioning that the other people who had chronic sinus inflammation running nose post nasal drip cough hemorrhoids all kinds of mysterious ailments i mentioned my experience 44:07 with synthetic vitamin c and a huge percentage of these people with chronic inflammatory problems self when they start taking their supplements wow yeah there’s there’s so much i’ve learned from you in particular about supplements and the things that are in them kind of like the newsletter you had on silica and silicone dioxide like how these supplements start out so great and then they use these products that really give us no reason to take them because we don’t really want to be bringing sand particles into our digestive tract yeah okay well there you go okay so this next question this is kind of a loaded question and hopefully you can explain to the listeners what exactly these big terms are i’m familiar with them but i want to hear from you so can you it says can you ask dr pete about pheochromocytoma perigangliomas adrenal tumors 45:12 what we can do with this disease and is there a connection to thyroid diseases and pheochromocytomas i suspect that there is the people that i’ve known with with the diagnosis uh i have urged them to check their thyroid function and it happens that that the people who have been diagnosed with that were actually hypothyroid and in the absence of good thyroid function the body looks for alternative ways to keep working and and one is to over activate the that particular kind of of cell it can go in different directions excess serotonin is one of the products excess 46:17 uh adrenergic chemicals is another route but i i think of it as the body’s inventing ways to to get around an energy block or limitation uh that that happens with many of the regulatory endocrine systems for example with animals many years ago they found that if you removed one ovary of an animal the other ovary was very likely to develop cancer and the mechanism was because the pituitary plant was producing enough activating gonadotropin for two hormones 47:21 it became more active to make one ovary do the work of two ovaries it was over-simulating that ovary driving it to the point that it became a tumor or a cancer and in thyroid there’s good evidence that the same thing happens when you’re deficient in some nutrient needed to make the thyroid hormone or have something blocking the production of the hormone your pituitary becomes hyperactive your tsh rises and chronically over-simulates the thyroid gland leading to thyroid cancer um and women i think uh i don’t know what the proportion is but uh they’re more susceptible 48:26 to developing thyroid cancer uh because because of the estrogen blocking the secretion of the hormone and the pituitary having to work harder i i think it’s the same chemical that can be used for a prolactin secreting tumor uh the bromocryptin or cabergoline or or um at least right i think or the chemicals used to treat a prolactinoma uh some of those can be used to treat the crushing’s syndrome and i think if you keep the the pituitary under control so that it isn’t over-simulating your adrenals you will reduce the risk of of all of us once you get a tumor in the adrenal is too late to work on the level of the pituitary uh but uh low thyroid function 49:34 leads to increased prolactin for example as well as uh the thyroid stimulating hormone and the excess of gonadotropins often follows the excess of of thyroid stimulating hormone and prolactin and serotonin which rises from either irritation in the digestive system or from a response to hypothyroidism serotonin happens to drive all of the pituitary hormones so stress uh that leaves you with chronic serotonin excess uh can contribute to all of the tumor developments that are driven by the pituitary gland which would include 50:38 uh different types of adrenal tumors uh thyroid tumor operian tumors all of the uh endocrine tumors yeah okay very good um the next question comes from john and it says what are your thoughts on the herbal form of afedra also known as mau hang uh is this something that can be beneficial um yeah i’ve used it uh from the time i was four years old i think i’m first had migraine like headaches like that another made me want one tea desert tea it was called and uh it’s a powerful stimulant it wakes you up 51:40 and so um some people have used it for uh in an excessive chronic way uh using uh just for its stimulating purpose or for weight loss for example and in chronic excessive use it contains things that are toxic to the liver but if it’s used just occasionally medicinally uh for example to treat nausea or headache great and uh yeah with regard to weight loss it it kind of stimulates the beta receptors is that right where so it’s harder like for the stubborn fat areas i i remember that from my bodybuilding days everybody was on afedra because it would stimulate the beta receptors instead of the alpha receptors you know but um free fatty acids are the result 52:42 and uh free fatty acids are what make fat toxic so it’s better to eliminate the fat slowly and carefully rather than pushing it out with a stimulant like my one yes i agree okay two more questions and then i think we’ll wrap it up but the next question is from ann and it says what is your remedy dr pete for cellulite what would be your cure all or a or a way to begin to heal a cellulite issue the um immediate thing is to check your your temperature metabolic rate uh look at your uh calorie and and water consumption uh you should be evaporating uh at least uh two two liters of water every day that you can’t account for 53:52 so if if you drink for example two quarts of orange juice and two quarts of milk um you you should produce a moderate amount maybe a quart of urine per day if most of your uh water intake appears in the form of urine that means that you’re you’re not evaporating at a proper rate and so your metabolic rate is low your temperature should be tip right right around 98.6 during the daytime the pulse rate uh well above the 60s preferably in the in the 80s per minute and uh to do that uh might might require uh supplementing uh some extra calcium 54:53 making sure you’re getting enough sodium in your diet having a vitamin d a blood test is a good idea to make sure your level is up around 50 nanograms per milliliter and uh vitamin d and thyroid work very closely together uh the sodium and calcium work closely together to uh suppress the stress hormones and to activate the protective hormones such as d a p a and progesterone and uh if if uh you you still have a tendency to uh but they call cellulite uh for a quick remedy supplementing progesterone and d a p a 55:58 rubbing it into those areas and taking um piper 10 milligrams orally uh can uh activate the uh connective tissue uh metabolism to uh to toughen up the uh the tone of the tissue and to help it get rid of the water i love that that’s you know out of all of my time researching weight loss and fat loss and cellulite and things like that for clients i’ve never heard somebody say you rub that into your skin so you’re on the cutting edge you’re always coming up with things that no one else is saying which is what i really enjoy about you okay and that brings me to my last question so i want to i wanted to ask you a question um that was kind of personal but i was hoping that it would be kind of a fun question for you to answer but what is your favorite pastime like what do you do for fun 56:59 i think painting is my favorite thing yeah yeah i’ve seen some of your artwork online and it’s really beautiful uh yeah whenever i can get someone to sit for me like portraits well that’s great so that’s what i call my vitamin p pleasure passion purpose and we have to get vitamin p as well as all these other vitamins wouldn’t you agree yeah definitely it’s really really the uh the key to the whole whole thing is to make it work pleasurably yeah absolutely well dr p this has been so interesting and fun and just just really appreciate your time on all of these questions and i hope the listeners who submitted questions do too and well we’re definitely going to have to do this again because i think people are really going to benefit from all of the information so i appreciate that uh so we’ll say bye for now any any parting words you want to leave the listeners with 58:05 nope okay well make sure you check out dr pete’s um newsletter and sign up for that go ahead and give them the the way they can sign up for that dr pete oh okay uh my website uh repeat.com has has a lot of my newsletters and articles but uh at the email address for my newsletter is uh repeat newsletter at gmail.com yes and i highly encourage you guys listening to go get that it’s a way to support dr pete for all of this amazing time that he gives to us and to show him your appreciation and learn a lot of great info so i love that about you and um thank you once again dr pete we’ll do this again soon okay thank you goodbye okay bye for now what’s up youtube followers just a quick promo code for you of my show sponsor dropinfbomb.com 59:13 you can get healthy oil packets like coconut oil and some tea oil and there are little pork sticks salt and pepper pork sticks no hormones no nitrates no artificial anything just really great ingredients that are quick and easy on the go use my code get fit g-e-t-f-i-t to save 10%!(NOVERB) and go to dropinfbomb.com today to get your packets of on-the-go convenient foods healthy convenient foods and it’s a healthy way to drop an f-bomb today

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