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00:00 Well, welcome to the Get Fit with Jodell podcast. I am as usual Jodell. And you know what? Dr. Raymond Pete is back on the podcast. He’s with me again, and he needs no introduction for most of you that follow my podcast. We are some Ray Pete lovers here. So, but if you do want to learn about Dr. Pete and you’re new to the podcast, I invite you to check out his amazingly informational chocked full of information website, raypeat.com. That’s R-A-Y-P-E-A-T.com. And we’re going to dive right in because I want to thank all of you who submitted questions for Dr. Pete. I think both he and I really enjoy answering these questions, and I love hearing his input on them. So, we are going to jump right in. Dr. Pete, welcome to the podcast. Thanks. Yeah. So, I’m going to start with my own question that I have for you that I’ve been 01:00 really curious to know about. I kind of put mine at the top of the list here. But what are your thoughts on Chinese medicine and something that I’m learning about called liver heat? Now, I’m not trained in Chinese medicine, but I love learning Ayurveda and Chinese medicine and applying it to my clientele and to myself. And I was wondering your thoughts on how to achieve good liver balance. And if you feel that liver heat or liver stagnation is actually an issue in a lot of people. Yeah, the Chinese over thousands of years accumulated lots of good knowledge. But the idea of Chinese traditional medicine isn’t a monolithic thing. It varies by regions, for example. So, there are many traditional Chinese medicines. And I think many of them are 02:01 somewhat useless or maybe even harmful. But they do have probably, in total, there’s probably more useful medication available in Chinese medicine than in American pharmaceutical or in the medicine just because it’s such a vast field of knowledge. But it’s based on basically natural substances. And a lot of the knowledge is metaphoric. Like when I was in Mexico, I learned that the plans that were, for example, something that was prescribed for anemia in different areas, it happened that when you cooked up the leaves or twigs or whatever, 03:04 they were plants that produced a bright red solution. Even though they were hugely different chemicals, it was the connection between the redness of the herb and the perceived lack of redness of the blood of an anemic person. So, it wasn’t scientific at all. And if it happened to work, it was really just accidental. And so, those things, if you have hundreds of people doing that, sometimes you’ll hit on a drug that works and that’ll be preserved. So, it’ll be something that started as a metaphor but turned out to have an empirical value. Okay. And as far as like the liver heat, you know, when in Chinese medicine, they talk about liver heat as like liver inflammation or liver stagnation, what say you about that? 04:10 The gut and the liver are really our basic, deepest interaction with the world of chemistry and nutrition. And it happens that the liver is necessarily involved in all of our chemical reactions. And you can say that fixing the liver is going to improve every condition. But the way they go about fixing the liver is again, sometimes very metaphorical and sometimes unscientific. But very often, if you attend to the liver, you’re very often going to get things 05:14 right. For sure. What’s one of your top tips for if somebody knows they have liver inflammation or some sort of liver issue going on, what would you say would be the first line of defense for them? Laxatives and anti-inflammatory substances because irritation of the bowel necessarily produces irritation of the liver. The bowel is constantly either protecting the liver from toxins or letting them through into the liver. So if your intestine is inflamed and not working very well, it’s going to hurt your liver. So laxatives and anti-inflammatories are the first defense of the liver. Okay. Good to know. Now, one other question I had was there’s a lot out there on mono diets where somebody’s just going to use one food or substance to cleanse 06:20 the body. And I’ve recently come across one that I think you might approve of. Since you are a big fan of milk, there’s something coming out in the biotoxic illness community called a milk cleanse where this is a mono diet where somebody would only drink milk for eight days. What are your thoughts on that? What do you think about that? Sometimes it’s extended to a month. Okay. It can be very powerful because the milk contains antibiotic ingredients and multiple anti-inflammatory sedatives as well as nutritional substances. And really the only thing it lacks to live on for a year is iron. An adult living on pure milk for more than a month is likely to start noticing 07:29 an iron deficiency. So it’s just profoundly therapeutic to do it for a week or more, up to a month. Fantastic. Yeah, it’s really intriguing because when you think about it, milk has all the macronutrients. It has fat, it has protein, it has carbohydrates. So you’re not really fasting in any sense because you’re getting all your macros and it’s got tons of minerals in it. So yeah, when I was thinking about it, I’m like, you know, that makes a really good sense as far as being a really good mono diet or cleanse. And since stress generally increases inflammation, and that turns on the enterotensin system that activates the adrenals and albosterone, and that activates the parathyroid glands and the parathyroids turn off respiratory energy 08:29 production as a way of hiding from stress. The way serotonin is closely involved in albosterone and parathyroid hormone and serotonin is an important factor on turning on hibernation, turning off metabolic energy. And since high calcium intake turns off the parathyroid gland, it restores energy production and most people are running around stressed to the degree that their parathyroid and enterotensin and albosterone serotonin systems are unnecessarily active. And so it is equivalent to being hypothyroid. 09:30 When the stress turns off your metabolism, it does exactly what hypothyroidism does. And calcium in sufficient amounts, like on a pure milk diet, that’s going to very strongly inhibit your parathyroid hormone, meaning that it very strongly increases your metabolic rate, gets your liver active, providing stabilized glucose and detoxifying processes so that any accumulated toxins from your fat and other tissues will be very efficiently detoxified and excreted. So a pure milk diet is very similar to giving adequate thyroid supplementation to get the whole energy system and detoxifying system going again. 10:37 Oh wow, I’m so glad I asked this question because to like truth be told, lay everything on the table, I actually did this cleanse, this eight day cleanse. I’ve done it twice now with raw goat’s milk and in eight days I’ve had better results with my health than I’ve had trying to get past this toxic mold exposure for the last four years. So I completely agree with you that this type of approach is healing on many levels, the liver, the thyroid, because I’ve seen it with my own two eyes and I’m going to be podcasting about it soon too with the creator that put together this little milk cleanse that I specifically did. So I just wanted your two cents and I’m so glad I asked. I have a friend who has a lot of big dogs and his grandkids have some goats that they milk themselves with goat milk. So there’s always a generous amount of goat milk and over the last 11:39 several years when he discovered the good effects of milk on himself and friends, he had a dog that was injured almost fatally in the fight and he gave it sugar for immediate recovery but then gave it a pure milk diet and they recovered very fast. So that started him being interested in the therapeutic properties and in one of the fights a dog’s eyeball was bitten and deflated and disappeared so there was just a red socket and he put that put that dog on a pure milk diet and I guess it was three or four weeks he noticed in this empty red socket 12:42 he noticed what looked like a cornea or lens developing and over a period of six weeks or two months a new eyeball appeared and with a couple of old dogs who had gone blind from cataracts he put them on milk diet and they recovered from their cataracts so the fresh goat milk was apparently responsible for regenerating in one case a whole eyeball in the other restoring clarity to the lenses. Okay so then the cliche stands milk really does do a body good so yeah I think we’ve heard it here folks you can definitely try a mono diet of milk. Well I think we’ll jump into the next question so this is from SM it says could you please ask 13:45 Dr. Pete how you would know if you are taking too much thyroid supplement for example I’m taking one whole tablet a day of Sinoplus split into three doses and half a tablet of Sinomel split into two doses my underarm temperature is around 98 degrees Fahrenheit and resting heart rate around 60 beats per minute. I generally feel a bit fatigued wondering if I should up the dose and how would I know if I’m taking too much so I guess the question is how do you know if you’re taking too much or too little Dr. Pete? A few times for example if I was taking a two grain dose of armor thyroid during the winter every spring I found that I started overheating and getting out of breath if I kept taking that amount so I learned that in the spring I had to go from two grains down to a half a grain and the what you are most likely to notice 14:55 when you’re taking more than enough is that you’re just standing up and walking across the room for example you’ll feel increased warmth and breathe you’ll be breathing harder and temporarily get out of breath just for walking 30 feet or so so your heart beats very powerfully and quickly usually going 95 or 100 beats per minute with a very hard firm pulse not a rapid weak beat and you’re very easily overheated and get out of breath but you also recover your breath quickly okay okay some good symptoms to look for there then SM okay so Upcar Beacon asks whether a succinate source of vitamin E is acceptable 16:04 to consume now when I looked into succinate a while back that source seems to be really good for cancer prevention yeah it was I had just seen some studies on it relating to cancer but as far as if it’s safe or acceptable to consume that was that’s something that I guess I’ll have to look into a bit further the vitamin E should be described according to its actual composition okay as a tocopherol which of the isomers of the tocopherol it is okay good to know okay white lotus asks I found three masses in my breast along with a two centimeter mass in my lymph node be a ultrasound and reading further down she has a pretty low TSH and T4 within range but it seems to be her numbers are getting worse now and ultrasound sound showed an 17:06 enlarged thyroid but otherwise normal then she learned about you and she started taking her temperature and implementing kind of the way that you describe eating and her temperature is 97.4 in the morning and it can get to 98.4 midday her adrenals seem to be involved because her pulse goes from 84 to 94 to 110 135 when she’s stressed and will sometimes go up and down within the few seconds that she’s taking the pulse and ever since COVID it seems her heart rate is unstable she can feel a change when she takes progesterone and thyroid and she started aspirin but it might irritate her stomach sometimes would she still be considered hypothyroid even though her TSH is so low and T4 is high and should she continue on the protocol yeah go ahead what what what exactly was your TSH number do you have yeah 0.35 18:06 0.25 0.35 it’s not inconsistent with hypothyroidism okay so experimenting with the dose is important but you don’t respond properly to the thyroid supplement if your body is very saturated with polyunsaturated fats or if your diet contains polyunsaturated fats or if you’re getting too much phosphate in the diet from meat or fish or nuts or or legumes or grains will will interfere with thyroid function calcium promotes thyroid function of item and D promotes it by letting you use the calcium so you have to look at the whole picture and 19:12 protein sodium calcium are all things that increase your metabolic rate and will help to if it’s just an inflammatory thing like a plugged milk stock for example the increased metabolic rate should clear it up quickly I’m so glad you brought up the proof as because I think that so many people just think okay I’m going to take a thyroid supplement and I’m going to you know take an aspirin and take some progesterone and all my problems will go away but you really do have to dial in the nutrition and you have to look at the the sources of those polyunsaturated fatty acids that are coming in because they are anti thyroid so they’re not going to help you any and so yeah I’m really glad that you brought that up as well she has another question what are Ray Pete’s thoughts on alcohol especially champagne 20:12 in very small quantities like a half a teaspoon per day it has very powerful anti inflammatory and potentially anti aging effects there was a study of brain age pigment or lipofuscin and they found that the vitamin E caused it to be removed from the living cells but as a control vitamin E had been dissolved in alcohol they found that just an alcohol supplement was enough to remove the age pigment from the brain cells and that is probably because of its very powerful anti inflammatory effect and or antioxidant effect but to achieve that it’s just a almost microscopic amount of 21:17 ethyl alcohol that will serve as an antioxidant I’m just laughing because I’m thinking of all the people listening to this that now their wine glass is going to have half a teaspoon of champagne well champagne is what maybe 10%!a(MISSING)lcohol very small somewhere between 8 and 10%!I(MISSING) think and so to have a gram of alcohol you could have almost an ounce of champagne well thankfully I’m not a drinker so it doesn’t apply to me but everybody out there go get your little you know teaspoon and measure out your champagne next time so yeah okay G Christy 626 asks is the vitamin K2 in MCT oil safe some sources list MCT that can be derived from soy 22:21 what’s the best way to get K2 particularly if supplementing with aspirin to prevent bleeding um the many of the products are in MCT oil and it depends on the person and the quantity but orally interesting MCT has the possibility of increasing sensitivity to allergens for example they found that you could create a peanut allergy by combining a little bit of MCT with a little bit of a peanut substance so it can have a very dangerous effect on the intestine so I think it’s good to avoid all of the oral supplements containing MCT 23:22 on the skin as far as I know they’re they’re safe and so I when I think I’ve been for example taking antibiotics that would reduce the K producing bacteria in my intestine and using aspirin which will inactivate the substances that are anti-inflammatory uh to counteract that I will either eat an extra amount of liver or I will open some of the vitamin K capsules and spread spread three or four capsules on areas within skin hmm good idea um as far as like that when you say not taking MCT oils though so people really just need to get it from when they’re using coconut oil like you recommend just just 24:26 getting the natural medium chain triglycerides from that yeah I yeah many places call MCT a type of coconut oil but it’s really a totally unnatural thing that never occurs in nature even though the the components do but they are arranged in a unique manufactured way that and the arrangement has very powerful biological effects okay very good le z asks is supplemental calcium carbonate from undisclosed sources dangerous due to potential heavy metals or do benefits outweigh the risk yeah it can come from a mine that contains very harmful amounts of heavy metals so eggshells and coral are are relatively clean 25:32 eggshells were the cleanest by analysis slightly better than coral calcium carbonate okay good to know Dave fit asks would like to know about calcium to phosphorus ratio and maybe magnesium too Dr. Pete talks a lot about getting lots of calcium upwards of 2000 plus milligrams a day and talks about reducing phosphorus but I’ve never heard where he’d like to see phosphorus intake is there or there is a decent amount of phosphorus in milk so I’m curious what he recommends new big fan of Ray Pete he says milk has if you’re drinking two or three quarts of milk a day you’re getting enough calcium if your thyroid is functioning a low thyroid person loses magnesium the cells simply can’t retain it very long you might eat a huge batch 26:35 of cooked spinach and have the symptoms subside for several hours or a day but if your thyroid is low your cells will lose it and the symptoms will recur so you can get along on a surprisingly low level of magnesium if your thyroid is staying good okay and and milk is a very good of a source of magnesium if your thyroid is in good condition okay cool all right dill rr dyl rr asks can ray please talk about how an adult can grow taller after growth was done to do to malnutrition is it possible dr p low thyroid people often don’t finish growth until they’re in their 40s and malnutrition 27:39 can be a major cause of of a low thyroid function I didn’t start taking a thyroid supplement even though I suspected it for many years but I had a high metabolic rate and so I I was close to I think it was 40 when I started supplementing it and when I had moved into that house there were kids sharing the house and everyone marked their height on the door frame and uh after about three or four years after I started taking this thyroid supplement I was moving out and I checked my height against the mark made 10 years earlier and found that I had grown an inch after the age of 40 because because of the thyroid supplement 28:41 that’s so great and I mentioned that to a tall woman just around the time I and myself and she said exactly the same thing happened to her she grew an inch when she was 45 all things are possible okay so Laura Dana Nuculae asks thank you for these shows I love them and you and Dr. Pete question I cannot tolerate progesterone and most things that are recommended like aspirin makes me really cold and progesterone even a small amount even progesterone gives me a strong estrogenic reaction lack of sleep sore breasts long menses etc same with pregnant alone that gives me an allergic reaction I’m following Ray Pete’s work for quite a few years now and most of the nutritional advice I’m on thyroid support and my temps and pulse are okay-ish and getting better is there anything I can do to tolerate progesterone better main thing I 29:41 want to do is improve working memory especially with the capacity to focus and processing speed I’m 43 year old woman with long-term iron deficiency thank you so much the iron deficiency diagnosis is usually mistaken and because the iron stores tend to be hidden inside cells and the closest you can get with a blood test is the transferrin saturation percent and there should be something like maybe 25 to 30 percent is an okay saturation but a low red blood cell count can be caused by many things a copper deficiency for example or or too much estrogen if you look at female animals versus males they always have a lower red 30:50 cell count and that’s because estrogen inhibits bone marrow activity and so often people poison themselves trying to cure iron deficiency anemia when it’s really a thyroid supplement or trace minerals such as selenium and copper or the B vitamins to get the red blood cell production up that the progesterone by opposing that anemia producing effective estrogen and by activating the thyroid gland will itself improve the anemia increasing red cell production 31:52 in women and the the amount and way that you use progesterone is very important in the oil form it can be absorbed through the skin but it’s about 10 times more efficient if you take it orally but since vitamin E is a very viscous oil it tends to be at least a disgusting thing to swallow very much of and it’s better if you mix it with butter or other food and so you don’t notice the consistency of it and then it will express its progesterone like activity and progesterone at every level its basic activity is to antagonize 33:02 a estrogen so as soon as you have feel and a progesterone effect it is activating your thyroid gland and then and the large thyroid that means that it’s accumulating the material with which to make thyroid hormone but it’s unable to excrete it because your body is dominated by estrogen which blocks the enzymes that break down the fibroglobulin forming the hormone for secretion and so if a person has a noticeably enlarged thyroid it’s better to shrink the thyroid gland back to the normal size because occasionally if a person takes enough thyroid enough progesterone to block that anti-thyroid effect of estrogen the sudden release of the inhibition 34:10 and the activating effect of the progesterone on those enzymes that release hormone from the thyroid globulin that can put you into a hyper thyroid state raising your pulse rate to 110 220 at rest until the gland normalizes itself I experience that myself and I’ve seen it in two or three other people and generally they say that they never felt better in their life but if they happen to go to a doctor the doctor would want to destroy their thyroid gland to cure them but if they just wait waited out for a couple of months it corrects itself okay another question from white lotus is are there any breads that are okay like sourdough or 35:12 rye if it’s real sourdough right a lot of places just add acid to bread but it the actual way to make it nutritious and helpful sourdough is to soak the flour for 10 or 12 hours with or without the yeast you could add the yeast later it doesn’t matter because it’s the soaking that turns the starch and protein the gluten of the flour and it has to be living flour can’t be sterile flour so it has to be vital with enzymes that can convert the gluten and starch into the amino acids and sugar that allows the yeast to leaven the bread and so the bread loses its 36:20 rubbery fluffy texture tends to be denser and weak but very good tasting and very very non-toxic I 50 years ago when I was interested in making bread I had noticed that a single slice of bread from the grocery store would give me insomnia but when I baked my own well soaked sourdough bread almost completely free of gluten it tasted so good I a couple of times ate a whole loaf of it at bedtime and slept perfectly I’m sure very very digestible stuff yeah yeah I’m so glad to you I agree completely if you can make it yourself or buy the highest quality fermented 37:23 loaf of sourdough then yeah I think it’s good okay Julian says raise thoughts on consistent nightly benedrilli usage for lowering serotonin and helping sleep and allergies thanks as far as I know there’s no specific harm done by it but it’s something that you should consider a temporary crutch because you can fix the problem of excess histamine and serotonin for example lowering your estrogen estrogen is the motor behind excessive histamine and serotonin activity so getting the estrogen under control with thyroid progesterone vitamin D and calcium for example will bring on sleep sometimes I wish I had canned audience 38:25 like applause for you because some of your answers are just so like yay we need like canned audience applause okay um Joseph asks options for people working through depersonalization panic disorder the the panic part of it is from the falling blood sugar and excitatory effects of lactic acid and the lactic acid is overproduced because you aren’t making enough carbon dioxide to suppress the lactic acid production and so making lactic acid blocks your ability to produce the sedative carbon dioxide and to keep your blood sugar up by the efficient oxidative metabolism and so correcting your your thyroid 39:31 a first aid can be inhaling carbon dioxide by rebreathing in the paper bag for a couple of minutes okay an NC girl nine if I asks looking forward to the answer to my question I’ve been following a repeat diet for a year now raw carrot salad milk progesterone and taking a little bit of thyroid I’m still getting tension headaches especially around menstruation my doctor wants to put me on estrogen oh no is there anything else I should try first could this be high serotonin thanks dr p yeah the important thing with progesterone use when you have a symptom like a menstrual headache or pms or essentially any estrogen poisoning effect is to use the progesterone cyclically 40:35 the body produces it for two weeks every month and then lets up on the production if your liver experiences a high level for more than two weeks its enzymes are disposing of the estrogen as fast as you make it and so you’re losing the potency of the progesterone if you don’t take a break of at least a week every month and you get the most potent effect if you started part ways through the luteal phase and use it with the intent of activating your thyroid and interfering with the estrogen effect and you can use thyroid the same way especially if you have the active T3 form of of thyroid such as cytomel or cyanomel 41:44 and you can use that during the luteal phase when you have the symptoms to lower the estrogen if you use too much of it you’ll lower the estrogen to the point where you stop menstruating but for example someone who has been hemorrhaging constantly couldn’t turn off their menstruation in just two or three days they were able to absolutely turn off the menstruation by supplementing T3 and that’s menorrhagia or excessive menstruation is a common sign of hypothyroidism and to get your thyroid activity up it requires good nutrition a high ratio of calcium to phosphate if possible a one-to-one ratio is very good 42:54 but many people on a standard diet are getting five times as much phosphate as calcium and that dissipates your energy blocks the thyroid function and so on for sure okay so next one is from vane our prestus ray has previously mentioned that being slightly hyperthyroid is preferable to being slightly hypo what are the physical markers for a properly adjusted thyroid dosage for getting that for that slightly hyperthyroid it it’s really hyper according to the standards of medical thinking okay it’s actually use thyroid condition except a good thyroid function is almost always considered as hyperthyroid by 43:57 the medical doctrines that have developed over the last several years and the good thyroid function should include a resting pulse of somewhere in the 80 beats per minute 80 to 85 beats per minute at rest just to maintain all of your detoxifying functions for example at a high level and your skin should be generally on the moist side your hair should accumulate an oiliness if you don’t wash it for several days the softness of the skin depends on an adequate oil production and moisture from the sweat plans high estrogen and low thyroid for 44:57 example knock out the function of most of your sweat plans leading to dry skin thin skin as well as internal problems of stress related degenerative symptoms and alertness as well as alertness during the daytime and quick onset of sleep at night many people find that when they’re under stress or traveling or something and can’t get to sleep five to ten micrograms of t3 by restoring the brain energy is creating the relaxed condition that will allow deep sleep to come on it’s partly a matter of the temperature but partly simply activating energy production and the the brain 46:00 is very similar to the muscles which can’t relax fully if you’re hypothyroid the secretory organs which might either under function or over function for example excess salivation can happen from hypothyroidism so having everything functioning optimally having fairly quick transit time between eating food and excreting it it should be on your one day but the average American is three days transit time on average so glad you mentioned all those that’ll give people a good pick symptom picture to think about as far as like if you want to make sure you were you need to be so 47:01 XR oh go ahead yeah the the intestine should be sterile in the people in a person with good thyroid activity all of the secretions and peristalsis should be so active that no germ can live between your your esophagus and your end of the small intestine where the colon begins all of that should be free of bacteria but the average American has a bacterial living partly up at least in in the small intestine the lower your thyroid is the more infested with bacteria your small intestine becomes okay very good okay XR asks what are raised predictions in the future regarding COVID and the vaccines what will the vaccines cause in his opinion 48:05 oh they cause exactly the same kind of symptom that the infection does often worse and it’s been known for decades that a viral infection influenza for example or the other things that call this cause cold like symptoms that that isn’t just a respiratory condition but it affects your digestive system often the first symptom is within your digestive system and that’s because of the interference with your anti-inflammatory processes of the viral infection such as influenza or COVID and the vaccine of so-called vaccine is 49:08 it’s a method of producing the toxic part of the virus the spike protein which knocks out our anti-inflammatory ACE2 enzyme which destroys angiotensin and knocks out inflammation of all sorts and then the process restores metabolic activity because it has been suppressed by the inflammation and so the lingering effects of the vaccine are going to be just about the same as the lingering effects of a viral infection have been a certain percent maybe only one percent maybe several percent will have lifelong recognizable problems resulting from an intense 50:13 case of influenza for example or from a bad reaction to the vaccine okay last two questions here we might kind of tag we might kind of tag them together because fab asks is sugar as carcinogenic as we have been told leading to cavities and tooth decay and then Brandon also wants to know surrounding strategies to maintain oral health it seems some people who transition from a low carb diet to a higher carb run into cavities so having said that does the pH of the mouth matter more than we think so what about oral health you know cavities and such and sugar yeah your saliva should be antiseptic and a very neutral pH very close to a seven pH and it has antibodies and probably other factors that help to keep the mouth 51:24 sterile and prevent the acid forming tooth destroying bacteria but in the absence of that healthy saliva which depends on high energy metabolism and good thyroid you can protect your teeth to a great extent by having some water dissolved baking soda at hand and every time you eat something swish a little bit of the baking soda solution in your mouth and swallow it to leave an alkalizing residue in the mouth the story about cancer and sugar is a horrible misinterpretation of Otto Warburg’s work in the 1920s in which he showed that cancer can’t turn off 52:35 glycolysis by oxidizing glucose or other things to carbon dioxide even in the presence of oxygen and the production of adequate energy the cancer keeps turning glucose into lactic acid cancer has a metabolic effect of wasting glucose and so the typical cancer is so metabolically inefficient that inside the tumor there is extreme lack of oxygen and glucose both and in where there is an isolated cancer in a person’s leg for example and in animal experiments they found that if you 53:44 put an extremely high concentration of glucose solution into the artery feeding the tumor the getting making up for the glucose deficiency created by the cancer’s metabolic inefficiency getting enough glucose to the tumor the tumor dissolves kills itself so if you think of it in the actual detailed way that the metabolism is being operated you see that glucose is one of the most protective oxygen along with glucose if you can provide it to the tumor in sufficient amounts the tumor is going to gain the energy it needs to heal the wound 54:53 the cancer is an attempt to heal a tissue without the materials it needs to achieve the healing and glucose is one of those materials if you don’t get enough glucose the cancer sends out signals to provide more glucose and to do that if you aren’t eating sugar the only source of glucose in your body is to break down protein to turn to glucose and so that’s why having a tumor tends to produce wasting away of the muscles in the skin and the immune system and so on and so having enough carbohydrate in your diet helps to prevent that wasting caused by cancer and ideally it can along with other things can provide the materials the tumor needs to heal 55:59 itself it’s another reason that we don’t need to focus on low carb diets so well we made it through all the questions dr. Pete you were awesome and this has been fun as usual I love learning from you so keep up what you’re doing and if you guys don’t have dr. Pete’s newsletter yet it’s a great way to support him and the work that he does so you can order that um mailed order or emailed order of his newsletter by reaching out to raypete’s newsletter at gmail.com and it’s wonderful chock full of wonderful information I love every time I get it in my inbox so dr. Pete thank you for your time today okay thank you hope you have a wonderful evening and uh you guys keep those questions coming and we’ll be back with more bye for now

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