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00:00 Okay here we are we’re back with our second show this morning and on the third Monday of the month it is Dr. Ray Pete at 10 30 central time Dr. Pete is on the on the telephone here he doesn’t have the the whole camera thing so we’ll just do the telephone but it’s fine because the most important thing is what the gentleman has to say with all his massive amounts of research that he has done he’s a PhD got the PhD long ago from University of Oregon he’s specialized in physiology and he started working with hormones back in 68 dissertation on that in 72 and talked a lot about progesterone and hormones and his main thesis is that energy and structure are independent at every level he’s got a great website and we’ll tell you about that and he’s here and Dr. Pete good morning to you sir good morning how are you what’s going on in 01:02 your life oh I’m working on two or three new articles right now I learned that Gilbert Lane had died last summer and he’s been such a big influence on my work for 50 years that I decided to write a little article introducing his ideas to people who don’t don’t get in the usual public media and Gilbert Gilbert I can say it Gilbert Lane what was his specialty I’m the cell physiology he came over from China on a scholarship in the 1940s and very quickly developed a new kind of cell electrode a very microscopically fine 02:05 tip that will go into an individual cell to allow you to measure the voltage of just one tiny cell and that’s named the Ling Gerard microelectrode named after him and his thesis professor and despite being the first person to have the technology for measuring the electronic condition of a single cell his observations were contradictory to the dogma that had been established already in the 1930s and so ever since then 70 years his work was simply not recognized even though he entered all of the objections that people could 03:11 possibly make and showed that the whole picture of the cell that six graders get in their textbooks and the medical students get it in their textbooks it’s all a big fantasy he just proved all of the parts of this picture of cell physiology and how did how did his work then really affect say what you did or what we what we know then about health and how the body works I mean what was a big takeaway from that I was starting out taking courses to work in nerve biology or brain physiology and discovering his work within the first week of starting to read the history of cell physiology I realized that my 04:17 professor was basically talking about fantasies and dropped out of the brain end of biology research and looked around for people who were closer to the actual fact and I found the extreme other end of the organism the reproductive system where you can look at one cell at a time the fertilized ovum the very beginning of the organism instead of the highest most complicated organ it was easier to talk objectively about the physiology of a single cell rather than the complexities of the mature brain and it happened that the professor working on reproductive physiology wasn’t a high-powered prestige seeker and so he 05:21 when I made observations that were contrary to textbook doctrine at the time he said well is it reproducible and if so go ahead and if I had chosen to work with the first professor on on nerve biology he would have for example in describing some of his research he said well first we threw away the bad data and data or data you have to explain them away you can’t just throw them away and what he meant was observations that didn’t fit the dogma had to be discarded and when I was working in his lab I had one of the microelectrodes inside the cell and moving it around I showed him that there 06:24 were different electrical potentials within a single cell and as soon as he saw it it was like he had been electrocuted he jerked away and I never talked to him again the visualization of what seemed impossible to him he simply couldn’t direct his eyes in that direction anymore so I came to see the biological world from Ling’s perspective and from that perspective it’s a giant business structure that doesn’t care about the details of reality as long as it can be turned in the profit kind of like modern modern life these days yeah the pharmaceutical industry really drives biological research and sets sets the rules I did do they do that dr. P with on a on a on a very 07:34 deep level at the medical schools and in that area right oh yeah the medical schools universities in general are depending on private funding more and more and medical schools are hugely directed by the pharmaceutical industry about 50 years ago I saw some horrible biased research coming out of Yale medical school and I wrote the dean and asked him how much research were they getting from the estrogen industry and instead of answering me the dean wrote a letter and said he was insulted that I would imply that money would influence their research but he wouldn’t tell me how much money was accounting for their very distorted picture of what estrogen does another school I looked at the in 08:44 this case Southern California University USC I was able to get some idea of their funding and it was about 99%!e(MISSING)strogen and almost none supporting progesterone research and they everyone in the department looked like was saying something favorable about estrogen and only unfavorable things about progesterone because that’s where the money was yeah wow too often down see people that do well when they when they take a little extra progesterone and yeah both both men and women equally depend on progesterone it’s it’s a massively important brain hormone ten times as much in the brain is in the blood and men’s brains have just as much as women’s so it’s basically a pharmaceutical 09:52 industry fraud to call it the pregnancy hormone and we get too much estrogen just from modern lifestyle the diet and whatever yeah and if you gain too much weight because you’re eating the wrong foods that suppress your metabolism or if you’re injured or stressed your any tissue of your body can make estrogen so even if your ovaries are taken out for example in in rat studies thousands of articles have been published saying you take out the rats ovaries and you have rat deficient in estrogen but no one measured it until finally a couple groups decided to see what happens to the rats blood estrogen when they take the ovaries out nothing happened estrogen went up slightly because if you take out 10:58 the ability to make a little more progesterone in the ovaries that is a stress and the body under stress makes more estrogen so that the whole dogma about what menopause consists of it really is a failure of the ovaries to produce enough supportive progesterone to support the brain and in that situation you were deficient in progesterone leaving the body in stress and then stress that makes more estrogen and since estrogen under stress tends to deposit inside cells measuring it in the blood is useless because it takes the body has to have progesterone to release estrogen from inside the cells and 12:01 researchers in I think in Sweden Batra was the man’s name who did some of the first research showing that when an animal seems to be deficient in the estrogen if you give it progesterone suddenly the enzymes that allow it to be allow the estrogen to be released from cells will cause it to appear in the blood and be able to leave the body through the kidneys so the details of how stress increases estrogen and decreases progesterone have been known now for about 85 years on Soli was one of the person who started trying to find what estrogen is and he called it he said a big dose of estrogen imitates 13:07 the shock phase of the stress reaction shock turns off your ability to make energy and weakens gives you a fast weak heartbeat and all of the main functions fail that was what he saw as an effective estrogen already in the 1940s. Well now with the lifestyles people have and everything going on with the internet in the world you could see how there’s so many so many problems then with the ladies going through this menopause. Unbelievable. Dr. Ray Pete is with us great researchers you can hear he just digs deep he’s a PhD and we’re going to jump right in we have lots of emails and don’t have unlimited amount of time. 14:08 Dr. Pete here’s a he and I a she wants to know about endometrial cyst on with the can that be helped with thyroid medication. Thyroid and good nutrition will activate your liver to do what it should be doing which is to excrete every bit of estrogen arriving in the bloodstream to the liver so that whatever level comes in liver should be able to excrete it some into the bile and some soluble into the bloodstream to leave via the kidneys. So being either malnourished or low in thyroid means that estrogen accumulates in the body and it tissues that primarily accumulate estrogen at the highest 15:15 concentration are the uterus the breast and the pituitary gland and so the chronically over stimulated endometrium of the uterus it thickens and very various things go wrong with it. If you can establish a proper monthly cycle then that should take care of it the cyst along with the the rest of the endometrium should be sloughed off and start a new endometrium. So the body just will let go of it. This is from Jeff he’s in far Texas. Dr. Pete said that he recommends drinking orange juice and milk. Edgar Casey said not to combine 16:16 citrus with other foods. Is he suggesting that he has orange juice and milk together? Well you shouldn’t combine it with meat or an iron rich food because it won’t make you absorb too much of the iron and it can react with the iron to bruise free radicals but I don’t know of any harm it does with milk but still milk by itself is safe and orange juice by itself is safe. But not necessarily together. Not no they don’t have to be combined. Yeah. Mr. Kahn says Dr. Pete has recommend boiling greens and drinking the water for getting calcium and magnesium. I would like to know how much I should have and how often maybe in a week or so. That’s a good supplement but milk for example will normally provide 17:22 enough magnesium in balance with calcium. But if for example you’re getting cramps or have some evidence that you aren’t retaining your magnesium then just an ounce or so of that concentrated water from boiling greens is enough to relax a cramp. And again thyroid is the regulating hormone. If you need that magnesium supplement occasionally that probably means that your thyroid function is low because thyroid is what makes your cells able to hang on to magnesium. Magnesium or magnesium. It helps you pull magnesium out of your food so if your thyroid is low you have a very very high requirement for magnesium to stay healthy 18:30 and functioning but as your thyroid function gets normal you can pull your magnesium out of foods like milk and fruit and meat and seafood and so on. Lynn writes in she’s in Australia could you please ask Dr. Pete if protein and sugar is best not eaten with starch what amount should be left between starch and protein meals. Does this recommendation mean that marmalade for example with tortillas or eggs with rice is best avoided and what foods would actually be considered to be protein or sugar like for this? Marmalade is good with anything but the starches that can cause problems are combined starches of beans and overripe peas for example are starches that are hard to digest 19:40 because they come with so many other compounds grains that haven’t been sprouted or turned in the sourdough bread are harder to digest and those complex starches can feed bacteria and cause gas and bowel inflammation but starches as a pure substance for example cornstarch is relatively pure and if it’s cooked it isn’t so likely to cause bowel inflammation but still starches are the amount to pure glucose if they can be digested and so the so-called glycemic index of a starch is the very highest thing just like pure glucose solution and that 20:45 means that it’s per calorie it’s more fattening than sucrose the sugar of fruit that’s one of the reasons that I say it’s good to emphasize fruit and the sugar in fruit rather than grains and their starches because those starches not only are fattening but they’re tending to feed bacteria in the intestine she was wondering about she thought to you heard you say that you like cheese maybe with tortillas and and she said what is it about cheese that makes it okay with starch since it’s pretty high in protein well it’s the tortilla which is a modified starch the Chinese and Central and South Americans many years ago the Chinese probably 3 000 years ago discovered that if you cook a grain in lime or in lime oxidized calcium compound or 21:56 potassium hydroxide from ashes of vegetation those caustic alkalis digest the grain destroy the things that make it indigestible turn the potentially toxic balance of amino acids that that could could create pellegra if you have had the corn-based diet for example convert those in the vitamins as so the tortillas are very rich as a source of calcium and niacin and very easy to digest because the corn and the proteins have been partially digested already so nixtamalized corn the kind used in hominy tamales and tortillas 22:58 is not not like any of the other grain starches. Dr. Ray Peters with us is here on the 3rd Monday of the month Patrick Timponi one radio network.com we’re going to do a little show on money with Fred Jeschewski on Wednesday we have a couple of other things in the works Dr. Pete before our first break here I thought I’d ask you about your your personal theory or take or do you think this coronavirus thing have you have you looked at it if you think it’s going to get bigger and bigger here or do you think it’s going to fade out do you have any opinions on that? If the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry and the world health organization have their way it’ll get really big business but so far it looks like it’s very similar to 23:59 the old corona viruses possibly as much as 50%!m(MISSING)aybe twice as virulent as the average but every variety of flu is a little different and word the average flu about 1%!o(MISSING)f the people who catch it are already very sick and so it will kill about 1%!o(MISSING)f the infected people this one is killing one and a half or two percent of the infected people so it is a little worse than the average but still nothing very worrisome it should be contained but the world health organization and CDC use these blow them up as a gigantic world ending dangers to sell more vaccines 25:09 so they’ll they’ll come out in a year from now and say well we have a vaccine for this or that now that so you can get you know yeah and the trouble is that those vaccines want to have been tested for safety and going back to the 1970s and the swine flu vaccine those vaccines weren’t tested and in fact they caused vastly more deaths than the swine flu many many times more more deadly and thousands of people were paralyzed hundreds I don’t remember the exact number of of deaths but it was there were only in the United States there was one death blamed on the swine flu and basically it was an epidemic of virulent vaccine vendors 26:12 my god stay right there sir Patrick Timponi one radio network.com with Dr. Ray Pete hope you enjoy the show that we have Dr. Pete and we have people on all the time oh well every day we have something on sometimes we’re beginning to do archive shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays now give my give me a little rest on Tuesdays and Thursdays to do some other things and then we’re doing stacking up more shows sometimes we’ll do three shows Monday and Wednesday just to bring as many people as we can to you we always welcome your suggestions we get them all the time if somebody you’d like us to have on the show just email me Patrick at one radio network.com Patrick one radio network.com previously with Brandon Amalani of Shan Blossom talking about our very special ginseng and you don’t want something that’s been corrupted and coming into your body like the ginseng is a super important example of that you know when you’re 27:12 using aggressive alcohols and solvents it has a it has a strange effect with ginseng in the sense that when you’re not only over processing it but putting it in really aggressive alcohols what’s going to happen is that you’re going to flip the chemistry on some of the androgenic naturally it’s androgenic it’s going to basically protect the telomeres and add life to the body and protect the genetic replication of the cells but it’s also going to boost the androgens and boost the male hormones in the body but if you incubate it in a really aggressive alcohol it flips those to become estrogenic now estrogens phytoestrogens are not necessarily bad in balance but you really don’t want that with your ginseng especially if you’re getting like a really high quality of really old root something that’s very special you want to like treat it with care and make sure it’s delivering what ginseng has to offer. Just a short clip from Brandon talking about the way they do the ginseng just to give you a better idea of where this company is coming from the quality and the ethics. Brandon and the Shen Blossom link on OneRadioNetwork.com 28:21 You’ve heard us talk about this really terrific sauna that we have it’s the it’s to relax far in for its sauna and we think it’s um boy you know the more I think about it and I look at the ones out there and I’ve looked at a few of them I think this is one of the best choices ever that you could make for a sauna because of well because of its effectiveness and the cost and the ease of views that you get with this sauna very quiet low EMFs on down around your feet you know it has some magnetic energy in your feet in your calves and things like that and but no no RF you know no real electromagnetic fields to speak of anything that nothing to really concern yourself about they get very very hot we all sweat a lot and you can use only one of the the units if you like at the bottom the right and the 29:27 left side and then just get like half the heat and even do it for a longer period of time it’s very good for the sympathetic parasympathetic balance with my little kind of things I’ve been going on with my sleep and it it’s really been helped me a lot sometimes just to to get more relaxed to something you know is going on subconsciously and or you know in the tummy or something but it’s it’s very powerful unit if you’d like to get one you just give me an email patrick at one radio network dot com patrick at one radio network dot com and their one thousand one hundred fifty dollars one thousand one hundred fifty dollars and I think you’ll enjoy it good people great product that’s made in Taiwan a medical university in Taiwan and they won several awards as well so no plumbing or anything like that you just got this silver silver material which is 30:33 antibacterial you can see on that picture there that I showed you they’re they’re really nice units I think you’ll enjoy it if you got it in your budget to get one just email me and we’ll hook you up patrick at one radio network dot com we are listeners supported one radio network well it’s february 17th and I hope you had a good weekend um Dr. Ray Pete is here on the third monday of the month and that’s uh at uh 10 uh when do we do at 10 30 central time and get my time’s messed up it’s uh yeah doc your your main website is I don’t have it up right now so I it’s drpeak dot com is that correct drpeak dot com oh hold on I’m sorry I I had the wrong it’s drpeak dot com uh r a y p e a t oh just or a p dot com right yeah yeah yeah and you’re doing a newsletter you do that uh every couple months right people want to get on your newsletter list 31:36 yeah a subscription is for two years 12 issues every other month every other month for two years and they can do that uh right on your website okay um no not on the website um it’s uh email for that is rpeak’s newsletter at gmail oh that’s right yeah sorry rpeak’s newsletter gmail.com sorry um wow does dr Pete have any ideas and what I could do for narrow closed angle glaucoma is making a hole it is commonly recommended in the iris a safe thing to do um and is it possible to reverse some of the damage from glaucoma um yes um your your 32:37 physiology is a stress physiology increases the pressure in your eye uh somewhat like the blood pressure and some of the same things that will lower your the blood pressure will correct the glaucoma symptoms redistributing improving the circulation to your uh interior of your eye uh thyroid and progesterone are the main uh hormones uh balancing the fluids the uh entrotensin system you’ve heard of the ace inhibitors uh entrotensin converting enzyme inhibitors that system will um if you correct that you don’t have to use the drugs 33:44 specifically although those drugs do affect the pressure in your eye but uh improving the balance of your thyroid and progesterone to the stress hormones estrogen cortisol and serotonin will improve the pressure in your eye and the function of the nerves some of the articles on my website relate to that but um it’s um something that takes takes some attention and frequent measurements of the pressure to see how it’s changing and the uh surgery to to punch a hole in the iris uh the um use of a laser is uh considered the the best technology but 34:47 any uh injury to tissues in the eye has the risk of increasing the pressure in your eye uh uh with potential harm so it’s good to investigate the the known side effects of laser uh operation in the eye do you think it’s possible that we have some kind of infections going on with the glaucoma and um cataracts some people are suggesting that um uh yeah there’s always a change in your bacteria load but that interacts with your whole physiology and your hormone balance and so um things very simple things like avoiding the indigestible foods irritating and allergenic foods that cause inflammation those cause a bad balance of bacteria 35:52 and the bacteria that normally live in other compartments such as the lungs receive signals from the bacteria in your intestine and so they aren’t just harming your intestine but they’re sending signals doing things such as increasing your eye pressure and if the uh some of those inflammatory signals if they’re active inside your eye the the lens depends for its nutrition on the constant flow of liquid through the substance of lens it’s permeable and it’s constantly pumping nutrition and oxygen through itself and so the the the same factors that can raise the pressure inside your eyeball can also decrease the flow of nutrition into your lens leading to the development of a swollen 36:58 area that becomes opaque because it doesn’t get enough energy it can’t keep regulating its water and salts and so it it simply swells creating a blockage of the light interesting you’ve done some more so much work with the hormones and talk about I wondered is there a simple kind of a test that men and women can take to really get a good overview of their hormones of balance um life extension foundation now has some hormone panels for a very good price you can get maybe a dozen hormones special for men and women and different situations but they have sales on usually in the spring where you get extremely good prices just a fraction of what you would pay if you went 38:04 through that’s pretty good company right life extension pretty good organization yeah pretty good and um you do is it a saliva is it a what saliva test oh no blood test what’s a blood test yeah the saliva tests for certain things are are very good but I don’t think you can rely on on the steroid hormone tests like progesterone your saliva changes its composition you’re different emotional or even appetite conditions and uh so blood test is the most reliable here is a man in his mid 40s struggling for about 15 years with depression sometimes using SSRIs but in later years they don’t seem to do much for me anymore I hate taking those things anyway now I understand that uh Dr. Pete is no fan of serotonin 39:12 I would love to hear his general view on the cause of depression and at least in my case related issues like fatigue stress sensitivity and memory problems I appreciate your opinion um the body temperature is very important and uh doctors instead of um thinking about why it’s changing there have been publications in recent years saying the human body temperature that had been recorded as normal for more than 100 years suddenly in recent years it’s no longer normal body temperature average is now well below 98.6 or 37 Celsius and what’s happening is that the population is on average becoming sicker and hypothyroid the figures are showing that inflammatory diseases 40:18 are increasing like an epidemic among young people the premature death uh incidence is increasing in young people uh just since the turn of the century many things that increased uh 40 years ago uh those things seem to be contributing to increased incidence of all of the slowdown in function including depression and inflammatory diseases the first thing to check really is your temperature and heart rate and see if if you’re burning too few calories you should be able to at rest burn something like 2,000 to 2,400 calories just your basal metabolic activity 41:24 should be producing a lot of heat and if your adrenal hormones and thyroid hormone are lower than average your energy is going to be lower and that makes everything stressful and the estrogen is one of the fairly extreme indicators of a stress state but serotonin is a universal indicator of stress it will turn on all of your pituitary hormones for example and those hormones serotonin and estrogen are sort of like a beating a tired horse they will increase some functions and make you feel better temporarily but they’re doing it at the risk of harming various vital functions 42:32 estrogen acts on the brain somewhat like cocaine to keep things excited and all the way up to creating a seizure if it’s too excited and as the fever as the energy production decreases the brain shifts over to those emergency things to try to keep going adrenaline serotonin and estrogen rise as your thyroid and metabolic rate decrease and those can either create mania over activity or depression and under activity and keeping your thyroid up is the essential basic thing 43:34 there have been experiments in recent years repairing the energy system without attending properly to thyroid using chemicals such as methylene blue which will carry the electrons that the thyroid hormone should be carrying but people have seen very great improvements for example in both depression and dementia correcting the energy deficiencies that were causing the problems but methylene blue is just a poor chemical substitute for the active thyroid hormone as ordered by things like DHEA and progesterone and pregnenolone all of those three steroids are brain hormones here’s an interesting one for you does Dr. Pete know how to tell if a memory is a false memory no all of our memories we 44:48 remember we put things together every time we remember the past is always with us as a potential and we have to put it together as a picture that represents what we have experienced and so if you learn a new situation that you weren’t aware of before then you you can create a story that explains what you now know to have been the situation so for example if people thought they were going up happy but then learn that their parents were doing something wrong then they can create memories that explain 45:48 what they now know to be true but that they didn’t necessarily experience as they were going through it interesting now here’s a eclectic email for you i’ll see if i can read this properly so you can understand it’s a little a little convoluted but we’ll get to it let’s see here past shows Dr. Pete has suggested uh thinking of ourselves as autonomous creators however since mitochondria seemed to have a will of their own which is for us to always be happy as evident by how it is mainly cellular hypoxia which seems to be analog analogous to a lack of contempt and happiness interacting with poofers and iron to cause free radical damage loss of cytochrome c degeneration then does it mean that being a creator would mean that we are imposing personal will upon the will of the mitochondria and if the will of mitochondria is analogous to the 46:52 will of god then imposing personal will on god instead of doing god’s will will okay i don’t think of mitochondria as separate at all they’re they’re reflecting the happy active energized state of the cell which we are experiencing when we’re feeling happy and creative uh when we feel ourselves as whole and complete that’s because our body actually is functioning that the nerves that are part of our present consciousness and feelings those nerves are all the way through the body they’re contacting individual cells there are these very fine filaments line next to the individual metabolizing cells and the the nerves are interacting with those 47:56 mitochondria and their energy metabolism electronically and oxidatively interacting so the every mitochondrion is in close communication with our central nervous system and so we’re we’re an energetic oxidizing whole with with purpose and perspective on the universe so it’s really wouldn’t would you agree there wouldn’t be a stretch to to conjecture that our state of consciousness what we believe and what we think is real and you know our state of consciousness is totally intertwined with every part of the body at any given moment is that fair anything exactly yep the the picture of little compartments and machines all of that 48:57 uh that’s that’s this uh medical pharmaceutical myth that has created this machine-like picture of the body but really it’s a continuous functioning smooth unit all the way from bottom to top everything uh participates in our our meaning and purpose yeah so i wonder just just take a hypothetical situation dr pete if somebody has one two three or whatever things going on that possibly just resting for a long time believing that the body can heal and just watching that process there’d be a pretty good chance the body could heal couldn’t it oh oh yeah yeah it’s uh if we all want it i mean that’s what it does yeah the the things that happen around us can help us heal for thick i remember once 50:03 years ago when i had the tv i was watching as some supreme court judges talk and i i immediately went to measure my blood pressure but within a minute of listening to them and it was i think it was 168 over 110 that’s why i don’t need to be watching then i don’t get you’ll get rid of your tv real quick real quick with that and seeing possibilities open up can have the opposite effect of helping everything to heal to come together in a functional way the you read stories about instantaneous healing i think that’s what happens the body suddenly sees a perspective in which it can realize itself and stop being sick stop being sick 51:05 i guess there must have been times in the past where this idea of resting to heal was taken more seriously than it is today oh yeah that used to be the the basic thing to heal you know to lie down and and stop eating the stuff that was making you sick yeah and rest yeah rest lets you um redistribute your energy and mental mental rest is part of it but then mental activity becomes part of the the healing and recovering process too and i guess in many years gone by they even with having a baby they would them they would have the mom rest a lot longer than they do today oh yeah and just recently someone was having a tendency to miscarry and they said wouldn’t 52:09 bed rest help it always did like i think sophiel or n was said to have spent six months in bed to make sure she had her baby but recently this person was told no there are no controlled studies showing that it helps therefore don’t do it you know i don’t know if any of the historical movies and plays and books are are accurate at all but i’m just curious you know two three four five hundred years ago when you just had i guess just natural food there were no chemicals we had no pollution we had no cell phones um but it didn’t seem if you go by the literature that people lived all that long we suppose that’s about it that’s true is it true and no no there there’ve been areas and times when people had harder shorter lives but the roman empire kept very good 53:20 vital statistics oh really and so we know that during the age of 20 to 30 men had a fairly short lifespan because they were always at war but the people who survived their 20s and the women their lifespan life expectancy was almost identical to 20th century european america into their 70s was the standard life expectancy is it true that the roman soldiers they used to just what did they do they did i mean where they knocked their teeth out because they they always got their teeth knocked out in war and that would be terrible out on them is that true and then they how did they live what they eat um 54:20 some some cultures have for example sharpened their front teeth to make them better warriors but i imagine uh some sometimes they thought it made them like like the the germans used to put a sword cut scar on their cheek right i imagine knocking out the front teeth could make them look heroic yeah yeah what are some things that dr pete might recommend to help detoxify the body of a chronic mold infection and then then get after the hormone imbalances that is caused for an internal fungus infection for example a little bit of flowers of sulfur just pinch two or three hundred milligrams uh taken taken orally uh for two or three days will uh suppress the uh back the the candida type uh fungus uh and uh 55:28 some some of the bacteria too and even some parasites uh what happens is uh a fungus secretes enzymes that convert the inert yellow sulfur to hydrogen sulfide sulfide locally which is toxic uh and poisons the yeast but in the concentration that just diffuses into the intestine that small amount is an antioxidant so it’s very safe to the intestine but toxic to the fungus and uh the sulfur soap or a dusting of yellow flowers of sulfur can be used on the skin as an antifungal very effective just about 200 milligrams for two three days and that’s it yeah that’s flowers of sulfur that’s different from the sulfur that we promote right this is 56:29 yellow flowers of sulfur right yeah it’s a very fine powder because it’s made by precipitating it not by grinding it ground a mold sulfur doesn’t work yeah please ask Dr. Pete this is from Amy in San Diego um if it is important only to read organic grass-fed beef liver or is it okay to buy regular beef liver and his feedback on anything he may have to say about that I never worry about an organic liver because partly it’s hard hard to find you can get it by mail order frozen for example but the liver there were experiments years ago in which they analyzed commercial animals before they were slaughtered and then they looked at at the urine the blood the steaks and the liver and all of the animals were contaminated with agricultural 57:35 chemicals coming in in their urine and blood and they found it in the muscles it was coming out of the muscles even 24 hours in isolation it was still coming out of the muscles and showing up in the blood and liver blood blood and urine but when they checked the liver if there had been 24 hours isolation from those chemicals the liver was able to capture and destroy them so the liver was the cleanest organ in the whole animal I’ll be that’s interesting wow um Amy goes on and say I urinate every couple of hours almost all the time and a full bladder and can this be a thyroid issue um yeah when your thyroid is active you’re burning calories maybe 58:40 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day if you’re active and if you’re burning say 3,000 calories a day you will be breathing out about three quarts of water every day and that means that if you uh eat moist food and drink three quarts of water you won’t have much left over to to eliminate as urine but if your thyroid is very low and you’re burning only a thousand calories a day and you drink two quarts of water then you’re going to form more than a quart of urine because you’re metabolism is not vaporizing the water and blowing it out 59:40 in your exhaled air or or evaporating from your skin from Michael says how does Dr. Pete keep his skin moisturized during the dry winter what topical substances could be used to prevent dryness for one thing in in the winter you shouldn’t bathe excessively soap will dry your skin and in the winter indoors in a cold climate the air is very dry and so you want to as much as possible preserve the oils formed in the skin protectively too much washing is simply damaging the skin second party says what are the safest anti-histamines to take for seasonal allergies i have a arrhythmia and a lot of first-generation anti-histamines can induce long qt syndrome and increase the 01:00:41 risk for cardiac events um i yeah the benadryl if you don’t take it in excess benadryl is safe especially if you’re having itchiness on the skin you can use it topically and not absorb very much uh uh the um an herb uh the name doesn’t come to me but uh it’s a stimulating herb mawang mawang yes desert tea epedra the um epedrin i think it doesn’t have that effect of creating a risk of of heart stopping and i think syproheptidine which reduces the 01:01:46 not only the histamine effect but the serotonin effect i think that’s safe for the heart e-mailer wants to know is it okay to supplement with tarine tarine with what tarine oh yeah yeah it’s safe mm-hmm you’ve spoken about various needs of the lungs can you please suggest ways to help pulmonary fibrosis all inhalers and meds have have no effect so far i’ve looked the red lamps uh msm and um homeopathics i’m uh yeah fibrosis anywhere is uh something that can be uh prevented and to some extent remedied uh fibrosis of the heart for example uh leads to heart failure uh fibrosis of the liver and kidneys uh those those all 01:02:48 have a common uh hormonal uh cause uh and the lungs are just an area that uh fib fibrosis is very noticeable because uh you you have less and less uh ability to move the lungs and to uh have have the oxygen diffused through them uh in animal experiments uh one dose of estrogen was enough to uh eliminate 95 percent of the oxygen getting through the lungs uh estrogen creates a condition of uh effective oxygen deficiency by wasting oxygen and it’s the oxygen deficiency that uh leads to the collagen formation and the development of of fibrosis 01:03:48 in any tissue and the same uh hypoxia uh leads to the um antrotensin which tightens blood vessels uh will create the pulmonary uh hypertension it’s very similar physiology to the fibrosis of the lungs the tightening of the blood vessels that stresses the right side of the heart and leads to uh one sided heart failure and the uh the drugs that have been uh uh found to specifically uh interfere with that antrotensin uh tightening and fibrosis process uh they are approved as treatments for high blood pressure but they are extremely variable 01:04:56 there are probably 20 different drugs and you have to find out about the side effects of each of the drugs they’re they’re widely prescribed but lots of doctors don’t realize that they are protecting against fibrosis as well as hypertension excellent Amanda writes in that she has poor circulation in her hands and feet are often cold and i’m tall and thin my hands are veiny and i’m wondering if this is a result of poor blood supply perhaps thyroid and deep tissue massage might help question mark um thyroid and progesterone can have a big effect of the estrogen besides creating the shock syndrome that weakens the way your heart beats and uh it activates the antrotensin that i was just mentioning in connection to the 01:06:02 lungs it acts everywhere in the body and progesterone and thyroid are the main things protecting against uh antrotensin fibrosis and uh vascular deterioration of the bulging of veins on the back of the hands even though the the fingers will be cold because they aren’t getting enough blood often the veins will bulge on the back and uh that’s because they aren’t getting enough energy they’re in a shock like state and i’ve seen progesterone make those veins disappear with in less than an hour really this interesting one is it possible for stress or trauma to transform saturated fat into polyunsaturated fat um to to a slight degree of the those those 01:07:12 enzymes that desaturate saturated fats are are responsive to stress but i don’t think it it’s uh uh anything harmful because um if you start with the saturated fat the unsaturated polyunsat poly unsaturated natural fats aren’t nearly as toxic as the uh polyunsaturated fats that we get from the environment uh i think you’ve had adam bergström talking about uh yeah the fats we make with our own enzymes don’t go down that route to a yellow fat disease or or any of the poofa diseases well that’s what this second part is about uh very timely after four years of reducing our polyunsaturated fat supply what about lipo fuskin are we stuck with this muck or can we get 01:08:19 rid of our can we get rid of ourselves or at least some of it oh yeah progesterone is a big help by blocking uh the estrogen that interacts with with the poofa to make that pigment just by just by blocking those estrogen dependent enzymes like on a spot on the skin i’ve applied progesterone and completely eliminated some of those typically senile brown spots on the skin just progesterone could you please ask dr peat about potatoes i know he’s recommended recommended to eat them with plenty of butter or cream to slow starch absorption um so yeah how much butter are you talking about a lot of butter or what 01:09:20 and do you eat potatoes she wants to know i don’t know i haven’t eaten potatoes for a long time but uh i did a thoroughly experiment with the things that make them harmful if they’re very very well cooked they’re somewhat less allergenic if you happen to have an allergy to that family potatoes eggplant peppers and potatoes but when they’re very well cooked it just takes a little um like a pat of butter to a potato will protect against the perception i see so so these allergies um are these something that are they lifelong thing or do we grow a lot of some of these or and they’re centered in the gut a lot of allergies nowadays uh i recently saw on robert kennedy jr’s website he mentioned that childhood allergies 01:10:28 before the 1970s were less than three percent of kids had serious allergies after 1989 i think he said it was about half of all kids have allergies and he was saying that vaccines are major known cause of of allergies but i think there are many many things that uh the culture and especially medicine are are doing to to pregnant women and kids that create the allergies all right we’ve had several vets on over the years doc that conjecture that that’s the same as well for the for the uh for like you know the dogs and the cats the vaccines you know and the allergies they have to certain foods a couple more here 01:11:29 there’s dr pete aware of a good source of pregnancy alone i know that there’s been issues in the past with many sources of causing poor side effects sometimes due to e x c i p e i e n t a except it except me and except me all except me it’s okay except me as i should have known that word yeah um i i think some of it has just been bad manufacturing uh uh impurities not not deliberate recipients but um just careless uh incompetent manufacturing i think has left estrogenic materials in it because i’ve heard so many women saying that repeatedly every time they try several different brands of pregnant alone they get swollen breasts uterine cramps and pms symptoms and 01:12:35 there shouldn’t be any symptoms at all from good pregnant alone it simply in animal experiments over the years it reduces any hormonal imbalance even in very large amounts it doesn’t have any intrinsic hormone effects at all but it will prevent cortisol excess for example here’s an email to doc with um venus insufficiency also known as venus reflux enters the 60s would this condition be related to an imbalance or deficiency of progesterone or estrogen um the wall of vein uh consists partly of smooth muscle and when your energy is low for example low blood sugar or hypothyroid as the root cause with low progesterone 01:13:44 the muscle it is simply too weak to keep its normal diameter and there are valves flaps of tissue from the inside wall on each side of the vein and so when the vein gets too big those flaps don’t meet each other when you constrict it to a certain point the flap on each side of the wall meets the flap on the other side and you have a valve that prevents the blood from going back where it came from and when you get for example enough progesterone in relation to the anti progesterone effects which can be anything blocking energy use including estrogen excess then the pressure allows the vein to swell up so the 01:14:49 valves don’t meet and just by getting your energy level back up with thyroid and progesterone these veins will close up enough that the valves begin to function here’s one for you I have read that some people seem to shed more hair scalp hair while taking thyroid supplements could you please ask Dr. Peter is there any truth or science to this what would cause this to occur I there was there was a study in the 1970s in which someone had the antibodies needed to identify a real thyroid glandular substance and they bought 10 different brands from pharmacies in the United States that were sold as thyroid glandular USP supplements 01:15:50 and they found that of those 10 only two of them contained thyroid substance and eight of them were sold as thyroid but contained no thyroid and I got one of those sold as thyroid and found that it contained only casein and iodine an attempt to fool the USP testing because it contained protein and iodine and that is all the USP requirement tested for they assumed that the supplier was providing an actual glandular material and they use the iodine measure to indicate how much of the gland there was but when there’s no gland at all the test can’t detect them because it’s looking only at the iodine and the protein 01:16:59 and so my decision to without having to get antibodies on very expensive testing I found that cats could tell the difference and my cat loved real thyroid and would eat any quantity when when I gave him other brands that were sold as thyroid the cat looked offended and tried to bury them that’s hilarious so I mean but that’s not good for the cat to eat those right what it didn’t it didn’t bother the cat eating those oh no a friend I gave a friend a baggie with about probably 30 or more grains of thyroid in it and her cat found it and ate the whole bag and I said how how is he does he look sick and she said no he’s just sitting there purring 01:18:00 and smiling hello thyroid man can a 66 year old woman take progesterone every day without a break every day of the month it the liver have adapts to a constant supply and so usually the effect of a given dose is going to get weaker after using it for a month or more and so just to keep the potency of it it’s good to stop it for a week every month a week every month okay you’ve mentioned thyroid protects against andro tension writes another e-mailer so can we help our thyroid um can you help your thyroid I don’t know what they’re asking here okay so can we help out by keeping your meat intake lower and your milk egg and cheese 01:19:06 intake as a higher proportion of your protein for the day that is less thyroid suppressive than than too much meat or fish but often the trend because of of the polyunsaturated fats we’ve been exposed to increasingly in the last 50 years the proportion of the population uh who is hypothyroid has increased tremendously and so the average person at the age of 35 or 40 will benefit from at least some thyroid in the diet when people before 1940 people who who ate sausages or chicken or fish for example were always getting 01:20:07 some thyroid in their diet the fish head was used for soup chicken necks were put in the stew of beef and pork thyroid glands were put into sausages and so people were eating thyroid regularly until the U.S. Department of Agriculture said it had to be sold to the drug companies yeah dispense under prescription so we all got a little thyroid yeah here’s a final e-mail for Dr. Ray Pete this morning February 17th 2020 he’ll be back a month from now hi what does Dr. Pete think about drinking food grade hydrogen peroxide it can cause serious burns yeah he had to be real careful with that too right yeah i i did enzyme experiments measuring the ability of a particular tissue or blood for example to oxidize to dispose of hydrogen peroxide 01:21:16 and every time i did the enzyme activity curve they would always after usually about two or three minutes the enzyme would be killed by the peroxide so even the enzymes like catalase that are normally disposing of hydrogen peroxide when you get just a little too much the enzyme itself is destroyed and can no longer detoxify it then it starts destroying other types of protein and tissue Dr. Pete do you have any experience over the years with using a nebulizer you breathe oh yeah as a kid that was a common thing a little tent and a vaporizer oh it’s a vaporizer not nebulizer um yeah the nebulizer is just a fancier way to do it yeah yeah well sir thank you so much for 01:22:26 being here today once again i thought that email isn’t that email link on your website for your newsletter or that’s just people have to know what that is i don’t think it’s mentioned on the website but it it’s repeats newsletter at gmail.com right and we always put that on the show page where repeats newsletter gmail.com all right dr. pete thanks a lot happy february and we’ll see you next month we appreciate your time this morning as always thank you yes bye Dr. Ray Pete one radio network.com really fun guy man remember all that stuff all that research well um i gotta take a nap i tell you what it was just oh well i won’t go into that but had a very difficult very difficult night last night just nothing was happening boy 01:23:27 especially in the sleep department well we’re cracking the code on whatever there’s going on but you know we’ll we’ll see appreciate your ongoing support oh doodle all right that’s cool appreciate your ongoing support thank you so much for for being there we’re going to take a day off tomorrow and we will have a nice show for you an archive show in the back do some things on money tomorrow and our wednesday and a couple other things are in the works that we’ll have for you so that’s our show for today thank you for being here and i love you all very much you’re doing great and may the blessings be take care

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