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00:00 Well, here we are again, June the 21st, 2019, another solstice. I think for some reason, probably the third Friday of the month helps, but sims have been on quite a few solstice Fridays in the last 14 or 15 years. Anyway, yeah, happy solstice to all you out there, longest day of the year, and things are getting warmer and warmer, even though the days are going to get shorter and shorter from here on in, and hopefully the imminent threat of war with the Middle East is not going to materialise any time in the foreseeable future, folks, so we can enjoy our lives and raise our children and try and live in peace. Alright, so, this is Ask Your Herb Doctor. The third Friday of every month, from 7 to 8pm, this show runs as a live show, folks, and so from 7.30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock, you are invited, welcome to call in, hopefully with questions related to this month’s topic, or a random, loose topic around post-partum depression, steroid hormones, new drugs with dangerous consequences, 01:09 and all the other fun stuff that we bring up to light, and as always, Dr. Pete is going to bring his science-based wisdom to bear in on these subjects, so from 7.30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock, you are invited to call in the questions either related or unrelated to that subject matter that I spoke of, and then, yeah, we’re always very pleased to get people from all over the world, it’s kind of a fun thing when people call in from Australia or they call in from somewhere in England or wherever, anyway, the number here, if you’d like to call in from 7.30 on to pose any questions you have to Dr. Pete or myself, the number is area code 707-923-3911, and I can be reached at the end of the show or through business hours, Monday through Friday, or anytime on the web either at the 888 number which is WBMURB, so 1-888-WBMURB, or you can email me, Andrew, at westernbotanicalmedicine.com. 02:10 So once again, we’re very pleased to have Dr. Pete on the radio show, you there, Dr. Pete? Okay, thanks so much for giving your time as you’ve done for many years now on this show, we really do appreciate it. Okay, so your latest newsletter on post-partum depression, brain aging and reductionism continues along those lines and topics of the ongoing reductionism in science and how short-sighted that science is and linked to aging and the disease that some of these drugs are now causing that we’ll get into later on with the obesity and Alzheimer’s and diabetes epidemic. So for those people perhaps who’ve never listened to the show before or who maybe even haven’t heard your name, would you just outline your scientific and academic background for us before we start? After a teaching variety of subjects, including linguistics and literature, I decided to go to graduate school in biology 03:14 and I got my PhD in 1972 and have been continuing to study mostly physiology and stress and aging since then. Okay, and if people aren’t aware of also you’ve spent a long time and you still do spend a lot of time emailing people about health related issues and that’s pretty much what you’ve been working on for the last 40 years or so since you graduated. Yeah, okay, good. So after looking at your newsletter and formulating some questions for you based on it, I just wanted to get a little bit of your inside thought processes here when you’ve claimed or made the statements that you make. I think it’s hard for sometimes for people to understand the things that you say because it’s sometimes sims so counter and not sometimes, but quite often it’s fairly counter-intuitive to all the brainwashing that we get daily from books, 04:17 magazines, TV, adverts, etc. And as the world becomes more homogenous and the internet links people more fluidly into this kind of cohesive organism, as you’ve always said in a William Blake’s Quoted that a liar travels around the world quicker than truths can get a bootstraps on. But I wanted to just talk briefly about the product that has just been given FDA approval this month called Zoresso, also known as Brexanolone or also known as Allopregnanolone, which we’ve mentioned in the past. It’s a naturally occurring metabolite of naturally produced progesterone, but it’s been used and given approval as an injection given over a 60-hour infusion in hospital to treat postpartum depression and it costs $34,000. Okay, so why not simply use a $30 bottle of progesterone or pregnanolone, both of which quickly convert in the body to 05:19 Allopregnanolone and don’t require extortionate hospitalization and drug costs, further skyrocketing health insurance costs and drug manufacture profits. What’s your take on the reason that this drug has been given? I guess firstly FDA approval for this condition, which I’d like you to outline and I’m sure you will as the questions go on here in terms of the treatment of postpartum depression or why it occurs in the first place because I know you definitely have your own opinions for that, but why Allopregnanolone and then why an infusion and now they’re patenting previously what would have been classed as a natural product that women naturally produce and is naturally converted to this substance, this is a byproduct of metabolism? If it was a natural therapy, it would be cheap and not patented and no one would make or hope to 06:24 make several billion dollars a year from selling it. For the last 10 or 15 years the FDA has acted as though it’s in the business of creating monopolies. They did it with the sedative or semi-anesthetic drug oxybate several years ago and it went from costing a few dollars for a bottle of it to thousands of dollars for a course of treatment. Because it’s been patented and the company’s been allowed to use this as their standard and it’s been protected? Yeah and after that they declared that quinine was a new drug and assigned a new drug approval to one company and since they depend on fees to approve the drugs a large part of their existence 07:29 sees the money coming in from the drug as sustaining their existence and if a doctor for example wants to use a quinine bark or a natural nutritional substance for a therapy and it happens to compete with one of these new drug assignments it’s in effect the doctor’s attempting to break a monopoly and in some situations doctors are actually losing their licenses for using traditional medical reasoning and avoiding the so-called evidence-based medicine. Right which has become very pop as a phrase has become very popular over the last few years and I’d never heard of that up 08:31 until probably 2014 or so when studies would say the evidence-based medicine and things seem to be gearing up to using that as the new paradigm. Yeah what they mean by evidence is a study that costs maybe a hundred and fifty billion dollars and not just any researcher has that money to a test for example a particular nutrient or hormone to treat a disease so what constitutes good evidence in this new paradigm the monopoly paradigm it’s a study that no one but the giant corporations can afford and so the only drugs that have legal approval by the FDA are monopoly drugs and the extent to which the state licensing 09:33 boards are putting pressure on doctors to conform and follow guidelines in some situations it’s just getting ridiculous that they’re telling doctors for example not to consider any of the traditional signs of hypothyroidism in treating hypothyroidism but to go only by the TSH to ignore all of the metabolic and functional signs that are recognized for 200 years as hypothyroidism. There’s a kind of communism right where there’s only one there’s only one way. Well it’s strictly monopoly capitalists. Maybe totalitarian. Totalitarian okay right well the communism for the pure definition of the word maybe not but it’s a very dictator dictatorial. 10:36 Yeah okay so you know you can’t produce these drugs unless you can afford to play and when you do you get the monopoly and the the payback keeps the system going and keeps the monopoly going in place but to speak a little bit more about the evidence-based medicine and the kind of destructive nature of it you’ve mentioned the fact that doctors no longer can use reasoning and their brains and I know and I know them I know some of them for sure I don’t know a lot of them but I know some very well-intentioned doctors which are purely altruistic about what they want to do whilst you know studying medicine and when they’re actually consulting with people they really do have a genuine heart for the well-being of the patient you know and quite probably the Hippocratic oaths to exist too in there in their prescribing but in terms of a doctor using using their reasoning and this evidence makes evidence-based medicine paradigm being becoming something that is really in a place to inhibit and prohibit and punish reasoning that’s very dangerous. Yeah in the 11:41 newsletter I mentioned the movement to abolish the so-called basic science part of medical education the first two years where they actually study science. Well just describe that a little too you know just people hear it because I know most people won’t subscribe to a newsletter and they probably won’t understand won’t hear this so just just speak a little bit about that about the person who came up with this ridiculous statement and how what it implies. Yeah he has written articles of pointing out that there have been over 350 reversals of traditional medicine done by these big gold standard corporate studies and so he’s seeming seeming like a progressive constructive person wanting to get truth into science but he says that these these big studies are the evidence that we have to take into account and 12:46 all we need is guidelines what to do how to use these approved well-documented so-called scientific treatments and if we have guidelines for all of the diseases uh how to just follow a chart of reasoning laid out by the committee’s government government basically for treating a disease everyone will treat the disease in the same way being coming blind to the individual variations and their unique history uh and it’s trying to reduce and abstract medicine to the point that no no brain is necessary only following guidelines right you probably just need a uh a simple flow chart yes 13:49 or no if if if a plus b equals c go to d yeah oh my goodness and if that’s the case then they don’t need the first two years of medical school because that’s where they studied science but the trouble even with that reasoning is that the sciences themselves over the last hundred years have been all of the sciences related to medicine have been powerfully invaded by the drug companies so the physiology neurology and micronology uh the kidney heart lung brain all all of the systems of the body have had their understanding shaped by the reductionist ideal that one sickness can be defined uh for everyone and treated the same way with a specific drug scary well hold on a second 14:54 there you’re listening to ask your doctor on kmede galvable 91.1 fm uh from 8 30 sorry from 7 30 to 8 o’clock uh the last half hour of the show you’re invited to call him with any questions related or unrelated to this month’s subject uh based loosely on postpartum depression uh new drugs that are coming out um and things pathology surrounding our pregnancy a number here is 7 0 7 7 0 7 9 8 6 sorry 9 2 3 gosh i’m making a few mistakes tonight 7 0 7 9 2 3 3 9 1 1 i’m just too excited and it is a sources so doctor giving us your phone number in all fairness i well i gave you my phone number earlier all right so dr p getting back to this new drug that’s just been patented it’s a metabolite of a naturally occurring product called out aloe prognolone and given as an infusion cost 34 000 uh reminds me of the harvone solvaldi for hep c treatment which is 90 something thousand and i saw more genetic one i saw one in england it just came out 15:57 it’s 234 000 for the treatment it’s a new targeted antibody um uh process where you individually send bloods a blood the patient’s blood to a lab in off america um they basically just sequence it and they target uh the antibodies that they produce into the cell and send the blood back and the blood’s then re infused into the patient and they’re saying that they’re getting some fairly good results for lymphoma but the side effects seem pretty dangerous anyway um sorry to digress a little but so far as the aloe prognolone and its infusions concerned uh why wouldn’t you know why couldn’t you just use prognolone as a precursor or progesterone yeah someone tested that and found that just a tiny dose of oral progesterone 20 milligrams tripled 20 hundred of aloe prognolone in the body 20 milligrams right so 16:57 there’s absolutely no reason not to use orally progesterone or prognolone and if the sole purpose of treating um patients i guess have been pre identified as having post postpartum depression because they’re still in the hospital in this hospital situation um for a 60 hour infusion um that just seems a gosh i don’t know it it it just seems like an expensive stain a very expensive you know hotel it’s like a i don’t know is this yeah ordinary reasoning would say that if you want to increase the amount of aloe prognolone in the brain why not take 20 milligrams of progesterone okay so i just don’t think for a dollar or so i just don’t think enough people know and as time goes on it just gets more and more buried and if we’re talking about evidence-based medicine becoming this forced new standard and there is only one pathway through from diagnosis to prescription 18:00 um you know it’s only something like the internet that’s going to keep this evidence or this information alive but i i know and i think it’s happening more and more as time goes by but when you search for things on google or other you know search ends i don’t recommend google for a minute but i’m just saying when you search for things a lot of things becoming very difficult to find um and i know this happens but i don’t want to get off the beaten track with that with that statement so dr p um talk one one other point is that aloe prognolone is essentially the end of a line of metabolites starting with cholesterol right and those are regulated at many steps before they come into existence and so when you give the end product without looking at the condition of all of the preceding steps that’s a great opportunity for throwing the whole system out of balance for example estrogen and aldosterone are other ends products of a line 19:10 of steroid metabolism and each of those has a long history in which it turns out that their excess is very dangerous i don’t know if anything like that will turn out for yeah using the simple aloe prognolone without any of its precursors that it’s something they haven’t examined right a little bit too new i that reminds me i the um and i found the kind of i think there’s a reasonably uh a good link here between the GABA receptor that valerian a common medicinal abuse for anxiety and insomnia um valerian acts on a GABA receptor in the brain GABA receptors are mediated by chloride ions and they cause inhibition and sedation and they calm excitox excitability down so they and they’re anti excitotoxic um so i saw a study here with aloe prognolone it was actually a fairly old article it was a 2006 article from a university 20:14 in sweden in umia and they noted that the um the thing was biphasic they were saying and this reminds me like i said of valerian because most people use valerian for insomnia and over excitation it calms people down that’s what you know that’s what it’s uh traditional use has always been for but i’ve noticed definitely and i know other people that practice herbal medicine in england and see a lot of people and use and prescribe valerian have noticed that there is a small subset of the population that actually gets stimulated by it and this article about aloe prognolone said the same thing that as certain doses uh it was excitatory and other doses it had more of a calming uh stabilizing effect do you that’s the sort of thing you risk when you’re using an end of line uh metabolite because normally it can never get above a certain level because it has to go through all of these stages in which each precursor produces some kind of smaller amount 21:20 of product and so if you artificially give an amount that the body could never experience on its own then you’re going to for example possibly anesthetize some of the regulatory inhibitory nerves and release things that are less sensitive to inhibition so you know what you’re doing is risking something that the organism has never experienced before and it is unpredictable yeah what i was going to ask you a little bit later on but probably now is a good time to ask you the question about postpartum depression for which this drug has been approved and and your your understanding of the cause of postpartum depression how this can be avoided by women if they do the right thing because i i believe you know it’s very treatable yeah it happens in women with a history of stress difficult pregnancy difficult birth or maybe those were 22:31 routine but maybe there was a history of stress earlier in life and each stage she was compensating for but the burden of going through the pregnancy and birth when you’re building the baby’s body and brain if you don’t have enough calcium available in your diet for example you increase your parathyroid hormone and take calcium out of your bones to build the baby’s bones and vitamins and hormones are the baby gets priority over some of these nutrients and so the even in an apparently healthy woman the pregnancy increases the risk of a nutritional deficiency and the fact is that the women who suffer postpartum depression have had some kind 23:33 of a history of preceding stress okay do you think there’s any relation to menstrual disorders because i think pms exactly is right closely related to um right postpartum yeah okay all right so you’re listening to ask your doctor k mede gavel 91.1 f m and from 7 30 here in a few moments until the end of the show you’re invited to call in the questions are related to unrelated to the subject here and it’s 707 923 3911 okay so i wanted to ask you again about um exposure to high levels of estrogen if if if we would uh tenant deposit the uh suggestion that exposure to very high level of estrogen being directly responsible for the dramatic shrinkage in gray matter of the brain which has been shown which women refer to as baby brain in which the MRI studies confirm uh being analogous to advanced aging why isn’t progesterone supplementation 24:37 after birth recommended to speed up recovery of the gray matter resolution as it’s clearly been shown to reverse the effects and what would be a reasonable amount of progesterone postpartum into how long in healthy women the uh progesterone level in this uh reverse spinal fluid and plasma increases considerably during the time when the brain is being repaired after the stress of pregnancy uh but the amount of uh cholesterol it can be determining uh normally during this time of a progesterone increase in the healthy woman after the birth cholesterol is well above normal and is the precursor for making the large amount of progesterone but the women with postpartum depression typically have a reduced level of cholesterol and so they just couldn’t 25:44 possibly make enough progesterone if the precursor isn’t there and vitamin a and thyroid are other limiting factors so even if the cholesterol is there but they’re low thyroid or have a vitamin a deficiency then they won’t make the restorative amount of progesterone and like that one experiment showed 20 milligrams orally of progesterone is enough to triple the amount of alapragnanolone but a normal cycling woman produces about 30 milligrams of progesterone daily in the luteal phase so I think that would be a reasonable amount therapeutically in the postpartum time but the requirement depends if she’s still under stress and producing or not eliminating estrogen as well as she should then it might take 26:48 large amounts and that depends on the exercise your thyroid function at cholesterol level vitamin a and stress hormones okay I’ve heard you I’ve heard you mentioned in the past hydroxy methylbutyrate as a possible you know compound to improve cholesterol levels but I know you’ve always mentioned lots of fructose with a healthy liver and thyroid also being responsible for improving cholesterol levels and these specifically to enable downstream manufacture of steroid and neuro protective hormones like progesterone and females etc do you have any other suggestions for increase it seems a little odd to ask but for increasing cholesterol levels I think I’m having enough carbohydrate sugar in the diet it is a very important thing 27:51 okay sugar and carbohydrate all right okay so next question then and I’ve wondered this I don’t have any evidence for it but I’m going to put it out then you probably thought about it so I think it’s a good point to ask you do you do you think there is a subset of women who despite the massive rise of progesterone they benefit from during pregnancy is still actually estrogen dominant essentially oh sure yeah especially if they have had a history of DMS or any kind of biological stress and most often it’s associated with slightly low thyroid function okay so that can exist only because I’ve seen the numbers that they are put out there whether it’s you know medical publications or alternative but the the huge increase in progesterone you would think without way that you know the rise the eye because I know it’s also a concomitant rise of 28:53 estrogen but do you have any any idea of the proportion of yeah about 50 years ago I I saw a good chart based on very large number of pregnancies in which there was a steady increase of progesterone through the whole pregnancy just a very steady increase at a level I think it was 50 times higher than the estrogen level and charts are very misleading usually and they often graph them with different axes for estrogen and progesterone so it really should show an extremely low line for the estrogen for being 50 times lower on the concentration okay but but it is still it’s still very possible to be estrogen dominant during a pregnancy and regardless of the amount 29:57 of progesterone being secreted which is pretty high especially yeah you have a limited capacity to carry a progesterone because of this needing 50 times more than estrogen and so if your background estrogen is staying high because of low thyroid function or a low B vitamin or low protein intake or something then it’s impossible to produce and distribute enough progesterone to offset that falsely high amount of estrogen and so no amount of progesterone increase will make that pregnancy healthier it requires getting the estrogen under control with nutrition and good thyroid function well okay all right well before we take this first call let me just say that from now until the end of the show if you’d like to call in the numbers 707-923-3911 31:00 let’s take this first call look all the way from what’s your question New York and two questions for Dr. P first I guess you’re not a fan of vigorous exercise but I’ve read that as long as you’re not running a marathon if you’re running for 20 minutes or whatever you’re doing sprints that it actually increases CO2 do you agree with that because I know nitric oxide and lactic acid are the the ones that you want to avoid excess amounts of it but even if yeah anyway entirely on your physiology especially your thyroid function a person with borderline hypothyroidism will with just the most slight exertion will start producing lactic acid which displaces the carbon dioxide and so if you’re really in in great condition you can keep your 32:03 carbon dioxide level up and not produce any lactic acid with a moderate amount of exercise okay so it’s not it’s so it’s whether or not it’s useful or not it’s sort of depending on the the health of the individual I guess it could for a healthy person it could be very positive for an unhealthy person it could be very it you know add to their problems essentially is what I think yeah when when the lactic acid goes up because you’re not using oxygen properly then you release first a lot of histamine which produces soreness and and maybe asthma and various symptoms and then it the histamine is causing the blood pressure to go down after the exercise but with greater exercise then you release serotonin from the mast cells I mean that could cause a blood pressure spike which is much worse than just the histamine effect 33:04 okay so just second part of my first question if you take the assumption that people over 50 are predominantly hypothyroid even if they weren’t you know in their earlier years and 60 certainly then if people are exercising what are the two things that people should do I’ve heard one from your talks that if you take you know maybe even just three drops of or 60 I use a vitamin E that that would actually be very protective and so the benefits of exercise you know might outweigh the negatives because you’re taking precautions prior to the exercise is that true and and a lot of athletes are charging to use baking soda before the stressful insertion that provides extra sodium and bicarbonate and CO2 okay so both of you both of those are protective so if you did that and you had a little bit of sugar whatever orange juice that would somewhat mitigate the DNA damage or whatever that might occur yeah okay second question relates to um I don’t know if 34:05 you’ve heard of this but um it’s called catch claw and supposedly what it does it’s a I think a root bark that ultimately if you boil it for 30 minutes and maybe it’s like uh mushrooms where you know there’s bad things in them but if you boil it for an hour you know the bad things go away and then all the good stuff stays but it supposedly repairs DNA and has been used for like 10 years by the Aztecs and Incas have you have you’re familiar with it at all or do you agree or disagree with it? What’s the name of it again? Catch claw, catch claw, C-A-T-S and then C-L-A-W I oh yeah no I’ve never studied that all right okay so you’re talking about a product called Uncarrier Tementosa and um yeah and they’ve produced it was a big deal for Lyme’s disease about four or five years ago um they produced or in fact a company called Mediurb in Australia produced a TOA-3 which is the oxyndole alkaloid that was supposedly responsible for 35:06 um you know mitigating the effects of Lyme’s um the I’m not too sure of its um activity for what you’re you’re uh you’re mentioning but um I know it in the context of uh its use in Lyme’s disease okay so it is so there is some benefit to it well definitely for Lyme’s yeah yeah the the other question um I had is you know you talk about vitamin k then there’s the vitamin you know mk vitamin k2 there’s mk4 and mk7 and you know you see mk7 but my understanding sorry there’s mk1 mk4 and mk7 if you’re supplementing vitamin k is it appropriate to make sure that you have just mk4 because that’s the one that that that is the most important for the um if if you eat animal liver you’re getting the whole variety of them and that’s because the liver can convert k1 or k2 36:06 to the other higher canes and so I I think k1 is adequate or k2 because our liver can can make the others our own livers yeah oh okay okay all right so um if I may there’s just one I so I have a thought yeah if your thyroid’s active that means that your adrenals are inactive so I think they work in reverse so if you take an example of someone who’s always low thyroid in their their adrenals are very active so that um so that they’re generating lots of cortisol throughout their whole life since that’s the fight or flight um response if if they train their body to chronically produce that cortisol to make up for their their chronically low thyroid activity is it conceivable that those people because it’s fight or flight that they if in the absence of some sort of crisis that they might actually try to create a crisis to essentially enable them to maintain that that that long cycle 37:12 I mean it sounds crazy no in in the early 60s that was a very common idea among psychologists and psychiatrists and I’ve known people that seem to typify that condition where they know how to create excitement and turmoil so you agree so you agree with it and then the solution that would be to try to get your thyroid action up because then and to really change the cycle to make sure your thyroid is active with all the ways that you’ve described yeah people who have been creating turmoil just sit around and enjoy and smile okay all right thanks very much yeah I appreciate your core caller okay so the number is between the area or even out of the area or even on a different continent it’s 707-923-3911 okay so dr p uh just moving on a little bit from um 38:15 postpartum depression but still keeping the thread of where we’re going with the hormones and or the approach to the treatment apart from progesterone supplementation could anything else be done for women um who exhibit gestational diabetes as a symptom of this kind of energetic defect um yeah I started thinking in relation to the previous question but it isn’t just a matter of the thyroid and the granules but all of the hormones are involved in the energy process and so the importance of sodium and calcium in pregnancy it isn’t just for blood volume and bone building and such but those are closely involved with thyroid in avoiding the adrenal stress hormone excess and keeping up the energy system okay all right because it seems time and 39:19 time again the the prerequisite here is metabolic energy and it’s that it’s that defect here that’s largely in part for causing everything else to uh fall with it and so thyroid hormone and those things that support uh an active thyroid and the uptake uh by the cell and or the secretion yeah and people who who have a history of stress uh besides all of the essential nutrients uh protein and vitamins and trace minerals and so on will have an increased requirement for sodium and and calcium and the vitamin d to help assimilate the calcium yeah okay um I had a question that was written to me um about a a website this person had visited and um this person was a doctor excuse me I think they’re a nat I think they’re a naturopath and um it was devoted to the idea of 40:20 chronic vitamin A toxicity as the underlying cause of most conditions and I quote the statement there said the basic premise is that many autoimmune diseases are caused by being in a chronic state of elevated storage levels of retinol retinoic acid and possibly the carotenoid vitamin A precursor do you have any comment about this website’s author under what was your views on the necessity of vitamin A B and are you aware of toxicity in general with this and it is used to um make uh these steroid hormones all of them from cholesterol uh thyroid and vitamin A have traveled together on a protein in the blood they’re so closely associated and are taken up by the steroid producing cells together so you just don’t produce steroid hormones for example without vitamin A and it’s used in protein synthesis uh making hair and skin and so on 41:24 will fail if you’re deficient in vitamin A uh mucous membranes thicken and stop producing mucous with the vitamin A deficiency and someone sent me these books by the recent author claiming that there is vitamin A toxicity rampant and uh I looked through it and couldn’t find any facts at all all right so you were contacted by somebody who had a similar question about vitamin A toxicity being uh you know touted as being the causal yep many many years ago some arctic explorers ate a polar bear liver and their their skin got inflamed and started peeling off and that has been cited in textbooks for I guess 80 years or so as proof that vitamin A is toxic but you know polar bears sometimes eat fish that have been poisoned by algae and their 42:29 livers will store that for up to 24 hours at a very toxic level and they might have just gotten some some fish toxin algae toxin by way of the fish so even even that very famous basis for claiming vitamin A toxicity there’s no fact okay and when the drug companies were coming out with things like retin A there were sudden news releases all around the country from medical schools reporting incidents in in which people for example went blind from taking vitamin A and one of them at University of Oregon I phoned the department and tried to get in contact with a professor who had told that to a newspaper I couldn’t get any uh personal verification uh I think they were all just made up uh with the 43:37 encouragement of the drug companies to create the desire for the safe non-toxic synthetic vitamin A. Interesting I just quickly can I ask you about vitamin B12 because uh I wasn’t going to as part of the outline that I’d produced for the show but given that I do I do and have seen lab work where people’s vitamin B12 is outside the range and is is pretty high um it can be produced by bacteria in intestine and I’ve seen probably a dozen people with extremely high vitamin A or vitamin B12 who weren’t eating any source of it but I think it must be coming from overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine. Okay. Years ago I knew a guy who was very sick of vegetarian and he showed me his blood tests had extremely high keratin and extremely low vitamin 44:39 A and uh knowing that vitamin B12 is used in converting keratin to vitamin A just so that he eats from vitamin B12 within just a few days his vitamin A was abnormal the keratin had gone down and all his symptoms had disappeared. Cool okay all right So you’re listening to ask your Dr. K. Mudigal for 91.1 FM from now until the end of the show eight o’clock you’re invited to call him with any questions. Number 707-923-3911 okay and we’ll we’ll carry on here with the other questions that I’ve got for you on the light splashing. I was wondering if people everybody’s out for the solstice to celebrate and that they’re going to hear this later on in the archives like I’ll regularly get people emailing me they’ve listened to the show on the archive and they ask questions you know there and then on the emails but I was wondering if the phone’s ringing and let’s take this next caller. Caller you’re on the air where you’re from. I’m curious uh I have been hearing from a lot 45:44 of my football friends lately those is product out in Texas called pickle juice are you guys familiar with what the pickle juice did you win some pickle juice are? Hmm uh lots of athletes drink pickle juice I drink kimchi juice for the salt to put off cramps. All right okay but do they say what it contains that is? Well it’s it’s a stringent you know it has obviously has pickles that are you know molecularized in it and it’s uh you know it’s it’s something they they claim it’s for people who have hangovers and you know we we know that in our little town people have a hell of a hangover and that’s why they drink their coffee in the morning. I’m curious to know if you guys know anything about that or you might want to look into that Dr. Pete. I imagine it would contain lactic acid if it’s the traditional way of making pickles and salt and uh just uh some salty anything in the morning can be very settling. Oh very good. Helps regulate your blood sugar and 46:49 lower the stress hormones. Well I did have another question I have I’ve contacted you in the past that was concerning that monk fruit sugar have you done any more in uh research on that by any chance? No. Okay well I’ll tell you you know just for those folks out there pretty soon people are going to be able to eat their chocolate candies won’t have any sugar in it they won’t have to look over their shoulders apprehensively at their doctors anymore and they’ll be able to eat a 36 count box of the monk fruit sugar because it’s actually a cure all in China for diabetes. All right well keep our ears and eyes open and we’ll see where the see where the research comes from and see the see the published reports and look forward to that. I appreciate your call thank you. Thank you. All right Dr. Pete I had again and I wanted to post another email question to you for your response to it because that person was unable to call during the last show. It was about SLE systemic lupus erysomatosis typically characterized as nortoimmune disorder and the butterfly rash 47:56 is something that we were always told when we were doing pathology at school and so the butterfly rash the malar rash was an outward classic sign of it. What do you what do you know about SLE and what would be your approach to this quote unquote autoimmune disease that attacks the joints and either the brain or kidneys and other organs? Like the other autoimmune diseases it’s much more common in women than men right and animal models can be created with an estrogen excess estrogen activates a whole row of inflammatory processes and thyroid and progesterone are things that have been pretty successful. Women that believe they were going to have to have a kidney transplant or something when they took progesterone and thyroid found they had no more symptoms. 49:00 So you could you could definitely see it as an estrogen excess symptom? Yeah yeah okay good all right well we do have another caller here so caller let’s take this question where you’re from what’s your question? Jersey uh question uh there’s a New Jersey or Jersey yeah yeah New Jersey. There’s a professor from MIT that’s been studying glyphosate and some of the effects and while she hasn’t done her research on it she seems quite knowledgeable though she’s probably not she’s an engineer by training um and seems to have an hypothesis that the glyphosate um is so similar to the glycine molecule that it actually can potentially displace glycine um which seems to be similar to um the notion that fluoride can actually displace iodine because it’s so similar which you know is obviously troubling for the thyroid which is probably why they want the uh the water fluoridate to mess people up but but but on the on the what do you 50:04 know anything about how damaging glyphosate is because I know you’ve mentioned the past it’s water soluble but the notion that it could replace glycine does that that could seems to have more systemic issues what’s your thought? I I think it’s very toxic at such small amounts extremely small amounts of the interfering with glycine wouldn’t do much at that tiny level I think the mechanism is more likely related to uh DNA regulation DNA damage yeah okay so what one other question relating to green vegetables I know you’ve mentioned that they’re a good source of calcium but they have poofet in them and just to clarify my understanding I remember one point you were saying that if you boil them like for an hour that they become um or somehow 51:05 the poofa content goes down and they become more of a proper food you can you can skim it if any fat rises to the surface you just pour that off well actually I wasn’t talking about boiling them in water as opposed to actually steaming them um maybe is there a difference there or do you treat that the same because steaming them we’d have the water boiling and you wouldn’t really there’d be nothing to pour off yeah yeah I think it’s an advantage to be able to pour off any of the fat that rises so you’re saying it’s better to boil them essentially than to steam them would be safer yeah and and the drink the the liquid because the the magnesium and calcium a lot of it goes into the water oh you’re saying it and don’t eat the vegetables well if you need carbohydrate and any protein and such they do have that value but the important magnesium and calcium a lot of it goes into the water oh I see and so 52:09 does the poofa remain in the leaves even though you’re boiling them or does that mitigate itself too yeah a lot of it remains tied into the proteins of the leaf and when you eat it your bile salts will cause you to absorb most of the poofa that is associated with the protein in the leaf so you’re saying no matter how much you boil it that’s one of the reasons why you don’t eat green vegetables yeah okay thank you very much there you go like it is okay so we’ve got six minutes here um so if anybody else wants to call in with another quick question that’s fine otherwise we’ll wrap up with another question but 707-923-3911 uh Dr. P I wanted to ask you about another uh you may not have an answer to this in which case I have one more question for you but it’s came out today I think they patented it um and the FDA approved it uh it’s another drug and it’s based on um based on a melanocortin and it’s used for females as a kind of viagra alternative 53:15 for increasing sexual arousal and appetite both for men and women and it’s called violisi do you know anything about it if you don’t it doesn’t matter but I know but the principle two two things stand out the pro opium melanocortin is the precursor protein for making melanocortin and beta lipoprotein and the endorphins and acth and so those are things that come up during the stress reaction and so the melanocortin and its receptors are normally activated during stress and again if you take one of the end hormone products and take it out of the context of of the rest of the stress reactions you’re going to have wildly unpredictable effects and the suppression of appetite is one 54:20 of the things uh known to be associated with those receptors and uh if a woman is lacking desire for a physical reason rather than just social uh there are probably serious metabolic problems that are going to be ignored if you just try to push up one single mental function and you should be looking at the for example the DHEA is a great activator of libido but it goes down under stress when cortisol rises the cortisol has an anti libido effect suppressing the effect of DHEA so you should be concentrating on lowering the stress and if anything giving a boost to the anti stress things with pregnenone of progesterone or DHEA or thyroid yeah okay and very quickly for 55:24 people that are listening out there don’t just use DHEA you’ve always mentioned that DHEA should be used in conjunction with adequate thyroid otherwise you can turn or convert some of that DHEA into estrogen is correct yeah yeah all right thanks for much your time dr p is three minutes to the top of the hour here and I’ll let people know how to find you okay thank you okay so uh for people that have listened to the show this evening uh Dr Ray Pete’s website is www.raypeat.com he’s got lots of articles that he’s written he produces a newsletter it’s fully referenced and keep your keep your eyes and ears out the the show is going to be up on an instagram page it’s going to be dedicated to dr p what he actually said not what unfortunately some of the bloggers on the Ray Pete forum are just creating their own their own imaginations and creating a theory from it but just to make sure that people get exactly what’s been said it’ll be posted on the internet here oh probably three or four months time busy getting together and collaborating 56:30 with a very very kind person who’s agreed to type up a lot of the stuff and to um put it up and i’ll be collating it with that person and probably in three or four months we’ll have a instagram page dedicated to dr pete’s philosophies um we can be reached monday through friday or in fact monday through sunday if you just want to leave a message or you want to write an email it’s andrew at western botanicalmedicine.com or 1-888-WBM-ERB thanks for listening and until the third friday of next month thanks for joining

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