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00:00 Well, welcome back, hour two of our little show, and it is the third Tuesday of the month, and that brings us to Dr. Ray Peat, who’s been at this nutrition healing game for a very, very long time. Dr. Ray Peat, good morning. Good morning. Oh, how are you, Doc? Very good. If you’re feeling, you’re looking pretty good. We have a picture of you up there. Sorry we couldn’t get Dr. Peat on the video, because you’re much of a, somewhat of a Luddite. You don’t have a microphone or camera or anything like that, so. I have a new Dell monitor, but it doesn’t have a camera or a computer or anything. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. How’s your life these days? What have you been doing? What are you most passionate about? What have you been thinking about in your world of health and healing? I’m working on a newsletter on progesterone for this month, something I’ve been working on for 50 years, but always something new to think about. 01:04 Really? Now, what could possibly be going on with progesterone that would warrant that kind of attention in so long? Talk about that. Partly that the industry is reverting to some of the old myths about it. The estrogen industry, people discover the dangers of estrogen, and that moves interest towards progesterone use. And then the estrogen industry has to defend itself because it’s a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and so they subsidize studies to make people worry about the risk of progesterone. They’re starting to say that anything that estrogen is known to cause for 100 years, 02:05 they’re starting to say, well, really, progesterone is involved in it, so it’s distracting attention from the dangers of estrogen. And in the absence of any real information, they’re just putting the thought out there that if estrogen does it, maybe progesterone is really involved somehow. So when we talk about estrogen, are we speaking of the estrogenic foods? Oh, no. No? Just the supplements. Yeah. The industry got started when someone synthesized a very simple chemical that triggered the whole fertility cycle in mice and rats. In the 30s, someone was thinking about the fact that chimney sweeps got cancer of the 03:12 scrotum in the 18th century from getting soot and not bathing, and that led to someone putting soot on rabbits and finding that it was very carcinogenic, but they noticed that besides causing skin cancer, it triggered the estrus in the female rabbits, and so they did extracts of soot and found that there were hundreds of estrogenic substances in soot. Which came from the wood, I guess? Yeah. You put a piece of cold metal or porcelain or something in the flame of a candle or a Bunsen burner and carbon spontaneously condenses at high temperature, methane is a single atom 04:15 of carbon with hydrogen. When it burns, like if you have a cloud of natural gas and it explodes, it creates a cloud of soot which results when the single atom of carbon surrounded by hydrogen condenses spontaneously into very symmetrical six-membered rings and then 10-members on each ring being a hexagon of carbon atoms. Some of the cyclic molecules are huge and they being a very large, heavy stick to each other and form these gobs of black material, each molecule has this pattern, six-membered 05:26 rings, which happens to be analogous to the steroid molecule. The steroid molecule has three six-membered rings and one five-membered ring. When those don’t have the proper oxygen atoms added in the right places, they act as estrogen so you can get a million different estrogenic substances just from soot. Wow, that’s fascinating. So the estrogen industry realized that everyone could have a patented unique molecule and sell it as estrogen which they called the female hormone because it can be found in the ovary of a pregnant animal. 06:29 So they advertised that they were selling the female hormone, which they said would make women more fertile because if it’s a female hormone, being fertile is what supposedly characterizes women and so they convinced even Harvard doctors, two of them, did studies giving this basically a soot derivative diethylstilpestrol to pregnant women claiming that it prevented miscarriage, but the animal studies in the 1930s and early 40s had all demonstrated that every kind of estrogen creates miscarriage or stillbirth. 07:32 My thesis advisor was one of the early researchers showing that as you increase the dose of estrogen you can create an abortion or miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy. A very tiny dose will prevent implantation, a larger dose will cause miscarriage at the first week, a bigger dose at the second week and so on. So they knew that estrogen caused miscarriages but they were selling it to the public to prevent miscarriage. Wow. Just the opposite. Probably because they could. So what’s the takeaway? By the way, Ray Pete has a PhD in biology from the University of Oregon, specialization in physiology and he’s taught at the University of Oregon, Urbana College, Montana State University 08:33 and been involved in natural medicine for a very long time. I guess who you go back to, I guess your early work was in the late 60s, right, with hormones? Yeah. And my dissertation advisor, Arnold Sodorwal, was the person who did some of these early studies showing that estrogen is a miscarriage. So what is the biggest piece of misinformation to our ladies, well, both ladies and gentlemen listening around the world about estrogen and progesterone, what is out there that most people believe that you believe is untrue? Well lots of doctors still refer to progesterone as the pregnancy hormone. Just a couple of weeks ago, someone said her doctor said she had had her uterus removed so she didn’t need progesterone because progesterone is only the pregnancy hormone and absolutely 09:38 a ridiculous idea of going back to the 1940s, doctors were taught that to sell estrogen. To get pregnant, to get pregnant. And they knew that estrogen causes cancer of the uterus. That was one of the early demonstration of soot that as estrogens of all sorts, the first most sensitive organ is the uterus, then the breast, then the brain, then the lungs, then every other tissue, but it’s just a matter of sensitivity and the uterus is most sensitive. And then someone discovered, actually about 1945 it was already discovered that progesterone prevented uterine cancer from estrogen and so they said if you take estrogen and don’t 10:47 want uterine cancer then you should take progesterone with it. But then the profitable thing was to do a hysterectomy and so hysterectomies were being done by the age of 30 or 35 was being urged to have a hysterectomy. Without the uterus and they said there’s no need for progesterone. So the woman would have her ovaries and uterus removed and they would refuse to give her progesterone because supposedly the uterus was the only organ that needed progesterone being a pregnancy hormone. But in the 1930s the ovaries were found to produce hundreds of times more quantity of 11:50 progesterone than estrogen. Estrogen is really a minor hormone from the ovary. In experimental surgery people have demonstrated that when they measured the amount of estrogen coming out of the ovary as a control they measured the blood coming out of the monkey’s arm and found that the arm was producing as much estrogen as the ovary. So the idea of estrogen as an ovarian hormone is really out of context when every tissue of the animal produces a large amount of estrogen when it’s under stress. So laying it out as you have it you can see how there’s so much confusion in the medical 12:55 world and the natural world about these hormones. Yeah, I thought a lot of that had been settled 30 or 40 years ago but doctors are still being told if you don’t have a uterus you don’t need progesterone when the brain is one of the biggest sources of progesterone. The placenta in pregnancy, the corpus luteum of the ovary, the brain contains 10 times the concentration of progesterone that the blood serum does and the skin is another major source of progesterone but when you take out the ovaries you’re putting an extra load on the brain and the skin to maintain the concentration of progesterone. So what’s the best advice you can give to our ladies around the world right now regarding 13:58 these two hormones, whether supplementation or just in general, I know you don’t do medical advice to help them to understand what they should or should not be looking at or doing or not doing. They’re very likely to be told still 60, 70 years after it was proven false, told that estrogen is a lifelong female hormone but old men rival women of the same age in the amount of estrogen being produced because it’s a stress hormone produced by tissue of any sort under stress. So question the claim that aging is evidence of a need for more estrogen. Old tissue increasingly tends to make estrogen but the opposite is true. 15:03 Progesterone failure is the primary thing that brings on menopause. The monthly surge of progesterone produces the monthly cycle, is an outstanding feature of the monthly cycle. When that stops what is left is a surge of estrogen which is no longer balanced by progesterone. And that’s the natural way it works for ladies though right, that’s the way it’s been set up to do a God thing kind of when a monthly cycle ends like a menopause. Well the stress symptoms increase as menopause approaches and the healthier the woman is the longer she’s able to maintain these monthly surges of progesterone. And with a supplementation it’s possible to keep menstruating to a much older age. 16:13 Is that a sign of health in general, the longer a lady menstruates? I think so. Interesting. And then the hot flashes and all that people have said that that’s due to possible toxicity in the ladies body, is that, can you relate to that, is that? Stress even in the 20s or younger I’ve known women having hot flashes that were resolved when they took thyroid or progesterone to normalize, prevent the stress. Oh with the thyroid functioning more appropriately they’re able to deal with the stress more easily. Yeah and one of the immediate chemical changes that produces the hot flash in the skin is a surge of nitric oxide, of acid dilation. 17:16 Oh and dilates the blood vessels. Yeah and an unopposed estrogen is a powerful activator of nitric oxide and so I’m convinced that an unopposed estrogen is the cause of the hot flashes and doctors looking only at a blood test of estrogen will say no at menopause a woman’s estrogen in the serum is very low. But this has been very competently studied. If you take a bit of tissue and compare it to the serum this has been done not only in animals but in women during menopause and in pregnancy and in the cycle. A bit of tissue compared to the serum, the tissue has 10 or 20 times more estrogen than 18:25 the serum and what makes the difference, what can raise the estrogen in the serum is progesterone. So if you’re deficient in progesterone your tissue is likely to have 10 or 20 times more estrogen than shows up in the blood. When you have a normal cycle with progesterone the progesterone does 8 or 10 different chemical actions causing the tissue content of the estrogen to decrease and as it decreases in the cell it enters the bloodstream on its way to the kidneys and liver to be excreted. But in the absence of progesterone those changes that release progesterone to be excreted don’t 19:27 happen and so the estrogen stays inside the cell at a concentration much higher in the blood. So that’s part of the idea you said, on an opposed estrogen the opposition would be the balance of progesterone. And why does that get low? Does it just living on planet earth with stress and diet and everything why the progesterone levels go too low? For pregnancy to be safe for both the mother and the baby the placenta must produce a huge amount of progesterone every day, hundreds of milligrams per day rising all the way through pregnancy to a peak approaching a gram a day. But when the woman or animal is under stress the stress changes the pituitary and all the 20:41 other glands too to avoid pregnancy a stressed animal of any sort would be less likely to survive if it got pregnant. So the trick is that pregnancy is prevented by stress for the safety of the mother. So it’s a natural kind of evolutionary thing that’s why yeah and it works the same way with the bearers or deers or girls. Yeah stress specifically turns off a progesterone for the avoidance of pregnancy. Yeah and you talk to we’ve talked to so many ladies over the years they get stressed out of course because they want to get pregnant right it’s just it’s hard you know because they’re all worried and concerned about not getting being able to get pregnant. Yeah there are lots of stories about a couple that gives up getting pregnant adopt a kid 21:42 and immediately she gets pregnant because the stress is relieved. We have more kids than we need right. So what’s the idea though that many feel like a little bit of progesterone cream just a dab or so helps to keep testosterone levels better for guys. What’s going on there and is that is that a reliable thing to look at for guys listening? I’ve heard that from several men over the years. My first experiences experimenting with progesterone would stop my whiskers growing for a couple of days because a good dose of blocks that’s one of its functions is to block hormones that could interfere with pregnancy. So it puts a progesterone puts everything down the middle when when it’s high in pregnancy you don’t want any stray hormones disturbing the pregnancy so that that’s one of the functions 22:48 of progesterone is to aim at survival rather than whiskers or production of large amounts of collagen or bone material or anything so it keeps things right down the middle. Oh so it’s not necessarily a testosterone builder or a more anabolic thing the progesterone cream? No it just blocks the stress and if you get it at the right level you don’t have enough to block the testosterone just enough to block the stress and leave your own testosterone. So you’re sounding like you wouldn’t for the guys don’t even mess with it you wouldn’t do it. Is that? No. No. Most of the men that I’ve known who used it did shrink the penis and stop whiskers growth. It shrinks the penis? 23:50 Temporarily. Why? Because testosterone is maintaining the circulation and it’s the nitric oxide thing causes acid dilation that really isn’t the mechanism of erection. It’s testosterone which gives muscle tone to the veins which empty the penis and the nitric oxide opens the vessels into the penis so they’re doing the same thing in different ways but the right amount of testosterone maintains a certain tone in the exit vessels allowing a considerable amount of blood to stay there even in the passive state. Right. So I’m kind of confused so this little dab of progesterone that many guys do to keep their 24:55 testosterone levels up is that does it work? I mean is that good? I mean I’m kind of confused sorry. At just exactly the right amount it can leave the luteinizing hormone active and let the testicle continue producing an adequate amount of testosterone. How would you know what just the right amount is? I think only by trial and error because I’ve known men who had antitestosterone symptoms with 10 milligrams others who felt an increase of testosterone with the same small dose. So you’d have to be, I think most of the progesterone, the one I saw from Dr. Wong, they talk about a little, and it’s from Yam’s I think just a little tiny bit, just a dab or so of this cream, yeah so wow that gets a little tricky, you’ve got to be careful 25:57 with that, you mess around with that, right? Yeah. Dr. Ray Pete is with us, stay right there Dr. Pete, we have lots to talk about this morning, it’s an honor to have him on our show on the third Tuesday. If you care to have a question, you can just email Patrick at oneradionetwork.com, Patrick at oneradionetwork.com, we’re learning quite a bit about hydrogen and some of the cool things that you can do that hydrogen does, you just Google molecular hydrogen and a lot of fun things are going on in some of the more mainstream areas of life. Both the stroke victims are using hydrogen along with oxygen to help the stroke victims to heal and then we learn from Dr. Thomas Levy that oxidation he believes is one of the chief causes of disease and then, well you can hear the story right here on the promotion of this hydrogen thing and it might be of interest to you. 27:00 I pressed the wrong button, sorry I just pressed the wrong button, I got it now I got it. With the highly credentialed Dr. Thomas Levy, he argues because the literature shows that oxidation is the cause of disease. But the whole point is the location, the concentration, the duration, the distribution of oxidized biomolecules determines 100%!o(MISSING)f all diseases and so that’s why I say oxidative stress doesn’t cause disease, oxidation is disease. If there’s no oxidized biomolecules you don’t have a toxin, the toxic effect is oxidation of biomolecules, that’s the entirety of it. And by the grace of God several months ago George Wiseman said this about hydrogen. Hydrogen is the world’s best antioxidant by a long shot. First of all it’s 700 times smaller than something like CoQ10, 400 times smaller than 28:05 vitamin C, things like that so it can literally go, the hydrogen molecule can literally go through everything in your body and go right into the very DNA and repair it. So now it makes sense why George was able to say this back in August 2019 with such conviction. The body accepts that gas and uses it to heal everything. It’s like the fountain of youth. It’s astonishing the amount of ailments. In fact in scientific studies and they have over a thousand scientific studies now they are showing that it either helps the body heal directly or indirectly from virtually every ailment that ails any water-based life form. Okay I’m sold and I was able to get one a couple of months ago thanks to your support. It’s called the Aquacure Hydrogen Machine. Breathe the gas and bubble the water. There’s a promo code ONERADIO for 10%!d(MISSING)iscount. I think a great investment for you knowing what we know now on ONERADIONETWORK.COM. 29:07 So it’s pretty cool, I’ve been really enjoying the hydrogen machine and I can tell you there are some interesting things going on that I’m just not, I’m not sure why or something but things are getting better for me, I’m sleeping better, I’m feeling just more comfortable in my body which for me is just something nice going on. I’m feeling some less the numbness in my little toes after a couple of months on the hydrogen. Of course I do some other things so I can’t honestly say for sure that’s what it is. But we like it, we think there’s a lot of science behind it, there is a lot of science behind it. I think we know. I saw one article that hydrogen was being used as medicine back in 1888, the Annals of Surgery recorded one of the very first publications that linked hydrogen to medicine and referred to Dr. Nicholas Sen who at the time was using hydrogen for intestinal applications and they have all the things here that you can look and check it out and see if what 30:11 they just said is just made up or what. So it’s interesting. I think there’s something here for you, there’s a lifetime warranty and then a one year money back warranty if you don’t like it. And you let’s get it back, okay I’ve got to do one thing, something just locked up on me quickly but not to worry, I know how to do it, we’ve got a little thing that does that and I think that’s going to work and sorry, I think we’re just 60 seconds away from Dr. Ray Peacht. Previously with Daniel Vitalis we were talking about, yeah Pine pollen. Pollen is essentially the equivalent of what an animal would have as sperm. Pollen is like the male part, the semen and it fertilizes the ovum of the flower which becomes eventually a fruit. And so if we were going to draw the equivalent it would be like that the flower is like the 31:14 female sex organ and the pollen is like the male sexual ejaculate. Well pine trees which sort of just dominate so much of the landscape of North America and so much of the world, pine trees they’re semen, they dust the landscape and pollen. And that pollen being the sort of male part of the plant has some correspondences to male physiology in our species and many other animal species. So what I’m saying is pine pollen contains all of these different anabolic androgenic hormones, plant versions of hormones that we need like testosterone, like DHEA. Well the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees, good stuff guys and few girls too. 32:29 Thank you Pete, thank you so much Doc for coming on once a month, I’m getting emails from around the world. You got a lot of fans, how did all these people find you over the years, I’m real curious, I mean you have a pretty standard kind of basic website and you don’t out there promote, people just found you? Yeah it’s interesting in the 70s when I started giving out samples of thyroid and progesterone dissolved in vitamin E, people got such tremendous results just giving it away to whoever happened by, they started talking about the amazing things that happened with progesterone and thyroid and it has just spread. 33:30 So long ago you were actually giving out those samples of progesterone and vitamin E and also the thyroid, the piggy thyroid in the vitamin E and people were just, yeah I bought a spot small barrel of armor thyroid powder and at that time it was popular to use powdered kelp as a dietary supplement and so I would put a little bit of armor thyroid powder in with the powdered kelp and tell them it was a weak form of natural thyroid and they were acquainted with the idea of using kelp as a supplement but the thyroid was really the active component. Interesting so what kind of experiences were and how much were you giving this little dose 34:32 of the progesterone and vitamin E, how much, what kind of experience were the guys having and the women too were having different good experiences? Yeah one suicidal young woman, 21 or 22 years old, every two weeks she became absolutely suicidal and her husband had her babysitter to keep her from killing herself and finally committed her to the local psychiatric ward but because it was cyclic she was in for a week and was perfectly sane the week she was in but as soon as she got out she tried to turn on the gas and kill herself so her husband brought her over and she was sobbing as he brought her in and I gave her a bottle of progesterone in oil and told her to go in 35:38 the bathroom and spread it all over her body and she came out and within five minutes had stopped sobbing and the bulging veins on her hand disappeared as the next phase. Forty minutes after putting it on she was smiling and exactly 45 minutes after putting the oil on she said it’s like night turning into day I wish I could always feel this could and two weeks later she the same thing happened she went into the suicidal state and I had given her a progesterone dissolved in vegetable oil and it hadn’t stayed in solution so she oiled herself but wasn’t getting the dissolved progesterone and so she was suicidal again 36:44 when I gave her some of the actual dissolved material exactly the same cycle the sobbing stopped the veins disappeared the smile and 45 minutes exactly the same sort of from experience black to white mood change interesting and the guys in general what kind of things feedback did you get from them and how much how much progesterone were you giving in that little dose oh um two or three men rubbed on their scalp every day and got fuzz to grow in about four or five weeks they were getting probably 20 milligrams a day on their head it was that affecting raising testosterone levels to cause the hair to go it was one of them that mentioned the shrinkage right after all these years with progesterone for men you have a kind of a 37:48 gram or a milligram standard that you would kind of start guys that they wanted to experiment with it five milligrams five milligrams i guess you could i don’t know how you’d measure that but well really interesting dr. ray peter is with us we have a lot of good emails patrick at one radio network dot com here’s an email for you dr p here’s a gentleman that says you recommend 2000 milligrams calcium per day a concern expressed by other nutrition is that calcium may not go to the bones but into the soft tissue in other places causing systemic damage over time if one does take your suggestion what are the prerequisite actions or physiological cell metabolism assumptions you are making for taking 2000 milligrams and what kind of calcium i i i know there are still lots of doctors and nutritionists who have that idea but what the parathyroid gland is 38:48 constantly regulating responding to conditions and if you eat an excess of calcium and a moderate or low amount of phosphate the parathyroid gland becomes very passive especially if you have adequate vitamin d and and the parathyroid gland its main function seems to be to take calcium out of the bone and bring it into the blood but a side effect of taking it out of the bone is that it activates take up by the soft tissue and keeping that the parathyroid gland as inhibited as possible leaves your bones uh un un altered the calcium can still go in but the parathyroid isn’t going to be 39:51 bringing it out of the bones into the bloodstream where it can affect the blood vessels and when you eat an excess of calcium and have an adequate vitamin a vitamin d level in your body the calcium passes right through your kidneys into the urine but if your parathyroid is active it can form form stones on the way out the blood ability to keep it in solution changes and it’s that same change that causes it to go into the blood vessel wall carbon dioxide is the factor that keeps the calcium in solution in the bloodstream and stable in the bones calcium carbonate is the first molecule 41:02 deposited in the bone and it’s gradually changed to calcium phosphate but carbon dioxide it is responsible for putting it into the bone when the parathyroid hormone is active it forms lactic acid in the bone and it’s lactic acid that dissolves removes the calcium from the bone so the balance of carbon dioxide versus lactic acid is under the control of parathyroid hormone in the bone and that same process happening in the blood vessels the carbon dioxide keeps the calcium dissolved ionized in solution but the lactic acid if it is allowed to 42:03 form either in the blood or blood vessels that counteracts the carbon dioxide precipitates calcium and forms hardening of the arteries and kidney stones and so on so keeping the parathyroid hormone low and your carbon dioxide production high relative to lactic acid is what’s going to keep bone strong and artery soft that’s why dr cowan the fellow on the heart he’s a proponent of keeping the lactic acid levels low so that’s probably why because he he knows it it happens or it’s tied in with the calcium deposits potentially in the arteries yeah and prolactin and cortisol and parathyroid hormone all tend to interfere with carbon dioxide production of progesterone and thyroid are the things that most support the production of 43:09 carbon dioxide and suppress the formation of lactic acid suppress it press yeah this ties right in jerome says that i have some history of my grandfather and father having a stroke one in the brain and one uh in in around his heart uh can dr p give me some ideas how i can some things i can do or not do to strengthen uh my arteries and veins so they don’t have a problem later in life it’s a good question so is that what a stroke is is a stroke where the veins will just actually no there there are two main kinds of stroke okay one one in which a clot forms and plugs up to small arteries and the other uh where a blood vessel uh breaks and and leaks uh blood uh uh uh can form a giant clot outside of the blood vessel so it’s a bleeding stroke or a 44:12 clotted stroke there’s two different kind let’s first talk about then there’s another relatively harmless thing which is a transient ischemic attack that’s where the arteries or capillaries close down because carbon dioxide isn’t being produced isn’t being produced so that’s what they call these mini strokes dot yeah okay so the ischemic kind of things that these are they’re not good but they’re not life threatening yeah yeah and so so before we get to the clot let’s talk about the carbon dioxide um we over breathe that that releases carbon dioxide breathing fast you lose carbon dioxide when you breathe too hard too hard and a low thyroid person is producing very little co2 and so it takes very little over breathing for a hypothyroid person to experience that constriction of blood vessels from loss of co2 45:17 interesting so that’s another reason to keep that thyroid happy in a good shape so you can retain more co2 yeah it’s the low thyroid people who suffer high altitude sickness because to get more oxygen in thin air they over breathe is is clotting going back to the germ’s question on clotting on the potential strokes is that the number one the yeah that that’s by far in the united states at least that’s by far the most common type of stroke other than the uh transient ischemia ischemia and why do these little clots form do we know um yeah the um it isn’t quite a deficiency of aspirin but it’s related to that a serotonin excess serotonin increases when you’re under stress especially if you’re hypothyroid okay and hyperventilation raises the pH of your blood by by blowing out this the co2 carbonic acid 46:27 carbonic acid should be keeping the pH of your blood towards the lower end of the of the range and as the pH of the blood rises from hyperventilation your platelets lose the ability to bind serotonin and so serotonin rises in the blood when you hyperventilate but serotonin in the brain stimulates respiration and makes you breathe harder and wow the doctrine for about 30 years has been claiming that uh serotonin produced in your intestine and carried in your bloodstream can’t get into the brain to to affect the respiration but in fact very clear experiments have shown that the the blood brain barrier as far as serotonin is concerned really doesn’t exist because serotonin 47:34 breaks down the barrier so when it’s high in the blood it gets into your brain makes you breathe harder and if you’re low in carbon dioxide to start with it increases the release of serotonin into your bloodstream in a vicious circle and that could cause then the platelets to do the thing and clots yeah and that’s how an emotional stress wow something that just makes you breathe faster yeah if you’re hypothyroid it will start the cycle in which the pH rises the serotonin is released from platelets activates your brain to breathe harder exacerbating that’s amazing so couldn’t you conjecture them that just angst and tension and planet earth and worry could be a really chief cause for these strokes that people have yeah on the background of a low thyroid function on the background of a low 48:38 because if mr thyroid is happy and you have a tsh i mean way down zero one or two is and your body temperature is up it’s the body’s not affected by stress as badly yeah because your progesterone and dh ea and pregnenolone are being produced generously by the well-circulated blood supply carrying sugar to all these tissues hypoglycemia is something that works with low carbon dioxide in the blood they both tend to increase lactic acid which wastes sugar and makes the problem so low blood sugar actually creates lactic acid but i mean we were taught that sugar is more acid and creates lactic acid only if you’re under stress and can’t can’t oxidize it the thyroid and progesterone 49:40 increase your ability to oxidize glucose into carbon dioxide and the carbon dioxide by regulating the ph turns off lactic acid production so it increases efficiency to increase your metabolic rate on the on the thyroid how powerful of a metric is the body temperature in your opinion dr ap for a thyroid function it’s almost the the ruling factor if you cool your body to um 95 or 96 degrees Fahrenheit it’s essentially impossible to metabolize properly you don’t always metabolize rationally if your temperature is at 100 degrees but it’s a lot easier to get full 50:45 oxidation all the way to carbon dioxide when you’re at the body’s time tourism yeah and and so the fever production is a curative thing it’s in a way it’s equivalent to giving a good supplement of thyroid progesterone sugar and calcium and so on we had talked to a doc a few a few months maybe a month ago who was suggesting if you get one of these little infrared thermometers you ever see those and you can you know about a foot away from your surface and you can tell you surface temperature there and he said if you did on your big toe if you’re about 90 degrees that’s another indication that your thyroid is happy have you ever heard of that do you think that could be valid well adrenaline is protective when your thyroid is low you increase adrenaline and serotonin right and a primary function of of adrenaline is to keep the blood flowing to your brain and lungs 51:48 and heart and it will make your hands and feet get very very cold and a person can still be functioning very well adapting to the low thyroid by keeping their brain and lungs and heart hot and well supplied with what whatever sugar and oxygen are available so that the adrenaline takes the blood out of the extremities to keep things working in the corner so which is the cold hands and feet right that’s the cold hands and feet yeah and when you shake hands with with a person on a warm day if they have cold hands they’re very likely hypothyroid and unless you’re scaring them so a 90 degree toe with this thing could mean it could be a reasonable metric um yeah if the weather if the room is warm your your hands and feet should be reasonably warm 52:56 and when they’re very cold it means either that you’re being frightened into high adrenaline or that your your thyroid is adequate to keep the the heat up in the extremity here’s another question on thyroid we always get a lot a question for dr. pete what is the mechanism for how proper thyroid function and stomach acid break down or neutralize oxalates in the diet does it matter how much oxalic acid is consumed also how effective are mineral compounds like magnesium or potassium citrate at preventing the negative effects of oxalic acid do you understand the question if if you’re eating enough minerals the calcium oxalate it is likely to precipitate in your stomach and intestine and not even be absorbed so I think the calcium and magnesium 54:04 content of your food it is protective by by keeping it out of your system keeping keeping the oxalate out of out of your bloodstream mm-hmm okay here’s an email I’ve been having trouble finding good thyroid supplement is there anything else to help me with my hypothyroid ism ism I’m avoiding polyunsaturated fats whole poofies and don’t eat an excess of uncooked cabbage or kale or or other vegetables of that family there but when when they’re raw especially they can be very anti thyroid anti thyroid yeah somebody is asking about red light putting a red light on your thyroid what does dr. pete think about that to raise thyroid levels um it does have an action but 55:09 uh what it’s doing mostly is opening blood vessels and and that in itself can increase the production of thyroid yeah but it affects the respiration of cells can can increase efficiency locally yeah do you think there’s a yeah I’ve I’ve got an experience I just wanted to share with you doc I’ve been putting black cumin seed oil on my thyroid and uh a little d myself and going to sauna you know and let it get hot and the infrared lights and also using the red light and tapping a little bit and just kind of talking to it and and being saying mr. thyroid get happier and my body temperature has gone up really in the last month probably about a half a degree what kind of oil got black cumin seed oil black oh oh yeah so you think they’re so I’m kind of thinking maybe there is some toxicity going on and that helped to get that out I don’t know why the 56:10 black cumin seed oil being heated up would do that I think it is able to catalyze oxidative metabolism oh it’s an oxidative it’s an antioxidant from the shape of the molecule and it looks like it would be a pro oxidative pro pro thyroid but I’ve also been breathing I’ve been breathing the you know the hydrogen in the water too so that could be helping very interesting yeah so that might be something fun for you all to play with I don’t know I can’t give medical advice but put some black cumin seed on your thyroid and put a little heating blanket on or something or a red light you know couldn’t hurt though I don’t think here’s a uh here’s a 58 or 68 year old man on nature thyroid with healthy weight and have tried many diets no processed foods and exercise but still cannot cure type 2 diabetes don’t want insulin or metaphor man what would your experience suggest I try next this is from Gene and Jim and Eugene Oregon I’m getting a perfect well balanced 57:21 diet is the first thing adequate calcium a fairly high ratio of calcium to phosphate in your diet not too much meat or beans or nuts because of the high phosphate content in those relative to to calcium and there are two main classes of food that provide a very high calcium magnesium content and low phosphate milk and cheese for one and cooked greens is the other category and vitamin D should be in in the middle of the range 50 or 60 nanograms per milliliter and beyond that you want to make sure that your your thyroid is good and the pH of the blood 58:22 and the CO2 level are indicators of that but I don’t think blood tests are the most reliable way to measure your your CO2 a breath analyzer is really good and actually using carbon dioxide supplements absorbing it through your skin or taking little bits of baking soda in water that that will actually suppress the lactic acid production if you do it in a graded amount like a half a teaspoon in a half a glass of water a few times a day will slightly increase the amount of carbon dioxide in your blood which will increase the CO2 inside cells adjusting the pH and suppressing the lactic acid production and shifting the cell to be able to oxidize the sugar 59:29 diabetics they talk about the sugar not being able to get into the cell but rather than through it goes into the cell and it’s turned to lactic acid is the problem oh so that that insulin resistance thing talked about dr. Pete you’re saying that it’s not the whole story they got it wrong yeah stress stress increases the the liberation of free fatty acids from your tissues so apart from the amount of fat you’re eating it’s the liberation of free fatty acids which get into the cell and shift block the ability of the cell to oxidize glucose wow and when glucose isn’t being oxidized it’s likely to be turned into lactic acid and the lactic acid shifts the pH and starts the whole process here is uh James he’s listening on facebook 01:00:34 can you please ask dr. Pete some of the best ways to improve the health of my liver um a good diet is the first thing um b vitamins are extremely important for getting things running selenium it is essential for being able to use uh the the thyroid molecules to put it into the right active t3 form and carbohydrate is very important but but then you want to periodically check you have a blood test to see if your your vitamin d and and thyroid hormone is in the right range from adrien dr. p talks about taking some good forms of sugar does he believe that the a1c blood test which i think and i’m just 01:01:34 adding this point isn’t that over 90 days or something is there is a reliable metric to see if i’m taking too much sugar and no i don’t think it relates very closely to sugar because it will be influenced by breakdown of free fatty acids the polyunsaturated fats breakdown in the fragments that look like uh the sugar fragments but it the fats are much more oxidizable and and toxic the proofers are you it’s easier to oxidize those guys yeah yeah and so doing proofers actually raise your a1c uh yeah as they break down but doing organic beet sugar or honey or or maple syrup that doesn’t raise your a1c or if it does do you care um yeah the the numbers have been exaggerated so that uh the lower than uh i think seven 01:02:41 they found that the sickest people weren’t at the highest level so the numbers were were cooked a bit to to whatever reason it’s a lot more complicated than just sugar causing that to rise it generally is with you dr. p that’s why we like you here’s a email from Trent i donate blood several times per year what in your opinion in the optimal serum ferritin blood level for someone aged 70 i’m i i don’t think ferritin is meaningful enough to worry about don’t even worry about watching your your hemoglobin level at the low end of the normal normal range of hemoglobin i think it’s the safest place to be say that again please then the the low range low end of the normal range per hemoglobin okay hemoglobin is the essential thing for delivering oxygen and ferritin 01:03:47 can go up and down according to inflammation and keeping it in a moderate range usually means that you’re uh not very sick because sickness and inflammation will destroy it greatly and what is the idea that we hear uh oh excuse me did i interrupt you want to say more the saturation of transfer transfer the percentage saturation should be under 30 little under 30 under 30 so what is this idea of giving blood every so often to get rid of excess is it iron that people do this um i that was the traditional idea that would prevent the accumulation on a standard western diet men constantly during their lifetime tend to accumulate iron women after menopause start accumulating at the same rate because they aren’t losing it 01:04:50 and and so blood donors were were seen to maintain an adequate level without so much accumulation with aging but in the last several years people are seeing that there are other things one label for them was uh stress and units created by stress or uh there are several different names for substances released into the bloodstream during stress and aging and getting rid of those has a slightly rejuvenating effect interesting this is from elmer please ask dr pete the difference between taking something like pogest E and pregnant alone powder and also if i’m trying to lose fat should we be drinking lower fat milk um yeah i i think milk is such an easy nutrient to get almost all of your nutrients 01:05:56 that drinking two or three quarts a day is good for most people but you don’t want to drink that much whole milk if you aren’t doing very hard labor to burn calories so one percent is an average amount of fat for a person of average activity totally anecdotal dr pete but after starting to drink milk and more and more of it after talking you over the past few months raw milk that i’m just warming up a little bit a little bit of sugar in there beet sugar i’ve gained about and while i’m starting to lift weights but i’ve gained about three pounds already and that’s pretty unused that’s very unusual for me i haven’t been able to gain weight pretty much my whole life so that’s interesting interesting information but it’s whole milk you know grass fed whole milk yeah milk contains small amounts of progesterone and thyroid in the three mile island nuclear accident 01:07:00 lots of people lots of babies were born without thyroid glands but those who were breast fed as long as they were being breast fed the doctors didn’t notice that they had no thyroid gland function as soon as they were weaned the absence of a thyroid showed up showing that the breast milk was keeping an adequate amount of thyroid to keep them growing but uh cow’s milk isn’t as rich in in thyroid and progesterone but you get a little bit though you get a little bit yeah yeah that small amount adds to the effect of the calcium to stimulate your metabolic rate slightly do we know or is there any research or um to show if there’s a big difference between grass fed milk and regular old milk even if it’s organic who knows what they’re feeding them organic feed um do we know yeah uh food can be organic and still not be ideal sure of course stinky weeds in the pasture 01:08:06 that can make it taste bad but grass fed milk has more vitamin e according to the research but not necessarily we don’t know more hormones or progesterone or anything like that we don’t know that we haven’t seen anything there i don’t think anyone has tested that good idea that’d be great thanks for having uh dr pete on as a regular guest from chris before i asked my question could you please convey my sincere gratitude for dr pete for helping me deal with a heart issue this helps me to get out of the clutches of the medical um world here’s my question why do feet swell up especially when it is warm the swelling reduces later in the day and when it is cooler but does not completely go away i’m on two grains of natural thigh right and finally dr pete’s dietary considerations such as avoiding polys poofers drinking some milk and orange juice thank you hmm a little sweet uh beat swelling but it seems to when it’s warmer 01:09:10 i i’ve heard that from quite a few people but i don’t really understand yeah how it works i think it’s partly the the shift of of the nervous system uh you let down your adrenaline a little bit when it’s warmer because adrenaline function is to keep the blood up up in your vital organs and and when it’s warmer you you can reduce the adrenaline and that relaxes blood vessels and lets any leakiness show up but i i think it means that you’re maybe not producing enough albumin in your liver or or having some other effect of an unbalanced of estrogen level estrogen makes blood vessels leaky and reduces the the formation of albumin in the liver 01:10:13 and albumin working with with sodium is what keeps the blood keeps the fluid in the bloodstream rather than leaking out into your feet so so the cold feet then it’s a it’s tied with the thyroid low but then it’s the adrenaline combination that’s not getting the blood there to the extremities is that right uh yeah adrenaline keeps things working but it changes the the way they work so speaking of estrogen just came to me these with birth birth control pills are i don’t know if they’re very as popular as they used to be but these these estrogen manipulators for the ladies and are they they dangerous yeah yeah in the 30s they already knew knew that estrogen prevented implantation or caused miscarriages 01:11:17 they didn’t want to sell a miscarriage pill and all through the 1940s and 50s the drug companies realized that it would be a very profitable product to sell a birth control pill but they didn’t have the uh ideology that they knew it killed the embryo and and they didn’t want to have the drug company identified as baby killers but in the in the 50s someone thought up the idea that it isn’t acting on the uterus it’s acting only on your brain and pituitary and it’s going to stop ovulation if you can stop ovulation you won’t be accused of causing abortions but that was fake news i think so yeah there was no no evidence how can you see when a woman ovulates an ovum in an animal you can 01:12:18 dissect them and watch the process and catch the actual ovum yeah but in humans it was simply declared rather than observed in general do you know this i know you may not know this but these birth control pills still very popular in our culture people use them on girls ladies a lot yeah the first wave of them was causing sometimes fatal hemorrhages often disabling strokes by causing clotting in the brain and so they reduced the amount of estrogen by about a factor of 10 from the first first wave of contraceptives and made made them more saleable because so many women were having strokes or hemorrhages 01:13:20 but but still the the medical literature is heavily biased against recognizing any damage done by them but still the literature is out there showing that depression of various mood changes movement disorders restlessness lots of problems are still associated with them yeah Dr. Pete stay right there Patrick Timpani we’re going to do a quick little break here and then we’ll get into our last segment with Dr. Ray Pete one radio network dot com please like these things on facebook our videos now and on youtube subscribe and all these things help to kind of spread the word and we appreciate that if you would do that that would be totally cool um Kathy writes on facebook today um that forgot to mention what she 01:14:22 wrote to him but she said Kathy says here forgot to mention that sulfur was one of the first things that helped me to bring my health back and started me having started me healing oh that’s very nice have you Kathy if you like to try our sulfur we have a great product just go on our website uh two pounds of sulfur for a particular price and then another price for Canada another price for worldwide if you want more than four pounds email me Patrick at one radio network dot com and we’ll take care of you previously Dr. Hal Huggins on detoxing mercury you do not have to get all the mercury out of the body that’s not what the problem is it’s the direction it’s going if you have more going out than you have coming in then you’re going to have a good chemistry you’re going to feel good but if you have more going in to the body then going out chemistries look bad and you feel bad if you had to name just a few 01:15:24 things on the top of your list to help get mercury out whether they be supplements or foods give us your top five okay off the top of your head best thing would be the infrared sauna the thing is detoxification is easy anybody can release a lot of mercury but if you’re using a sauna or especially the infrared sauna then you are eliminating the mercury through the skin and you are bypassing liver and kidney so that’s a very good way to go it certainly is Dr. Huggins we love Dr. Huggins and I’m sure he’s doing well wherever he is if you’d like to get one just email me these are great units folks you can see how they look here there’s no plugs there’s no wiring there’s no plumbing well you just plug it in there’s two far infrared units at the front of this unit if you look at the front right at the first first two and you can do just one of those if you don’t want it as hot 01:16:28 and this baby will get up there maybe 160 170 degrees and believe me you’ll sweat and as I said you know I talked about Dr. Pete in the black cumin seed oil and my body temperature going up on my thyroid I put it all over my thyroid with a little DMSO and then you just kind of scoot down in the chair as you can see the lady there and then your thyroid is is you know covered so you can use it and then you can do the black cumin seed oil you can do it on your tummy or or a little bit of turpentine pure pine gum spirits on your tummy with DMSO well you probably don’t need it and get in so there’s a lot of cool things you can do with this so and also put turpentine or castor on the bottom of your feet and that’ll soak in there with a nice hot so they’re fun and we’ll get you one for 995 995 delivered continental us and if you’d like to get one and you live around the world just simply email me and we’ll hook you up for a pretty good price now’s the time to get them 995 have it for the holidays just email me patrick at one radio network dot com we love this product 01:17:33 that you’re seeing the picture of it’s called pearl seum now chinese medicine and um are you vague medicine have used for uh 100 well thousands of years have used pearl for beauty for longevity you can use pearl on your face with a face cream you can you can brush your teeth with it which is amazing and this you can also take it internally it it’s proven by science to really work it has it’s made it’s real live pearl which i believe is calcium carbonate i think that’s what it is and dr p while he wasn’t endorsing this product he said the calcium carbonate was a good way to take calcium so so we thought so and of course it wouldn’t be around for thousands of years if the pearl you know if the calcium was was ending up in your you know in your arteries you know it just doesn’t do it with this product i would get two containers to get two little green containers and uh and then put one in your bathroom one in your where your supplements are brush your teeth 01:18:35 with it you can take a little bit before bed it helps you to sleep it’s a very nice product pearl seum real pearl it’s all there is in there nothing else real pearl from one radio network dot com we talk about your health wealth and well-being on one radio network dot com dr ray p has a website and you can check it out as ray p dot com and we always put a link on his show page and you can click on there and support dr pete’s work by getting his newsletter which comes out dr p what every uh every couple months right every two months two months yeah every two months what’s your latest one about progesterone oh of course progesterone it’ll be out in about two weeks and you look at your bio i mean you were looking at this uh what 50 years ago yeah wow i’m i’m putting putting in a little bit of the history but uh bring bringing it up to date 01:19:36 um putting putting in some of the recent carbonic acid carbon dioxide connections yeah yeah here’s an email what’s the percentage or what percent of tryptophan ingested from food is converted to serotonin that depends on your level of stress and other other things but it can be very high when you’re under stress uh other times very little of it this is an interesting question is risk taking in life conducive or not to be uh or not oh to the state of learned helplessness is risk taking involved in the being in the state of learned helplessness do you talk about learned helplessness oh quite a bit yeah serotonin 01:20:38 turns turns on the stress system but it can also turn off the adaptive things such as production of of progesterone and you can break out of learned helplessness by increasing your energy uh thyroid is a crucial thing in in stopping learned helplessness and what exactly is learned helplessness um the the term relates to the old studies in which they uh convinced a rat that escape was impossible but the animal in that state would allow itself to drown very easily because it it saw no use in swimming its heart would simply stop after maybe just a few minutes of resisting but if they put the animal in the that tortured 01:21:41 situation that caused it to become helpless if they then showed it some exit possibility it it in effect vaccinated it against stress so that when dropped into the the water instead of drowning in a few minutes sometimes they would resist and swim for more than a day uh interesting simply a mental change something they learned that that’s why it wasn’t called a physical thing it was a learned helplessness somebody wants to know is that mexico that you two were talking about does it have cocaine in it uh which thing maxi coke oh i think all coke uh is made from an extract of the coca leaf but they uh around 1940 we’re told to remove the cocaine and so there there are molecules 01:22:48 closely related to cocaine that i think are beneficial some of the same benefits that the coca leaf chewers have for endurance and and anti-inflammatory and such but according to the official analysis the real cocaine has been removed would you ask dr p to talk about free will and determinism um that might take a while well if you’re if you’re into it we are we have no place to go it’s up to you sir um the um i think we life in general things in general i i think we are determined to have free will it’s part of our nature part of the nature of every living thing and like the i mentioned the formation of soot molecules extremely complex organized symmetrical 01:23:55 molecules form spontaneously when methane explodes uh you you get some carbon dioxide oxygen consumes the hydrogens but the carbon atoms have an intrinsic uh order ordering principle uh they spontaneously organize into these very very big complex molecules and i think that spontaneous tendency to improve things create order of chaos i i think that’s where determinism uh affects free will so that the situation the carbon atoms uh didn’t uh have a written plan for what they were going to do but it was in their nature 01:24:56 given the opportunity to create uh high orders of of organization uh i i think our uh inherent uh free will is uh intending to create high level uh order as we as we press forward moving down our life our free will is what’s creating order and more peace and love and uh yeah in other words i i i think we’re uh biased against the creation of chaos yeah and inclined towards the creation of order yeah i like that that’s great good for you um as women get older elin wants to know what are signs of low progesterone is women get older what are the signs of low progesterone okay i’m just about everything i’m aging and it’s so at the at the center of life 01:26:03 and stability uh that um for example weakening bones uh loss of elasticity in the skin loss of moisture and oil production in the skin uh stiffening of joints and arteries change reduced curiosity and initiative less interest in an adventure more interest in security uh uh everything from uh mental processes down to to the smallest and is this for both male and female in general uh yeah i’ve been listening to several of your shows and you have a doctor pete i think they’re just great thank you so much for having come on well it’s our pleasure here’s a question recently uh i’ve seen new cookware in department stores 01:27:08 titanium ceramic non-stick does dr pete think this would be safe to use titanium ceramic non-stick without seeing any tests of it i would refrain from using it to cook anything acidic because ceramics unless they’re specially designed to to resist acid and corrosion you wouldn’t want to cook a tomato sauce on it for example it in case it might release titanium into your food so generally though we’ve heard that the pure ceramic like lacruse that expensive stuff is is good cookware is is that your opinion as well pure ceramic or not did i just hear you say not with spaghetti sauce i ceramics i remember lead lead based ceramics were a major problem 01:28:14 and the ceramics aren’t aren’t necessarily acid resistant it takes some some special chemistry to uh the the more it’s like a simple silicon glass surface the safer it is so glass is really that you can i don’t know if they even make it anymore i think it’s a vision cookware it’s you can find them online i got a whole set on ebay but i think that’s probably some of the best right class oh sure that’s what i’ve been using for years yeah yeah like i say folks uh they don’t sell it anymore it’s called vision cookware but you can go in ebay and buy a whole set for pretty inexpensive i don’t know people just stocked them up when they knew they were going out of out of style or something here’s this is a good one oral micronized progesterone is it equal to progest e and its effect um that’s what the drug companies are now uh for for several years now 01:29:15 they’ve been uh selling progesterone uh it usually in an emulsion or just a a paste of peanut oil and micronized progesterone and so the progesterone is mostly in in the crystalline though micronized form and a lot of that as your bile emulsifies the peanut oil very little of progesterone goes in the solution because peanut oil isn’t a great solvent like the girl i mentioned that had no effect from the vegetable oil dissolved progesterone because it had crystallized out in period of two weeks um some of it as it contacts the micronized crystals contacting your intestine 01:30:17 uh surface will be taken up molecules released from the from the crystals will go directly from your intestine to the liver and will then be attached to a sugar-like molecule bluechironic acid which then circulates through the body but quickly leaves at the urine uh that causes the progesterone to have a very different effect from the natural form that circulates in the fats and so when it’s dissolved in vitamin e vitamin e as it’s emulsified by the bile breaks up and enters the form of chylomicrons which enter the body in a very different pathway going through the wall of the intestine into the lymphatic vessels which then the chylomicrons 01:31:23 dump into your general circulation bypassing the liver and the chylomicrons uh are we normally process our fats through this system and this lets the progesterone distribute through the whole system getting equilibrated under red blood cells under the uh of cholesterol carrying proteins and other cells so that it can pass endlessly through the liver uh in these forms the red blood cells can keep it in circulation for more than a day after one dose it goes into the red blood cells from the chylomicrons for example to be at a higher concentration inside the cells and in the serum where the micronized progesterone as far as it hits the intestine wall it is going straight 01:32:30 to the liver to be uh glucuronidated and excreted how do you remember all this stuff oh uh just hi you’re you’re uh is it right you’re 83 uh revolutions around the sun you were 83 yeah well man whatever you’re doing sir you’re you’re doing something good do you remember all that stuff um it’s um seeing the pattern yeah the the way a cat learns uh for example they can keep a cat in the cage for a long time but uh once it sees how the how the lock works if it’s uh some sort of a latch uh once it sees the way out of the cage it never forgets and never that’s great but but if you teach it something by rote it’ll forget it the next day 01:33:34 so you you get it at a deep level of who you are because of your passion and it’s like it’s there for you it’s not like you have to remember a phone number or something yeah it’s seeing how things work yeah fascinating uh james is on facebook says i don’t have set mealtimes and i just kind of follow my hunger signals uh is this negatively affecting my circadian rhythms or anything else i should care about just even when you’re hungry i i don’t really think so i i think it’s uh okay to eat whenever you feel like the experiments on mice claim that it’s good good to go a long time to fast for a while but a lot of things are involved mice are nocturnal animals they normally eat at night and just changing their their schedule creates such stresses that it’s hard to extrapolate from from rodents to people especially things 01:34:38 like eating yeah ellie says i’m fascinated with the conversation about milk i’ve never really thought about drinking milk and i’m i was just wondering i’m kind of an extreme girl could you really just live on good milk i mean could you live could you i guess you guess you could yeah people have fasted a milk diet of 30 to 60 days on just milk but you get iron deficient if you try to live on it because the the pregnant woman’s high estrogen causes her to absorb a very large amount of of calcium and iron and so the baby comes out very highly charged with iron and uh to uh overcome that load of iron it has to have a diet essentially free of iron for up to a year so that it grows into the large amount of iron that it has stored in its liver 01:35:45 at modes interesting so so it’s all set up so when they’re just nursing with nothing else it’s good everything so and later on though you don’t have you don’t have the iron yeah that’s fascinating yeah how would you supplement the iron if you wanted to do milk for a long time oh eggs are eggs a very good source yeah yeah rey pete mentioned on the last show awareness sleeping hat um does he does it matter what it’s made out of not at all as long as it’s comfortable and warm and so what’s going on at night i like to wear these little socks you know and put some oil on the winter you know like sesame seed oil and then put these little socks on this kind of fun yeah yeah when tissues get below i think it’s about 90 degrees your hands and feet easily can get down to that temperature the cells start producing the white blood cells passing through those cold areas will start producing inflammatory signals which they 01:36:50 carry up to the rest of your body and so cold feet really can affect your brain yeah maybe that’s why are you bet it’s talked about doing the sesame oil you know at night and putting these little socks on and it’s kind of fun especially in the winter when it’s so dry it’s very nice thing so you all might try that uh ian writes in um i would like to ask dr pete’s opinion on the cause of vertigo and what he would do to combat it vertigo a very common cause is um toxic bacterial growth in intestine causing a surge of serotonin um leading to a balance that shifts um water into your vestibular apparatus that governs your your balance that’s probably 90 percent of the cases of vertigo but there there are 01:37:53 other other reasons that involve a serotonin dopamine and histamine imbalance further down in your brain not just in the balance apparatus itself but in the brain stem of the reticular apparatus that feeds the information to your balance system maybe one or two percent of the vertigo people are are having a chemical imbalance farther down but the first thing to concentrate on is is cleaning up your intestines intestines wow well dr pete i think we did pretty good today thanks for sticking around so long we really always enjoy talking to you so what are you gonna have to Thanksgiving like turkey and stuff and everything i think so turkey or maybe a lamb roast lamb roast or something yeah and your newsletter we’ll put a link on our show people want to get that for you how much is it uh very inexpensive very for 28 dollars by email 01:38:58 for a year right um yeah i’d like to mention a book that people can find on it was written in 1905 called carbonic acid in medicine by achilles rose and robert kemp has some very interesting stuff about the history of therapeutic use of carbon dioxide that oh cool it’s just now starting the last five years to come back into medicine as a therapeutic anti-inflammatory carbon dioxide yeah so it’s the name of the book is carbonic acid in medicine in medicine and the author achilles rose rose you can probably get on amazon or somewhere yeah it’s free i don’t know exactly where i found it but it is on the internet how you can find it you can find it somewhere yeah for for no cost well it’s pretty interesting that all our political heroes want 01:40:03 to tax co2 so i am not sure what that’s about i mean it’s so good for you why would you tax it don’t worry you don’t have to respond to that dr pete thank you we love your work and we love you sir and you take care and we’ll see you next month okay okay thank you thank you bye thank you he didn’t have to mess around with that one yeah well great fun get so many emails about dr pete and having him on the show and we’re glad to do it it’s just he’s just a great guy to talk to him so we are going to go out in the sun thank you very much and hang out there for a while the real world of money with fred deschefsky will be he’ll be here tomorrow and uh fred zanika he’s uh you know he stays on as best he can with everything that’s been going on in his life and uh there’s so much cool stuff to talk about with the uh with the money thing let me find my 01:41:05 slide that i want to take off so he’ll be here tomorrow and then we’re going to talk to a gentleman his name is dan root and he is uh really doing some interesting work with the sauna with niacin and the flushing and the whole thing so that’ll be fun a detox so we’re going to do that on thursday maybe somebody else so thank you and uh appreciate you being here please spread the word on now that we’re video and even all the audio remember we have about 3000 uh podcast and audio on our website one radio network and you can go there and put your whatever you’re interested in in our search function and it’s a pretty good one i mean it’s it’ll find a lot of things either you know a particular thing like thyroid or or detox or or put a person’s name in there you’d be surprised after 12 years on this show of how many people we’ve talked to so we get folks a lot will 01:42:08 say why don’t you have this person and i always check my search engine first on our one radio network and generally we’ve already talked to them but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it again so let us know people you’d like to hear from um thanks for your ongoing support please like us on facebook and youtube and subscribe and all that stuff all that geeky stuff and that helps spread the word so we’ll talk about money tomorrow at nine o’clock bring your money questions to facebook and also the one radio network and remember that you’re doing the best you can i mean regardless of what anybody says you know you are doing the best you can we all are every moment every moment we’re doing the best we can so i love you all very much thank you and we’ll see you tomorrow one radio network dot com 01:43:09 you

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