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00:00 Welcome to this month’s Ask Your Herb Doctor. My name is Andrew Murray. From 7-8pm this evening and every third Friday of the month I produce the Ask Your Herb Doctor show and we are very pleased to have Dr. Raymond Peat with us every time. It sims and thankfully so. For those people who live in the area, there’s a 707 number and for those people outside of the area, there is an 800 number because it is a call in show that we open the lines up from 7-30 until 8pm. With people invited to call in with questions either about the topic of this month’s show or other topics that are related to some of Ray Peat’s research or are just health related questions in general. So the number if you live in the area, if you’re in the 707 area code that’s 707-923-3911. If you’re outside of the area, we do get people calling in from 01:04 all time zones across the states and people in New York and Finland and other South American places even and the 800 number is 1-800-568- 3723. For those people listening on the web especially the callers who are actually 4 o’clock in the morning now. Actually I think that 800 number might not work from outside of California actually but almost certainly not internationally. How do people call him from Finland? I think he’s just calling the 923 number like international calling. It’s expensive so I hope he’s paying for it. He’s awake at the time so I know we’ve got a pretty good hard call. An incredible wide range. Yeah of people listening to what Ray Peat has to say. Anyway so this month we weren’t here in February but in January we did a show on the continuing misconceptions surrounding progesterone and the seemingly inexorable and continual promotion 02:08 of estrogen by the drug industry and unfortunately by less informed medical care professionals who are bombarded with quote unquote research into estrogen’s benefits when actually the evidence fairly clearly shows that progesterone is in fact the protective hormone for which any woman either of menstruating age if they are estrogen dominant or especially at menopausal times in their life from the late 30s for some women but mid 40s to 50s. Progesterone is actually a very important hormone to maintain the anti-inflammatory arm whereas estrogen is the most inflammatory hormone that is continually secreted throughout women’s life. So in January show then we discussed the protect and synapse. These are acronyms. Protect and synapse trials of progesterone’s anti-inflammatory effects 03:12 used in the treatment of traumatic brain injury and the paper was published in the Journal of Neurotrauma June the first 2017 outlined several reasons the design was flawed and unsuccessful. These were primarily due to sub-optimal dosing and treatment durations in the phase two studies. Secondly the strategic decision not to perform phase two B studies before initiating phase three and thirdly the lack of incorporation of pre-clinical and Chinese phase two results as well as allometric scaling principles into the phase three design. It’s also been inferred the six percent soybean oil forming the liquid emulsion or the lipid emulsion into which progesterone was dissolved and its own right causes neurodegeneration. Now Donald Stein, a 30 year PhD brain injury expert at Emory University was part of the team which published the paper in the Journal of Neurotrauma. So pregnant alone that’s pregnanolone not pregnanolone but pregnanolone and 04:16 alopregnanolone are synthesized de novo by astrocytes and oligodendrocytes from cholesterol. Now astrocytes are found within the central nervous system and perform a variety of functions and oligodendrocytes which form the support and insulation to axons are also in the CNS forming the myelin sheath. Now pregnanolone and alopregnanolone are what they term positive allosteric modulators of the GABA A receptor and demonstrate anxiolytic sedative and anti convulsant activity similar to the benzodiazepines like valium. Now this same GABA receptor is also acted on by valerian producing the same effects used for low mood disorders, anxiety and sleep disorders. Now when progesterone levels decrease GABA A receptor activity also declines and contributes to the excitotoxic effects accompanying insomnia and agitation with energy 05:20 being wasted and reserves depleted. So once again we’re very thankful to receive Ray Pete into the show you with us Dr. Pete? Yes. Hi thanks for joining us. As always I’d like you to outline your academic and professional background just for people who perhaps have maybe never heard you before. PhD University of Oregon 1972 I started studying biology there in 1968 and specialized in reproductive endocrine physiology studied a few other things previously. Okay so notably I think I just want to mention for people I know you did a lot of research into aging and the negative effects of aging and what was understood with aging then because I think in terms of progesterone especially as an anti quote unquote anti aging product this research was also at the time 06:24 kind of a touchy subject because I think the industry even then was pretty dominant wasn’t yeah interestingly Donald Stein was studying psychology there right around the same time I was there. Okay alright so my first question to you and this is something that I was just thinking about in terms of progesterone’s protective effects because you’ve mentioned in the past how estrogen typically is associated with water logging of the cells and an excitotoxic state of the cell where energy is being wasted and I know you’ve mentioned a lot concerning substances like thyroid hormone and aspirin, pregnanolone progesterone that protect against that. Do you think progesterone would be a useful substance in a heart attack if given soon enough? I know that Hawthorne extract has been shown to reduce ischemia following heart attack if given within the first few hours of the event. So do you think 07:28 progesterone would be useful for a heart attack instance? Yeah in all sorts of crisis situations it lowers the damage that’s done by the interruption of the oxidative processes it lowers inflammation and helps to restore energy production. It’s very parallel to the effects of T3 the active thyroid hormone and it helps to produce that and the T3 helps to increase the ratio of progesterone to estrogen and T3 is equally acutely protective to the heart. Several years ago when they were doing heart transplants they found that if they gave the heart donor T3 before removing their heart that heart 08:32 was much more successfully implanted. I can’t help but thinking from an energy supportive functionality that maybe that’s how thyroid is working in terms of stabilizing cells energizing them and making them ready for work as it were the depolarized having spent its energy states that most substances like estrogen for example would promote. Yeah in the all the good endocytes that you mentioned progesterone is produced T3 is the active thing that promotes its production there. Interesting. So I wanted also to ask you that and again we’ve covered this in several radio shows in the past about the hoax of global warming and rising CO2 levels and all of the fanfare 09:36 by Al Gore and others to levy a carbon tax on every single head on the earth to pay for the damage of our own success if you like or our own creativity but we recognize that the early earth if you look back at fossil records the early earth records showed that the earth had a massive lush vegetation and that CO2 levels were significantly higher than promoting this vegetation. I know you’ve mentioned in the past the similarities between carbon dioxide and progesterone so just to help people to encompass that thought of how beneficial carbon dioxide really is and equate that to progesterone’s protective effects. One more comment on the relation between T3 and progesterone is that both of those increase the production and retention of carbon dioxide 10:40 and another point on improving progesterone to a recent heart attack the effect of estrogen on the energy production which makes the heart able to beat estrogen delays the restoration of the energy needed to make the heart beat and that shows up as prolonged QT interval and progesterone shortens that interval and makes the heart more likely to have a rhythm problem because it accelerates the ability to return to the resting energized state where it can beat rather than having an arrhythmia event and carbon dioxide has that same muscle stabilizing effect. At high altitude for many years about the lactate paradox 11:44 a person can work full force at high altitude without producing the excess lactic acid that they normally would produce at sea level and that’s because the body at lower oxygen pressure is able to retain a higher balance of CO2 and that stabilizing effect in the working muscle is very similar to what progesterone is doing in the heart and brain. Okay so this again probably letting some more credence to the data showing that people living at high altitudes have longer life spans. Yeah and if you look at how sleep is affected under stress when someone is having altitude sickness they develop insomnia and it’s primarily the 12:48 low thyroid people who develop altitude sickness because they hyperventilate rather they were hyperventilating chemically even at sea level and when they go to high altitude that hyperventilation for a low retention of CO2 shows up as an acute problem but at sea level or at high altitude if your thyroid function is good and you’re well saturated with carbon dioxide your sleep restful, slow wave sleep, the deep part of sleep is longer in proportion to the amount of CO2 in your tissues and they’ve experimented with having people sleep in atmospheres from 1.5%!t(MISSING)o 1.5%!(NOVERB) or even higher at those moderate but greatly increased CO2 levels 13:52 there’s a dramatic improvement, the slow wave deep sleep is extended greatly around 1%!C(MISSING)O2 normally it’s only 400 parts per million And that’s the regenerative part of sleep isn’t it? One little question for me first is does that imply that when athletes are taking oxygen on the sidelines in the football game they should have some carbon dioxide mixed in with that or doping yourself with carbon dioxide in general would be a good athletic performance? It should be 5 or 6%!C(MISSING)O2 in pure oxygen and on some of the Mount Everest experiments it was traditional to have a plastic or rubber bag to zip the person up inside the bag with oxygen at the high altitude to help them recover if they were becoming mountain sick 14:56 plastic bag was, they concentrated their breath CO2 increase and they found that giving the high altitude sickness patient pure CO2 like a 5%!(NOVERB) additive would cure them as well as the oxygen supplement Okay let me hold you there for a moment Dr. Peake because the lights did flash about 5 minutes ago and I was kind of holding off just to get a little bit further down the road here but let’s take this first call and see where this call is going Caller you’re on the air, where are you from? Hello you’re on the air, where are you from? Hi, where are you from, what’s your question? I’m from Southern California, I have a question for Dr. Peake Hello Hi Dr. Peake, thank you so much, thank you for all your contributions to humanity, thank you, I would like to question about I have a sibling who has a history of infertility 16:00 and has had a very high prolactin level and she cannot bring it down with West thyroid 2 grains a day or progesty and she follows your diet very carefully What else can she do for her prolactin to bring it down? Has she taken her temperature and pulse rate to see how she’s responding to the thyroid? Yes she does that very well she does all of that, so you think it’s a thyroid medication that’s not working for her, the 2 grains? It’s really important to look at your various indicators, for example the Achilles relaxation reflex, if you kneel, let your toes hang down, have someone thump your Achilles tendon so that your toe jumps out, it should relax just like a piece of floppy rubber 17:04 if your thyroid is good, but about 2 thirds of the population, it comes back like it has a door close around it meaning that if it was in your heart it would be a prolonged QT interval, it shows up as a delayed repolarization or relaxation of the muscle when your thyroid is low I’ve found it pretty commonly that what you think is going to be a sufficient dose for someone, they start using it and actually have to increase it quite a bit more than they were using just to get the effect and some people are just very stubborn, no one’s alike and you’ve mentioned a lot with temperature impulses as a diagnostic indicator of someone’s metabolism, Dr. P and you’ve also mentioned just a minute ago the Achilles tendon reflex and what you call the repolarization, the quick flick out but the slow return to normal, that’s indicative of the cell’s stressed state where it’s not repolarizing quick enough 18:08 and that is a sure sign of hypothyroidism so for the lady who is just listening to that, if you basically kneel on a chair and have your feet extended behind you and then someone can tap your Achilles tendon and see the reflex response there was there anything else that you think might be responsible for high prolactin or do you think it’s pretty much something that could be corrected with thyroid hormone given enough? I mean are tumor growth or anything like that? If there’s really a tumor that’s secreting it bromocryptine is almost always successful at shrinking it but if the tumor isn’t very large you can I think just as reliably do it by keeping your thyroid function a little above normal for two or three weeks and watch the prolactin 19:12 as you first should see the TSH go down close to zero because the same serotonin which rises in hypothyroidism activates the production of prolactin so the TSH descent will be followed by a slower lowering of the prolactin Okay and she had one or two more questions she wanted to know how you cook and safely cook and eat your mushrooms and also your marmalade this is having a difficulty making those too What was the first thing? Mushrooms so for the anti-aromates activity that eating it’s safe to eat about a cup of well-cooked white button mushrooms every day and then how the lady was asking how to prepare them but you were just 20:16 boil them? Yeah okay you boil them okay how about frying them in butter? That tastes good too but they should stay at the boiling temperature for at least an hour. I know when my wife does it she does cook them for at least 40 minutes but you think about an hour I think so. They’re probably safe after even 15 or 20 minutes but just to be sure. She was just talking about it tonight she was just saying how you mentioned that raw mushrooms have cancer promoting substances in them but the paradox was that well-cooked mushrooms had that anti-aromatase blocking activity Yeah and with marmalade it’s important to get good organic oranges you don’t want any insecticide or funticide in your marmalade But you don’t as an orange. You just said you need to make sure you got certified product because any residues will be in the skin and that’s where you’re going to be making a marmalade. But not the pith of the orange, correct? 21:20 No pith okay that’s making sure. Thank you so much I really appreciate everything you do. You’re welcome we do have two more quarters I know some people do use a pith but we never did then were you making it with good navel oranges that are ripe and ready right now folks you want to make your marmalade they’re all there. They won’t be around for long a very short harvest for navels. Anyway we’ve got two more callers so let’s take this first call away from and watch the question. Hi I’m calling from Finland I’m just talking about how did you call in? Do you call a regular 707.923.3911 number or that’s correct. Alright well good for you. Yeah I was wondering about the potential positive but perhaps also negative effects of donating blood for the donor I was wondering if for example this might help get rid of perhaps metals and I was also wondering about 22:24 the longer lifespan of a female be linked to the fact that they are basically getting rid of blood for the lives every month. Yeah well from an iron perspective definitely good to donate blood to get to lower your iron but Dr. Pete what do you have to say about donating blood? As far as heart disease goes the incidence of heart damage of different types increases at menopause so that women become similar to men for the high rate of heart damage and that’s probably because they had been throwing away some excess iron while they were menstruating. Besides the red cell iron that you lose I think you can get a great benefit if you keep your 23:28 aren’t eating too much iron if you keep your red cells but donate the plasma it might not be good for the recipient but it’s very good to get rid of some of your stress induced microspheres. There you go that’s another way did you get that? Absolutely thank you very much and again you’re doing a lot of good to a lot of people thank you for that. What time is it quickly in Finland again? It’s between four and five a.m. and the temperatures are I believe around seven degrees far and high. Negative. Okay well hopefully you’re keeping it by the three levels up. Could we use you as a finished correspondent sometime? Absolutely. Okay hang on for a second okay we got another caller for the show. We have at least two more so let’s take this next caller and then caller you’re on the air where are you from? New Jersey my name is Joe. 24:32 Hey Joe thanks for calling. First one on in the context of CO2. I guess for just your own sugar and other things will help plus thyroid hormone will be CO2 just by diet but you’ve also mentioned in the past about CO2 cartridge taking that CO2 gas and putting it in a bag and putting it in your body. Is that sort of a distressed application or if your body is or your cells are smart if you use that bag of CO2 on a regular basis would your body acclimate to it and actually get better at retaining CO2 because it would essentially the cells would be memorizing for simplicity sake obviously I’m butchering it but is that or is that more a one-off situation no I think that’s exactly what happens. You’re training your cells to take 25:36 advantage of the lactate paradox effect the longer you stay under the influence of higher CO2 your bones are charging up on it. If you’re in a submarine for example for two months you are still assimilating CO2 into your bone structure and so it lasts a long time after you’re at high altitude or in a submarine. Okay so you’re saying what I’m saying it makes sense so if you actually did that you are teaching your body and that would be a pretty powerful way to supplement the normal if you’re taking a little bit of progesterone as a man I guess that’s okay but normal thyroid salt and sugar and things that actually increase your thermogenesis and your CO2 retention is that accurate? Yeah you’re training some parts of your brain not to be hypersensitive to CO2 26:40 estrogen makes your nerves over reactive to CO2 so under the influence of too much estrogen everyone hyperventilates and blows out too much CO2 and the CO2 temporarily sort of anesthetizes that process and gradually trains you to stop hyperventilating Okay great I’m glad I’ve been reading a lot of your stuff and as I read it these thoughts come to me and that’s never been discussed that’s a really good thing to know and it doesn’t take how long would you have to do it I mean if you did it for I think another person maybe one of the moderators said that she went to one of the mountains in Mexico and you said the health benefit lasts for if you’re there for two a week it lasts for a long time afterwards that’s another way of saying what you’re saying the body gets used to 27:44 some of the Russian studies where they took animals up for six months they were still showing the greater mitochondrial efficiency at the end of their lives two years later okay the second question thank you for that the second question relates to the most this whole notion that man just brought up on toxic metals so there’s hair tests that you can get this has never come up on any of these shows or even in your writings where you can actually measure the amount of metal toxic metals and preferred minerals in your hair because unlike the blood dead but it there’s no reason not to give you a relatively accurate reading of what your toxic metals are one of the toughest ones it seems to me is the concept of balancing copper and iron and I know you’ve mentioned if you eat with your meat you eat you have coffee but I think that only gets rid of a heme iron I don’t think there’s any way to get rid of the non heme iron 28:48 so I’m wondering as you get older you’ll probably consider yourself older after you get over a hundred which but for other people iron copper balance gets really challenging over time particularly if you lose the cco enzyme so what is it that you can do aside from giving giving blood is stressful on the body too so I didn’t actually understand your answer to the last gentleman but it’s not just iron and it’s not just copper but copper iron and manganese apparently are very complex in the body and toxic forms of that can really create havoc and you really haven’t touched on that do you believe in hair tests in summary and what’s your view on how to balance the copper iron hair is extremely able to bind even out of the air but so many people have copper plumbing nowadays if your water is at all acidic it will absorb enough copper out of your 29:52 plumbing to totally invalidate any hair test if you watch your hair because your hair will catch all of the copper to saturate it just out of the wash water interesting okay so you’re saying hair tests by definition are generally not valid because they tonal clippings are considered better but even your toenails can soak up if you wash your feet too often they can soak up minerals out of the water especially copper from the plumbing how do you get rid of toxic metals and how do you balance copper and iron over time because apparently you’re supposed to lose your copper as you get older and as you mentioned both men and women retain more iron men maybe earlier that’s essentially probably why they die earlier generally speaking I’m a shellfish because they use copper for blood instead of iron and a constant 30:56 once a week shellfish will I think keep your copper up where it should be do you agree there’s a balance between the two are they fighting for with age as you overload on iron that tends to displace copper from the enzymes where you use elastase in blood vessels tends to deteriorate as it loses copper with aging and the pigment is displaced Carl Pfeiffer who was big on the fear of copper took a little sulfur every day because he knew it would reduce the absorption of copper but when I met him he was in his 70s and he had no trace of pigment anywhere his skin was absolutely pink and his hair was pure white I think that was because of the creating a deficiency of copper by too much sulfur 32:00 the last question I’m sorry I saw an article and talked about all these health people many others Jim fixed all these people were the rage and they’re all dead like before 70 you’re probably going to be 120 before you consider yourself a senior citizen but I don’t think there’s anyone who is well there’s no one as expert as you are but also who understands it fundamentally because it appears that you define the age a lot of the people that you studied didn’t make it that long so they clearly didn’t fully understand it or it’s possible I think she lived to about 80 but she was totally misinformed on the polyunsaturated fat I think she included it in her tiger milk recipe for example OK we do have two more callers so let’s give these callers a chance next caller you’re on the air and where are you from 33:04 Hello I’m from Blue Lake I’m a member and thanks for your show Hi Dr. Pete I have always had high estrogen my entire life to where I’m 59 now I stopped menstruating at 55 I was high estrogen to the point that I had the brown blemishes on my cheeks and bursted cysts throughout the entire time I had like 8 or 10 which are incredible so you were saying about the correlation between high estrogen and inflammation I haven’t been able to listen to the show for a long time and I’m wanting to know now I have Lyme issues and I have Candida issues and things and I’m wondering I’ve heard that Rishi can help with this help counteract this estrogen 34:08 I mean now it seems lower since I’ve reached menopause I think I have a better sex drive than I’ve had in the last 25 years which is very strange and I just I’m wondering if Rishi can still help on still having these inflammation issues Let me just quickly say first of all progesterone is the counterpart to estrogen dominance or any estrogen issues you would have had in information and Dr Pete I wanted to ask you you’ve always, because when I was studying it was always that testosterone was the drive for males and it was the thing that was responsible for virility and you were actually saying that estrogen is very responsible more responsible for sex drive and there’s this little and she’s just called in now saying her sex drive is better than ever Dr Pete what do you think about estrogen in relation to sexuality? It just takes the conversion of any androgen to estrogen 35:12 in certain parts of the brain to increase the libido so it doesn’t have to be in your serum Right, I see. Okay so it’s a conversion of an androgen Well the Rishi mushroom I’ve heard is good for inflammation and these things this inflammation issues with the lines and different things I’ve been fighting it well but do you think Rishi is a good thing or are the button mushrooms like you said I know they should be all cooked I think and again it’s a little bit of a it’s a little bit of a reeducation exercise here in terms of the actuality of lines I have known people that do respond to ELISA tests with very strong positive banding but Dr Pete you’re not that you’re not that convinced about line per say as opposed to low thyroid issues and other inflammatory processes that could be borne out by low thyroid that 36:16 actually respond well. Your body will go into a chronic inflammatory state in reaction to the Lyme bacteria or Yes, I’ve had the ELISA test and Candida and so on. If you get your resistance up and your for example DHEA Pregnant alone and progesterone will favor the right conversion of just the right amount of estrogen not too much and you can boost that regulatory effect if you still have too much estrogen with things like the mushrooms of aspirin and What did you say you said DHEA and something else and then progesterone in a well moderated dose Pregnant alone 37:20 I have one more question with iron you were speaking of iron and how too much iron for even women and I’ve never known that and I haven’t been able to hear enough of your talks on this show to know what you meant about iron not being great for us but I’ve been told my whole life that I’m iron deficient and I’ve tried to correct it naturally with molasses and cider vinegar and things like that and I’m wondering if I’m on the right track with that Doctors for at least 100 years have been diagnosing iron deficiency in women 100 years ago they were prescribing arsenic to treatment but either arsenic or iron supplements do stimulate the production of red blood cells because the red cell production depends on stress 38:24 and you create a local oxygen deficiency with arsenic or iron and so it can increase the formation but the problem is usually that your long bones arms and legs the temperature of your extremities goes down as your thyroid function decreases or your estrogen increases so high estrogen always tends to cause slight anemia appearance just by slowing the production of red blood cells I also have high lead content in my blood I got a chemical test and I have lead drinking milk, orange juice and coffee will correct that over a period of weeks Thank you so much sir We still have another caller on the line 39:28 Let me just say this quickly before that caller gets on The number if you’re in the area 707 is 923-3911 or the 800 number is 1-800-568-3723 So go ahead caller where are you from and what’s your question? I’m from the west How come I’m bored for like an hour or better? What was to say again? Tell me where you’re from again and what was your question again? I’m from Silver Cove and I was just curious on why I’m boreding mushrooms for an hour or so and why you should cook mushrooms for an hour in order to get that activity that you’ve mentioned or we’ve mentioned in previous shows about the aroma taste blocking activity The hydrazine are heat sensitive It’s believed that the hydrazine compounds are the carcinogens and they evaporate and break down 40:32 and around an hour will drastically lower the concentration longer would be better but I think it’s completely safe because it’s a balance between the carcinogenic hydrazines and the anti-cancer agents which are multiple such as lowering the aroma taste function Thank you very much You’re welcome. We have another caller caller where are you from and what’s your question? Is it me? Yes, where are you from and what’s your question? I’m from Virginia My question is relating to Ornithine It’s an amino acid 41:36 and I believe that it helps remove ammonia and I know that Dr. Peat has mentioned in the past about potato juice being poiled and that helping to use the ammonia to make amino acids for the body but what about at night if you’re having trouble sleeping taking a little bit of Ornithine to mop up what is typically excess ammonia in everybody’s body? Is that reasonable? It might help with the ammonia but I would worry about the promotion of cell division if you used it chronically things that activate cell division I see. So which amino acid? I know you’re not going to 42:40 Well, it’s the keto acid equivalent of the essential amino acids that the keto group is substituted with the ammonia real amino acids rather than keto acids I see. Okay, so then you’re saying that’s not a good idea What about L3Onine? Is the only other amino acid that I was thinking about? I’ve read on some of your blogs not that you’ve written that 3Onine is helpful for preventing cancer and maybe helping metabolism I don’t think it’s very safe to use individual amino acids. Glycine is the only one I know of that is safe by itself because it can be used as energy. One other question I think I only on the show you’re talking about insomnia 43:44 and I think it happens to me sometimes and other people no fun because it’s hard to know what to do. I know I’ve heard some of your suggestions but if it’s endotoxin related there’s a product called Monolorin I don’t know if you’ve written about it but it’s related to a coconut and you just mentioned Lyme disease apparently. People think that that is useful for that Is that safe to take? Is that useful instead of carrots periodically to sort of adjust your intestinal flora in a positive way? It does have a good effect killing a lot of fungi and bacteria but several years ago when the guy was promoting his development he asked me to sign on to advertise it and I asked him if he had done any tests 44:48 and see if it didn’t have an action like soap on the intestine. It is an emulsifier and it could in a large dose I think it could be irritating to the intestine but he didn’t have any opinion on that so I didn’t participate. So is your view that that could be useful from time to time but not on a regular basis or is it don’t do it ever like or nothing? I would just be cautious like MCT part of the coconut oil that is more liquid just a small amount of that can cause intestinal irritation and diarrhea in quite a few people if you have a side effect if you don’t get that then maybe the intended effect is positive. 45:52 One is completely unrelated you talk about not eating too much muscle meat and I think you have made comments that in the past people used to eat the heart, the brain, the kidneys but now liver is something that is clean organ what if you were able to get from clean animals? Desiccated heart, brain, periodically it’s not as good as the actual organ maybe not as clean but it’s from a grass-fed animal and you get a little bit from all the different organs would that have some rejuvenatory effect? For example the brain has a very high concentration of progesterone, DHEA and pregnanolone It’s like taking a supplement of those steroids You’re saying if you did all that you’re saying that would be the equivalent of taking 46:56 eating the brain I knew someone who was a Norwegian, she said that in her coastal adventures everyone ate fish head soup at least once a week and she said that everyone that she knew lived to be 95 if they were eating their fish head soup You’ve always advocated the whole animal when we first started finding out about you and working with you and you’ve always said that things like bone broths are the biggest thing on the supplement shelf and I think they have been for about a year ago when I first saw them things like bone broths and knuckle broths and lamb shanks are gelatin rich and it’s the wide range of amino acids not just the muscle meat that’s the actual beneficial effect or beneficial part of the proteins that we get from it and way more balanced and less inflammatory 48:00 than muscle meats You could get a grass fed desiccated product that had a lot of the different organs in them that may be beneficial even though desiccated powder form is not ideal but if it’s the only way you can get it and you’re relatively sure that it’s what the product says it is presumably that would be beneficial I would worry about the dehydration process the fatty acids and the tryptophan and cysteine are very sensitive to oxidation and they can break down into a lot of toxins so you would have to be sure that it was dehydrated under nitrogen it just seems like a risk And that’s why you’re always advocating good quality food as your source of nutrition because it’s alive and hasn’t been processed 49:04 Eggs for example have lots of extremely beneficial substances some of them are just being discovered and they’re always fresh no one eats a single egg Good point I’ve got a few things I wanted to ask Dr. Pete myself Dr. Pete it’s already 8 minutes to 8 and I think we’ve got callers from 7.15 the outset I’ve hardly got through anything compared to what I was going to ask you about and I guess we’re going to have to do it next month but I wanted just to ask you about a catamenial I’ve never even actually heard the phrase but catamenial epilepsy and the estrogens and I was reading about the classes of estrogens and how these both estrone, estrile and estradiol 50:08 how they trigger epilepsy because I’ve actually had a couple of epilepsy female epilepsy patients that really responded very well to thyroid and progesterone have you come across catamenial What’s your experience? Katherine Adalton was one of the early people working on that in the 1940s she started treating premenstrual syndrome with progesterone and there isn’t a terrible difference between the catamenial epilepsy and the PMS one of the first people maybe it was the very first person I ever know, the second person I gave progesterone to was someone who had migraines when she was in her 30s and she was a school teacher 51:12 and a doctor said migraines are like epilepsy and so he prescribed an epileptic treatment and she said it made her too stupid to teach so when the fall term came she stopped it and had an epileptic seizure and the doctor said see I told you migraine was right next to epilepsy but anyway she kept having seizures until she was in her early 50s when I saw her and every year the neurologist would give her an IQ test and say now your IQ is deteriorated to the point that you’re an idiot and when her son brought her to talk to me and I showed her how progesterone can be absorbed through the skin and she had two stiff arthritic fingers 52:16 and she kept it in the solution of progesterone and I gave her some to take home on and a chart to fill out and a few days later she came back all by herself with her chart filled out showing that her symptoms had all disappeared and she was grinning and bending her fingers and within a few months she went back to graduate school and she got straight A’s, got a master’s degree in gerontology the neurologist was right that epilepsy is closely related to PMS at least she was simply having a premenstrual migraine and sometimes that shades over into epilepsy well let me hold you there and I’ll just finish up with the last few minutes to let people know more about you 53:20 thanks so much for joining us and we’ll definitely carry this on next month if you’re available okay I wanted to let people know that Dr Pete’s website is Raypeat.com and that website is full of articles related to things like thyroid and aspirin, cascara, progesterone things about Alzheimer’s and cancer and iron’s toxicity and lots of articles fully referenced basically almost close to peer reviewed articles because of the work that’s gone into them but Dr Pete’s a rather controversial figure unfortunately because a lot of what he says flies against the medical establishment in terms of their indoctrination but like anything else science is such a positive thing because it’s reproducible and you can’t pull the word for science’s eyes really, a true science that is objective and empirical and reproducible 54:24 so as time goes on a lot of what we’ve been told was good for us has been shown to be bad for us and those things that were bad for us are shown to be good for us and a lot of the times it’s a corrupt process of either drug manufacture or just downright criminal behaviour on behalf of some of these huge corporations like the fish oil people but anyway so his website is Raypeat.com and next month I will finish off the progesterone versus estrogen data with a few other questions I had for him and a discourse by a Swedish PhD who’s a specialist in female reproductive hormones who just goes on and on and on about how positive estrogen is for you quoting all these bizarre statements that I know Dr Pete’s going to have some fun debunking but just to show that it’s a deeply entrenched belief and I remember him saying, a lie gets around the world faster than truth can get 55:28 a shoelace is tied so just be aware people it’s an excellent resource for all sorts of things but it is mixed with good and bad but anyway pure science for sciences sake can be found and again the last thing that we’ll do after we finish up with the progesterone estrogen is do a little expose on positive thinking and quantum research is bystander effect now showing that the observer has an effect on the experiment without actually doing anything quantum science is coming of age and the internet is the age of knowledge and I think more than ever we are ready to receive what we’re getting now and so a lot of the old dogmas are just fading away fortunately and we really are coming into an age of enlightenment so for all of those who asked questions this evening thanks for tuning in and firing Dr Pete up and the same time third friday of next month from seven to late 56:32 I’ll be back and wow we’ve now gone forward an hour so for whatever that means it means we just open our eyes at the same time but the clock tells us the time is different anyway thanks for those calling and if you want to find out any information about myself western botanicalmedicine.com is our website yeah thanks so much for listening fish, head, fish, heads, rolly, rolly, fish, head, fish, head, fish, heads, eat them up yum

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