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00:00 Hi, welcome to this month’s Ask Your Herb Doctor. My name is Andrew Murray and we’ll have to wait a moment for Sarah to join us in the studio. She’s just on a court moment. For those of you who perhaps have never listened to our shows which run every third Friday of the month from 7 till 8 p.m., we are both licensed medical herbalists who trained in England and graduated there with a degree in herbal medicine. We run a clinic in Garberville where we consult with clients about a wide range of conditions and recommend herbal medicine and dietary advice. So you’re listening to Ask Your Herb Doctor on KMUD Garberville 91.1 FM and from 7.30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock you’re invited and welcome to call in with any questions either related or unrelated to this month’s topic of the subject of radiation and its widespread use. Okay, so the number if you live in the area is 923 3911. Alternatively there’s a toll free number 1800 KMUDRAD. So we’re very pleased to be joined by Dr. Raymond 01:00 Peat who has recently published a article about the very subject of the prevalent effects of radiation in the environment and how seemingly subjected we are to it on a daily basis and how it rather than being a normal fact of life is really something to be aware of. So Dr. Peat, thank you for joining us. Perhaps as always people tune in, they’ve never listened to KMUD before, they’re passing through or just some people have just happened to be in front of the radio and haven’t heard the show before. Would you just explain to the listeners your academic background? In biology I started graduate school as a specialist in nerve biology but I felt that they weren’t very scientific, they were so dogmatic and I wandered around the various labs until I ran across the reproductive physiology people and they actually seem to be just getting 02:09 information and thinking about how the organism works, where the nerve biology people were really just trying to develop a dogma more than discover how brains work. So I did my dissertation on aging of the reproductive system in mammals. Okay, all right, well I think with particular relevance to something that you’ve recently published, I know the controversy surrounding the full body scanners that began rolling out about 2007 but of which recently hit the mainstream news on television, I think of last month in November. So far as the radiation from, we’ll want to get into that a little bit later too, the radiation from medical devices and other sources. What’s your opinion of the devices themselves in terms of their potential for causing any negative effects 03:13 through the mechanisms by which you’ll describe? I think the situation is similar to in the 1950s, the government was assuring the public that fallout from atomic bomb testing in the atmosphere was completely harmless because of their way of explaining the biological effects and they’re still promoting those theories of biological effects and even though this kind of x-ray treatment or examining is much less dangerous than the radioactive isotopes falling out of the bomb tests, the science by which they assure us of its safety is just exactly as faulty as it was in the 1950s and 04:14 John Goffman who was a government defender of the safety of radioactive isotopes from bomb tests through most of the 50s when he suddenly thought about what he was doing saying that we don’t know that it is going to have long range deadly effects so we should keep doing it. He just suddenly realized that if the effects are going to be disastrous sometime in the future it’s better to learn about the dangers now rather than wait until we’re all dead from the long range effects and the trick that they have been using now for almost 100 years around the beginning of the last century people knew that you could cause mutations in organisms either with radiation or with toxic chemicals and by the 1920s people were 05:22 seeing the effects of the mutations or the genetic changes as being in the chromosomes entirely and as the chromosomes and genetic storage were seen to be in the DNA the doctrine focused on the interaction of radiation with DNA but that was really strictly a matter of reasoning from the fact that they cause hereditary changes and that they decided that heredity was all in the chromosomes and DNA but in the 1960s people were demonstrating that if you for example do micro surgery on a protozoan and just change the orientation of its cilia right on the surface 06:24 of the cell that its offspring will for generations onward will all have backwards cilia on that part of the cell. So it’s like a biological memory? Yeah and totally separate from the DNA and the frog biologist Girdin was doing similar things on frog eggs showing that surgery on the surface of a frog egg generations later could cause the whole line of frogs to die out even though that egg would mature into an adult that adult could reproduce but eventually several generations later there would be no more frogs just from treating the surface of the egg and he showed that if you heat a spot on the surface you will get mutations but the inheritance wasn’t necessarily by way of 07:26 mutations but it just showed that some harmful influence other than direct interaction with DNA is able to eventually cause mutations and death. Okay do we actually know what it is at this point in time that’s actually transferred several generations down the line even to produce those mutations in offspring later on? Not really just some good guesses and in Hungary named Chava CSABA has been working on the what happens with these early life experiences that are passed on from cell to cell and even from adult to its offspring. I think that’s probably like you like you’ve said time and time again that’s the that’s a fault with the doctrine of biology the way it’s evolved is that people are led to believe that things are understood a certain way when in 08:28 actuality there’s very different reasons why things are changing and they’re not actually looking in the right direction. So far as the radiation issues concerned and again as mentioned is the whole body scanners that are coming into place in American airports across the USA so far as the potential dose of radiation because I know obviously they want to tell you tell us that these things are safe and that they’ve been tested and I even even heard of the chap who was giving the speech saying that even his children have been through it and he’s not to say that it’s anything good or safe but what potentially is the just tell us about the potential risks and what this causes so that that is the fact that this can happen this is a potential risk. For 70 or 80 years people have been noticing that x-rays even in moderate doses seem to accelerate the aging 09:35 process and the idea of imprinting is that you might get acceleration of the aging process from generation to generation if that’s passed on the way the other cytoplasmic injuries are but the doctrine that everything is controlled by the genes many people insisted that the aging process was the result of accumulating mutations but someone used a chemical mutagen to produce more mutations than the x-ray treatment was producing and the mice that were treated that way live just as long as normal mice but the x-rays producing even fewer mutations shortened their life so it’s it’s a physiological effect and mutations are are much less and deadly than 10:39 whatever this other cytoplasmic or general physiological processes. Okay starting then perhaps just to listen as to who perhaps have just started listening to this show we’re talking about the inherent risks of exposure to radiation especially in the light of the whole body scanners that are being deployed I think in about 450 airports across the USA at the moment and they plan to expand the range and they want to tell us that they’re safe but there’s evidence out there to the contrary and like most things unfortunately probably 10 or 20 years later on we’ll find even more evidence with actual physical well we probably won’t that’s a problem not in this lifetime it is probably something that’s going to take a couple of generations to come through but hopefully the science that underlies that will see that there’s a fault in it so far as the difference between what we know is ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. What do you have to say 11:42 about that? Well all kinds of electromagnetic or other radiation interact with matter that that’s how we know that they’re there. Light bounces off something and is absorbed in a retina and we can see things and that light is causing a certain amount of electronic excitation and if you use a blue light rather than a full spectrum centered on yellow the excitation of the electrons is enough to damage the mitochondrial energy production. They’ve seen this for 50 or 60 years growing plants under different colored lights. If you put a plant which thrives in sunlight, if you put it in pure blue light the mitochondria are damaged almost as if they were being 12:49 irradiated with x-rays or ultraviolet but when you add back the rest of the spectrum there’s something about the red light that neutralizes that toxic effect of the blue light and I think that on a slightly different energy scale if you put a piece of glass out in the desert for many years it turns purple and with a given energy of radiation you can bleach that purple out of the glass. What happens is that electrons are excited by the very energetic radiation and they lose contact with their normal system and are trapped in like sort of the peak of a mountain if you imagine a dimple at the top of the peak it takes a lot of energy to knock the electron up to that 13:51 peak but when you just write energy like red light you can typically move an electron out of its little trap and restore it to its normal position. That works people who have burned their retina for example with ultraviolet light if they get red light soon enough it prevents the burning and you can demonstrate this in seeds and other types of tissue or even a piece of hair will show excited electrons after being in the sunlight but if you shine red light on it that excitation disappears and the so the the excitation and moving of electrons isn’t strictly an x-ray gamma ray phenomenon it’s something that happens in different substances at different energy levels 14:54 but when you get up to ultraviolet and higher the main effect is that the electrons get completely knocked out of the system and that constitutes ionization right but you actually have some degree of sort of ionization even from blue light okay and then the the non-ionizing type doesn’t have the same amount of energy doesn’t displace electrons it doesn’t have that kind of energy to change an atom yeah yeah you get very similar chemical effects from ultraviolet and x-rays but the good thing is that ultraviolet light is absorbed just a few millimeters into your skin okay and you you get the same kind of damage to the skin cells from ultraviolet that you get to your heart and brain cells from x-rays right so it’s a very similar biological 16:02 damage except the very high energy radiation goes right through you and affects all of your cells okay um i i just wanted to let people know um that we were talking about the subject so just want to let people know you’re listening to ask your obdoctor on kmud 91.1 gubba bill and from 7 30 till the end of the show at eight o’clock you’re invited to call in with any questions either related or unrelated to this month’s subject of radiation um also the um i’m getting a getting a signal that a question would would be asked but i’m wondering if we could just wait until we get to that point in the show because i know we want to try and hear as much as possible from me dr. peat um in in terms of uh i think i had to jump on a little bit i wanted to and i know i have an article actually uh about the uh there’s something i think we might have covered a couple of weeks a couple of months back rather uh which was um by um uh gothman john john gothman and that 17:02 was the uh article that he’d written on the damage you know the damaging effects of radiation from medical procedures and a very big article and uh very well very well referenced uh but what i wanted to bring out a little bit more was that the uh the phenomena of red light to reverse the effects or to calm down the excitation of electrons which is behind the whole free radical thing behind the destruction of tissues and inflammatory changes and cancers so red light is extremely healing then uh yeah the the most surprising example of an experiment to demonstrate that was russian experiment in which they gave a lethal dose of gamma rays to frogs and uh the dose was so intense that the frogs would just live a few days after the exposure but within the first hour after exposing frogs to that same intensity of gamma rays if they shined bright red light on them 18:07 they didn’t get sick at all so we’re talking about a red light bulb we’re not talking about are we talking about infrared or we’re talking about uh just red light um red light but you know an ordinary incandescent bulb if you have a prism or or a tapered piece of glass to look at a an incandescent light bulb you’ll see that it varies from blue to red and the red end of it is a lot more intense than the blue and green end okay just because the temperature of the bulb isn’t nearly as hot as sunlight okay yeah so red light so there you go folks who are if you’re listening that the uh healing curative effects of red light go far beyond just that mellow kind of uh ambiance in the room that some people have red light on for so if somebody has been exposed to an x-ray or a form of radiation then what would you recommend they go sit under 19:10 well if you can do it very quickly um that gamma ray frog experiment shows that within the first hour you can just almost completely block the uh chain of events that um follows the the exposure but since people who were exposed to uh Chernobyl or even the Nagasaki atomic bombing they still in recent years their blood serum is still toxic they can add it to cells in vitro and the blood from these people who were exposed decades ago is still toxic to cells and so it’s similar to the effect of when you irradiate an animal’s foot the whole body is influenced the thymus will shrink the ovaries will if it was intense enough the ovaries will 20:18 degenerate the uterus swells up it acts like a systemic dose of estrogen to irradiate any part of the body and if this is the whole reason why it’s so important for people to refuse medical x-rays wherever wherever possible if they have any control over it and to exercise as much diligence as possible when they know they could potentially be in a situation where they could be exposed from either CT scans and that’s why we’re talking about the whole full body scanners as another the most most modern form of intrusion um the lingering inflammation uh from exposure a long time ago probably could be affected slightly even years later by getting a very intense exposure to penetrating red light how far actually how far into the skin does red light penetrate um years ago i made some uh the um led red light emitting uh diodes in a paddle so there 21:29 were about a hundred of them side by side and i let my eyes adapt to the darkness uh until about 2 a.m and i put this paddle under my thigh and i could see the bone silhouette the light just moderate not really brilliant light but just a hundred of these leds was enough to go entirely through my thigh showing a shadow for for the femur wow so it will penetrate that deeply so presumably out we’ll have a would you think it would have an effect uh within the marrow of bones to have a quenching effect on uh excitatory damage there uh yeah the i could see the the walls uh the center of the bone looked almost transparent and the uh i could see the uh the thickening of the cortex of the bone as a dark shadow so it was definitely going right through 22:33 the marrow too so so i wonder why it is that no one tells no one tells anybody about this has this been uh public knowledge say in the 40s and 50s and there’s been just out of fashion and suppressant saying or um yeah the the information about it being estrogenic started appearing in the 1950s and uh in my newsletter i i give a little graph that was published by seagull off in 1971 and 73 he showed that um irradiation and estrogen synergize right uh a little bit of one added to a little bit of the other one is like a lot of either of them right and since you can block the effects of estrogen toxicity with progesterone okay he uh tried treating uh the 23:34 deadly uh cap carcinogenic uh dose of of irradiation treated the animals with progesterone and that uh essentially completely blocked the cancer formation from the radiation wow so if you were to advise someone to purchase a light bulb what type of light bulb would you recommend drp a red light bulb like a no when they paint or use colored glass it um actually doesn’t increase the amount of red coming out of the bulb um and it makes the bulb more expensive and hotter to handle uh so just a clear front bulb but they make them designed to run on 130 volts so when you run them on a standard 120 volt circuit they aren’t as blue biased as ordinary incandescent bulbs they’re much weaker in the blue and stronger in the red 24:37 but they appear to be white light you know it’s sort of yellowish white warmer than standard uh bulbs so like a 130 clear front incandescent and what type what um number how many watts oh i think they come in 150 to 250 and the the high wattage 250 i think are only about four dollars usually okay good thank you okay so there you go folks that’s a very cheap and inexpensive way to do some uh healing on yourself without taking anything into your body that’s potentially a problem um okay so we’ve reached getting coming up to uh 730 so just want to remind people that uh we have dr raymond pete joining us and he’s uh sharing his research and his experience with us once more for his knowledge with radiation and the biological effects of radiation um so to just to carry on the uh i know you mentioned at the very beginning 25:39 of this that the dogma was surrounding the belief that everything was genetic and mutations were carried in the chromosomes and uh and that’s not actually the case there is this concept or not concept there is this biological memory that is elicited by something that we don’t quite know yet but it has a very real effect later on in generations um between gosh radiation and estrogen i know you’ve mentioned this before as well that there’s also a link uh in that the liver’s ability to metabolize metabolic waste products can be severely influenced by uh both estrogen and radiation in conjunction and what would what would you say about the uh possible sequelae of that um the first thing that the most um intense visible first thing is that um both estrogen and radiation interfere with mitochondrial energy production and that is associated with 26:45 um inflammation and adaptive lactic acid production as the carbon dioxide production goes down lactic acid goes up and the lactic acid itself triggers inflammatory mediators and in experiments with both cells and whole organisms um it’s been demonstrated that when you irradiate one cell it emits uh inflammatory mediators that will affect other cells in the same dish even if you put them in the dish later and um even taking the medium off the cells and putting it in another dish so it’s a chemical that goes into the cells environment that then will cause mutations inflammation degeneration in other cells that are exposed to it so that’s what happens when your foot is irradiated 27:50 the fluids escaping from those damaged cells circulate throughout your body and that inflammatory signal lactic acid for example the reason I advise against eating a lot of yogurt and other things with lactic acid is that even natural lactic acid in your diet contributes to a formation of fibrotic tissue inflammation first then fibrosis and within the fibrosis then there’s the increased risk of of tumor formation right because I read a part of that article the known as a bystander effect that fish exposed to this radiation could affect other fish previously not exposed if the unexposed fish share the same water so there is something coming out of the irradiated animals that is something more than the sum of the radiation which yeah and they’ve 28:53 been able to block that by using antagonists to serotonin oh okay so um serotonin itself contributes to fibrosis and impaired energy production and so on so and people people in this country that they’re almost encouraged to use serotonin as a as a kind of a mood a mood type supplement for lifting your mood for seasonal effective disorder and sleep improvement and that kind of thing that seems a little bit erroneous um yeah the the whole system relating to serotonin for example it’s made from cryptophane and um cryptophane has some of the bad effects of serotonin partly by increasing serotonin but also cryptophane happens to be probably the most sensitive amino acid to absorbing radiation although it’s where for example the the lens is injured by ultraviolet light 30:01 it’s largely the tryptophanes absorbing that energy huh okay so the uh consuming a lot of meat not a very good idea if you if you do because the tryptophanes in the meat then is another excessive source of tryptophanes huh adults have a very low requirement for cryptophane cysteine and methionine okay and what level i mean what how many ounces of meat product since all muscle meat is very very rich in triphan do you think is a safe limit for a person per day well um some experiments with animals in which they’ve given them almost zero methionine methionine is one of the uh amino acids that’s very rich in meat and they live 30 to 40 percent longer when they’re almost completely lacking methionine and uh similar effects with tryptophanes uh these are the 31:06 anti-metabolic amino acids so an adult has very low requirements but no one has really some rad experiments suggest that maybe just an ounce or two would be safe and gelatin which lacks those amino acids is safe in very large amounts so for people who eat the tough bits of the animal at chicken feet and the wings and such are getting much more gelatin than the rich people who eat the tender steaks yeah okay okay well it is 734 now i know the uh i know the engineer had a question so let’s pass it over to the engineer oh when you were talking about the red light versus the damage healing the damage from the ultraviolet uh i had one one question is uh say is natural sunlight a better thing to tan by than the tanning beds um yeah because you’re 32:06 absorbing all the way through your body from sunlight and it’s um doing many it increases your energy all the way through your body your um your liver and uh brain everything is is being refreshed and renewed and the any sunburn that develops from staying in the sunlight too long your skin oozes these inflammatory mediators into your bloodstream and causes you know some people get a fever and feel sick if they stay in the sun too long uh but the the general saturation with the red light is uh protecting you to a great extent against that systemic bystander uh stuff seeping out of the damaged skin and is near infrared beneficial too so say sitting by a wood stove well it um mostly just warms you and keeping your temperature up to close to 99 degrees uh that 33:11 activates your respiration and all of the uh protective processes so i i think its main value is helping to keep your core body temperature up where it should be thank you and the lines are open okay so uh yeah we’ve gone gone past a seven thirty point so if people would like to call in this month with any questions related or unrelated to the effects of radiation or any other questions they may have uh please feel free to call the numbers nine two three three nine one one or if you are outside the uh nine two three airy code there’s a toll free number you know it’s eight hundred k m u d rad which is eight hundred five six eight three seven two three okay so to continue with the uh topic of radiation uh the radiation’s effect is neither instantaneous uh it’s neither apparent nor instantaneous and can linger for many generations um so the i think the lights are flashing actually i don’t know if there’s a call we will take it otherwise we’ll we’ll carry on is 34:13 there i think someone may be actually giving a question to the engineer okay so the the fact that um the effects of radiation are not perceived instantaneously um is a bit of a a bit of a worry because most people will be told that something is safe and most people will follow it like and many of the experiments that measure the the dangers of radiation just look at a very short time span and then they throw the animals away if they if they didn’t get sick or die from the radiation but any meaningful experiment would have to follow those exposed animals offspring for generations yeah definitely well we do actually have two callers Dr. Pete so let’s let’s see what our first caller has to the first caller wanted me to ask for them so if you’re familiar Dr. Pete with grow lights by any chance grow lights lights for growing plants yes yes so what are the benefits of those and she was asking specifically about grow but i would 35:16 like to ask well the red fraction is used for making energy as well as for protecting against the uh irritating higher energy frequencies but if you grow uh most plants if you grow them under pure red light they’ll grow extremely fast but they’ll be very weak and they tend to fall over just because they they need some of the irritation to build the uh cellulose skeleton for strength so the typical grow light has red blue and and a little uh either ultraviolet or at least uh blue and violet to uh irritate the cells enough that they produce cellulose for strength okay okay this go on sorry the um the irritating frequencies tend to make crops rich in certain defensive chemicals and so for for food crops it it makes them 36:25 tend to be bitter but those um defensive substances in the plants are very often antioxidants for humans okay that’s interesting okay we do actually have a few callers on the line so let’s take the next caller hello hi you’re on the air thanks a lot um thanks dr pete i love i’m really i just love listening to you um i have one one comment and in a question my comment is um i just had a bunch of um dental x-rays and then um two days later my back got really inflamed so i was i was very interested to hear what you had to say that things you could be irradiated in one place and then it could cause information in a different area yeah just a few years ago a study in seattle uh was um measuring the responses to standard dental x-rays and they 37:27 were putting on lead aprons to field the person’s body from the chin down and women who were pregnant at the time they got a set of mouth x-rays had smaller babies than uh the women who weren’t exposed to x-rays even though the the baby was fielded it was the uh systemic stress or estrogen like effect that uh caused even the um the embryo to grow a slower rate oh well my other my question was um uh about serotonin and this estrogen thing um i have been taking prozac for more than 20 years and i don’t really see that it does anything for me anymore and would like to get off of it but um it’s about they always say the serotonin thing is what i you know is what you need and so on and i only take it every other day but still i’m very concerned about i’d like to quit taking it 38:32 and um and i was just wondering what what that’s doing to my body all these years um there have been several studies in which uh when thyroid is added to the antidepressants when the antidepressant isn’t working it works when they add thyroid but but the drug companies never uh test the thyroid by itself because that wouldn’t sell their product but um they can make several of the antidepressants work better just by adding thyroid uh they talk about the generations of antidepressants in the 50s it was the um monoamino oxidase inhibitors then those patents expired and uh the drug companies said well those turn out to be toxic but we now have the tricyclic antidepressants and for 17 or so years those were the good things but it turned out that 39:36 they increase um prolactin which has many harmful effects to like bone loss and so on and uh uh now the um they were replaced by the uh so-called serotonin reuptake inhibitors but serotonin is now turning out to cause bone loss too by racing prolactin just the way the over ones did and some comparative studies have found that the old 1950s cycle is actually safer than some of the newer ones oh my goodness so so my question my question is then is just taking something for thyroid is that is that a better way to go um well that would be my choice um the um some of these so-called serotonin reuptake inhibitors are actually promoting adrenaline and dopamine uh at the same time but they don’t emphasize that and um one of the most interesting 40:43 recent antidepressants actually has the opposite effect it increases the reuptake of serotonin just the opposite of the the currently popular ones and it um it is very effective for many people as an antidepressant oh well thank you so much this is really very interesting i worked in um brain research for many years and i quit about 20 years ago but i was i’m very interested in what you’re doing thank you so much thanks thank you for your call yeah okay there’s two more callers on the line so next caller you’re on the air yes dr p can you hear me yes yes i am a 64 year old woman with 100 year old bones i’ve kept them that way for approximately 12 years and i’m now doing forteio injection for approximately three months and i’ve been given 17 x-rays in this last one 41:45 week because it’s a pain level some of previous injuries i’m headed for an MRI and a CT scan i’ve had hepatitis c for 16 years and kept it at level two can you tell me what possible effects could all this have on me in the future as far as the MRI and the CT scan which i have not done yet um i couldn’t hear part of that um andrew or or sarah could you summarize it yeah the woman has had i believe 17 x-rays in the past week in the past week and she’s headed for uh MRI and a cat scan and she’s wondering i’ve had i have 100 year old bones and a men injecting for tail for three months i didn’t hear that last part actually yeah what was the last thing you said what’s the name of the drug forteio it’s an injection for bones okay and i’ve been doing that for three months i have 42:50 hepatitis c for 16 years i’m in stage two okay all right dr pete can you uh can you hear us now yeah okay i think the lady’s main concerns is what can she do to strengthen her bones she says she has 100 year old bones and she’s only in her 60s oh um well probably the safest most effective thing is um but besides getting lots of calcium in your diet and adequate magnesium uh vitamin k is very safe and it complements vitamin d and calcium and uh since exposure to radiation one of the first things it does as it knocks down the energy production it causes cells to take up too much calcium into the soft tissue and that’s what guffman demonstrated that a tremendous amount of heart disease and arterial disease is being caused by uh radiation exposure the calcium goes 43:51 into your soft tissue rather than the bones and vitamin k is safe at much larger doses than have been traditional and it can actually reverse the calcification of arteries while uh greatly accelerating the the growth or repair of bones and their uptake and retention of calcium okay good and would that replace the forteio what was that would that replace the forteio injections um i can’t hear it clearly the lady’s asking whether or not the what you’ve suggested there would replace the current injections that she’s uh been been having or is about to have um well uh vitamin k is is very important for energy production as well as for calcium deposition and um i didn’t hear what the current injections were well she said forteio i think that’s what 44:58 forteio injection oh is that a bisphosphonate i i inject it once a night once a day but do you know dr pete’s asking is it a bisphosphonate i uh no i don’t believe so okay i think until we know what the drug is it’s just difficult to be able to discuss it okay okay i’m sorry so but vitamin k calcium uh and vitamin d are the most important things that dr pete was mentioning for your for for your bone strength right and get your thyroid checked and obviously make sure your thyroid is working optimally that will certainly help right okay now the orbs the pain level now i haven’t taken any any prescription drugs in quite some time and the doctor gave me volume to take i do not like it i replace that with the larion root okay okay okay what can i replace for blood pressure medicine uh okay so you have high blood pressure huh only on occasions only on occasions 46:00 okay uh well i mean though traditional the traditional herbs for blood pressure things like hawthorn uh hawthorn flowers and berries uh they have a a cardioactive effect to lower blood pressure and to decrease the increase the force of contraction but decrease the rate so that’s kind of primary number one cardiotonic um there are several other you know obviously things that reduce your stress will certainly have a potential benefit for high blood pressure because stress will increase adrenaline the adrenaline will drive up blood pressure um but hawthorn’s the nurse of the heart that’s always what the uh and the valerian should help as well yeah the valerian should do yeah and the calcium and uh vitamin k should help uh blood pressure yeah okay and as for the hepatitis i think what the most i think the most important thing for the hepatitis is to avoid polyunsaturated fats certainly they have been majorly implicated in causing inflammation and 47:03 the inflammation is not what you want uh with hepatitis um there’s plenty of other things but they’re mainly mainly going to be dietary factors so uh increasing your gelatin consumption making sure that you get good proteins from a mixed range okay and i have the information on the forteo okay it’s teri t-e-r-i-t-a-r-a-t-i-d-e um i’ve not heard of it yeah i haven’t heard of it oh okay i’m sorry i’m i’m sorry but we do have two more quarters so i would i would like to thank you very much yeah you’re very welcome you’ve been a wonderful help you’re very well okay the other quarters on the line you’re on the air i can’t hear i have a question about non ionizing radiation okay um i’ve read that um they didn’t used to think that that actually caused cellular damage and dna breakage but that more recent research is showing that non ionizing 48:08 radiation can cause these problems too um and i’m concerned about this with regards to uh the new pg and smart meters and all the wi-fi that’s being installed any comments on that okay don’t you yep some of the um electromagnetic uh low relatively low energy radiation uh can still break chromosomes it’s a matter of uh how they resonate um and uh for example men working around power lines have very few male offspring and birds living near those same power lines have almost purely female offspring because of the apparently cellular and chromosome damage from those pretty low low energy low frequency emissions 49:08 you know anything about these frequencies um that um the microwave range of the frequencies that smart meters and wi-fi emit in particular uh well i’ve i’ve got a gauge that i check my things with i i went to a flat screen a monitor years ago and have only wire connections um because of the the known effect on the brain for example way back in the 50s the russians were lowering their standard safety standards per um that type of radiation because of the effect for example on inheritance uh lowering fertility so do you recommend people just buy a um an emf a meter and check check their electrical appliances yeah i i think they cost about 20 dollars and uh i just got a new microwave oven and it has 50:14 really intense fields out about two feet away from it so even with the new ovens it’s good to stand back three or four feet at least yeah i think just to answer the other let’s call this question about the uh microwave uh wi-fi um i think wherever possible if you have a uh if you have a microwave microwave uh internet you can just hardwire your connection to your computers you don’t have to be uh you don’t have to have your house bathed in in uh uh wi-fi signal so just uh hard mark meter they’re gonna be attached to our houses and they’re gonna bathe our houses in it we don’t get it to choice about it so and that’s why i was concerned yeah okay well i’m not too sure about that but we do have seven field meter and check a smart meter okay we’ve got three more callers i’m not sure how many we’ll get through but let’s take the next caller hi my question is actually pretty simple um on the serotonin stuff sorry it’s echoey but my radio 51:16 is off okay um i take some supplement called five htp okay uh does that fall in the benign or bad category of how many of its effects are essentially the same as serotonin so that’s inflammatory um yeah yeah okay so inflammatory yeah this the same effects five htp or five hydroxy tryptophan has got the same same negative effects that serotonin does and that is that it’s uh inflammatory and serotonin for example uh stimulates cell growth and inflammation uh it can increase the growth of plaques in arteries and accelerate tumor growth and so on and tryptophan which isn’t quite as active as the five hydroxy tryptophan itself is considered to be slightly carcinogenic in excess hmm well i thought i’d actually 52:22 struggling with uh healing tendons and uh taking this at the same time so perhaps i’ve been shooting myself in the foot uh thanks so much okay with that caller who was just on who’s just uh just left the ad the uh the tendons are certainly one of the best things that you should be doing for tendons is one of dr. pizza recommendations of a bone broth or gelatin broth uh from bone shanks and gelatin is an extremely uh protective anti-inflammatory and the components of which are utilized in the formation of tendons and uh the protective material around joints okay there’s another caller on the line hi andrew i talked to you this morning my name’s chris and i was curious if the good doctor would know i’m currently looking to lose weight and i was wondering is there any meat that’s any better than any other meat out there i think avoiding the pork and the non-neuromanance um because those reflect whatever they ate and are 53:25 usually highly unsaturated and anti-fiery so instead of chicken and pork beef and lamb yeah beef and lamb are saturated coconut oil is a vegetable oil which is highly saturated and so it promotes metabolism increases you don’t recommend turkey would turkey usually eats the same stuff chickens and pigs do okay well thank you so much okay very welcome uh okay well i think we should hold the callers there i know there’s more on the line but i’m sorry we don’t have a time this month um we do have a few minutes however to uh thank dr. peat very much for his time i really appreciate you taking time out of your day just to share what you have i know a lot of people that listen in this area particularly are very very interested um what you have to say is very researched it’s scientific it’s not quackery it’s not suspect it’s all out there you know you can find it for those people that want to hear um you know they’re what you’re saying is very well 54:30 researched and we thank you so much for for helping um it is uh december now and just a buy a buy a buy a product of december’s 21st uh four lunar eclipse folks if you get a chance to see it at about 11 o’clock at 70 minutes long um okay sarah do you have anything else you’d like to say no just i want to make sure you hand out after pete contact details that’s right that was a very next thing of course make sure it starts anybody anybody who wants to find out more about dr. raymond peat his website is www.repeat.com and uh he’s got many fully referenced articles he’s been doing this for many many years and there’s a wealth of a wealth of information um so if people would like to read his material um then that certainly would be certainly would be the first step in greater understanding i also want to let people know that these radio shows are archived everything that kmud puts out on the air including marky mark’s uh a couple of hours that come next every time we’re on our show everything’s archived so if you want to go to uh friday night 55:34 live you’ll find the show there and you can go ahead and download it listen to it i would suggest for those people who are interested in what dr. peat has said before and obviously some were listening again this evening and uh got uh got much more out of it then they could uh burn these cds if that’s a legal non-legal term they get used to cds and listen to them and really start to digest what he’s saying okay so thanks so much for you all of you who listen regularly and for those of you who tuned in this evening as well uh we’ll see you next year happy uh happy christmas merry christmas and a happy new year to you thank you for listening

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