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00:00 Well, welcome to the Get Fit with Jodell podcast. I am as usual Jodell and as usual, I am thrilled to have Dr. Pete, Dr. Raymond Pete here with me again. I always love podcasting with you, Dr. Pete. You’re a wealth of information and I know my listeners enjoy it too because I asked for questions and I always get a slew of questions for you, Dr. Pete. So once again, you guys, if you’re not familiar with Dr. Raymond Pete, please go to raypeat.com. That’s R-A-Y-P-E-A-T dot com. And you can learn a vast amount of knowledge about an individual with a vast amount of knowledge. He’s got lots of articles, blogs, books that will blow your mind. So, and he’s been doing this longer than most people have been alive. So at least who are listening to this podcast. So he knows a thing or two. He’s not one of these 30-something year olds on YouTube telling people what to do. He’s been around long enough to understand how the body works, how hormones work. 01:01 And he also has a passion for educating others, which I love. So Dr. Pete, welcome. Thank you. Yeah, it’s great to have you. So we got a slew of questions in when I fielded out for questions on YouTube. But before we dive into those, I really want to tell you how much I enjoyed your most recent newsletter on injecting the spike protein from a coronavirus. And it was, it was just really interesting because there were so many things in there I wasn’t familiar with. And so, you guys, if you haven’t checked out Dr. Pete’s newsletter, you can go to Ray Pete’s newsletter at gmail.com. And you can ask for that. You can request it to either be emailed to you or sent through the mail. And it’s very affordable. And so you can get information by emailing that Ray Pete’s newsletter at gmail.com. I highly recommend it because I always look forward to it when I see it on my inbox. I always learn something. So can I ask you, Dr. Pete? 02:03 It was shown in studies when they inject the spike protein to cause the lungs to fail. Why was it? Oh, yeah. It’s a whole series of things, actually. But that was 19 or 2005, I think, when that was published. Around that time, it’s been tested in various ways. And they simply saw that the lungs developed edema and fibrosis and the animal died because the lungs were full of water starting to become scar tissue-like. But people continued along that line trying to identify exactly what the spike protein was doing. But the most relevant fact is that 03:07 before the pandemic began, for 15 years, people had been talking about how deadly it is to have the spike protein in your body. Yet they went ahead making that a vaccine, so-called. And around 2005, trying to identify just what is happening, but looking primarily at the lungs at that time, they saw that the body formed antibodies to the spike protein. And the antibodies against it were also toxic to the lungs. Wow. And the antibody to the anti-spike protein antibody. So you get a series, your body reacts first to the spike protein making an antibody 04:09 which itself is harmless, harmful to the lungs. And then your body has that harmful antibody that we’re producing and it makes an antibody to that antibody. And the antibody to the antibody looks, it has the same shape as the spike protein because the first antibody formed a mirror in each of it. The second antibody makes a mirror image of the first antibody which turns out to be an exact copy of the spike protein. So when you insert an unknown antigen people at that time, 05:15 had essentially no idea what your immune system was doing. The first wave of antibodies itself is toxic, but your body keeps, like a hall of mirrors, it keeps making antibodies against the antibodies and against those antibodies. So you have a constant like an echo going through your antibody system. And every alternate antibody wave resembles in shape, the starting thing that evoked the immune response. So at the time I was teaching immunology 1979, 06:18 that was a fairly new observation. It was always happening, but people just hadn’t thought about what it means to have waves of neutralizing and imitating antibodies for every time you are exposed to an antigen. So if these spike proteins are damaging or cause the lungs to fail, what about people that get the vaccine and then they get the second shot and then they get the boosters and they continue to bombard their body with the spike protein? What’s gonna happen to the body with that much exposure to spike protein? Can’t do anything but get worse. Okay. When you see the fundamental damage within the lungs, 07:20 and that isn’t looking at any of our other basic toxic reactions to it. For example, spike protein is, when it’s exposed to the bloodstream, taking it all through the body, and it’s reproduced in the endothelial cells, lining the blood vessels all the way through your body, through every organ. And that sets up your body and sees that foreign material is being produced on the lining of your blood vessels and that causes first irritation reaction like histamine and serotonin, 08:22 and it causes platelets to begin clumping. And sticking to the abnormal site. And the platelets release histamine and serotonin. The serotonin activates further clotting processes that spread through the body. So one of the worst tendencies being exposed to the vaccine, which puts the spike protein on all of your blood vessel lining cells. The basic reaction is it causes diffuse thoughts to form. And in reaction to that, then you’re consuming your platelets and the platelets cause small circulating clots 09:27 which can block the veins and capillaries in the brain causing strokes. Similar things happen in the heart. Overs concentrate at the highest level, the spike protein. And so clotting and the consequence inflammation affects all of these organs. Okay, so definitely wanna reconsider maybe how much spike protein people are getting exposed to. Now your newsletter also mentioned how ionizing radiation such as that comes from Wi-Fi and smartphones also creates cytokines and inflammation. Are we more susceptible to illnesses and viruses depending on how much exposure to EMF radiation we receive daily? 10:27 Yeah, anything recognized by the body is as harmful. We’ll start releasing things such as histamine and serotonin and then the serotonin and coagulating clumping platelets release many other harmful pro-coagulant and anti-coagulant materials. So at some point you run out of platelets and hemorrhage becomes the problem. One of the doctors who died fairly quickly after vaccination had a very rare condition in which he simply, they said they’d never seen anything like it had a platelet count of one or zero 11:32 or you have normally hundreds of them. And so everything became a leaky hemorrhage. Yeah, I knew an individual that passed away from COVID-19. Now I don’t know if this individual was vaccinated or not but I can tell you that this individual was very, very EMF focused like they were always around the device, always around a lot of different smartphone technology and smart technology. Their whole house was smart technology, everything was run by the phone and stuff. So I’m just wondering if that made that person’s body more susceptible to actually having a worse case and then ending up on a ventilator and then ending up dying just from the act of living a stressful life. Everything that doesn’t please the body meeting its needs becomes a promoter of inflammation, coagulation 12:38 and potential hemorrhage development eventually in the long run of fibrosis and tissue degeneration. The anzotensin system is thought of as a blood pressure regulator primarily, but anzotensin has a series of enzymes, a slight stress or damage will cause you to produce the peptide called anzotensin-2 which spreads around your body activating the inflammatory and blood vessel contraction system. But we also have a limiting enzyme which destroys that pro-inflammatory peptide 13:41 and blood pressure razor. This is called the ACE-2 proteolytic enzyme which the COVID people call a receptor for the spike protein of the virus. That’s how the virus primarily gets into your cells is by binding to and inactivating the enzyme that inactivates the enzyme that activates the enzyme the pro-inflammatory anzotensin peptide. So the evil of the virus is that it knocks out our own basic anti-inflammatory system right at the root. The ACE-2 enzyme that is known as receptor for the virus 14:43 is our primary defense against inflammation. So people looking at the nature of the disease even though the function of the ACE-2 enzyme had been known for more than 10 years, people were developing patents on injecting the enzyme producing in the lab large amounts of ACE-2 enzyme because it destroys the anzotensin inflammatory peptide. So it was a very good idea for treatment of anything like the it would work for anything from high blood pressure to the COVID virus, to cancer, 15:43 because inflammation is at the root of all of those. Absolutely, like inflammation is essentially chaos in our body and so yeah, if we can calm the chaos from all its many facets that it comes at us, I’m pretty sure we can have a more robust immune system. So, well, I really appreciated your newsletter. What were you gonna say? I just said many treatments are known to give a boost to our natural production of ACE-2 enzyme that inhibits the inflammatory system. What are those treatments that you would recommend? The Chinese started with a drug that it was known to them as an anti-serotonin agent 16:47 used somewhat like an antihistamine drugs, but it turned out to be very effective against the COVID infection. And the fact of an anti-inflammatory anti-serotonin as it was helpful, they found that antihistamines and aspirin, in fact, anything anti-inflammatory and many anti-coagulants because inflammation leads to coagulation, coagulation amplifies inflammation. So the basic insight about 15 years ago is that getting your ACE-2 protective to enzyme to increase, that turns out to be the essence of treating and curing COVID. 17:50 The studies that have given primarily anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant treatments, including aspirin and antihistamines, those studies showed if they did it quickly, during the time that our government for the last year and a half has been telling the public that there is no treatment for early COVID, all you have to do is wait until you can’t breathe and then go to the hospital. And if you really can’t breathe, they’ll put you on a ventilator and just being on a ventilator for a week or two is enough to kill you by destroying your lungs. So by telling doctors of the world 18:51 that there is no treatment for the early stages of COVID, telling doctors not to treat with any of the known drugs, producing fraudulent research, to say that it is more harmful to use hydroxychloroquine than to use nothing, a real campaign to prevent any treatment other than producing oxygen when it’s too late to cure it. But the studies that went directly to the anti-coagulant drug have 70 or 80%!s(MISSING)urvival versus almost no survival once they were intubated. 19:54 Yeah, because I was noticing that I was kind of thinking back to like they’re putting people on a ventilator, but in order to do that, they have to give them a benzodiazepine, which from my understanding lowers immune function. So I mean, if you’re giving your patient a benzo and you expect them to fight through a cold or a virus, they’re not going to be able to do it, right? Yeah, they basically make them unconscious and then pump oxygen in. For example, two German hospitals in the same city, one of them was following American procedures, giving tube of forced oxygen to their patients as the basic treatment. They had 60%!m(MISSING)ortality in that hospital and right across the city, 20:55 a very similar hospital happened to have a doctor who refused to put his people on forced ventilation, gave them just a cannula in the nose with an enriched oxygen. He had essentially 100%!s(MISSING)urvival. Wow, that’s awesome. Well, I just really wanted to bring up your newsletter because on the subject of immunology, it was really wonderful. So people need to really get that if they haven’t subscribed to that yet. So we’ll jump into some questions here. The first one we had, we had an individual who asked, can you please ask Dr. Pete after, of course, nutrition and thyroid and youth promoting hormones, is there any way to reopen growth plates so that someone can grow taller? Does he believe the idea that growth plates close? There are some animal observations that suggest that that can happen, 22:03 but it hasn’t been studied in detail. And for example, e.g., it would have bone anatomy more or less similar to mammals. They’ve banded them, measured their weight and length, and when they went back after a year or so of family, they found that the whole iguana, the bones and all, had become shorter. So in a symmetrical way, the bones were revised to go with a smaller animal. So that suggests that under the right circumstances, fully mature bone can ungrow. 23:06 And in many people with some hypothyroidism, there is enough immature bone around the growth plates that things aren’t turned off until maybe around the age of 50. When I was in my 40s, I had experimented taking thyroid progesterone, D8CA, and noticed that some of my physical characteristics changed during that period, but when we moved out of the house, there had been marks on the door frames that made 11 years earlier when I was maybe 40 versus 52 or 53, 24:08 and I had grown an inch, sometimes during my 40s, late 40s probably. And I mentioned that to other people, especially people who were slightly taller than average, told me that they hadn’t finished growth until they were in their mid 40s. You know, I would believe that because I was always 5'9 when I was in my teens and 20s, and now when I tell people I’m 5'9, they go, I don’t think you’re 5'9, I think you’re taller than that, but I haven’t ever measured myself, but I just wonder if maybe I have grown over the years, because I don’t seem to be, I don’t seem to fit that mold of the 5'9 or whatever. Yeah, but my experience with the marked door frames, I was about 50 at the end of that period, 25:10 and I just haven’t noticed. Okay, so Rhonda asks, can you discuss Reverse T3 and what to do about it? Can you get Reverse T3 from using too much T3 medication? So what about Reverse T3? Yeah, T3, the active hormone can’t be changed in Reverse T3. And one of my first eye-opening observations in the thyroid function was 26:16 at the University of Oregon Medical School, a patient who was brought in completely unconscious in a mixadema coma, and her doctor had been giving her 100 micrograms of T4 synthroid, and she got worse, more hypothyroid, progressively increased it to 200 and 300, when he reached 500 micrograms of T4 per day, she entered the coma, and a doctor in the hospital had the insight that women in particular, because of the effect of estrogen on the liver, 27:17 estrogen blocks the conversion of T4 to T3 and turns it into Reverse T3. So he put her on pure T3 around, I think it was 25 micrograms per day, zero siroxin, and immediately she recovered, all she needed was a more balanced ratio between T4 and T3. And when your stress hormones rise, happens because you get enough T3, and the sugar and carbon dioxide metabolism are suppressed. The T4 excess turns into Reverse T3, 28:20 and turns off your metabolism. The higher the stress acting on the siroxin in the absence of T3 turns fairly massive amounts of the T4 into blocking Reverse T3. So if they’re supplementing T3, they don’t have anything to worry about that converting to Reverse T3, but they still need to dial in their stress, because just that act of always releasing cortisol and making new estrogen from stress could cause more Reverse T3, even in the midst of like a T3 medication? Yeah, and lots of pharmacists and doctors advise if a person is prescribed T3, it’s common to advise them to take their pill 25 or 50 micrograms, 29:22 whatever is prescribed for them to take that pill on an empty stomach in the morning. And what happens then is that your body gets approximately 25 times higher T3 at that moment than is physiological, because you might produce 50 micrograms in the whole day. But if you take that breakfast on an empty stomach, it almost all goes immediately into your bloodstream. It is perceived as a toxic excess, and so your liver increases enzymes and your liver begins excreting, inactivating the high level of T3 in the morning. And after getting your liver accustomed to doing that, 30:30 nightfall 12 to 15 hours later, your body is experiencing extreme hypothyroidism because you have trained the liver to excrete it 25 times faster than it should. So they really need to, how would you recommend dosing? It sounds like they need to split up the dose, maybe twice a day, or maybe they shouldn’t take a huge dose first thing in the morning. Definitely, yeah. I experienced that myself taking my pill only in the morning, but I developed an extremely erratic heart rhythm in the middle of this interrupted heartbeat. I chewed up a 10 microgram tablet of T3, 31:32 and within about 15 seconds of chewing the pill, my heart was perfectly rhythmic. And after that, I recommended that people just take a little bite of T3 tablets all during the day, so they can get the approximately right amount during the day, but never anything like 20 or 25 micrograms at one gulp. And so, yeah, so carry that little tablet and kind of gnaw on it, but should you not still do it with a meal? Should it always be kind of on an empty stomach, or is it okay to do it? Yeah, you can go by how you feel, and most people get away with, for example, 8 or 10 micrograms with every meal, and maybe 5 or 10 micrograms at bedtime. 32:38 Okay, so Katia, I think part of her question got cut off on YouTube, but I think she’s talking about a person in her life who has gained weight and has edema more on the left side. She’s 17 years old, and two months ago she was almost 90 kilograms. Now she is more. She was on T4 and T3 for two months, but now just T3 now. She does have a mitral prolapse, and her heart is now, and heart now is on upper size limit. She’s on vitamin E, D3, K2, and T3, one liter of milk a day. She doesn’t like liver. How can she lose weight? So apparently she’s gained some weight, and it sounds like her thyroid is really on the fritz. Yeah, the mitral prolapse is very, very common when your thyroid and progesterone are low. So she should keep a close watch on both thyroid and progesterone. 33:45 Keep your oxidative metabolism going. The metabolism of sodium and calcium is very important. Calcium in particular helps to suppress parathyroid hormone, and parathyroid hormone works pretty much the same as the absence of thyroid hormone. It turns off your mitochondrial energy production. So you want to get your mitochondria being carbon dioxide and metabolizing sugar and fat effectively. Thyroid itself is being blocked by high parathyroid hormone. So taking maybe two liters of low-fat milk every day, 34:52 four or 5,000 international units of vitamin D per day, and adjusting the dose of thyroid, emphasizing the T3 component, according to how it affects your heart rate and temperature. You want your temperature to rise towards normal by the middle of the day. Okay. And it sounds like they didn’t put that she’s on progesterone. So that might be something for her to consider as trying progesterone, because I didn’t see that anywhere in her protocol. So there you go. The leverage reaction to progesterone is similar to that of T3. If you don’t interrupt your progesterone intake 35:53 roughly once a month, your liver starts excreting it faster and faster, and so it loses its effect. So you want to reinforce your natural menstrual cycle as you supplement the progesterone. Okay. Christopher asks, there’s been a big movement against taking high vitamin A foods, and Ray Pete had said that he could not take vitamin E at all anywhere near his lips, otherwise he’d get a migraine. How can you explain vitamin A toxicity? Thank you. Oh, before that happened, the vitamin A products, for example, were almost all of them were made in the U.S., and I took 50 to 100,000 units a day with no problem. But around the time that the vitamin A industry 36:58 and vitamins in general moved to be produced in China, that was when I developed the extreme sensitivity to apparent allergies or something in vitamin A. So I haven’t tried a synthetic vitamin A anytime in this period, it was so awful. It could be that the Chinese have improved their vitamin A technique. But since the 1930s, there has been a lot of mythology about the dangers of vitamin A excess, and most of it is completely unscientific. Animal studies, for example, found that a moderate excess of vitamin A 38:03 in developing chicks caused their brain to stay outside of their skull when they hatched. And adding vitamin E to the system stopped that from happening. And so they were showing that the excess vitamin A was auto-oxidizing, catalyzing its own oxidation. And the oxidized product was what was toxic. So if there’s a toxic reaction to vitamin A, it’s most likely a vitamin E deficiency. Good to know. Okay, so then we have one individual asked, how can we increase our intelligence? Apparently this individual wants to get smarter. So how would you say we do that? 39:06 I’m making sure that your thyroid function is optimal and the good, balanced vitamin intake in just a matter of hours and lasting for a day or two, a good dose of vitamin B1 can greatly increase a person’s learning power. When I was teaching English classes in Mexico, they were evening classes and the people would arrive poorly nourished and tired after work. And so I made them high-protein cookies spiked with vitamin B1 and have a pre-class snack of cookies and coffee. 40:13 And right from that moment, they became good students. Before that, they could seem to learn something during the hour, but they wouldn’t remember it the next day. I’m all about protein. I really think that just the amino acids that converts from protein really can help boost brain capacity. So yeah, I’m with you on the high-protein foods, like your little high-protein cookies. That sounds good. All right. One of my professors said, just consider the rabbit and the cat. He told his students at the university that they should have a diet more like a cat than a rabbit if they want their brain to work well. I like that. I’m going to have to use that with clients. Okay. So, MeFree2 says, Crohn’s solution, please. 41:14 Thank you, Dr. Pete. So something to be a solution for Crohn’s disease. Oh, the whole thing, starting with making sure your hormones aren’t sensitizing you to mild irritants and then checking your foods to see that they’re well-selected and well-appropriately cooked. And each type of food can be very peculiar in how you allergic to react to it. For example, a person with a sensitive intestine might be able sometimes to eat a raw apple, but applesauce can cause extreme colitis. Because every little change in the way you cook a food 42:16 can increase or decrease the allergenicity. Thyroid and progesterone as well as the adrenal glucocorticoids are essential for avoiding chronic inflammatory diseases. What do you feel about bile? Like how big of a factor is really making sure people are dialing in their bile to help with things like irritable bowel and Crohn’s and colitis? Oh, yeah. Estrogen is the main thing that slows down liver metabolism and changes the balance of components in the bile tending to create stones. And probably the same things that cause stone accumulation 43:19 in the bladder and kidneys and soft tissues, hardening of the arteries and so on. Those same things, such as a calcium deficient, vitamin D deficient diet, those will help to create a stone deposition. But high estrogen, unopposed, is very close to the whole range of gallbladder and liver symptoms. I completely agree because the people that I’ll see come in with, they’ve had their gallbladders removed. You can tell they’ve had high estrogen, excess estrogen dominance for a long time. But ironically, the bile is also what binds on to that old estrogen that’s going through the gut and pulls it out. So if their bile is not working because of high estrogen, then it’s like this vicious circle because then they’re getting this old recycled estrogen going back into the system. And then they’re going to get rid of it. 44:21 Yeah, and a good high fiber diet is one way to catch the excreted estrogen and get it out of the body, preventing its reabsorption. And the thyroid and progesterone are the main hormones making the gallbladder work. Cool. Yeah, I’m a bile filiac. I love talking about bile, so that was something I had to throw in there. Okay, so it says, does Dr. Pete know if taking liquid vitamin D3 combined with vitamin K2 orally allows both vitamins to be absorbed or does one inhibit the absorption of other than other? I don’t think either one seriously interferes with the other. Okay. Yeah, because my understanding was K2 helps the vitamin D get absorbed. Correct? Well, yeah, if you have a little bit of fat on the diet, 45:26 it’s all going to get absorbed before it leaves your body. If you have an extremely high fiber diet, you might lose most of your oil and vitamins suck to the fibrous foods. L-E-Z asks, what are typical symptoms of taking too much thyroid? The first thing you usually notice is you’re easily winded just getting up and walking across. The room might make you breathe noticeably harder. And your hands tend to get pink and moist. Hands and feet are as warm as the rest of your body. And your temperature stays very close to the normal. 46:30 If your hyper thyroid sometimes at your body’s temperature will stay a little above the optimal normal. But the heat production, you could take it pretty well by sweating and breathing harder. Julian asks, can you ask Ray about using T3 and its effects on increasing testosterone? And the androgen system in males. Thank you. Yeah, the T3 lowers aromatase and elevated aromatase from stress is the main thing that lowers testosterone while decreasing the whole androgen effect, giving too much estrogen. 47:34 Okay, so T3 actually can help the aromatase inhibition. And so can it help increase testosterone? Yes. Okay, great. But you were mentioning if they don’t maybe take it with a test. Let’s say they’re taking an exogenous testosterone and they’re not taking T3. Is there more of a chance that they’re going to convert to estrogen with that exogenous testosterone? Yeah, T3 and aspirin and pregnenone or progesterone will all help to inhibit aromatase and make the testosterone more effective. Very good. Okay. This one is a question from my own daughter. She loves listening to your podcast. She’s seven now and she wanted to know your thoughts on the COVID vaccine for kids as well as vaccines in general for kids such as whooping cough 48:35 or the hepatitis shot they give at birth. What are your thoughts on all the different vaccines for kids? Oh, I think all of them are given too soon and without justification. For certain vaccines at certain conditions, each vaccine you can make somewhat of a case. But what has happened medically is they give something like 60 or 70 different vaccine antigens to every kid and they do it mindlessly. In the case of smallpox, they use vaccination intelligently to close in on any outbreak 49:36 and eliminate that outbreak one region at a time. So just took a couple of years to eliminate forever the smallpox disease. That wasn’t profitable to the vaccine industry and no one wants to repeat that horrible experience of totally losing a market for a vaccine by using it intelligently. If you put vaccines into a system that was looking at the general health of the population rather than the health of the corporations that make the vaccines, you would have entirely different effects. The problem is with the politics and the profit motive, 50:40 which is absolutely opposite to the motive of them improving the health. If you use every vaccine intelligently, you can eliminate all of these diseases. I love that you say that. You’re not completely anti-vax, but if they would just use them intelligently, they could have some validity versus the way that they’re just cramming them in children as quickly as possible and way too young like you mentioned. In the case of smallpox, the first widely used vaccine, that was intelligent. The latest vaccines, the nucleic acid RNA vaccines, are not even vaccines. They are so focused on the profit motive that they went absolutely against the health status of the population. 51:48 Statistically, you can look at the number of vaccines increasing starting about 1980 and the health of the public, especially the people who were children getting many, many vaccines. There’s a very close correspondence between the tremendous decline in American health and the overuse of vaccines, but the current so-called vaccine is like a caricature in which they actively came out against treating the COVID virus rationally and came out in favor of giving the vaccine even to people who had almost a zero chance of developing any harm from the vaccine. 52:52 It turned into just an open, shameless, funneling money from the public to these pharmaceutical companies by way of the Fauci administration. Robert Kennedy’s new book goes into tremendous detail on these business misconduct of many sorts in business, government, and military. Various branches of government involvement of the CIA and the Pentagon in designing our reaction to an epidemic. 53:57 People who didn’t pretend to have any knowledge about health became leaders. What they knew about was how to create business. Yeah, so do you know the title of his book? I heard you mentioned that on another podcast. Do you know the title of his book? And I’ll put it in the show notes. Yeah, it’s the real Fauci, real Anthony Fauci, and then he names the subdivisions on Bill Gates, the interactions of business and the pharmaceutical industry. Okay, interesting. Okay, so we only have time for a couple more questions here. And then if I didn’t get to your questions on this podcast, don’t worry, we’ll get to them on the next one because I always try to keep them in the queue. 55:07 So Francesco says, what does Ray think about HCG? He has on his, on his website, he stated a couple of times to be a positive since it raises progesterone. Would it be useful to use HCG? HCG? No, I don’t think it’s. I was going to say, I don’t remember reading that on your stuff, but. I don’t think it’s ever safe enough to use. Yeah, agreed. And I mean, I’ve seen people use it with no harm, but also it’s like you’re injecting something that’s specifically for a pregnant woman and expecting good results. So, yeah. Okay, so then it looks like NC girl nine if I says, why does pregnant alone give me estrogen dominant symptoms? Does it need to be taken cyclically with progesterone? Thank you. 56:11 Did she say what kind of progesterone? She was saying, why does pregnant alone give me estrogen dominant symptoms? So she’s taking pregnant alone. There have been many people is just in the last seven or eight years who report that for several of the major selling pregnant in the U.S. And having eaten more than a kilogram of pregnant alone, hated by the spoonful for a year, the everything that I experienced was anti estrogenic. So the increase in the opposite symptoms that have been hearing, for example, breast pain and user and cramps are very common symptoms. 57:23 And I think that means that a lot of the pregnant alone has been contaminated with traces of something with an estrogen like effect. Okay, good. Well, that is what we’re going to wrap up with today, Dr. Pete. I’m, I’m just speaking for everyone when I say thank you so much for always being willing to do these Q&As and answer questions because, you know, as you know, there’s a lot of people struggling with false information or misinformation. And so it’s good to hear it from somebody who has studied this relentlessly and understands how the human body works. So I just want to give you a big thank you from myself and all the listeners for your time today. You can check out that newsletter. You guys, I mentioned Ray Pete’s newsletter at gmail.com. Just email for that. Make sure you pick that up either email or hard copy mailed to you because it’s well worth the small investment. And of course, anytime you want to donate to Dr. Pete, I think it would be a good thing because he’s very generous with his time. So thank you once again, Dr. Pete. We’ll do this again soon. And I hope that you stay well and take care of yourself as you always do. 58:37 Hey, want to know a secret tip as to how to get past those late night sugar and carb cravings? Wish you could get rid of those evening ice cream binges and popcorn feast and wish you were able to wind down without the wine. Well, here’s your secret tip. You got to block blue light. Here’s why blue light from our devices, TVs, smartphones, tablets, computers after the sun goes down tells our brain it’s noon. And this is a really long day because we already had a noon today. So release cortisol and oh, by the way, we need more food since this day is so long. So just the action of blocking blue light after the sun goes down could actually thwart your cravings. I mean, imagine it. Imagine if you were living in prehistoric times and you didn’t have light after the sun goes down. Would you really crave that piece of fruit hanging on the tree? No, you couldn’t go find it. So the secret to not eating so late at night and not getting those late night carb cravings is to block all that blue light. That means dimming the house lights. Yeah, and maybe reading by candlelight and not having your devices on. 59:47 But if your husband’s not so keen on you not Netflixing and chilling with him, then it’s time you get some swanwick sleep glasses. That’s right, daytime blockers for those daylight screens. But more importantly, blue light blocking glasses at night. These are amber colored lenses that block out all the blue lights. You can still do your normal routine at night of, you know, playing words with friends if you have to. Even though I don’t want you on your device that much or watching TV with your loved ones or whatever it’s what’s taking your attention as far as blue light at night. So to get your hands on a pair of swanis or my favorite blue light blocking glasses, you’re going to go to swanwick sleep.com. That’s S W A N W I C K. Then the word sleep.com and type in my code fit410. That’s F I T F O R 10 the number 10 F I T F O R the number 10. And that’s going to get you 10%!o(MISSING)ff your very own amber colored blue light blocking glasses or the daylight blocking glasses. 01:00:50 If you find that you’re one of those people that has 16 different monitors in front of you at your desk during the day, what you do all day determines your night. So get that insulin, that blood sugar, those carb cravings under control by blocking that blue light and taking control of your cravings once and for all.

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