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00:00 Certainly those of the station staff, underwriters, or volunteers. Time is made available for all sorts of viewpoints, and thank you so much for choosing to listen to us in a crowded media landscape. And support 4KMUD comes from the Redwood Coast Energy Authority who provide services and support to the community to build energy resilience, reduce energy consumption, and expand the use of climate-friendly electric vehicles. Visit redwoodenergy.org for complete details or call 707-269-1700 for more information. It’s time for Ask Your Herb Doctor. 03:43 Well, once again, it’s Ask Your Herb Doctor, KMUD, Garberville, 91.1 FM. Welcome back. So, every month we have a guest speaker, and that guest speaker is the faithful, ever-reliable, factual, informative Dr Raymond Pete. And again, this month is no exception, Dr Pete’s going to be joining us to discuss the continuing subject of cancer with reference to autoimmunity and estrogen. For those people who wish to call in, we invite you to call in. It’s a live show. We encourage the questions related to the subject, but obviously recognize there are instances where people are following protocols and they have questions related to that protocol. Or indeed any other subject, as Dr Pete’s a wealth of information, and outside of his area of expertise, he often has an answer for many different questions. 04:46 So, this month, like I said, it’s a continuation of a broader discussion on cancer. The alternative approach is the treatment of cancer, some new research that I found here from some 19, sorry, 2020 papers and 2019 papers that have been written on immunotherapy and estrogen and autoimmunity. So from 7.30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock, you invited to call in, the number is 707KMUDRAD or 9863911, 923, sorry, 9233911, so it’s area code 7079233911. So I think without further ado, let’s make sure we’ve got Dr Pete on the air and that we can get his explanations as we go through this next 40, 50 minutes. Okay, Dr Pete. Yes, I’m here. Thanks so much for joining us. So for those people, as always, I start the shows off just in case. 05:48 For those people who perhaps might not have read anything that you’ve written or heard you speak or know anything about you, perhaps it’s always possible, new people coming all the time into the alternative scene, would you just explain your academic and professional background before we get into the show? Okay, when I graduated from college, that was in the humanities. I was an English major for a while and then an art and psychology and philosophy major for a while and worked for several years just in the humanities. But I was specializing in linguistics and wanted to understand how language works in the brain, so I decided to study biology to better understand the brain so I could understand language as a basis for understanding the culture and humanities and so on. 06:49 But when I got to graduate school at University of Oregon in 1968, I learned that the brain scientists were the most dogmatic, well, the geneticists were more dogmatic, but the brain science people were high status and very dogmatic, so I looked around, looking for people oriented towards science rather than dogmatism and found that reproductive physiology people were actually doing research and not throwing away heavens that contradicted them, their basic ideas. So I specialized in the physiology of oxidative metabolism as it changes in the reproductive system with aging and that happened to provide a good perspective on how to understand the 07:52 brain and its energy and so it was useful for my original project and so then I wrote up Minds and Tissue, a little book about the history of people understanding brain metabolism in relation to psychology and then for 10 or 20 years I was specializing in the interactions of hormones and nutrition counseling people and the effects of living and eating on your hormonal system and aging. All right, something I picked up on there, you said that when you decided to follow up your undergraduate stuff, you said that the reproductive physiology people were 08:52 far less likely to throw away good information related to the research and therefore a little bit more careful in sticking to scientific principles and not burying it and I just want to ask you the question before we get into the subject matter, is this because the estrogen industry hadn’t really gotten so much traction at this point by this point, it was still in the early days of its push towards and I guess it links to the night show because we’re talking about estrogen and autoimmunity but did you say that those reproductive physiology people or the people in those departments weren’t quite so inclined to throw this stuff away or mire it with Yeah, my brain neurology professor in class described doing some research and you said and then you throw away the bad data and in the lab I would point out an instrument reading to him 09:53 that was impossible by his ideas and it just turned off his brain in a flash and he turned away and I’m sure his memory was that he never saw that happen. Okay, let’s just hold you, hold that thought there for a second Dr. P and I have an underwriter I forgot to read and we love our underwriters because they keep us going. I’m a 11 minutes late, the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce is excited to present their small town Christmas Saturday, December 18th, festivities will begin about 2.30 and end with the suroptimist lighted truck parade about 6 p.m. Come to downtown Garberville and enjoy a carriage ride, face painting SFHS boosters at South Fork High School boosters offer pulled pork and Miranda 4-H club will have sweet treats, special deals at merchants throughout town and don’t forget to come say hi to Santa and share with him your holiday wishes. Ho, ho, ho. Okay, so Dr. P getting back to 10:57 the subject of tonight estrogen autoimmunity and cancer, I want to just quickly pull out basically a paragraph, it’s kind of plagiarism sorry for that but interesting details. No, a paragraph is considered fair use. Oh good, okay thank you. I mean in sight, sight where it came from. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, actually I don’t have the article that was pulled from but it was one of those 2021 articles from PubMed. So PubMed, okay it’s a university paper but I didn’t actually have this one down. So they just said that why women are more susceptible to autoimmune diseases not completely clear but new data suggests that the hormone estrogen may play an important role. A new study now shows that estrogen activates the expression of AID which is activation induced deaminase which is a protein that drives antibody diversification by deaminating cytosine in DNA to uracil. If estrogen increases the level of AID increased mutations could transform benign 12:01 antibodies into self anti-self parias and AID might also contribute to cancer particularly in breast tissue which is highly responsive to estrogen by introducing mutations and strand breaks into the genome. So I just wanted to read that out because the conversation that I had earlier with Dr. Pete about tonight’s show he said that he was looking more and doing more research into autoimmunity and how estrogen unfavorably influences the immune system to basically become a self-destructive mechanism or by knocking out things like nuclear factor capobita That article you cited is an extremely important landmark in not just autoimmunity but one of the very earliest estrogen cancer researchers, Lionel Strong, showed that estrogen destabilizes the whole genome, promotes tendency to develop an uneven number of chromosomes 13:08 by losing or gaining an extra chromosome or piece of chromosome. So it’s a genetic destabilizer and that’s exactly what this article you cite. It focuses on one single enzyme which is when it functions it helps to produce the essentially infinite variety of antibodies that we can make by creating extreme rate of mutation locally but that same destabilizing process works on many levels all the way to the shape and function of the basic cell not just that one mutation promoting the enzyme and when you look at these landmarks it’s important to keep in mind that in between the big landmarks like that article on the AID 14:16 mutagenic enzyme in between these landmarks you have an almost continuous seamless bunch of other changes that estrogen is acting on and producing that all tend in the same direction that the reductionist mechanistic approach just can’t look at the fact but wherever you look probably thousands of different places are cooperating with that destabilizing effect on that one enzyme but increasing the water content of the cell for example helps to destabilize the whole system. Hardening collagen, lowering oxygen tension, increasing nitric oxide production, histamine production, every word you look it would take 15:26 about an hour just to identify the main pro-inflammatory mechanisms that have been identified but the interesting thing is it’s holistic almost seamlessly interacting of one factor supporting another factor. Well I’m very pleased that you said that I was so happy to find the article I couldn’t hardly believe what I was reading because so often has been for the last 15 years well not quite that long with you obviously I mean we met you in 2007 but since I’ve been looking at articles to do shows and to come up with information and to discuss things and bring to the greater awareness people’s understanding of how they’re being duped as it were by the system and we’ll talk a little bit later on towards the end of the show about the authoritarianism which you’ve often mentioned in science and in the university systems 16:30 how people have been duped by the the status quo and what they’re told to accept or not but I couldn’t hardly believe the article when I read it because along with that there was another one a 2019 publication that one was the 2021 publication I was like wow they’re actually saying this they’re actually saying it the way it is this is what you’ve been saying for a long long time and I know we’ll come back to that quip that you’ve mentioned years and years and years ago you know a lie gets around the world faster than truth can get tired but shoelaces but I was so heartened to see this article and read about it because researchers and scientists were actually disclosing this now and because it’s been buried and hidden for so long because the history industry is so powerful and that’s why I mentioned when you first started talking about your bio you know the people in reproductive physiology perhaps weren’t so keen to throw stuff away because they weren’t as brainwashed perhaps probably because the instrument industry hadn’t got as much traction as it has now both in congress as well as in pharmaceutical you know frameworks that there’s so much money 17:35 behind it now that it’s very easy to just blind people to the truth and keep perpetuating the lie in an authoritarian fashion which the medical system emphasizes and epitomizes completely I’ve often wondered how my thesis advisor Arnold Soderwald how he came to be so open to the facts and and resistance to the industry position and I think was partly that he was born and educated before the power of the industry took over and so he was aware of the research that was done in the 1930s absolutely contradicting everything that since 1944 the estrogen industry has hoisted under the public yeah okay we’re getting to the getting to the meat and potatoes as it were for what you’ve recently been researching uh as a continuation 18:39 of a thread you’ve held for a long time along with the polyunsaturates being so damaging for the system both genetically and and energetically um survivors autoimmunity and estrogen is concerned I pulled out quite a few little snippets from either PubMed or other internet source documents that are researched and validated by references to the articles by which they’re claiming that what they’re saying is the way it is so the autoimmunity feature or the autoimmunity predisposing activity of estrogen how it’s so negative not just because it’s cancer forming but in in terms of its destabilizing things as you mentioned like water logging the cell and decreasing the energy availability and causing chaos in the cell generally how this can result in chromosomal changes but autoimmunity per se and how do you see estrogen driving that in terms of what you’re currently seeing and building on um the um pro-inflammatory part of inflammation and immunity 19:48 that is activated by estrogen such as histamine nitric oxide and serotonin it’s an essential part of getting things started but the next step is to turn off the excitatory process that got things started and focus on maturing the cells once they got shaken up by a little information then you have to give form to it and the estrogen releasing histamine for example activates many other pro-inflammatory things and activates cells our death cell division going and increases the the production of antibodies the the B cells are activated by estrogen and the thymus cells the whole thymus gland shrinks very quickly in the 20:55 presence of either estrogen or or glucocorticoids steroids and the if you knock out the thymus T cells that restrain the antibody production things like this enzyme you just cited AID those have become more and more dominant the B cells being activated in many ways by estrogen including knocking out the restraint from from the T cells that creates varied sort of random irrational activity of the antibodies being produced by this overactivity of the B cells and in that relatively random activity that’s where some of the antibodies 21:57 cause damage rather than contributing to cleaning up the infection process so what what goes wrong dr. p if the estrogen is a important stimulator of inflammation for healing purposes at what what point does it go wrong or why does it go wrong that it then becomes a chronic inflammatory stimulator yeah it’s exactly the same thing that happens in pregnancy estrogen and histamine create a little focus of activity in the uterus and inflammation that the conceptus takes advantage of and gets into the uterus but then if that process of local inflammation histamine and estrogen kept dominating it would interfere with the oxygen 23:00 and and glucose supply to the fetus yeah you’ve got to stop the excitation and the inflammation before the pregnancy to really start by delivering glucose and and oxygen to the tissue so when it’s progesterone rising uh the one of the natural functions of estrogen is to evoke the progesterone receptor making the cells open to being turned off by a progesterone so it’s sort of an automatic process the estrogen should excite and inflame the tissue but immediately turn the tissue towards looking for relief from progesterone by increasing the progesterone receptor and if you can produce progesterone partly acting through the 24:03 progesterone receptor partly outside that way of influencing one of the first effects of progesterone is to knock out the estrogen about roughly 10 different ways progesterone knocks out those pro-inflammatory effects of estrogen turning off the production of estrogen knocking out the estrogen receptor so the tissue is less sensitive to estrogen and changing the metabolism and so on and that exactly what happens to make pregnancy possible is what happens every time you have a little injury that evokes the estrogen activated start of the healing or immune process that should increase the cells ability to receive and be saved 25:12 or matured by progesterone produced elsewhere in the organism so for women that have autoimmune conditions is that something you would recommend they use as progesterone to help combat the inflammatory overactive immune stimulating effects of the estrogen yeah people are now recognizing the role of progesterone along with DHEA and thyroid but over the last 50 years or so I’ve seen several women with seriously debilitating effects of lupus SLD lupus erythematosis and just by taking thyroid and progesterone all of their symptoms over a period of several weeks faded away because the thyroid is combating the estrogen helping improve the liver’s ability to excrete it and detoxify it and increasing the 26:18 oxygen to the cell to get it to work better so it can not be over manufacturing inflammatory mediators yeah and making more progesterone and helping the progesterone production to counter balance the high estrogen and Duffy what role do you think like plastics in our environment play stimulating estrogens I mean is this something that we’re now going to be permanently scarred with women and and men children I’m glad you mentioned that because that’s actually part of another question I had for him later on but carry on yeah there are the water birth control pills getting into the sewage much of it ends up in the water of rivers and recycles and there are natural sources of estrogens but just the tremendous flow of 27:19 estrogen down the sewers it’s a tremendous polluting source but there are the plastics the agents used to make stiff plastics more flexible are effective estrogen in very small amounts and all of the water supply of the world is contaminated with those they’re saying that the levels of cancer now that they’re putting down to it I’m glad you said that my backup Sarah to just say that one of one of the questions I was going to pose to you is around Bisveen away and the catastrophe that we’re seeing worldwide with environmental contaminants from the plastics industry is fueling the cancer rates worldwide because it’s directly implicated in the estrogenization 28:20 of the organism male or female as well as fish and everything else that’s swimming about in the water um so you’re listening to ask you Dr. K. M. U. D. Garberville 91.1 FM Dr. Raymond Pete PhDs with us and we are discussing the subject of water immunity cancer and estrogen right about now 7 30 to 8 o’clock you’re invited to call in the questions either directly pose to Dr. Pete on the subject or any other health questions that you have the number here is 707-923-3911 so we’ll be taking calls from now until 8 o’clock well let’s not quite get into the plastics yet but I think just on the subject of autoimmunity and how the immune system basically targets itself when it’s under the effects of estrogen and how that can fuel cancer through chromosomal changes and damage that puts the body’s immune surveillance outside of the range of doing what it should do but turns it against itself um I looked at uh because people they’ve always said well not 29:23 always said but they’ve you know fairly recently in the last 15 20 years have been saying that viruses oncogenetic viruses um they’ve been discovered and that you know they they they posited then 20 30 years ago perhaps that these viruses may well be uh implicated in spontaneous cancer uh arising and I remember things like warped viruses um being implicated in the production of cancers um but Epstein-Barbner’s virus is also another one of those I saw in some recent research related to autoimmune disease such as Hachimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease rheumatoid and then you mentioned Lupus and Schurgen’s syndrome um so the viral interference as it were um towards promoting destabilization and autoimmune thyroid disease from viral inclusions as a autoimmunity um yeah do you go along with that kind of that kind of uh theory? Yeah the same 30:25 inflammation that leads to uh the direct actions of estrogen on the T and B cells and on their uh ability to make uh the safe type of antibodies that whatever the inflammation is is affecting all of the cells of your body uh shifting them a little bit to the unstable tendency to uh lack enough oxygen and to take up more water than is desirable. I’ve got a let me have a uh a caller on the air our first one for this evening so let’s hold you right there Dr. Pete and take this first caller. Caller where are you from and what’s your question? I’m from Scora Weege and this is Joe and I was wondering if there’s a correlation between the plastics makers in the pharmaceutical industry. The correlation between 31:26 the plastics makers industry the plastics industry. Yes the people who are who are who are making the plastic and the people who are holding the patents to the yeah I undoubtedly yeah I don’t doubt that for a minute but Dr. Pete in terms of petrochemical industries and pharmaceutical companies what do you think about that collusion perhaps? The bigger it is known it is known fact that the round-up company also holds with the patents to the medicine that cures the same illness or pretends to cure it. Well they don’t want to cure it yeah they don’t want to cure it. Cover up the symptoms of of the illness that the dandelion root would cure. Yeah I totally agree Dr. Pete what do you um what do you have to say? And then the other question I have when will they be held accountable? Yeah when will they be held accountable for a lot of things that hopefully that’s hope hope uh we will hope for that so let’s not give up hope but Dr. Pete what do you think 32:27 about petrochemical pharmaceutical collusion? Oh those are the most powerful industry next to military arms industry and they have had control of the government regulatory agencies for well over 100 years and it’s a less powerful industry the asbestos industry compared to pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals asbestos wasn’t such a huge powerful industry but it took about 100 years to reduce the public’s exposure to carcinogenic levels of asbestos so the government is working against the public on matters of pollution. And also Dr. Pete haven’t you told us that 33:31 estrogen is manufactured from petrochemical products? The original ones were diacetyl stilbestrol it was so cheap it was a perfect drug it cost nothing to manufacture but it had very powerful estrogen like effects that let it it was continuing to be used to treat prostate cancer into the right the very end of the 20th century they were still using it and that’s what you believe causes prostate cancer right is the estrogen and that treatment was based on zero evidence it was a total matter of opinion contrary to all of the research in animals but it affected many millions of men for about 55 years. It sounds like the true 34:37 mark of the authoritarian. Okay so you’re listening to ask your Dr. K. M. D. Garville 91.1 FM Dr. Raymond Pete our special guest here to answer questions either about the subject of tonight’s auto-immunity cancer and estrogen or any other health related questions you have that you feel Dr. Pete has the answer for and he has the answers so the number here 707-923-3911. I want to make a little departure from auto-immunity per auto-immunity’s sake but just ask you and I’ve got a little kind of paragraph of some work I saw that I think I don’t know if you’ll go along with it but let me just see if you will what do you what do you think about dienolmethane because I have an article about DIM for anti-estrogenic purposes. There were studies in fission that should have the pro-estrogenic effect so I’ve been a little skeptical of it but to the extent that you can show for example in 35:38 humans that it is protective and it’s a pretty safe material or just just eat your your cabbage and broccoli. Kale. I like kale. All right and then I saw a botanical perspective of interest me I caught I’ve caught it right away because I remember working in the botanic gardens in Cambridge this plant this climbing cucurbitaceous plant in the in the cucumber family called mormodica charanti, a bitter melon. They’re saying that it has strong estrogen modulating properties and that in rats bitter melon reduced estrogen levels notably in another study found four specific constituents from bitter melon possess significant antagonism of estradiol and estrogen receptors so I wonder if that plant caught my attention for any other reasons other than that but I thought it was quite pertinent these bright orange kind of gourds but they’re not gourd shaped but they’re kind of like swollen cucumbers with lots of spines on them. So getting 36:42 back to autoimmunity and other substances that affect estrogen and decrease estrogen’s ability to wreak havoc on the chromosome and to reduce T helper cells and the other parts of the immune system so that it can evade detection and or be arrested much sooner than it is in most people. There are two factors that powerfully go with the inflammation and destabilizing effect of estrogen adding to the tendency to develop autoimmunity. One is endotoxin and the if you’re overloaded with estrogen your blood vessels tend to be leaky and that in itself increases the risk of exposure to endotoxin which intensifies that leakiness and affects all of your cells 37:45 tending to make them leaky or overloaded with water and having the signs of information. The other main factor is the polyunsaturated fatty acids and the prostaglandins that they are converted to both pre-polyunsaturated fatty acids they have a direct effect activating estrogen for example knocking out the estrogen binding protein so that the estrogen is freed to be more active and effective and increasing the ability of cells to take up the polyunsaturated fats and then the under the influence of estrogen the excitatory prostaglandins are activated 38:50 and they in a healthy situation the prostaglandins are blocked by a progesterone in multiple ways stopping the synthesis and accelerating the degrading metabolism of the prostaglandins so the balance once you shift over to the estrogen influence you’re at increased risk from the polyunsaturated fats and the endotoxin coming from your intestine. All right good I’m glad you mentioned that endotoxin and leaky gut because there was another direct article that associated leaky gut with being the initial insult that allowed these fragments to pass across the into the bloodstream and set up auto-immunity because they’re recognized as foreign and some of these substances they mentioned things like gliding from gluten and that protein I couldn’t actually I didn’t actually have the time to look at it I 39:54 looked at the structure of triiodothyronine and thyroxine someone was saying I can’t quote the person’s name but I’ve got a small paragraph from their article they said that the gliding molecule was very similar to T3 and T4 structure and how when gliding got across a leaky gut and the permeability allowed that kind of thing to happen that within the bloodstream our own immune system unfortunately would recognize that gliding molecules being so similar to thyroid that it would actually cause an autoimmune thyroiditis as a consequence do you know anything about gluten structure? Oh yeah for a long time the celiac disease has been increasing right along with the exposure to estrogen it has gone from mostly a childhood disease to mostly an adult woman and there are several things that overlap antigenically with the tissues under the influence 40:58 of estrogen and gluten and in particular let me can I hold you that I don’t need a button in Dr. Pete we’ve got two callers on the air so let’s take these two callers first and then we’ll count yes because we definitely want I want to hear what he has to say about the interaction of gluten and estrogen if we have time yeah let’s go I’ll make a note of that but Dr. Pete let’s take this first caller out of two caller you’re on the air away from what’s your question hi actually I’m in Garbreville right now you guys started touching on this so maybe it’s a perfect time to ask but I was going to ask I don’t want to limit it to three foods but what are like three foods or three categories of foods one can avoid that are that you would say are highly carcinogenic and and as far as the worst foods for you to put in your body how would you say that would compare I don’t know if you can compare it to say smoking cigarettes thank you so carcinogenic foods the white food what would you say will be the top three carcinogenic foods oh uh uh 42:02 polyunsaturated fats yeah any vegetable seed oil liquid seed oil that is polyunsaturated olive oil is 90 percent mono-unsaturated 10 percent polyunsaturated otherwise all the other seed oils are polyunsaturated so Dr. Pete Poofer the first one how about number two I would put the pro inflammatory amino acids tryptophan I would say was a number two methionine cysteine and tryptophan and what are some foods Turkish high quality proteins in excess things like lots and lots of turkey well that’s so that’s basically not more than four ounces of meat per day is what you have generally recommended for someone trying to avoid carcinogenic excess of protein yeah definitely you don’t want to eat a pounder a pound and a half of meat per day 43:06 okay so Poofer pro inflammatory amino acids particularly tryptophan and what else do you think number three contender for your cancerous foods I’m not sure I would anything that contains a very great excess of iron I think should have a high spot and and how does that relate to smoking a pack a day of cigarettes how does it relate to what yeah so how how is say having a diet rich in Poofers compared in cancer risk to smoking a pack a day of cigarettes American cigarettes oh the the Poofers are probably the biggest question in any part of the American diet okay that was the first caller thanks for your question caller so let’s move on to the second caller caller you’re on the air where you from what’s your question yes good evening I’m calling from Garberville as well I was curious you answered my first question which was the I eat a lot of olive oil which is unfiltered which is fabulous 44:13 stuff so you’ve answered that question already the mono and so the second question was in relationship to our other caller who asked what the most carcinogenic foods were does whole wheat flour fall under that and uh how about what is uh is the constituents of chicken a healthy thing to eat and I’ll take my answer up here thank you very much gentlemen whole whole wheat flour um the reason flour and the grains were polished white rice for example and white flour is that the whole grains get rancid and toxic fairly quickly in storage and so if if you’re going to eat the whole wheat flour soon after its ground it’s probably not so bad but still at once it gets in your blood those um excess polyunsaturated fats are starting to react with iron in your blood 45:21 to produce lipid peroxides and pre-radical toxins the um polished rice has very little nutritional value but at least a way to see worst effects of storage toxins the rancidity it’s not going to go rancid white rice yeah very very little rancidity so it prevents starvation because it doesn’t have any other nutrients besides the carbohydrate calories I actually I found myself sitting by an Asian American professor of nutrition and I asked him you know hippies eat brown rice obviously that’s best why why isn’t that done in Asia and he said there was a storage issue because with white rice there’s not enough nutrition that a weevil can’t reproduce but if they’re eating whole grain meals or grains then they’re able to reproduce and you get an infestation instead of just losing 46:23 a few grains well there’s another reason yeah because it was everybody there ate tons of vegetables and then in some high quality meat and so it wasn’t an issue of fiber and vitamins it was a storable transportable food for armies and bureaucrats and the caller asked about chicken your specific view on chicken too on a typical industrial diet chicken is full of very unstable polyunsaccharide fats and I think it in excess is pretty carcinogenic but if you had access to good fresh locally raised chicken from a yeah if we diet no more than four ounces a day is okay yeah I think so it’s same with pork industrial pork has over 30 percent poofa in the fat and if people are careful what they’ve feeds or pigs the fat goes down almost like beef four percent 47:23 poofa of the fat if you’re not feeding them corn and all those poofa rich grains then the fat of the chicken and the fat of the pork or the pig will be less full of those toxic polyunsaturated or poofa oils we call them poofa yeah like the traditional pig diet of whey and old vegetables okay you’re listening to ask Europe Dr. K. Mede Galvo 91.1 FM from now until the close of the show probably at five to the hour you’re invited to call him the question 707-923-3911 Dr. P before you lose the train of thought not that you do lose too much if anything much gluten and estrogen so I wanted to make sure that we got that connection yeah there’s a enzyme transplutaminase is in common between gluten and for example the lining of the intestine acted upon by estrogen and so if we have antibodies to the foreign protein gluten 48:32 they will act against our own tissues as far as they’re under the influence of estrogen which induces the transplutaminase and the transplutaminase uh aspect of estrogen it’s the cross-linking enzyme that hardens collagen and under the influence of estrogen producing transplutaminase collagen itself becomes hardened and carcinogenic rather than flexible interesting we have another caller on the air so let’s let’s go there first he was able to do it in five words opinion on eating flax i’m sorry hemp seed and pumpkin seed hemp hemp seed versus pumpkin seed or either both um they are not necessarily the worst for the proof of it i wouldn’t 49:35 uh that is something that you should do regularly because of the breakdown products that they’re probably fairly rancid by the time you ingest them anyway okay we’ve got one more caller on the air and i think we’re going to leave this next caller coming to be the last one just so that the engineer uh can clear up for eight o’clock and i’m going to carry on talking with you dr p so let’s take this next caller a call away from what’s your question i’m just from redway and i my question is you know i’m a construction worker so i work in that with um you know the typical construction materials be they um you know uh laminated glues and beautiful glues ab abs glue yeah i cut abs glue all the pipe all the time and those i would assume are excluding the same kind of the bioestrogens that you’re referring to 50:37 um i and then you know and then there’s also insulation and those i would really love to hear a program if you don’t mind me hijacking it for a second to to talk about the things that that uh you know that uh the general public are exposed to on but i do i’m you know i would love to hear about abs and the pbc only vinyl chloride and and how how those um chemicals react and and i’m afraid i didn’t listen to your show before this but i would really love to know because i do work with them often yeah well dr p let’s thank you for your question call let’s give it over to dr p first and then just remind you uh that on our website uh we do run oh 85 percent of the shows that we’ve done i still have a lot to put up from 2021 2021 51:40 unfortunately there’s some of the hottest stuff we’ve done actually on covid but dr p the um building materials i mean not just in california with their supposed safe regulations and we’ll get into that at some other point but um the glues and you know the pbc’s and all of the sealants and solvents and christie’s hot glue hate the smell that’s even the safety law system as far as it’s existing it’s really part of of a superstructure that enforces the use of the dangerous materials that they have laws to supposedly protect you against them but the basic system is designed to direct production towards these cheapest and most dangerous chemicals as the in the long run 10 years or more i think the problem would be solved very economically 52:44 instead of continuing the deforestation to make lumber and plywood and and so on and then support fire departments to put out houses they’re bringing down living in mexico i i was interested that there are practically no fire departments because it’s all adobe all mud and cement and mud and cement are very cheap building materials they pollute very little you you wind up some some rocks natural that can make your house yeah any any shape you want and that’s chemically inert once it gets in place yeah you can burn seashells and make your own lime slate lime it’s just uh okay so let’s so what are some dietary strategies if you’ve been working all day with these horrible chemicals what should you eat and what should you do to get that stuff out of your body that’s why i was just going to ask dr pete in the last couple minutes of this show 53:46 let’s discuss some ways to help protect ourselves against the carcinogenic effects of estrogen and i know you’ve gone on about raw grated carrot and how effective they are at helping to decrease the endotoxin that we were talking about earlier but also that they can actually absorb estrogen from the bowel any good fibers that isn’t too poisonous our carrots have their own poisons but the fiber keeps us from absorbing when when it’s raw carrot and moderately shredded we absorb very little of the irritating or toxic chemicals but other fibers you might find more agreeable anything from well-cooked mushrooms or bamboo shoots even to a well-cooked brand old brand for example uh has a fiber effect of getting the intestine out of your intestines so it doesn’t recycle and 54:51 poison your liver and so keeping the intestine as clean as possible means also keeping a rapid transit time and avoiding irritating foods that could cause inflammation and constipation and part of the effect it is to watch that your thyroid isn’t suppressed because that will flow the elimination of estrogen so keeping your metabolic rate up or keeping a temperature around 98.6 during the peak of the daytime that will tend to give you a quick peristalsis and get things through your intestine before they have a chance to irritate and produce endotoxin and recycle estrogen and the other two supplements that are very helpful with keeping estrogen at bay or you know in our food of calcium is definitely one of them that helps 55:51 to keep estrogen levels low and vitamin D those are two other supplements that you can take or you know hopefully you’re getting your calcium from dairy and green leafy vegetables and because they keep your metabolic rate higher the way thyroid does the calcium especially from low fat milk supported by vitamin D both are very good for weight loss and then lastly one one last thing is progesterone is a direct combat molecule to estrogen okay let’s hold it there folks thank you so much for your time Dr. Pete I’ll just give out your information here okay okay for those of you who’ve listened to the show Dr. Raymond Pete are raypeat.com plenty of articles to read lots of science backing it our website western botanicalmedicine.com we’ve got probably 12 years 13 14 years of archive shows I’ve got all of the shows from 20 and 21 to go up unfortunately haven’t done it been very busy but there are lots of COVID shows there to show how ridiculous this entire 56:54 farce is I wanted just to finish up the show we’re going to discuss a little bit about authoritarianism and I just this afternoon when I was getting the stuff together for the show during the course of the afternoon here came up with what I want to read out now and it’s just like a bit of a eulogy for you guys listening out there and for people for future prosperity but basically I called it authoritarianism and the age of acceptance have it all and have nothing we’re evolving as a species and with our evolution comes the concept of deranged acceptance nature is not accepting but rather through evolutionary pressure it selects a fittest and is quite barbaric it takes no prisoners and is quite merciless rules exist and nature obeys them set from the foundation of the world which we recently have also learned to meddle with and derange like viruses and gain of function research and the origins of COVID the opposite perhaps of the all-encompassing embrace of everything is allowable are the immutable laws set in place which we are constrained to like time gravity 57:57 and death authoritarianism like cultural Marxism is at odds with our founding father’s constitution of life liberty in the pursuit of happiness which is a god-ordained decree immutable and self-evident echoing Martin Luther’s famous speech from the emancipation proclamation like gain of function research and authoritarianism these are set at odds with their counterpart and are to be resisted with your life evolution demands that fitness be preserved and aimed at physically and spiritually and so with increasing authoritarianism and draconian legislation aimed at making us happier to coexist with everything except everything have no boundaries and have no morals i’ll leave you with this have at it or resist and live 2022 will soon be here but we will move on and for those who have ears let them hear what the spirit says merry christmas and a happy new year to you all my name is Andrew Murray 58:59 my name is Sarah Johanneson Murray thanks for tuning in tonight good night good night that’s an adventure of

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