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02:54 Ray Peat, Georgie Dinkov, how are you guys Ray? How are you? Very well and Georgie Dinkov Not bad, you know surrounded by more national guards than I’ve ever seen in my life But things are still I guess under control. No civil war yet. Yeah, what are their 25,000 troops in DC right now? Is that it’s more than that, right? That’s just the National Guard There’s like I mean the place is teeming with like I would say civilian and undercover cops or like all kinds of You know state police. I don’t even know what agency they belong to but it’s pretty obvious there There’s some kind of a law enforcement because they have guns and you know At the first sign of of commotion because the protest are continuing even after Biden got installed But you can see these people are police because they have guns and you know as soon as something happens They pull out their badges. So There’s more there’s more law enforcement on the street and there’s people at this point I’m sure we’ll get into that more but Ray, you know, we haven’t chatted in about a month or so Where where is the most important place to start you think what’s the most critical information to to chat about? 03:57 That nothing new has indicated that there’s Pandemic or epidemic at all I Was going to say have you seen the news of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines? How many people started suddenly dying in Norway and in Israel and basically the effectiveness that they claim is there now Apparently, it’s not 12,000 people in Israel immediately got infected after getting vaccinated and in one county of New York, which had been free of the so-called virus For a whole month. I think it was on the 22nd of December Vaccination started in one Nursing home they vaccinated 198 old people and In I think it was only about two weeks 05:02 23 or 24 had died Well That is a huge statistical Indication that the nursing home people said well, they had a local epidemic of the virus that happened to kill only the Vaccinated people. Do you think they’re dying from the lipid adjuvant or they’re dying from the actual Operating system Adjuvant and no one was talking about that And that’s the I think they falsely labeled it as a carrier for the RNA when Those same things have been sold for years as adjuvant Do you is the so the RNA aspect of the vaccine is less dangerous than the polyethylene glycol lipid 06:05 adjuvant I Would guess so. Yeah. Well, that’s that’s almost like that’s that’s pretty wild but yeah, but for a long range of possibility of having the Our RNA for making the spike protein Which creates inflammation if we become permanent factories for Inflation proteins Addition to good thing Did you see the news about the Australian vaccine? I mean, it’s already been terminated, but it contains a portion of the HIV virus And and as soon as they started giving it to people people started testing HIV positive So they freaked out they shut off the shut down the vaccine. I said, don’t worry It’s not causing HIV infection, but I thought maybe they’re concerned that Okay, so you have only two choices either the vaccine causes HIV Infection or the tests that are HIV that are detecting HIV positive people are useless because 07:08 What about all these other people that were detected HIV positive that didn’t get the vaccine? So which one should we pick? Yeah, that’s nice that they’re Frauders being put to the test And now Lynn Wood This this lawyer here in the United States is saying that Apparently some of his friends that got vaccinated with the with the Pfizer vaccine Which shouldn’t contain any HIV particles are also testing HIV positive Do you think that maybe because of the mRNA somehow activating our Internal retroviral and that’s what’s causing the positive tests And remember What’s his name The French Nobel Prize when all montagne? Yeah He claimed that he identified some HIV In the stretch of RNA that’s used So basically any mRNA vaccine that’s 08:12 That includes mRNA from the from the coronavirus You know at least this one It’s it’s he has a chance of triggering an HIV positive test or even worse basically a chronic You know HIV infection Yeah I agree with peter doosberg, so That there has never been any Evidence that such a virus causes The aged condition Right, but it’s in in in any case. It’s it’s probably not a positive sign that the retroviral is is activated by this vaccine Yeah, the what will activate A positive test that might only take a stretch of two or three nucleotides to be Uh Indicated Uh similarity to the HIV virus 09:17 Um for the PCR test if its sensitivities cranked up all the way to the max I think right now They’re using 40 cycles or something like that for uh for the coronavirus if you crank it up even more Can you come up with a basically positive test for pretty much any virus? Because they’re they’re they’re so similar. I mean, there’s a there’s probably an overlap of at least 10 percent across all viruses Isn’t there? Yeah, I I think they ordered people to test all across the country using that many terms of the cycle because they knew it would create supposed evidence of a big epidemic but I’m sure that If they can get a large number of people vaccinated Then they’re going to change the instruction go back to actually measuring something Rather than producing false positives for it and you then use that 10:19 to claim that the virus Eliminated the epidemic Uh, probably one of the darkest things I’ve read I don’t know if we’ve talked about it on the show before but the idea that you know if you deny a vaccine You don’t want to be a guinea pig or an eight month experimental new technology vaccine You’ll be labeled as a public health threat, you know or a domestic terrorist You know you’re a contagion and there’s news trickling out. I’m sure you saw it Ray Um, there’s some paper in new york about like a being held against your will and like a covet camp. So Pretty depressing, but you think that’s where this stuff will That that will be part of this whole thing is taking people and gathering them together that refuse to get vaccinated They’re already doing something like that with having the communication websites Fensor prevent those people from posting. Oh people in the camps can’t post 11:23 Uh, no, I mean the general public is being uh, uh designated defectively a domestic terrorist if they uh want to post this sending information and That was one of biden’s proposals to have A new category of domestic terrorism So the government could enforce all of the internet to identify these domestic terrorists And keep them from posting anywhere We don’t have to dwell on it too much But what is your rundown of the trump situation of of biden? You know, uh, I’m sure you’re aware of q anon and them and them being some kind of I don’t know people suspect It was a psychological operation possibly from israel or something, but what what is your Do you think at this point like the the capital stuff was trump in on it? Was he not who he said said he was or was he just 12:25 Opposing a power elite that was in complete control Uh, yeah, he had the good points, but uh, sometimes he got carried away and I think q and on Might need psychological Uh, did you when you first got with of that? Did you did you smell fraud? Yeah, yeah or lack of sense of reality basic cultism and lack of critical thinking uh Some guy named, uh Ward, I forget his his name people are swallowing the strange things that he says Two or three days later they happen to happen and he comes up with a new 13:26 Explanation And they keep swallowing it time after time as if their memory lasts only two days Well on youtube I followed several uh several channels that really detailed kind of Zionist activities And they were being obliterated off youtube and those q anon channels were getting like hundreds of thousands Of views and they weren’t being censored at all And so of course now that has changed a little bit, but it definitely seemed like uh, they wanted people to get into that So some people were speculating was that whole ruse to fulfill the prophecy of white nationalist christian domestic terrorists now because that I mean there’s a whitney web and other people have been Um getting sound clips. I forgot the woman’s name But but basically saying that this whole phase of this, uh, whatever is happening right now Is going to be turned on domestic terrorists like um similar to what we did to al qaeda or whatever Yeah, and promoting The crazies on the other side 14:29 Is going to Give more backing to the dissenters The crazy Supporters of Authoritarianism Are being supported by The official government side where the Descenders are are the ones who will be Uh susceptible to incarceration for their belief Yeah, and when he also pointed out that like they’re trying to group uh, jeffrey epstein Like people that are interested in that with q anon and like sandy hook and 9 11 So they’re trying to like group all these things together And so to an average person they hear any of these words and they immediately dismiss it because They’ve had such a bad taste in their mouth mouth from the constant press Again of q anon, which has been so popularized over the mainstream news channels 15:31 George you have any questions I was I was going to try to go as back as far as possible You know and we can talk about this and everything else and then we can get into user questions, right? but like uh, my my main question was Uh, does this go back to kind of the like 200 years ago battle of waterloo and kind of how the Ross child’s Form their fortune and then the industrious the industrialists the rockifellers And things like that. Is that is that an uh effective way of understanding how we arrived here? I I think so uh, the one strand of culture that is coming out in insane ways In the last, uh, oh several years Of getting emails on the internet. I’ve had only Maybe half a dozen really insane sounding people But just in the last week I’ve had more 16:32 letters like that than All 20 years that I’ve used the internet people Saying with it numerology Blaming numerology on the Jesuits Even though it originated in the old testament with In the beginning there was a word and the word was with god The uh tradition The jewish cobala In particular promoted and amplified this essentialist ideas idea that the uh Hebrew God spoke Hebrew and so every letter and word of Hebrew Is a coded message from god and 17:32 people like Noam Chomsky studied the cobala as a kid and That says that you can assert Anything that numerology confirms And you don’t need any real world evidence because the At least the Hebrew word is with god and defines reality and Chomsky used it To bypass the people who wanted to explain language as a matter of the brain dealing with the world And he said no, you don’t need any evidence at all the way Get that scientific view of language Is to treat the person and the brain as an absolute black box 18:35 get Don’t try to look for any Information coming from the people who use language and experience it constantly Because the only thing that counts is this word derived reality And so if you Don’t have words You can’t think For example, he was saying that My dogs And I think he called them Canines Don’t don’t Understand what i’m saying because they have no words they can’t understand anything But then he explained that he used the word canine Because if he spoke the word dog They would Make the wrong conclusion that he 19:36 Wanted to do something with them So he demonstrated that they are thinking and would draw mistaken conclusion if he Suddenly started using the word dog But then he denied that thought is possible without words and that since thought defines Mental being basically Humans are the only ones to count because they can If they work at it they can Identify the numbers that define the essences of reality A deep scientific heresy cutting out 20:38 empiricism and That’s what I see is the greatest danger happening now that there’s Everyone is being discouraged from looking for evidence and That forces you to rely on them on the experts and whoever’s Running with a cult of the time Wasn’t there a campaign of mass sterilizations in the in the us for people who were deaf and couldn’t speak so the the assumption was that these people were Mentally retarded and and that’s why they they sterilized them so they couldn’t reproduce Yeah I had a professor who said you don’t have to worry about anesthesia when you’re operating on an animal that screaming 21:41 Isn’t words and so It can’t say stop stop cutting and murdering me so Nothing is happening But so maybe they should try you know plugging that professor’s mouth and operate on him And if he can’t say stop then you know, it’s he’s not feeling pain either Yeah, it was actually I was a psychology major for a year and one of my professors A young and progressive one Most progressive in the department said that babies Brains aren’t Mature Until they’re about a year and a half old And so they can’t Speak or 22:43 Feel pain Therefore, you don’t need anesthesia if you circumcise them Far beyond that Circumcision has been practiced without anesthetic Were you saying that the Rothschilds were motivated by the cabala? Like I’m kind of an intro to all this stuff So the Talmud and the cabala are those those are two different books and they’re both Intertwined with kind of their their mindset Yeah What But the the cabala is more of an esoteric type of thing or no? It has penetrated far beyond the the extreme rabbinic tradition And then I was reading good Isn’t I think the Talmud actually contains These stories that indicate that the really the extremely religious orthodox Jews are actually polytheistic 23:43 They’re all these demons and and and you know and witches and wizards and whatnot that the Talmud describes and You know, apparently they’re not if you if you’re a known Jewish person You’re not supposed to know about this and if you ask they’re allowed to lie At least that’s what I’ve heard But I’ve you know, I’ve read some commentary on the Talmud And it seems to indicate that it’s a it’s a description of a polytheistic religion, which of course Zionist Zionist people don’t want to talk about because officially at least You know Judaism is a is a monotheistic religion, you know worshiping a Yahweh Yeah, something I didn’t realize is the Rothschild wealth is like two centuries older than the Rockefellers And so in that case where the Rockefellers More of agents of the Rothschilds or did they have their They worked together and they wanted to do something similar of kind of taking over the world I I don’t know How much of a mental 24:47 Overlap there there was at the time that they Got in in Kahoot But I I think the Jewish influence Tends to permeate other organizations Well, something you had mentioned we talked about maybe on the the first or second time We had you on was the protocols of the elders of Zion. So and but if you read through that It’s not much different from What the Rockefellers were all about, you know, and so so they seem scarily similar Yeah, I think basically They’re accurate representations of intentions But uh looking at this is a son of Wikipedia. So it doesn’t really mean anything but ford seemed to be Not into the Rothschild thing So like these 1900s industrialists like uh robber barons was was there some there was some distaste for 25:52 Kind of the Zionist approach or no? Um, yeah, I think essentialism is what they all developed in contact In context and then reinforce each other’s tendency in that direction And when what does essentialism? It’s the idea that, you know, don’t need Empirical evidence To develop true knowledge of the world Exactly what Chomsky did with the brain Uh treating it as a black box they For example, create a treat the history of an atom As not existing Of an essence 26:55 fills in for the nature of atoms of a kind For all time everywhere in the universe This essence of what an atom is Applies So you don’t want to look for the effect of time on individual atoms And so they reject that something like that in favor of their kind of they already have the knowledge in these these ancient books Is that what you’re saying? Yeah, and The reductionism Is generally making that claim that we already know what chemical reactions are and what atoms are and so If the organism is nothing but atoms and atoms aren’t to be investigated 27:56 temporarily Then we have essential knowledge of what an atom is and what chemical reactions are and so ultimately If we reduce the organism to atoms and reactions we Already know everything we need to know about the organism It’s all there a few practice reductionism And a little bit of a change of subject bill gates, you know He he talked about wanting to put vaccine or he has a paper or something on putting vaccines and foods Putting vaccines and mosquitoes blocking out the sun etc. etc Since he’s trying to toxify the planet in every way imaginable It got me thinking do the elites even live here? Do you do? I mean this is actual conspiracy, but do they not? Do they have something like underground or something it makes it’s wild to think that he’s again doing all these things and that he’s 28:59 Like couldn’t he be bit by one of his vaccine mosquitoes at some point and be killed? No, I think he’s just a true believer in complete essentialism that Uh, he doesn’t see the meaning for himself And then who do you think and he’s obviously kind of in or a true believer and he’s and he’s very rich But is he an errand boy in some way of working for somebody bigger? Um, yeah Whoever has more money I Maybe jake up rush Hey, yeah, it in effect The way it works is that money rules And so who has the most money is the one you should look to 30:02 And the money like the the elites they don’t really care about money It’s just paying people to do evil stuff to fulfill their their vision I Yeah, except they think it’s the humanistic rationalistic Proper way to make a good world The multiplication of human beings could fairly quickly kill the earth but They don’t take the rational approach, which is that as soon as the population Is secure in their livelihood They the population of that area stops increasing and begins decreasing So all they have to do is to control 31:03 to control population growth Is to Enrich the poorest areas first wasn’t that julian simons argument? Uh, uh, yeah, the first person When was he Making the argument maybe 70s at the same time paul erlich was Uh Yeah, the the one that Uh Demonstrated statistically That raising the standard of living Uh, uh Would reduce the population was the, uh Physiologist and denver Uh, uh, did some of the first Free free radical studies Unsells Uh 32:03 He was a renaissance man though many different disciplines Yeah, and intelligent in all of them and He just made it Absolutely clear that every time It has happened that the population has region above The starvation level were increased children Would increase their likelihood of surviving in old age As soon as you don’t need a big family They stop producing them Unless uh, dorgie has a another question move on i have a question on economics a little bit And i know i’m we’re gonna catch a lot of hate But it’s related to marx and his theory of why capitalism seems to or at least not capitalist but like this The modern state that we’ve been enjoying over the last 200 years why it seems to 33:07 Ultimately always lead to wars and destruction He calls it the tendency of the profit rate to decline. Are you familiar with that idea re? No So basically marx says that uh over time in a capitalist production mode society Basically the the means of production of wealth becomes more and more capital intensive And and it tends to decrease the ratio of labor that got the goals As an input to producing the wealth, right? But if you’re decreasing the rate of labor as part of the production process Ultimately the profit rate will decline because According to marx’s theory value is only produced by labor by by intelligent labor so ultimately um as as the capitalist are chasing more and more profit and making their The modes of production more and more capital intensive and shunning labor out The profit rate for these capitalists for the bourgeois starts to decline 34:10 And they you know, basically ultimately that leads to conflict between them at the state level and then ultimately between states at the world level So according to marx, it’s just the way the the state is structured to produce wealth in a capitalist society Ultimately is bound to lead some sort of a violent conflict because you know all this money that’s in circulation Usually has to be paid back with interest and if the profit rate starts to drop below that interest Eventually you’ll get into a situation that cannot be sustained and it leads to war. Are you familiar with with his thought on that? I’m not not in detail, but uh, he thought that process would lead automatically to socialism and Lenin his insight was that As long as you can keep developing colonies 35:12 Including the whole world in the process every time Capitalism is failing You have to open up new populations New colonies new markets and So Lenin saw that imperialism was periodically every time capitalism would have died they they expand and organize new markets and So anti imperialism becomes an essential opposition to capitalism Well, if there are no more colonies because we live in a fairly developed world already 36:14 Then ultimately that would have to lead to a conflict because if capitalism fails in some country, there are no more colonies to exploit Then the only option that mark said is to start the destruction of the wealth that was already produced inside of that country And of course guess whose wealth they’re going to destroy not not the wealth of the rich But whatever wealth remains into the middle and the lower classes so that they can usurp it a Penny’s on the dollar and basically generates, you know, you know, you had another year of of profit through desperate means Um, I I think Stalin’s innovation was to try to plate it the outside world By declaring socialism Uh Against world revolution socialism in one country And the problem was that the idea of world revolution 37:16 was supported by the big imperialists U. U. S. Germany and japan all were secretly supporting of Trotsky And so Yet the idea of world revolution is where the extreme anti Stalin Falsifications had to begin Okay Okay, I was I have questions about world war one and world war two, but I I think I’ll save them maybe for next time Uh, right surviving the great reset, you know, I I think the cards are stacked against everybody But you know, we’re we’re talking about how the grim things are and things like that Is there anything you can think of you’ve mentioned? 38:17 Having a chicken or having a goat or having a cow and being able to produce your own food and that being the wealth Currency of the future. Is there anything else you’re maybe you’re doing to protect yourself or that you would recommend other people to Maybe get through the next few years because you know things are rapidly changing Um, I yeah in the short term Having storable food Is logical but because Electricity is essential for ordinary living They realize that you you can’t store Perishable food in the freezer because they just have to turn off the electricity for a week of the time and everything spoils 39:19 I have a list here. Maybe you could add to it. Uh, UHT milk, honey, white sugar, canned oysters, canning salt, frozen Oh, so this would not be not be good in the freezer. Um Uh, not frozen meat, not frozen liver, Mexican Coke, coffee, powdered gelatin, powdered milk, applesauce with no additives, canned fruit without citric acid Baking soda. Is there anything else you can think of that would be good to obtain at the grocery store and stock up? Um Ordinary granulated white sugar and uh G and uh coconut oil are intense calorie sources that are good for medium term uh Shutdown In that UHT milk, it says on the like at least the one I have it says about six months Can you go even longer on that or or does it? Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah, that that’s 40:20 Just basically so they can keep selling So so it doesn’t it doesn’t expire And the taste gradually deteriorates If it’s exposed to oxygen, but if it’s well sealed I’ve had some five-year-old powdered milk What is that the same thing as like UHT in that tetrapack type of milk? Am I confusing the two? I I don’t know what isn’t it But like powdered milk the actual powder Uh versus the type of milk that’s in the cardboard, but it’s next to the soy milk like in the grocery store shelves Uh, yeah, I’ve never looked at that in detail That the uh ultra pasteurized milk I’ve uh eaten it far beyond the 41:21 expiration date and didn’t notice that Taste was any worse than when it’s freshly made In Georgia, you see the the recent changes by the FDA the in the food safety regulations Because of the they explained it that that you know, they had to do it because of the pandemic But now they’re allowing vendors that are selling any kind of Pre-packaged food to basically replace Most of the ingredients as they as the vendor sees fit without changing the label So in other words some of the examples are you can be looking at like mayonnaise made with coconut oil And and those are pretty rare, but I’m just giving it as an example and it says the ingredients are eggs Coconut oil vinegar, etc And then apparently the vendors are now allowed to replace the coconut oil with any other oil Which of course means they’re gonna put either cotton seed or canola oil at whatever’s cheapest And the eggs can be replaced with something of the same color 42:21 Um as long as it basically meets the the definition of having a consistency of an egg So basically what I mean, how can we even trust the labels at this point in the store? As far as the pandemic is concerned, I mean, I’m I’m sure that you know There are other issues with the labels But right now it seems that pretty much anything goes when you go into buy these things in the store And I’ve already noticed a few products deteriorate drastically in quality Even five years ago the department of agriculture Was allowing horrible things to get bypass labeling requirements As processing agents for example So things like uh, I actually got some of the uh, the organic Milk brands in Whole Foods that were giving me digestive issues And I sent some samples to the lot to a lab that we work with and they came back saying that 43:23 These milks contained silica and gums even though neither one of these was listed on the label Uh Have you written anything about that? Uh, I haven’t written anything about that, but I called the vendor and Two of them refused to answer my question They did they did pick up the phone and the third vendor said as long as it’s as long as the whatever ingredient is in there as long as it’s under A, uh, I don’t know what kind of a real limit there is for each one of these ingredients That he said that they’re not they’re not required to report on the label Basically, if it’s one gram less than one gram per serving, I think is what he said I I think it’s important to get that information out Okay, understood I’ll see how I can do without getting sued. I mean, I’ll just say that’s the Three or four major brands that are sold at the local Whole Foods and they’re only five or six. So that should be enough for people Mm-hmm. Okay. Let’s take our first question. Let me minimize the browser here. Okay. This one’s from anon about vexing 44:26 Hey, Danny George in uh, uh, I love the show been listening to it for Uh, about two weeks. Are you guys getting it all choppy and stuff can’t write. Can you you can’t hear that right? I? I couldn’t understand a word of it. Okay, either. Can I okay? Um, uh, I wonder if it’s just that question Let’s try another one Okay, Danny. Hey ray. Hey, Georgie Um, I have a question about the aging process I I want to know what would it take to stop aging And reverse the aging process and keep people in a perpetually youthful state Like um, what kind of therapies or medicine or technologies do we need to be able to achieve something like that? Thank you I think the Basic process it is epigenetic And uh, it involves 45:29 Small adaptations constantly to an improper environment for our type of organism That uh, if we can Uh, uh, cause all of our adaptations to be directed by our central intention What we feel ourselves to be and the need Aging could basically be stopped The every little At adjustment to stress Leaves an epigenetic residue in the tissues slowing metabolism Leaving the production of energy by by oxygen consumption 46:32 lower while increasing glycolytic and energy production And the consequences of that are to gradually increase flowing proteins like heat shock protein collagen content of the connective tissues and progressive Lowering of the mitochondrial processes of each cell Uh, the organism gets drier and drier But but the individual cells inside this Dehydrating framework The individual cells have become more and more inflamed And I think of Running downhill as an example of 47:35 Uh, an extreme example of the adjusting in the wrong direction Or if you Stretch a much muscle under tension That leaves a damage behind And very quickly lures the oxidative Ability of the cell but From the canadian exercise physiologists Have the old people do exclusively Concentrate exercise in which You you don’t have any Adjustment to The forced extension of muscles Uh, our our culture, I think in effect is forcing 48:39 Our organism to go Ways that it really doesn’t want to go And that’s like When you run downhill The muscle under the force of gravity is being Forced to shift To protect against That tearing effect on the muscle and The muscle it enlarges under those conditions But it’s permanent more or less permanently changed and According to those two exercise physiologists That can be reversed by the special kind of Of Contraction What we need is a general culture that Emphasizes what’s best for each person 49:44 Your word is surviving in this current situation. It’s uh pretty much impossible to to thrive, right? Yeah No, no effort is being made To make things better for everyone If an organism is depleted of pufa, uh, wouldn’t the maladaptive process Be be very it be much slower or like much much lower in terms of intensity Yeah, yeah All kinds of experiments have demonstrated That pufas Accelerate all of the bad processes A study just came out today or at least I saw it today on on my news feed and they found out that simply blocking the prostaglandin e2 receptor Basically fully reverses any signs of brain aging or any kind of neurodegenerative disease And I thought like oh, wow, what a nice and politically convenient way to not implicate pufa 50:47 They blocked the receptor of the prostaglandin but immediately to the people knowledgeable situation It means that without pufa, there can be no brain aging. Does that apply? Do you think to every tissue in organ? Yeah, yeah The prostaglandin system is Sort of the final amplifier of the stress Uh intensifying Amplifying function In terms of controlling the stress reaction, um, it’s correct me if I’m wrong, but it starts at the hypothalamus, right? Would be hypo what? Hypothalamus the part of the brain that releases things like uh, crh the corticotropin Hormone and and the thyroid the trh the tyrotropin releasing hormone 51:47 I uh the Organism does its best to preserve itself in in these bad circumstances But these these several studies have shown that the uh, these these peptides that the hypothalamus releases like crh and trh Are highly inflammatory And now several companies are trying to come up with like drugs to block Either the release of them or block their receptors At the pituitary level or other tissues Do you think there is there’s any benefit in suppressing the reaction of the hypothalamus to stress external stress? Good conditions We’ll do it Thyroid supplements are one of the important things for Keeping down the stress produced by Tsh the 52:48 there’s now gradually increasing Awareness that tsh Is what causes the circulatory damage of hypothyroidism? Uh, that uh as the tsh goes up the deterioration atherosclerosis everything contributing to hypertension is Created by the tsh itself What about something like shining red light on the thyroid or or the skull? Um I think the whole body exposure To all of the good light is much better than just On the thyroid Yeah, i’m asking just because a lot of people are under lockdown right now. And if they can’t refer to go outside 53:50 Um, would this be like a like I guess like a close substitute? Until they’re free to go outside Uh, I doubt that it really helps very much getting a thyroid supplement Is the surest to work? Great stuff. Okay, let’s take oh, sorry. Let’s go ahead Ray Say again. Oh, I was just going to go to another question Oh, okay Okay, let me hide this. Let’s try that one that skipped a little bit to see if it was Oh, no, it’s okay. It’s still bad. Okay. Sorry Annan. Uh, we’ll I’ll do your question next time That last question was from abraham. Thank you very much. Abraham. This one’s from oren Hello, ray. Danny george. I was wondering if you could speak on your views of the history of philosophy As a jumping off point I think that the hig alien idea that there’s progress in history that history always moves forward and the post enlightenment Rationalist project really lead us to where we are now with our current situation with technology and our current 54:51 Uh, conception of man and how that all ties in with The neo-darnest views on the human I was wondering if you could speak about this as well as How to correctly conceptualize the human organism as I think that’s vital for The health of any age Yeah, I think the idea of intentionality Is What governs the organism and in in philosophy there is This big jump in which Edmund crucial and My nong I forgot his first name or Proposing that You should concentrate on the intentional 55:52 processes in the brain, but around the same time the idea of intention as the formative principle of the organism that Early 20th century embryology for example by splitting an early Embryo in two or more parts You would get two or more complete organisms showing that It’s not just a mechanical process, but there’s an intention to become a certain sort of thing and Even considerably changing the conditions of development those fractions Still contain the intention to become something 56:54 and every undesirable Experience that the developing organism has Is going to divert from its best intentions And that whole process From about to be beginning of the 20th century and mine on and and who’s hurl were strong influences on Bertrand Russell who who gradually worked it out and moved towards a more empirical understanding Brought back a lot of the rationalist and Hidden essentialism His idea of logical atoms 57:55 Sort of semi-consciously incorporated the ideas of strict reductionist Darwinism with the implications of racism and imperialism and so on but Bertrand Russell At least was able to conceptualize That that was an impossible system at that point. He gave up philosophy Decided he wasn’t up to the job because it always leads to the dead end of of this anti-imperialism When I was reading about the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s Emmanuel Kant or came up a few times Is that one of the the undesirable philosophies for for running the show? Yeah About 40 or 50 years ago 58:58 I wrote a little article that I haven’t I’ve been able to find on the impact of Kantianism or neo-kantianism on our culture Starting about 1900 was one of the most evil but widespread influences I told several people when I was in graduate school about my experience of criticizing neo-kantianism and Tending to get a b or c on the paper But every time I I found something good in neo-kantianism I always got a cotton a on the paper And a couple of people Tried that people who had been going along supporting neo-kantianism 59:58 I got such reactions when they found something wrong with it that they were really annoyed with me I’m not an expert on it, but isn’t it the idea of like collective collectivism over the individual? So that’s kind of like an exact example of what the the philosophy states like you’re you’re you’re getting rejected because you’re being kind of an individual and I don’t think so. What is what is kantianism? Sort of the the ultimate denial of empiricism Didn’t even count toward the end of his life. Those say that pure rational idealistic knowledge is impossible We can never develop it and it always has to be modified Yeah, but in practice They always find a way to remain essentialists and rationalists I have a question about potential and intentionality 01:01:02 Would you say that that the physiological the physical basis of intentionality in the human organism Is a potential difference between the organism and the environment So basically the environment always kind of draws us forward because across that gradient Yeah And I think the degree of success that the organism finds in keeping its basic purpose Despite the slight deviations That that’s what leads to Delayed aging among other things So so this system that’s basically prevents The the intentional intelligent action from humans by enslaving them in all these possible ways That’s that’s one of the worst things you can do for the for the health of your organism or even for its future Because you block the realization of its potential 01:02:04 Yeah, leading to depression and cancer and heart disease Okay, oh take another question Oh, yeah, let me hide this Okay, this one’s for Austin Hello, Danny and ray. Uh, thank you for doing these podcasts. I always always learn a lot I have a question about the biological processes surrounding vellus hairs Turning to terminal hairs As if you look at a baby like a newborn you can you can notice that they have They basically look like old men where they have, you know, very thin fine hairs on top of their head And then at some point something kicks in some process happens and all of those hairs turn to very thick terminal hairs So my question is is it possible to do the same thing For people that are undergoing the reverse process of terminal hairs turning to vellus hairs 01:03:08 Namely androgenic alopecia or so-called androgenic alopecia I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and Obviously, I’d love to apply anything you have to offer Because I’m dealing with alopecia as you can see But I notice I still do have lots of hair. It’s just very small and thin And so if there’s some way I could turn those to terminal, that would be awesome So I’d love to hear what you have to say. Thanks Um, I’ve experimented several times with using dha in oil on the sides of my eyebrows that have gradually gone through aging and disappearance and took about six months to create new new 01:04:09 dark normal hairs or changing the color of topical copper solution The very next day, I could see the colored hair beginning at the base but was in the case of lost hairs. It was a very slow process Speaking of the neonate, what exactly is going on in the the hair growth process because people have pointed out that the neonate looks like a Like the has the normal horseshoe shape of baldness and what what is your take on that? I don’t know. I’ve never thought about that particular developmental process Uh, I I think uh the androgenic 01:05:11 or suites such as dha are involved in sickening maturation of the normal head hairs and armpit and crotch hairs I think there’s a difference between the the hair type that the baby has and a bolding person has The baby has very low levels of of androgens in very high levels of perinatalone Is at least based on the studies that I’ve seen while the bolding people tend to have a high levels of estrogen and prolactin in the scalp So both of these hormones prolactin and estrogen are known to thin And and destroy the follicle and and thin the hair and they can actually Make a very thick head of hair Turn into a very thin mop of hair like like like like that of a very old person So I wouldn’t just because they look similar the hormonal 01:06:12 Underpinnings of of both types of hair. I think are very different At least that’s that’s what I’ve seen in the studies And I think the reason the babies don’t don’t have all that thick black hair is Relatively speaking the low levels of the androgens But the thinning of the hair in bolding adults is From what I’ve seen is mostly driven by prolactin and estrogen and cortisol There have been some interesting studies on dogs Certain dogs that became Completely bald When their owners Started supplementing estrogen Having it on their skin And some in which it happened spontaneously without an estrogenized owner The dog was found to have extremely high estrogen levels Which would involve high hyperalactin too 01:07:15 Isn’t isn’t a good indication that estrogen and prolactin are involved in hair loss the fact that Most menopausal women start having serious problems with hair falling out thinning And in general like weakness of the of the scalp and the follicles Yeah, the whole menopause Supposed estrogen failure as a total fraud created by the industry To sell A product for for which it didn’t work First they prescribed it to prevent mysteries Even after it had been demonstrated for several years to predictably cause mysteries doctors at Harvard promoted the idea for the estrogen companies 01:08:17 Supplementing estrogen would prevent Premature delivery or or miscarriage and what they were doing was Increasing the risk of miscarriage and Profoundly damaging the mother and baby The the shift that happens the first missed period Involves the failure to form a corpus corpus luteum And estrogen Stays to the same level So at the transition You’re experiencing A sharp drop almost absolute appearance of as a protestor on and the maintenance of Estrogen in rat studies 01:09:21 They actually bothered to measure What happens to the blood estrogen level when the ovaries are removed And the few people who bothered testing it found that within a week The body which is a normal recovery from surgery period They found that the rats were right back to their normal estrogen level but without progesterone And My dissertation was basically based on the fact that that sterility in the middle of the lifespan Is caused by an unopposed estrogen But the sales 01:10:21 System of drug companies has kept this miscoing There’s a lack of estrogen at the menopause My recent newsletter, I think it was of temperature Falls When a progesterone isn’t being produced Advocately And the All of the symptoms of menopause Can be produced by Uh Too much estrogen or too little progesterone Do you think there’s a reason why all the studies with animals and especially with humans They always focus on this one type of estrogen estradiol as if it’s the only type of estrogen that the body produces I mean, there are other types especially things like estrogen and it’s sulfated form 01:11:23 There have been several studies lately which which have called for endocrinology to evaluate its position on menopause Because those studies said look you guys only keep measuring estradiol And we know it’s going to be low because when the ovaries fail Most of the estradiol in the blood comes from the ovaries But have you bothered measuring estrogen sulfate? Which can be easily converted into all of the other estrogens as needed if you measure in menopausal women It is very very high But that’s a big failure That’s that’s part of it Failing to recognize That stress lack of progesterone Shifts the enzyme In the direction that every cell becomes able to Convert by reduction Of estriol estriol Or estrone 01:12:23 Into the 10 times more active Estradiol And the most important measurement that any of the Estrogen researchers has made was That they were measuring the estrogen output of the ovary And they wanted to control measuring the amount That appeared Coming out of the ovary They wanted to see how that compared with the circulating serum so they took The bane coming out of the artery and Compared the estrogen content to the bane coming out of one arm And found that 01:13:24 The arm was producing Just as much estrogen as the ovary And So the reason that Removing the The ovary from rats Within a week That the estrogen was back to normal The reason is that the whole body is always producing estrogen And the whole body’s stress induced estrogen That has to be controlled for better health Last question then we can move on isn’t uh, I saw maybe a back and forth with you and somebody about frontal fibrosing Alopecia and that’s more common after menopause. Is that like maybe 50 or 70 years ago? A man would like gradually bald over a long period of time 01:14:26 Is the frontal fibrosing alopecia like a extreme inflammatory type of baldness like very quickly like after menopause And that’s why that’s what’s happening in the scalp there Yeah and One of the things I included in my dissertation was The effect on the whole body collagen system that estrogen is a major factor in shifting the balance of of collagen production And you specifically identified a pth or in calcium and vitamin d as factors to to protect against that and of course, obviously Keeping that’s region low Yeah, keeping the energy production up parathyroid hormone albasterone lead very strongly 01:15:27 both to energy failure And to increased fibrosis of all the tissues Awesome. Okay. Let me hide this browser real fast. Thank you so much for a sincerely appreciate guys. Give this episode a like Subscribe on bit shoot subscribe on telegram and I’ll upload this episode immediately after we’re done I’ll do the timestamps and everything sincere appreciation to ray and Georgie for joining me tonight, you know These episodes are always really special and and ray just a extreme amount of appreciation for you taking the time out of your day to Join us. So let me go ahead and hide this and this one’s from daniel Hey, dany. Hey ray. Thanks for having me on today. I just had a question about Flare up for Crohn’s disease. Do you have any other recommendations besides glistening and collagen? Thanks so much for your time. I look forward to your answer You catch that ray What was the question? It was about Crohn’s disease. What flare up a flare up with Crohn’s. Yeah 01:16:28 I’ll say it again like a flare up of Crohn’s disease Oh And undoubtedly a estrogen is going to be involved. Uh, I’ve For about 45 years been recommending both thyroid and progesterone and everyone that has tried it as far as I recall has Improved their symptoms What’s happening there is that the estrogen like shifting the redox balance of the sensitive intestine and that’s causing inflammation Yeah increased Reduction Is the same as failed oxidation? I’ve I’ve seen a few other studies demonstrating that since estrogen is known to compromise the gut barrier 01:17:29 It allows bacteria to start invading the wall of the colon and and the small intestine And the older studies demonstrated that you can actually put inflammatory bowel disease in remission by by going to dectamizing the animals and they thought this was because You know at the endrogens or the progesterone was removed depending on whether the the animal was male or female But subsequently they they administered estrogen The administered androgens to the gonna dectamized males Or progesterone to the gonna dectamized females and it discovered that they stay in remission Which I think proves, you know irrefutably that estrogen is is the direct cause And one thing I wanted to mention about also about vitamin d Apparently there were studies in the 80s not many that Treated Crohn’s disease with a synthetic form of vitamin d which was used only because it was profitable But it still had the same effects as as the regular vitamin d3 that that we know about and they were 01:18:33 able to put Crohn’s disease and all sort of colitis in remission By administering a hundred thousand units weekly And I’ve had a few people comment saying that They tried putting 50 000 units weekly in their navel If it was dissolved in oil and apparently it helped Resolved a lot a lot of their symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. Do you have any do you think vitamin d is also involved Ray? Yeah, I I think that is for sure effective taken orally The things that reduce inflammation and cure all sorts of chronic diseases and the symptoms of the pandemic so-called virus are quickly 01:19:35 Reduced or eliminated with All of these anti-inflammatory substances which Could be a dose of 50 000 or 100 000 orally of vitamin d Just a single dose to get started is good and progesterone and aspirin Everything that is a safe anti-inflammatory agent has been used against All of these diseases Ray. Didn’t you know vitamin d was toxic? Yeah, I’ve heard that a thousand times It’s really gaining popularity. Yeah, have you seen any direct evidence? Of vitamin d’s anti-astrogenic effects. I mean there are some studies that talk about receptors But I know you’re not a fan of just a receptor effect. It’s the whole cell that needs to be taken into account 01:20:35 Do you know of any studies that compare it? The receptor is a good sign of deficiency of vitamin d as you become deficient in the 25 hydroxycholic Calcifral You begin to produce the Both the receptor and the so-called active vitamin d 1 comma 25 dihydroxycholic calcifral and the part of the toxicity People get very confused and fail to work out the ramifications of the so-called active vitamin d 01:21:36 and receptor as being associated with a lot of toxic harmful effects that are reduced by adequate calcium and the not active form of vitamin d I was reading it’s actually active, but it isn’t what they call active I was reading a few days ago about like calcitriol or 125 comma dihydroxy being associated with prolactin and growth hormone so it certainly seems like The people advocating for that approach aren’t considering these other things that you you have plugged into your Whole beautiful picture of physiology. Okay, so let me hide this This one we were just talking about digestion. So let me play this one from will one one other question. Oh, good. Go ahead But what about what about the interaction of vitamin d? Three calcifral with estrogen. They seem to oppose each other Do you have any have you seen any studies or any experiments done that to demonstrate this more directly? 01:22:39 Yeah, I I can’t think of the references right now, but I’ve I’ve seen good evidence of opposition of good vitamin d and calcium to The effects of estrogen does intracellular calcium turn on aromatase Yeah, yeah excitation of of the cell Generally turns it on stress Tendency to be on the test pass way That is part of the aging process and it gradually increases the amount of estrogen coming out of your arms and legs and 01:23:39 fat and other parts But but a deficiency of dietary calcium also increases aromatase because it increases pth, right? right It it by deficiency of the good vitamin d calcium deficiency increases stress and actually the whole system and and retentin aldosterone pericyrate hormone and estrogen Great stuff. Thank you, georgie. Thank you ray. Okay. Let me hide this and this one is from who is I going to play? Okay, this one’s from will Hi ray. Hi, Danny I was wondering for someone who has utilized the carrot salad white button ashrums antibiotics and other strategies yet still has chronic endotoxin symptoms 01:24:41 and low low total cholesterol What would be some good strategies to both? Lower those endotoxin symptoms as well as increase the total cholesterol Um Great care with what you eat is as part of it Anything that irritates your bowel is a risk Finding the Diet balance sometimes you have to Be fairly extreme to start Improving the whole situation Sometimes going to a strange different form of fiber in your diet can help 01:25:48 Each one might not be right for a certain person but Uh, usually by trying out different ones you can find a a dietary fiber that reduces inflammation What about like a bacteriophage or the erythromycin or penicillin or tetracycline? All of those sometimes help What would you have a question? Um, I know you know You’ve spoken favorably of charcoal But you’ve also cautioned against the many products that are on the market because you think they may absorb into the bloodstream and cause an allergic reaction Wouldn’t combining the charcoal with the carrot salad Reduce those risks while still allowing the charcoal to do its magic in in in the in the gut Does seem Logical, but it’s something I would prefer to leave to rat experiments 01:26:49 because of the the fact that Any kind of unmetabolizable particle if if it gets persorbed Basically, uh kill soft part of your whole system blocking the smallest arteries Have you used charcoal yourself in the past or have you found any any brand that used to work in the past even if not now? I think I tried it once but After thinking more about it and about persorption I decided that was Something I didn’t want to keep trying on myself Wouldn’t overcook mushrooms if they’re over grilled contain a bit of a charcoal Probably a small amount Great you still have confidence and fluorosyst or the bacteriophage 01:27:54 Um, I’ve used it several times and Some of the products I saw slight improvement, but doesn’t spectacular So I haven’t Kept trying it and where would you place that uh as against something like biosporn? Oh biosporn Can’t and be very powerful Because it’s producing a broad spectrum and viotic the bacteria in our producers of antibiotics And then there’s an over-the-counter product called I think it’s called mega spore biotic It’s kind of expensive, but it does contain I think the b sub to listen the b licheniformis that the biosporn has has do you have any confidence in that? 01:28:58 I tried it once and Didn’t it didn’t seem to work the same as biosporn for me And bios the only bad part about biosporn is very difficult to obtain especially right now I yeah, and I think it contains preservative from the smell of it So when I used it, I would let it sit in a Glass of milk at room temperature have wait until the there is a delicate coagulation of the whole glass And then I would put that in the refrigerator and use only a spoonful of it per day so the Extreme dilution of the preservative wouldn’t be a factor 01:29:58 that I always used it How how long does it take for for colon or for for for gut that has been sterilized by enemies to to get recolonized by bacteria? um It sometimes happens in a week Sometimes people don’t manage together Hey, Ray, I don’t know which I’m asking is a hold on I’m sorry. Um, I’m asking because um, I’ve had a few people email me asking about uh replacing antibiotics with things like Coconut oil and I know you’ve said it can be irritating to the gi track which they they seem to confirm But those people reported it after eating a few tablespoons daily They they they got loose stools, but after that they felt blissfully for for like a you know more than a week Do you think that’s due to the antibiotic effect of coconut oil? 01:30:59 Yeah It’s effective against both fungus and bacteria But but you have to make make sure that you are involved into it Hey, Ray, I don’t know if there’s anything you can do about it, but your volume It goes from real low to really high. So I don’t know if it’s just the we’re at the phone placement anyways, um Okay, let’s uh Skip on here. Let me hide this and we’ll go to another question. Thank you so much, Ray Thank you, Georgie for making this possible since you’re the project before instead of waiting to the end of the show, Ray Why don’t you let everybody know how they can subscribe to your newsletter? Um The site for ordering it is uh, Ray Pete newsletter at gmail.com And that’s $28 for 12 issues over two years Right, and then they can order your books by contacting that same email, correct? At the same same address, you know, awesome. And what are you working on right now? 01:32:04 Aging of the cell Uh Following up Things that were left out of last month On the effect of temperature I concentrated on cold the last time and this one’s going to concentrate on the Energy deficit effect of which can can be produced by heat stress or reductive stress or any kind of stress that goes with energy deprivation Well, I was listening with you. You’re maybe your last interview with Patrick Timponi And you were saying the the likely cause of many deaths is just the the temperature getting too low. Is that right? Yeah And it’s totally not scientific to label a cause of death as COVID-19 01:33:07 Yeah, and a lot of people don’t bother checking the temperature of your mouth eardrum and extremities Old people in particular can have their brain Might be at a good temperature oral 98.6 eardrum 99 and a half for example but They’re producing less energy and that shows up as an extreme gradient from the extremities to the to the brain area and keeping that in mind paying attention to the outside temperature that can have a profound effect 01:34:09 the indoor temperature might be 70 degrees and seem perfectly safe but even through ordinary insulated walls that the outside temperature can profoundly drain your body’s energy producing ability and create that gradient effect and that means that your system is experiencing stress everywhere even though the brain maintaining its own temperature it’s also perceiving that the bulk of your body is being de-energized 01:35:09 that’s because such a large percentage of our biological energy goes out as radiation something like three quarters of the energy we produce goes out as microwaves and infrared and so if it isn’t reciprocated by returning radiation from something approaching body temperature having an outside temperature of 45 degrees for example your body is draining vastly more energy than it would be in the summer with 80 degree weather that’s why aspirin in a snack before bed and maybe progesterone and thyroid are so important right before you go to sleep yeah I have a question about the cell aging 01:36:11 what do you think raised the main factor responsible for the hardening of that liquid crystal which which is what the cell is is it mostly lipophosphine or are there other factors involved as well? uh yeah everything you can think of is involved okay let me go parathyroid hormone for example is very powerful along with aldosterone for example and nitric oxide college and everything is shifting in a harmful way so it’s an accumulation of some some uh pathological proteins too right it’s not just the fats in the iron but the proteins and collagen and things like that yeah intercellularly you have things like the heat shock protein or the stress stress 01:37:15 sand uh chaperone proteins those protective in some situations become part of the epigenetic damaging influence as they accumulate in the stress cell itself wouldn’t in general would in general reductive stress even in a younger cell also lead to a hardening in an electronic fashion just because there’s an excessive electrons that are not paired yeah but but also by activating other changes such as the heat shock protein great stuff okay just a few more questions right and we’ll let you go thank you so much for joining us tonight sincerely appreciate it um let me hide this okay this one’s from brain hey dany hey everyone so i have a question for ray regarding uh kosodama or sacred sound mantra 01:38:20 practices and how this top down approach modulate stress hormones by toning the vagus nerve and how adopting practices like this uh are a really good compliment to all the biological understandings that i think ray and all you guys bring forward and just curious if he has a perspective on that and or really any of you guys and um what other potential top down approach might be suggested like that like meditation breathwork mantra practices things of these nature um i don’t know why i look over here all the time it’s the damn things over here uh yeah sleep deprived anyway love you guys’s work and uh you just want you all to know all this free content you give makes a huge impact my health is way better my client’s health health is way better all because of this amazing content that you guys continue to produce so i am greatly appreciative of everything so i wish you all a groovy one and i’ll tune in for more shows as always 01:39:24 what do you think ray shock is the extreme degree of most of these things we’ve been talking about uh estrogen uh on celi uh was the first one to uh propose the idea that uh estrogen emissates the shock reaction and i think that applies to uh uh the many of the stimulating uh techniques of the vagus nerve uh you have to be very watchful for estrogenic influences when you specifically stimulate the vagus okay we’ll jump to another one thank you brandon thank you ray uh let me hide this okay this one’s 01:40:25 from jake hey i had a quick question for ray um so ray you know you had mentioned on a previous podcast that there’s a possibility in the future of the earth releasing a large amount of carbon dioxide which could lead to kind of a planetary wide shifting consciousness or thinking for the the population um and i’m wondering a two questions so the first question is this kind of a sudden increase in carbon dioxide do you think that there’s a possibility that there’s an intelligence of the earth that that could sense um kind of a crisis situation on the planet and initiate this this rise in carbon dioxide globally and my second question is as a follow-up um what kind of indications uh either biological or um cultural indications would suggest that this uh 01:41:36 this kind of event of increase in carbon dioxide is likely to to happen at a certain point thanks hi i didn’t catch the last part of it but uh the first part i think the earth is basically doing the best things again uh melting at the tundra ice is releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide and uh if the earth is expanding as some of the measurements over the last half centuries have suggested uh an expanding earth would be uh diluting the atmosphere resembling high altitude 01:42:40 even at lower altitudes so an expanding earth could improve our atmosphere as well as the uh the releasing more actual co2 into the air but what was the last part of the i think it was something about carbon dioxide and what would that what would that do culturally like a higher amount of i might be uh misremembering would it lead to a higher conscious yeah yeah that happened at high altitude when uh you see both acceleration and reduction of the stress hormones t3 increases cortisol doesn’t increase at high altitude and the brain metabolism oxidative metabolism increases with higher co2 01:43:54 and that that greater consumption of electrons i think is a tendon to keep the brain positive productive more conscious condition i have a kind of a goofy question but it’s been a long-standing interest of mine rey what are you like we seem to have been inundated with recent ufo news and disclosure and no longer in the shadows pentagon’s ufo unit will make some findings public could this what without me coloring the issue at all what what is your take on the the general ufo agenda trump threatened to declassify everything on it i i don’t know if he left or orders that were uh fulfilled but uh i i think that’s something that should be completely open but uh i think 01:45:06 there is a risk that it in in the frame of crisis when a lot of us will be declared domestic terrorists for for doubting fouchy it will be a welcome distraction get people’s minds off the critics well you i mean you mentioned uh david sheehan a few times uh it wasn’t he like kind of a ufo guy like so i mean what what is what is your take like clearly the news loves talking about ufo’s but they don’t want to talk about 9 11 or or bankers or other cia or other actual problems what uh is it purely an agenda for control like through um there was that cia cia project project blue beam i think in the in the 90s uh yeah it’s some kind of tool in the oligarch toolbox of of control it functions that way it’s hard to tell whether 01:46:08 it’s just the the silliness of the broadcasters and newspapers who know what they shouldn’t write about it’s on the safe list at least could any of these events or crafts be really from extraterrestrial beings i you know it’s a possibility but uh i would give priorities to all kinds of government fraud over actual evidence of aliens i imagine the fact that it’s being released specifically now makes it makes it that much more suspect uh yeah and at times it was clear that uh they were doing something that they created a very silly excuse for five people were seeing certain certain things when 01:47:17 and probably it was such as experimental luminous releases in the stratosphere as part of a weapon system and so they had to disguise it saying it was uh slump gas or some natural phenomenon to avoid having to explain that there was some very interesting but secret military process great stuff okay thanks for that ray the burning question of mine since i was a young lad okay let me hide this um okay this one’s from nick hey guys big fan of the show my question for ray is if the mechanism of mdma is a big release of serotonin flooding the brain with serotonin 01:48:24 then and serotonin is a stress chemical then why do people feel so happy and loving when they’re on mdma i’ve read about it online and it sounds like there’s a little bit of dopamine and norepinephrine release which maybe that would be what accounts for that but it seems like at least according to the mainstream sorry go ahead ray what what kind of dna you see he’s talking about uh mdma the drug like the party drug that uh ecstasy ecstasy yeah um obviously it’s releasing a lot of processes in the brain and the fact that it damages the brain i think the damage comes from the excess serotonin but i would guess that the things that go along in general 01:49:24 over excitation of the brain i think that’s where the good feeling comes in this is kind of like a cultural cliche to say that oh this drug makes me happy therefore it’s increasing my serotonin yeah it is strictly a cliche uh i think it’s a dose dependent effect currently mdma is in clinical trials for post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers and they found out that really at very low doses where you almost don’t even get the psychotropic effect it has a powerful anti-depressant and an anti-trauma effect and they the animal studies that were accompanying the human ones show that this is tied to a large large release of dopamine and a drop of cortisol so my opinion is that mdma is serotonergic just like lsd only if you abuse it in high very high doses ray was this question difficult for you to hear on the phone 01:50:29 uh there’s another part of it but i can i can summarize it for you if you couldn’t hear it no no i couldn’t hear it exactly uh i actually i don’t know if i can summarize it i think he was maybe georgia can let’s do it and summarize it for you let me fast forward um well like hostile and things like that why does mdma seem to have the opposite to have the opposite effect my second question if you’re willing to do too is has ray ever looked into chinese medicine very much the philosophy seems really similar okay i’ll just stop right there but it was about chinese medicine being very similar to uh the auto warburg albert st georgia your your idea of energy and and structure uh yeah i was very impressed by uh joseph nedum’s books on chinese science and technology he was such a good biochemist in england 01:51:37 uh he did a very objective survey in summary of chinese philosophy and other sources i found very interesting in how how the acupuncture can work for example i don’t agree with any of the western theories of what acupuncture is doing i think the korean theory there activates the movement of exosomes to restore tissues so far the best theory okay we’ll do one more and then we’ll call it a day again ray thank you so much for taking 01:52:38 your two hours out of your day to chat with us sincerely appreciate it okay let me hide this browser and this one’s from tim just realized this is probably really hard to understand did you catch that ray i’m not at all he’s actually referencing one of our older podcasts where you said if you’re not in the euphoric state that means you’re degenerating and he was asking him tim was asking if you could expand on that oh yeah uh things like carbon dioxide adequate oxidation of glucose these things should give you a 24 hour a day euphoria and anything that interferes with this highly efficient energy production 01:53:42 is uh amplifying damage uh uh uh leading to uh permanent damage from inflammation so when you’re in euphoria you weren’t metabolizing right and just to define euphoria for everyone i ask that life feels good and maybe with those are good feeling you’re breathing feeling your heartbeat and feeling with the blood circulate through your tissues all of all of that is uh background all of it feels good and so it gives a general tone to everything you’re thinking and doing that makes them feel good too and and is it you know i identify with that there are times 01:54:42 i’m excited to get to work and answer an email and things is it possible to maintain that feeling in the current situation you know you’ve been aware of things and how they’ve been progressing for much longer than i have but but how do you how do you maintain frame in euphoria when you know that uh especially this last year and this year are are going pretty miserably yeah and the common condition uh you know doctors have been taking thinking of euphoria as something dangerous if thyroid leads to euphoria they’ll tell you to stop taking it because they think of those good feelings as not quite compatible with life and the whole business of living is this background of feeling your blood circulate 01:55:53 and energy being produced and if you ask a person to pay attention to their heartbeat and uh they often get nervous and uh first reaction when a person takes an exactly right dose of thyroid one typical response was thyroid is love a feeling that radiates out of the chest all of the good feeling nuclei throughout the body all of these are intensified by by thyroid and and your heart 01:56:54 is one of the major uh emotion sensors and if you’re low in and thyroid then those same areas of your body that should be sensing the the pleasure of living are reporting anxiety people feel anxiety around their heart and chest but the right response to it getting right dose that the experience of love is probably the best description to what the euphoria of metabolism is doing that’s awesome uh i’ll let you go question about uh carbon dioxide and euphoria since carbon dioxide improves metabolism and really leads to higher states of consciousness 01:57:55 shouldn’t carbon dioxide produce similar effects to the psychedelic drugs like lsd or ayahuasca or whatever the shamanic people are using if if inhaled in higher amounts are you aware of any studies that compare them in that way no okay just to follow up one last question you mentioned you had a tank of carbon dioxide next to you last time we talked right and i got like a dozen emails about how specifically you were using it and so uh do you want to share that info when the weather is so cold i sometimes have to sit at the computer with my legs in a big plastic bag plumped up with carbon dioxide inside and it helps helps to increase warmness i need to try that uh okay thank you for that right parting words georgie dinkov 01:58:56 just as you should stay sane and stay healthy i guess because if things are getting uh more authoritarian um i think it’ll be harder for people to uh spend enough time watching their health but it’s it becomes that much more important and right one more time let everybody know how they can subscribe to your newsletter and obtain your books uh uh repeat newsletter at the s after the t is essential at gmail.com awesome and you know i forgot we had a bunch of donations let me just read the names really quickly i apologize um marco uh marcello for 20 thank you so much marcello helena for uh 20 australian thank you so much muhammad for 499 thank you so much muhammad harry burgos for 50 thank you so much harry sincerely appreciate chris for 10 i think australian thank you so much chris kt for 1999 thank you so much kt gene for 20 thank you so much gene yon for 1399 canadian thank you so much yon uh le z for 20 thank you so much ellie uh janet pack for 20 thank you so much janet 02:00:04 kana for 1200 20 yen thank you so much carlos for 1999 wow guys amazing uh thank you so much carlos sincerely appreciate marcello for 50 as well uh thank you marcello uh gita ag for 20 thank you so much gita chris h for another 799 australian that’s amazing guys i’m gonna forward that right to rey sincerely appreciate it rey from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for joining us tonight georgia dean cob thank you so much for joining uh me us as always uh guys stay safe see we have an amazing viewership you know we’ll feel very fortunate to have such an engaged audience small but engaged audience so thank you guys be safe have a great weekend and we’ll talk to you guys all soon take care everybody

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