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00:00 Okay, here we are back with part two of our little show here is we’re live December 17th 2019 Patrick Timpone one radio network calm on the third and Tuesday of each month We’re honored to have Dr. Ray Pete a PhD University of Oregon He specialization in physiology started his work on hormones in 68 1968 That’s the year I started in radio. Dr. Pete. We started together. Oh and His dissertation is 72 where he is on hormones and he’s been working in this field ever since he’s taught University-level and he’s writes so many different articles his website is very popular and he does a little newsletter We’ll tell you about and Dr. Ray Pete is up and you’re in no you’re Washington, right doc Oregon. Oh, you’re in Oregon in Oregon You’re near Portlandia No Eugene 01:01 Eugene is that More towards the coast or are you more of Easter about 60 miles from the coast and 100 miles south of Portland? Do you get in they have nice weather like look what what are your winners like up there? Oh? Some snow we’ve had up to four feet of snow, but some winners no snow at all. Uh-huh. Yeah And how are you doing? How’s your life? Oh, I’m very good. What there’s cold right now. Yeah, uh-huh You do quite a bit of research on going right then and you paint as well Yep, yeah, you’re doing any particular research Right now that I’m yeah the last few weeks. I’ve been Particularly interested in why the lifespan is decreasing life expectancy is decreasing now in the US and the government is finally admitting it and that on top of the 02:03 rapid increase in autoimmune disease degenerative disease and Cancer rate and mortality increasing in younger people I’ve been Looking for explanations for that Mm-hmm So the autoimmune thing when did that really start was it about 15 20 or 15 years ago people used to Start talking about the autoimmune Yeah, 50 years ago it was pretty rare. Yeah Is the basic principle that we’ve heard over the years that There’s let’s see if I understand what what I’ve heard about it and Tell me if we’re if this is close where the body gets like an infection of virus and bacteria or fungus and the body is trying to Get after that the immune system and it actually attacks its own Tissues is that the classic? 03:04 That’s the classic Standard story. Is that correct? I don’t think so good to see I didn’t Studies in animals Trying to duplicate That process they give them a viral infection of the brain that increases the antibodies just like in Multiple sclerosis and the other human diseases and they find that if they prevent those so-called auto antibodies if they block the cells that produce those auto antibodies that the animal dies that the Auto-antibodies are actually they’re repairing tissues And I’ve seen this in people with very high 04:04 Auto thyroid antibodies But that’s a pretty common thing now to have chronic inflammation to the thyroid gland with high antibodies, but Just very high thyroid stimulating hormone Causes inflammation of the gland and the immune system is Attempting to clean up the way it does in the virus infection of the brain in the animals the immune system needs those antibodies as part of tissue cleanup process and actually our immune system if you go way back to the Nobel prizes in Immunity with Earl Ehrlich and Metronocloff who shared the Nobel Prize. I think it was 19 eight or ten 05:10 Ehrlich worked for the chemical drug industry and Created the Antibody theory of immunity Metronocloff was an embryologist and he saw the immune system as a process of Maintaining the structure of the body Removing damaged tissues so that the body Remained and entire and and healthy and you can see that process happening in in the thyroid or if you Just injure a cartilage for example Your body will produce Autoimmune antibodies, but it’s the process of Removing damaged tissue so that the cartilage will be restored so the body is doing what it’s supposed to do This is the body’s way of protecting the thyroid or cleaning it up 06:14 After this high TSH level causes inflammation Yeah preservation and restoration preservation restoration, but now as I understand it And They’re all doing antibody tests for thyroid and if they see the antibodies they don’t They you know where we know the even then even the natural community They’re treating the antibody thyroid issue differently, right? If it’s if it’s autoimmune thyroid they call it and they yeah, they’re treating it differently But they’re you’re saying they’re they’re incorrect There are some really terrible drugs that they put people on chronically to basically suppress or kill the cells that are creating those antibodies But now for about 50 years It’s been very clear especially with animal research that estrogen is an extremely powerful factor in 07:16 Disrupting the immune system creating the inflammation Women have several times the incidence of autoimmune diseases five or Possibly even ten times as much thyroid inflammatory disease as as men and that’s because estrogen is suppressing the restorative part of the immune system and Activating the in inflammatory part So what’s going on now if you go to a natural nature path or anybody or a natural doc Or even a regular conventional doc and they give you the whole thyroid panel Lots of them if they’re a little bit more educated They’ll want to do an antibodies to see if it’s an autoimmune Issue right so you’re saying the research really shows that that’s what the body is supposed to do and You would just leave that alone if you were giving medical advice, which you don’t do 08:17 know Over the last 40 years, I guess I’ve seen Probably 20 or 30 women with that condition Probably much much more than that but if Their doctor will give them a full replacement dose of thyroid hormone glandular thyroid Over a period of five or six months those antibodies fade away. They fade away. That would be a Nature or what is what’s the correct term now? Is it nature thyroid or just where it’s got everything the t4 is a t3 Isn’t everything? desiccated desiccated That’s a traditional or a thyroid USP. What was the standard term? Uh-huh In just the last few weeks I’ve run across two women who during their pregnancy 09:20 Went to the doctor just for a checkup and Against their Preference that they were given a vaccination one of the the compound multiple vaccines and Almost immediately Their blood pressure went up their blood sugar went up They were diagnosed as having pre-climaxia and gestational diabetes and Both of the first one was sure that the vaccination had rather done and So she kept Alert watching what was happening happening. She developed Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms That went back for thorough exams and found she had the lupus typical antibody. So she was diagnosed with SLE lupus 10:22 and they wanted to put her on the Immune system killing drugs But she was by that time very skeptical about their judgment And so she started taking thyroid and progesterone and changing her diet and The arthritis faded away the lupus antibodies faded away. I think in probably any case of autoimmune antibodies if you remove the Problem with the sources of inflammation the antibodies after about six or eight months will fade away So this autoimmune model This it’s always creating Antibodies to try to repair the particular organ whether it be pancreas or 11:23 Stomach or anything with H. Pylori and you can see H. Pylori antibodies the body’s doing what it’s supposed to do Yeah, the antibody it is like some people have described it as Butter on the food you’re going to make that more appetizing for the white blood cells To eat whatever the antibody sticks to so sometimes it’s a germ, but very often. It’s it’s the Broken-down tissue One zone tissue that’s damaged has to be cleaned up and removed Is there any case in the literature the research showing Where the immune system is actually? Harming the body or attacking the body like we’ve been told that arthritis is where the Immune system is attacking the joints and the knees and Yeah, there are hundreds and hundreds of papers supposedly demonstrating that 12:23 by experiments, but There are also hundreds of examples of of those people who almost overnight in a few cases Literally overnight recovered from those so-called autoimmune diseases because the body took care of the of the of the infection that was the original cause or the hormone deficiencies that was leading to the Inflammation instead of just a quiet cleanup process Kind of lost you there if your body doesn’t if the white blood cells are Slightly poisoned by a bad diet and your thyroid hormone doesn’t provide the energy then there tends to be Quite a bit of lactic acid in circulation and maybe only 50%!a(MISSING)bove average, but that’s enough to 13:28 Start the inflammation process And so just by increasing the energy production you lower the lactic acid and reduce the the basis of the inflammation and With the lactic acid removed then the Oxidated Metabolism can get going energize the process of cleanup. Hmm. And what are some of the causes of the high lactic acid? Probably the basic general cause is Anything that shifts you over to Having free fatty acids circulating in your blood Any kind of stress that Runs into a limitation of energy capacity 14:29 Will break down the fatty acids in your tissues Put them into your bloodstream as a source of energy Which can keep the organism running for weeks eating its own tissues but When the fatty acids are being Circulated they block the ability to oxidize glucose And when you aren’t oxidizing glucose you aren’t producing as much lactic acid and You aren’t producing as much carbon dioxide and and carbonic acid and That lack of carbonic acid inside the cell and allows Allows the cell to shift over to the production of lactic acid The healthy cell is oxidizing glucose which produces a lot more carbon dioxide than oxidizing fat does 15:35 and that higher carbon dioxide Suppresses the process of glycolysis and and making lactic acid Hmm. That was a little little geeky for me complicated, but so in more simple terms of dietary things What do we do Annoyingly to increase this lactic acid or to improve it with the food You need all of the trace minerals and essential vitamins and adequate protein and then Ideally you would get all of your energy from carbohydrates sugar or starches and not have to rely on Burning fat because stress turns on the fat burning and And That turns on 16:36 almost always some background Lactic acid formation. Oh, there goes the old keto thing. I mean, isn’t that the whole pitch on key ketosis? Where you’re burning fat? Yeah, and For example the When the brain is given Key tones or especially the the short or middle medium chain triglycerides When you are making an argument by doing a particular set of experiments you take a frame of reference and You can seem to have made your point Within a certain context, but for example If you’re advocating the ketone based brain 17:43 energy you Shift your argument over To make lactic acid a virtue rather than a minute and the medium chain triglycerides for example Oxidized by the Astrocytes the connective tissue of the brain It causes them to produce a lot of lactic acid and so if you see lactic acid as a virtue for energy Then that seems to support the fat No, it’s kind of with many things on planet Earth Whether it is I don’t know just all kinds of things why it’s not legal To pay taxes or something you when you cherry-pick information and bring out to prove your point You can prove your point, but you’re not saying looking at the whole thing. It’s a more reductionist way of looking at it 18:45 Yeah Narrowing the frame if you can control the frame the universe of reference of your discussion The frame will determine the outcome, but if you look at a broader picture for example a lot of Disagreement currently is on the meaning of lactic acid and then there is a whole line line of publication going on Saying that lactic acid is the greatest stuff in the world It feeds the brain and makes you athletic and so on But but really it’s the the background Shift towards lactic acid metabolism is the essence of stress inflammation and degeneration And so it’s really key when you’re looking at the lactic acid production and with the muscle the heart for example, too 19:50 Isn’t it? Oh, yeah, that’s a big deal. Yeah. Yeah, I think there should be a regular test of lactic acid content in the blood you could See uncommon heart disease and cancer yes much earlier and so the big produces of lactic acid stress And too much fat Too much fat in your diet too much fat even even that good old grass fed whatever animal fat Yeah, too much that butter too too much butter Yeah, you could eat too much butter that it can have that effect even though it’s good fat pretty good so How is butter different from say? I Don’t know fish oil for example, you know a fish. Oh, yeah, that’s it. It’s the most extreme when you eat butter the The highly saturated fat steric acid for example 20:54 It has an anti inflammatory effect in most tissues And Doesn’t it has an antioxidant action because it is so stable fish oil and safflower oil soy oil I have so much highly unsaturated fat that they are spontaneously oxidizing Even before it reaches your bloodstream Wow fish fat they oxidize oxidizing and it’s the oxidized fat molecules in the case of fish oil that will temporarily produce an anti-inflammatory effect by poisoning your immune system What about if you were you getting fat from say I don’t know well tended pigs or something and that other kind of saturated fat 21:58 Yeah, is that okay? It’s a pigs. You’re all healthy and cool. Yeah, if they were eating Good stuff for you and and apples for example Yeah, they’re they’re fat would be Just like butter Interesting know we have a farmer’s market here in Drippin Springs and have these big pictures in these folks have these pigs on a Vegetarian diet and they must know something about what you’ve just said I Yeah in in Mexico lots of pigs are fed Basically, that’s yeah Very interesting So but did I hear you say that that more the sugar energy from more the sugars and the carbs are preferable Is it preferable actually over over meat? in general Well meat should provide The protein which is essential okay, and lots of the vitamins and minerals, but meat has a very high content of phosphate 23:03 and almost no calcium in proportion right and phosphate Imitates the stress condition when you’re under stress and break down ATP You liberate phosphate which activates tissue and is part of the muscle contraction and excitation but if you Don’t eat enough calcium in proportion You Start having an average condition of over excitation So you can do too much? Let’s say say too much meat and no not enough dark greens with calcium or whatever Yeah, the cooked greens are the richest source of calcium and so Calves eat mostly greens When they can and so the milk is a very good source of magnesium and calcium from the greens they eat People wonder why like you you drink milk and 24:07 Other folks are drinking good good milk that the calcium doesn’t end up in the wrong spot like in the arteries Yeah, it’s the phosphate excess that pushes the calcium into your arteries and out of the bones and That’s very closely related to the problem of inflammation degeneration and immune failure The phosphate out of proportion Triggers your parathyroid gland And the parathyroid hormone It specializes in Moving calcium out of your bones bringing it into the blood to balance the phosphate but the parathyroid hormone does that Mobilizes calcium out of the bone by blocking oxidative metabolism creating 25:08 local lactic acid production which breaks down the bone and That Happens anywhere in the body that is exposed to parathyroid hormone So it’s one of the emergency hormones, which is if it’s turned on chronically by eating a high phosphate intake that becomes a chronic block to your energy production shifts you to the generalized lactic acid formation and In your soft tissues that dominance of lactic acid in the presence of phosphate Deenergizes the tissue and and allows the formation starting right in your mitochondria calcium phosphate crystals form as the the mitochondrion dies and 26:09 the lactic acid production has shifted the pH of the cell so that the the crystal calcium phosphate is insoluble as long as you’re producing lactic acid under the influence of parathyroid hormone the calcium crystals become insoluble in your soft tissues but are broken down Taking the calcium out of your bone and what would be the metric on a blood test? to Connect up a high parathyroid Hormone circulating in the body to cause this issue would it be a high TSH level? Yeah that and and Aldosterone is part of it The angiotensin system is a big part of it They all go with parathyroid hormone, but the common blood test 27:10 the most often identified Feature is a low vitamin D content in the blood because vitamin D helps to shift the ratio in your body Towards calcium away from phosphate and vitamin D or a high calcium intake Turns off the parathyroid hormone Which is good, right? Which is good. Yeah, and so eating lots of calcium Surprises a lot of people will prevent Calcification of the soft tissues. It’s crazy. Yeah, so so the vitamin D is the same as taking a vitamin D supplement or being out in the sun better to be in the sun and eventually when Your tissues have have assimilated the calcium and vitamin D. You actually become resistant to the sun 28:10 because it’s the The deenergized tissues Liberating fatty acids and such that make you sunburn and age your skin in the sun In rabbit experiments many years ago. They fed One batch of rabbits corn oil the other Some more saturated fat and they shaved them and exposed them to sunlight the rabbits that ate the good diet Didn’t get wrinkly skin or sunburn The ones on the corn oil diet Got prematurely aged skin Very interesting. Dr. Ray Peters with us. We have lots of emails. We’re going to get to Patrick at one radio network.com I got an email from somebody and they were trying to make the argument that sugar That you don’t seem to be too concerned about I mean you 29:14 Let’s see how they’re saying this. It’s a long email. I just tried to Condense it a bit just to put up their argument forward and see what you think where Hi Let’s see with sugar the HGH level goes down so that ages the body the insulin level goes up with sugar So that lowers HGH the cortisol goes up which Causes aging sugar raises insulin too much the glycation So making the argument that insulin in the system is Causing aging in the body well lower lowering human growth hormone is one of the great advantages of carbohydrate sugar or starch that’s good yeah, because the growth hormone is one of the stress related hormones it rises when your blood sugar is low and 30:19 Liberates free fatty acids Tending towards diabetes If you give an excess of growth hormone that it has Imitates most of the degenerative features of diabetes so Animals that spontaneously lack the growth hormone live about twice as long as the ones with the normal growth hormone So high high age HGH levels are not pro-euthing at all. They’re just the opposite Pro aging pro diabetes. Wow Man, how can Experimenters have removed animals pituitary glands and replaced the I think they gave cortisol in moderation and thyroid hormone but didn’t replace 31:22 growth hormone or Luteinizing hormone or ACTH Supposedly essential and the animals lived Twice as long or more just like ones who by mutation naturally lack the growth hormone this classic Meme called what is it metabolic syndrome where if you eat too many carbs and incident levels and then that Can cause inflammation in the arteries? Yeah, that’s basically caused by eating too much fat not not eating too much fat not enough carbohydrates And not enough so it’s the so the metabolic syndrome model is is incorrect in your opinion then research you can create it very quickly by especially Polyunsaturated fat the poofers. Yeah Yeah, but when you say eating too much fat even all the good fats or just the bad fat just The fish oils and those kind of things butter and coconut oil for example have about 3%!o(MISSING)f the 32:29 bad fats but the poofa and So even though the the steric and palmitic acids are in some way they can be protective but Chronically, you’re going to accumulate and store these poofa because you preferentially Oxidize the saturated fats. They’re safer. Don’t destroy the mitochondria Right as quickly so you store and build These poofa into your tissues If you look at a newborn calf or baby the brain of either is almost perfectly free of Polyunsaturated fats, but in the human of very quickly By the time they’re 10 or 12 years old the brain is already showing 33:31 high accumulation of poofa And the metabolism, meanwhile, is slowing drastically and after the age of 12 up until About 20 when the growth flows down or stops The tissues are loading up more and more With poofa and after the age of 20 when there’s no dilution by growth the concentration of poofa increases steadily for the rest of your life because They are Preferentially stored and built into your tissues including your brain tissue rather than being oxidized and They tie up the Cholesterol which is synthesized in the brain as part of a normal brain physiology, but the poofa Bound to the cholesterol makes it insoluble and so it’s it’s like ashes or clinkers 34:38 building up in your brain throughout the life and Primarily because of the accumulation of Unmetabolized poofa and and what are some of the more popular and prolific poofas out there that that we would know fish oil fish oil Safflower and cotton seed and corn oil soil oil Yeah, that kind of stuff all of the things which make good paint and varnish So So when you say batfats you really return referring to poofas. Yeah. Yeah Oh man, so Here’s one for you Quite interested in Ray Pete’s Consumption of milk and it seems I’ve been trying it says 35:38 Dolly she’s in Seattle up near you. Yeah, I just can’t seem to drink even raw grass-fed milk And not get constipated. Does that mean that I just don’t need this or Could some could something else be going on? I’m What the cow eats shows up in the milk of a mother who is breastfeeding Often will Peanuts or tomatoes or something and find that the baby gets diarrhea, right and rashes It’s the same with the cows if the cow It’s bad Something could be weeds in the pasture. Oh something that you’re sensitive to Then it will cause inflammation just like the baby that gets diarrhea Wow, so how man, so you would how would you do that? Would you just have to try to find a source that doesn’t make you Yeah, I’ve known people who 36:40 Tried five or six different brands Sometimes they will settle on on something which isn’t really a very tasty ultra pasteurized milk Basically cooked until it’s Just they cooked a life out of it, but do you still get the same similar benefits though Yeah, lots of people find that they can tolerate that without constipation or diarrhea or asthma symptoms So even so when they say grass-fed cows and say you rely on the source you don’t really know where they’ve been I mean they can be eating something a patch of something that can make it constipated There there is one famous organic milk source. I’ve heard half a dozen other people had the same reaction I Tried it several times and got sick each time several people have told me the same experience with that that organic company But I’ve tried three or four other 37:44 Organic milks one of them tasted especially awful and I looked up where their farm was Organic certified, but it was downwind from a very stinky horrible factory. Okay, and the air the cows were breathing Possibly something was settling on the grass that they didn’t detect In their organic certification, but I think probably just cows breathing that stinky air were contaminating the milk my goodness so you can It’s easy to see then how so many people have different different experiences with milk Yeah, I think the good taste of the milk should be the most reliable guide The one I use most often is safe ways Lucerne milk Here’s an email for you 38:47 Considering that one The one was following dr. Pete’s information and living a healthy as Possible according to some of his research and information. How long does he think one is expected to live a healthy life? Also, how much damage can be undone if living unhealthy for say several decades is their damage? That is irreversible such as if one starts late in life with thick decades of healthy unhealthy living Does this affect their lifespan if they began living more healthy? That’s a great question yeah, the just Taking the poofa in the account your blood vessels and your brain for example deteriorate in proportion to the amount of the Polyunsaturated esters of cholesterol those become hard to excrete and build up and 39:51 inactivate the cells but I’ve looked for things that can shift the balance towards de esterification to Help the system to break down and and liberate the the free cholesterol from the polyunsaturated fat and estrogen Makes the balance worse and progesterone tends to help the balance and I don’t know of any Prolonged experiments in which they’ve Tried to reverse an animal’s aged brain By giving them a high high balance of progesterone But you can see improvement in many of the tissues Possibly because of the anti-inflammatory effects of a progesterone, but but I think prolonged 40:52 dominance of progesterone tends to reverse those brain and blood vessel changes so but to our points about the about the body repairing Over over time the body will repair Bad activity. Yeah. Yeah, that’s part of the function of the immune system. That’s what it does is to break down the damage tissue and Let new cells form Do you have any theories or if you had to pick a number if you want a game show about? What what lifespan humans these days? I know you’re studying now how the lifespan is going down How long we should be able to hang around and to be healthy? the official view since the authorities themselves Aren’t like to live more than 70 or 80 years that they won’t accept 41:53 evidence of anyone outliving them basically so Since the French woman I forget her Jeanette. Yeah They’ve lived to be a hundred and twenty two and she was on TV reminiscing about meeting Vincent van Gogh People have now except a hundred and twenty two is as the maximum but Over over my lifetime I’ve Seen examples like when I was in Florida a local newspaper Reported on a man who had been picking oranges since He was Middle-aged man He went on social security in the 1930s and so according to Documentation at that time he was a hundred and thirty five, but 42:55 The story just didn’t get onto the general wire services And now when I was in high school a lot of newspapers are reported a little tiny guy from Peru who according to The best documentation Church records were very well kept. He was a hundred and eighty four When he came to the United States and in England in the 1800s there was old par who Just just a regular old Guy living in the country, but he had remarried when he was around a hundred and outlived I guess two or three wives, but his documentation Should be I think it was a hundred and fifty two He was taken to visit the king Had had some fine 43:55 Dining which he wasn’t accustomed to and died And so they had the chance to autopsy him. Yeah, and the best Position in England at the time did a thorough autopsy and couldn’t find Any cause of death Nothing wrong with it and he was tissues my goodness if you just Hypothetically had to move to an island. You can only take go three or four foods with you because you had nothing on this island This is just a fantasy movie that it’s not going to happen But just for fun. I wanted to ask you what what foods would you take with you if you only say take three foods, Dr. Pete you know you have three foods. What would you take? Cheese turkeys and oranges. I like it. That’s a good cheese Turkeys and oranges really. Yeah, yeah cheese tacos and orange juice Turkeys are fairly neutral food for some reason that people 44:55 tend to do fairly well on and we don’t eat all that much do we Turkey Which Turkey Turkey Turkey. Yeah Yeah, like a chicken they tend to feed them Lots of grains and so their their fat is very unsaturated So I think if you eat the leanest parts like the breast meat That’s pretty good food. But when you say unsaturated I Saturated is the best right because that’s that’s more stable right okay Yeah, yeah, so I don’t even know what turkeys eat on the wild. We have turkeys out here I leave Yeah, if they’re wild turkeys they’re probably eating lots of bugs and worms Would be better same way with the chickens right if you can get some real chickens that are hanging out all day That’s where the best eggs the best eggs are Yeah, I had a friend who Every day chopped up the the leading leftovers from the kitchen 46:02 lots of tortillas and chopped up vegetables and such and The eggs were very good. Yeah Cynthia wants to know if Dr. E Pete ever eats bread Has you have you ever been married? Do you have any children? If so, do they follow your work so a little you don’t have to answer that second part if you don’t want to For the first one. Do you eat bread at all? No to all of them. No to all of them. Just no to all of them Why not? No, why not bread? Oh, I I have 45 years ago Like to like to make bread. Yeah, uh, I would soak it Of about 12 hours Keeping the flour wet so that the enzymes would break it down It doesn’t have to be literally sourdough. But the long Soaking period yeah Increases the protein and decreases practically eliminates the gluten 47:04 And I I found that that was Very digestible very tasty I could eat a loaf of bread at bedtime And sleep very well Or a slice of regular bread would disturb my sleep Because of the gluten because of the gluten do you think I I think so Yeah, yeah, um I don’t know if I’ve ever asked you What do you we probably have and I just don’t recall but what do you make of all this gluten sensitivity? And you know, you have whole aisles now Um dedicated to gluten free this and gluten free that at the store Does does the literature show exactly why this is going on research? Do we know? um, yeah gluten has a string of Amino acids with the same pattern that estrogen activates in in the intestine and 48:05 Like like estrogen it it can activate inflammation just by that pattern that the immune system recognizes Sort of a signal of stress gluten can do that Mm-hmm, but why have you people eaten bread like through history? I mean bread Through history they would do it in the traditional way of of letting it soak Our hours and hours or in much of asia and The western hemisphere They used ashes they would oh, yes add ashes to their mush to the dough and the ash alkali activates Chemical processes that actually increase The niacin value but decrease the tryptophan 49:08 Making it chemically Much much more nutritious and safe non-inflammatory food So when when we compare You know things that happened long ago of old diets and all that We have to keep taking into consideration exactly what they were doing to the food Like I think the ashes and the corn and the tortillas in mexico you talked about Yeah, yeah same idea But you can do it with fleas or or any grain I was interested in the link that dr. Pete made between hypoglycemia And lactic acid from a previous show I’ve had some issues with hypoglycemia And relieved with diet changes, but now I’ve been diagnosed with hcm And afib that are exacerbated by lactic and build-up is there a link between hypoglycemia and cardiovascular disease Yeah, the one when you’re 50:09 Oxidative apparatus when the mitochondria are damaged usually by fat, but other toxins can do it You tend to produce Lactic acid instead of carbon dioxide And that is many times less efficient than oxidizing the the sugar And so you’re producing lactic acid And consuming sugar at a high rate But not getting the energetic benefit from it and To to get the maximum energy You use sugar at an extremely high rate And just have trouble keeping your your blood sugar steady Okay, dr. Ray Pete stay right there sir, please if you will we’re going to take a little break here Uh, this these guys are on sale right now 50%!o(MISSING)ff. 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We’ve been working with dania forever And they’ve been having little things on sale. It’s hard to even keep up with some of the things on sale We like the digestive bitters the vitamin k2 And d it’s called the daylight vitamin d k2 shaga rishi pine pollen elk velvet antler Colostrum, then they also have some new cbd products the 54:21 The thing out of you know the hemp so check it out any sir thrival link one radio network dot com I think we have two more days of sale on this product previously with dr. Ruland shoe about her product Called pearl seum so let’s talk about the teeth first explain to me what’s going on because There’s something magical when you dip your little toothbrush in water. Why do they look so sparkly and just I don’t know something Very energetically about the the look of them. Yeah, it’s very very magical so like a group of scientists in France discover that when you put pearl next to the bones Or our skins or other connective tissues and they find it stimulates new growth of the bones and skins and connective tissues And also to make existing bones and the skins are more healthy and stronger So brush your teeth with the pearl then your teeth Will make your existing teeth stronger and also it will filling up 55:26 You know teeth with the persium And the pearl powder will stimulate the new bone growth and also make the existing teeth very strong It’s really a great product. You’ll love it Take it internally or on your teeth and you can click an order see the ad right there pearl seum Then nice green container pearl seum on one radio network dot com We’re talking with uh, dr. Yeah, and and excuse me 15 off right now promo code one radio For pearl seum. It’s just real pearl. I think it’s calcium Carbonate if you break it down kind of think so real pearl that they Break down without messing up the cellular matrix. So it’s it’s it’s it doesn’t it’s going to go where it needs to go Calcium and also a lot of other herbs proteins and other minerals in this product. So It’s a good one. Dr. Ray Pete is with us on the third Tuesday of the month and we thank you for coming on and People really like your work ray peep dot com. You can look at all of his articles and also he has a 56:30 A great newsletter you can sign up and I think it’s every other month And we always put the link on the show page You can just kind of click an order if you like to get the get the newsletter from dr. Ray Pete and that’s often fun Doc here’s an interesting question athletes often have low pulses and sub optimal thyroid function I was a recreational athlete but did a run a full marathon in my youth Pulse was always around six to even though my body temperature at dawn was like 97.6 And rises to 98 during the day. I breathe about five to six times per minute So i’m wondering if despite adequate temperature the pulse could be related to consuming fewer breaths per minute than the average person um yeah endurance exercise uh Can slow your your metabolism by reducing the thyroid and um 57:31 The the tissue itself can become more efficient People who live at very high altitude Have adapted the tissues So that they resist shifting over to making lactic acid and Probably some endurance athletes Have a similar adaptation that simply makes their tissues more efficient resisting Forming the wasteful lactic acid Coffee drinking does some Uh similar things simply increasing the efficiency of the tissue Making it able to produce more energy Without going over in the lactic acid production coffee good, okay, but um Have we often been told over the years that too much exercise or exercise produces lactic acid? 58:31 That’s why the muscles hurt and everything Yeah, at low altitude If a person is starting out with a thyroid problem a deficient thyroid function They are already producing Too much lactic acid just at rest. Oh And so the lower your thyroid function is the the lower the threshold is for Going over in the lactic acid production and so when your thyroid is high You’re in effect living at a high altitude People going to a high altitude the T3 active thyroid hormone rises considerably and that’s part of the ability to Do full amount of work without producing lactic acid Both high altitude and the good thyroid function and certain types of 59:34 chronic adaptation Can can produce that and to recap when you see a tsh What number if you were kind of looking at it that you would like to see? 0.001 well Whoa It’s okay if it’s point one But uh, you’re not talking about one two or three you’re pointing my point zero zero. So yeah Uh Large population was surveyed To see how many thyroid cancers There were and what the Tsh in the population was The populations that had 0.4 and down 0.4 was the highest in the group. They were essentially free of thyroid cancer So by meaning these tests don’t even go to the decimals the lowest they go is one, right? 01:00:34 Oh, no, they’re new new tests that go out to three points Oh, yeah, you could ask for a test and say I want to see the decimals on this baby Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah, I think they as a ruler are doing that now But even general than a tsh of two three or four You’re suggesting that Yeah, I’ve I’ve never seen anyone who was free of symptoms who had a 2.0 or Or higher or higher. Yeah Very few people at 1.5 are really Fully functioning and what are what are some of the symptoms of say a two or a three tsh would be? Some kind of inflammatory Problem somewhere in the system could be insomnia. Oh sure. Yeah. Oh, yeah, sure So you don’t want to get one of those full-fledged Little piggy thyroid desiccated and start slow and work up and see if you can 01:01:36 See if you can get rid of that whatever symptoms you have is in general is what you recommend Yeah, yeah good general nutrition where you’re not getting too much phosphate, but are getting Uh, oh at least 80 to 100 grams of protein per day 80 to 100 of protein But but me gives you the phosphate Yeah Milk gives you the phosphate but in proportion to calcium and magnesium. I say and so if you drink three quarts of milk You’re getting an adequate amount of protein just from the milk Hmm. Dr. Pete. I’ve been diagnosed with super ventricular tachycardia Pulse of 200 beats. Wow almost instantly Ablation recommended. I’m in my early 80s. Just finished cervical cancer treatment five weeks radiation five doses of chemo Exam bi oncologist two months ago received no visible signs of cancer 01:02:37 Um, can you give me some advice on what I can do to balance things out? Wow? Checking the vitamin D would be the very first thing because if your vitamin D is low you’re subject to the excitatory effects of phosphate and Checking the amount of of calcium and magnesium in your diet Along with the vitamin D those are the heart stabilizing nutrients most important one and and selenium from seafoods in particular One one good meal of of seafood per week will provide the required selenium And that lets your tissues form the thyroid hormone Uh, your t4 in circulation might be adequate, but without 01:03:38 selenium the individual tissues Won’t won’t be able to produce the t3 they need for example for the heart metabolism and Avoiding a salt deficient diet goes right along with getting enough calcium 40 years ago the dogma was that high blood pressure went with high sodium intake but a researcher named McCarron looked at the diets more carefully and showed that a calcium deficiency was the problem and that the That the people with hypertension were actually deficient in both calcium and sodium and deficient Yeah Are the dogs still doing that whole low self thing? Is that still going around? I guess I keep hearing is occasionally 01:04:43 Not as not as bad as it used to be. Yeah. Here’s a recent blood test from Trent Indicates his estradiol is 15 point 1 pgm slash ml What is the optimum estrogen blood level for a 70 year old male? And do men need estrogen? Do you recommend nutrient prescription drugs to block estrogen? No, I that’s a very fine low estrogen typically aging men get more and more estrogen But 15 pgm per millilitre is good That’s okay. Here’s one for you. I’ve seen mixed studies about the damage caused by cooking food in a microwave oven, particularly the proteins becoming allergic. What does Dr. Peek think about microwave ovens? It causes the same changes that that boiling your meat does and 01:05:45 it has the virtue of Not tending to scorch things on the outside like a baking oven would So I think on average The nutrients are are safer by microwave But it just doesn’t taste as good. Yeah But so the nutrients are actually more with microwave than they are boiling but not without not with cooking properly though Uh, uh, no Plus, uh, there’s a lot of emfs that come out. I don’t know if you’ve ever put one of those To the to the email or one of those rf meters on a 10 feet from a microwave. It’s Yeah, the old microwave used to put out a huge field, but are they better now? Yeah, they’re safe About three or four feet away. Ah Here’s an email numerous, uh, recent guests on patrick’s show have stated that it is microscopic parasites 01:06:46 potentially that cause unhealthy Calcification of the tissues like toxoplasmosis Contributing to calcification in the brain. Are there any remedies? Dr. Ray can recommend for eliminating these little tiny parasites repairing the damage they can cause I’m just getting your immune system revved up Keeping your body temperature Up around 98.6 in the daytime And your oxidative metabolism going well The immune system can take care of those So running around after say I do my show and I go outside and whatever And then just do my my body temperature It in that case it should be around 98.6 or so that would be the ideal If you’re active and walking around Your muscles provide the heat to keep you up there And then what about first thing in the morning though? Oh, it’s okay to be cool during the night lower. I mean that makes sense, right? Um, dr. Ray p talks about red light, but what does he think about colors on the walls and all of these kinds of things? 01:07:54 Blue and green do they provide any more? Um happiness for us colors on the walls Oh sure, uh bright bright lights are the essential for avoiding gloom but Colors make it more interesting not just the brightness Dr. Ray p is with us. We’ll do a few more here before we let them go. Um, are there any good safe spices? Right to an email or safe spices Oh Yeah, they all have their toxic levels, but uh, some of them are so tasty like chili chili pepper has The spice can burn you and cause serious damage and probably stomach cancer if you eat The hot chilies to in excess but Uh, clove is a pretty safe spice cinnamon pepper black pepper pepper 01:09:03 Can you please ask dr. Pete from Amy in san diego? Uh about ingesting clorella powder spirulina powder charcoal died to maceous earth if no fillers is Is it’s still a good way to? um No, I think all of them have their potential risks You don’t you don’t like the clorella is spirulina none of those. Uh, no because occasionally They they have been found to be contaminated with toxins If they work clean would you be okay with them? Yeah, if Somehow you could have each batch tested. Mm-hmm. Yeah, good luck with that Here’s an email from europe in the past half year I have started putting sugar and coffee and also greatly increased intake of freshly processed OJ for me it means it seems to have increased dental cavities Well a recent visit to the dentist resultant and great disappointment 01:10:06 How do we find strength and confidence in adopting? A dr. Pete’s recommendation of not being afraid of sugar and fruit juices Especially one everyone else’s convinced that sugar destroys the teeth So well, it’s it’s good to read rinse your mouth after every intake Because of the acidity on the yeah, yeah, and I think it would also have to do a lot with the other balances of the minerals wouldn’t it um, oh, oh, yeah, but the um the quality of your saliva varies according to your hormones and Some cavities start Inside the teeth when you’re under stress They’re called stress cavities. Mm-hmm because the tooth removes minerals under stress This is from christin a desiccated thyroid for autoimmune thyroid Thyroiditis is bow buoyant. Okay, or does it want to be derived from pig? 01:11:10 No, both of them are good both of them are good Okay, so Please ask dr. Ray pete if a2 milk is good If it’s a store bought and has a natural protein I like it warm at night unless tummy discomfort. They actually sell a2 milk I I saw it at the store, but I don’t think it’s uh, I’ve never seen one where it’s antibiotic free and stuff like that Um, I tried that kind for two or three months And it was okay, but uh, they didn’t have it in one percent only two percent. So I I like the low fat milk But I felt that’s good for milk, right Yeah, I think one percent is okay. Mm-hmm Does dr. Ray pete have any suggestions for a reversing lactic acid acidosis juicing baking soda? Lower fat intake Yep, both of those all those Good thyroid function vitamin d 01:12:14 What does dr. Ray pete think about think of she legit? What was the word she legit? Oh That’s a Mineral from Liberia. I think yeah somewhere like that. Yeah, I don’t know anything Directly about it. Just what I’ve read I think the amazon man is here again. They just come anytime and my dog is barking a little bit, but it’s time to go Well, dr. Pete, what are you going to do over the holidays anything special? Nope, just keep working keep working. Yeah, do you travel much anymore? You ever every once the last time you’ve been down to mexico? Oh years ago. Uh-huh You don’t have any desire to go back and visit at all. Oh, yeah I’m ready to go anytime. Yeah pre There’s some really beautiful parts of mexico isn’t there really? Oh, yeah, man That they don’t have banditos. You just got to be careful where you go these days 01:13:15 Yeah, well dr. Ray p. Thanks so much for being here. Merry christmas. Happy new year And we will see you and we will see you in january and we’ll have all the information on on your website on our show page for it Oh, thanks a lot. Thank you. Appreciate it. Bye

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