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00:00 And we have the herb doctors. Well welcome to this month’s Ask Your Herb Doctor. My name’s Angie Murray. My name’s Sarah Johanneson Murray. Welcome. It’s the 17th of July 2020. 01:01 For those of you who perhaps have never listened to the shows before, they run every third Friday of the month from 7 to 8 p.m. And we have a live call in from 7.30 to 8 o’clock if you’re invited to and you want to call in, you’re all invited. The number is 1-800-KM-UD-RAD. So from 7.30 to 8 o’clock, we’ll open up the phone lines for people to call in with questions about this month’s show, which is a continuing topic of coronavirus and some new information that’s come out. And it’s spearheaded, I guess you could say, by Dr. P, who’s kindly joined us again, has some more information. And these shows are archived on KMUD’s site, kmud.org, go to the audio archives, look for Friday Night Talk, and then scroll through the third Friday of the month. They only have about three months online that you can download. However, you can go ahead and listen to them online anytime and or download them. 02:06 So once again, we’re joined by Dr. Raymond P. Dr. P, are you with us? Yes. Hi. Okay, well, thank you for joining us again, as always. Perhaps for people that maybe haven’t heard your voice or heard your name or don’t know anything about you, listen to the first time here, perhaps, I think we always catch new people by serendipity sometimes. Would you just outline your academic and professional background with people listening so they know where you are educated? I went to a teacher’s college as an undergraduate and studied humanities, and then for a while went to Ohio State studying linguistics. And then I started an experimental school, spent a few years on that, and finally decided to go back to the university to get a PhD in biology, and that was 1968 to 72. 03:12 And since then, I’ve been doing a mixture of humanities and biology. Okay, I think I also want to just put in there that both Sarah and myself are naturopathic doctors, essentially, with an MSc in herbal medicine from England, and we were practicing here when we came here in 2001, up until the time when we first really met you or introduced to you from actually a breast cancer patient, survivor, who lauded you and had nothing but good things to say about you, and that’s when we first came into contact with you. So we’ve been in the kind of background of alternative medicine and looking at alternatives in most directions. I know you’ve definitely opened our eyes for alternatives to what we thought were alternatives, but have lately been found to be actually quite deleterious for you, and I think we’re going to bring some of that out in the beginning questions that I have for you. 04:16 So firstly, before we get into all the related subjects surrounding the suspicious nature of the pandemic and the various implications of social control being unraveled, not to mention the economic collapse and restructuring, let me first ask you about a very recent publication or should I say a very recent pre-publication, as it hasn’t yet been published, but it’s going to be, I’m sure, which implicates linoleic acid in an Omega-6 compound, one of the so-called essential fatty acids found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, meats, and eggs, and I know you’ve always been opposed to all poofers, the polyunsaturated fatty acids as detrimental to health being pro-inflammatory, etc. The pre-publicational article seems to imply that this linoleic acid is actually responsible for allowing the spike protein of the coronavirus to dock with the cell membrane and thus facilitate entry into the cell as an initial action, implying that diets rich in linoleic acid may put patients at increased risk for contracting coronavirus or an increased symptoms or severity 05:18 of coronavirus contracted, and it is this very Omega-6 fatty acid which has been pushed on the populations of the world for the last 40 years in the form of soybean oil, seed oils like fish oil, flax, canola, and they’ve become so vogue and ubiquitous in the food supply unless you know you’re unwittingly consuming these in great quantities daily. So your background as opposing these things for the last 30 or 40 years, again, is being borne out as pertinent in the case of coronavirus, and what do you think about the paper and what do you think it speaks to? It actually should be a revolutionary paper because it shows that linoleic acid is essential for forming the receptor binding site of the spike protein. The spike protein is the whole thing that makes this a more dangerous form of coronavirus 06:22 than the common flu, common cold, and if you can’t form the crucial thing that makes it infective without linoleic acid, then that has all kinds of ramifications because it has been known now for 80 years that in a human experiment overseen by George Burr, who was the originator of the idea that these things are essential for nutrition, a person in his lab went for six months on a highly purified diet in which there was absolutely no measurable level of linoleic or linoleic or arachidonic acid or any of the polyunsaturated and after about four months into the experiment, instead of getting symptoms 07:31 of a deficiency, his chronic health problems such as migraines and I think hypertension to a mild degree simply disappeared and never came back. And that didn’t change their viewpoint on the essential fatty acids, did it? No, that was totally passed over when animal experiments showed that they were not at all essential. It was in 1929 there was very little known about nutrition. And so what happened was when they added the polyunsaturated fats, the metabolic rate slowed tremendously. Burr himself demonstrated that in 1932 or 1933, suppressing metabolism by about 50%!w(MISSING)hen he added back the essential so-called fatty acids. 08:33 All of that was passed over when the seed oil industry had to dispose of the fatty oils from, for example, soy oil. It had been used along with other unsaturated fats for making plastics, varnishes, paints and there was a new petroleum-based industry coming in so they had to find a new market for all of their soy oil and related fats and so they revived the old 1929 study which had been disproved for 20 years and said these are essential so you should eat lots of absolutely no science but it worked for about 50, almost 70 years it has convinced 09:43 lots of people to eat polyunsaturated fats. So if a myth can be around back then where how they convinced everybody that they needed these essential fatty acids which are not essential at all and they changed the diet of the world. And that’s how media and mass propaganda can, that’s how it can do these horrible things. Just imagine it’s still going on today, there’s propaganda to get spread around and animal experiments. This is where it’s so modern and technical now, doesn’t mean there’s propaganda, doesn’t get spread around. Yeah, the animal experiments showed that a diet free of the essential fats prevented diabetes, cancer, inflammation from trauma, sickness from poisoning, everything they could think of, the resistance to it was vastly higher if they had been totally deprived of 10:51 the unsaturated fats and the experiments showed that you can create a deficiency if you’re very diligent in your diet like William Brown did it in four months with an extreme diet but a person can do it in a year or two with a moderate tolerable diet and since those studies have been essentially suppressed no one wants to talk about them because they hurt oil sales but since those have been suppressed it’s assumed that everyone has to have linoleic acid on the surface of their cells which is untrue but since the doctrine says it has to be there then they won’t be able to accept that it’s the cause of much 11:55 of the infection of coronavirus even though it’s essential for the formation of the infectious binding unit. Interesting, there’s another vindication of what you’ve been saying for four decades or more, I know you’ve been out in the wilderness shouting, so what do you think the mechanism is, an inflammatory mechanism by its own right even though they’re causing these essential fatty acids, they’re obviously pro-inflammatory in their own rights, do you think there’s anything else other than a mechanistic lock and key that if linoleic acid is there on mass in the membrane of the cells of people that have high polyunsaturated diets that they are more susceptible? The existing doctrine that this docking site is the ACE2 protein part of the angiotensin system and the mechanism has been understood for almost 20 years now that this particular 13:06 enzyme destroys the pro-inflammatory angiotensin, ACE2 is the anti-inflammatory enzyme that makes angiotensin harmless and the virus sticks to and inactivates the ACE2 enzyme and removes our protective enzyme against inflammation and so removing our protection then all kinds of inflammation set in and have nothing directly to do with whether the virus gets into your cell or not, it’s knocking out our protection just by sitting on the surface of the cell. And you’re saying this is more easily facilitated in people with a high linoleic acid diet because they’ve implicated linoleic acid as being a co-factor in the transport mechanism today? 14:09 Yes, it’s apparently essential for inactivating our protective ACE2 enzyme and the actual mechanism of the protective ACE2 enzyme has been known but apparently only by a few dozen people for hundreds of doctors say that’s the receptive site for infection so if you have more of that you’re going to get sick with a higher probability and since estrogen decreases that ACE2, progesterone increases it, they have theorized that giving estrogen will prevent infections by eliminating ACE2 but that happens to be our protective enzyme 15:12 and estrogen has many overlaps very close all through its history with the polyunsaturated fats they increase estrogenicity and estrogen increases their accumulation in the tissues so it’s very logical that both estrogen and polyunsaturated fats favor the damage done by the virus for progesterone women who are cycling anyone basically under 45 and female is extremely protected against infection and they have the high level of the protective ACE2 enzyme which supposedly would make them more infective. Yeah they’ve came out with studies that said men are more likely, 40%!o(MISSING)r something more likely than women so that’s interesting you mentioned that 16:17 progestogenic protection that women get being part and parcel for fewer instances. Okay well you’re listening to ask you have Dr. Cary Meadigalable 91.1 FM from 7.30 to the end of the show at 8 o’clock you’re invited to call in with questions related to this month’s ongoing expose if you like with the pandemic number if you like to call in is 1-800-KMUD-RAD, KMUD-RAD. I wanted to let people know the article that was published in 2020 showing that the free fatty acids linoleic acid specifically people want the evidence it’s always good to get the facts their paper is the pre-print server for biology it’s called BioRXIV and it’s called it titled unexpected free fatty acid binding pocket in the cryo EM structure of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. They weren’t expecting 17:22 to find this so they had to title the article unexpected free fatty acid. Yeah so there’s a 2020 document so if people would like to look for that document online it’s a pre-print article abstract we expect to see the article in its full glory here at some point some point soon. So Dr. Peed let me ask you this there seems now to be a near hysterical media frenzy concerning a second wave as if the height of summer were irrelevant concerning seasonal influences of witches as another and the worldometer related to coronavirus data showing infections and death which shows a rising graph implies widespread infection and death would you speak to the actual numbers as we have done in previous shows and highlight the important factors which mark this outbreak is no worse than any typical seasonal influenza and then we’ll get into some of the some of the underlying actors behind what we think here is not a serious problem. 18:23 Several people have asked me about what about the doubling of corona diagnosed deaths in Texas and Florida in the last month and so I looked at the actual numbers same as I did with the national figures published by the CDC from January through up to almost the present and nothing was happening in the national figures and what I see in the Texas and Florida numbers is that the increase in tests in the population for example in Florida in the last month the number of people tested has gone from 50,000 to 70,000 while the number of diagnosed corona case deaths has increased 19:30 but by exactly the same proportion 50%!i(MISSING)n a month and so if no more people are dying exactly the same expected daily number of deaths in both Texas and Florida as in the whole U.S. you know that really nothing is happening except a lot of media and government noise trying to panic the people but what I happen to notice in the national figures at the end of March I started looking at the total mortality of week by week going back to from the end of March to January 1st there was a very weird suppression of total deaths in the 20:31 United States from all causes accidents old age or whatever there was a 10 or 15 percent decrease in all deaths around the country starting around January 1st and there’s a right wing columnist Joe Hoft I think his name is A2FT on the internet who did a more thorough study of that he went back several years comparing the weekly mortality and he sees exactly the same thing but going back decades this is a unique avoidance of deaths starting in January 1st as published by the CDC continuing all the way until the end of March when they decided to declare the pandemic and within a couple of days there was a gigantic also 21:37 historically unprecedented peak of deaths called the COVID mortality spike but if you look at the missing part of the graph the weird depression the missing number of deaths amounts to the extra deaths piled up as soon as the pandemic was declared I think any prosecutor looking at that graph just from itself would say a criminal investigation has to be done Congress should start an investigation any congressman could ask for a government accounting office or the Department of Justice to start investigating a criminal conspiracy to fail to declare the normal amount of mortality 22:43 week by week starting three months in advance knowing that they were going to want a pile of deaths to happen when they declared the pandemic outbreak so the figures have been manipulated to allow this sudden spike on on cue as it were for the announcement that this was a pandemic and yeah anyone just looking at the graph statistics from the CDC we’ll see this historically unique mortality where it has always been a pyramid of volcanic shape steeply up and then steeply down the other side this year starting in January the steep rise abruptly stops becomes a flat depression and then a super steep unhistorical rise on the other side it’s obviously manipulated 23:54 and it has to be someone from the CDC because those are graphs and numbers that you’re looking at from the CDC yeah exactly so that’s where the criminal investigation really should be going on okay well that’s just through the thought and that’s the evidence there and that is fact so we’re not just we’re not just conspiracy theorists here folks everything that we said so far can be looked at verified and investigated i wanted to ask you dot p i saw an article it was a 22 minute article that people can go check themselves um by professor denise who denise is called one name professor denise rancourt so denny denny denis okay rancourt he’s a phd um he’s been in government positions and he’s got a very interesting 22 minute interview which he gives with del big tree on the website bitch uh bit chute and chute is spelled c h u t e uh which i think seems to be a modern 24:54 alternative to youtube so bit chute uh but he speaks to the fact that face mask showed no significant influence on viral infectivity rates from a 2020 chinese study interestingly which leads me to my next question if we are to imagine this as a staged event which all the metrics look like supporting that the face mask wearing is a psychological control tool a dog training by the emerging authoritarianism which we’re getting to in a bit seen in governments worldwide now um face masks in a good uh at first they told people to stay inside and at least in england and idly and some other countries the police were actually making people stop walking their dog go inside stop working in their garden and go inside just a crazy degree of of pushing people 25:57 around and when they saw that that had worked fairly well i think the ordering the wearing of face masks was just another stage in obedience training if if they could make them stay indoors maybe they can make them do just about any full thing with no scientific basis and it turned out that in fact most people were willing with absolutely no evans 14 controlled studies found that there was no effect no pretty effect from wearing a mask right that’s what professor rancourt talks about so very interesting so people want to verify this uh golly i think again this is on bitchute it may well be on youtube but bitchute uh b-i-t c-h-u-t-e uh if you type in professor denny’s rancourt uh you should come up with a video 22 minutes he mentioned the same thing 27:01 that the 14 studies were done they were controlled studies with outcomes measured outcomes so very rigorous um basis for forming a judgment and that none of the 14 um reviews or interventions that were being challenged came out with anything beneficial about wearing a mask and so begs the question who’s who’s actually listening to this information and who’s making the call who is prescribing ventilators that kill people who is prescribing face masks that keep everybody in a state of fear and panic when he is clearly saying that because influenza um not just his influenza but influenza in general is an aerosolized um spread um you know format he said that it’s ridiculous that there’s a frenzy to wash hands and to wash tables because the things that they call fomites in science is kind of inanimate objects that we have around us he said that that’s not 28:04 the way influenza spread it’s purely aerosolized so as you mentioned being in in a closed confined space with other people with um symptoms of coronavirus or common cold is a very good way to catch it because it’s aerosolized and you’re going to be breathing it in and that the face mask itself really didn’t um significantly improve your chance of um preventing its uh occurrence in you because you said unless you’re wearing a full face mask with you know niosh respirators attached to them so that your face was sealed well and then your whole body sealed because he said that the viral particles are so small they’ll get stuck in cracks of your skin and it could blow off and go down into your lungs so anyway but the fact the fact is that he’s saying that face masks don’t show any benefit so why are we why are we wearing them why do we feel that we’re safer why is virtue signaling i’ve never really wanted to kind of repeat this phrase but it is a kind of dog training virtue signaling exercise that we’re all looking at each other with face masks 29:07 and we all have this fear and fear is a huge tool used to manipulate various different circumstances and if we’re looking at everybody looking at us with a face mask on don’t we reinforce what we feel is something that’s real when actually number one there seems to be a lot of suspicious data surrounding coronavirus there seems to be a lot of poorer practices that are killing people there doesn’t seem to be the huge death rate and face masks are ineffective anyway you’re listening to ask your doctor camey de garville from 91 91.1 fm from now to the end of the show at eight o’clock you’re invited to call in with any questions related or unrelated to the ongoing topic of coronavirus and we’re going to get into some of the authoritarian control look at world health organization the international monetary fund the world bank see how this plays into uh with codex element areas which we’ll get into a bit but it’s your uh you’d like to call 30:12 in the numbers 1-800-K-M-U-G-RAD so dr. pink you i think you’re going to say something before i cut you off the mask wearing reminds me of the henny penny story and it seems like most people didn’t get the uh the proper ending i think they might have got a censored version of henny penny in in the original version uh henny penny and all of her friends on the way to tell the king about the crisis are eaten by foxy loxy and it’s intended as a warning against uh uh falling for uh uh conspiracy panic ideas so we just as your engineer we just had a caller but they just hung up they didn’t want to wait i guess but caller do call back and it’s half past 31:12 now so nine two three three nine one one and since i don’t have andrew dish wave my finger at him or stare to wave a finger at i’ll just kind of butt in like i just did there so no callers now because they hung up they’re actually remote remotely calling for these last couple of shows because of the fear but anyways 1-800-568-3723 or 707-923-3911 and honestly another interesting point i wanted to say is that the cdc which you know we have to follow our state guidelines wherever whatever state you live in but the cdc which is the federal guidelines say mask wearing is optional now i think if there were studies showing that it was super effective they would be saying it’s mandatory but other states are suing um other businesses and companies organizations in certain states are suing their state saying it’s unconstitutional to wear a mask so it’s also interesting to look at those points when you think about mask wearing okay dr p um i know 32:18 that we’ve covered i i guess uh you’ll go ahead um uh michael and let me know just however you wish that there is uh callers waiting as when they are and i’m and i just put it out there please call on the 93 number because people call long distance and it costs people call from phone booths thinking it’s free we spend so much money on one person’s calls from phone booths so 93 3911 in the 707 area code and yeah i think we have a caller coming in but uh just one second okay let’s just let’s just take a call or you are on the air i you’re on the air i made a mistake of calling when i have to remember and uh apologize um so i’m just curious about the statistics that these doctors are talking about because when i when i talk to and i have family that are nurses um in different hospitals they’re all wearing the few nurses that were exposed and were now in uh infected they had incidences where they didn’t have proper masking and they were infected so this would be contrary to what these 33:23 two doctors or people who are talking about um it seems like we’re focusing a little bit on the conspiracy side and i’m all for that believe me i don’t trust our government at all but what i look at when i see the media around the world and i talk to other people who live in other countries they’re going through the same things the countries that actually mandated mandated mandatory whatever mandatory masks were required their numbers are super down the the three countries america uh brazil and india that didn’t have masks and proper procedures are the ones being hit the hardest so wouldn’t this kind of contradicts what they’re saying about people not wearing masks because that is a major issue is wearing masks can actually stop not saying a cough over your face but in the end 90 of math can actually reduce your your uh spreading of the virus doesn’t prevent you from getting it but it prevents or at least eliminates some of the bacteria 34:25 the viral uh you know antigens that are out coming out of your mouth in the air so i’m just a little worried about what i’m hearing over the radio from kema that you’re kind of going along the republican line of like well we don’t need masks that’s all conspiracy and then we see like florida and other states that don’t mandatory it we’re dealing with schools opening and they’re saying we don’t need master kids okay well i’m a little worried about kema because i kind of rely upon you guys for bringing in the truth and what i’m hearing right now is somewhere along the kind of like far out there uh conspiracy theory telling people that you don’t need to wear masks it’s fine and that might kill people so you know think about what you’re saying and you know be better damn sure that you know it’s like you’re talking about excuse my language because you’re let me uh let me let you know again where this information is coming from so you can see if this person needs to be held accountable and whether or not you agree with this person so this is professor denise rancor uh he’s a government official who’s works with our health care official and policy 35:29 making in canada and he has a 22 minute video he’s interviewed by del victory and he is stating categorically that there is no scientific data supporting the use of face mask wearing and that it does not significantly decrease transmissibility what he’s saying is that any of these face masks whether they’re n95 or just regular face masks that people wear or scarves or whatever they don’t seal your face and whilst influenza is an aerosolized airborne um vector and is easily inhaled and exhaled through small folds in your skin around which the face mask should seal but doesn’t unless you’re wearing a full respirator for fosgene or some other biochemical warfare agent which means that you’re completely isolated from the environment and by the respirator itself 36:30 then it really doesn’t do any good and he’s saying that actually in some ways it’s more harm than good because you’re constantly breathing and rebreathing into these masks and then there’s the whole issue of contaminant contamination where people are basically either you know they come across people that have sneezed and they touch a surface and they take their mask off and then therefore they’re contaminated their mask straight away they put it back on when they get out of their car to go to another store you know take it off when they come back into their car and so the whole thing is just not an infection control mechanism it’s basically people putting masks on taking masks off and they’re actually they do not seal enough around your face to make any difference and that 14 peer reviewed studies which you can listen to him have categorically stated there is unequivocal evidence to support that it is a useless practice so I don’t think it’s partisan but that’s the facts well so anyway okay well then how do you explain in the hospitals where you have 37:32 covid wards and people are wearing masks there and then the people who aren’t get infected so I mean the doctors wearing face masks have been infected but by saying that it’s going to actually uh make people more contagious or or possibly get a you you know you know broadcasting this out here could possibly be contributing to a factor that is mass population not wearing masks which leads to mass deaths so that’s like a gender 21 that’s Illuminati that’s all that stuff and that conspiracy I can go down that road but it just seems like you know one doctor making you know one video and then you basing that upon that to announce to the public in the mountain here not so he’s basing what he might get more infected than what he said seems a little bit catchy to me the same arguments could be made about setting down the economy there was absolutely no evidence that that was going to help anything that they said that should 38:36 flatten the curve delay infection that make it easier on the hospitals but there was no objective scientific evidence supporting that but they went ahead I mean Francis Sweden didn’t use masks their your case has gone up the other countries around them mandatory mass their cases stayed low and and and flatten the curve down to a minimum at multiple countries who have enforced strict mandatory mass laws have had much more success than us so I’m just trying to like correlate not just one source but many sources and many countries many doctors and look at the big picture and see that the countries that made it the best that are still able to travel right now that are actually able to go out they’re the ones that stayed in lockdown and wore mask mandatory and enforced it so so I mean does that come into anything you’re thinking that’s about as far as you can get from a scientific controlled study those countries have an infinite number of of 39:40 different reasons for people getting sick okay I mean yes we there there isn’t been enough study that’s kind of you’re right on both sides but I’m I would rather err on the side of caution in my mind the countries that have done well are the ones that mandatory the masks okay those didn’t and they have had a haphazardly enforced it well they’re dealing with what we have seventy seven thousand people in one day they are making a 42 people every minute the same 42 people in the United States are infected every minute right now three point five million people infected with a factor of two people two point five will get infected by that one person infected so I I’m just saying are you know maybe it’s a shot in the dark but hey let’s try wearing masks and see if it actually affects it if we actually did it we might not be in the situation with seventy seven thousand people getting infected every day three point five million Americans infected let’s listen to what I mean that’s why I think I mean I was getting into it not going to waste 40:46 time excuse me and then we’ll move on thank you don’t speak you can make a similar argument about anything you want people to do destroy the world economy without any scientific basis just do it as a precaution because it might seem reasonable okay we have another caller let’s hold it there I think Michael you’re saying there’s another caller yeah there’s another caller okay caller you’re on the airway from what’s your question I’m from uh Garberville and my question is um going back to the math question my understanding that it we are being encouraged to wear masks to protect other people and yet this guy who called in was saying that the people without masks were getting the virus more than 41:48 the people with masks so I’m confused about it seems like um if we’re wearing them to protect other people I don’t know how to put the question so it’s understandable um is it is the question I’m asking understandable uh are you are you are you wondering why people are getting infected to people are wearing masks yes if the nurses are together and some of them are not wearing masks and some of them are wearing masks and yet we’re supposed to be wearing masks to protect the people around us why are the people without masks I mean are they are these nurses together or are they separate rooms or separate hospitals well I think basically what it boils down to is that any mask you put on your face your breath and your particles of virus that could be coming out of your lungs 42:54 are going out the sides of your mask and you’re breathing in from the sides of your mask unless you wear a full body suit which hopefully that’s what they’re providing for doctors and hospitals and for the nurses unless you’re wearing a full respirator so you there’s no way that you could be breathing in infected air the masks have been shown to be ineffective at preventing these viral droplets that are in the air infecting people with flu so that’s what the studies show okay because people want to wear masks because their government stays held into or because you want to go in a grocery store and they won’t let you in with that one then you got to wear one okay yeah but the what they’ve been saying for the most part it it’s not to protect you the person wearing the mask is to protect the people around you I mean they’re doing that I mean that’s kind of what the media and everybody’s saying it’s in the case but they’ll come out right out and say it 43:57 isn’t protecting you but if they are saying that it’s to protect protect anybody who has contact with you anyway okay okay what are you going to say Doug speak what are you going to say dentists and surgeons who are operating on people with open wounds it’s reasonable for them to wear a mask while hovering over the wound so that they won’t blow droplets if they talk it’s very common for droplets of saliva to to blow out and obviously a mask is going to prevent spit from getting into a wound so for a surgeon it definitely protects those they’re operating on and and I I believe that might be the protocol even before 44:57 this virus issue that surgeons would wear a mask yeah that’s been practiced for decades yeah okay thank you and we have another caller caller but they’ve got a funny feeling we won’t get through too many questions at this point should I wait after this caller should I wait for no no no no we’re here for people to question okay well someone else is calling you’re you’re on the air where you’re from um I’m from Breitland okay go ahead what’s your question well I would like a detailed answer as to why the numbers are so low in Hong Kong and Korea and a few other places please explain in detail why those numbers are so low thank you okay so are they are they so low and how low are they okay so let’s look I’m going to quote off some numbers from worldometers even though they might be dumping other causes of death in with these I 45:57 mean even the government CDC Deborah Burke says that the coronavirus deaths are probably 25 percent over numbers so Sweden has 556 deaths per million population Italy has 579 Spain has 608 UK has 666 and Dora Belgium has 845 deaths per million population the USA has 429 so that’s to put in perspective countries have had lockdown and face mask measures compared with someone who had no lockdown Sweden with 556 it’s right up there with everybody else it’s no higher and it’s in fact lower than some other countries so now you this caller asked about Korea and Hong Kong Dr. P do you have any comment on the numbers in Korea and Hong Kong well so much 47:00 of it depends on diagnosis like in currently in Florida and Texas they if they have a test to find virus and they’re using that test 100 times more frequently than another place is they’re going to no matter what the person dies of they’re going to tend to diagnose them as having died of COVID but simply finding the presence of the virus has nothing to do with diagnosing the cause of death so for example someone might have liver cancer they’re dying they go to the hospital they catch coronavirus yeah so you see that they get a positive for coronavirus and they die from their liver cancer but they don’t get put down as dying from their liver cancer they get written up as died from COVID yeah every winter you see a sharp increase in 48:04 mortality in all of the northern countries and the coronavirus hasn’t changed that whatsoever the all-cause mortality has not changed for 2020 when you’ve compared the all-cause mortality with this 2020 took previous years true everyone should look at the the graphs that professor ron court shows and we have another caller okay we have another call us i just wanted to tell them the previous caller the death per million population in south korea were 267 but how many people have been tested that’s the thing that i think they’re getting out right so it depends on how many cases are how many people how much earlier you were talking about the protective value of estrogen and progesterone and i was confused i couldn’t tell if because i 49:06 i thought that more men were dying from this than women and i thought they are yeah they would think that they were um protected by progesterone yeah i think i think the facts well supposedly the facts for being the facts are that men are more susceptible uh and dr p has said that part and parcel of that is because um women have protective exposure from progesterone progesterone is anti inflammatory and does confer uh some immune not immunity but uh that lack of inflammation is a good outcome for women whereas men uh don’t express progesterone and they’re not protected in the same way but women who are post menopausal would not have the same same potentially not no because um they would still be exposed to estrogen which would be the inflammatory hormone which certainly would be mortality increases sharply after menopause and after 50:08 the age of 80 women die more frequently than men thank you okay you’re welcome so dr p i i’ll say it again but i do want to try and get this information out now so that people can look at this they can go online they can do their own searching they can see that what we’re talking about here is fact it’s not hearsay and it’s not conspiracy so as much as um i want to let people call in i do want to try and get some more of this information to people so that they can go and do their own research um obviously hearing about death and suffering is not good and i’ve always said this from the very beginning it’s not that we don’t want to acknowledge that people are dying they are but what we want to acknowledge folks and what we want to help people wake up to is that if they look further than what they are being told they will find a different narrative and it’s that very narrative that i don’t think wants to be exposed and i think that covering up the 51:10 figures like dr p has talked about from the death through january through march to provide this spike at the outset of the announcement that covid 19 was upon us and that people were dropping like flies it’s all part and parcel unfortunately i sound like a conspiracy theorist but unfortunately a lot of conspiracies have acquired an amount of truth woven into them i wanted to get people familiar with a uh a uh a video that was done by harry vox harry vio x his last name um he basically mentions uh the security memorandum number 200 by henry kissinger in december the 10th 1974 which had a subject of the population and also discusses the fact that the cdc have printed the ebola virus now what’s that about mentioning that if the ruling class whoever they are saw wide-scale civil unrest in the usa he predicted there’d be an outbreak in the usa of ebola and there’s further dog training of the population which is going to quell dissent all groups are massing it’s a divide and conquer strategy um he also mentioned that the 52:17 world bank and the world economic forum are very much behind the agendas surrounding things like global warming and that this is almost certainly a planned event and they’ve got to be has spoken to uh some of the uh controversy surrounding research done by bill gates supported uh uh yeah industries uh pharmaceutical um bases like that uh and he’s already mentioned that some of this really did not add up to much less than collusion uh that vaccines were already being proposed um proposed and worked on uh from research that was been done that was essentially advanced warning um so dr p i know you’d mentioned them you’ve got any a few minutes well we do have one more caller if we could make this the last caller if you get to them but okay well you know have dr p go ahead and have dr p finished that statement with you but then we do have one last 53:18 caller and okay well you’ve got about two minutes and i’m quite serious we’re going to have to cut you off in two minutes or so because we’ve got to close up the show go ahead do your your question away from oh hi sarah and andrew this is katie from talk with katie dr p uh what concerns me about all this talk is you know i think you’re right there are people and there probably are numbers that aren’t right and everything else but i just want to really quickly relay a story of a friend of mine who was alive or was during the eighth epidemic not as bad as this and it was only a sector of people and probably marginal people at that but dr fouchi said hey guys stop doing bad behavior stop doing this or you’re going to continue it i’ll said no i’m not going to do it i’m not going to stop my behavior i’m not going to stop going to the bath houses we’re not going to do it and this particular person ended up being one of those 54:19 hib people who um didn’t um get symptoms of the disease but carried it and he ended up you know killing a lot of his friends you know in in respect of not being careful so i’m just saying you know i don’t think it’s to be trifled with i think that if just wearing masks if even if it’s just a compassionate act for somebody else i really think that it’s for all of you i think it’s just really um i just think you better really check your facts because you don’t want to be that person either and i’m just saying i think it’s true there’s probably a lot of doctors that seem weird things i also have another political question to ask if you can do it or not do it but are you guys trump supporters you know i’m going to decline to answer questions that will politically implicate me i’m very independent i’m i’m an i’m an extremely independent person i would say 55:24 if you want if you want to call if you want to call my number on politics i would say that i’m a constitutionalist or libertarian who believes in free speech and investigation and uncovering lies and deception and that’s what it’s always been about well i agree that there’s a lot of lies and deception around this thing but i personally just don’t want to be that person who’s typhoid mary if it’s not lies and perception that’s all and so that’s my piece and dr p you can say your piece and thank you for being the show and it’s good to see different perspectives but i think it could be dangerous thanks okay thank you kate and thank you dr p we’re going to have to wrap it up with details uh for people to find you on before we close the show out in the next minute so thanks so much uh for people who’ve listened to the show dr apete’s website is r a y p e a t dot com it’s got fully reference articles my name’s andrew my my name’s sir johannison murray we have a business uh western botanical medicine uh 56:29 world tennis if medicine practitioners and um we’re always looking for the truth and not just to take things as uh they’re being told and it’s always good to question uh and not question and challenging and being more like but just objectively scientifically uh challenging the narrative that we’re told and it’s a good way to find out more information and it keeps us free that’s what it’s all about i think the uh last closing uh the last closing uh sentence i wanted to come out with if those people uh give up their security for freedom uh or their freedom for security rather they’ll end up with neither so let’s not give up our freedoms uh let’s question our governors let’s question our government uh let’s have open dialogue and that’s why free speech is so important folks anyway thank you good night thank you good night and 57:33 k-mud would like to thank our underwriters humboldt brand with decades of knowledge and cultivation and extraction representing over 100 local farms offering compliance consultation branding and packaging design increased distribution channels manufacturing and networking events humboldt brand is your local team located at 823 redwood drive in garberville for more information their number is nine two three nine five six zero or info at the humboldt brand dot com by farmers for farmers and to let you know that redwood acres fairgrounds needs your help the ninth district agricultural association has fairgrounds has been severely impacted by covid-19 the fair is canceled as are all events for the foreseeable future and they have taken a significant hit their budget they could see a permanent closure along with other fairgrounds throughout the state to serve the community in many ways and you can help by reaching out to local representatives to 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