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00:00 Joe can give you more information at 707-362-54439. Thank you, Interlite. We’ve got Astro Herb Doctor coming right up. We’ve got Astro Herb Doctor coming right up. We’ve got Astro Herb Doctor coming right up. Well, this is your engineer. 02:48 I have Andrew Murray here, and I’m having a little technical difficulty. Dr. Pete, do we have you here? Yes, I do. You do? Oh, I was unable to hear you, so the show’s all yours. Thank you so much for joining us. Well, welcome to this month’s Ask Herb Doctor. It’s August the 21st, 2020, and you’re invited to call in from 7.30 to 8 o’clock with any questions about the continuing dialogue and the facts and the science around the pandemic and COVID-19 and all its manifestos. We’re going to bring out, it’s not a conspiracy, we always look to the facts, and we’ll be able to provide the links for everything that we discuss so that people can go online and find the information out for themselves. You’re listening to KMUD, Garberville, 91.1 FM, and like I said, from 7.30 to 8 o’clock, we have a live call in with Dr. Raymond Pete who’s joining us. And the number is 707-923-3911. So once again, 707-923-3911. 03:55 So my name’s Andrew Murray. My name’s Sarah Johanneson Murray. Welcome to the show. So every third Friday of the month from 7.30 to 8 o’clock, we present an hour’s radio show based on alternative medicines and different ideas. So not to look at the newfangled, but to look at some of the empirically tried and tested medicines and herbal medicines. And we’re both qualified medical herbalists and we’ve been working with herbal medicine for 20-plus years here, manufacturing herbal medicines for distribution up and down the West Coast of the States. So like I said, once again, we’re very pleased to have Dr. Raymond Pete to join us. I have some new information and some reiterations of information we’ve given out previously. And as always, the kmud.org website archives the shows. So I think it’s very important just to get this out there that people recognize that the website itself only really hosts the shows for about two months. 05:03 Then they’re removed and sequentially new materials added. So if you want to download the show, you should go to the audio archive section and scroll down and look through the title of this show slot from 7.00 to 8.00, which is called Friday Night Talk. And look for the third Friday of every month and then you’ll see on that slot the ask your doctor radio show and that can be downloaded from there for those people who perhaps want to get access to 10 years worth of shows that we’ve done now with Dr. Pete as our special guest. On our website, www.westernbotanicalmedicine.com, under the resources tab, there’s a link for all the radio shows from 2009 till the present. So thanks so much for joining us again, Dr. Pete. Yes. Hi. As always, I open it up to you to let people know who you are and what your background is for those people who perhaps have not heard you before. Would you just explain your academic and professional background? 06:07 I studied for a PhD in biology, specializing in reproductive physiology, University of Oregon, 1968 to 72, thesis on the oxidative changes with aging. And before that, I was studying various things in the humanities, literature and linguistics, and some psychology and philosophy, and started at a college in Mexico that did that for several years. Okay, and I know you’ve written extensively and you’ve written books and you produce a newsletter that’s regularly printed out and distributed to people on your lists. 07:08 And I know I think it’s bi-monthly, is that correct or? Right. Yeah. Okay, so, well, good. So I just want to give, I will give out again at the end of the show, but the link to find out more about Dr. Pete and his background and what he’s done and what he’s written on and find all the articles if people are interested to explore some of the other health topics that we won’t be covering. The address is www.raypeat.com and just go take a look at all the publications and the links that he’s produced. So Dr. Pete, last month, and I know for several months here, we’ve been following the steady news about COVID worldwide. And as always, in a free speech society, there is information and there is information. And it’s out of all the wealth of information that we have access to, that we have the ability to sift out the reality from the lies or the disinformation. 08:12 I know disinformation has been put on a pedestal, if you like, to be targeted by all sorts of outlets, social media, et cetera, with fake news and the news police. But that all aside, I think what I wanted to stress to people listening is that first and foremost, with the philosophy of first, do no harm, our objective goal here is to provide factual information. And I wanted to just discuss something that we didn’t get a chance to discuss last month. And I know we’ve covered it before in the past, but a document entitled Codex Alimentarius, which we first came across in about 2003 from Dr. Rima Labo. If people want to type that into a YouTube search, R-I-M-A, Rima, L-A-I-B-O-W, she did a one hour presentation on Codex Alimentarius. 09:13 And everything that came from that seems to be borne out as part of the password of the current events. From the end of the Second World War until now, the steady rise and the implementation of the Codex to unify and, I want to quote, unquote, harmonize everything, removing individuality and identity extensively. I saw a very interesting video from Harry Vox, which was filmed in 2014. That’s also on YouTube. I first thought he was pretty animated, but it’s a passion of any investigative journalist, I think, where he clearly explains the Rockefeller Foundation’s publication entitled, it’s a 2010 publication entitled, Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, which parodies almost exactly what’s happening now. It mentions the term lockstep, as in governments initiating and supporting top-down control with more authoritarian leadership and interventions, and then praising the authoritarian leadership of China, 10:15 which had greater success in controlling those events that population would disseminate without control, like free speech, individualism, innovation, entrepreneurialism, etc. Bringing their prior outbreaks of SARS, H5M1, i.e. the Gu Guang Dong virus of 1996, which gave rise to the avian bird flu, bringing these things under control through top-down authoritarian government control. Now, we live in an entrepreneurial free speech society of innovators and are blessed with inalienable rights that Martin Luther King Jr. added, saying, we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they’re endowed by God, created with certain inalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Well, I mean, this lies at odds with authoritarianism in countries like China. And again, folks, this is not a political show, and I don’t want to assume science but explore the facts. I think mainstream media is at odds and has become at odds with science, which seeks to understand self-evident truth. 11:19 And it’s been famously quoted, those who give up freedom for security get neither. So, Dr. P, do you know – well, I’m sure you do. I ask a silly question, but you’re familiar with Codex Alimentarius, and you’ve got definite ideas in your own mind about the mechanisms by which Henry Kissinger’s memorandum was outlined and how the entire structure of the hierarchy is set for basic control of the population. I remember about 50 years ago, the Club of Rome was a group of a few influential people who were sketching out what the world has to do. And I’ve been following this ideology, which I think has gathered up all of the dangerous and degrading ideas in our culture 12:26 and is presenting them as the best alternatives to the problems that are being created by the very operation of that sort of system. In the Rockefeller Report 2010, they present four scenarios of possible futures, and Blockstep is only one of them. The other three are various descriptions of future disasters. But I think the horrifying thing is that in each of those, the digital technology is presented as the only redeeming possibility. So even though they present the Blockstep as what is very efficient and workable and prevents all kinds of suffering and so on, 13:28 they won’t consider any future that isn’t looking to digital technology as their savior. I think that’s at the very heart of what’s been going on now for about at least 80 years of hurting all of culture, humanities and sciences together. A few people in the humanities have put up some resistance for 20 or 30 years, but pretty much those people have died off. The science community has been so indoctrinated with the Blockstep mentality that if you get through the university and can be called the scientist, there’s no alternative thinking done at following the rules that are set, 14:36 and basically they’re looking forward to this digital Blockstep society. With the digital society, is that so they can feed us the information that they want us to have? Of course they’re probably trying to say that it’s for our benefit because underprivileged people can then access information. The only real alternative is if we had a post office that you could send letters around with confidence, that might work, but the only workable alternative to being controlled from above is to actually get together, have teachers and students, people in clubs doing things they’re interested in. 15:40 A whole network of people doing interesting things is a real alternative society. People would start reforming things from the bottom up if they could actually get together, but the whole drift from factory work where people could actually get together and break some talk, they’ve been pushing people into cubicles or even working at home on computers so that they don’t talk to each other. Interesting you mentioned that because that’s exactly what’s happening with the whole social distancing terminology and enforcement I mean quite literally is divide and conquer. The digital system is right at the point that they did an experiment in India abolishing paper money or coin 16:44 and lots of people starved because they didn’t have access to bank accounts. That was just a few years ago but already they’re imminently saying that money transfers, viruses has to be abolished for the public health but that means that banks will do everything and money will be banned except through the digital bank controlled system and at that point it’s likely that you’ll have to pay interest on your money because the bank will be doing all of the work of paying your debts and paying your salary and so on so naturally they will burn a commission so savings will be at the mercy of the banks. 17:48 Which is completely backwards from the way that our societies have gone previously to a point where like you say and I know we’ve mentioned this several times on different parts of the shows and different months of different years even but I know it’s been bandied around for quite a while here the whole cashless society goal I think which you know in the face of it sounds like an interesting prospect from the point of view of removing cash from drug cartels for example and saying that actually it will be fairly effective at controlling that kind of criminal organization and crime in general which thrives on cash because it’s not traceable but there is a completely abhorrent feeling behind the cashless digital society because again without becoming political or religious about it the whole mark of the beast in revelations 18:51 which is clearly mentioned very closely assumes itself with a kind of digital life and the whole part of part and parcel of humanity is the spirit within the person whichever way you believe about religion or higher powers or whatever you want to call it we’re all created spiritual beings whichever you don’t want to call God God or Jesus Jesus etc we’re created beings and we have the capacity for thought and emotion and compassion and violence and all the other stuff but we’re created and therefore that very creation is something just like art and music you know it’s an expression of the soul and the whole digital scenario from like the matrix I don’t know if you’ve ever watched that but the movie The Matrix very much brought out what that kind of digitization of existence would be like and it’s a far cry from living in the spirit a life to enjoy the world that we live on 19:52 and being harmony with it and the whole cashless society is just the next step I think when they actually if they actually pull that off and like you said you know if they want to start charging money to hold your money by charging your interest that is an incredible income generating system I’m sure that probably hasn’t had too much of an equal and once you get students used to getting lessons on their computer the best lessons are going to be by the best teachers and so they can record those and give them to everyone that would mean all of the rest of the teachers are unnecessary and be replaced by these recorded elite lectures and the digital virtual reality programs will be designed very expensively and so everyone will have access to these very complex virtual reality explanations of everything 21:04 visits to every place in the world and so on but they’ll be so expensive that only a couple of corporations will be competent to make the really good ones and so the digital corporations again will be put in a position of power chief executive recently summed up her view of the situation she said humans are bio hazards machines aren’t well I know that Elon Musk for example wants to when apart from his Mars dreams of bringing man to Mars and recolonizing planets I know he’s very very much behind the quote unquote science of merging AI with our brains and having 22:05 science implanted to make us more than we are through the very essence of science you know the CIA started working on those projects making remote controlled dogs for example many years ago around 1950 I knew a woman who was diagnosed with paranoia officially and she had some really horrible fantasies but she didn’t have any fantasies to compare with the reality of what they’ve been working on. You’re listening to ask you have Dr. Jamie D Galivore 91.1 FM from 7.32 the end of the show at 8 o’clock you’re invited to call in the number 707 986 sorry 986 is 923 3911 so 707 9233911 Dr. Raymond Pete Sargues. 23:07 So getting back briefly before we carry on to the kind of authoritarian nature portrayed worldwide on the center stage and with Europe I think becoming embroiled willingly or not who knows you know through governments and leaders of governments that are in connection they’re conspiring or they are just interested financially about the partnerships. I know you’ve mentioned the things before just like the Silk Road and China’s expansion to the west and it’s you know prior history of trade and you know domination not like England wasn’t trading in dominant not like other countries weren’t trading dominant but just to bring that point home again that China’s expansion militarily economically etc. And their supposed control of COVID-19 for what it’s worth and the seriousness of it which we’ll get into here with some 24:15 recent articles that have just come out. And we do have a caller whenever you’re ready. Sure. Okay so in terms of China and what China is doing and I just saw the post of all these people in China in Wuhan swimming in the pools there’s hundreds and hundreds of them they’re all completely next to each other arm to arm no face masks they’re all swimming about in this pool just like it’s a middle of summer and everything’s great but apparently they had the best control of their population and they suffered the least casualties and they got on got on top of COVID-19 and I just think this is just another roll out call kind of dog training event for people to get the impression that this authoritarian leadership is the only way forward when I know that you’re going to bring out in a bit some of the articles written by Josh, Josh Middledorf for one example. 25:20 But let me just hold you there Dr. Pete and let’s take this caller because it is 7.30 and let’s see where we’re going with this call. Caller you’re on here. What’s your question and where you from? I don’t have a question I would like to offer an incredibly affordable simple solution to the spread of COVID-19 and all pathogens and diseases and I came up with it 20 years ago so I don’t know why they’re not doing this everywhere but what is it? You would think, now as you would think the biggest spreader of diseases, pathogens, COVID-19, whatever, is currency and I don’t like the, you know, I’m not against a cashless society just like I’m sure you gentlemen are. It’s not just currency though. Door handles, ATM machines, every time somebody touches those pins and waiters and wait staff when they touch the menu board. 26:32 What did you call this? Door handles everything. This is a solution. Door handles everything. It can be retrofitted either with a battery operated or electrically installed. UV, ultraviolet light, disinfectant light. Okay, very simple. And every cash register, every cash counter, every ATM, everything. Michael, let’s call this one good and let Dr. P weigh in on what he thinks is the fundamentals of doing something like using this in these kind of public places and what he thinks because I know there is science showing that fomites and, you know, things that are inanimate haven’t really got much to do with spreading COVID-19 and so that is something that perhaps he can speak to. Dr. P, what do you think about COVID-19 and door handles and cash registers and APMs and using ultraviolet light perhaps as a disinfectant? 27:41 Some viruses like herpes virus do spread fairly well for several hours off surfaces, but I don’t think COVID is that tough. But still, if there’s a gob of virus containing material, it’s possible. And little LED type ultraviolet devices are now so cheap and compact and low voltage that it would be possible to use them very widely. In 1955, when I first went to Mexico City, I noticed that every restaurant that I went into, even the poorest ones, had a little water collector dripping through an ultraviolet, a very small ultraviolet bulb, disinfecting every drop of water that was served in the restaurant. 28:52 That would be 100 times cheaper and easier now, but it was very practical back then to make sure your water was disinfected on site. So you’re talking about you could get a little UV light and when you go to the grocery store, you could shine it on the shopping cart handle to kill, for example, herpes virus? Yeah. And do you think that would be more cost effective than using like an alcohol spray? Yeah, in certain circumstances. Are we becoming, are we being trained to become people that are just worried because that’s where I see all this going. I see the direction that it’s taking and it’s not, I know we can’t just be carefree. I’m afraid we have left the carefree phase a long time ago, but it’s a little bit like the complete knowledge or ultimate knowledge is complete paranoia. 29:56 And whilst these things may be effective, I only see it going one way and that is, and that reminds me of what you’ve mentioned about when you said just a while ago, the whole kind of digital redefining technology. There seems to be another extension of that. Yeah, I don’t approve of worrying about viruses on surfaces. If you think you’re susceptible to the viruses, all you have to do is remember not to put your hands in your mouth or eyes or nose until you have a chance to wash them. Yeah, basic hygiene, which they’ve shown time and time again in hospitals and other clinic settings has the biggest impact. It’s just like the social reforms of the 1900s in England. You know, washing brought down massively the deaths in the labor wards, etc. I guess the exception comes when you’re bringing children into a grocery store and you’re setting them a shopping cart. 31:01 I didn’t think about these things because I just kept my hands out of my eyes, my nose, my mouth and my ears. But with children, they’re constantly sticking their hands in their mouth. And when we had kids, I became very aware that they could be sticking the herpes virus in their mouth, for example. Okay, you’re listening to ask your doctor. This is Dr. Amy D. Garibald, 91.1 FM. From now until the end of the show at 8 o’clock, you’re welcome to call in with your questions about the continuing science and facts around COVID-19 and numbers 707-923-3911. So just to quickly cover a couple of other articles before we get into some of Josh Middledorf’s work and the politics influencing the science of COVID. The Harry Vox interview on YouTube that people can take a look at, if they want to type in Harry Vox, Henry Kissinger memo or security memorandum 200. That was dated December 10th, 1974. 32:02 And Kissinger clearly outlined the subject of the population and discussed the fact that the CDC has patented Ebola virus. And I’m not sure what that’s all about. Mentioning that if the ruling class, whoever they are, ever saw wide scale civil unrest in the USA, that there’d been outbreak of Ebola in the US. And it’s a kind of further dog training of the population, which is going to quell dissent or groups are massing. And again, it’s another divide and conquer narrative all over again. And we’ve got social distancing and everything that’s happened as a result of this pandemic that was declared back in March. Has isolated people and is definitely a divide and conquer strategy that has been used for sure. And there’s very little evidence even, and maybe you want to speak to this, Dr. Pete, that the social distancing and the isolation has actually had any measurable effect. Because they’ll want to tell you that it’s had the biggest effect. 33:03 And I know that Josh Middledorf, Middledorf is German. His article came out in July 2020 entitled, if people want to search for it, just type in, it’s a nature article. Josh Middledorf politics influences the science of COVID-19 and he clearly outlined that actually this social distancing thing is very questionable and doesn’t really alter the numbers, but he’s also on the same page saying that the actual numbers have been conflated out of all proportion. And just like you’ve said since the beginning of this, and actually the numbers are not anywhere near the numbers that we’ve got. And in relation to the total deaths in the US, for example, cardiac disease, there’s 600,000 deaths a year from cardiac disease and heart disease and cancer is about 600,000 as well. So putting it in perspective is the most important thing and not using statistics to conflate an idea that’s being put forward in an article. 34:10 And we have another color. Yeah, and then mentioning that this information is clearly visible. If you go dig a little deeper to find out where the numbers came from and how they measured it. So Dr. P, what do you briefly, before we take this next caller, what do you briefly see in terms of the actual figures at this point in time? What do you interpret is happening? The political action has been almost entirely based on a mathematical model of an infection produced by a group at the Imperial College in London and delivered to the government March 16 and set them into motion on this lockdown because they predicted several million deaths if they didn’t lock down. And this group, Neil Ferguson and his group at the Imperial College have published an article more recently in Nature magazine pushing the same absolutely discredited mathematical model nonsense 35:29 saying that several million people didn’t die and you locked down, therefore the lockdown prevented millions of deaths, neglecting that the influenza season drops off in the spring and summer. And the curve is exactly like that. When you look at the total deaths in the United States week by week, the CDC has some going back for years. And you shouldn’t believe them too faithfully because I looked at them recently and they do show a continuous decline. First, the COVID deaths declined to a low point in June, but the total United States weekly deaths have declined steadily since the end of or middle of May. 36:41 So all mortality is declining and there was a slight upturn in deaths diagnosed as COVID. But when the total mortality is decreasing, you know that that can be explained because people have been instructed to include any suspicious death as a COVID death. And the reason I say you can’t take their word for it, not only outrageous things they did going back 70 or 80 years, but just recently I looked at their last looking backward to February 1, which I and a few other people had commented on that they were showing historically low rate of death starting January 1 this year. 37:47 And then those missing deaths have popped up in the April COVID mortality peak. But just recently, the numbers going back 25 weeks were revised upward. These reports coming in from all over the United States starting in January 1, somehow people were under reporting their numbers by coincidence from every part of the U.S. And where previously the CDC had finalized their figures by the third week, usually mostly by the second week. But after the third week looking backwards, the numbers had been stationary year after year. But just recently they looked back 25 weeks and changed these numbers reported from all over the U.S. 38:54 That’s something that’s just one falsification on top of another one. Okay, well let’s hold that thought for a minute and let’s see this next caller. Let’s take this next caller and caller, you’re on the air. What’s your question and where you’re from? Hello. Am I on? Yes, you’re on the air. Thank you. I’m calling from Arcada. And I want to go back to when you were talking, I haven’t heard the whole program, but I want to go back to when you’re talking about divide and conquer. That’s not new. But this time, because it’s been going on for thousands of years, and I got somebody interrupting me here being very difficult, but we do not have to believe lies. We’re capable of having these conversations amongst ourselves. In the town meeting, Arcada still has a town square, so the Scarboroughville town squares were eliminated, so there wouldn’t be dissension strategically and deliberately. 40:04 But we can do it. I see the tide turning very much so. We must not be imprisoned by lies or the wrong words. The only way we will be free is if we are talking about what we want to see in the world. I know what I want to see will be. So these are, I’m begging us to have these conversations. Yeah, that’s the whole point of free speech in this country, isn’t it? It gives everybody from the crackpot to the scientists the equal opportunity to voice their opinion. You don’t have to listen to it. You don’t have to obey it. But dissension and quelling, that free speech is the most dangerous threat we have in America. So thank you for that point about the town square and town crier in England. The same thing. I mean, there in Hyde Park Corner, the same thing happens. If you’ve got a soapbox, you want to get up on it, and you want to say something that’s a little controversial, or it just sounds completely off the wall, true or not, it doesn’t matter. 41:09 It’s your choice if you want to listen and you want to find out more. That’s why we do these shows. Some of it sounds so controversial, and I know we get a lot of criticism, but we do get a lot of praise for it, too. So thank you for your call, caller. So the number you threw in the area, or out of the area, 707-923-3911, and this is Andrew Murray and Sarah May asking for a doctor. Dr. Pete, let’s get back to some of the facts in. We mentioned there’s some newer information that’s come out from Josh Middledorf, examining two features of all of this, that sum everything up. The numbers, number one, the reported numbers by the CDC have been gained. Can I interrupt you, sorry, Andrew? So what I want to just clarify, Dr. Pete, what you last said about these numbers is that if you look at this year’s total deaths compared to previous years, were not any higher on total deaths? 42:16 For what causes? When I and several other people looked at them in February, March, and April, they were below historical weekly averages. Something had happened to the death rate. It was definitely collapsing by 5 or 10 percent every week, starting in January 1. And there was a historical high in April all of a sudden? Yeah. Convenient. If you had been stemming off the reported deaths and saving them up, they would just about make that peak. But then, just about a week ago, I looked back at those same, supposedly the same numbers, and they didn’t comment at all. But I looked at the numbers I had written down in March and looked at the same list of numbers now posted, and they have revised 25 weeks backwards so that my list now shows the deficit that had been there. 43:31 Now they show what looks like normal mortality rate, and other people notice that. I haven’t heard any comments on this re-revision, which I think is even more shocking that they haven’t commented. They always left the numbers in place after about the third week. No more information was coming in. Now suddenly, they were flooded with thousands and thousands of deaths going back 25 weeks. So does that mean that they just added a bunch of deaths into the January, February, and March numbers? Or did they take some away from the April, May, June numbers? I think it’s obvious that they’re just scheming and making up the numbers, putting numbers back that look plausible. Right, so we can’t really tell. So then if the death is really the same from all-cause mortality, I mean, it doesn’t matter what you died of, compare January to August this year with 2019, 2018. 44:46 So anybody that has died from the flu in those previous years obviously add into that all-cause mortality, and this year people are dying from the flu as well. So what you’re trying to say is there’s absolutely no difference in this year compared to previous years when you look at the hard data, even if you can’t trust it? Yeah, and with the great peak of COVID in April, there was a simultaneous crash in mortality from the flu. And Deborah Birx in the CDC commented that things that were not really COVID were being put down as COVID incorrect diagnosis, and she disappeared from the public view right after she said that. Yeah, I heard her say that she estimates that 25%!o(MISSING)f the COVID deaths are not really COVID deaths. There are other flu because I heard a press conference where people, the press was asking her, well, what happened to influenza A, influenza B? 45:55 Where did they go? And she said, well, probably 25%!o(MISSING)f the COVID deaths are other flu. Yeah, but by their own numbers, you see the straight line down of influenza deaths and the straight line up of COVID deaths. And Danny Rancourt on that video that you mentioned has this graph that he plotted from the CDC’s own numbers showing an absolutely impossible curve of mortality, a crash that is impossible in any natural way, which he says should be prosecuted as a crime. Okay, so just, let’s assume they’re playing with the numbers because the numbers are going up and down, and all cause mortality is not changing. 46:56 So what do you think, Dr. P, is they’re in game? Why are they doing this? Why is the CDC doing this? What are they… Well, Claude Schwab, when he announced, a few months ago, announced the January meeting of the World Economic Forum would be called the Great Reset. He said that planetary warming was working along fine towards their goal, but very slowly, and now the virus is going to allow it to happen very quickly. And their goal is to shut down the old economy, so it has to be replaced by online digital substitutes, replacing thousands of retailers, for example, all across the country, to be replaced by places like Amazon. 48:04 And incidentally, Jeff Bezos’ wealth increased by $25 billion in just a few weeks. I heard that, statistics. So the end game is so that they can consolidate power and control global warming. So the global warming was just another point that was long in the same direction, but the ability to turn off the economy directly by order, that wouldn’t have been possible for global warming. Oh, I see. So they used this instead. Yeah, it’s exactly what they wondered, according to Claude Schwab himself. 49:07 Well, I mean, I want to get to the point here then, collapsing economies and rebuilding them by the IMF, the International Monetary Fund is nothing new in the World Bank. And the countries that are rebuilt tend to be rebuilt along a socialist authoritarian model. And let’s not forget from my own birth country in England that the European Union was and is indeed one of these alliances more closely tied to China than ever before. What do you think about these alliances and what they hold in terms of trying to really get a foothold? And then we have a caller. Even Hitler was making allowance for the German people surviving, but that isn’t in the present program. The idle workers, no one has explained how they’re going to be disposed of when you have hundreds of millions of people displaced by digital robots. 50:09 So what are you going to do with hundreds of millions of unemployed people that they’ll be expensive to support? They aren’t going to get the first rate care in any system that I can foresee. Okay, but what about the IRS? Aren’t they, maybe upset if hundreds of millions of people were unemployed and not paying their taxes? A lot of them will probably be unemployed too. Okay, let’s take this next call. Caller, you’re on the air. Where are you from and what’s your question? I’m from Fort Bragg. Could you please quit using the pronoun they and talk about name, who you’re talking about, doing all this nefarious stuff? We have. We’ve been very specific about names and dates. No, you haven’t. We have. They are planning that. If you want to listen to the archive, I would recommend you do that because most of what we’re saying has been substantiated by names, dates and places. 51:17 So Dr. P, I mentioned that, well you mentioned that the numbers had been skewed and they’re actually lower than normal numbers. So CDC has skewed the numbers. Yeah, and the CDC, okay, because people need to listen to the whole show and they’ll understand what we’re talking about perhaps. The two people that I brought out two months ago, I think it was in July, June, yeah. Erin Marie Olszewski, she was a doctor, sorry, a nurse, and she was whistleblowing for all of the fatalities from ventilators. And then there was Dr. Cameron Carl Sidel, the New York ER doctor, who was saying that ventilators were doing all the damage and that this was not like any other sudden acute respiratory disease. And it had to be looked at differently because people were just dying on ventilators. And obviously New York had some of the highest fatalities. I think the changing nature of intervention is playing a part because, you know, I’m not saying COVID-19 doesn’t exist, it does. 52:24 But we’re saying that it’s nowhere near the world problem that we want to be put in our place and dominated and told what to do, because actually the numbers just don’t line up and all of the information and the facts are all there. So treatment has changed fairly drastically. And I know several doctors and personally surgeon in Los Angeles who’s saying that in their wards there, in the ER wards, they are using, and I’m not bashing it or supporting it per se, but hydroxychloroquine and lo-sartan have been used very effectively for recovering patients who are in any kind of acute pulmonary distress through a positive diagnosis of SARS COVID-19. And we have a problem. The virus, the virus does exist, but treatment has changed. And if we can get your response into that quickly and we’ll get the response. 53:27 The thing that Kyle Seidel and one other doctor in Brooklyn pointed out was that they were treating them in exactly the wrong way. They pointed out that they had the classical symptoms of high altitude sickness, which is basically a carbon dioxide deficit. And if you pump oxygen into their lungs, you kill them as fast as anything. They pointed that out and gradually over a period of several weeks, the whole establishment started catching on in a sort of slow, reluctant way. But basically they’ve stopped murdering thousands of people by stuffing tubes in when they should be giving them a little extra carbon dioxide with their respiratory oxygen without forcing it in. Okay, let’s take this next caller. Let’s see where the call is coming from, what the question is. 54:30 And you’re on the air caller and you’ve got about three minutes, so meet you fairly quick. I’m calling from Redway and I wanted to know about hyperbaric chambers. I’ve heard that people are just doing some high pressure chamber treatment, which might link in with the symptoms of high altitude sickness. Yeah, we have discussed this a couple of months back and I think hyperbaric was on the list of relatively safe and relatively effective. What do you think, Dr. P? The problem of carbon dioxide, when you’re having poisoning, leading to sepsis and inflammation of the lungs, the classical thing is like these COVID symptoms or high altitude sickness. The carbon dioxide that can escape through the damaged lung, but you can’t get oxygen in and the inflammation of the infected intestine and other tissues produces sepsis producing lactic acid, which drives off the carbon dioxide. 55:36 And that blocks the urge to breathe. When you’re deficient in carbon dioxide, what they noticed was the people didn’t seem to be as lacking oxygen by their symptoms. They didn’t feel a great need to breathe, which they should have been breathing because their oxygen was actually getting low. But that happens when you can’t get the production of carbon dioxide because lactic acid is being produced instead. And so if you give more oxygen, that will, if you can get it in through the skin or intestine or other ways than the lungs, that could save them. But adding some carbon dioxide to the system is the only way you’re going to get their physiological working back, the urge to breathe properly. 56:40 Let me quickly ask you this, Dr. P, before we give out your information in hospital, when you get hooked up, the monitor of your pulse and your heart rate is the same thing. So on your ECG and then they’ll look at your O2 saturations. They always talk about 99 and 98 is being great and some of these patients with COVID being down to 40s and 50s. I know you don’t agree to the whole high percentage oxygen saturation because you are in a lot of ways and very likely too through science against oxygen per se, but always counter that with the saving grace of carbon dioxide. What do you think a healthy person’s oxygen saturation should be? And well, into the point where then you should begin to take notes that it’s low. I’ve noticed for years that when I’m comfortable, mine is in the low 90s, but if I go run up a hill, my oxygen will go up to 96 to 100. 57:41 Can you feel how attached that was? I’m really using a lot of oxygen. My oxygen saturation goes up several percent. And trying to figure out what was happening, I just tried warming or cooling my hand. And I found that cooling my hand would produce a very high saturation because my hand was not consuming any oxygen. It was effectively a metabolically dead hand and warming my hand up to body temperature. Then it starts burning oxygen and it holds your level down to 94 or something like that. Let me hold you then. Thank you very much for joining us again this month. Okay, so for those of you who’ve listened, it’s ask your own doctor. Third Friday of every month on KMU-DGV 91.1 FM, our website, www.wester and Botanical Medicine has all of the shows we’ve done for the last 12 years on the resources tab. 58:50 And like I say every time, for those who want to listen, let them have ears. And everything that we’ve said has been recorded for posterity. So as time goes on, people can check what we’ve said and we like to give out the facts and not hearsay or conspiracy. Although those conspiracies do seem to be tasty morsels that seem to tie the whole thing together. But we’ll be born out in the future by the actuality of the, you know, the events. So let’s just see until September, third Friday of September. I wish you a good night. My name is Andrew Murray. My name is Sarah Murray. Thank you for listening. Good night. 59:57 Percussion products also available are women’s mandatory.

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