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00:00 slot? Well, we have a space in that underwriter slot too. You can call Office 923213 during business hours. Ask to speak to our underwriting representative, Rachelle, and you too could be supporting KMUD. And it’s time for Ask Your Herb Doctor in just a minute. I know a whole bunch of people are tuning in from around the nation and around the world, and please consider clicking the donate button on our website because we’re not exactly your community radio station, but you’re listening to us. Therefore, we are your community radio station and we could really use some of your economic support going into our rural backwoods pockets because we’re kind of broke around here. We do provide programming which is unique to the global world and would appreciate your support for it. We are Redwood Community Radio, KMUD Garberville, K-M-U-E Eureka, K-L-A-I Laytonville, and K-M-U-D dot O-R-G, where the 01:02 views and opinions expressed throughout the broadcast day are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of the station, its staff, underwriters, or volunteers. Time is made available for all sorts of viewpoints and thank you so much for joining us. So let me get the theme music started and then I’ll answer the phone. I don’t think it’s the doctor yet, but… 02:50 Okay, I have the good doctors. Welcome to this month’s Ask Your Herb Doctor. My name’s Andrew Murray. My name’s Sarah Johanneson Murray. Welcome to our show this evening. For those of you who perhaps have never listened to the show, they run every third Friday of the month from 7 to 8 p.m. We’re both registered medical herbalists. I graduated from England and Sarah… Graduated from England with a master’s degree in herbal medicine. We produce and manufacture extracts of different herbs that are used commonly 03:53 in Europe as herbal medicines and we want to establish the truth in these monthly radio shows surrounding alternatives to the regular medicines just so people have alternatives to look at and examine for themselves. So you’re listening to Ask Your Herb Doctor, Kenya Moody, 91.1 f.m. from 7.30 to the end of the show at 8 o’clock. You’re invited to call in with questions related or unrelated to this month’s continuing topic of COVID-19 and the number is 707-923-3911. That’s 707-923-3911 from 7.30 to the end of the show at 8 o’clock. Once again, we’re very pleased to have Dr Raymond Pete join us. Dr Pete. Yes. Hi. Thanks for joining us again. Before I go into the introduction to this month’s 04:54 lineup here with questions for you and new evidence, just trying to get to the bottom of all of this and find the truth, would you just outline your professional and your academic background for people listening who perhaps have not heard of you before? From the University of Oregon at 1960, I got a master’s degree in humanities related subjects. Then in 1972, PhD in biology, concentrating on physiology, especially the reproductive physiology in aging. Since 1972, I’ve been writing and studying and doing some counseling. Okay. Well, very good. For those people that are listening, both now and at the end of the show, I’ll give out your information, Dr Pete, so people can find out more for themselves. It’s www.RayPete.com and there’s lots of articles 06:02 written by you but fully referenced. As I said at the beginning of the show, the truth. If you listen and you hear me, you’ll know the truth and the truth will set you free. I wanted to preface the introduction to this month by saying that it’s not for pointing the finger of blame but for the freedom which knowledge can bring is the internet a platform for destabilizing central control and disseminating information in the objective scientific form which is impartial and nonpolitical. I’ve always quoted in these monthly radio shows from time to time since they started with KMUD back in 2004 that say in the words, he who has ears to hear, let him hear. There are many crying out in the wilderness as it were of the world, wide web, battling censorship and oppression to tell the truth and none more so than the people of China under the authoritarian Chinese 07:03 Communist Party with itself proclaimed lockstep mentality with the Tiananmen Square massacre being the pivotal side beginning of this tragic oppression and government control of a beautifully poetic, creative, intelligent and skilled nation’s people. Information and knowledge cannot be silenced in a free world or democracy protecting its inalienable and sovereign rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we’ve mentioned before enshrined in our constitution and with it the truth is paramount and level with the playing field. So with this in mind the revelation this week of Dr Lee Meng Yan and we’ll go over the biography and contact details. He’s an MD and PhD scientist working in the Hong Kong School of Public Health who’s since fled to the US to escape persecution from the Chinese, the PCPP, the Chinese people, Chinese peoples, 08:04 oh gosh it’s gone, it’s escaped my mind, I’m sorry, the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP, a big department, okay. So basically she’s saying that COVID-19 was engineered in the Wuhan laboratory and it’s revelational although we have heard from other people that I wanted to question you about to begin with like Dr Luke Montagnier, the Nobel Prize winner for his discovery of AIDS but it’s not the first time that this has been alluded to but another voice in the wilderness it were not for blaming but for the truth to come out. It’s been posited by Dr Luke Montagnier as I mentioned the Nobel Prize winner in finding AIDS in A.V.2 that COVID has been genetically altered and has some elements of malaria and HIV in its genome and perhaps the researchers in Wuhan were attempting to create a vaccine for AIDS, I know that’s been mentioned but the National Biosafety Lab in Wuhan specializes in these different coronaviruses and since the early 2000s done the same. So not for blaming China but to navigate these waters 09:10 that we as a species now find ourselves faced with and to cover the actual mortality of this disease and how this event is profoundly affecting our freedom and association that’s the reason we’re doing this. So thanks again for joining us Dr. Peake. Before we started can I just go back to somewhat the beginning in April but this Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luke Montagnier’s interview on French TV, I know it had subtitles to it but because I don’t think he speaks English but it was in French, he was saying that it was quite clearly genetically altered and it kind of revelation or blew my mind when I heard it and you know he’s a Nobel Prize winner and not a conspiracy theorist so as I said in the beginning just a fact you know so we can have the truth and the truth can set us free. What do you think of the reference to those two diseases in the genome because some people on the internet will say well there are other coronaviruses that have elements of malaria and HIV in them, 10:14 I mean is that, do you see that, is it possible? Matt naturally when someone prominent like that points out how easy it is to engineer such a virus people jump on it and say no it isn’t possible to create it in the lab earlier, a couple months earlier I think when people were talking about it coming out of a germ warfare lab or being deliberately released some of the people involved in working on the virus immediately published a paper in Nature, Nature Services in many ways the voice of the establishment, military establishment secret government establishment but they published a paper claiming 11:17 that it was impossible to create that particular virus in a lab but I had been reading for a long time publications coming out of North Carolina University of North Carolina lab of Ralph Barrick and he was describing in detail the changes that they made in coronaviruses and other similar viruses and specifically how to make them more infectious to humans, fainting an animal virus to a virus that would be infectious in humans so Luc Montagnier simply applied his knowledge of virology and quickly could demonstrate the specific changes that had been made. This is directly opposing the Geneva Convention when they 12:21 outlawed biological and other weapons Richard Nixon was one who closed the germ warfare lab in the United States in 1969 and there was a general, I think, treaty recognition around the world that no one would continue designing lethal viruses for military use but they immediately started saying that just in case someone violates the convention and does produce one we need to have a vaccine ready so we’ll have to make these extremely dangerous viruses so we can practice making a vaccine even though historically for decades people have been trying to make a vaccine against common cold viruses never submitted because the viruses changed so fast 13:25 so the story that they were having to make toxic human infecting viruses out of animal viruses so they could make a vaccine in case someone else made them at best there were 200 virologists who signed the letter saying this is crazy because even with the best precautions accidents happen in fact in the Fort Dietrich lab I think there were a thousand accidents identified which could have leaked toxic viruses into the environment that they happen every few days in even these highest security labs someone forgets to turn a valve or clean the pipes put on a mask or whatever 14:29 but the accidents are essentially unavoidable so if you’re designing they call it gain of function research a virus that never could infect mammals or humans for example they find out what the viruses that do infect humans what they use to become infectious and then they simply take the genes creating those proteins and insert those genes into some virus that produces the symptoms they want to produce so it’s very standard gene engineering there’s nothing impossible about pretty much making any DNA sequence you want you can change one base at a time or you can take a block of genes 15:33 out of a virus and transfer that as a block so the engineering is all very well standardised and known around the world so how on earth is it allowed though because it sounds like exact contravention of a genetic convention isn’t it I forget how many of these labs around the world the Republic of Georgia has a big one similar to the Wuhan lab or the North Carolina lab one of the African countries I forget which Nigeria one country of a very strange place to be making toxic viruses but I think Romania is another country that has a lab where you would be very surprised that they had the technology 16:37 to work at that level for any reason to do so Fauci went to Wuhan in the first place was because the US government didn’t want him doing that type of research after those 200 virologists said there should be some serious thought given to this practice there was a moratorium placed and almost immediately Fauci transferred technology to Wuhan okay so if this coronavirus COVID-19 was engineered in a lab in Wuhan and it has gene sequences from AIDS and malaria and who knows what else what do you think about people getting sick with it do you think there’s going to be long term consequences 17:41 it has turned out to be slightly more infectious than a standard flu or cold virus definitely more infectious but not really much more harmful in the sense of killing people could there be any long term effects because they altered this virus all of the things like influenza that creates serious respiratory disease sensation of respiratory virus and the coronaviruses and influenza these all create inflammation in the lungs and throughout the body the clotting diseases that they have claimed are specific to coronavirus that’s been knowledge for I think about 30 years that 18:45 people after an attack of influenza are more likely to have a stroke or other blood clotting event heart attacks and strokes because of the inflammation in the lungs damages the lungs ability to detoxify hormones for example almost all of the body’s inflammation creating serotonin travels from the intestine through the blood to the lungs a little bit is detoxified in the liver but most of it is destroyed in a healthy lung stopping the inflammatory process that serotonin could cause but if you knock out your lungs ability by inflaming them with influenza then the serotonin goes on to cause vascular spasms 19:49 clots various kinds of inflammation throughout the body all of the strange things that have been blamed on coronavirus it’s simply the result of seriously inflamed lungs for some reason the standardized reaction imposed from above on hospitals was to quickly give respiratory pumping slightly higher concentration oxygen actually into their lungs and when you accelerate breathing increase the oxygen delivery to the lungs that in itself creates inflammation reduces the lungs ability to detoxify serotonin leads to all of the inflammatory 20:53 things getting worse so the extremely high mortality rate in the early weeks when they were practically in some hospitals they were putting a tube in all of the COVID patients and they were having from 60 to 100%!m(MISSING)ortality in those hospitals but in nearby hospitals where they had someone actually thinking about what’s needed when you have inflamed lungs they had essentially zero mortality showing that almost 100%!(NOVERB) of the mortality was caused by ignorant application of these respirators so do you think that this COVID-19 because it’s been genetically engineered and alive you think it’s more dangerous than just a normal coronavirus influenza or do you 21:57 think it causes the same amount and the same type of damage in the lungs as the normal flu and it’s not anything? The rate of deaths per infection are very slightly higher than influenza but it’s something that you have to look very hard to find the greater mortality per infection it’s in practical sense it’s just a bad flu season the whole panic has no basis at all when you consider the unemployment of businesses is going to increase mortality from other causes that very very small increase in 23:01 respiratory disease mortality is dwarfed by the harm you’re doing to the world population by knocking out the economy So in a bad flu year I think it was like 1788,000 people died of influenza and that was considered a bad year and now worldometer says there’s 203,000 deaths from coronavirus or this COVID-19 but we don’t really know if that’s all COVID-19 like even Deborah Burke said that there’s going to be a percentage of those deaths that are being labeled you know the CDC, Deborah Burke said there’s a percentage of those deaths 203,000 deaths that are the other types of influenza that kill people every year so when you say it’s just like a little bit slightly worse than a bad flu year are you taking that into consideration? The instructions given 24:05 for filling out depth certificates and for diagnosing a clear definition of how to tell when someone is sick from the coronavirus or whether the coronavirus is simply incidental to some other cause of their pneumonia and sickness but by the instructions they were given if there was evidence of the presence of a virus and the person died then you had to disregard that they died of a car accident or cancer or heart disease or bacterial pneumonia if they died and had the presence of the coronavirus they were said to have died from coronavirus absolutely 25:09 it’s not even scientific on medical CDC also came out with in the last month a statistic saying that 94%!o(MISSING)f coronavirus fatalities or COVID-19 fatalities so deaths were actually comorbidities that people who died had heart disease and or diabetes and other fatalities that could have killed them and they weren’t 100%!s(MISSING)ure if it was a COVID-19 death. When you look at the phony diagnosis of death it looks like it might not even be as harmful as the standard influenza virus it’s hard to tell because there’s no science being done it’s all political decisions so I guess we just have to wait until it’s all the information is out and all the figures are out 26:13 and then you look at the excess mortality and did more people die in 2020 than in 2019-2018 and look at it years back and compare. Is that what you basically think is the only way to know? Normally the CDC has taken two weeks within two weeks the death figures coming in from around the country have been compiled and remain stable. But the first few months of 2020 showed many fewer people dying from all causes in the US and then in mid-summer went back and altered figures as far back as 25 weeks and raised the death figures so that they conformed to the usual 27:17 preceding years. But until they did that historically unprecedented long range revision of history showed fewer deaths had occurred in the US than in a normal year. So basically we won’t really know because if they’re able to alter the figures that way how do we know any of the figures are true at all? That’s my opinion. Okay you’re listening to ask Europe Dr. K.M.D. Garberville 91.1 FM from 7.30 to the end of the show at 8 o’clock with discussions surrounding coronavirus, its origin, the treatment, etc. The number 707-923-3911 once again 707-923-3911 our guest speaker is Dr. Raymond P. And we have a caller already. Okay well let’s go ahead and take this call and see where we’re going with questions. 28:21 If you’re on the air call away from what’s the question? Just one comment on your line of discussion and then I have a separate question. The lady was right in China that it was released there but there’s a patent in 2003. This has been worked on for more than a decade. In 2007 they changed the patent to make it private. And as Dr. P. alluded to in 2015 when they shut down the Fort Detrick lab they moved it and they funded Wuhan with $7 million. This has been premeditated for more than a decade. Yes and we did discuss that at one of our earlier coronavirus shows. So yeah the lady’s half right but it’s plausible deniability for both countries. Anyway my question relates to something that I’ve not found on any of your information that relates to a care of a hand in which sexist connects a muscle with a bone. 29:25 In particular I know someone with two rotator cuff tears partial tear and one of the rotator cuff muscles and another full tear. There’s in this mid 60’s so as a result with lack of arm mobility if you don’t actually move it around you can actually get what they call frozen shoulder. Even in the absence of surgery it can take from one until one to three years to get even partial recovery. So my question relates to whether you’ve had any experience with folks that have had these types of injuries and just to point on the current technology for surgery is to incorporate a suture which stays into the whole time and a non-metal connector which I believe is some plastic material and non-metal material that goes into the bone so that you can connect the tendon to the bone so that over time it will reattach. 30:29 But absent that it’ll never reattach and so I’m just wondering that’s a pretty difficult and very technical area of the body and I’m just wondering whether in the circumstances for current technology you have any views on having a suture and a non-metal plastic piece forever for the rest of your life versus sort of just doing nothing and keeping it detached or both of them partially. Well how about this Dr Pete what do you think of platelet rich plasma? Actually Andrew Andrew that’s a separate question. I’d like to ask a minute until you let Dr Pete answer that and then if you want to hang tight there you can ask the next question. I just have the question that I asked about the rotator cuff and the surgery. That’s my question. We’re answering that question. We’re asking Dr Pete what he thinks of platelet rich plasma. If you listen to the question you’d understand the question. Dr Pete would you think that platelet rich plasma might be a suitable 31:33 modality to try to kind of… Andrew I’m sorry I’m asking him a question. Okay engineer I don’t want to deal with these pretty antagonistic and won’t let Dr Pete talk so can we just hold him up? If a person is in perfect health when some kind of unusual accident causes that rotator cuff injury then surgery has a pretty good chance of making a permanent repair because the tissues are strong and can tolerate the implanted materials. But usually it happens when a person is in their 40s or 50s and is experiencing hormonal changes, increased stress hormones that weaken the connective tissues and there are treatments such as the platelet rich plasma that will stimulate 32:37 nervous tissue growth. But I think the essential thing is to restore the hormonal balance that builds healthy connective tissue, gets the ratio of cortisol to the protective DHEA testosterone and progesterone and prognenol lowers that ratio of cortisol so that the connective tissues repair themselves rather than being weakened by the stress hormones. And I’ve known I guess half a dozen shoulder people, some knee people and other connective tissue diseases such as uterine prolapse hernias in various places midline or groin hernias 33:41 that instead of having to implant a plastic or metal repair material, if they get their anti-stress system back, sometimes just taking adequate amounts of vitamin D will toughen up the connective tissues. Vitamin D works on the fascia and tendons and ligaments as well as the bones, toughening everything and helping to keep things in their proper place. I just want to say for everyone listening it’s vitamin D, like the sunshine hormone. Let me just ask a follow up. So they also mentioned to them that quarter zone shot would be good because initially after the injury the inflammation on an MRI was extremely obvious and I’ve discussed the negatives of quarter zone so to your earlier point, applying like 34:45 progesterone in a like 5 or 6 to 1 ratio with DHEA on the location and maybe putting CO2 gas over the area might be alternatives to try to get the inflammation down. Are these the right methods or are there other things that should be done or do you think quarter zone shot in this instance may be appropriate? No, anti-inflammatories are safer than cortisol or the synthetic glucocorticoids that they use which are even worse than cortisol. Getting enough into the tissue is the essential thing and usually these people have supplemented them orally as well as adjoining the areas very thoroughly. The arm, the shoulder, the torso around the the whole leg in the case of the knee but getting the body level 35:49 up to the point that your natural stress induced cortisol isn’t going to be counteracting the healing process. Testosterone supplements can contribute to the process if they’re balanced with vitamin D and thyroid hormone and anti-inflammatories. So the topical thing you were talking about was that the progesterone combination I was talking about or some other substance? People have generally used a mixture of progesterone and DHEA sometimes with testosterone when that was available. Well I’m using it without it. I mean it’s actually like 6, 7 to 1 because I guess topically you got to get 10 times the amount I guess but I don’t know if that’s the right ratio or whether it matters but I’m a little concerned that if you’re older like 60 that the conversion to estrogen with the DHEA is a problem 36:53 because there’s no doubt that anybody over 60 maybe other than you is clinically hypothyroid. That’s the reason for making sure that your vitamin D and calcium intake and thyroid hormone are all adequate to keep your estrogen under control so that you don’t turn your DHEA and have testosterone in the estrogen. Okay so just a last confirmation and I’ll let you go and I appreciate the clarity of your answer. So if there’s only one technique that’s used today by the best doctors and that is to put some sort of non-metal piece into the bone and have a suture in there where literally they both remain there for the rest of your life, you’re not troubled by the fact that maybe it disintegrates or maybe that’s exactly the problem. Dental implants are the same idea. You have to look at the hormonal situation. Some people have very 37:57 very bad results from implanting anything. If you’re in good health generally you might be able to tolerate implants without symptoms. Yeah so but if you have a tendon that’s detached from the bone and you don’t reconnect it, how do you get… We’ve got a bunch of other callers. Yeah let’s appreciate your call caller from New York and I think you’ve had plenty of time. If you need to ask anything else, perhaps email, that would be a good idea. So if we have other callers in the wings there, engineer, if you want to pass them through, let’s take this next caller call you’re on here. Oh it’s busy, they gave up. Okay well I just want to say something about the DHEA and the testosterone use with people that might be supplementing with these hormones. Dr. P usually recommends no more than 5 to 10 milligrams for a woman, 5 milligrams for a woman under 50, maybe up to 10 for a woman over 50, 39:01 and then for men 10 milligrams, maybe 20 milligrams, I know sometimes you’ve said that’s okay, but what you’ve also said Dr. P is that taking a blood test to check your levels of estradiol when you’re supplementing with the DHEA is a good idea because you don’t want to be getting too high estradiol levels when you’re supplementing with the DHEA. Yeah even 10 milligrams a day can be far too much for someone who’s hypothyroid or lacking vitamin D. And that’s another thing that can get tested with a blood test is vitamin D. So these hormones might be very useful for people but it’s also common that I come across clients who are taking 25 to 50 milligrams of DHEA a day and they’re not going to their doctor and asking for any blood tests to look at the levels of estradiol and make sure those aren’t rising to dangerous levels. Yeah and in connection with the ligament detachment 40:05 if a thing is immobilized and kept in a proper relationship to the bone, regrowth is going to happen. Things spontaneously grow together. I’ve also heard that when people have their ligaments detached around their knee, that surgery is only 50%!e(MISSING)ffective. So half of the people who have detached ligaments heal up just fine. So they must reattach and half the people who get the surgery do good on it and half don’t. So that must be possible if statistics like that come out. Okay you’re listening to ask here Dr. K.M.D. Galvoville 91.1 FM from now until the end of the show at 8 o’clock you’re invited to call in questions either related to coronavirus or allied to it. Numbers 707 923 3911 Dr. Raymond Pete guest speaker. Do we have any other callers waiting there? 41:09 Engineer do we have? No we don’t. We only have one slot open because it’s crowded here. So yes give a call and if it’s busy call back. Okay Alright so Dr. Pete between Luke Montagnier I want to just highlight this other whistleblower one quote between Luke Montagnier Nobel Prize winner who’s saying that this virus is engineered and Ralph Barrick’s lab at North Carolina saying that the spike protein had definitely been altered. The latest to come to the fore although I did see an earlier post from this person but I didn’t think the press picked it up and this was just a couple of days ago a Dr. Lee Meng Yan who’s a virologist in Hong Kong. She basically is completely blown the whistle online on the internet from various outlets. You can type her name into YouTube search so her name is Lee Eli Space 42:13 M-E-N-G Space Y-E-N I did see there was a Fox News interview with Tata Carlson and there was a hashtag loose women post where four Europeans actually there’s a British either public figures or news casters and they were all women in England who were interviewing her and she said categorically that it was manufactured she was basically threatened to be silenced or as she called it disappeared and that she is about to release just the facts this virus was indeed engineered and she says it’s completely the Chinese Communist Party are completely behind silencing this and that’s why I asked you earlier Dr. P that the typical explanation is given is that they’re doing research vaccine research which is altruistic and is helping people 43:17 that you’ve mentioned already that this is something actually so close to breaking the Geneva Convention because it’s kind of so easy to cover it up this way by saying that’s what they were doing rather than producing some biological weapon so people that are listening that you can all go on YouTube and you can type in the name Lee M-E-N-G-E-N she’ll confirm what Luke Montagne and Ralph Back have revealed and that’s another parcel of the internet and free speech from the beginning of the show and we have callers Hi, is this me? Hi, this is Bruce from Garbaville and I’d like to know what Dr. Pete thinks of the inhalation of brown gas or hydrogen gas inhalation or drinking it in infused water and I’ll take my answer on the air, thank you I’m glad you’re there 44:21 Thank you very much Did you get that question Dr. Pete? Breathing hydrogen gas? Yeah, it’s anti-inflammatory I think the right percentage of carbon dioxide is the most important thing and since we make our own carbon dioxide hyperventilation or being dosed with concentrated oxygen is the first thing to consider but breathing a little hydrogen is anti-inflammatory Okay, there you go. And we have another caller Okay, good. I’ll call you on the air, where are you from, what’s your question? Hi, neighbors, it’s Tara I’m so grateful for your viewpoints on COVID, I tuned in a little bit late but I don’t know if you’ve addressed the mask issue So I was wondering if you could 45:25 or I can go back and listen That’s a good reminder It just came out this week was another interview, actually it was the same one for Dr. Leigh Merrick She was talking about the futility of wearing masks and last month we did a show which that was one of the questions and saying that essentially the micron size of coronavirus is far smaller than an N95 mask and filter out so that you are going to get not only respired particles through the mask but that they are not proper biological respirators so they are going to leak air from the nose and so they’re not at all patent, they’re not competent And a simple cloth mask is even sillier because of her 46:29 gigantic in comparison to the size of the virus which is one-eighth of a micron in diameter and recently the smoke exposure has been causing increased sickness and probably deaths from heart disease and respiratory problems, asthma and kidney disease overlapping greatly with things blamed on viruses the smoke particles that are most toxic are just the size of the coronavirus and smaller all the way down to about a tenth the diameter of even the coronavirus and so for big particles of sweat or dust an N95 mask 47:33 is very helpful but for even average sized bacteria and especially the sub-micron size of the coronavirus and smoke particles they do very little to protect you There’s a great YouTube video by Lee Merritt and it’s called Starz COVID-2 and the rise of medical ethnocracy so you guys can look at it because you want to watch some more detail about why mask wearing is just not scientific It’s not scientific and that’s what we tried to bring out last month but we received a few heated calls about it but unfortunately it’s part and parcel of the world we’re living in and sometimes the science gets derailed by authoritarianism I think and of course part and parcel of this ongoing pandemic and you’ve got another caller 48:37 I’m calling from Bryceland I’d like to ask a simple question in fact a yes or no answer would be perfect does wearing a mask reduce spread dog’s pee how would you weigh in on that one there is no scientific evidence it does I would say no but waiting for further research it’s a possibility that it does but in the absence of evidence I think it was 17 properly controlled studies on the right sort of populations and the honest 49:41 sort of evaluation at the end of the study all of those 17 failed to produce any evidence no no you got to ask yourself your next in line please listen on your phone sorry I have a question for you does wearing a mask help your health in any way by increasing your CO2 that you re-breathe the problem with using a barrier like a mask to increase your too if you have a breathing tube that can be therapeutic because it doesn’t increase the pressure but the problem with a barrier like especially an N95 mask when you inhale you have great resistance sucking air through that fine poured filter and blowing it out then 50:45 you increase the pressure you have alternating vacuum and pressure on your lungs that alternating pressure creates inflammation in itself so if you have to wear a mask to go into a store then the cloth masks are safer is what you’re saying and you have another caller as you probably heard from my mistakes a minute ago good caller you’re on the air where are you from what’s your question my name is Mike and I want to know if a vapor mask for painters with cloth over it is of any value a painter’s mask is a painter’s mask it’s like an N95 mask I think he left but he called it a vapor mask that to me implies it’s charcoal or something to take away of all the turpentine but I don’t know if someone 51:49 has more information they could call back I probably didn’t think it was sub-micron enough but anyway Karen don’t speak Particles of the sub-micron diameter are the main thing causing lung disease both viruses and particles such as soot or silica metal powders oxides and so on all of those cause serious systemic and especially lung inflammation but when you’re around chemical fumes a carbon filter is very helpful if you have a very good big carbon filter you’re going to take the chemicals out but not the particles okay so it will help with chemicals but not with viral particles like COVID-19 52:53 you’re listening to ask your doctor for the last 8 minutes or so to show you welcome to call in with questions related to the coronavirus discussion the number 707-923-3911 okay so do we have any more calls or should we continue continue on and callers better get a call around soon because I always let you have the last 4 minutes to get your info out they’re coming in the next couple of minutes for sure I saw a retraction and I wanted to ask you a question about the compound for other uses the New England Journal of Medicine and the Lancet published a statement that hydroxychloroquine is ineffective in the treatment of COVID and it turned out that the company that conducted the research called Sergiospheres could not would not did not refuse to present their 53:57 data set for external audit and so that raised the question of the validity of the information and they retracted the statement essentially it’s what Donald Trump for whatever disparaging he’s getting for many different fronts but it’s what he’s called certainly part and parcel of a treatment and I know I’ve read and seen plenty of other hospitals in different parts of the world have used hydroxychloroquine what do you think about hydroxychloroquine in and of itself the actual science shows it’s anti-inflammatory and is helpful for a great variety of kinds of disease including a virus inflammation parasites such as malaria they all cause damage by creating inflammation and hydroxychloroquine is protective against 55:01 all of those inflammation not that it’s the best one but it definitely hasn’t increased mortality by 10%!a(MISSING)nd any editor should be expected to send a draft of an article to competent people for example respiratory specialists and any respiratory specialists looking at the data was it 900,000 cases that they were supposed to be 90,000 I forget which but anyway a huge database that had never been cited before and any competent researcher would know that there was something phony and would ask where that database originated and we’ve immediately found that it was a complete instrument and fraud and we have two more callers 56:05 I didn’t think we were going to be able to do it are we it’s four minutes to the top of the hour correct let’s hold tight on that because I’ve got one other thing I’d like to say I’ll give them the bad news I also wanted to say this I also came out in a study that was done on COVID patients that those patients with a higher than 30 nanogram per mil blood level serum level vitamin D did significantly better than those who had a level 20 or below were positively correlated with increased death you all agree with that correct vitamin D is one of the most important components of inflammation it directly prevents the types of inflammation caused by particles or coronavirus or influenza and any 57:09 infection in fact good okay well let’s call it good night for this moment and we’ll just give out some more information about you thanks so much for joining us okay thank you thank you Dr. Pete okay so for those people to the show if you’d like to find out more about Dr. Pete it’s R-A-Y-P oh my god I just hung up on the herb doctor there very sorry WBM herb is their phone number and that was a really brutal end of the talk show Dr. Ray Pete can be found at raypeat.com and here’s their theme music sorry 58:19 support comes from the redwood coast energy authority which wants the community to know that there are a variety of resources to help customers pay their bills find the right rate plan and manage their energy use during the current crisis visit redwoodenergy.org for complete details or call 707-269-1700 for more information and once again that was my fault I cut off both doctors at the end there instead of Dr. Pete so my apologies for the last 30 seconds of that totally butchered engineering job of the talk show well hopefully Shaka who is in here to engineer for Shaila and I’ve never butchered a talk show in my life I’ve never butchered he’s never even butchered a chicken as far as I know but yes so we are redwood community radio KMUD dot sorry KMUD Garberville 91.1 FM and HD1 KMUE 59:23 Eureka 88.1 FM and HD1 KLAI Laytonville 90.3 FM FM translator K258BQ in Chelsea Cove at 99.5 and live and archived on the web at KMUD.org we have Shaila and Shaka but it’s really just Shaila but Shaka’s just helping out. Shaila’s programming I’m engineering so enjoy

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