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00:00 Dr. Rochelle, and become an underwriter on Kmart, because I know people are tuning in right now from all over the country. So you will get your unique business or service out there to people who have a certain outlook about things, and they appreciate this Kmart programming. However, that’s not nearly enough to keep us going, so anybody from far away who enjoys the opportunity to hear Dr. Pete and ask him questions, do go to kmart.org and hit the big donate now button. You all appreciate it very much. Oh, and by the way, the views and opinions expressed throughout the broadcast day on Redwood Community Radio are those of the speakers, not necessarily the station staff, underwriters, or volunteers. And it may not even be the speaker’s point of view, they might just be reading something or saying something for someone else, or maybe they’re pulling your leg or highly sarcastic or speaking very, very metaphorically. You really never know these days. 01:02 Whoops, I put my music down too soon. I had the wrong thing lined up here. We’ll have asked your doctor in just a second. Thank you. 02:23 And the doctors are in the house. Welcome to this month’s Ask Your Herb Doctor. It’s October the 16th, 2020. My name’s Andrew Murray. My name’s Sarah Johanneson Murray. For those of you who perhaps have never heard the shows before, they run every third Friday of the month from 7 to 8 p.m. We’re both licensed medical herbalists who see people with various health conditions and advise dietary and nutritional supplement intake as a way forward for an alternative to good health. We do this monthly radio show as a scientific endeavor, really, to bring facts to the situation, to explore new alternatives, 03:25 and to present the discussions with references to back up. What I see and I hear is a concerted effort by the fact-checkers against the quote-unquote conspiracists that are supposedly wrecking everything around us. But let’s keep that out of the question for this evening’s show. Again, it’s not a political show. We just really want to get to the truth and get people to go visit faces, to find information, to read the information for themselves, and to do their own fact-checking. As responsible citizens of this republic, we are certainly charged with being responsible, and that does have a political implication in terms of holding our representatives to account. And all those people over us that would exert authority over us. I know I’ve quoted it many times about being ever vigilant and not submitting to authority unquestioningly 04:34 that unfortunately has happened quite a few times in the past in many different occasions. And I think World War II was never a greater example of unquestioning the authority of the day where many very good and true Germans with good hearts and good spirits just blindly went along with Hitler’s dictates. So anyway, enough of that. Once again, we are very pleased to be joined by, with Dr. Pete. And Dr. Pete, you’re with us? Yes. Thank you for giving your time again, as you have done many, many times so far. Would you just, for those people who perhaps have not heard you before or heard of you, just describe your academic and professional backgrounds so people can understand where you’re coming from? First, I was in the humanities teaching English and painting and literature. And then I went back to graduate school in 1968 to 72th University of Oregon to study biology, 05:43 especially physiology, reproductive aging. And since then I’ve been studying everything related to all of those subjects. Okay. Again, from your perspective, I know that you’ve had some very personal confrontations with authoritarians and the concept of authoritarianism, which I think in academic circles is very rife. I know we’ve talked about in the past the process to becoming a doctor, not just in this country, but in many countries around the world. I think it’s so stemmed in competition and hierarchy that the authoritarian mentality, I think, creeps into it easily because people, number one, naturally, don’t want to be bested. I think most people don’t want to be bested. And most people want to go along with the professor’s view of something to, oh, I don’t know, if you like, suck up to them so that they are seemingly interested 06:47 and they get better commendation or chances at PhD research down the road. I found it quite interesting, and we’ll go back over this again with the one person in particular, but the World Health Organization, and we’ve talked about this before as well, as a quote-unquote authoritarian machine. And I think that certainly got plenty of truth in it, and I think people can go check themselves for the facts around the World Health Organization and who’s behind it, who’s implementing the policies. A lot of the policies coming out on COVID have been mandated, especially in the early days, by the World Health Organization. And I know the whole Bill Gates scenario tied up with the World Health Organization and the money and everything else does tend to skew the ideal that I think the World Health Organization wanted to portray. 07:49 But the fact that in the recent news in the last few days, and it’s not the main, it’s not the main spokesperson, the person who supposedly had terrorist allegiance to in the past before they became a member of the WHO. But there’s actually a more recent gentleman who’s basically stating that the lockdown orders need to be lifted if they haven’t already been stated by the WHO to be injurious to the population. So I guess my first comment was what you thought on the lockdown and the basis for it. But then the article that I found in my inbox this morning and somebody wanting me to sign it, which was called the Great Barrington Declaration, where three professors at Sineptia Guptra, an epidemiologist at Oxford University and then Martin Kaldorf, an epidemiologist at Oxford University 08:51 Jay Bhattachara, who is a doctor and PhD, a public health policy expert and professor at Stanford, declared that the cure to this in terms of the lockdown has been worse than the disease for society as a whole and that those lockdowns cause isolation and cessation of business worldwide. And actually what they were defending this statement with was saying that essentially protecting the elderly and the high mortality risk cases was their goal and they stated that there was a thousandfold more susceptibility to poor outcome risks in this community after contracting COVID and I know you’ve got your own measure of the numbers which are nowhere near the numbers that we’re told. But this population specifically are people that they wanted to keep protected and they’re actually going to use the Court of Law as we’ll talk about a little bit later with another lawyer. So what do you know about this declaration 09:55 and do you think that the attraction that it could gain could be a game changer here? There have been several signs that the general situation is changing. England, the people in the WHO and the CDC have all acknowledged that the reporting of COVID deaths is probably over reported, overestimated. And these three people at the Great Barrington Declaration point out that the best numbers are probably down around 25 to 30,000 deaths in the season, much lower than ordinary flu deaths per year. And the fact that there are people in government 10:57 who are now qualifying their really fraudulent earlier statements I think it shows that they see the danger in trying to continue to perpetrate the fraud at the same high level. And there are groups of lawyers getting together. For example, Tom Rins in Ohio is suing the governor to show the evidence that he used for imposing the restrictions for the lockdown and the mask wearing. And he is presenting evidence of basically fraudulent activity. And the fact that the court is accepting it 12:00 shows that it can’t be in the fantasy world. It can’t be one of the conspiratorial theories. It’s absolutely factual. So there’s going to be some kind of a crisis when the judge makes a decision that they have to turn over whatever evidence they have based their decision on. And they will probably just say that they were following orders from the CDC. And so the CDC will be ordered to turn over any evidence that they had showing that it was actually a very dangerous thing that would justify suspending traditional public health principles 13:08 introducing policies that had never been used historically that violated basic public health principles. Originally, through history, sick people were quarantined. And it’s a complete reversal of all reason to quarantine healthy people. So I think the threat of being exposed in court is causing some governments to take a defensive retreat and start putting out some of the facts in a week. Given that this could be just the biggest ever fraud case ever perpetrated, 14:12 which a lot of people were really on board with it, I think, because I think what really doesn’t make any sense, and I’ve always, I’ve said it since February March, is that if this disease was a very fatal disease and people were just dying and it was happening across the board, then all of the mandates from lockdown and social distancing, closing of businesses and the whole economic disaster, of course, would be justified because the opposite of that would be contracting this needlessly because you weren’t isolating and dying from it. One of the justifications was that the hospital system would be overloaded, but in actuality, hundreds of hospitals are in danger of bankruptcy. In the first half of the year already, 42 had closed. Right, because they weren’t doing anything else, right, and nothing was happening. 15:13 Yeah, they were so empty that they weren’t making enough money to stay in business. So that whole thing of overloading the system and ending a lockdown, that was just nothing but a fraud. Don’t we think that the New York Governor, Cuomo, was part and parcel in driving that in that direction where the underprivileged served in the areas there of New York that were treated with ventilators were dying because, as we’ve since shown and have since been revealed that ventilation is the worst thing you can do because it’s really not a ventilator situation. So the people that were dying in the hospitals that were getting crowded were getting forced into a situation that was really not in their interest and with the outcome was very poor, but in those countries and places. Governor Cuomo is using the situation to get rid of public expenses on schools. 16:19 He says, who needs all of these buildings that can do it on computers? And he immediately drew on Eric Schmidt as a guide to changing the education system, the health system, and the economy of the state in line with projections that Eric Schmidt and others had been making more than a year before the pandemic was even heard of. They were projecting that a pandemic with a coronavirus could be used as an excuse for destroying the old economy and turning it into the extremely lucrative online substitute for education, health care. And who was it that said we don’t need all… 17:23 What are we going to do with all these buildings or we don’t need all these buildings? That was Governor Cuomo. Oh, Governor Cuomo said that right. Okay, so just looking forward, I don’t see any reason unless there is some significant action in the law courts and there is a smell that needs to be investigated and more and more people get to hear about it from those outlets that are prepared to publish it because the whole fact-checking thing is going into overdrive. The sense that this fall and winter is the impending second wave. The only really comparable situation is the 18 flu epidemic or pandemic. So if the worst is yet to come and the economics of many countries has already been severely impacted, then this fall and this winter should finish it off financially. And just imagining this as an economic exercise 18:30 to bring about a new order to a situation worldwide in one go. It’s unfortunate. It seems so conspiratorial that most people don’t want to believe it. And I think it’s a little bit like the concentration camps in 3945, the Second World War, that people didn’t want to believe it. It was too much to believe could be possible. But I think given the numbers of people which are consistently proven, the thing the lawyer in Ohio was bringing out was that dying from and dying with COVID were two very different end results. But people dying with and dying from were lumped together and the actual numbers of people that actually died of COVID were significantly less than a normal flu year. So we know there’s definitely… Well, the CDC did state, I mentioned this on the last show, 19:34 that 94%!o(MISSING)f people who were labeled as COVID deaths had comorbidities. Yeah, sometimes those comorbidities were traumatic deaths. But if they had had a positive test showing that they had been infected, even though they weren’t sick, then if they were killed in an accident, it was put down as COVID related because they didn’t have a positive test and were dead. Okay, you’re listening to Ask Arab Dr. K. Mudik, Auroville, 91.1 FM from 7.30 to 8 o’clock. It’s a live call in. People are invited to call in with questions related to the ongoing situation with COVID-19. Dr. Raymond P. guest speaker. So from 7.30 to 8 o’clock, the number to call is 707-923-3911. 20:39 Well, Dr. P, again, I think the only thing that came out of the Great Barrington Declaration and the logical scientific truth is that the elderly and immune compromised are at greater risk anyway because this is more like an influenza that in some people becomes a serious situation and it’s namely those are already morbidly affected with something else. Because again, it’s come out time and time again that these people were placed in care homes. People that were basically positive were put in care homes and rapidly brought the numbers of people in the care homes down because they spread the infection and obviously those people had no real resistance to it. So in terms of isolating the elderly, do you think that’s a common sense? Oh, for sure. Simply protecting the vulnerable people is something that has always been done. 21:48 Yeah, so there’s absolutely nothing conspiratorial about that. I think the fact checkers can happily find the facts for that. So in terms of this declaration that these pre-professors are heading up and getting signatures worldwide for and the taught action or class action lawsuits is more than one but I know the Ohio lawyer was recently represented and I’ll give out the links for both of the YouTube and Bichu videos with John Rappapour as well as the YouTube interview with the lawyer who clearly outlines the case in law for getting answers and I think the whole thing that you mentioned is discovery. The process of a lawsuit and a legal challenge where the submitting facts in a court of law under oath to obtain data is a very important pre-trial procedure in a lawsuit in which each party through the law of civil procedure 22:49 can obtain evidence from the other parties or parties by means of discovery devices such as interrogations or requests for production documents. So hopefully this will gain traction because if for some reason listeners you don’t hear any more about this I would be seriously worried because it’s like science and again I keep saying this the shows that we do with Udoctopy and I know you’re very scientific you have lots of information about what it is you’re talking about you can cite references it’s not just hearsay and like this investigation into what’s happened with this approach to this supposed deadly disease that’s ravaging the world I think there’s got to be questions asked and answers given and I think the law is the next place in which this can be played out 23:50 so if we don’t hear too much about this and it all goes quiet I’d be thinking along the lines of more conspiratorial reasons because there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. The interview with the three declaration presenters they were taking off some of the public websites and denounced Fauci for example said that it was nonsense that shouldn’t be attended to but what they were saying was that these are scientifically determinable questions and that people should be discussing them science isn’t something that’s declared from headquarters 24:53 it’s something that has to be determined by examining the evidence that’s all the declaration is calling for This is worldwide too, scientists all over the world Looking at the issue of what natural immunity has been throughout history that the human race got here without vaccination so something was keeping us alive throughout history other than vaccines and antiviral drugs but within hours after the declaration became public and especially the news that they had been interviewed by high government officials in the White House there was a huge publicity campaign denouncing them 25:58 and I think it’s probably in the end constructive that they were saying on NPR for example probably even worse things on other channels but there were supposed experts denying that there is such a thing as natural immunity implying that everyone would be dead if it weren’t for vaccinations and something as outrageous as there is no natural immunity that’s going to show how crazy they can get at the top Was Fauci trying to say there’s no natural immunity? No, he wasn’t one of those, he just said it’s all nonsense don’t pay any attention to it Well did they announce who those health officials at the White House were? Oh yeah, the head of Health and Human Services 27:00 and Trump’s personal health expert Dr. Vostiopathy? Dr. Atlas, a brain imaging specialist so they were saying what does he know because he isn’t a virologist and even though the three people who made the declaration were all epidemiology professors the opposition was saying well it wasn’t the right kind of epidemiology Oh my goodness Well then you need to look at what’s the motive What is the motive? Why is Fauci wanting to debunk it? Okay so I wanted to touch on and I wanted to ask you a question about one of the herbs in terms of what seems to be the most 28:02 but I guess let’s start with the very beginning that if this is just a regular pneumonia that in a very small subset of the population can become a serious cytokine storm issue there’s lots of different herbs that have been used for pneumonia whether they’re either immune stimulants or antivirals or if they are anti-inflammatories and I know I just wanted to bring to the attention of people who perhaps haven’t heard this before but things like Baikal skullcap because the Chinese are containing what they recognize as the active constituent called Baikalin they’ve got evidence here and you can look at it on PubMed and you can see this online or as a peer-reviewed statement that this anti-inflammatory has been shown to calm this storm quite effectively and that actually has been used in treatment of cytokine storm and is one of those things that they were pushing in China from the early days, obviously part of their pharmacy 29:05 and then wild indigo root and both that and pleurisy root have been used for pneumonias for a long, long time so both of these two are well indicated in pneumonias and I’m talking about where people are really getting quite sick and they’re getting into breathing difficulty maybe not the cytokine storm that the Baikal skullcap will be useful for but just the regular pneumonias and obviously echinacea and elderberry have their own value as an antiviral but I wanted to also mention that licorice root and the ginsenocyte RB1 from Panax Panax ginseng, the Korean ginseng is well indicated and then there’s astragalus also which has got good value as a supportive adaptogen now I wanted to ask you a question Dr. Peake because I think you’re fairly familiar with this herb but ephedra from the deserts of the southwest we for the longest time before it was banned in the States even though it’s totally available in Europe and in England 30:08 we used it for asthma and had very good results with it as a good bronchodilator and I’ve been told by doctors in New York that recommended this bronchodilation and they said that ephedra would be a very effective herb and I’ve had people using and practicing in New York but I don’t think they forget this product from the States but I’ve been using the treatment of shortness of breath respiratory kind of distress I know it’s a sympathetic stimulant and I know it has been abused as a weight loss supplement which is why it was pulled off the market I think maybe some people were getting into cardiac difficulty with it at high doses but what do you know about ephedra? I learned about it first from my grandmother when I was about four and was having migraine-like symptoms and she made ephedra tea and it gave me relief 31:13 it wasn’t a cure but it definitely stopped the nausea and was very, very welcome to use any time I had to digest you for a migraine-like episode I mean knowing what do you know about physiology and sympathetic stimulants do you think there’s a merit behind it as a bronchodilator in the treatment of something that is definitely an inflammatory mediated process that affects the lungs I think it would be reasonable to assume but you know more about the physiology perhaps once when I was having an asthma attack I tried one of the antihistamine popular over-the-counter drugs and it made me sleepy and didn’t relieve the bronchodil constriction 32:17 but ephedra is very effective it doesn’t make you have the double problem of attending to go to sleep while you’re not able to breathe it does make you very wakeful but it relaxes and reduces the inflammation in the bronchial tubes so we have a couple of callers okay well let’s take I think what we’re going to do as well this time around we’ll take the calls and we’ll take them off the air let’s take this first call I had one quick question talking about herbological antihistamines or anti-inflammatories would you include turmeric as a useful one in this sort of use? well it’s definitely an anti-inflammatory I think if we’re talking about respiratory anti-inflammatories it’s probably not one that I would first think of I’d be thinking more things that act 33:18 or are excreted through the lungs and have a direct action that way another thing I want to mention before we take a caller is that when you have a cold and you have the runny nose and the runny eyes and you just feel horrible and you’re hot and you have a fever and then you start getting the chest tightness that’s all because of your immune system being very very inflamed and a lot of the herbs overactive it’s trying to do its job it’s trying to make it the antibodies and a lot of the herbs that help treat flu have been used for thousands of years to treat flu and viral conditions are anti-inflammatory and that’s how they help and then the last thing I want to say before the caller joins us is aphedra I think is very effective and it’s great for acute situations so short-term use I don’t think it’s something any of us, and the three of us would recommend for long-term use because it does simulate so much adrenaline one other perspective on flu-like symptoms in experiments with dogs 34:21 around 1920 or 25 Walter Alvarez found that the first inflammation caused by the flu-like viruses occurred in the intestine and all of the symptoms were at the peak while the intestine was infected but there were no viruses in the respiratory system yet showing that inflammation of the bowel releases things like serotonin and histamine that cause systemic inflammation can even cause edema of the lungs and deranged vasoconstriction and dilation and all of the deadly symptoms associated with the COVID virus 35:22 as well as influenza and other respiratory infections these are all made worse by the intestinal signals from histamine and serotonin that’s why we always recommend people use a doctor when they get a cough or a flu clean your intestines out they look at you with a kind of bemused expression but as you say in your state the seat of it really is in the gut and so I think a lot of work has been done recently to show this in a very scientific sense so that people can understand the gut connection so Cascara sagrada definitely one of those things to be indicated there it’s something to decrease the transit time and to improve bowel motility and to promote the excretion of contents from the bowel with all the waste 36:23 so that you don’t reabsorb it I think that’s the rationale have we got the caller? are we still on the air with the caller? engineer, are you there? caller is there caller, are you there? do we have a caller on the air? yes, I believe so caller, are you still there? hi, is this me? hey caller, where are you from and what’s your question? oh yes, I’m from the east coast and my question is I’m curious about how different people can interpret the same stimuli and more specifically I’ve noticed that I will notice something like a smell or a particular type of substance and I can tell that I’m not reacting well to it it’s not like it renders me incompetent at doing things but I can tell it’s probably better off if I avoid it or something 37:25 but then there are people who don’t notice it at all so my question is those people are they in their state by not noticing it and are they just handling it really well or is it kind of like a frog in a pot of boiling water where it’s doing them harm and they just can’t tell I go along with the second description but don’t be what do you think about that subjective or analytical interpretation of someone knowing there feeling something I always ascribe it to the echinacea situation I find it many times if I just feel some dry scratchiness in my throat and I use echinacea I definitely don’t get come down with the symptoms but I know there are people who blindly just they’re not in touch with their bodies and when you question them about some things they suddenly a light bulb goes off and they recognize what you’re talking about but Dr.P what do you think about that kind of mind-body connection 38:27 as a question excitation from something like ephedra can either push your system into the anti-inflammatory condition or it can exhaust it more exacerbate the problem my orientation comes from work of Pavlov in the mostly in the 1920s in which he found that the strong minded dogs the ones with strong personalities that didn’t experience stress easily he found that their sensory thresholds were high even for hearing their hearing was less acute than the more unstable animals 39:29 and castration would make one of these strong stable resilient animals castration would turn them into a sensitive individual because it lowered their cellular energy but with females that were anxious and over sensitive had a low hearing threshold were easily disturbed by minor irritants and stimuli castrating removing their ovaries would strengthen their personality would make them resist stress he demonstrated that the androgens 40:31 generally keep up cellular energy and estrogen pushes the energy level down and increases excitability so that for example a pregnant or nursing woman becomes very sensitive to unusual smells or very weak sounds while breastfeeding a woman has exaggerated sensitivity to very small sounds and Pavlov didn’t study the issue but progesterone is the healthy females balancing factor for progesterone for estrogen male androgens are the main 41:33 stabilizing factors do you think the people that don’t notice the smell and aren’t bothered by it it’s just because they have more stabilizing hormonal profile and they actually aren’t being bothered by it in the average situation I think that’s so and that’s what you’re talking about like breathing VOCs off of paint or something the people who can’t smell it doesn’t mean it’s not hurting them okay, you’re listening to Dr. K. M. D. Garberville 91.1 FM from now until the end of the show at 8 o’clock until Raymond P. guest speaker with us tonight the number is 707-923-3911 and here’s our next caller great, okay, caller you’re on the air way from what’s your question oops, they didn’t wait too long somebody’s calling back, they’re gonna come right on the air okay, we’ll call with you for a second K. Mudd, you’re on the air 42:35 great good evening I have two questions my first question is could you please give me some information on the PCR test for COVID-19 and my second question is what is your opinion of the mad rush to the mad global rush to develop a COVID-19 vaccine I didn’t hear the second question clearly she wanted to know about the mad rush to a COVID, the worldwide mad rush to a COVID vaccine oh, hold on the first first question could you repeat that I’m sorry I just dropped her because we’re trying to keep the lines open and we’re all full of the lines but the first half 43:37 was about caller, you can call back with the first half but she wanted to know about the rush the global rush to a vaccine and what you thought about that it’s obviously pushed by the pharmaceutical industry there’s a military dominated secret organization in charge of issuing contracts with many billions of dollars to the pharmaceutical industry it’s an organization that is not open to the public in any way it’s specifically closed like a military project and our callers back for the first question hi, can you hear me hello the first question I understood was 44:39 about what test is good or if the PCR test yes, the PCR test for COVID-19 I was hoping you could give me some information it will identify a single strand of the nucleic acid if you start with the right evidence if you really have the virus and then you design your test based on a real strand any fragment of the RNA of the virus is multiplied normally they only put it through 35 cycles of amplification but in these current tests some of them are going 45 cycles 45:41 which would give an extremely unrealistic idea a single molecule could like a haystack of molecules so it can detect the presence of something regardless of whether it’s harmful it could be as little as a single molecule but there are now tests called rapid antigen tests that use a traditional group of antigen associated with the virus and a traditional chemical indicator representing causing a color change in the presence of the antigens and so the sample can be 46:43 put on a chip in which these antigens are reacted and in 15 minutes they can show the presence of antigens in probably a reasonable amount indicating that there was some degree of infection where the PCR test doesn’t show any realistic quantity that is much more accurate. Is that what your opinion is, Dr. B? I didn’t hear that. That the PCR test is highly inaccurate? Not inaccurate but just unrealistic because it can’t distinguish between one molecule and the trillion molecules. Okay, and then the caller did have another question 47:45 about your opinion here of the rush to develop a vaccine. Yeah, it’s a secretive process dominated by the pharmaceutical industry and it’s based on the idea that even though from the 1970s experts in the CDC realized and expressed publicly the fact that it’s so far has been impossible to make an effective influenza virus and there’s no evidence that a coronavirus vaccine can be made any easier than an influenza vaccine. Okay. Are you sure we get time to discuss this, Dr. B? I’m not sure if there are any more callers first. 48:47 Engineer? Nope. Okay, so the number if you are in or out of the area is 707-986-923-3911 I’m not sure where my head is tonight, but I’ll try and get back into these facts. Lee Menyan, we mentioned her name, whistleblower, PhD biologist, an expert in her field. She was interviewed by Taka Carlson a month ago as a headlining Chinese biologist who’s blown the cover on SARS-CoV-2 saying that it was definitely manufacturing in a lab citing all of the genomic differences and citing information to show that this was not a real or naturally occurring virus and that it was actually a released virus from a laboratory. So, that 49:49 interview with Taka Carlson has since been fact-checked as we’re talking about this evening, the furious fact-checkers want to debunk it. Again, now just as in the Emperor Has No Clothes scenario, Lee Menyang has come out with a second paper with other scientific co-authors and it’s titled A Truth Revealed by Uncovering a Large-Scale Scientific Fraud. The article and the evidence is available by logging into www.wearchange.org as a secure website, so it’s full URL is www.https.com www.wearchange.org under the column, there’s three columns when you look at the page international world news and incidentally in the same column above the link that you can look out for her second paper is David Nabara, the World Health Organization official 50:51 talking about not using lockdowns as a primary control methods and stating the global economic catastrophe of lockdown. So anyway this scientist is providing spot-by-spot proof that this is a manufactured organism the way it’s been changed and everything that’s detailed about it and so again of course it’s been fact-checked I think fairly quickly just like the Great Barrington Declaration was fact-checked quickly because I think the fear that is around the expose of this with the world no longer in the dark but able to sift through the information that they’re shown there is truth amongst it and so adopts P again what are your views on this being used you know whatever maybe for good purposes originally but maybe it got escaped the lab and has basically caused the problem or whether or not this truly may just be part of the next step in a type of 51:53 Geneva convention defying type of bio weapon for economic purposes leading journals including Lancet and Nature as far back well for example in 2015 they were discussing the research gain of function research to make viruses infective and virulent in humans which were previously strictly animal viruses and they cite the research for example by Ralph Barrick’s virology lab at the University of North Carolina but it actually goes back decades but the particular coronavirus adapted to attack the ace of 52:55 enzyme on humans was designed in Ralph Barrick’s lab in leading up to the moratorium which led to the discussion in 2015 and it was that information that Fauci took breaking the moratorium violating the moratorium and taking the research information at least to Wuhan maybe to other foreign labs where the moratorium couldn’t be enforced so Fauci and Ralph Barrick really are closer to the core of the problem yeah it’s hard to imagine a greater type of worldwide conspiracy but that’s what I enjoy 53:57 about finding information and looking at the science behind it because science is objective and it doesn’t seek to mislead it doesn’t seek to look at untruth but it seeks to find the truth in the situation and so that information could be built on to help people and I think obviously I know you are and I am definitely interested in the truth and wanting to do the right thing in any given situation so I find it quite interesting the comments made by the Ohio lawyer who’s now got access to the discovery process to bring people to court to answer for what it is that they are saying doing or advocating in terms of this Covid pandemic and he said that within the CDC’s own documents it said that to support high levels of fear and anxiety within the population necessary to support compliance 54:59 and this was for flu vaccinations and I think they’ve been a real bone of contention for a long time I’ve met quite a few people who said well within 24 hours of getting a flu vaccine I started getting really sick or people that have said yeah I had the flu vaccine and I got the flu and I know you’ve said it’s such a changeable virus that it can change its genome fairly easily in very small parts to make itself not indistinguishable but a large series of studies very good large studies found that the year after an influenza vaccination the chance of getting a coronavirus infection is greatly increased so the a lot of people college presidents for example are requiring incoming students to get a flu vaccination contrary to 56:01 the existing research that it will make them more likely to catch a coronavirus Interesting well I think there is another caller I just dropped them I told them if you guys didn’t get to him by 5-2 Yeah okay Call back earlier next time Yeah we’ve only got 4 minutes or less at this point in time so Not even that Okay so I think Dr. P thank you very much for joining us and presenting what you’ve presented for people to hear both now and as the recording in the audio archives as well as on our own website under the resources tab everything that we’ve done with you apart from the last couple of months is up Thanks so much for your time and I’ll give out some information about you Okay thanks Okay so for those people who have listened to the show Dr. Raymond Pete’s website is www.raypeach.com has lots of articles fully referenced and it’s been doing this 57:03 for several decades now and very well worth reading some of it might be a little difficult for people who don’t have any real medical background but otherwise the gist of what you’re saying and the reasons for and against with the science is hard to refute Our website is www.westernbotanicalmedicine.com We can be reached Monday through Friday We have a A88 number 1-888-WBMHerb So we can be contacted and if people want any other information about what we’ve mentioned in the show with links to the references that we’ve made for the people who are claiming what they’re claiming go ahead and email me Andrew at www.westernbotanicalmedicine.com and I’ll happily send you the references for it So we’re living in a society folks that are rapidly say the word evolving I’m not too sure it’s the right word but rapidly gaining knowledge is definitely a true thing 58:05 and so the internet is definitely a means for disseminating knowledge and we do these shows just to bring out the facts and so people go check the information yourself don’t just take my word for it and don’t forget what I mentioned about not submitting to authority unquestioningly that’s been the downfall of Germans in World War II it’s been the downfall of many people many different times when dictators are in the reins and people are unquestioning about it anyway we’ll be back next 3rd Friday of the month November the 20th so for those of you who listen to the show I appreciate you calling in and listening and once again if people want to listen to this online the audio archives at www.kmud.org are where they’re kept so go to www.kmud.org the show is Friday Night Talk and then the 3rd Friday of the month or go to our website under the resources tab 59:07 and listen to the shows there thank you thank you good night thanks for watching see you next time

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