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For those of you who perhaps have never listened to the show, they run the third Friday of every month from 7 to 8 p.m. and callers are invited to call in with any questions about the subject from 7.30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock. I guest speaker Dr. Raymond Peat will be joining us and the evening’s topic here will be the continuation of the ongoing COVID infection rates across the states and across the world and what it means to people entering this new phase of the lockdown for the winter. 02:22 Dr. Peat, are you with us? Yes. Thank you for joining. Just so people can get a feel for you and for your background, would you just cover your academic and professional background for them? First, for several years I worked in arts, literature, linguistics, and then went to graduate school in biology from 1968 to 72 for a PhD specializing in reproductive metabolism and aging. Okay. And you’ve been a fairly prolific author. You do a monthly newsletter and you’ve published many articles on your website. And I think I’m safe to say that your published works and your newsletters are fully referenced and you’re very science-based in your approach to understanding both disease and the mechanism 03:23 by which things are ascertained. So the ongoing discussion that we’re having with what we’re being told in terms of the facts surrounding this coronavirus pandemic, nobody’s spared. It seems to be a worldwide thing with even China coming out with recent outbreaks for which they’re imposing their, quote, unquote, draconian measures to control the spread. I wanted to carry on from where we left off last month. I know that the main reason for highlighting this particular infection as being an interest worldwide is because there have been deaths associated with it and those numbers certainly have been conflated in some cases and have been skewed in other cases. And the main reason for the deaths have been what they are calling a sudden acute respiratory 04:28 syndrome. So they call this virus SARS-CoV-2. And it’s that same mechanism for inflammation and the watery secretions that are produced in the lungs that basically fill the lung tissue, the spaces, preventing oxygen diffusing in and out and CO2 diffusing in and out of the spaces that would normally be voids. And it is some of the rationale for last month’s discussion, looking at treatment strategies. I mean, we’ve covered quite a few strategies that can be used if people do unfortunately get infected. So expectorants are certainly one of those physical type strategies that have beneficial effects in terms of increasing the removal of waste from the lungs in terms of the sputum and dead cells and inflammatory byproducts. I know you’ve mentioned last month a relatively old chemical called bromhexine and wanted to 05:35 bring out the fact that the airways inflammation and the hypersecretion of mucus as well as this impaired mucosilery effect all joined together in a kind of catastrophic kind of event called the acute respiratory distress syndrome. And that is where we have between that and the mechanical ventilator disgrace that’s happened with people being put on ventilators and brought out by Carl Cameron, Sudele and others as being tantamount to murdering people because it’s completely the wrong thing but in the early days they didn’t know much about it. But now we know a lot more about it and certainly as we’ll see again when we go over these numbers, the death rate from this particular coronavirus are really not very remarkable. So looking at the expectorants that we’ve mentioned last month, I wanted to just mention again that licorice in terms of licorice’s active constituents do definitely show a 06:41 both expectorant and antiviral activity, something not to put down too lightly because it’s a very popular herb used in many different ways for treating different conditions and that its expectorant activity does also come with an antiviral activity. I think you had mentioned azelastine last month and this was an antihistamine and I know that you’ve mentioned that the antihistamines because of their anti-inflammatory activity are very well indicated for any particular infection that is respiratory in nature or indeed just inflammatory in nature and so you’ve mentioned azelastine and it’s also had an effect on inhibiting the SARS-CoV-2 infection in trials. I’ve mentioned things like coltsfoot syrup and even onion slices made into a syrup as being useful 07:41 and then I just wanted to mention the facts about frankincense. I think that’s what we got to last month. I know you’re very science-based and that you do have the support for the evidence of herbs in instances where the pharmacology of its known and that kind of gives you more to go on in terms of supporting any particular product whether it’s a medicine or an herb or a natural product. It’s actually when you look at the pharmacology of it you can see things that work intrinsically in a physiological way to support the activity and I know that a lot of the papers that have been written on frankincense talk about bosbillic acid. This is a particular substance within frankincense that’s known as an anti-inflammatory and it blocks the enzyme of fibropoxygenase and it also promotes the formation of leukotrains and this leads to the inhibition of an enzyme that is responsible for inflammation 08:49 and put simply frankincense itself changes the inflammatory enzyme into an anti-inflammatory enzyme so that explains some of its activity. Just looking at the death rate again at this point in time I think the world omiter which is kind of the John Hopkins people are fairly well advertised as the main distributors of this information 76 million confirmed cases and 1.68 million deaths worldwide so the 1918 comparable pandemic the last major worldwide pandemic that had numbers of deaths that were fairly staggering came out with a death rate of between 50 I think and 60 or 70 million the numbers were right around that so 1.68 million people is a really very small number I’m not saying it’s insignificant I’m not downplaying it it’s very sad for the people that have lost their lives but in terms of the measures that 09:53 have been taken this will play out in some of the questions I want to ask you later about the genomic changes of this virus and how that’s being interpreted 1.68 million people for a pandemic that’s spread worldwide which I think in the early days seems to have much higher numbers of death associated with this with it and the numbers definitely have been played around with I think that’s probably the best way to say it that when you read the facts and you look at the information what you’re seeing really needs to be looked at a lot deeper because it’s very misleading I’m I wanted to bring out a little a little later on my questioning that I read some articles about young people and I think even in the beginning of this pandemic it has said that really young people weren’t really that affected by it and then that says that’s changed to the young people being the super spreaders and passing it to the older age group but I then found another 10:55 article from the CDC actually supporting that the initial finding that young people were really not very not very affected by it and were a very small portion of the population so in terms of the people that are dying in terms of the numbers of worldwide cases in terms of the spread of this your what is your position still on this I’m I think it was late February or early March someone asked me what I thought was going on and at that time I said that from all of the information about the virus infection that I couldn’t find basically nothing is happening and every month since then someone has asked me a similar question and I haven’t been able to find any government announcement based on fact that convinces me 12:00 that anything has happened that there has naturally there have every winter there’s a pandemic according to the World Health Organization’s own definition of this disease that makes people very sick and killed some of them that spreads across national boundaries affecting large numbers of people that happens every year with influenza and cold and various variations on the coronavirus but they’ve basically changed the understanding of pandemic they’ve changed the definition of how to tell what a person died of they have instructed people if they find a trace of the virus in or on the person 13:06 using a test such as the PCR identifying nucleic acids they put the deaths down as caused by COVID no matter what common sense says if they were very sick with cancer or heart disease or other lung disease still the death got recorded as from coronavirus simply by order of the government and so if you look at the actual annual death rate from lung infections basically nothing has happened and the only change in the annual seasonal pandemic is that it’s now called COVID and diagnosed in very different ways from the way all diseases and deaths have been diagnosed previously historically 14:15 so if you look at if you look at the overall X or overall mortality and excess mortality in the United States from January 2020 till now are you saying that it has not changed in comparison to previous years yeah when you look at the the annual curve going back as long as we have data several decades the peculiar thing and Denny Rancourt has gone in the detail on the chart of that particular month the second week of April of this year shows a phenomenon that just never happens statistically that week the incidence of influenza fell off a cliff of vertical 15:16 decrease the very week that there was the vertical increase spike in in COVID for that death curve to basically be a normal looking curve if you don’t look at the names suddenly the the name of what they died of changed from influenza to COVID and people have pointed out that similar things happened in the past when the influenza when the polio virus came on the market the number of people being paralyzed from something every year didn’t change noticeably but the diagnosis of polio suddenly stopped as soon as the vaccine became 16:17 available and they started being polarized paralyzed by other things giving a new name new varieties of paralysis with similar symptoms appeared and that’s really an advertising principle change the name to make your product look really good and the you would expect people who had been working in respiratory physiology for years and years in hospitals to really understand what influenza does to patients and despite the fact that the some years the CDC had reported that tens of thousands of people were sick with and dying from influenza lung infections but when they actually gave tests to look for the virus 17:26 it went down to some years a few dozen people actually had confirmed influenza so basically for a long time they’ve been saying that this annual increase in mortality in the dark cold part of the year in the northern hemisphere same in the southern hemisphere they’ve been calling this influenza but when they actually tested only a small percentage was actually caused by influenza virus another small percentage every year that they tested by coronaviruses another small percentage by bacteria and some by a syncytial respiratory virus but half of the cases tested they couldn’t find any microorganism that would cause the pneumonia 18:28 so the whole picture and context of what people have been dying of for decades has not been based on science it’s just noise and advertising for policies they want to institute and you would think that the doctors despite the government invention of influenza cases that weren’t there you would suspect that they had tried to understand what actually happens to the patient in the influenza infection and if you look at the literature published right up to last year but going back many years what are the symptoms of influenza besides pneumonia there are lots of symptoms but these same experts who supposedly 19:30 are experts in influenza are saying this new covid virus is unique and horrible it causes clotting disorders and strokes even in children and lung inflammation that leads to chronic permanent fibrosis of the lungs and neurological infections that cause lingering lifelong cognitive problems vascular damage all of these things that they have been saying are unique and horrible about the covid infection are classical known symptoms of influenza infection that people are either horribly ignorant in their own profession or they’re following someone’s orders to mislead the public to scare the public 20:35 so what are these people if you say a certain percent very small percentage were coronavirus very small percentage were influenza virus and the different things that they could actually test for so what why were those people dying the other half or you said 50 percent of the people that died of what they labeled as influenza what did they actually die from is it like influenza like illness and they’re not sure what it was or yeah the pneumonia that they died with pneumonia but in at least half the cases they couldn’t identify any pathogen it was probably stress causing endotoxin to leak out of their intestine that always happens and most of the known respiratory viruses distemper in dogs and the paralytic diseases in polio for example 21:39 these viruses attack the intestine that’s their main site causing inflammation in the intestine which causes the leakage out of the hollow part of the intestine into the blood vessels of the intestine getting it into the whole circulatory system poisoning the system causing inflammation of the brain disturbance of the blood clotting system swelling of the lungs all of the inflammatory things so-called cytokine storms that’s a classic of not only influenza but the current thing they’ve talked about it as a unique and horrible feature of it but if you have if you’re very old and weak or have some major stressful thickness 22:47 the stress itself causes your intestine to become permeable to become inflamed from the bacteria in it and to leak the toxic endotoxin material into the whole body causing finally systemic sepsis multiple organ failure and sometimes generalized intravascular coagulation which is not only a feature of old age stress but of both COVID and influenza that they’re making something appear to be a disease which is a condition is almost a basic universal end of life condition no matter what’s telling you okay you’re listening to ask your doctor kenny media article 91.1 fm we’re joined by 23:53 dr raymond peak to get his wisdom on the subject and the number of viewing or out the area 707 986 923 707 923 3911 from 732 the end of the show day the clock calling you invited to call in with any questions it’s a doctor again what you’re what you’re reaffirming here goes hand in hand with some articles that I was looking at earlier on to form some of my questioning with you and that one particular article actually I saw it in a couple of other places afterwards when I was looking back over to see if it was actually true it was a CBS news article by dr Jeremy Faust it was published in the journal of the america medical association so it’s not as though it wasn’t in a prestigious publication but anyway dr Faust was saying that between march the first and july 31st there were significantly higher deaths 24:57 amongst the younger adult population from 25 to 44 years of age saying that the july total and in other months too prior to july was exceeding the young person death rate at the height of the hiv epidemic in america and saying that actually young people were at risk and young people really should pay attention and it was a disease for young people too and then after I looked at this a little bit further I saw a cdc article and I guess we need we need to look at the cdc as being a sort of authoritative mouthpiece for what happens I think most people look at the cdc as somewhere to get their spot their facts and their science and they have all the data well the cdc’s and data confirm that young people face a negligible risk dying from covid and that actually the numbers were very very low so kind of plays hand in hand 26:00 with what we’ve said all along about this and many other subjects you’ve really got to be careful where you get your information from and no doubt the public are very frightened about this and fear obviously is a big motivator unfortunately and people make bad decisions when it’s based on fear I wanted to say this in relation to an article that I also pulled up showing that and again this is non-partisan it’s just a fact showing that there was a 6.6 percent gain in obama care health insurance plans and that this year 8.2 million more have been submitted just before the closing deadline of December the 15th 2020 than in any of the preceding four years so obviously that’s a fairly significant statistic showing that there is a certain proportion of people opting into an insurance they’ve never normally been part of and quite understandably because they’ve 27:01 been motivated by the terrible prospects of what would happen if they were hospitalized you know or something along those lines and again not to downplay it but just to say that the mouthpiece the mouthpiece of the news media output is a targeted I won’t say weapon that kind of makes it sound like it’s all one way but it’s targeted at the audience so the deaths are regrettable fear is definitely a factor the deaths are not that big young people have been shown not to be that affected by it but yet the increase in insurance showing that that’s not the case because it’s a knee-jerk reaction so does p in terms of in terms of where we think this is all going this is a big good in relation to those articles that’s an example of how hard it is to find actual 28:03 good information people traditionally have trusted JAMA New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet as the outstanding sources of true medical information but just last spring when Trump had been talking favorably about hydroxychloroquine both the New England Journal of Medicine and the Lancet published major research articles based on vast databases that no one had ever heard of before showing that hydroxychloroquine kills people definitely does more harm than good based on thousands and thousands of cases so it should have closed closed the matter but then 29:04 it turned out that just doing some phone calls was all it took to find out that that was totally fabricated imaginary data the two greatest medical journals published frauds and the editor of Lancet didn’t apologize for it he said it’s not his business to tell whether something is fraudulent it’s just to publish it the journals have been revealing who they really work for not the doctors or the public or the patients strictly the drug companies and they were upset that Trump would would mention a very cheap traditional old drug that definitely has some benefit I don’t think that’s at all by long way the best treatment for example azithromycin 30:07 what was tested in some studies along with it and it was hugely better than hydroxychloroquine but but the the journals are not the place to look now especially if they take medical pharmaceutical advertising they’re basically bought by the drug companies such as the recent Pfizer announcement of the the details supposedly about their vaccine that the one of the people on the FDA committee who voted to approve the use of the vaccine without the two-year safety test is standard was the editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine which takes advertising money from Pfizer and published Pfizer’s announcement 31:13 which actually was free of any actual useful information and described it as a triumph and he’s not a specialist in the area anyway he chose not to have a confident expert review the information on the vaccine which would have revealed what a fraudulent publication Pfizer put in their magazine but but he was the gainer from from the advertising and so he put in a glowing recommendation editorial along with the article yeah again it’s caught the attention of the entire world hasn’t it this entire pandemic and i think probably never better time than you’ve got everybody’s attention looking at the numbers looking at the news reports looking at the you know how well in the pipeline these new drugs 32:15 have been released and how it’s going to save everybody i think again people have to be a little bit cautious about this because as you’ve said as has been said repeatedly amongst the publications that have given the numbers we’re still looking at a very small quote unquote but terrible for those people that died i can’t overemphasize the fact that i’m not down playing it um but again numbers of people that have died here actually are still less than previous years from influenza and hadn’t i heard something about flu away that the flu influenza reporting is disappeared yeah that’s recognized by world health organization and the cdc the cdc recently listed there i think it’s 54 jurisdictions 50 states and the territories four states had low incidence of influenza the remaining 50 or so 48 or 50 had minimal when you look at the figures 33:24 for minimal nearly all of them are zero cases and this is at the start of the high incidence influenza season and the same thing happened with the latest flu season in the summer southern hemisphere worldwide influenza has essentially disappeared yeah so i can’t underestimate that it’s a headline grabbing attention that has gripped worldwide attention has gripped people and unfortunately the fear surrounding it sometimes causes people to make rational irrational decisions and i would just caution people to be aware of where their information is coming from and to be aware that there are plenty of other alternatives we’ll get into looking at the genomic change of this virus and how new variants are being discovered and looked at in terms of the 34:25 european infections that they’re talking about as the surging infections but we do have a call so let’s take this call a call away from and what’s your question up from the east coast a couple questions for dr p one um for older people i think you mentioned that cholesterol typically drops and it’s harder to convert it to vitamin d and i was just wondering just is a little bit messy but if you were trying to increase your uh saturated fat to poof a ratio if you put like cocoa butter or something that had a very small amount of proof on it all over your skin you know just as a hypothetical matter obviously it’s pretty greasy but what would the impact did that be absolutely do absorb a moderate amount maybe five percent or something uh i i read about the old traditional way the greeks handled premature babies that were too weak to nurse the old woman said that we just oiled them with olive oil rolled them in 35:30 a blanket and put them behind the stove right so you’re saying that that generally speaking that could be a positive yeah you can really absorb a meaningful amount of saturated fat through your skin you say you can or cannot you you can yes you can so you’re saying so net net it would be a positive okay so you’re the thing that um one of the always puzzled with is this notion of how you detect whether one is you know hypothyroid and the book that i find even that the broda barns book is the basic one unsuspected illness is good but the one about correlating to heart attacks is even more incredible actually um and what he goes through three different ways you’ve actually can sort of correlate or hypothesize that someone has left irate one is a low voltage on an ekg another one is um checking the cholesterol if your cholesterol is high then clearly and 36:33 actually had this your thyroid’s not functioning properly so that’s another one but the third one seemed interesting and i don’t think you’ve ever mentioned it as far as i that’s if young people he indicated um who had an abnormal accumulation of mucopoly saccharides on their skin typically had a high correlation with low thyroid function so is there not possible is that true in your opinion that’s what he states sort of anecdotally but is that something that could be checked in lieu of sort of blood tests or you know the less than perfect temperature check to determine hypothyroidism or what yes yeah there there are lots of physical tests to estimate the the quality of the skin the amount of water and and jelly and and so on but the the one that i was referring to i guess is the abnormal accumulation of 37:36 mucopoly saccharides in the skin is that something yeah they’ll go away very quickly though when you get the right amount of thyroid and get your body temperature metabolic rate up right but what i’m looking at not as i’m looking at more as a diagnostic tool what was that in other words you go get your blood tests right and then you know many people say that those are just just so hard to interpret and it just there’s just too many variables it’s too hard to interpret if you have some friends who are in books then you’ll know more about how to deal with doctors who are focused away from everything meaningful such as metabolic rate and reflexes nerve conduction time thought processes and so on and thought okay yeah so can you tell us about tsh tsh produces inflammation and many of the symptoms that we 38:39 blame on low thyroid it’s a positive action of the tsh molecule itself rather than just negative action of lacking thyroid hormone so thank you let me just make one point on the on the coronavirus two points the cdc all death mortality for about a full board of college about 2.8 million and for 2020 it’s also 2.8 million this this particular virus is more of a military operation you don’t die of it it’s not alive and you have viruses in your body so so this is way bigger than the health aspects the bigger risk is getting a test and getting a vaccine where your DNA can be changed forever you’re irreversibly so you got your i think you’re focused on the wrong things it’s the vaccine and the test that should be avoided thanks for your time okay i think we have another caller so let’s get this next caller caller you’re on your way from 39:40 what’s your question hi there i’m from northern california and i just i remembered that you said something or your guest that um there um there are far less deaths from the covid vaccine than there are the influenza annually and yet everything i have read is that it’s between 24 000 and 62 000 you know flu deaths annually but we’re way over that so maybe off the air i’ll hang up but maybe he could explain what he’s talking about i’m not even sure i understood your your question and your numbers are then if you’re still on the air or not or you okay i’ll stay here i’m saying that according to the cbc and a couple of other organizations it’s between two 24 000 and 62 000 flu deaths you know every year basically for the last several years and there’s 300 and some thousand already just in this country from that and so how can there be less uh i just don’t understand 40:47 how maybe i’m maybe you’ve got a source that i need to look at yeah the cdc itself is posting the absence of influenza cases this year but in previous years several years back someone pointed out that they were making fraudulent claims about the tens of thousands of people dying from influenza when they hadn’t tested for it and when they did test for it the vast majority of hold on hold on i have to stop a second caller please turn off your radio thank you yeah we just did okay thank you always turn off your radio and listen on the phone continue dr p everyone can hear you now the the vast majority of those that the cdc had been putting down as influenza deaths they admitted were only a very tiny fraction were actual demonstrable influenza virus infections 41:53 and so at that point instead of saying influenza deaths they call it i li mortality influenza like illness because most of the things that were called influenza were something absolutely not influenza but this year they have been checking for influenza itself and find that there’s this worldwide scarcity of it well i mean the overall mortality dr p you said it has not really changed this year in comparison into 2019 yeah the total mortality year after year it always rises very steeply from october to april roughly with a smooth peak 42:55 uh peaking in the winter in the northern hemisphere in the dark season in the southern hemisphere and it’s happening this year except they’re calling it covid very similar curve to what last year was called influenza but until april 12 they renamed the the curve statistically it suddenly changed about april 12 influenza came when abrupt end when in when covid started and influenza hasn’t made a recovery since then it was i’m gonna have to hang up and get the answers because i can hardly hear you on the phone because there’s so many lines or whatever so it’s not really working for me but i will say that uh also on web md there’s several different 43:58 numbers at no matter where you look but um you know they’re basically saying the flu related causes in the u.s is 8000 to 20 000 annually and um you know that was as of august 2020 that they put that in there so um anyway i’m going to listen off the air because i can’t really hear you on the phone thank you so much you you may well be able to listen to the archive and listen to what dr peep is saying also but uh let me just put it out there for the moment that you’re listening to ask here if dr came in your garden will 91.1 fm from now until the end of the show at 8 o’clock you’re invited to call in the questions either related or unrelated to this non-subject the number is 707-923-3911 so dr peep did you retain that thought that you had during answering that question um yeah the what she quoted from the internet web and um made whatever it was saying 44:59 that they are now calling them influencer related diseases the idea of you couldn’t relate anything to anything but the cdc itself changed the terminology in a very objective way that no one objects to calling it instead of insane influenza deaths as they had they suddenly changed it to influenza like illness which is fine you can say that the fever and the coughing and uh all of the inflammatory symptoms of influenza happen even though it happens that the particular influenza virus might not be there right so the naming is very important yeah but regardless of whether it’s influenza like illness covid-19 other coronaviruses respiratory syncytial viruses whatever it is it causes 46:02 an influenza like illness or pneumonia high fever cough regardless of all of that if there was a new i’m trying to repeat what you’re saying dr peep and see if i’ve got it right here if there was a new novel virus that was killing so many more people than previous years wouldn’t we have an overall mortality massive increase it would have added to the influenza mortality most likely but this phenomenon is very weird it’s as if the covid killed influenza the very weak despite influenza cases collapsed and that has never been known where one disease will start killing people at the same rate another one was while curing that disease okay well let’s let’s move on to some of the other and we have another car too 47:05 okay good well let’s go ahead and take these calls in first caller you’re on the air where you from what’s your question hi i’m from the east coast and i had a question about the best way to receive sunlight so i think you’ve said before dr peep that uv radiation is good in small amounts but can be harmful in larger amounts and then the visible light wavelengths are good in any amount when they’re coming from the sun and that glass also filters out uv radiation and depending on the type of glass you can filter out the vast majority of the uv radiation so does it make sense to spend about like maybe half an hour or so outside in direct sunlight to get your uv radiation for vitamin d and then spend as much time outside of that during the daytime when there’s sunlight behind a pane of glass as much as possible and as a as a follow-up is there any benefit to stained glass windows other than them just looking nice 48:12 i think basically they’re mentally stimulating very very valuable to have in the environment colorful complex things in your visual field are very valuable biologically and if you get just a little too much extra ultraviolet radiation the harm starts resembling the damage done by ionizing radiation it creates systemic inflammation if you horribly sunburn your your arm for example your whole body will feel the damage very similar to if you x-ray an animal foot the whole organism goes into a particular 49:13 suffocating or estrogen like condition so it’s it’s important not to burn yourself with the sunlight and when you get the vitamin d building up that is a very protective anti-inflammatory thing so even though you aren’t very tan the vitamin d itself protects from that spreading inflammatory process so if you take enough vitamin d before you go into the sunlight many people find that they tolerate the sunlight with much less tanning than normal but no burning at all i see as a really quick follow-up is there anything to the intensity of your tan so for example if you tan if you have light skin but then become very dark does that mean something 50:15 about your vitamin d levels or anything else i would guess that from my experience with people who have become pretty immune to the sunlight just by getting their vitamin d in their serum a little above average uh my guess is that uh they are being light skinned that they are experiencing a pretty intense inflammation that then turns on a very strong defensive tanning reaction you can cause the tanning reaction just by injecting some toxic materials into the skin so it’s it’s definitely the injury that the skin is reacting to i see so if you do have any amount of a lot does that mean that you are experiencing some sort of injury and i guess tanning is better than 51:15 burning but i think there is undoubtedly some of that inflammation influencing other processes got it okay thank you okay thank you for your call um engineered is there now another person in the line waiting no it’s all you okay so if anybody is listening they want to make a quick call before eight o’clock and number is 707-923-3911. Dr. P if we get a chance um i know you’re not particularly um you’re not particularly keen on this this next uh drug that i’m going to mention but i wanted to just put it out there um that this compound uh iveromectin uh has had some pretty favorable um studies done on it and um just to put it out there people want to take a look at the published research and the science uh this worma uh is a treatment for river blindness in parts of 52:20 sub tropical africa south america and definitely generalized tropical areas where tropical parasites are well known and prevalent uh river blindness is one of them uh the other one that causes filariasis which is a massive lymph adenography from blocking the lymphatic vessels that uh elephant spook um you see in africa parts of africa uh as well as a quite a quite a range of other parasitic infections mainly uh ascaris and nematose etc it’s a definite treatment and used in the human population obviously it’s also in the veterinary world as a treatment for parasitic infections of cattle and horses and chickens etc um so iveromectin has got lots of science showing its activity against many viruses and they quote west nile virus um equine virus chicken gunga hiv um hv1 sars kov2 they also mention its benefit in zika dainty and yellow fever and talking 53:24 about eradicating this virus not just you know kind of treatment um for making it better or decreasing the effects but they’re saying that um this compound can actually eradicate 99.8 or something percent uh of the viral DNA uh it has a very strong antiviral activity and it’s used as a dewormer probably through some good different mechanisms but they’re saying it could be a novel repurposed drug and i think there’s work in the background here and there’s some of which is getting into the public about this but i know this may or may not be a deterrence uh or uh a kind of uh a smoking mirrors game because obviously the vaccine is what everything’s all being told the public that’s uh it’s going to be the cure and what do you think about iveromectin i know you’ve mentioned other drugs obviously lo satan which we covered extensively as an ace ace drug the good thing it has in this favor is it’s been used for 54:24 uh 35 years and uh it doesn’t have a perfect safety record but the vaccine has absolutely no safety records so if you had a place between iveromectin preventive and taking the vaccine i don’t see how you would have uh considering your own safety i don’t see that there would be a choice but if you’re unable to get all of the other things that are known to stop the the very process of the covid development of disease starting with the spike protein all of our anti-inflammatory drugs from aspirin on including even the glucocorticoids despite their side effects uh all of those things that we have so many of those 55:28 reviewer that has a drug store you can get some of those things which have a known effect but if you don’t have those then naturally iveromectin is a good candidate but if you think of it out of context and think about what if 200 million people decided to get a bunch of it from their veterinarian store and take it every day preventively then you get the chronic effects which in some people are going to produce autoimmune joint problems arthritis and liver reactions chronic hepatitis can develop from it so very very promising stuff in context and taking into account that you might 56:35 sometimes not be able to get all of the safer things to treat with but it should be used for sort of an emergency situation rather than thinking of it as taking it protectively for a long time okay good let me hold you there dr. p i don’t mean to cut you off but i know the credits etc need to roll so let me thank you very much for joining us again for this last show of this year wish you a happy christmas dr. p okay thank you dr. p thank you for joining us thank you very much for your wisdom okay knowledge good night okay so for those people who’ve listened to the show they run third Friday every month our website western botanical medicine dot com has all of the shows up until about july of this year july august the last few are going to be put up here real soon um my wife and i are both naturopathic doctors and dr. p joined us for the last 10 years doing these programs and we’ve certainly learned a very 57:38 different approach to a lot of the things that we were taught dr. p wants to always be on the safe side of anything and that’s quite right so the hippocratic oath really does apply big time there at first do no harm okay so for those of you who’ve listened appreciate your time thank you for calls and we hope to be doing this next year but we’ll see what the lockdown effects are like and what the covid is doing in the states around the world too my name is Sarah Johanneson Murray thank you for joining our program and my name is Andrew Murray good night and merry christmas on tuesday december 22nd at 8 30 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wing and a prayer

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