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01:20 You’re listening to redwood community radio km ud garbarville 91.1 FM and HD 1. Kmue Eureka 88.1 FM and HD 1. KLAI latenville 90.3 FM and on the web kmud.org. We’re also on shelter COVID 99.5 on FM translator K258BQ. Stay tuned for Ask Your Herb Doctor. Welcome to this month’s March 19, 2021 edition of Ask Your Herb Doctor. 02:38 My name’s Andrew Murray. My name’s Sarah Johanathan Murray. Welcome. For those of you who perhaps have never listened to the shows they run, the third Friday of every month from 7 to 8 p.m. and from 7.30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock, we invite callers to call in with any questions related to the topic. The number is 707-923-3911. Or you can call toll-free 1-800-K-M-U-D-R-A-D. Okay. So once again, we’re joined by Dr. Raymond Peat and to bring his expertise to bear on the topic this month. This month is a continuing topic with the current coronavirus pandemic and the science behind some of the facts and some of the alternatives. And this month’s topic is about the rollout of the coronavirus vaccines and all the potential 03:46 implications it has with the evidence that’s being discussed by professionals and scientists around the world with some of which we’ll bring out in tonight’s show. So Dr. Peat, are you there? Yes. Hi. Thanks again for joining us. So really the thrust of this evening, the conversation here, I know we’ve spent quite a while in many of the previous shows of 2020 discussing the coronavirus pandemic’s effect, discussing the figures for death figures versus infection numbers, the CDC admitting that the numbers have been conflated. And then certainly in the beginning part of this year, California came out of its purple tear and places were starting to open up again around the states and I think in the last count there were 17 states that were done with the mask mandate and the vaccines being 04:47 rolled out for several months now. And I think the thing that caught my attention a couple of days ago was a publication, very close back up, by saying that people like Simone Gold from frontline medical doctors has been relatively aggressive in explaining the negative effects of this experimental drug and they’re not going to call it a vaccine because it doesn’t fit any of the parameters of the typical vaccines, you know, how you would classify it. So we call it an experimental drug because that’s what it is and perhaps you can get into that a little bit later. But people like Simone Gold and various other whistleblowers around the world from respected medical colleges and universities to research scientists have been discussing the entire basis for this quote unquote pandemic and its effects financially and socially amongst people that have been locked down and all the differences in the disparate information 05:51 that’s come from countries that have had different approaches to lockdown or no lockdown. But I think what caught my interest again, a few days ago, it came out I think much than ninth was I think when it was published, but a couple of days ago I saw an article by a Belgian virologist, but I think it’s actually a veterinarian, not to say that undermines his credentials, but he’s a veterinarian virologist and it’s a fairly long, experienced professional background with various companies from Bill and Melendez, the Gates Foundation and working for companies that produce vaccines and work within vaccine production etc. and novel technologies So he had like a 45 minute interview and we can give that information out a little bit later, but the main thing he was bringing to bear was again what Simone Gold has been 06:53 arguing about that really, we’re talking about 99.6%!s(MISSING)urvivable infection and that vaccination or not vaccination, but the experimental drugs use is a very last thing that should be considered for those people that are at high risk, but then what? Yet Bosch is saying that because of the mechanism of the experimental drug and how it is doing what it’s doing, she’s saying that there is this potential for new variants to emerge under selective pressure because of the immune system that’s being targeted by antibodies and that is really not the way to go and natural killer cells or that type of therapy is a far better way to deal with this virus. So in terms of what you understand from what he said about viral immune escape, you know, is a quote unquote a leaky vaccine experimental drug, 07:57 what do you know about his discussion in terms of what it says to you about the way we are feeling with this? His thing about the mutating virus escaping from a vaccine the way it’s being used, I think that’s good standard opinion, but what people can justly disagree on is the risk. He gets very excited thinking the risk is very high, but if you aren’t convinced that the present virus is so very deadly, then an increase of virulence might not be so dangerous as he is suggesting it. It’s a possibility, but I personally don’t think it’s compared to other 09:08 ongoing threats like the risk of world war breaking out. I think the idea of the vaccine causing a worsening epidemic is a moderate to small risk, but another very important point that we make is that the whole idea of a vaccine creating a very powerful antibody re-reaction to knock out that particular pathogen concentrating on the antigens of one particular organism, it’s very effective for blocking the development of that organism of that pathogen in one organism, but meanwhile you’ve devoted your immune system 10:13 to reacting to that one very specialized problem. Meanwhile there is an infinite number of potential immunological dangers in the world, and anytime you suffer an infection or a vaccination that causes a very powerful production of one single type of antibody, you’re diverting resources from the ability to respond to that infinite number of immune challenges, and he doesn’t state it exactly that way, but he emphasizes the natural killer cells as one of the things that should be given more attention because these exist in any healthy 11:16 organism, and within about three days of viral infection they will go to work to kill the cells that are damaged by the virus. They don’t give their attention to killing a virus, but just to getting rid of the cells that are being used to multiply the virus, so that’s why 99.6%!o(MISSING)f the people not only survive but most of them don’t even know they’re sick because at the very earliest stage of infection the natural killer cells are there knocking out the cells that would be multiplying the virus. That’s a very important point that he makes, but I think it’s only a part of the story, 12:18 and he proposes to use a different kind of vaccine to improve our natural killer cell functions, but it turns out that all of the treatments that have been active against the COVID-19 infection, all of the actually helpful drugs in reducing mortality have had very significant anti-inflammatory effects. From the very first Chinese notice that an anti-serotonin drug had action of preventing the development of the COVID infection, synanserin was the name of that, but since then several antihistamines have been found effective, 13:21 and the natural flavonoids from fruits and vegetables are very effective at stopping the progress of the infection. Progesterone, blockers of antiotensin receptors, all of the things that have been found to reduce mortality are very anti-inflammatory, and if you look at the natural killer cell, it’s knocking out the host cell which gets inflamed and being inflamed becomes a factory for making more viruses, so it’s the inflammation which is knocked out at the very beginning of three days from the time of infection, and these drugs are not only having an overlapping effect with the natural killer cells, but 14:31 they are increasing the number and power of the natural killer cell. Vitamin D, for example, is a great anti-inflammatory agent, stops and prevents the COVID infection, and largely does it through improving the action of the natural killer cells. So are you saying that when you have one of these vaccines, it causes your immune system to be highly specialized in dealing with the spike protein and making the antibodies to the COVID? When you said that it causes your immune system to be so involved with that, that it fails to promote natural killer cell formation? Is that what you were meaning? Well, not only the natural killer cells, but every other level. We normally have 15:39 an averaged out bunch of antibodies which have an overlapping activity against anything you want to put into the bloodstream. These natural antibodies are just part of our basic defense system, but when you… Is there a limit to the number of antibodies the body can make? And so if it’s not so making antibodies to COVID, it can’t make the other antibodies? Well, a power of your body to manufacture proteins naturally is limited, and when the immune system is swamped by a single antigen and the antibodies for it, the presence of a large amount of any antibodies evokes counter antibodies to those 16:48 that sends waves through all of the antibody producing system and distracts, gets the attention of everything that can make antibodies and directs the attention towards that one antigen. Then that way you could become more susceptible to other infections? Yeah, and there were several studies last year and in recent years looking at the after effects of people getting vaccinated with the flu vaccine, the following year they found that these vaccinated people for influenza had a much greater rate of COVID or coronavirus infections, not necessarily this particular one, but coronaviruses in general. 17:49 The vaccinated people were much more susceptible to infection with other agents, including the coronavirus, so it’s well established that the immunity is one thing, weakens your… It makes you more susceptible to infection with other things. And that’s why there’s some… That is a new idea. I taught immunology for a while at University of Veracruz 40 years ago, and at that time that was already a current topic that antibodies are a very touchy thing to mess with, and the actual theory of immunity and resistance the last 10 or 15 years has been going through what looks like a paradigm shift, 18:57 but the official science establishment, the government, and the big corporations are acting as if this isn’t happening. You’re listening to ask your Dr. K. M. U. D. Garble, 91.1 FM, from 7.32 the industry at the clock who invited the call in, guest speaker this month, Dr. Raymond Peake, on the numbers 707 923 3911. So Dr. Peake, going back to… I’d like to pick up on a little of what ties into the concept that you’re discussing about antibody presentation and the immune system being swamped, as it were, with the effects of the experimental drug, and what Dr. Simone Gold was saying about antibody dependent enhancement and some of the problems down the road when people come into contact with any other coronavirus. What have you heard about that that makes sense 20:03 scientifically? It’s really an unestablished thing that the antibodies are putting you at risk. The specialized antibodies increase your risk not only for every other kind of challenge and infection, but for general inflammatory disease, autoimmunity. There is now an autoimmune disease epidemic going on. She was saying in a few years we would expect to see a big rise in autoimmunity at a much the same way that the autism came about, presumably from the MMR vaccine when that was highlighted. So carry on with the autoimmunity aspect of what you’re saying. 21:05 Well, we’re already seeing an epidemic of autoimmunities that corresponds very closely to the huge expansion of the use of vaccines. That was in the early 80s, right? Yeah. Right around 1980, there was this fast campaign to vaccinate more and more people. And that’s when this inflammatory disease epidemic started expanding in younger people, especially. The nature of the immune system has been described to suit the doctrine of antibodies and germ-specific treatment. It really goes back just about 100 years 22:13 following up on Erlich’s magic bullet concept for selling his drug treatment for syphilis and such. The idea that every disease has a very specific poison or antibody to attack it. And there never was a real magic bullet of a chemical nature, but this idea dominated the idea of natural immunity. It consists essentially of the ability to greatly amplify the production of a single magic bullet antibody. But that absolutely has never been a scientifically based theory that all derives from that magic idea. 23:15 Paul Erlich didn’t necessarily have the right angle to pursue in terms of what he was given that Nobel Prize for in immunology. He was looking at something that wasn’t really tenable because it’s kind of misdirected. I know you understand disease and the nature of disease and the treatment very differently from the mechanistic view, which I think what you’re getting at with people like Erlich and the drug industry in general, especially since the 50s or so, has become mechanized and there’s a drug for a disease. They’re always looking for new drugs for the diseases that we have or bring about new diseases by reason of using various medications that predispose people to other conditions. You’ve mentioned also that, as you hear, I know the work you’ve done with progesterone, and it’s the antagonist to estrogen, which is progesterone, but you’ve mentioned before that 24:17 estrogen is extremely inflammatory in general and really doesn’t have too much use outside of conception, but actually confirms a lot of risk, cancerous risk, especially to females, and there’s a energy-depeating water-promoting cell deficit from an energetic perspective type of drug. You’ve mentioned that estrogen itself is also connected to autoimmunity, and do you think there’s any real connection or association to make women more at risk? Oh, yeah. One of the first pro-inflammatory effects that people understood for estrogen was miscarriage. Estrogen creates an inflammatory state in the uterus, leading to death of the embryo and miscarriage, and progesterones and inflammatory effects protect against miscarriage, 25:23 and the same changes that happened to cause miscarriage in mature and aging women. The effect of estrogen is to increase the B-cells, the cells that manufacture antibodies, to increase the inflammatory signals and the actual quantity of B-cells relative to all of the other parts of the immune system, and the B-cells, the more estrogen dominance there is, the more B-cells tend to over-produce their antibodies. So it’s a deranged kind of antibody centered, not exactly immunity, but an inflammatory state, and the healthy kind of immunity and 26:25 resistance bypasses the whole inflammatory system. The healthy people who don’t have any symptoms, who throw off or resist the virus such as COVID, they simply have such a strong immune system that inflammation never gets involved. The weaker the immune system is, the farther along towards old age and stress disease, the more the B-cells dominate with their over-concentration on making specific antibodies. They take time, too, right? Yeah, that leads to all of the autoimmune diseases, which are also just variants of the natural aging process. Many people are now referring to inflem aging because of the identity of 27:35 inflammation and the aging process, and the paradigm shift that is happening is realizing that inflammation is not part of the normal healthy immune process. It’s part of a deranged or weakened immune system, and that’s why the anti-inflammatory chemicals and drugs and hormones have been so effective in protecting people from the COVID disease. Children, for example, they’ll be having such a healthy immune system with so many natural killer cells that they’ll just kill all the cells that are breeding the virus, and they won’t have any symptoms, and the elderly have less number of natural killer cells. Yeah, vitamin D deficiency or estrogen excess lowers the function of the natural killer cells. 28:38 Okay, so you’re listening to us here at Block 2, KMU-D, Calvary 91.1 FM. From now until 8 o’clock, you’re invited to call in. The number is 707-923-3911. Dr. M&P joining us this month’s topic about the potential viral immune escape of the vaccination program with the experimental drugs that are on offer. I think just to get back to that a little more, I know you said that there’s probably a greater risk of world war than the outbreak of potentially virulent strains of new variants that may be selectively pressured to emerge as a result of the experimental drugs. I think just looking at a quick look online, I know we’ve heard of a South American variant, a P1 variant they call it, and then there’s apparently another variant that’s quote-unquote disturbing in South Africa, a 501YV2 variant, 29:44 and they’re saying that all of these variants are having varying degrees of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies from the experimental drugs, and there are others that are circulating within America that are basically reducing the effectiveness and neutralizing monoclonal antibodies, and there’s at least, I know you talked about lots of different variants that are present, but I know there’s at least nine or 10 that are on the radar as being quote-unquote potentially problematic from a point of view of escaping any immune response that would be elicited by the experimental drugs that people are taking. But what do you think about the reality? I know you said that war is probably a greater reason to fear what’s going on, but do you think 30:44 there’s any relatively reasonable expectation that something could emerge out of this that has been pressured, because I think that was a point of Geert’s paper to the World Health Organization is saying that never before in the history of mankind, and I know it’s true enough, has there been a vaccine rollout worldwide during a pandemic? Yeah, that’s a very good point, and other viruses have escaped vaccines and become a little more virulent, so it’s always a valid possibility, but this particular COVID-19 itself, its danger has been publicized without revealing the evidence for it. People are suing the state and federal health departments, asking them to reveal the 31:51 evidence for justifying all of these disruptive policies, mass squaring, lockdowns, vaccination. They’re simply saying where is the evidence to justify that behavior, and the departments are refusing to deliver whatever evidence they have. So it’s always a possibility that much worse virus can emerge, but starting… Yeah, that’s interesting, because the process of litigation, and I know we listen to a couple of these specific topics, but the actual act of suing allows for the, quote, unquote, discovery process to be initiated, where the person is 32:52 certainly under obligation to reveal facts and material facts surrounding what it is that’s being brought against them. So I wonder that we haven’t, at this point in time, for whatever reason, haven’t heard the, or hasn’t been discovered or whistleblown that these facts have been discovered and that this is now out in the open. I would totally hope that that will happen, because these lawsuits, like you said, are happening at a state and at a local level, and I know there’s quite a few different organizations that are getting together, purely from a litigious point of view, to bring the law to bear on the subject and to make it all transparent. Yeah, basically, they’re using the law to try to force the government to talk about science, to actually present some evidence. You can’t have science without evidence. They’re 33:57 constantly talking about the science, but when they ask for the evidence, they refuse to talk about it. So there was the vaccine induced polio outbreak in Pakistan that happened approximately 10 years ago, and now, I saw an article today that said COVID spiking in over a dozen states, most with high vaccination rates. So, you know, maybe we are seeing that happen. I always wanted to mention the fact that I saw an article that said, don’t be surprised when vaccinated people get infected. And I don’t know, I just just gone on since the beginning to kind of misnomers that I quoted, both from the drug companies that say when you get this experimental drug, you know, you could still transmit the virus, it doesn’t protect you, it doesn’t confer immunity, and so we wonder why then people ask 35:00 why and if they’re taking it. But they said that by the end of January, reports came out of Oregon, the Midwest and the South, with the latest reports coming from Florida, Texas and Hawaii, more than two weeks after people received their second dose, and that they’re told that this is to be entirely expected and there’s nothing to worry about. And that is a tiny fraction, unquote, of the 40 million so far vaccinated. Did you have any comments on that in terms of what this means in terms of a successful program? The drug companies are saying it’s all coincidence. The hundreds of people dying right after getting vaccinated, even more becoming paralyzed, fainting with shock, they say that’s all within the realm of chance that there’s no evidence that the 36:07 vaccines are doing it. But when you just compare the number of deaths between the two different vaccines, I think that was the Pfizer compared to the AstraZeneca or maybe the Johnson & Johnson, but the difference between two vaccines, there was a 27%!g(MISSING)reater mortality among the Pfizer. So even though they say it’s a random event, the bad random events are statistically significantly more common with the Pfizer product. Well, and then did you hear that in Europe, there’s 20 countries in Europe that have banned the AstraZeneca because of blood clots? Yeah, that’s an obvious thing to do. I think that anticipation of the danger is why Merck 37:12 decided not to come out with a vaccine, even though Pfizer says their vaccine is now the second most profitable drug in history. And as soon as they can raise the price, it’ll become the very most profitable drug ever. But still, Merck decided not to make a vaccine, I think because that they helped the need for caution in going into something that could kill millions of people. Do you by any chance know what the number one drug is? If you’re saying that this potential current treatment is the number two worldwide-grossing profitable product, you know what the number one is? No. So the Pfizer is the number two most profitable, the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is the number two most profitable drug in the world, forever. Is that what you’re saying, Dr. P? 38:17 Yeah, I don’t know what the most profitable is, but it’s probably something else. Well, when you think of the numbers of people that it’s intended to reach, you would definitely imagine that it has the potential to be the number one spot because never before has there been such a worldwide effort to produce a drug to treat the world’s population, which I think is all part and parcel of wondering how it’s come to this when, you know, against all of the science, it seems to be a relatively survivable disease with a 99.6%!s(MISSING)urvivability. So in terms of children coming off pretty well from it because of their innate immune responses, I know you said that probably the best tactic really is to maintain a healthy immune system. And I think obviously when I think of the health of the general population, I don’t feel too optimistic about the 39:19 general health of the population because of all of the food, you know, the ingredients in the food supply and people’s lifestyle choices, what they choose to put into their bodies, etc., certainly is not the most healthy. What do you, a vitamin DMA you’ve mentioned, obviously there are certainly things from the herbal world that, you know, we’ve talked about in the past, like Bicow skull cap and pleurisy root and obviously the wild indigare and elder fowl and elderberry, that kind of thing. What to work is anti-inflammatories, and you mentioned vitamin D is extremely important in becoming more and more recognized as time goes on. In terms of maintaining that, are there any other routes that you would go right? I know we’ve mentioned in the past things like Ivermectin has been shown to certainly be effective in bringing people out of initial infection, and as well as some other agents that we’ve talked about, like Lysartan or others. 40:22 Well, from a herbal perspective, licorice is like the herbal equivalent of the steroids that they use to quell inflammation, and time is also very anti-inflammatory and helps expect a lot of that watery mucus up. So, time in licorice is another herbal ally to fight chest problems, chest infections. But Dusty, are there other agents you would suggest people use if they do come down with COVID? Oh, the zinc rich foods are another very basic defense mechanism, adequate vitamin A. There have been studies in which just supplementing vitamin A reduced to a wide range of disease. So, generally, a broad spectrum well-balanced nutrition is going to increase your general health, your learning ability, your working ability, 41:32 as well as the tendency not to become infected. We have a caller. Okay. Okay, so let’s take this caller, call her, you’re on the air. Where are you from, and what’s your question? From Whitethorn, and I’m curious if the doctor has recommendation for a long hauler’s lack of smell, like the loss of the smell, maybe it hasn’t all the way come back. Dusty, did you hear that? No, I couldn’t hear it. Okay, the caller was asking for people that are long haulers. They’ve taken a long time to recover, particularly from the lack of smell, the anosmia that they recognize as a symptom of initial infection. So, any idea how to mitigate that if people still can’t smell properly after having, quote-unquote, recovered? Zinc is one of 42:37 the essential factors for the olfactory nerves and taste nerves, possibly because it’s involved in the carbonic anhydrase enzyme, and that regulates the production of carbon dioxide versus bicarbonate, and that is a major anti-inflammatory factor. So, the anti-inflammatory effects of zinc, for example, I think, are largely working through the metabolism of carbon dioxide. Okay, wonderful. Thank you. And food sources of zinc, we know they’ve been supplemented with a pill or tablet, but food sources, zinc is quite rich in shellfish, and I don’t know if you can eat shellfish, but oysters, mussels, clams, they’re quite a rich source of zinc. 43:45 And I know, Dr. P, in the past, we’ve talked about specifically, and I don’t know if you agree with this, but after looking at different zinc products, zinc, bicarbonate, it seemed to be one that was quite well absorbed, tolerated, and this was in relation to viral infection from hepatitis virus. I looked at a bunch of studies when we were doing different shows on hepatitis, as an example of treatments for outside alternative treatments, and I saw a study that showed a very good correlation between low zinc levels and people that were infected with hepatitis, and so do you think any of the mechanisms that you mentioned, the anosmia being reversed through using zinc, might be might be based on that? Yeah, very possibly. Okay, okay, you’re listening to us here, Dr. Ron Keny, media article 91.1 from from now until the end of the show, day to clock, you’re invited to call in Dr. Raymond 44:47 Peach joining us at the number 707-923-3911. Okay, so just going back again to Geert and what he was saying, I know that there may or may not be able to see as time goes on. Number one, I think we’ll have to see whether or not there really is a serious problem going forward with reexposure to coronaviruses and out of control immune responses that actually do more damage than good. But what do you think, do you, I don’t know, I’m not even sure you know, I wasn’t particularly going to ask, but what do you think about natural killer cell based vaccines? I mean, do you think that’s, do you think it’s tenable and I guess why haven’t we looked at it yet? I think Van Den Bosch was working on a vaccine for chickens, didn’t you mention that? Oh, right, he had the barracks. 45:49 How many times, yeah. It seems like a possibility, but still I think the general approach of things that increase your ability to retain carbon dioxide, it happens that zinc is a part of the enzyme reaction, but all of the other anti-inflammatory things that I mentioned are, it improves your retention of carbon dioxide. The calcium channel blockers, which have been, they showed real benefits in treating COVID patients, and they happen to increase the carbon dioxide retention ability. So there are a lot of common denominators 46:55 in the anti-inflammatory and anti-viral functions. I had a question for you, Dr. Pete, that our listeners might be interested to hear you talk about, and that was if you know someone in your family that has had a COVID jab and or shot, what if you want to call it, and you yourself don’t want to have it, would you say there’s a risk for the unvaccinated person to be around the person that has had the shot, and if so, does it differ with the mRNA and the attenuated live virus like the Johnson & Johnson versus the Moderna and the Pfizer, and if so, what would you recommend for people? I think continuing to be conscious of washing your hands and just not being too bold about 48:00 possible exposures, but I don’t think that’s a real serious risk to catch something from the vaccinated person, but other vaccines have turned out to create a vaccine-related epidemic like currently in Africa. Vaccine polio, the polio entirely dependent on vaccine, is now the main epidemic concern. So there is precedent for the vaccine itself to cause and spread disease, so it isn’t nonsense, but I don’t think it’s a great risk. 49:02 I guess it’s good advice then for people that have had the vaccine to continue wearing their masks, basically, because then that minimizes the chance of them spreading anything to unvaccinated people. Oh yeah, if they were a volunteer for the vaccination, I think it’s good to encourage them to wear the mask since they have participated in a completely unknown experiment. The experiment is necessarily, the outcome is unknown, and since they’re in an experiment as an experimental guinea pig, they should volunteer to wear the mask. Great, and I also had another question. 50:03 Excuse me. I spoke with someone yesterday who had, sorry, is there another caller? Yeah, excuse me, there is, yes. Okay, well, let’s take this next caller, caller, you’re on the air, where are you from, and what’s your question? Oh, yeah, I’m David, I’m down in San Francisco. I definitely agreed that wearing a mask is a smart idea. When we were five years old in kindergarten, we were told, cover your mouth when you sneeze, and Louis Pasteur discovered that it was a smart idea to have a mask, what, 150, 160 years ago? So the idea that there are people actually running around claiming that masks are a bad idea, that’s just so preposterous, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a propaganda campaign, and I personally think it has to do with a land grab. But down here in San Francisco, we shut down a couple of weeks before almost everybody else did. On February 4th, 51:05 it was discovered, the February 4th of last year, we discovered that somebody had been at the convention center, and the mayor immediately shut down the convention center. We lost probably a billion dollars in a single week, because we weren’t going to have the Facebook convention here. But we, our death count, you know, we’ve got about 800,000 people, our death count as of this minute is 461 people, a city of equal size in California is Fresno, and there are almost 1,000 people, because they run around with Kevin McCarthy and Devin Nunez saying that it’s against freedom, that you don’t have to wear a mask and whatnot. So, you know, it’s preposterous, I personally think that mismanaging this epidemic has to do with a land grab. You know, a real estate developer like Donald Trump knows that the easiest way to 52:07 get land is to either get somebody sick, or to get them to die, and they have to sell the family house or family lands to deal with the medical bills. But I wanted to ask your guest, two different questions. One, whether he thinks that COVID is, since it’s a brand new disease, whether he thinks that it has its origins in pollution. You know, I’m looking at Wuhan, China is basically one of the most polluted cities in the world, and the sweatshop workers were reduced to eating bats, and bats, of course, bats eat bugs, and any bug that can survive all of that pollution has got to be, you know, bats metastasize diseases, and if the poor sweatshop workers are forced to eat bats, what are the odds that this disease originated from pollution? There are some good publications showing that the inflammation caused by air pollution 53:12 does make you much more susceptible to viral infections. Sure. Yeah, well, that makes sense. Yeah, the second thing is whether or not there’s any sort of natural critter that’ll eat a virus. I’m just wondering, you know, there are a lot of natural paths in California that are refusing to get vaccinated. Is there any kind of, you know, whether it’s, you know, some kind of a food or an herb or, you know, something that would consume a virus? You know, they’re saying we shouldn’t be using all of these elaborate things like bleachers and, you know, cleansers to kill COVID. It’s just as easy to get rid of it with soap and water, and whether or not there’s some sort of a natural device, a natural creature, that’ll consume a virus. Sunlight, ultraviolet light destroys it fairly quickly. But is there, you know, if you get it in your system, is there, you know, an odd thing. I don’t 54:19 want to make light of cannabis, but I’ve had bronchitis three times in my life that was so bad I was close to pneumonia. Twice I was spitting up, you know, dark, dark green, and one time I was spitting up dark green with blood in it. And I had no medical coverage, so I smoked the cheapest pot that I could get, and I was trying to dry out my lungs, and I would find the cheap pot because I knew it would make me cough. And if I got this dusty smoke up in my lungs, I would hack and cough and cough and cough. But if I found the funniest book that I could find, so I found Mark Twain, I found Hunter S. Thompson, and I would laugh and cough. And it would bring my spirits up while I’m coughing, and it would encourage me to get back to the laughter, get back to the smoking it. And I eventually took about two or three days, and I eventually coughed up so much stuff it was, 55:20 I was well over it. And I don’t know if you’ve ever, you know, looked at just a kind of a symptomatic way of getting rid of it, you know, like a dust, or an ash, basically, in your lungs, and, you know, powderized. A lot of herbs, a lot of herbs are, have expectorant properties, like the pine, licorice, ellen campaign, and they actually encourage coughing, and that’s how they work. Speaking of herbs, emoden, which is the active ingredient in Chinese rhubarb and cascara sagrada, specifically blocks the coronavirus spike protein and the endotensin converting enzyme. So it’s a, besides being anti-inflammatory and restorative of mitochondrial respiration, many good things, it does have a specific anti-miral action. 56:24 Would you have any purging effects? I wonder how much you’d have to use to get a therapeutic effect to block the activity of coronavirus versus its laxative effects? Oh, the sensitivity varies, but if you’re going to treat something deadly, for example, kidney failure, the kidneys are so improved by the emoden function that I don’t think anyone worries about a little laxative action. And you always say that it’s far better to be in a loose state than have any kind of, any kind of constipation, from a prospective use in cascara. We’re running short of time here, but I did want to ask you one more quick question, Dr. for people that are having really adverse effects to the first shot of the mRNA, either the Pfizer or the Moderna, what would you recommend they use to help mitigate those 57:29 adverse effects they’re experiencing? First thing is to make sure their blood sugar doesn’t fall, because falling blood sugar is the most powerful pro-inflammatory thing possible. Any little allergen can become deadly when your blood sugar is very low, and raising the blood sugar quiets the immune inflammatory reactions. And the baking soda providing both some bicarbonate or carbon dioxide and sodium is another quick acting anti-inflammatory thing. Great, thank you so much for that. Do you guys want to, excuse me, do you guys want to try to take another quick call? No, he can’t wait two minutes to be out, unless whoever’s after us doesn’t mind, I don’t want to step on someone’s toes. You tell me, 58:34 do you mind if they go over Shaka? We kind of still want to make sure. Okay, I think we’re done. We’re done, Sue? Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. So I do want to mention that we do have Cascara now up on our website. It hasn’t been up there for many, many years. We re-updated our website, and a lot of herbs we’ve talked about, we do have available on our website, but we also now have Cascara. So talking about Cascara, I want to mention that. Our website is westernbotanicalmedicine.com, and my name is Sarah, Johanna and Murray. And thanks so much for listening until the third Friday of next month. Thank you, Doug, for your time, as always, and for people who want to listen to the show again on the archives, kmud.org, underneath the radio, underneath the shows, the archives, you can listen to an archive of that. And also, we have most of the shows on our website as well, but I know some of those from 2020 are still to be put up from the last part of it. And it’s westernbotanicalmedicine.com. 59:37 And for those wanting to look into what Dr. Pink’s research has been, you can visit www.raypeat.com. It’s R-A-Y-P-E-A-T.com. It has many, many scientifically validated reference articles on there. Thank you and good night. Thank you. Good night.

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