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00:00 Edward Community Radio, KMUD Garberville, 91.1 FM in HD1, KMUE Eureka, 88.1 FM in HD1, KLAI Laytonville, 90.3 FM on the web at kmod.org and a shelter cover at 99.5 on FM translator K258BQ, 7 o’clock. Stay tuned for Ask the Arab Doctor. 02:20 Welcome to this month’s Ask the Arab Doctor. My name’s Andrew Murray. And my name’s Sarah Johanneson Murray. For those of you who’ve perhaps never listened to the shows before, they run every third Friday of the month from 7 to 8pm with questions and a live call in from 7.30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock. As has become accustomed here, we have Dr. Raymond Beat joining us. And this month’s topic is going to be the topic of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth with an overview of gastrointestinal motility and the common problems that many patients experience from chronic constipation through diarrhea and some of those things that can be used to diagnose and some of those things that can be used to treat. The number of you are interested in calling in from 7.30 on 707-923-3911. 03:23 Once again, 707-923-3911 from 7.30 through 8 o’clock. So once again, we’re very pleased to have Dr. Raymond Beat join us and to share with his expertise. Dr. Beat, are you there? Yes. Hi, Dr. Beat. Thanks so much for joining us this month again. So for this June episode, June 2021, just a posterity, would you let people know your academic and professional background for perhaps those people who tuned in just now who may not have heard of you before? I was studying and working in humanities, literature, painting, various schools and I decided to go back to graduate school in biology, physiology in 1968 and got the Ph.D. at University of 04:24 Oregon in 1972 and since then have been doing writing about physiology and counseling individuals and doctors about hormones and physiology and nutrition. Okay. I know there’s a wealth of information on your website which we will give out at the end of the show for people who want to find out more about you. Having been guided by you for 11 or 12 years now, I was just thinking over the previous years that we’ve done radio shows with you and spoken with you. Having been very interested in the gut as a seat of good health, the ancients always talked about the seat of health being the digestion and assimilation and back in the very early times with the four humors and diagnosis of the 05:31 disease that was used. The rudimentary alimentary tract and its assimilation of food and excretion of waste has long been connected with health and ill health and I wanted just to go over what is known now. I think it has been for maybe 20 years but maybe only the last five years has there been a significant increase in the diagnosis of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth as a defined pathology which people suffer with and over the last 20 years I’ve certainly spoken and consulted with a lot of people with gastrointestinal disturbance either ranging from constipation or diarrhea or alternating IBS type, irritable bowel syndrome type digestive complaints and I know you’ve mentioned for many different pathologies serotonin as being a causative inflammatory mediator and that’s also been very enlightening 06:37 in terms of serotonin in the common conception or the media conception that most people know about serotonin. They think there’s a positive hormone but actually it’s very inflammatory. So I’d like to question you and get your feedback on your understanding of the pathogenesis and development of SIBO and just to say that they classify at this point in time under SIBO C for constipation and SIBO D for diarrhea and there’s a list of foods called the FODMAP guide to which I’d like to ask questions also because I know that some of the foods you’re very interested and specific with dietary requirements for people wanting to get better health and a lot of things that people eat now that they’re totally healthy for them especially any of those poofers that you’ve been rallying against for a long time now and the seeds and nuts and those 07:43 kind of foods they appear on the FODMAP list and the FODMAP breaks the FODMAP breaks down for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and then the polyols, the sugar alcohols. So before we get into those kind of foods what do you understand and how much relevance do you give to this type of SIBO with patients that are complaining of diarrhea or they’re complaining of constipation and what’s your approach to it? Everything can ferment if you aren’t digesting it and some people warn against the FODMAP as causing problems because they ferment. Others promote exactly the same and carbohydrates 08:50 and oligosaccharides and so on just because they do ferment and release short chain fatty acids acetate, butyrate and propionate in particular and one doctrine says that those are beneficial stimulating things that prevent bowel cancer and so on. Others point out that each one of those is a very serious potential toxin and we do absorb them and acetate acetic acid and butyric acid and propionic acid all have their potential value but they are also very well known as toxins. 09:53 So generally I’m inclined to side with the people that prefer not to eat the things which can increase those potentially toxic short chain fatty acids because you can get all your nutrients with things that are resistant to fermentation. The sugars, if you have normal digestive actions, the sugars should be absorbed very high in the small intestine. Just shortly after leaving your stomach they should be absorbed and that area in very healthy people, the stomach and the whole small intestine are sterile. The secret person is the farther up the small intestine from the colon, 10:59 the farther up the bacteria and leather microbes can invade and set up housekeeping and some very people with very weak digestion will actually have fermentation going on in their stomach. So if they eat sugar or carbohydrate they can get drunk, have alcohol production going on right in their stomach. Interesting, you said the small intestine could or should be sterile in comparison to the colon which we recognize as being the major productive proliferative and populated area compared to anything else you can think of really. You’re saying that the small intestine should essentially be relatively sterile? 12:04 Yeah, the very healthy, something like 15 or 20%!o(MISSING)f the population are very healthy, have a sterile small intestine and the secret person is it tends to increase with age as the metabolic rate slows down. The farther up in the small intestine you find more and more bacteria living closer and closer to the stomach as the person develops poor digestion. So because of poor motility, increased transit time and aging and decreased energy, the colonic bacteria then would have a chance to migrate upwards? Yeah, the digestive fluids and the enzymes should discourage growth if not just directly killing 13:11 these and bacteria and parasites. Okay, you’re listening to ask Dr. K. M. U. D. Galvival 91.1 FM from 7.32 8 o’clock at the end of the show you’re invited to call in the questions, Dr. Ray Pete, we’re discussing small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, generalized inflammatory processes in the GI tract and some, certainly some supplemental improvements that can be used both herbal as well as some antibiotics. But yeah, the numbers 707-923-3911 and Dr. Raymond Pete’s joining us. Dr. Pete, to go through again how they classify SIBO C and SIBO D, they talk about hydrogen dominant productive, the bacteria that produce hydrogen dominant in the bacteria that produce methane 14:14 and they talk about hydrogen dominant bacterial colonies which are not supposed to be there, that’s the whole point, associating the patient’s symptoms with a diarrheal type SIBO and then a methane dominant species of bacteria that shouldn’t be there, specifically associated with constipation. Yeah, I think that’s mainly because methane is an anesthetic and slows bowel contractions and it slows down all biological processes and decreases the metabolic rate. So it should tend towards constipation. So for the 80, 20%!o(MISSING)f people have sterile intestines, what should the rest of us do? 15:22 80%!o(MISSING)f the population that doesn’t have a sterile small intestine, what are we to do to help keep the bacterial overgrowth down in our small intestine? Do you remember Dennis Burkett who studied the diet effects and a particular type of tumor in Africa? He popularized the use of high fiber diet in the US when he reported on the health benefits of African diet and pointed out that African on their typical diet has a 12 hour transit time for the average American as a 72 hour transit time, half a day versus three days for something to get processed and get out of you. 16:23 And so naturally the African with very short duration doesn’t give future faction or fermentation a chance to go very far. And the famous people who popularized yogurt in the diet as a way to suppress future faction for example Metchnikov and Bogomolot early in the 20th century and end of the 19th century, they studied different animals that had short or long life spans and they argued that the animals with a short intestine, a colon that just very quickly eliminated and didn’t store for a long time 17:24 the processed food, those were the long life animals. Those with a long intestine and a long retention of the putrefying material in the intestine, those were shorter life. So I saw hypothyroidism as one of the predisposing factors to SIBA in the population along with things like chronic pancreatitis and motor disorders like Parkinson’s disease and fibromyalgia. And I saw IBS and fibromyalgia were fairly intimately linked and there was cause for investigating gastric or intestinal and dysmotility with fibromyalgia patients but Parkinson’s, that’s interesting from a motor neuron perspective in terms of slowing muscular contraction 18:26 along the GI tract for the constipation side of it. Yeah, I think it’s the constipation leading to the neurological problem and traditionally they’ve been thinking of Parkinson’s disease as a deficiency of dopamine but dopamine and serotonin are an antagonistic pair and really the evidence, I think more strongly indicates that Parkinson’s is related to a serotonin excess than just a dopamine deficiency. A few people have argued that serotonin can’t get from your intestines, your brain but there is actual evidence that if you have an excess undetoxified amount of serotonin 19:33 in the bloodstream it can get into the brain and shift the balance away from dopamine. And you’ve always said that the bulk of the serotonin produced is produced in the bowel, correct? Yeah, okay. And it produced the serotonin we thought is what we’ve been told for the last 30 years that serotonin is the feel-good hormone and it’s good for you. But if you view and well scientists view serotonin as a major inflammatory compound and actually the antidepressants that are supposed to be increasing serotonin they’ve now retracted that statement and scientists are now saying that serotonin is not blocked by antidepressants like SSRI. So how did that go wrong there and why is serotonin its own inflammatory? Its natural function in the bowel is to cause contractions and secretion. 20:39 When the bowel is irritated irritation can be mechanical or chemical or biological but the intestine knows it wants to get rid of something toxic and harmful. So it produces serotonin that causes intense contractions and secretions and should wash the toxin out of the bowel. But if you get a chronic inflammation and irritation you just get a chronic moderate excess of serotonin that can cause usually just periodic cyclic diarrhea alternating with constipation. So everyone who’s had carcickness can relate to the feeling of high serotonin where your intestines are cramping and you feel nauseous. 21:42 That’s all from serotonin, correct? Yeah and one of the effects of serotonin is anxiety. That’s now being more and more recognized rather than sleep inducing it can cause insomnia and anxiety and the bowel has a big role in that. So what do you think, Dr. P, if I can question you about some of the, I guess we’ll start with the FODMAP criteria that the medical industry use as the guidance and then ask you a little bit about the breath testing results. It seems to be somewhat disparaging in terms of they’re not completely conclusive by any means but in conjunction with symptoms can lead to a diagnosis 22:44 and then perhaps the treatment options will be more fairly squared away towards solving it. But in terms of the foods that they talk about that are predisposing to these fermentable oligosaccharides and dienomonosaccharides. I think avoidance of many of them is very reasonable. They recommend against beans and lentils, for example, and nuts and wheat and rye. All of those things have other harmful effects as well as the fermentable carbohydrates. But they do this milk and that’s the thing that I just wanted to ask you about and it’s not all dairy because they say that even butter and cheese is very low in FODMAP equivalents and that cow’s milk essentially encustered and things that are made from milk are quoted as high. And I work with a lot of people who want to, they are fairly sure that they are lactose intolerant 23:52 and obviously a large mainstay of your nutritional advice which is very supportive and produces a balanced diet in terms of vitamins and nutrients from a fairly select source of foods. Milk is one of those food groups for which you are a big advocate of drinking milk and then how do you feel about people that come over with a quote unquote milk intolerance because most published papers seem to suggest that most people can actually drink a reasonable amount of milk and not until they are drinking a large amount of milk that the FODMAP components of the milk are a problem. Yeah, I think there is a kind of cosy fear of milk that gets mixed up with the research and even lactose intolerant people can tolerate a moderate amount of milk. 24:54 Especially if they start with a small amount, right? Dr. P, if they start with a small amount every day and increase it then they will start developing over the period of two to four weeks lactase which is in them required to digest lactose but if they haven’t been drinking milk your body won’t make enough lactase to digest the glass all of a sudden. Yeah, there were studies done in ethnic Chinese people in California introducing milk to people who thought they were lactose intolerant and in a few weeks taking maybe half a glass at a time they were able to induce the enzymes. There’s probably nothing in the body that isn’t inducible given the appropriate circumstances. The babies need to process the milk diet and if they totally go without milk 26:02 then it’s natural that they would adapt away the digestive enzymes relevant to milk but the experiments show that so far everyone can induce again the lactase enzymes. So for somebody with, for example, people that will disclose that they notice a definite change in bowel habits when they are drinking milk and seem to imply that the milk is tending in them to produce kind of pellet stores that type, I mean that’s not the type of constipation that we are talking about associated with SIBO constipation but what do you think is happening in that instance in terms of their bowel bacteria? Do you think it’s a bowel bacteria that are responsible for changes in the stool itself or is there any other mechanism by which the proteins in the milk may be disposed of? 27:07 There are several possibilities including the pasture, the foods that the cow gets sometimes they are very allergenic in a person with allergies to those plants if the cow is eating them the milk will trigger those allergies. Especially like if someone is very gluten sensitive and the cow fed wheat then it can come through the milk and make a person react poorly to that milk. Right. So with breast milk if the mother is eating a lot of allergenic foods, peanuts for example, the baby will often get constipated. Okay, so looking at possible diagnostic techniques for people that would be interested in taking this conversation further, if those people that are listening perhaps 28:13 have really had a bowel of fairly chronic GI disturbance leading to either chronic diarrhea and or chronic constipation with little changing in terms of anything they never tried. Checking their body temperature is a good first step because hypometabolism usually because of thyroid deficiency sometimes from other nutrient deficiencies but the hypometabolism lowers your body temperature and at the same time makes your tissues over sensitive to irritation. So just by increasing your body temperature getting enough easily absorbed glucose and fructose from sucrose for example the heat producing effect of those carbohydrates 29:18 can be enough to raise your body temperature, reduce the inflammation and make your intestine go more smoothly. Do you let me ask you this then? All the papers that I’ve read that have looked at SIBO really from 2003 to 2021 that have been done very recently seem to agree on a microbiome that has been deranged and they look at two particular species of bacteria the proteobacteria and the fermicutes the kind of esoricea, kebsiella, peremonus species of bacteria saying that in patients with SIBO the relative decrease in the fermicutes bacteria with an increase in the proteobacteria and the converse in non-SIBO patients Do you think there’s anything, I want to ask you a question about cascara 30:20 and bowel antibiotic activity of cascara but do you think there’s anything, what would you think of in terms of wanting to, and it brings up the other question I was going to ask about probiotic use and how I think perhaps some people may have experimented with probiotics and gotten definite changes in bowel habits and sometimes not for the good in terms of looking at the bacterial colonies that they’ve done studies on with SIBO and non-SIBO patients they seem to have a definite consensual agreement on these two particular types of bacteria being in deranged proportions would you be looking at anything other than an antibiotic which is what they now are coming up with they’ve said that this antibiotic is particularly effective in doing basically cleansing the bowel, but would you think of anything else and that’s why I mentioned cascara and or probiotics and what do you think about their use in gastrointestinal disorders like SIBO or IBS 31:21 The cascara accelerates the movement through the intestine as well as reducing inflammation and maintaining oxidative energy production but completely indigestible fiber specifically cellulose the bulk effect can stimulate peristalsis and speeds the movement through the intestine reducing the chance for toxic fermentation and making sure that your nutrients, calcium and vitamin D are anti-inflammatory necessities thyroid is anti-inflammatory and the flavonoids one of the reasons I recommend orange juice and milk 32:25 is that they are both good sources of flavonoids without any of the toxic irritants that you find in some of the flavonoid-rich foods leaves and some green vegetables that are rich in and flavonoids also contain irritants but orange juice is a very wide spectrum anti-inflammatory and energy producing food So I think the whole premise about eating foods that don’t feed bacteria like avoiding the refined processed grains and starches is that then you’ll have a reduction in bacteria in your small intestine as well as your large intestine and that’s why you also recommend anti-bacterial foods like grated raw carrot 33:26 bamboo shoots well-cooked mushrooms oat bran in some instances to help increase the transit time as well as to act as a natural, gentle antimicrobial in both places because they’ll be antimicrobial in the small intestine as well as the large intestine Correct? Yeah, and aspirin sometimes is a big help to decrease the bacterial activity You all have a caller Okay, good. Well, let me just stop by saying this You’re listening to UrbDoc2K in Medigalvo 91.1 FM It’s now 7.30 or thereabouts and you’re welcome to call in with questions for Dr. Raymond Peake and the number is 707-923-3911 and we have our first caller. Where are you from? What’s your question? Yes, sir. I’m calling from Redwood, California 34:28 I eat primarily 70%!v(MISSING)egetables, 20%!d(MISSING)airy, cheese, yogurt I can also make a homemade flax soda bread and then the other 10%!i(MISSING)s like salad dressing This is like my summertime eating method and I use a sweetener that is stevia and when I usually finish off the meal, there’s usually a tiny trace of some sort of sweetener like sugar or some other sweetener, honey that may be in that So I finish off the meal with… I’m going to butcher this Latin word, so pardon me Pade Arco Yeah Okay It’s an Amazonian… Sure, Tapa Buoy Yeah, Tapa Buoy in Pategrino, sir Yeah, so the question was, is that good? 35:30 Okay, well everyone has different ideas about good nutrition but 70%!v(MISSING)egetable, I know Dr. Pete, you would definitely recommend well-cooking those and 20%!d(MISSING)airy I’m not too sure what you think about that, I will know and obviously from a herbal point of view, Pade Arco Pade Arco has been well known as an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancering At last month’s radio show, we mentioned Pade Arco and there’s dark red pigments that come from either a ethanol extraction or even simply decocting the herb and how they have an electronic activity that is a very anti-inflammatory activity and this substance is lipachyl and others so they’ve been isolated but… Dr. Pete, as of your mainstay, nutritional breakdown 20%!v(MISSING)eg, 20%!d(MISSING)airy, soda bread and very, very little sugars are there in the form of stevia? I’m not sure that stevia is safe in large quantities 36:34 but a small amount is probably okay and soda bread, does that mean that it’s a baking powder, quick rising? That tends to leave most of the gluten intact but if it agrees with your intestine, it doesn’t cause inflammation and that means your bowel health is pretty good and cooked, very well cooked vegetables are fine if a person doesn’t have any problem with them So one thing I would think with an analysis of that is the protein, I’m not sure where your protein is coming from besides the dairy, you include eggs in your diet and or any type of shellfish or other nutrient rich proteins? 37:37 Engineer, I don’t know if we have the call on the line still or they hung up on? Okay, well maybe that call is not on the air anymore, not too short so the engineer is not responding with the fact that they are or aren’t So they hung up Okay, okay, well anyway let me just say once again you listen to Ask Your Doctor, K.M.U.D. Galvo 91.1 FM from now until the end of the show you’re invited to call in the questions related or unrelated to this month’s subject of SIBO small intestine bacterial overgrowth and GI upset and numbers 07-923-3911 Okay, actually this caller came back Okay, we’ll get ahead to him Hi, caller Yes, are you there? Yes You can hear me, okay great, you’re coming in for anything Can you hear Dr. Pete’s answer? Yes, I just wanted to answer his question he asked if the bread was baked 38:39 if I had any distress No, our family a lot of our family are Scottish Irish so it’s something that they’ve it’s been a tradition, our families were a very long time since my father and the other question was well you go ahead, I’m sorry No, I was just wondering yes, protein do you have do we include eggs in your diet or others? Yes, I eat a lot of eggs Okay I don’t know if that was included in the 20%!d(MISSING)airy Well that was included in the other 30%!(NOVERB) you know, like the salad dressing the miscellaneous, cheese, etc that was part of that 30%!(NOVERB) Okay, good, well thanks for your call and hope you have a good night Thank you Dr. Pete, to just wrap up on the SIBO diagnosis and or then further on treatment before we get into the other subject here 39:42 that I think we’ll begin with but then we’ll wrap up and talk more extensively on next month in terms of transhumanism and the coming change in corporate structures of treating us as people with medicines that are questionable medicines what do you think about the use then obviously there’s one particular antibiotic used which is getting pretty good success in treating SIBO by deranging again bowel bacteria do you think the probiotics that are labeled probiotics we have typical species that would normally reside in the bowel as being positive in terms of re-colonizing and safely changing the floor because it really is a balancing act which does not want any unwanted bacteria to take out permanent residents that’s exactly how SIBO starts in the first place 40:44 what do you think of antibiotics I know we all agree that antibiotics are a very good form of treatment for a lot of different things and re-colonization there are several bacteria in particular some fungus that produce antibiotics themselves and so they are a combination of probiotic and antibiotic they kill off a lot of harmful bacteria by antibiotics that they are producing but you can usually tell within a few hours if an antibiotic supplement is going to help your digestive symptoms I think there’s too much rigmarole 41:46 in the diagnosis of digestive problems a lot of people have forgotten or never realized that tapping your abdomen in different places you can identify whether you have a fluid accumulation or just gas you can identify a pocket of gas sometimes it’s where you wouldn’t expect it to be it should be just in the colon area but if you’re getting gas throughout your small intestine that will make your whole belly resound like a watermelon just to confirm this most people don’t think that gas production obviously apart from its social disagreement is a problem 42:48 but you should not produce gas, period there’s nothing good about it no, and in fact too much methane has those stasis producing effects leading to constipation and the diagnosis if you find methane in your breath or coming out of your skin and so on it doesn’t prove that you have methane producing bacteria because our own mitochondria when they’re under stress like in the presence of drinking too much alcohol our own mitochondria produce considerable amounts of methane and any stress can lead to methane appearing in all of our secretions 43:49 so when you mentioned different fungi that can act as a probiotic and an antibiotic are you referring to species like the saccharomyces belardii? are you thinking of other species? no, that’s the only one I know of okay, so what do you think about let me quickly ask you what you think about garlic and allicin extract rich garlic because in England there’s a company that’s been producing this for some time now and I’ve got a lot of fanfare about it in terms of correcting intestinal dysbiosis obviously it’s got a very strong sulfur moiety attached to it which is credited in some of its activity but I’m right in thinking that you believe a lot of people are fairly reactive to garlic in terms of irritating effects and not just its social effects but what do you think about the compound allicin 44:51 and garlic in general, the sulfhydryl compounds? yeah, those hot compounds can be harmful to your stomach and intestine if you eat large amounts of them they do kill bacteria but they also can kill your digestive system, epithelial cells I think the highest rate of stomach cancer in the world is butan, my friend visited butan and their diet consists of a lot of chili peppers and they have the highest rate of stomach cancer Central America has a lot of stomach cancer associated with hot chilies I just wanted to bring out the other compounds that would be useful in terms of anti-bacterial effects and certainly the papers written suggest that berberous vulgaris containing the equloid berberine is very useful in the treatment of SIBO and to some extent hydrastase, golden seal containing berberine 45:53 also is used with berberine hydrochloride I think is the main component so let’s just open up the topic for those who are listening and have listened to the previous 9 months or 10 months or so that we’ve been discussing COVID-19 and all of the nefarious activity both in the origin of it and the cover-up and then the cover-up for the simple, safe and effective treatment of it with any biological agent which is called a vaccine but which defies only of the parameters of the vaccine’s definition The coming transhumanism I’ve heard people like Alex Jones in the past a long time ago when I used to listen to him he talked about transhumanism 10, 15 years ago and here we are 46:54 and we see people like Elon Musk rising to these kind of heights through his industries becoming a figure of public importance obviously portioning us about artificial intelligence certainly but the things like implantable chips that he’s talking about neurobiology and wiring people’s brains to these implantable chips that will give them quote-unquote superhuman power and that part and parcel of the COVID-19 debate lies in the technology used to produce this experimental drug which they call the vaccine, the mRNA vaccine but your thoughts on the changes that society is going through and it’s undoubtable that we can ignore or deny that society has gone through probably one of the greatest upheavals 47:55 psychologically and socially then has happened really since either the second world war there’s been a long time since such a great upheavals happened and now we’re being told that the platform the mRNA platform upon which this experimental drug has been cheaply and easily and quickly scaled up to such numbers that they can distribute it worldwide the collaboration with two other countries Italy and the other country was Switzerland I think but the manufacture of these mRNA vaccines or they’re called vaccines these mRNA experimental drugs is going to increase to any and every disease that you can think of and yet the whole platform, the mRNA platform is quote-unquote giving us over to genetic changes that are essentially going to put us at risk as a species moving forward and it’s not going to stop 48:58 I’ve been for several months looking for what the actual scientific rationale might be for shifting from traditional vaccines killed or inactivated bacteria or viruses for example what the reason was for the sudden shift of all of the vaccine companies towards a nucleic acid they want to say time don’t they? what? they want to argue that the time to produce that is why they’ve done it because it’s so quick to do it this way I mean isn’t that the… I don’t think there has been any clear scientific explanation for why they did it you can shortcut all of the traditional methods of making vaccines what they did was skip ordinary animal and safety testing 50:01 to speed it up but when you look at the individuals behind these companies you see that years ago they were talking about genetic engineering and then in justifying why they have come up with the RNA vaccines they are describing them as changing our genetic operating system treating us like a computer simply improving our operating system changing the genome in the context of all of these people justifying why they would use nucleic acids instead of traditional activators of the immune system so we are becoming the genetically modified organism 51:03 we might vote to block the production of genetically modified organism enhanced food but now we are becoming the genetically modified organism when Tony Fauci heard the suggestions of the evidence that the RNA can be copied back, reversed, transcribed into our DNA he said that doesn’t happen, it can’t happen and so on he indicated either total ignorance of 50 years of nucleic acid research showing that we do, everyone contains the reverse transcriptase which whenever RNA enters a cell 52:04 a foreign type of it it’s able to be transcribed into DNA and the DNA can, it doesn’t have to enter the nucleus even it can be a perpetual part of the cell even though it was transcribed from a foreign added RNA or other nucleic acid so they might try to tell you that it’s not permanent and your body will stop producing it but what you’re saying is 50 years of research has shown that these changes can very easily become permanent and there have been demonstrations that our exosome system which is designed to create these little particles like viruses to communicate proteins and genetic information from one cell to other cells that aren’t differentiated properly 53:10 an internal regulatory system of our own genes that has been demonstrated to be open to receiving foreign DNA and RNA and packaging it in exosomes so that we participate our own mechanism becomes like a virus factory copying and spreading the foreign DNA or RNA This is exactly what Tauzax, the former CEO of Moderna was quoted as saying that same thing in 2017 when he was interviewed there’s an article online that is basically a transcript of the interview and mentioning that this platform, the mRNA platform can be so rapidly scaled up, it’s so cheap, it’s so quick and it’s going to be the future 54:12 He questioned about the whole thing about integrating DNA or from RNA into us and actually changing us genomeically and we would have hereditary consequences and he said the same thing that you said at Fauci that it’s not possible, it doesn’t happen, don’t worry about it He’s actually an oncologist He was proposing genetic engineering as cancer treatment and years ago, I think Biden was the instigator or the figurehead for the idea of the cancer moonshot which was based on basically genetic engineering on an individual basis to change the genes of your cancer So, the other thing that I kind of thought about 55:14 we’ve mentioned this since March since we just started doing the anti-Europe doctor shows based around COVID and just showing all the time that this mortality was actually very low and that there was definitely optional treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ibamectin from the very beginning and the whistleblower doctors who said that these things were effective and then they’ve carried on talking about these same treatments which are very inexpensive, very safe and very effective and we don’t need this experimental drug Leave me on to think about the whole COVID-19 area and the World Economic Forum being a platform upon which governments who probably are superseding citizens of countries in tandem, in concert with other governments and it is certainly not a conspiracy theory, folks it’s a reality and there’s plenty of evidence to show and support that 56:17 and it’s not spouting scary stories here it’s just factual evidence, I think as you’ve mentioned, Dr. Pete probably in the next two to five years we’ll get born out with any increased deaths that would come about from either exposure to other regular foods as a result of the enhanced activity of the immune system through this experimental drug but basically through life in general and our life started being forced into a certain direction and this is the humanism part of what I want to get into with you next month in more detail and just lay it out for people because the shows are listened to and certainly the audio archives are listened to and the internet is full of these interviews that we’ve done with you on YouTube and other areas so it’s not like it’s going to go away and it’s been laid down for right now and people will hear it through as time goes on the truth will come out a little bit like some of the atrocities 57:19 of the Second World War and other instances where this activity was shouted about but no one listened but afterwards it all came out and they had to agree that what was being shouted was actually the truth so thank you so much for joining us Dr. Pete It’s three minutes to the hour so rather than anything else carrying on the driver give people your information point them to where they can find out more about you and to thank you so much for your time on the show tonight Okay, thank you Thank you Dr. Pete, good night So for people who’ve listened to the show this evening more and more can be found out about Dr. Pete and his 40-50 year work here on Earth His website is www.repeatrypeat.com and you can find out lots of reference articles that he’s written he’s been working in this field of alternative science 58:21 to the narrative for 30 years or more working with people and counselling etc and we’ve certainly enjoyed our time with him he’s been very eye-opening into lots of things that we thought were true but have been educated beyond that and now seeing that we are not the conspiracies but actually the people with some of the more important information So my name is Andrew Murray My name is Sarah Johansson Murray thank you for listening this evening and we hope you have a great solstice and we can also be looked at My website is www.westerandbotanicalmedicine.com and until the third Friday of next month, July we will be picking up on this transhumanism subject and looking at particularly the science that’s pushing us forward in this direction I’m not saying we will want to go in it but I think unfortunately it’s going to be taking people So until this same time, next month, the third Friday, next month, good night Good night 59:37 So I filed to read the cards at the top of the hour so I want to let you know that Herbal MedRx creates organic herbal products including bath and body oil, salves, deodorants, herbal teas CBD products, essential oil blends, and more Visit www.herbalmedrx.com to see all products and events You can reach through Lukasia at Herbal MedRx by phone

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