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00:00 The time is 7 o’clock. This is Redwood Community Radio, KMED Garberville, KMUE Eureka, KLAI Laytonville. It’s time for the pilots, I’m sorry, it’s time for Ask Your Herb Doctor. But first I’d like to let you know that support comes from the Redwood Coast Energy Authority, which wants the community to know there are a variety of resources to help customers pay their bills, find the right rate plan, and manage their energy use during the current crisis. Visit redwoodenergy.org for complete details or call 707-269-1700 for more information. 01:59 So this is your engineer, and you’re probably expecting to hear the opening chords of the Ask Your Herb Doctor theme song, but somehow I managed to erase it from my talk show themes saying, oh I think I know how to find it, hold on. And the herb doctors haven’t called in either, so I will drop them an email and find their theme song somewhere. 03:26 So 04:26 so so and I have the herb doctors. Do we got you? Yeah. Excellent, and Dr. Pete, do I have you? Excellent, and Sarah, I believe you’re on Dr. Pete’s same line as him, so we do have a caller open for phone calls too. Oh good, yeah, Andrew and I are on the same line, we’re on speaker phone. Can you hear us all okay? Oh yeah, so you’re both on the VIP, okay, someone else might have called in, and I might, okay, well, good, we’ve got you both, we’ve got two lines open. I’ve been on the VIP just a minute ago, and then I got talking to you, then I hung up, and then Sarah called 05:29 3911. Oh, okay, so no one is on the VIP right now. Okay, so we have one line open for callers when the time comes, in a half an hour or so, and take her away. Okay. Welcome to this month’s Hasuke herb doctor, my name’s Andrew Murray. My name’s Sarah Johanneson, Murray, welcome. For those of you who’ve never listened, they run from seven o’clock to eight o’clock on the third Friday of each month, and from seven thirty to the end of the show at eight o’clock, callers are invited to call in with any questions regarding the subject, and the number is 707-923-3911. So from seven thirty to eight o’clock, people are invited to call in the questions, and Dr. Raymond Peake is our guest speaker. Dr. Peake, can I just confirm that you’re on the line? Yes, yes, I can hear you barely. 06:30 Okay, can you hear me any better now? Not much. It’ll do, I think. Well, Andrew, if you guys called back on the VIP line, he should hear you a little bit better. Okay. Thank you. And why don’t we have Dr. Pete introduce himself, and he can say what his specialty is. Now you want me to? Yeah, because they’re calling in, so you’re alone here for a second. So could you just tell our listeners kind of who you are and what your background was? Yeah, I used to study and teach literature, painting, humanities, and in 1968 I went back to graduate school in biology, University of Oregon, for a PhD in physiology and biochemistry, especially relating to aging and female hormones. And since 1972 I’ve been studying, 07:35 writing, and consulting with people and individuals and doctors. Excellent. And for some reason they’re not calling in on the VIP line. Could you tell a little bit more about your history? I’m going to go troubleshoot in the other studio. Okay. My dissertation was on the oxidative changes, changes in respiratory chemistry of uterine tissue in particular, but to some extent the whole organism and how it changes during aging and how that relates to the infertility of menopause. And it turns out that estrogen rather than being just the female hormone, as they have called it, 08:41 is really a stress-related hormone that is equally active and dangerous in men as in women. And those age-related changes and estrogen-related changes can be imitated by things that interfere with cellular respiration, including ionizing radiation, and they’re offset by a variety of things, especially progesterone and vitamin E. Much of my attention, especially in the 1970s and 80s, was on how the polyunsaturated fats in the diet interact with all of these stresses aging and excessive estrogen in particular 09:55 correspond to the deterioration of polyunsaturated fats by random oxidation. And so a basic thing to protect against aging and stress is to simply reduce the amount of polyunsaturated fats taken in the diet. Excellent little summary. So the ERP doctors are suddenly MIA. I checked the other thing in the other studio and they had called in earlier on the VIP line. So they said that actually it didn’t work earlier before they had tried, so maybe we have some problem or phone line and I just emailed them to try calling 3911 again. And if you’re listening in, please call 3911. And do you know what the topic was, which you’re speaking of today? We’re going to start out talking about and maybe listening to an interview between 11:04 David Martin and Reiner Fulmisch and colleagues relating to the history of the so-called COVID virus and the surrounding patents and financial relations. And what was the other David Martin and whom? Reiner Fulmisch, who is a German lawyer in both California and Germany, who is saying that the state governments are falsifying information relating to the pandemic and is organizing legal challenges to the lockdowns and other government restrictions. And David Martin is a financial advisor who, part of his business, is the advising 12:21 investment organizations on how to evaluate patents and other intellectual property. So he has now for over 20 years been analyzing patents in detail and he has gone through all of the patents closely related to the virus and vaccine. So he has a unique perspective on the legal situation and the historical financial connections to the pandemic. Excellent. So I searched for that. I can’t find it on YouTube off hand, but we have the ERB doctors back and I suppose they’ll be able to play for you. You’re back. Yes. Excellent. Thank you. Hi, Dr. Pink. Can you hear me? Okay, good. I’m sorry about this technical history of the internet. I think hopefully this will be clear now and I can hear you well. Can you hear me? 13:23 Okay, good. I’m not too sure. I heard you leading into perhaps what we were going to discuss this evening. We’ve got to David Martin and what he’s just exposed and the basis for it. Would you just quickly mention what you were saying so I understand where you were before I want to read out a transcript of some of these facts and some of the information that he’s disclosed in very specific detail showing exactly what’s going on. Yeah, I think he says it better than anyone else I’ve heard. Okay, so let me just go ahead then. I’m sorry for the mix-up, but you’re listening to ask Europe doctor came to the Galvo 91.1 FM from 7.30 to 8 o’clock that you’re invited to call him a question either related to this month’s subject which is going to be transhumanism and based on a interview with Raina Formick and Dr. David Martin who’s the head. Dr. David Martin 14:31 is the chairman and has run the company, the CEO of the company called MCAN. In 1998 he started up as the world’s largest underwriter of intangible assets used in finance and this is what is important, folks. In 168 countries in the majority of the world, the entire managing body of all patents and patent applications, federal grants, procurement records, e-government records, etc. are stored there and they have the ability to not only track what’s happening and who’s involved in what is happening, but they monitor a series of schematic interests for a variety of organizations and individuals as well as for their own commercial use. They monitor the innovation that’s happening around the world specifically to monitor the economics of those innovations and the company’s been running since 1998. They’ve reviewed the over 4,000 patents that have been 15:31 issued around SARS coronavirus and they’ve comprehensively reviewed the financing of all the manipulations of coronavirus which gave rise to SARS as a subclade or family of the beta coronavirus family. So let’s give you an overview here. The reported gene sequence which was reportedly isolated as a novel coronavirus indicated as such by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses at the World Health Organization. The took these actual genetic sequences that were reportedly novel and reviewed those against the patent records that were held by this company that I mentioned that Dr. David Martin is the chairman and the CEO of. These patent records that were available as of the spring of 2020 and what they found was in the report that there was over 120 patented pieces of evidence to suggest that the declaration of a novel coronavirus was actually entirely a fallacy. There was no novel coronavirus. There are countless very subtle modifications of 16:38 coronavirus sequences which have been uploaded but there was no single identified novel coronavirus at all. As a matter of fact they found records in the patent records of sequences attributing the novelty going to patents that were sought as early as 1999. Up to 1999 the patent activity surrounding coronaviruses was uniquely applied to veterinary scientists. The first vaccine ever patented for coronaviruses was sought by Pfizer and the application for the first vaccine for coronavirus which was specific for S spike protein the exact same thing that allegedly we have rushed into invention. So first filing in January of 28 2000 21 years ago. So the idea that we’re mysteriously stumbled on the way to intervene on vaccines is not only ludicrous but incredulous because Timothy Miller, Sharon Cleaver, Albert Paul Reed and Elaine Jones on January 28 2000 17:44 filed US patent number 6372224 a spike protein virus vaccine for what was ultimately issued as this patent. So the spike protein virus vaccine for the canine coronavirus which was the first one that was issued are one of multiple forms of coronavirus and the early work up until 1999 was largely focused on the area of vaccines for animals and the two animals receiving the most attention were the dog virus and the rabbit myopathy and Ralph Berrick’s work on rabbits with rabbit cardiomyopathy that was associated with a significant loss amongst breeders and also the canine coronavirus in Pfizer’s work to develop the S and spike protein vaccine target candidates at neither the coronavirus concept of a vaccine nor the principle of the coronavirus itself as a pathogen of interest with respect to the spike protein’s behavior at all. In fact 18:52 is 22 years old based on patent filings. Dr. Martin carries on to state that what is more problematic and actually the most egregious problem is that Anthony Fauci and the NIAID found that the malability of coronavirus to be a potential candidate for HIV vaccines and so SARS is actually not a natural progression of a genetic modification of coronavirus as a matter of fact very specifically in 1999 Anthony Fauci funded research at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hills specifically to create now listen to this carefully to create this comes from a patent application filed on April 19th 2002 the NIAID built an infectious recognition defective coronavirus specifically targeted for human lung epithelia saying quote unquote we made SARS and we patented it April 19th 2002 before any alleged outbreak in Asia which as you know follows that by several 19:59 months patent number US7279327 clearly lays out in specific gene sequencing the fact that we knew the ACE receptor the ACE2 binding domain the S1 spike protein and other elements of what we’ve come to know as this scourge pathogen was not only engineered but could be synthetically modified in the lab using nothing more than gene sequencing technology taking computer code and turning it into a pathogen or an intermediate of the pathogen and that technology was funded exclusively in the early days as a means by which we could harness coronavirus as a vector to distribute HIV vaccine you’ll not see this on social media or YouTube as it’s not for your ears or eyes but it can be witnessed on brand new tube and we’ll give the address out later on. So in the early 2000s the anthrax event of September 2001 was getting attention and bacterial and viral pathogens 21:04 which were being patented through the NIH, NIAID, the US Amryd and our services of infection disease program and other agencies whose concern was that the coronavirus was being seen not only as a potential manipulable agent for potential use as a vaccine vector but it was also being clearly considered as a biological weapon candidate. First public reporting on this took place prior to the SARS outbreak in the latter part of 2001 and the China outbreak of 2002 and 2003 gave rise to a very problematic April 2003 filing by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition to filing the entire gene sequence on what became SARS coronavirus which is actually a violation of US code section 35, section 201 rather, section 35 US code section 101 you cannot patent a naturally 22:07 occurring substance. That pattern also had a series of derivative patterns associated with it two of which are US 4659703P and US 776521. These patterns covered the gene sequence of SARS coronavirus but also covered the means of detecting it using reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reactions at RT-PCR. So you own the patent on the gene itself and on its detection. In other words you control 100%!o(MISSING)f the provenance of the virus itself and its detection. The patent office not once but twice rejected as patentable the gene sequence because it was already in the public domain and the CDC themselves overrode the patent office rejection of the two rejections and in 2017 got the patent on SARS-CoV. So then in June of 2008 23:12 ablinks and sonofabial patterns targeting the novel features of SARS coronavirus are using such terms as the polybasic cleavage site for SARS coronavirus and the receptor binding domain. In November of the 24th 2015 another patent was issued US 9193780 after the gain of function moratorium after the MERS outbreak in the Middle East and a famous quote that was quoted by Dr David Martin from Peter Daschek who’s the EcoHealth Alliance administrator corroborating the non lab leak. He said we need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures such as a pancoronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process. The public must accept 24:16 a pancoronavirus vaccine. So he also carries on to outline that in 2004 Merck under their coronavirus research used the new normal as a campaigning universal influenza vaccine and Moderna knew it was going to be placed in the front of the line in developing a vaccine during March of 2019 and they amended a series of rejected patent filings to make reference to intentional and deliberate release of coronavirus. They amended four rejected patent applications to begin the process of coronavirus vaccine development. Significant problem was that they relied on technology they did not own. Two Canadian companies Arbuta Pharmaceuticals and Acquiridus Pharmaceuticals own the patent on the lipid nanoparticle envelope required to deliver the injection of the mRNA fragment. Now Moderna tried to negotiate with the two companies and also in 2016 25:19 to 2019 the NIAID board meeting falsely lamented that people were not going to engage in an influenza vaccine. Several other references were made to how this patent application issued by companies seeking complete ownership of a substance or a technique puts this doctor in a very important position to find written evidence of things that were happening and he’s saying that it is complete conclusion and it is a despotic and tyrannous episode that’s been hoisted on people and that the influenza vaccines are a decade long vaccine mandate that’s desperately failed by governments around the world and they failed and they decided the influenza doesn’t deliver on the public decision to get a vaccine let’s change the pathogen. 26:23 So I wanted to give folks the address of this interview which I think is so important and groundbreaking and it’s something that I could hardly believe by ears when I was hearing it but I’ve also listened to Dr David Martin in to see here this May of 2020 when Dr Pete and I and others around the world were saying this is not a pandemic apparently influenza has disappeared we’re only seeing COVID cases and other doctors were lamenting the fact that their failed treatments of incubation were killing people and that this is not the usual presentation and that what they were dealing with is something very different and we’ve covered all of the herbal anti-inflammatories that are certainly very safe and tolerable and effective that have been used and hydroxychloroquine is one of those agents other antiparasipics named the ibermectin is also well indicated Losartan as an X2 agent is well indicated and Dr Pete has named many other 27:29 substances with anti-inflammatory activity that work very well so the fact that Dr David Martin outlines in patent records all of the filings specifically and I believe there’ll be some case I know Wolfgang Wodard was saying that there needs to be and there are a Zoya organization have been for eight months or more coming together to file lawsuits against what’s happening because it’s very unconstitutional it’s completely experimental and people should not be forced under any way to take this experimental drug which has Dr Pete will describe the next part some very serious implications for people and it’s done as a huge illusion that this is something that is new it’s not new it’s basically been a weaponized product and Dr David Miller has all of the evidence and he’s not a conspiracist and what you’ve been hearing us talk about for a 28:32 long time now is not conspiracy and people really need to start waking up and seeing how they’re being manipulated but Dr Pete I’m sorry for taking such a long time up with the beginning of that and I wanted to get your feedback on what I’ve said as part of what David Martin’s outlined in terms of the timelines at the laboratories Fauci’s involvement with this, Gates’ involvement at the World Health Organization how this whole thing came about and how the whole world has been essentially brainwashed into accepting this universal vaccine for which there are more vaccines and more shots and a never-ending charade of illnesses and treatments which are coming down the pipeline of the mRNA science that we’ve all been seduced by. The people behind this have been talking about ways to mobilize cultural change 29:41 to get rid of the old economy and force a change to a new digital artificial intelligence-based economy. As way of getting ahead of China is one of the arguments but it’s been a theme now for well over 10 years and the Rockefeller Foundation put out a publication showing the dreadful alternatives for the world if we don’t conform and live online and digitally and it even changed the nature of what it is to be human that mere humans are not going to fit into the efficient digital future that they’re proposing. 30:46 More than 50 years ago some of these trends were getting organized in the Club of Rome for example which said the population of the world has to be reduced. MIT has been a major force in helping to change the world to get the world to believe that everything is reduced to something that can be controlled and calculated by computers. In the 1940s and 50s cybernetics was largely based on a reasonable approach to the world, analog computers, mechanical governors of motors and so on. 31:55 Norbert Wiener was one of the founders of this way of looking at the world which has always extended on living human organisms simply using computers as support and backup but Norbert Wiener teaching at MIT was relegated to insignificance with the powerful government support given to supporting the digital approach to reality leaving humans out of the equation unless they can be modified. Changing their operating system is one of the images that is recurring. 32:58 The people who are currently involved in promoting the vaccine presented the use of nucleic acids in so-called vaccines in terms of changing the operating system of a human being turning organisms into something like cyborgs, changing their operating system to solve problems rather than going about it in traditional ways in which the person is considered an autonomous, intrinsically central being in the process rather than simply an auxiliary to a worldwide computer-controlled system. 34:04 I wanted to ask you your take on this because I also understood what was laid out in terms of the delta variant now that the world has to be scared and culled into taking the vaccine if you haven’t already that it’s all about the starting and stopping reading frame within which the genome is used to assign a difference and he was also outlining this very scientifically that there’s absolutely zero difference in these variants. There are no different variants it’s where you start and stop and what you look for if you look for it you’ll find it if you don’t look for it you won’t find it. There’s a website on the internet that has been publishing the exact sequences as mutations happen and they have thousands of 35:06 variations very minor changes but you could pick out any one of those thousands of slight modifications and say this is a new variant. There are thousands of new variants and all they have to do is decide to hype one particular thing and call it a new danger. They start simply by out of here picking one of these thousands of variations and saying that now we have a new threat. They’re twisting the facts and it’s propaganda when they talk about these variants. Is that what you’re saying Dr. B? Yeah there are variants all over the world but the gathering 36:09 evidence of whether any one of them specifically correlates to anything different from a common cold the evidence just hasn’t been established that they they will look at a person’s blood for example and say yes they have antibodies too that are relevant to this particular variant so maybe there’s something actually meaningful there but it’s isolated information that doesn’t have a doesn’t have a context. There’s no factual basis for saying that this is relevant to the world of art and you’re asking you’re listening to ask your Dr. K. M. E. D. Garville 91.1 FM from now 37:11 until the end of the show you’re invited to call in with any questions about this month’s subject of transhumanism and what it could mean for people living in the future with the methods at hand in the present to alter our genome and to create differences that never would have biologically occurred naturally and so it’s a very interesting subject very frightening subject in some ways very Frankensteinian subject and I guess the future here in the very near future will play out in the next one to three years we may or may not see some of the devastating effects of what’s happened as this quote unquote pandemic has been released and people have been cowed into absolute fear through the media through the hype through governments and collision between companies and powerful interest and it sounds like a big conspiracy doesn’t it but it’s truly frightening as much as the biggest the biggest conspiracies are often the ones that sound the 38:14 most fantastic they’re actually the there’s actual reality involved in it and I also looked the World Health Organization in the past year that they actually say and they were quoted in 2007 or 2008 that coronavirus was a dead interest and that effectively the world didn’t really have a problem with coronaviruses anymore they were moving on from that as a specific targeted threat to other biological agents that were still ravaging the planet you know never whether it’s malaria or dengue fever maybe or some of the other viral vectors that cause severe disease worldwide or in a specific geographical location but their coronaviruses were basically a dead interest it was all done but then in 2019 they set the paper quote unquote a world at risk months before the alleged pathogen arrived on the scene the paper described the 39:18 need for a coordinated global experience of a respiratory pathogen release which by September 2020 must be in place and a universal capacity for public relations management crowd control and acceptance of the universal vaccine mandate must be in place so it seems like the language of this intentional pathogen release has been fulfilled in the world of risk that was well I mentioned it and that the global preparedness monitoring board’s unified statement was what I just said so on the one hand the who have dismissed coronavirus as a kind of dead interest it wasn’t really generating much fear or causing much death and so let’s move on to something more important uh yet in 2019 here they come with this statement or the statement by the global preparedness monitoring board saying that we’ve really got to get people in line they’ve got to be cowed they’ve got to take the vaccine you know um and could I but in for a second here we have a 40:21 caller yeah and also I think I forgot to say at the beginning that the views and opinions expressed throughout the broadcast day on redwood community radio are those of the speakers and not necessarily the station staff volunteers or underwriters and here is our caller who called 923-3911 okay caller are you on the air where are you from what’s your question yeah my question is that uh oh I have an echo unfortunately I might have to be back okay I can hear you okay I’ve been hearing that but um maybe you’ve got a radio that’s all can you hear the echo I yeah my phone does this sometimes I’ll just call you back okay well I guess we’ll wait for that caller to call back um and we have another caller though and you may just let us know when you’ve got him back on the line again well we have another caller who was behind him so okay yes let’s take this next caller then and hopefully the first one will call back I didn’t get an echo I don’t know if you did engineer but let’s say no I didn’t 41:21 let you on the air what’s your question way from hi is that me yeah go ahead so you were talking about messing up RNA and nucleic acid and stuff like that so I was just wondering what you thought about about eating sardines as a protective food I heard that they have a unique calcium compound and are and are very rich in RNA DNA nucleic acids so I was just even though they have a bit of pfa I was just wondering your opinion on sardine yeah okay well especially some of the nucleic acids in all of our our foods can reach the bloodstream and can even be incorporated into ourselves but if it’s just from an ordinary organism our cells generally check the meaning of these stretches of RNA and 42:29 DNA and most of them are rejected very small amounts of our food nucleic acids can be incorporated into our own genome but they’re simply the instructions for making proteins for sardines or cows or carrots or whatever the food item happens to be and there’s nothing special or toxic about foreign DNA it’s possibly useful possibly harmful but it’s most of it is discarded not assimilated but the vaccine RNA and or DNA is specifically only a harmful a designer of a harmful very toxic protein the spike protein 43:39 and it’s deliberately designed to get into ourselves once this blueprint for a toxic protein is inside the cell it has the possibility as demonstrated by experimenters at Harvard MIT in vitro they showed that the vaccine RNA can be reversed transcribed by the intrinsic enzymes of our cells and and turned in the DNA and that DNA has the possibility of of enduring in the cell after the vaccine RNA has been eliminated and the assumption of the people 44:40 making the vaccines people like Byron Braggle a virologist in Canada said that everyone assumed the vaccine would stay where they put it but in in fact the Pfizer document of a study done in Japan that was released fairly recently showed that they knew that the RNA and the other materials in the vaccine left the site of vaccination quickly got into the bloodstream circulated throughout the body and was concentrated in various organs including the bone marrow and especially the ovaries exactly the places you don’t want endlessly producing a very toxic protein 45:47 and we have two more callers okay let’s take i don’t mean i think if you were finished with that feed back their dog’s feet or we can take the next two callers and see where these questions are going they’re essentially nucleic acids from sardines would you read them read them as a problem or i couldn’t hear that okay never mind i’m sorry about the connection here folks with the things where they are we’re not in the studio hopefully the next month or the month after things will be back to normal okay so let’s take the next call call it you’re on the way from what’s your question caller that’s you okay well we’ll say three two one and here is the second caller who i told to list on the phone let’s see if he’s listening on the phone oh thanks yeah i was looking at the covid page today and apparently humble is doing fairly well they’ve lost one person 46:52 since the eighth of july and then mendicino i think has uh has not lost anyone since uh july 1st started but um for the most part the smartest thing to do with this would be not to spread it and there are places in southern california san Bernadino county they’re losing 30 people a day i think they’re you know they’re uh you know get you know 10 000 this is not 10 000 brand new cases per day but it’s it’s up there and uh so just don’t travel would be a smart advice uh but okay well thank you for your uh thank you for your comments and let’s take the next caller we’re on uh can’t be together with 91.1 fm uh until eight o’clock at the end of the show you’re invited to call in number 707 9233911 dr raymond peak guest speaker and this month’s 47:52 subject may roll in the next month transhumanism what we will become and and we have our next caller on the air caller you’re on the air oh well here let’s try this caller caller you are on the air call and technical difficulty yeah i’m not uh hearing this caller let’s caller can you hear me you want to go on well while you guys talk amongst yourselves and i’ll get someone else lined up see if they call back okay so until they call back just again dr pete would you quickly speak on the disappearance of influenza uh and what that’s what that really entails in terms of numbers and where we’re gathering the data from etc yeah the the influenza vaccination campaign was very intense but they were seeing complications 48:59 such as if you’re vaccinated for influenza the following season you’re more likely than otherwise to contract any of the corona viruses the more like the common cold virus and there was a lot of disillusionment about the influenza virus and that the figures have been inflated by the cdc calling it influenza when actually only 10 of the pneumonia cases had influenza as a cause but but they were still publishing large numbers of pneumonia deaths ascribed to influenza infection until the second week of 50:00 april of 2020 that week their influenza deaths went almost to zero and simultaneously that there was this huge spike in deaths ascribed to covid so as influenza disappeared from the world covid mortality replaced it exactly uh Genevieve Briand at uh uh johns hopkins university a statistician did the careful analysis of the cause of of death and even heart disease deaths decreased drastically at the same time influenza disappeared so now for over a year the world has been historically deficient in so-called influenza 51:07 and approximately similar numbers of pneumonia cases and deaths are being blamed on covid that kind of a mysterious substitution in reality is beyond credibility it’s obviously a fabricated change of names and we have two callers okay dr p uh let’s take this first the two callers here see where we’re going questions are calling you’re on the air ready from what’s the question this is Rob from Missoula hey Rob Montana hi yes uh dr p I’m really enjoying the discussion and uh I had something a little off topic um my temperature my body temperatures are pretty normal at about 97.8 to 98.8 52:14 but if I go out for a walk or any kind of exercise regardless of the warmth outside it’ll drop three or four degrees and then come back up slowly over about half an hour or so up to normal and I was wondering what might be going on how are you taking your temperature uh I I’ve tried it axially and orial orally um to just to make sure it wasn’t I was a breathing cold air or something yeah it’s pretty pretty sure that that’s actually what’s happening um I’m not sure what could be causing that but I think it would be good to check your pulse rate at the same time and see what your pulse is doing when your temperature is dropping so much 53:15 I was wondering what you might have to do with glycogen storage um yeah it takes a fairly strong exercise to deplete your glycogen to the point that your blood sugar would be very low but uh if your liver isn’t storing glycogen because of hypothyroidism for example uh then exercise does quickly bring on stress releasing things like serotonin which chemically try to put you into hibernation turn off your heat production and okay and we have one more caller we’re almost out of time thank you all right thanks for calling let’s take the next call quickly and uh good evening doctor feed I am interjecting a question about my 79 year old boyfriend who’s a very tall man about 54:20 six feet four he woke up yesterday with vertigo and this is 79 year old birthday party on the 14th because of it what would you recommend first vertigo first checking like the whole world is swirling around at two o’clock in the morning um it could be some event in the brain or in their ear but something that’s always important to check is whether there’s any bowel disturbance uh diarrhea or discomfort in the abdomen uh can release surges of endotoxin, histamine, and serotonin that cause inflammation in the inner ear and vertigo yeah so I don’t think it’s good to 55:22 assume that something like a stroke is involved okay until you’ve checked on the condition of the bowel he seemed to be okay the next day and I don’t know you know I’ve never seen him get like that although seven or eight years ago he did have um a severe flu which put him 14 days in the emergency room and his heart beat went to 187 and then he’s been fine ever since and it’s weird because he like did get a johnson and johnson vaccine and so did I but is it really only 70 effective or what I don’t know I mean I don’t like the concept of RNA virus I mean RNA anything because you know ribonucleic acid is you know the anti-spiral effective DNA and I don’t like anti-despiralization of my DNA code I don’t believe in it okay thank you we gotta wrap up now okay thanks 56:26 thank you cool uh dr p thank you so much gone so quickly I had so much more to get into but thank you for your time dr please let me give you information now and more information about where people can access the information we discussed okay thanks okay so for people that have listened to the show dr javid martin you’ve really got I mean I know people get emails about you must see this you must see that and people get tired and I think unfortunately that’s what happened to a lot of people they’re just getting tired and they don’t want to look too much further but essentially this man wrapped it up in about an hour and 15 minutes exactly what came to be with the drug companies the patents follow the money it’s what we’ve always said follow the money and dr p’s always said there’s been no big uptick in deaths from influenza COVID etc and that it’s a very media driven conspiracy and that dr javid martin puts the facts together in a very succinct way and he’s not at all a conspiracist but he’s an analyst a financial analyst of the 57:32 patents that he his company holds in keeping for financial reasons for the people that file the patents so obviously their lawyers attorneys involved with this to make sure and scrutinize the patents and the activities and it’s a worldwide business 168 countries are represented by his firm most of the world and he’s been doing this for over 20 years 20 years so brand new tune because you won’t find it on youtube but wonder why but listen he’s on youtube in his own right for other discussions and people can go to brand new tube and type in a manufactured illusion it was actually published July the 7th sorry July the 9th and he has an interview with reiner for me and he very clearly lays out all the timeline from 1998 through to now and the actors involved and the reasons and i think there’s going to be a lot of pushback against what’s been foisted on us so 58:38 i appreciate people listening to the show dr p can be reached at ray p dot com r a y p e a t dot com we can be reached at western botanical medicine dot com a lot of the archive material is on our website and the archives are on youtube but listen to the brand new tube go to brand new tube and type in a manufactured illusion dr david martin with rainier you won’t believe what you’re going to hear folks uh thanks for your time and until the third friday of next month my name’s anjana my name’s serah johanneson murray thank you for listening good night 59:42 it is 759 this is redwood community radio k m u d garberville k m u e eureka k l a i leighton leightonville get prepared to step out on a wing and a prayer with shyla and shaka

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