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KMUE Eureka KLA KLAI Laytonville FM panzer K258BQ in shelter cove and support for KMUD comes from redwood coast 02:15 energy authority who provides services and support to the community to build energy resilience reduce energy consumption and expand the use of climate friendly electric vehicles visit redwoodenergy.org for complete details or call 707-269-1700 for more information and do remember that the views and opinions expressed throughout the broadcast day on redwood community radio are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of the station staff underwriters or volunteers thank you so much for choosing to listen to us in a crowded media landscape it’s time for ask your herb doctor 03:18 so we’re having a little technical see what happens i think that that we have the herb doctors i know we have Dr. Pete Dr. Pete we got you here yeah yes and herb doctors do i have you good evening good evening excellent okay so you’re listening to ask your herb doctor KMUE garberville 91.1 FM from now until eight o’clock at the end of the show uh sorry from 7 30 to eight o’clock the end of the show uh you invited a call in with questions related to this month’s topic of iron and its dangers and from 7 30 on people call in hopefully 04:20 related to this month’s subject and Dr. Raymond Pete is joining us again as i let me just double check that Dr. Pete’s on the air and that he can hear everything and we can hear him go ahead Dr. Pete yes i’m here okay well thank you so much for joining again so uh when when the subject of iron was suggested as a topic for conversation i started looking at some articles online from pub med and national institutes of health and i just wanted to preface the beginning of this show with something i’ve written in conjunction with this just to let people know fairly clearly where the show content is going and where the evidence for that content is coming from so uh i know that you’ve written several newsletters as well as articles related to the dangers of iron and again it seems pertinent to the information and science surrounding the inflammatory nature of covid especially surrounding the thousands of fatalities in people receiving experimental drug 05:25 from thromboembolic processes now this added to the acute and chronic inherent inflammatory processes that are stimulated by receiving this drug and this being related to the smoking gun of potential massive autoimmune disease going forward in populations receiving this drug highlighted by the scientists and physicians around the world who are actively treating covid with very inexpensive and very safe off-label medicines and supplements demanding that the experimental drug rollout be halted immediately it’s very unfortunate that the mainstream media social media as well as governments around the world have suppressed lifesaving safe and expensive treatments for covid infection in all age groups but i’m heartened to see worldwide pushback with some massive demonstrations against the tyranny in france the uk germany and other european nations with a huge demonstration plan later this month in australia by the people for the people little attention is paid to any of it by most tv networks radio news networks or social media unless you look at alternative sites with a flourish since free speech was suppressed 06:30 prior to the onset of covid in late 2019 and of course our 2020 election further increased suppression of the truth by big tech you will not see it show the massive crowds and the demonstrations on video except on free speech sites like rumble band video dot com brand youtube bitch you gab and parlour to name a few it’s real not fiction go take a look and see what’s happening for yourself so tonight we’ll be discussing the link between iron estrogen suppression of peptides like catholicidine and hepsidine that the experimental drug for covid 19 and rising numbers in the thousands of dead just in the u.s. swammer drug and with it as i checked today 618480 cases of adverse events reported to veyors the online freely accessible public record vaccine adverse event reporting system again fact not fiction go take a look for yourself it’s widely accepted that only a small fraction of actual adverse events are reported to the system so let’s assume 10 percent are reported which is very generous this would mean the actual factual representation would be 07:35 closer to 10 times this number and it’s called a safe drug never would it have received fga authorization where it put through the usual rigor of vaccine development anywhere and it’s clearly advertised to not prevent the contraction of nor dissemination of covid 19 and we wonder why the explosion of cases this year after the massive drug rollout so with this in mind and our thoughts firmly established in science not fiction we’re pleased to welcome dr p to discuss the physiology of inflammation and its relationship to covid 19 so dr p thank you thank you for joining us when you mentioned that inflammation certainly from a perspective of the serious outcomes of covid in people that have gone to the er and or been put on ventilators etc as well as those who’ve died the relationship between iron and what you’ve written about in the past and what you’ve recently written about 08:36 would you like to just discuss the physiology of this process and let’s put some science to the mechanism of inflammation and then look for a strategic solution to this there are lots of ways that iron triggers inflammation but probably the best way to start thinking about it is that inflammation triggers the excessive uptake and retention of iron inflammation very often affects the hepsidon which is a germicidal peptide that also regulates iron and its function in relation to iron in the whole organism it is to suppress the absorption of iron so when you have enough you increase your 09:41 your hepsidon which is a a virus idle a bactericidal protective peptide and it also blocks the absorption of iron and inflammation that leads to a lot of harmful effects one of the effects of inflammation is to increase the absorption and retention of iron and it generally when it’s extreme it ends up damaging cells such as the red blood cells when they break down under stress for example when you’re stressed by anything you tend to release free fatty acids in your bloodstream and too many free fatty acids 10:46 activate destabilizing things that tend to dissolve your red cells and activate lipid proxidation and so under stress your lifespan of your red blood cells is shorter meaning that they are increasing your iron burden the free dangerous uncontrolled iron and another effect of inflammation in general is that it increases the enzyme hemoxygenase that breaks down the heme group when your red blood cells have leaked hemoglobin for example the heme itself from the hemoglobin is a very dangerous sort of a wild catalyst 11:50 leading to lipid proxidation among other things so that has to be disposed of but in breaking down heme this hemoxygenase enzyme liberates bilirubin chemical involved in jaundice and creates a molecule of carbon monoxide and liberates a free atom of iron and that means that chronic stress is constantly making you dispose of a little more of these heme groups especially in the brain they’re very dangerous and so the stress induced heme oxygenase getting rid of the 12:50 stray heme molecules is constantly dropping these random iron atoms along with carbon monoxide and bilirubin and so this is probably one of the major factors in iron overload it’s an internal process involving the breaking down of red cells and other cells under stress but at the same time the that the lowered hepsidon under stress is leading you to retain more of the iron out of your food one of the things increased by stress and by inflammation for example the pro-inflammatory cytokines interleukins and prostaglandins 13:59 prostaglandin e2 for example tumor necrosis factor these induced by things that create inflammation activate aromatase producing estrogen so estrogen goes up in inflammation when estrogen goes up under the influence of high estrogen a woman will retain several times as much of the iron in her food as a man as who isn’t under stress so there are several major vicious circles that lead to the production of inflammation which leads to heme oxygenase which leads to estrogen which leads to more of the 15:02 inflammation of the iron and this is something that can be easily tested on a blood test right you can look at the iron saturation on a blood test and see if you are high iron yeah the transferrin saturation percentage is probably the most useful thing is that better than the iron saturation percentage yeah that’s what that’s what they mean when they say iron saturation is how low did the transferrin molecule is all right because then you can test the transferrin as well the level of transferrin yeah the quantity of transferrin right okay i’m able to ask you Dr. K. M. D. Gabbable 91.1 FM from 7.30 to the end of the show callers are invited to call in with questions about this month’s subject of iron inflammation and covid and the numbers 707-923-3911 Dr. P just picking up on the last things that you said in that explanation and on sarah’s questioning i was wondering i did see an article while i was doing some work for the radio show 16:08 knowing that iron was going to be one of the main topics a driver a well-known driver and well-recorded driver of inflammation you’ve said that both estrogen will bring up iron and inflammation will bring up iron they’re both kind of stimulate each other one one begetting the other and a vicious cycle and that i wanted to ask you about ferritin now i saw an article on national institutes of health related to covid outcomes and morbidity in patients with severe covid and they found a very statistical correlation between high ferritin levels and poor outcome in covid and were suggesting that it’s kind of off-label recommendation if you like or a little off topic but it caught my attention they were suggesting iron chelation and some relatively what they were calling benign iron chelates that would bind iron and would lower ferritin levels so that you know potentially if somebody has beta thalassemia or some other iron overload or liver disease or you know something that would compromise their excretion and or 17:14 absorption of iron to a point where they had high ferritin that chelation could be a useful strategy to mitigate any serious outcomes from what would typically be a fairly benign exposure to this covid what do you what do you have to say about ferritin levels and and or chelation as a method of helping people with known high ferritin several people have been talking about that in recent years protecting against disease and now especially against the coronavirus by chelating iron going back decades people have realized that free iron is associated with all kinds of infections parasites fungus bacteria viruses and with with cancer cancer acts like an invading passage and in its hunger for iron things that want to grow fast 18:18 need a supply of a generously available kind of iron and so if your cells are overloaded with bound iron any local irritation can make those cells release the iron and be a target for cancer or viruses or bacteria the ferritin for many years they’ve talked about the body knowing enough to sequester its iron it increasing its iron binding capacity when an infection starts getting the iron hidden so that the passageman can’t can’t use it the ferritin should basically be an intracellular storage form 19:21 that’s invisible to anything in the blood but as you start getting stressed and overloaded it starts leaking out of the cells especially any cells that are stressed and injured will tend to leak their ferritin and just looking at your blood level you can’t really tell what your stored iron is because inflammation makes the iron leak out of your cells and the ferritin transferrin and ferritin in your blood are both increased so as you are experiencing inflammation your blood iron rises apart from what the real level in your inside your cells is several people over the years have said that the only 20:28 certain way to diagnose iron overload or deficiency and they basically have only done it on volunteer medical students to test the idea it is to biopsy bone marrow and or liver very very often when you seem to be deficient by what’s floating around in your blood you’ll have more than a normal amount in your bone marrow and liver but just for a practical thing if you’re circulating iron level on transferrin and ferritin if they are extremely small probably approaching one hundredth of a possibly healthy level in the blood 21:36 if they’re down around just a few milligrams per milliliter then you can make a fairly good guess that you are deficient in iron but 50 years ago when I would talk about these things doctors would get furious because they were still diagnosing iron deficiency disease on the basis of low hemoglobin and hematocrit and still prescribing iron to a very high proportion of their female patients it was a mainly an Anglo-American custom going back to the 19th century in which did you ever hear of chlorosis the green sickness that only young women had 22:39 was that from too much iron that was the diagnosis that because their blood was low in hemoglobin and hematocrit that they said it was the the weakness typical of young women that made them look green the green was a combination of poorly oxygenated blood giving them a blue tint combined with Billy Rubin the mixture of yellow and blue commonly made young women greenish and that’s because the iron was or their liver maybe the estrogen was high and the blood wasn’t oxygenated and so their liver wasn’t excreting the Billy Rubin from breakdown of red blood cells probably and sluggish liver low thyroid 23:45 being unable to get rid of the Billy Rubin at a normal rate and it was our arsenic was commonly used to treat it because irritation such as arsenic can produce does stimulate your bone marrow to make more red blood cells and in the 1920s when the idea of chlorosis treated by arsenic finally was discarded they kept up the same process stimulating the bone marrow to make more red cells simply on the basis of low hemoglobin using high doses of iron sometimes just amazingly horrible doses of intravenous or intramuscular iron causing massive damage and information etc yeah i i knew women who’s driving up cancers yeah who who had black marks all over their 24:51 their legs injected iron medical medical mistakes another one yeah in the 70s doctors were powerfully offended by talking about the dangers of iron overload but over the last few decades that practice has gradually weakened would would this have been a good argument for the case of leeches yeah yeah a blood donation really was all right more important than giving iron so let me just ask you once more about ferritin because i somebody particularly who kind of springs to mind who’s got a ferritin of 800 and has had for several years now and he’s kind of triggered investigation into inflammatory processes at which it have been unidentified but if the range i think was 35 to 400 so twice the upper limit of normal um what do you what would you what would you think about um 25:52 keelators iron keelators and or any other strategy that you think might help that person be uh you know to mitigate any adverse exposure to kovid um years ago i was interested in i think it was called deferoxamine yes dextroxamine that’s that was actually the drug that i was thinking and then just about the time i was starting to think about using it i read that it could move the iron in the worst places and lead to cancer so i’m a little skeptical about what kind of a keelator they use so it wouldn’t bind it up for excretion and you’re saying it would basically shunt it somewhere else uh yeah that happens with a lot of keelation huh when they think they’re keelating out mercury they will often be putting it somewhere else taking 26:55 mercury and lead and cadmium out of your bone oh my god it was sitting passively right and move it into your kidneys and brain great do you do know of any safe keelators just a bit off topic here but i’d just like to coffee is the only one i feel safe with it because it has been shown to reduce the bound of heavy metals in kidneys and other crucial organs and and especially the liver many studies show that the coffee drinkers have low ALT for example the indicators of liver stress and heavy coffee drinkers have an extremely low incidence of all kinds of liver diseases including liver cancer so potentially for somebody he was absolutely never never a teal 27:58 coffee drinker potentially they could take some capsules i suppose right of of caffeine or it isn’t just the caffeine no it’s the right well haven’t you said dr beat also that calcium and eggshells are really good um keelator of heavy metals uh yeah in a very indirect way uh uh the uh when you analyze the minerals in arteries kidneys brains and so on where they shouldn’t be where you shouldn’t have calcium crystals it turns out for many years they’ve been seeing iron and other heavy metals uh associated part of the calcium crystal consists of iron and looking back historically at some of the experiments that uh weren’t explained at the time uh that these this association uh occurred in calcium deficient 29:07 areas uh when they would find an area deficient in calcium if there happened to be a lot of aluminum or other heavy metal instead of calcium in that area their degenerating brains and kidneys and arteries would contain a lot of that other metal aluminum or iron or such for a long time they were thinking that aluminum would explain Alzheimer’s disease but it turns out that when you’re deficient in calcium you you load up on whatever junk metal happens to be around and the reason for that is that a stressed tissue shifts from oxidative metabolism producing carbon dioxide over to glycolytic 30:08 production of lactic acid and when a cell produces lactic acid it leaves a slightly alkaline shift inside the cell, ionizing the cells making them more able to retain both calcium and any of mostly two positive charge metals or three positive charges but iron goes in iron and aluminum with their high positivity get bound along with the calcium so what can we talk about some foods that are really high in iron and foods we need to limit our consumption of we’ve talked a little bit about the iron key laters or iron things that help block the absorption of iron but what foods are you would 31:09 you consider the highest in iron and should be limited what food groups? It matters how much calcium they have too because if you’re not getting enough calcium to turn off your parathyroid hormone and keep your metabolism towards carbon dioxide then you’re going to retain more of the iron and so meat, liver in particular, with a very low calcium content and very high iron content it’s extremely important to have coffee when you’re eating those to block the iron absorption. Now you mentioned parathyroid hormone now so this would be a probable indicator of some chronic inflammatory process potentially like cancers that might rise with parathyroid hormone and poor calcium intake? Yeah and so vitamin D helps to avoid iron retention even though 32:19 it’s acting through calcium and parathyroid hormone by lowering parathyroid hormone it’s lowering your affinity for iron and other heavy metals. Okay you’re listening to ask your Dr. K. M. D. Galbival 91.1 FM from now until the end of the show eight o’clock callers are invited to call in Dr. Raymond Pete our special guest speaker and the number here is 707-923-3911 I think we do have a caller on the air so let’s take this first caller you’re on the airway from what’s your question? Actually it was a fellow DJ and they knew how to get through me the internet I don’t know why they didn’t call because it’s a good call okay they’re from Harris and they would like to know if full-vate ah full-vates would be good for binding if what was sort of full full big minerals oh I think they would probably hold it in your intestine to some extent the way they bind minerals in the soil so do you mean that they 33:26 would hold it in your intestines so if you ate contaminated food but it wouldn’t necessarily pull it out of the rest of your body? I haven’t seen research on that but that’s a possibility but it would have to be tested because if you have a lot of stomach acid the acid might release minerals associated with what you took in. Well I know like it’s not a good idea to eat clay regularly because it has a lot of iron in it. Yeah when it hits your stomach there’s a slight dissolution of the clay substance. Okay you’re listening to ask Europe Dr. K. Medigal for 91.1 FM from now until the end of the show and if I call in with any questions related to this month’s subject of iron inflammation, COVID outcomes and things surrounding that nature so 707-923-3911. So Dr. Pete just to wrap that up in terms of chelating iron you don’t 34:30 recommend any chelators as such because you’re saying actually what happens is they pull them out of stores where they’re relatively benign and put them into a worse position where they can cause a lot of problems but coffee you’re saying that coffee will have that ability in an excretory way. Yeah and when we make acids like citric acid or succinic acid inside their cells and if we make enough that some of it moves into the bloodstream that’s known to carry aluminum and iron out of your cell into the bloodstream associated with the succinate or citrate but if you eat those they will pick up any heavy metals in your intestine and carry them into your body where as they’re degraded by oxidation they can drop their load 35:33 of heavy metals in your cells so our body creates a stream of chelators which are constantly tending to pull cadmium and aluminum out of the body. Okay I think we do have one or two callers on the air but let me very quickly just say ask you this would it be okay if someone was to take capsules of ground coffee as a proposed mechanism by which they could consume coffee to kill eight iron if they are completely opposed to drinking it. Oh sure capsules of instant coffee for example. Yeah as long as it’s not any kind of cyclic amp or stimulating effects of coffee that they would want to avoid. Okay so let’s take this caller the number if you’re on listening to calls and you want to call in and be listened to the show sorry 707-923-3911 so let’s take this next caller call it you’re on the airway from what’s your question. And I first have to say somebody I’m sorry I put that out there through somebody else so I will not answer the I will not ask 36:40 questions for you so please stop asking me to do that here we have someone who will ask a question for themselves caller that’s you. Hello so I’m in Eureka and I’m calling on the behalf of my husband we are regular blood donors and he in the last year has failed hematocrit consistently we’ve taken every OTC iron thing for a quarter at a time with vitamin C and an empty stomach you know trying to really really get it and um hasn’t had any effect he failed all the time so got any suggestions for keeping iron in the and I can I’m like oh maybe I can he can drink less coffee because if coffee is making it go maybe he can drink less coffee before he gives blood. So exactly his situation in terms of his blood work is I can’t hear you. What exactly if you just outline again what his blood work is like what what are his labs showing? Oh well when at the blood center you take it out of the fingertip 37:44 what it’s called hematocrit and when he when he does lab work at the actual blood work it’s fine his well I don’t and I’m not going to say what kind of iron tester was but it was out of his elbow and not out of the fingertip um you know it was a regular lab test and he was fine um but when they do it at the blood center out of the tip of the finger somehow he always fails. So his hematocrit is low is that what you’re saying? Yeah. Yeah. And then and then he’s not allowed to get um get donate blood because his hematocrit is low at the fingertip. Yes. But capillary hematocrit is not the same as arterial or general system hematocrit so you have to figure out what’s going on with the difference between the two. I wonder um I wonder why most I think probably most people are given that kind of test before they give blood uh and why this person’s would show uh 38:44 they just need to bring a blood test like a blood test from the day before that’s you know drawn out of the arm. Yeah I’m not I’m not sure that they would actually accept that but that’s yeah I don’t think you can get a blood test out fast I mean I think you can for COVID but maybe not for other things I’m not sure you know what I mean that it takes a little while. No I think they can test hematocrit really quick but I mean I guess yeah you have to be in an emergency room situation where you get it back in like an hour or something. Right right it would be a response thing yeah totally but anyway if you have any suggestions I’ll take my answer off the air but thank you so much for being there. Thank you for your call. So Dr. Pete is there anything else you’d add to that low hematocrit and issues with retaining iron? Well I think it’s very important to look at other things than hematocrit because if you’re under stress and have elevated estrogen to progesterone ratio for example estrogen lowers hipsidon progesterone raises hipsidon 39:49 and so if your estrogen is up you’re retaining iron at the same time that you’re lowering your hematocrit the same thing that was happening 100 years ago women looked anemic but they were getting poisoned with too much iron and that can happen to men too. Okay and that gentleman was not low in hematocrit in his actual arterial or venous blood it was just on the capillaries on okay you’re listening to ask your Dr. K. M. U. D. Garberville 91.1 FM from now until the end of the show eight o’clock you’re invited to call in questions related or unrelated to this month’s subject Dr. Raymond Pete guest speaker the number 707-923-3911. So back to and we have a caller okay okay caller you’re on the airway from what’s your question? Hi I’m from New Mexico and I 40:54 was just wondering if any of these three things could detox iron niacinamide aspirin or maybe lithium and I’ll take my answer off the air thank you. If these things could do what to iron? Detox. Detox okay got it. What was the third thing? Lithium was the third thing niacin aspirin and lithium. Aspirin is known to be very protective against iron that was established 30 or 40 years ago and there hasn’t been much follow-up research on it but they think it might be partly activating acting as an antioxidant and maybe as a an iron binder in some way but it probably is one of the most protective things next next to coffee and vitamin E as preventing the toxicity of iron. And what about niacinamide? It does 42:06 all kinds of defensive things to maintain your cells oxidative capacity and it’s a failure of oxidative energy production that makes iron become so toxic so I would say that niacinamide aspirin are extremely good bets for being protective. What did you have to say about lithium there Dr. Beat because that’s kind of piqued my interest knowing somebody who’s actually on with lithium therapy at the moment in terms of iron. I think it can have some adverse effects on your iron system. Okay all right well we do have another caller so the number if you’re anywhere and you want to call in it’s 707-923-3911 so let’s take this next caller caller you’re on the airway from what’s your question hello caller that’s you well that means yes that’s you 43:12 okay I can barely hear you I was wanting to know is chelation bad then or good well I think Dr. Peets explained that most chelation does tend to pull it out of safe stores where it’s stored and put it into the circulation and or other tissues that become damaged as a result of iron’s oxidative capacity so I think he’s saying essentially most chelation is actually a bad thing because people bring it into circulation and it gets put into soft tissues etc or nervous system where it does a lot of damage so you’re probably better off not chelating it but coffee as I think we got through that subject a while back coffee seems to be relatively safe and some of these recent articles on using chelation against COVID they are using a very particular chelation substances such as lactoferrin okay okay I’m not sure if there’s any more callers engineer 44:16 can I ask another question okay you go ahead yeah yeah my doctor’s got me on all my meds of are chelated and I’ve got I’m extremely um I got extreme um oh I’m oh god the the word that I don’t know why this went out of my head um um everything I’m it’s all I’m all not infection but if you get it you can always call back man how about that we uh we give you a give you a chance to call back if you remember it just come on call back so people want to call in 707-923-3911. Dr. P I wanted just to put this out there to you as a kind of continue the thought about inflammation um continue the thought about what’s been seen on live blood analysis this is not just some wacky uh a theory all out there alternative 45:19 modality but live blood uh if you were to take a a finger prick for example as a gentleman was saying if it goes to um to give blood a finger prick blood test uh put a drop of blood on a slide put it under a microscope and visualize the the film that you’re looking at um I’ve seen several several doctors now talking about um the the inflammatory effects of the uh drug that’s being used uh for covid and the formation of what they call roulette where the red cells are just stacking up on each other and when you see um a regular film done a blood slide film done of blood peripheral blood then uh you see red cells and you see other components of the blood freely moving within uh the the field that you’re looking at but yeah these other micrographs that have been taken of blood from patients uh either adverse reactions to the drug or not even adverse 46:19 at that point in time but maybe not showing up as any kind of chronic inflammation or coagulopathy for example but they’re red the blood film looks very different I mean do you what do you think of this you think this is a real thing I mean I know it’s it’s not fiction they’re seeing this but related to iron and related to this drug it seems pretty coincidental yeah uh do you remember a long time ago there was interest in what they called blood sludging oh yeah and yeah they could demonstrate that looking at a person’s uh the white of their eye with a microscope and the same way you can do look looking at the web between a frog’s toes as you can see the blood flowing through uh capillaries let me let me just hold that there for a second I don’t mean to cut you off dr.p but there is another caller so hold that thought let’s get this caller on see what the question is we’ll see where they’re from and let’s take it from there caller you’re on the air 47:20 where you’re from what’s your question hello am I on the air yeah go ahead um oh yeah I can’t hear you but okay I’m gonna just call inflammation I am so inflamed they’ve done everything and they can’t seem to get a hold of it for years now and would the medicine be in um with chelation would that contribute to me having so much inflammation did you say you’ve had chelation or not no all my medicines are the doctor said that that’s what he’s got me on is the medicines I’m on are for their chelation are you seeing that naturopath or um an MD I’m sorry is your doctor a naturopath or an MD are you like chelating for heavy levels of mercury um he’s just my medicines he’s he’s got me on different meds there I can’t take pharmaceutical they make me definitely sick and he keeps saying that if I take something that’s not chelated that 48:28 it’s not good and I don’t know now because I’ve been on them for three years I’m not getting any better oh okay like you’re talking about chelated vitamins yeah I’m just the vitamins I’m on like um methylfolate and KD complex and adrenomid there’s a few of them like that okay so dr. B what are your thoughts on chelated vitamins I think it’s just a marketing for you okay the way vitamins and minerals exist in food are the safest and if you associate them with other chemicals there just hasn’t been enough study to know whether they’re safe and effective compared to getting them naturally from foods okay yeah I have a real hard time with that I’m allergic to everything and all um 49:31 like even foam rubber and everything that’s made out of oil and electricity and everything is getting really bad I’m sorry I’m sorry to hear that is there anything I could take that would un well you could try taking a you could try taking a supplement holiday where you just eat like you know fruits and vegetables and meats and dairy or over the years and dairy I’ve seen lots of chronic mysterious ailments clear up as soon as the person stopped all of their supplements for a week or so thank you I’m gonna do that yeah thank you if you’re cool okay so we have one more I love you dr. Pete I listen to you all the time you guys sure was awesome by the way thank you thank you be cool okay so 707 923 3911 uh I still would love to hear your take on the 50:32 roulette formation on live although we do have one more caller too well let’s uh dr. Pete it’s like you’re called you’d like to explain or would you want to move on to the next caller let’s have the caller yeah okay caller you’re on the airway from what’s your question hi yeah I just ended up I ended up getting the COVID shot I spent 10 days ago now and I really resisted for a long time but you know it’s a pressure and everything I have lines and I don’t know if that has anything to do with it but what’s happening to me now is that my hands especially and the ends of my toes are like it looks like the blood is kind of pulling up um on the ends of my fingers and my hands are like super blotchy and um I looked it up and it was just I said oh no get your second shot because even if you have blue and red fingers and toes it’s it’s okay but it’s really it seems very strange to me and I don’t really quite know but it’s really odd dr. Pete 51:34 do you have a comment about um that as an adverse reaction to the COVID shot yeah because what happened was it had been eight days and I was okay but then on the eighth day my arm where the injection site was it blew up like a balloon and it got really hot and a rash on it and then my fingers and my hands and my toes all the blood kind of just went to the end and then the palms are all blotchy and everything too uh the inflammation of it’s the inflammation of the vascular system right yeah the the vaccine creates inflammation that the the most dangerous part of it is that the type of inflammation it produces a tendency to hypercoagulation and so when you’re getting areas that aren’t circulating fully uh there is a tendency to form uh uh fibrin 52:42 layers of of clotting material uh inside the blood vessel and that exactly relates to the blood fledgling thing that we were just starting to talk about the red blood cells clumping and yeah anti-coagulant and anti-inflammatory things aspirin that are so successful for treating COVID patients as Dr. Peter McCullough has talked about in some of his videos those help for the symptoms of vaccine damage okay so what would you recommend she use aspirin Dr. Beat? Aspirin and uh Cyproheptidine and uh milk and vitamin D are okay Cyproheptidine is an anhistamine and anti-serotonin and serotonin is is one of the things that goes crazy 53:44 under the inflammation of of both COVID and the vaccine okay well thanks so much you’re welcome thanks very cool good luck okay i hear the phone ringing but i’m not too sure if that’s uh i don’t take callers after 750 so you guys can finish up and give the information you need thanks baller okay 754 no problem uh okay so Dr. Pete would you have a succinct uh sum up of the roulette formation that has been seen in people’s blood after receiving the vaccine and how that relates to the coagulopathies and the sudden strokes etc the pericarditis myocarditis and all the other uh thromboembolic uh sequelae Melvin Nicely Kain i asked you know why was the person who uh studied the blood flushing phenomenon in people who were under stress and deteriorating quickly and he saw it as 54:46 simply a lack of metabolic energy but uh some of the people following up on his work he emphasized that what was happening was uh catalyzing uh fibrin polymerization and creating a layer of a blockade film of fibrin inside your blood vessels thickening the wall of the capillary making it hard for nutrients and oxygen to get through the capillary wall and coating red blood cells with a layer of fibrin thickening their pathway for exchanging co2 and and oxygen uh people working with very good microscopes later uh studied these rolls queen queen like rolls of red blood cells and with microperbs 55:50 they would pull them apart uh under the microscope and they would snap together and they published uh images showing that uh filaments it was assumed that it was filaments of fibrin polymers stretched between the red blood cells so it was like they had rubber bands that pulled them back together and that that was brought on basically by a reduction in oxidative metabolism shifting to the lactic acid metabolism and that’s where you start having the iron problems and inflammation so people’s blood could be clumping like that um just under a stressful um situation not necessarily just on covid or covid shots but yeah it’s a very apparently universal thing that 56:51 happens with you in very bad condition so let’s all not be stressed unless all not get sick take your vitamin d yeah stop the inflammation stop the clotting get your energy restored yeah okay well i guess it’s 757 so let’s not stress anybody out by running over time heaven forbid uh thanks so much for your time doctor pete let’s give out your information okay thank you and good night okay so for people that have listened to the show uh and or people that want archive it get it off the uh station later on to listen um doctor pete’s information is ray pete dot com r a y p e a t dot com we can be reached monday through friday wednesday and botanical medicine dot com uh and for those people um who are out there still on the fence about whether or not this experimental drug is something they need there’s a lot of evidence coming out surrounding the treatability of this and the the irrelevance of the uh covid the covid drug and you can email us sarah s a r a h at 57:57 western botanical medicine dot com and we’ll send you links to lots of different doctors disgusting covid treatments and what you can do to help yourself i also wanted to mention with aspirin people that might just want to go out and buy aspirin and use it it’s only safe to use more than a baby aspirin a day if you’re taking vitamin k and thorn research makes a great vitamin k2 where you take a thousand micrograms which is equal to one milligram per drop thorn research vitamin k2 if for every aspirin you need to take one drop which is one milligram equal to a thousand micrograms to keep yourself from um bleeding excessively with high dose aspirin could you mention some natural food sources of k2 well kale kale is king kale has vitamin k2 but not in high enough doses if you want to use aspirin for uh to block inflammation and doses of like you know one to one to three grams a day you know a tablet’s three hundred and twenty five milligrams 58:58 a baby aspirin’s 90 milligrams so if you take that you don’t need the vitamin k2 but if you want to use larger doses of aspirin it’s really not safe unless you have a high dose of vitamin k2 and all green vegetables have vitamin k2 so you don’t need to supplement with it unless you have a need for a high dose aspirin okay i think that’s about all we have time for so until next month uh september 2021 let’s move forward onwards and look at the science not the fiction my name’s andrew my name’s sarah murray thank you for listening good night this is redwood community radio k m u d garberville k m u e e rica k l a i leightonville it is 759 get ready to step out on a wing and a prayer

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