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00:00 And the Humboldt County Fire Safety Council. Whoops. I was busy looking for the theme song Okay We have the theme song lined up for ask Arab doctor. It is seven o’clock This is Redwood Community Radio KMED Garberville KMU E Eureka KLA I Laytonville and The views and opinions expressed throughout the broadcast day on Redwood Community Radio are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of the station staff Underwriters or volunteers time is made for all sorts of viewpoints on Redwood Community Radio And sometimes volunteers and other speakers are just actually saying things that they believe are other people’s opinions Or maybe they’re just reading a card. You never really know, but don’t take it personally the 01:02 solution to Free speech is more free speech and uh Therap doctors aren’t here yet, but I’m just gonna go ahead and start the theme music here and we’ll work it out You You 02:27 You You And this is your engineer Michael McCaskill Oh I think they might be here. Uh, so I have dr. Pete online and we thought we were just gonna do a random show with only him 03:28 But somebody might be here Uh, dr. Pete Dr. Pete do I have you Whoops I can hardly understand you now. Well, I got you back now. Do I have you now? Yeah, that’s better. Excellent and can you uh, you can hear me? Yeah, okay, uh, so why don’t you just give a tiny little bit of background and let me go see what the noise is out there and uh And so uh listeners We’re having a special show tonight where unless Andrew and Sarah show up in a few minutes We’re just going to be having an open call-in session to ask dr. Pete your questions So if you have a question for dr. Pete, you can go ahead and call mine two three three nine one one right now And dr. Pete is just going to do a tiny little bit of an intro Okay, um, I’ve um Been doing a nutrition consulting largely for the last 40 or 50 years 04:29 but uh I’m Recently getting more interested in Immunology It’s been 40 years Since I taught of course in immunology, but because of the pandemic I’ve started reading more about it and looking at the the way the history and the development of corporate and government science The way those influences have distorted the understanding of Immunology even in these 40 years Since I Was studying it and teaching it for a while Excellent and so that that wasn’t all the Murray’s showing up out there So I’m going to just throw the phone lines open now is your chance to ask dr. Pete about any questions you have 05:34 I know we have a lot of listeners around the world Who are not used to being able to call in until half an hour in or so, but do call 707 9 2 3 3 9 1 1 if you would like to ask any questions of dr. Pete So, uh, I could start out with kind of a juicy question, perhaps There’s been, you know, a lot of you know, sort of conflict around COVID-19 and vaccination and You know how beneficial it could be and and whatnot But also some questions about just how effective it is for really at-risk people. So could you maybe give some Herbalogical or dietary sorts of things which you think would be Beneficial for everybody to do Regardless of whether they’re vaccinated or not in order to make sure that the vaccines work the very best for them Or whatever tactics they’re using work the very best for them And hopefully people will call 9 2 3 3 9 1 1 and ask questions 06:35 Vitamin D is probably the single most important thing for Americans Considering the average American diet The majority of people are far below the optimal level of vitamin D And they’re even though the establishment still believes that the lower end of the normal range is adequate when you look at degenerative diseases heart disease and Even some fairly rare things like scleroderma The whole range of degenerative system failure Is associated with fairly low vitamin D deficiency and 07:36 Something that has kept more doctors from prescribing vitamin D is that There have periodically been scares about the dangers of Taking too much vitamin D It’s true that if you take a million units or so after a while you’ll start getting hypercalcemia Calcification of soft tissues, but the most Common cause of calcification of the soft tissues is actually from a deficiency of vitamin D With aging and failure of the kidneys Calcification of the kidney tissue and blood vessels in general becomes the lethal problem and the 08:40 Mechanism why Kidney failure is associated with Calcification It is that it’s also associated with extreme vitamin D deficiency and an excess of parathyroid hormone They’ve seen that even removing the parathyroid glands Can alleviate some of the symptoms of calcification from kidney failure but just Ending a moderate amount of vitamin D like 5,000 units a day for an adult Can be enough if you have calcium in your diet. It can be enough to lower the parathyroid hormone And lowering the parathyroid hormone makes you put your calcium into the bones where it should go and keeping it out of the soft tissues 09:44 And so I know that people can get vitamin D from sunlight and It really depends on what your skin tone is how much time you would have to spend out there But are there other things that you get from the sunlight in addition to vitamin D that might make that A better source of vitamin D than just taking a pill or eating a vitamin D rich food Yeah, because the the light that penetrates Uh The ultraviolet is very superficial. It acts on the skin cells themselves But the Visible light especially the orange and red light penetrates very deeply If you hold your hand up and look at the sunlight shining through it It’s very red on the shaded side showing that the red light Easily penetrates the thickness of your skin 10:45 In the dark room, you can see the penetration of your whole body with that same Red transmission effect And the red light is An anti free radical Uh protection It in effect quenches excited electrons and reverses the effect of The free radical damage done by ultraviolet light so a tanning bed, which is only Infrared and some visible Will produce more aging effects than sunlight of the same tanning effect or you meant it’s more it’s uv in some visible Uh, yeah, the uv by itself causes free radical damage and aging of the skin, but when it’s sunlight that the quenching effect of the red and orange light 11:49 detoxifies Much of the free radical damage done by the Ultraviolet well, I hate to give advice to technological solution types, but perhaps all tanning beds should include red leds as well I think so So we do have a caller that person called 707 923 3911 and since the herb doctors aren’t here I can’t necessarily really engineer so I definitely cannot talk to you people always want to talk to me during this show I’m not talking to any of you. You’re just going to call 923 3911 and you’ll hear a click and you’ll hear a couple clicks and Just listen on the phone because then you’ll hear another click and we’ll say you’re on the air And if you’re listening on the radio, you’ll be eight seconds behind and we’ll hang up on you So here is our first caller caller. You are on the air Hi, dr. Pete My name is james. I’m in arizona and I’ve subscribed to your newsletter for the last couple years 12:49 And in one of the first newsletters about this coronavirus you said cellular excitation is required for a coronavirus infection and I remember having an odd headache one day in the December 2019 january 2020 period and I’ve later reconstructed that You know this virus was spreading in my community in that period. So I was wondering if A person is not so they’re excited. Would they just not Be exposed and they wouldn’t develop antibodies or a T cell response because they just don’t need it Um, if your cells are already in a weakened Excitable state They are the most susceptible to viral infection and if the Cell is stable Even if it’s infected by a virus 13:52 it will turn off the process rather than letting the virus propagate And the things that are known to be protective against the infection or development of the disease include lots of Just about all of the known safe anti-inflammatory substances Are known to protect against the infection and Alleviate its worst symptoms aspirin neproxone progesterone Vitamin D has that calming effect quieting effect on cells The anti histamines and anti serotonin drugs the anti-entrotensin blood pressure 14:53 treatments such as low sartan and candisartan are protective And and in an earlier show you talked about How some the proteins are acidifying like phosphorus gets metabolized into phosphoric acid And you talked about the importance of having adequate alkaline minerals in your cells so the body wouldn’t have to sacrifice itself or sacrifice protein I I you Yeah, that happens in the kidneys kidneys will break down protein to balance the pH but The phosphate itself Has some excitatory action When ATP is breaking down In doing the cell work it liberates the 15:54 inorganic phosphate And the inorganic phosphate Has an excitatory effect when it can get attached back To form ATP again the cell relaxes So ATP’s effect is relaxing making it stable against infection and an excess of free phosphate antagonizes the stabilizing effect of vitamin D and calcium and put cells into the excited and more excitable state of being susceptible to infections Is that um the other acidic mineral the sulfur is that hard sulfur and sulfuric acid play into in balance Yeah, those are are pretty safe 16:57 If you add too much sulfur to your diet, you’ll disturb the absorption of minerals For example, you can block the the formation of pigment by cutting down your assimilation of copper if you have too much sulfur in your diet, but otherwise sulfur-rich foods are reasonably Safe you can dispose of it as as the acid Okay, and lastly Um, you know my my friend’s 70 something year old husband had The virus he had pretty bad experience. He survived in spite of his treatments at the hospital But I guess he’s gone back to the hospital recently and they’ve got him on diuretics So what what’s good to help somebody who has a sort of a long COVID? auto-immune condition where it’s hitting their kidneys 17:59 I’m mentioning the diuretics brings up perspective on What’s actually happening in the infection In the first weeks of the pandemic A doctor in new york Actually two doctors in new york both came up with the same realization that these symptoms of COVID were Essentially the same as the symptoms of high-altitude sickness people who don’t adapt to very high-altitude develop edema of the lungs and general inflammatory systems failure of the tissues to use oxygen properly and 19:00 the Treatment that they Recognized as established for mountain sickness uh One of the treatments is a diuretic acetazolamide which restores the level of carbon dioxide in your body and the acidity and uh The acidity is a quieting sedating effect that also goes with Causing the tissue cells to give up excess water and the the carbon dioxide itself has many common quieting sedative effects The calcium channel blockers were there other suggestions Uh for both mountain sickness 20:02 and the the COVID infection And one of these doctors Cameron Kyle Seidel Offered his perception of the the nature of the oxidative problems, which justifies the use of acetazolamide, which is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor And it turns out that the calcium channel blockers so-called are also carbonic anhydrase inhibitors Which contribute to retaining more carbon dioxide in your in your body It is a Seidel Observation was that the inflamed lung thickness between the capillary in the lung 21:04 and the air chamber is increased by inflammation and uh actually by a deficiency of carbon dioxide contributes to the thickening making it harder for gases to diffuse through this thickened Pathway from air to blood and it happens that Besides cutting off the entry of oxygen into the capillaries It happens that carbon dioxide diffuses much faster through liquid than oxygen does and Kyle Kyle Seidel observed that The breathing problem is because you’re Not not just not getting enough oxygen, but you’re losing 22:06 carbon dioxide very fast And when your carbon dioxide level goes down oxygen Sticks too firmly to the hemoglobin increases the blood’s affinity for oxygen to the point that your tissue cells are starving for oxygen Despite some oxygen being there it Helps to some extent to get more oxygen in but it’s really the Deficiency of carbon dioxide in the blood that keeps the Oxygen from being delivered as needed. So I I’ve heard complaints about masks increasing the carbon dioxide level that people are breathing in Assuming they’re still getting enough oxygen might that actually be a bonus? I’m yeah, that’s what the 23:07 Cetus alomide and calcium channel blockers are doing It’s making you retain the carbon dioxide more efficiently And would drinking carbonated drinks help increase your carbon dioxide? I mean, I I’ve got to get around to the beer cure. I mean, so Yeah, and even adding baking soda to water Marathon runners and bicyclers have found that For them if they’re going to have to bicycle for 30 miles or something if they put a tablespoon of baking soda in the glass of water their endurance is greatly increased apparently by the provision of that bonus of carbon dioxide 24:07 And the The reason they were getting 60 to 80 percent mortality in the hospitals that used the forced ventilating machines putting a tube into their throat and pumping oxygen Those hospitals were having terribly high mortality some approaching 100 percent of the Intubated people were adjoining hospitals simply passively giving them a little extra oxygen had close to zero mortality the excess of oxygen was injuring the lungs increasing the problem of diffusing both with the gases by driving out too much 25:08 carbon dioxide to be pumped in oxygen was making the problem worse and that brings up the the subject of carbogen I haven’t heard of any hospital which is consistently using that as treatment but it had been a treatment from the 1930s up until the mid 1950s hospitals all over the world recognized that using a typically a five percent carbon dioxide 95 oxygen mixture rather than pure oxygen It prevented the damage to the lungs that you get with pure oxygen and the reason 26:08 it hasn’t been used since about 1955 nothing happened scientifically to explain why it was curing people or why it shouldn’t be used but a committee government medical committee in england said that just doesn’t fit our opinion of how respiration works you should not use any carbon dioxide in asphyxiated people because they declared that asphyxia it is synonymous with having too much carbon dioxide they were simply talking through their hats they had no evidence to support it but since that 27:09 official government statement that hospitals should not use carbon from its use dropped off all around the world and the people who are studying it shows that show that it does prevent prevent labor lung damage and as an anti-inflammatory effect in the lungs and other tissues Dr. P I found a translation of a paper in german from 1904 this paper in german said sometimes the person doesn’t need oxygen just give them a little whiff of carbon dioxide and it improved their oxygen uptake have you heard of that I’ve not thought particular paper to remember that that’s the way it works the very mechanism it’s recognized that 28:10 the hemoglobin is acidified by the binding of oxygen but the more acidic carbon dioxide molecule shifts the pH and oxygen affinity of the hemoglobin it out-competes the oxygen for combining with the hemoglobin so if that was around the time they were demonstrating the necessity for carbon dioxide to release oxygen to the tissues and then when the blood returns to the lungs with a high concentration of oxygen in that situation 29:11 the carbon dioxide is displaced by the extreme concentration of oxygen and the mechanism by which carbon dioxide binds to the hemoglobin it forms a chemical bond called the carbamino group and that for some reason the textbooks have been willing to to mention that bit of chemistry that the amino group of the certain amino acids that have a side group of amine or the end of a molecule the amino end of a protein molecule 30:12 they recognize that chemically combines carbon dioxide forming a different protein in effect chemically modified protein although the respiration books are happy to mention that as just a sidelight of the process it happens that all of our body proteins apply some of these same amino groups or side chains of the amino acids and that carbon dioxide is going to similarly bind every place in the body that there is protein carbon dioxide is going to modify those proteins and so the toxicity of 31:14 losing your proper level of carbon dioxide by going to very high altitude without adaptation or by hyperventilating or by being artificially ventilated with pure oxygen all of those things are not only in flaming your lungs in effect or in flaming every protein in your body so we have another caller they called 923-3911 if you would like to ask a question of Dr. Pete do call 923-3911 and listen for the clicks and just stay on the line and then someone will say you are on the air and you’ll be on the air that’s you oh it is this is Ross I’m calling you from White Thorn and I’d like to ask Dr. Pete what he thinks 32:16 of a substance called Carnitine for example I read about it in a book by Dr. Nick Lane who is a British physician and could you turn your phone off in the background there I mean sorry your radio off it’s repeating in the background there yeah how’s that excellent Dr. Pete Carnitine yeah I’ll take the answer off the air okay it’s active in helping you oxidize fat and so it’s in ordinary metabolism it’s essential but the when you’re under stress the products of oxidizing pure fat will produce 33:18 less carbon dioxide in proportion to the oxygen used and so in stressful situations such as it can affect a failing heart Carnitine by increasing your ability to oxidize fats can actually increase the problem of oxygen availability because of producing less carbon dioxide for oxygen consumed and in the 1990s people experimented finding that if you could keep the cells oxidizing glucose they produce more carbon dioxide per oxygen consumed 34:20 and so the effect is to make metabolism more efficient reduce inflammation by the increased carbon dioxide leave more oxygen available and change the affinity of hemoglobin making the oxygen more available and the first name of this chemical that it increased the ability to use glucose rather than fat it was called Mildrenate at first and more recently they are calling it Mildonium and athletes are using it and I think it has disqualified some famous athletes because it improves their endurance 35:22 noticeably and it’s probably similar to the mechanism of the endurance athletes taking sodium bicarbonate producing more CO2 with the pro-oxygen effect can athletes get busted for doping with sodium bicarbonate is that illegal I think sodium bicarbonate is still legal but Mildonium or Mildrenate I think are banned okay the way Mildrenate works is to bypass carnitine so even though carnitine is a normal essential thing for burning fat under stress Mildrenate or Mildonium can bypass it and get oxygen 36:24 glucose to the cells okay we have two callers so the first of the two callers this is you you’re on the air hello Dr. Pete I was curious about whey I seem to crave cottage cheese because of the whey and I was wondering if you could talk about that and what it does and I’ll take my answer off here as well I didn’t hear the first part of the question can you hear me now I was asking I seemed to crave cottage cheese and I think it might be the way that I crave and I’ll take my answer off here I was hoping you could discuss whey and what it does and all of the dynamics involved thank you the physiology of consuming any of the milk products both the whey and the casein fractions 37:26 have multiple beneficial effects that are approaching hormonal and immune promoting psychoactive and so on the protein quality of both of them one of their virtues is that they are deficient in iron have almost all of the other nutrients associated with them and iron happens to be one of the main risks of any stress tends to make iron toxic and increase your susceptibility to infections so that the body under stress has mechanisms to get rid of iron 38:28 but milk foresees that and so the milk provides all of the helpful nutrients that are very deficient in iron and the high calcium content of milk products the calcium works along with vitamin D to suppress parathyroid hormone and these peptides and proteins of milk and the whey fractions both contain anti-inflammatory substances intrinsically but they also just because of the calcium lower parathyroid hormone and the parathyroid hormone is one of our basic pro-inflammatory 39:30 problems it lowers our cellular energy production but also increases many of our basic inflammation producing processes cytokines and so on Okay, we have another caller caller, you’re on the air Yes, I have a question for Dr. Pete Is there any nutritional advice for people with arrhythmia specifically with pvcs or premature ventricular contractions? It’s more on the electrical side of the heart having like thousands of them every day with no other symptoms, just some of the extracellular beats One of the basic medical recommendations for a variety of arrhythmias 40:32 is to avoid hyperthyroidism but in reality that might be an instantaneous effect you can provoke an arrhythmia with a sudden dose of thyroid but a chronic lack of thyroid hormone can create preconditions for having arrhythmia including nutritional balances and increases of stress hormones and imbalance for example between the stress steroids including cortisol and estrogen and the antistress quieting pregnenone progesterone 41:34 and to some extent the androgens Okay, and do you know if there’s any association also with histamine around arrhythmia because I also have very itchy skin and there’s something that I don’t know if there’s an association there about I didn’t hear the last part Yeah, I just wanted to know if histamine could be associated with arrhythmia because my other symptom is I have itchy skin If what is associated with arrhythmia If histamines Oh, oh Yeah, it’s one of the serotonin and histamine are closely connected with changing the heart rhythm Might there be a dietary recommendation to help be antihistamine yet 42:36 supporting the heart? Yeah, the milk products are among their effects is an antihistamine anti-inflammatory effect a good balance of all of the the essential nutrients needed for balancing your thyroid function seafood at least once a week is helpful for the trace minerals Yes, I do enjoy seafood like shellfish especially and maybe that’s my body telling me that I need a little more on that but thank you Okay, and the calls the lines are empty if you’d like to call 43:38 and ask Dr. Peter question at 933911 please do and that fellow’s last comment about shellfish and maybe it’s his body maybe I don’t know that you know anything about this at all but could you have any ideas about how the body how cravings work and how the body might know what is good for you or maybe try to teach people things that might be symptoms to them that a food’s really working for them? Yeah, there have been quite a few studies mostly in animals but some people have tested kids noticing that their kids will sometimes seem to have completely crazy deranged appetite wanting only one food for several meals in a row but when they’ve looked at their food choices 44:40 even though they might momentarily seem crazy but when they add them up over a period of a week or two it turns out that their choices were ending up for a proper balance of nutrients and so they’ve tested that on animals and create a deficiency in a particular vitamin or certain amino acids and find that the animal knows how to over a very broad range of deficiencies they will ignore a food that might seem in general good but that’s deficient in the nutrients that they particularly need and concentrate on one food that’s richest in what they need and it turns out 45:42 that there are only two or three of the essential amino acids that are taken as signals and so if they make a food deficient in one of the amino acids that doesn’t act as a guide and attractant they find that the animal no longer makes the right choice but in nature those rare patterns of deficiency don’t occur so that the signal of a deficiency or adequacy those are always detectable so animals essentially invariably given a choice of natural foods that will pick out the ones that are nutritionally balanced meeting their needs and we’ve got two callers 46:44 I hope you all are listening on the phone instead of all the radio because here’s the first of you this one is you please speak up did you listen on your radio instead of the phone oh well here’s the next person let’s see if they’re listening on the phone caller this is you caller hello caller you didn’t put the phone down and go listen on the radio too because it’s going to take many seconds for you to figure it out and get over here oh my god no sorry that was operator error caller you can laugh at me now in public because I pressed the wrong button caller now this one’s you okay is this me this is you yes you haven’t laughed at me yet for operator error okay good so today I had to my house delivered a pile of wood chips and turns out that it’s full of aspergillus fungus and when I 47:46 was shoveling it there all these spores coming out of it and I should have it was like a smoke and I should have had a mask on I held my breath instead and I didn’t know really what it was and to it and getting a kind of a whiff of it and then I was leaving a couple hours later and now I’ve learned that it can live in my lungs and so I want to know what kind of antifungal or anything like that if you’ve got any advice about getting fungus out of my lungs probably your lungs are going to take care of it but they’ll take it offline it never hurts to make sure your vitamin D is adequate and I mentioned that vitamin D for Americans is the most important immune supporting nutrient 48:48 but in the world in general vitamin A and zinc are rivals for protection of the membranes and the direct immunity to not only germs but mechanical or chemical irritants so a good diet anti-inflammatory foods besides milk products these citrus fruits are very rich in flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory and pro immunity and coffee is another good source of anti-inflammatory substances such as 49:50 quercetin as well as some nutrients okay we have another caller here caller this one is you I was wondering the difference between vitamin D and D3 which one is the one that we should be taking vitamin D and D3 did you say? yeah D3 is the normal one that we make when we’re in the sunlight and so when we eat it it works the same chemically as the one we make in the sunlight but some of the products on the market are vitamin D2 and that is metabolized 50:52 slightly differently and doesn’t have all of the good protective effects of vitamin D3 and then there are some medical products that are for example so D3 is the one we should be taking to boost our immunity that’s the number one supplement vitamin D3 is the usual supplement in a medical context you might hear people talk about telsipid trial you don’t want the trial and some people confuse that with the vitamin D3 with telsifrol 51:54 so D3 is the one and we’ve got another caller caller you’re on the air with Dr. Pete Hi Dr. Pete I feel like I have kind of a brain fog type issue and I’m not sure if it’s associated with COVID I’m pretty sure I had COVID about a year ago but I don’t know if it’s genetic or from COVID or just in my age I’m 54 or my diet I wondered if you had recommendations for dietary or herbal supplements that maybe might help me decide I couldn’t hear the first part of it what was the problem it had to do with feelings of brain fog and I’m not sure 52:56 why I have that but I just wondered if you had nutritional or herbal recommendations that might help boost my mental acuity I couldn’t hear the particular problem I think it was brain fog and possibly as a long COVID symptom if that’s what I’m gathering correctly that’s correct I’ll listen off the air have a hard time hearing Dr. Pete too thank you brain fog goes with low energy production and low carbon dioxide vitamin B1 a natural equivalent to acetazolamide and the calcium channel blockers 53:58 and being an inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase helping to raise your carbon dioxide and often the quickest way to clear up brain fog and get your mental energy back but all of the anti-inflammatory things thyroid hormone vitamin D calcium progesterone anti-inflammatory things such as fruit juice okay we have one more caller maybe we could squeeze in one more after this if this one’s quick but maybe not and caller you are on the air hi Dr. Pete I’ve had diabetes for many years and my blood sugar 55:00 was getting A1c was getting worse and worse and I have now investigated intermittent fasting and I wonder if you could give me your thoughts on the process of intermittent fasting so far it seems to be bringing my blood sugar way down and I wanted to hear what you had to say it will make your blood sugar go down but anything that you can call fasting it is going to be putting you under stress and the long range things that correct chronic diabetes is to get your polyunsaturated fats lower to completely eliminate them from your diet as far as possible and 56:02 use the butter for example for cooking rather than any of the liquid vegetable oils because the polyunsaturated fats are specifically toxic to your insulin producing tissues and create resistance in your tissues to damage the ability to oxidize sugar and they have no essential need there is no benefit that will be lost by eating a completely saturated fat component of your diet and carbohydrates 57:04 if they are taken in a consistent way it happens that glucose is constantly activating stem cells in your pancreas to restore the ability to produce insulin and it is the polyunsaturated fats stored in your tissues or coming direct from your food that will keep destroying or damaging your insulin producing cells Excellent, well thank you so much for the information and thanks to Andrew and Sarah Murray for letting me sit in if that’s what I was doing and thank you so much Dr. Pete for being flexible and sharing your information with the KMID community is there a quick wrap up let people know where they can find more information about you and there is some stuff on the internet 58:06 my website is www.repeat.com and the newsletter subscribing information is www.repeatnewsletter.com www.repeatnewsletter.com Excellent, thank you so much for joining us Okay, thank you Bye-bye Yes, I have Dr. Pete’s phone number Woo-hoo I have Dennis from the Pilot’s Lounge phone number too but probably more of you are more jealous of me having Dr. Pete’s phone number luckily I had his number and I was able to salvage and ask your herb doctor if you would like to be an underwriter on ask your herb doctor especially if you had a product or service which was health or nutrition related you could call the KMID business office 923-2513 during office hours next week and arrange to be an underwriter 59:08 and right now I would be telling the KMID listening community about your product or service Thank you so much for listening to us and get ready to step out on a wing and a prayer This is Redwood Community Radio KMUD Garberville KMUD Eureka KLAI Leightonville It is 759 Oops, I’ll do that with the music down KMUD Garberville KMUD Eureka KLAI Leightonville It is 8 o’clock Time to step out on a wing and a prayer

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