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And if you want to be an underwriter you can underwrite because you know everybody is listening right now speaking of underwriting support for the Herb Doctor comes from Tony Jones who provides who provides Nia Ziai I think sorry Nia Ziai healing a hands-on healing philosophy where together Tony and her client can explore old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve once empowered with new perspectives different choices can be made moving towards a life that truly desired contact Tony Jones at 707-223-2724 for further information or to schedule an appointment it’s time for Ask Your Herb Doctor. 02:52 Well welcome to this month’s May 2022 edition of Ask Your Herb Doctor my name is Andrew Murray Sarah’s not joining us this evening she’s got other plans but next month she’d be back to joining us in the show it’s such a beautiful drive-in this evening I’ve just got to say this to folks especially those folks that live around this area in Garboville and Humboldt County yeah it’s a beautiful spring evening warm and clear and bright and lots of hope now that we’ve had 14 inches of rain though I did hear the fire warnings not too sure about the early fire okay so a beautiful evening and next month June 03:57 lo and behold we’ll be already at the solstice and so enjoy the days lengthening it’s a beautiful light evening and we’ll continue to go that way for another month or so so once again we’re running the show Ask Your Herb Doctor again we’re very pleased to have Dr Raymond Peake join us with his expertise and as always from 7 30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock you’re invited to call in with questions and the number is 707-923-3911 once again 707 area code 9233911 and I just want to say that I have been contacted specifically to request that there are apparently a group of people out there who actually do not like to talk posing questions actually face-to-face as it were but would rather leave the questions with the engineer and I’ve also asked whether or not there was any way of communicating 05:00 um other than by being on air live um so if anybody has any questions and they want to pose them to the engineer then the engineer can pass them on to me and I see he’s pushed his this engineer really doesn’t like that because people end up saying you didn’t ask the question right and wanting to call back and argue with engineers so my rule is I will do that or they want to say something really inflammatory and so my personal rule as an engineer which I’ve tried to train other engineers it’s a good idea to say I will repeat five non-inflammatory word if you can say a five word question then I will do that because otherwise everybody and they call back and they want this and I didn’t get understand their question right okay I didn’t understand I didn’t understand the the uh boiling the boiling sentiment underneath that okay so I’ve always been well on your show I generally don’t because you always ask their name and where they’re calling sure so I understand that you want to have that more personal connection with your people but I’m more than happy to do five words sure okay but whoever’s listening who doesn’t want to speak uh and has got a succinct 06:04 question they can put to the engineer in five simple words that would be awesome uh so like the and of and stuff you know we don’t worry about that right okay so small little small little words don’t count folks okay all right so well once again now we’re joined by Dr. Raymond Pete I’ve got an intro that I’m going to read I’m going to read it after we’ve got Dr. Pete on the air and Dr. Pete are you with us oh yes okay thanks so much for joining us as always and as always for those people who perhaps have never heard of you before and don’t know anything about you would you please outline your professional and scientific backgrounds so people know how and where you’re coming from in the 50s and 60s I was working in humanities literature painting philosophy and my interest in how how consciousness works led me to 07:06 decide that to understand language and art it would help to understand what the brain is and how the brain is conscious and so I went back to graduate school in 1968 University of Oregon and tending to concentrate on brain studies but I found that they were the department working on and the brain was extremely dogmatic and so I looked around and found that the other end of the organism the reproductive system the professors in that area were actually scientific and didn’t throw out data just because it didn’t agree with the dogma and so I did my dissertation on the oxidative aging process as it relates to 08:11 the reproductive system and the turnout that that gives a very interesting background to things such as how the brain works which is a a theme that was existing in biology 100 years ago how electrons and biological energy power perceptions and consciousness but that had been uh squeezed out the already right from early years of science the corporations were squeezing out the freely exploring researchers and subsidizing people who would work for their corporate interests there we go okay thank you thanks for that I wanted to I guess we’ll open up 09:14 the dialogue I just wanted to just back up a little from last month now again it’s always espoused at the beginning of the show that the views and opinions are offered by the speakers are those the speaker not the radio show so let’s get that back out there again and we’ve been since the very beginning of 2020 skeptical to say the least of the organization and or rollout of what’s become the COVID pandemic and what I think at this point in time has fizzled into a non-event at this point we are by all accounts seemingly over what was forecast in the beginning but obviously you and I and many other people especially other notable scientists I’m not saying I’m a notable scientist but definitely somebody who’s looking at data and questioning and reasoning and using science and looking at all sides of an argument to come to a valid and level judgment about what is and 10:20 what isn’t something that seemed to be perpetuated during this quote unquote pandemic was the mass formation psychosis of the mindset of the population and this is not just a national this is international worldwide psychosis that I think can be only described as such that the directives and we’ll call them directives not orders but called the directives and the guidance we’ll call it guidance and not demands but given by governments health organizations and vested interests who quote unquote have authority over us and there’s another subject about the current administration giving our parts of our national sovereignty sovereignty a way to the World Health Organization and the United Nations which is quote unquote very alarming because they essentially will have control over any pandemic and the American policy towards a 11:22 pandemic and so that’s pretty scary folks we believe that this nation is one nation under God and we have a constitution in the Bill of Rights etc and we are self-determinant but apparently just the other day Joe Biden signed this thing which essentially is the beginning of what would be giving over these rights to the United Nations for crying out loud okay so it’s the United Nations who have perpetuated most of what’s happened during this COVID pandemic which pretty much centered at least in the early days for sure around Europe and Europe’s response to the COVID infection and outbreak um obviously we’ve talked at length about the origins of it and it’s very questionable and we’ve also talked about the actual numbers of deaths and it’s actually very close to a normal influenza season there’s really actually no data to show that it’s significantly higher but yet the rhetoric has continued again and again and again that this is something completely alarming and has to be taken control of and lockdowns and face masks and 12:25 social isolation and everything that’s gone on with it has definitely espoused what the world economic forum and Klaus Schwab and his minions have been working at here really I guess actually and we’ll talk about technocracy as well later since the 1930s and the subject of transhumanism is going to be my question to you but I just wanted to bring out again as a kind of preface wrap up from last month mass formation psychosis and so this in essentially in the beginning took the form of the vaccine narrative and the imperative that governments knew best and were the arbiters of truth dissenting scientists were vilified or cancelled which is very popular in today’s culture by the masters of the universe that we hear about the techno crats and the media groups and vested individuals who seem to have a lot of sway 13:25 especially through social media over the masses like never before and the totalitarian totalitarians amongst them veiled in this social media-esque cuddly and cute thought police they would monitor what you said and would would basically strike you out or cancel you if you were saying things that they didn’t like or agree and also the sanctioning of free speech and the right to self-determination again I mentioned this is enshrined in our constitution and law and the law is how the subject that I’m going to go on to which was Reiner Formisch his legal campaign which if you let me give you the let me give you the website for which there’s a huge amount of superb chronically chronologically rather documented allegations backed by science the website is https go on forward slash forward slash radical r a t i c a l dot org and then forward slash pandemic 14:34 parallax view it goes on forward slash lawsuits dash c 19 dash false dash claims dot html but that should get you there so radical dot org pandemic parallax view lawsuits so uh since the beginning of the early since early 2020 when I mentioned that a lot of what was coming out in the media was definitely uh hysterical and there were lots of ER doctors that were just saying this was just so unusual and this was during the whole ventilator tragedy in the beginning there were many good ER doctors saying people were just dying on mass on ventilators this was not a usual lung disease they were looking at it did not fit the usual pattern blah blah blah and we talked about how people were killed on ventilators especially if they were given remdesivir during during their treatment which is still used incredibly and that the the basis for all of the startling and scaremongering directives and orders not to do and not to be with and to be locked down and wear masks and fear 15:40 rolled out in 2020 reiner formic started a law suit with many other legal experts as well as doctors and other medical people who are also looking at the data and saying what is going on this is does not make sense so they formed a collective and they called this collective the german corona commission and this commission essentially gathered steam and and you’ve got more and more scientists on board who are skeptical because what was being seen did not make sense and there is on that website that i just gave you the url for a huge chronological list of everything pretty much has gone on i couldn’t believe how much information was on there we talk about the age of information and the dissemination there often obviously we’re going to get into the controlling the narrative side of information and disinformation and of course who wants to hear lies and deceit etc we want the truth 16:44 i mean all of us do i’m sure so looking at the subject of transhumanism from claus Schwab’s own words talking about people will own nothing and be happy and that’s what we’re seeing now especially looking just looking at the stock market having its worst successive eight week loss it’s almost approaching the 1930s collapse of wall street is actually on a week by week performance basis it’s getting very close to that even though no one’s actually talking about a collapse of the economies yet they are starting to talk about a recession folks but we’ve known it at least for the last year and a half or two years even since the beginning of covid and seeing this as just another scapegoat for the great reset which was part of claus Schwab’s world economic forum debate saying that these people these vested interests of which nearly all of it is private entities and corporations that that are huge um that have the ownership of 17:47 much of what we take for granted uh wants to steer humanity in a certain way and so when i looked at technocracy and i looked at transhumanism and uh i looked at the background of it from the 30s until now it’s like wow it kind of totally makes sense that obviously governments want a control over their population they don’t want too many people thinking outside the box or thinking freely and it’s in their interest through whatever means and it’s become a technological technocratic means uh that they now have vast amounts of data and algorithms that are used to tell exactly what you like what you don’t like what you will buy what you won’t buy and where you’re probably a political background or beliefs and ideals are uh with a pretty good degree of accuracy if you’re on social media and you post all this stuff the algorithms can figure it all out quite well it’s not rocket science but they’ve deployed it against us and so for that very reason i’ve never signed on to social media not tooting my horn or anything but i just from the beginning i never liked the idea of it so back in 2002 and three and four when youtube was gaining steam 18:52 you know people were getting on facebook and stuff i never never looked at it as something that uh to be encouraged so dr p transhumanism this is premise that biological evolution will be overtaken by genetic wearable and implantable or injectable technologies that artificially expedite the evolutionary process called the great reset um what are your thoughts on this i know you’ve have mentioned uh snippets here and there about where you feel your opinion of this but what’s your uh in the 1940s and 50s uh i knew people who had uh become convinced members of technocracy incorporated and uh the stock market that you mentioned uh that has been one of the technique to take over assets of the world every time the value of the stock collapses 19:53 suddenly small investors are the ones who get killed by it and the big giant corporation get bigger and so it’s like a ratchet to shake lose the the bulk of the investors in stocks and constantly refine the ownership to a smaller and smaller group and the people who were uh entered by the starvation even the the extreme breakdown of the economy in the 1930s people with good intentions uh said well the corporate engineers know what needs to be done 20:56 uh and so if we turn the operation of the economy over to uh scientists and engineers they will make sure that we don’t have these collapses except that the scientists and engineers are working for the uh uh big corporations that engineers are collapsing so these people were well-meaning but very gullible they they would have caravans across the country in the 30s 40s and 50s they drove gray cars with a yin yang symbol on the doors uh and uh attracted lots of attention but they were really just a a minor sign of what was really going on with the shakedown of ownership concentrating 21:59 more and more of the control over over society uh the uh corporations right from the very beginning the first generations of scientists in the 17th and 18th centuries were uh of the ruling class basically people who had leisure money to do their own research but then by the 19th century the corporations were taking control and 1950 was really a turning point when the government came right out and said that uh big science is the only science and government had to direct finance and control 22:59 uh the big science so there hasn’t been any uh pretense of of science being a free enterprise thing anymore that the journals and universities were absolutely taken over by the funding of the giant corporations and the government funding agencies so looking looking at the definition again and i think this again is the language folks um um i think the direction of the language and the confusion is a tool the when i looked at technocracy um earlier on um they couch this in terms of the green economy sustainable development well i hear sustainable development all over humbuck county and i have done for quite a while um i’m not saying it’s bad i’m saying that the interpretation of the green economy 24:00 and sustainable development doesn’t seem to upset anybody it sounds like a good thing i mean why wouldn’t you want development to be sustainable rather than unsustainable and why wouldn’t you want green over black uh as a kind of means you know i agree totally with the fossil fuel you know the abolition uh of fossil fuel in favor of better greener less poisoning polluting things of course i do and i i like the idea of sustainable development over completely exploited and unsustainable raping of our natural resources of course i mean that’s a that’s an absolute no-brainer but in terms of the technocracy and these terms green economy and sustainable development it’s actually a very different picture that is being foisted on the nations of the world if the world economic forum get their way if transhumanism comes to pass if people don’t wake up 25:03 from what they’ve been subjected to if they’re not made aware of the actual end game of what this is all about where it’s going um it’s going to be almost too late for a lot of people the way they manipulate science is in the background and so it involves a selling of an ideology to the general population which justifies a reductionist view of biology and evolution the intelligence of organism and of development has been made to seem ridiculous and ruled out of science uh the background includes a philosophy of logic how how the brain and logic 26:13 are contributing to truth in science they had to get at the very uh essence of mind and intelligence and rule out intelligence from science in favor of randomness as being the the key to everything uh evolution supposedly is a matter of infinite random events and uh when you look at how that really works it is a degrading process not not an advancing process and uh people like Barbara McClintock who in the 1940s and 50s showed that plants at corn were for particular material that plants use intelligence 27:21 intelligent modification of their own genes to to improve their situation and that actual objective scientific work ruled her out of the functional world of science she wasn’t invited to conferences her papers weren’t published and so from the 1950s for several decades she was a non-existent in the world of uh evolution genes and the concept of what an organism is but then Lantanto was being criticized for making new organisms seeds that they could control to sell their uh round up various forms of insecticide and weed control that their plants could endure 28:34 and people were criticizing that as a very dangerous process and in the universities I was at the University of Oregon at that time and the essentially all of the professors went along with the genetic engineering will be done by smart people like salmon so nothing could go wrong let me let me hold your thought there dr Pete um so ask your doctor came to you go up a bill 91.1 FM from now and we have a caller from now until the end of the show eight o’clock you’re invited to call in the questions and number 707-923-3911 I wanted to say one last thing before we take this next call that the whole point of transhumanism as an evolution through intelligent design relies on intelligent design folks and the mrna vaccine rollout has been anything but intelligent and we’ll get into that after this caller so caller you’re on the air 29:35 where you from what’s your question they just had less than five words oh okay go ahead a very good germane one please define transhumanism right so okay so as I said at the beginning here uh it’s the premise that biological evolution will be overtaken by genetic wearable and implantable or injectable folks technologies that artificially expedite the evolutionary process so this is transhumanism uh where ultimately you hear about uh elon musk uh going on about chips implantable chips in the brain that will be uh they’ll make you a better person folks because we’re not created well enough so I think we have another caller caller yeah your caller you’re on the air where where you from and what’s your question yeah I’m from Los Angeles um so I wanted to explain it as quick as possible and uh let’s see if you guys understand me so my wife um has been having pro pro long bleeding okay and um she um started taking progesterone so the progesterone 2.5 30:42 milligrams has helped cut the bleeding off but when she stops taking the progesterone the bleeding continues so now the because they found something in the ultrasound they want to do a hysteroscopy and uh what is a cutterage uh endometrial cure atage right yeah cure atage and I know and I know dr p recommends thyroid but let’s say they do find something some abnormal cells what would you know be the next step like to really reverse this I well I guess first things first let’s just clarify you said she was given progesterone is it actual progesterone or is it a progestin do you know what type of progesterone it is all I know all I know it says meth m e t h progesterone so it’s prescribed I didn’t actually read the modern greenest progesterone mm-hmm okay dr p what about meth progesterone I’m not sure about meth progesterone and the patients have their wife of the person the caller um getting 31:47 bleeding that was him to be controlled by it but then what was the dose of progesterone 2.5 milligrams was that once a day or yeah that can’t be real progesterone that was progesterone wouldn’t do anything right so are you are you sure that that dose was 2.5 milligrams yeah yeah correct because she was on 10 milligrams a few few days ago right right and it just was giving her headaches and I mean it did cut the bleeding like it got lighter but the symptoms the side effects of the prescribed 10 milligram progesterone is just too strong has she has she gotten hold of any um natural progesterone no we never tried down that’s the thing she’s never I mean the diet is pretty clean but other she’s never tried the thyroid she’s never tried the natural progest E you guys recommend okay and it’s kind of hard to get her to you know get into the rhythm of doing those supplements but I’m wondering if if would Dr. Pete think if you know the growth 32:53 is abnormal cells because they’ll give her the results yeah and does he recommend that that she takes those tests well yeah if she’s got endometriosis and she’s got an uncontrolled estrogen dominant physiology um if they’re talking about a hysterectomy um I would definitely advise against a hysterectomy because unless she’s really exhausted natural progesterone as a means to counteract the estrogen dominance that she’s almost certainly got because of her endometriosis then you need to rule that out first so um and the function of the thyroid is to increase natural progesterone production while decreasing estrogen and so it has a very high success rate in endometriosis because that is caused by a thyroid deficiency with estrogen excess and oh okay I’ve known 33:57 several people who are on the very first day of starting the director thyroid function um their symptoms disappeared and for a few months I was keeping a track of I think it was 36 women who were told they needed a biopsy or partial hysterectomy because abnormal cells and within a month of using supplements including thyroid every one of those 36 women went back and they could find no evidence of abnormal cells oh wow and but the thyroid should be like you guys uh I’ve heard you mentioned when you know getting a cyno plus from Mexico or is there a desiccated thyroid that we could find in the market that will be you know pretty uh well tolerated 35:02 yeah yeah but one thing to keep in mind is that uh the t4 is a stabilizing influence that has a half-life in the body of about two weeks and so if you try to get the quick effect with the t4 containing a armor thyroid or you know plus you’re going to have a good effect immediately but then you’ll overdose doing it for about four or five days you’ll run up again and the thyroid okay okay so so Dr. P you don’t recommend she what about the hysteroscopy though or to like kind of diagnose and the biopsy are you not in favor of those things or I mean what would be your advice is that the doctor does want to do the hysteroscopy well to see if the signs of 36:10 uh too much bleeding uh uh pain and migrosa symptoms if you can stop that very quickly with a combination of the right hormones uh uh the thyroid and progesterone if you can stop the symptoms quickly uh then within a couple of weeks the abnormal cells probably have been normalized or shaded right right because they’re just they’re the abnormal cells the site is about they’re about three millimeters um but I mean um I guess she has to make a choice if she does want to go ahead and to see if they like notice that but I thank you guys for your time also thanks for for the answering the emails I know you guys are bond with email so I appreciate it actually stay on hey fellow please stay on for a second there we have another caller here who has some experience with your issue or your wife’s issue caller you’re 37:13 on as well okay hi um I wanted to tell you that I had a similar situation five years ago and uh I went into the hospital with it and I used progest uh the progesty the kind that Ray recommends and phenol plus and cytomel and as soon as I got my T3 up the bleeding stopped and I continued to this day to use progesterone um they wanted to uh do a hysterectomy then they gave me drugs that stopped the bleeding which created blood clots then they said oh well we’ll do radiation and we’ll do all these things and I said no and you know I you’re not as clear I wish I could hear you clear and have uh maybe a way to put a cop or email you I can’t hear it clear hey both of you I will take you we’ll go back to the to the show and I will have both of you on 38:16 and I will get your information and pass it to each other okay so just stay on the line okay okay thank you okay great all right well that was for two it is great okay um so Dr. Pete you’re still with us right what was that that’s okay I think there was another caller a female caller called in who said she had exactly the same situation and she was quite quite happy to give the person the um what she had done which is very much what you had already suggested but so I think they’re the two people are going to talk uh face to face or personally we’re not face to face obviously but I think that’s so far away okay so um you’re listening to ask Europe Dr. K. 91.1 FM from now until eight o’clock you’re invited to call in numbers 707-923-3911 707-923-3911 Dr. Raymond Pete uh guest speaker uh so Dr. Pete I guess uh let’s kind of move on uh 39:18 I think I just want to just basically wrap up uh I had one more comment about uh Barbara Clintuck not getting any recognition in silence for 20 or 30 years finally when Monsanto was running into the reality that the process is very deadly much much causes much more harm than benefit except to their profits they decided they needed some kind of propaganda and to say that Barbara McClintock had demonstrated that plants used genetic engineering shows that that’s a perfectly natural thing so uh if the plants could do it on their own it must be just as safe as Monsanto does 40:27 which is a total misunderstanding of what what biology is oh my gosh okay well I can hardly believe that in terms of hearing it the way that uh the way that you said that for sure but that really ties into the fact that the whole GMO thing uh I know everybody here probably in Hamburg County was totally against it I think it was 22 I think I still got the t-shirt the uh um that’s what was it I’m some GMO uh initiative that we were funding and uh was an anti-GMO anti-Monsanto we don’t want your genetically engineered seeds here thanks after farmers all over the world uh were getting sued uh by Monsanto because some of their corn had GMO corn present because of uh you know biological life transmitting and transferring you know genetic information from the pot the stamens of one flower flowering corn uh into a neighboring organic corn and um you know there’s very a lot of cases of small farmers put out of business 41:33 by Monsanto’s lawsuits against them and um I think actually now and quote me folks if I’m not right but I think actually now Monsanto do have patents on what was considered unpatentable material because it’s biological um that was one of the big one of the big uh kind of court cases was how can you how can you possibly put a patent on naturally occurring compounds like plants and food and the virologists have patented all these segments of viral genome so that if it’s potentially a pandemic in the future which has this little bit of a genome in it then they can get a patent on the vaccine to it yep and we covered all of that in a previous show about all the data surrounding the patents that have been issued since the beginning of the 2000s from 2000 and one and two through to the present and this was all born uh out in data that um Robert Malone inventor were inventor he was the person who did his phd on mrna technology he was the person who bought 42:35 this out that all of the patents that were issued uh and initially were not allowed because of the quote unquote you know inadmissibility of it because it was just not in the remit of the patent office to do this um slowly but surely this started getting patents granted and it was the um it was the professor i think he’s a he’s a professor or doctor and actually i’ve not got his name on the tip of my tongue dr p i remember you might have his name who was the patent office uh um he was basically scanning all the patents that were being issued and he’s basically got a huge database again of all the companies that were issued patents on coronaviruses and other viruses and it’s all part of a big plan to secure the rights to these things David martin that’s it david martin thank you so we did a show on that and that’s all very clear and obvious okay so i guess to wrap up the transhumanism things people just need to have a listen to this data again uh on the audio archives 43:36 and i wanted someone just texted me something they reminded me uh want to give a shout out to the late stefanie galboy who was a great oh no wait late yes she died she was killed in redway a few years ago but she was a great great fighter against the gmo issue and uh we have her to thank okay well yep god bless you stefanie i didn’t even know that i’ve not heard okay so the the wrapping up of the the wrapping up of right way it’s not wrapped up it’s still ongoing but rhino formic and again i want to quote this um or just reinstate the fact that law is law for a reason right we all need i’m not saying i’m a big legalist by any means uh we need a law you know so that there is a recourse for people who do things that we all don’t collectively agree as a society should be allowed like murdering people and raping people and you know all of those things that we need laws for so we can’t have a lawless society because i don’t think that’s ever going to work because 44:38 not one of us is good right it’s just the way it is that all of us to some degree or another have intents that are not quote unquote good i’m not saying that we’re all bad either so don’t quote me out of out of context um but we need a law to be living by and that’s the whole point of our constitution our constitution was founded by the framers here that came and fled the tyranny in europe and the overarching laws which were not just and they came here and provided their own system in the constitution and the bill of rights to have a free and open society with the constitution that protected people and gave us all inalienable rights to the pursuit of life liberty and happiness so i think we have a caller so before i carry on with any more of that let’s take the night good evening hi you’re on the airway from hello you’re on the airway from what’s your question i’m from shelter cove i’d like to mention that vitamin d is extremely important for women as they enter 45:42 menopause it’s extremely important for women period i had a low low low low low low low low low low low low low vitamin d level down to 16 and it took me 11 years in this community to diagnose my hashi motors hypothyroidism and i’m not crazy okay and i’d also work okay well i totally agree with what you said they’re vitamin d deficiencies rampant uh just probably worldwide i know definitely in the states here um there’s lots and lots of people whose labs show very deficient vitamin d and they have increased the reference range of vitamin d to take account of the fact that people are pretty much deficient in how useful it is especially for calcium metabolism and for its antiviral immune stimulating anti-cancer benefit amongst many other things that vitamin d does and so yeah um make sure your folks you’re not just going to get it from the sun because it’s just not the way it is and so most people are deficient 46:44 and a good vitamin d supplement of 5000 iu a day should get most people into a fairly good range okay so dr p um patient doctor relationship um again it’s another sign of the times um but i’d love your comment on it the i found out the californium is california folks i don’t know what it is about california i’m not bashing it i love california i think the environment is beautiful but some of the you know he’s always talked about the california fruits and nuts and um but it also talks about california where the great things started the great movement started and the great change happened you know i say it’s all good um until it’s not good okay so california assembly bill 2098 folks and it’s out of our hands because it’s up it’s down to our senators our legislators and it’s not a voting issue the california assembly bill 2098 would make and it’s going 47:49 through the assembly right now and it doesn’t look as though it’s going to get stopped it seems to have full democratic support would make it easy and easier for the medical board of california to discipline doctors who promote covet 19 misinformation by classifying it as unprofessional contact so let’s just think about that covet misinformation so anything that is anything which does not conform to government guidelines issued as scientific fact when evidence exists which has scientific fact itself completely refutes all claims made by government mandates so think about that folks you talk about free speech i talked about open debate open debate is critical to a free and functioning society we need to hear everybody’s point of view folks it’s not one side i don’t want to give a one-sided view of things and it might come across that sometimes because of the covet uh debate and everything that’s happened as a result of it because there’s 48:50 plenty of scientific evidence to show there is a very different picture um to be told and a very different story to be told and that’s why people like ryanophomic and the german corona committee are going at it through the legal channels because the law gives impartial hearings to the case so weighing in on with scientific people people that whose entire lives are based on the subject they’re talking on with evidence written and documented evidence in a court court of law is the only way that progress will get made um obviously you’ve got to think about whether or not the courts are biased or the you know the supreme’s for example are biased but when you go that far and you don’t get the righteous judgment being issued then you know there’s something wrong so the lawsuit that’s being formed by ryanophomic and his other lawyers and other professionals 49:55 and they’re not the only people not just in germany but around the world in australia and other countries there are groups that are legally taking up this challenge to show that what’s been done has been completely unconstitutional and needs address now otherwise it’s not going to stop so for those people who think it’s all fun and groovy and that it’s a great thing what we’ve gone through and it was for our benefit i’d really ask you to question question yourself and look at look at the data and see what’s happened and see just how many people have suffered as a result of this quote unquote experiment that’s gone on um so doctor patient confidentiality and assembly bill 2098 will basically basically make it illegal for a doctor to use his professional judgment folks as your doctor their professional judgment having qualified and passed the bar and entered the field of being a doctor talking to a patient in complete confidentiality not disclosing anything 50:59 that has been told to him or her about the subject being consulted that that doctor actually now will have legal ramifications to answer to if they don’t tow the party line and that’s becoming very socialist term in terms of the party line and i’m definitely not one to want misinformation and disinformation and lies to be propagated and i want open debate and scientific debate and verifiable results and i want the truth to come out always have done but doctor p i have patient doctor consultation and privacy and the california assembly bill 2098 what do you think of that until just recently the medical licensing system has been used to exclude alternate theories of medicine chiropractic homeopathy 52:06 uh uh uh all the alternative old-fashioned herbal uh therapies uh these were controlled by the powers of medical monopoly and the doctors were fine with that but uh now the the government has decided that uh they don’t have uh even the power to define what their own monopoly uh believes and does uh and the government has uh taken away uh that that autonomy uh which that really they they couldn’t have had such powerful control over finding who who is a physician but now they are they’ve lost 53:10 uh everything along with uh the power to uh deal privately with the patient and now the government is the final and only word on what constitutes medicine unbelievable okay i have another another point that i think we’ll get through um again it’s on the same kind of the same kind of topic folk the ministry of truth i think we’ve all probably heard in the last week or so the last couple of weeks the ministry of truth that our current administration uh was bringing into power to make sure that we’re not misinformed or fed lies or disinformation and um you know i don’t know i don’t know how but maybe people that listen to this think that this is disinformation somehow but um the ministry of truth the department of homeland security has announced the formation of the disinformation governments board so the disinformation 54:11 governance board the dgb they actually they put it on yes they did you’ve preempted and you’ve jumped the gun engineer you shouldn’t do that so the dgb so it’s a little bit like the kgb right but it’s the dgb yes it has been dissolved but um i think unfortunately it’s going to morph into something else because i think it was too in your face um i think it caused too much of the reaction so that i’m sure there’ll be some other covert way of bringing this thing to pass because i believe that it is in the interest of the kind of administration to make sure that they have full control of everything that’s said and taught uh etc etc so uh dr p yeah they put that on hold um but another ministry of truth is probably going to exist at some point in time yeah yeah but the government had been working directly through uh uh the uh giant organizations like facebook and 55:16 wiki yeah wikipedia yeah no and uh the social interacting uh uh group that they simply gave orders at the the companies were created by funding coming from the tendagon and so that they’ve been committed all along to cooperating with the government but uh the uh cancelling of uh or censorship of messages uh thousands and thousands of accounts are being closed uh uh it might be recommendation of the government so they don’t really need a formal agent to uh do what they’ve been doing all along 56:16 okay well it’s uh 756 here almost three minutes to the hour uh dr p thank you so much for joining us okay thank you okay so uh we didn’t get to the end of everything that they’ve wanted to discuss but i appreciate the callers that called in and um dr raymond p his uh he can be accessed his information his scientific and yeah yeah he referenced you know fully referenced every what he writes on his website and he’s written in his papers is fully referenced so it’s not just his opinion um www.raypeatrypeat.com i wanted to get into the subject of uh the baby milk formula crisis but we’ll have to address that next month hopefully uh anyway it may actually be a good thing uh i don’t want to be um flippant or uh inflammatory in any way um but essentially contains a lot of 57:21 things that dr p would totally disagree with like the n minus three omega oils and um it also brings into question why mothers should not be doing what mothers do when they give birth i know there are some mothers who are unable and obviously that is a complete and utter um reason to want a supplement but uh we’ll talk about that and then artificial meat and meat replacements and um why we want to just turn against everything that we were um traditionally doing uh because folks it’s all wants to go into a non-natural direction and whilst uh sustainable development and green economics may sound like a good thing when you look at the central banks behind it and you look into it a little deeper folks don’t be don’t be guiled by it because actually it’s a weapon that’s really going to be used against people’s freedom so my name is andrew mary and we can be reached at western botanicalmedicine.com until june 2022 and it’ll be round about 58:28 mid-summer i wish you a great spring and uh speak to you then good night i’ll let you know that the owens fire broke out south of point arena on the medicina coast around three p.m as of 745 the owens fire has grown to 30 acres it’s about five percent contained resources will remain on the scene overnight highway one remains closed in that region and traffic is backing up mandatory evacuation orders remain in place for residents on owens road sorry bill owens road and schooner galtz road to highway one the best evacuation road is east to 10 mile cutoff road about 60 residents are impacted more updates on this fire can be readily found at www mendo ready dot org and shaka will have updates as they are sent to him by our news team thank you so much for listening the next sounds you will hear will be the dulcetones of shaka 59:49 yeah we’ll be back in a minute

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