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00:00 Piano Playing Piano Playing Piano Playing Piano Playing It’s just like that, it’s seven o’clock. You are listening to Redwood Community Radio, KMUD Garberville, 91.1 FM in HD1, KMUE Eureka 88.1 FM in HD1, KLAI Laytonville 90.3 FM on the web, KMUD.org, and in Shelter Cover 01:21 Well, good evening and welcome to Ask Your Herb Doctor. This is June 17th, 2022. My name’s Andrew Murray. My name’s Sarah Johanneson Murray. So once again, welcome to the show, which runs from seven to eight o’clock. And at seven thirty, we open the lines up to invite callers in with questions related to this month’s topic, which is going to be around food and the corporation’s control of food and some ongoing numbers and statistics from the COVID outfall. And then we’re going to get into some parts of the political discourse and involvement 02:21 in big companies in the Ukraine and fertilizer production. And then hopefully we’re going to get to the topic of the baby milk shortage, followed up with some artificial meat topics. And as always, I have the great pleasure of having Dr. Pete’s superb overview of a lot of things. And I guess it’s part of his age that enables him to encompass 70, well, he’s certainly older than that, but he encompassed at least 40, 50 years of time spent studying the subjects and another three decades on top of that of living for this amount of time to see the events unfolding that have done. So he’s got a pretty good rounded view of many different subjects and obviously alternative medicine is one of them. And he’s been obviously spending a large part of his life and his career looking at the research, which is always the most interesting part of any of this factual 03:21 information. It’s not just opinion. So once again, very pleased to have Dr. Raymond Pete Joyce join us on the show. Dr. Pete, are you there? Yes. Okay, well, if you don’t mind me just for the next five minutes or so, I just wanted to run an introduction to some of the questions that I’ll be asking you and getting your opinion on. But just wanted to wrap up last month’s discourse. We talked about, you know, genetic modification and corporations with patent rights on intellectual property that they are saying, especially in Monsanto, with their genetically engineered seeds and the quote-unquote moratorium that was on natural products certainly since they’ve been put to one side now, where naturally occurring products like corn, wheat and potatoes, etc., although they’re natural, they have now been granted patent rights on their genetically modified versions of them. And I think this also runs into vaccine technology and obviously the emerging infections that 04:22 we’ve gone through since the late or mid-1990s up until now with COVID obviously being the major part of our prior two-year discourse on the events of COVID. I also wanted to remind people that the lawyer, Ryan Afformick, is, well, I think he’s still presenting it but has a huge amount of data on the website, which I would encourage everyone to look at as a superb chronologically documented series of allegations, which essentially he’s charging crimes against humanity for many organizations, institutions and governments. And that website is as a secure website, HTTPS, colon forward slash forward slash radical R-A-T-I-C-A-L dot org forward slash pandemic parallax view. That should get you there. There’s a bit more on the URL, but essentially radical.org and pandemic parallax view. So lists every detail 05:25 about the beginning from the Wuhan lab, Fauci, the funding of it all up until the present point and why people have been so hoodwinked over what’s happened. I also mentioned last month that the United Nations has changed the terminology from technocracy to green economy and sustainable development and how that impacts us all very negatively because it sounds so innocuous and harmless, sustainable development. Who doesn’t want sustainability? We all do. I do. I want local markets. I want people growing food like locally. I don’t want huge corporations shipping food from one side of the world to the other and displacing rural farmers. So we want sustainable development, but the words sustainable development have been couched in such a way as to embrace this technocracy which we exposed last month as really beginning from about the 1920s and Dr. Pete certainly weighed in on what he understands of technocracy having lived through it and then obviously the Rockefeller Foundation and 06:28 all the other power players that are forming the heads of government institutions and global organizations from the Codex Alimentarius series of programs that we did a long time ago. Rima Labo has exposed that as being part of a world government order to get us all to this point that we’ve heard recently about the great reset. So anyway that was just an overview of last month. I wanted just to open up this month and I hadn’t mentioned this earlier Dr. Pete, but it’s something that caught my eye was why I was looking at the information for this month’s show that the fifth largest life insurance company in the U.S. has just paid out 163%!m(MISSING)ore for deaths of working people, folks not old people just ready to die, but working people from 18 to 64. So that group they’ve paid out 163%!m(MISSING)ore for deaths for that age group. So the company sites at non-pandemic related morbidity and unusual claims adjustments is the explanation of losses 07:35 from group life insurance businesses and the stock is falling and the CEO is being replaced etc and they’re trying to prop this up. So the head of an Indianapolis based insurance company One America said the death rate is up a stunning 40%!f(MISSING)rom pre-pandemic levels among working age people. Now five months after breaking this story of the CEO of One America Insurance Company saying deaths among working people ages 18 to 64, about 40%!i(MISSING)n the third quarter of 2021, a new report is out that a much larger life insurance company namely Lincoln National reported a 163%!i(MISSING)ncrease in death benefits paid out under its group life insurance policies in 2021. To quote One America, the company CEO Scott Davidson stated that we’re seeing right now the highest death rates we’ve seen in the history of this business, not just at One America. The data is consistent across every player in the business. Now One America is a $100 billion insurance company that has had its 08:37 headquarters in Indianapolis since 1877. The company is approximately 2,400 employees and sells life insurance including group life insurance to employees and employers in the state. Now Davidson said the increase in death represents huge, huge numbers and that it’s not elderly people who are dying but primarily working age people 18 through 64 who are the employees of companies that have group life insurance plans through One America. And what we saw just in third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into fourth quarter and that is the death rates are up 40%!o(MISSING)ver what they were pre-pandemic. Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three sigma or a one in 200 year catastrophe would be 10%!i(MISSING)ncrease over pre-pandemic. So 40%!i(MISSING)s just unheard of. Now what is driving this unprecedented surge in quotes all cause mortality? It was not only deaths of working age people that shot up to unheard of levels in 2021 but also short and 09:40 long term disability claims. Now this holds true than the genetic vaccine so aggressively promoted to failed and the clear federal campaign to prevent early treatment with life-saving drugs has contributed to a massive avoidable loss of life. At worst this report implies that the federal workplace vaccine mandates have driven what appeared to be a true crime against humanity. Massive loss of life in presumably workers that have been forced to accept a toxic vaccine at higher frequency relative to the general population of Indiana and furthermore we’ve also been living through the most massive globally coordinated propaganda and censorship campaign in the history of the human race. All major mass media and social media technology companies have coordinated to stifle and suppress any discussion of the risks of the genetic vaccines and or alternative early treatments. Between artificial intelligence powered algorithms and social media tech giants complicit 10:41 in their communist star suppression of information we’ve witnessed an avoidable mass casualty event needlessly caused by a mandated experimental medical procedure which obliterated and eviscerated the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States in the process. How you may well ask yourself did this happen? By deceit, collusion and corruption, all tools used by evil people with wicked intent against their brothers and sisters, an international corrupt cabal as well as by our very own complacency and failure to speak out on mass. So Dr P with that introduction I’m sure it’s not news to you and that you’ve been pretty tirelessly talking about this since the very beginning of 2020. What are your interpretations of this insurance company’s disclosure of these facts revealed by public records request? It wasn’t freely sent out but a company requested this. Several other companies since then have reported very similar 11:45 increased mortality around 40%!i(MISSING)n the working age group and so it’s insurance companies generally have extremely accurate statistics better than governments as a rule because their income depends on exactness and so it’s really the scientific basis for saying that it wasn’t the virus that’s responsible but the vaccination. That’s when the 40%!(NOVERB) rise began and it fits the virologists. The skeptical virologists have been claiming that 12:47 that the mortality is going to be far, far worse from the vaccine than from whatever occurred from the virus. I think that was the point that was made mention that it was all cause mortality in young people and a lot of it was to do with damage and disability. So whether the death may have been caused by the vaccine or not the amount of money paid out due to the disabilities that were claimed. I think this is a pretty stunning part of the numbers that were used to cite the payments and I think you’ve mentioned in the past that when we’re describing things like mortality and altitude it was a very insurance companies that actually let that information out which supported that claim that lower premiums were basically imposed on people who are higher of altitude because they really were not as likely 13:51 as people at sea level to die. So that’s the first thing just in some kind of glaring headlines about deaths and insurance companies making payouts and how this is now just part of the fallout of Covid and everything that happened to quote unquote try to mitigate this virus. Anyway so that’s been a fairly long process here for the last two years now and supposedly now what we’re seeing and not supposedly but I think it’s the actuality of it all with Omicron whether or not Omicron I don’t know if you feel that whether or not your opinion is that Omicron is a naturally produced variant or indeed any other type of… It has the most bizarre gene sequences of all of the other variants because starting with the Wuhan the other variants 14:56 show a series of mutations building on each other so the most recent until Omicron showed exactly the same series of mutations incorporated so it was definitely that virus improving its survivability by mutating but the Omicron is unique it didn’t show any mutations after Wuhan. The Wuhan virus was going through all of these changes nothing was happening at all to the Omicron suddenly when it pops up it is essentially the 15:57 pristine Wuhan virus with a new series built right on the original virus. None of the history of natural mutation as it was being held held aside and going through a different series of mutations as it wasn’t in the world at all for these years. So are you saying that basically the original COVID went through mutations and you can track that and then all of a sudden Omicron was like the original with just some alterations to it so it looked like it had been lab produced or produced in a lab? Yeah and those mutations 16:58 made it much less harmful so it was if someone was preparing a product to end the pandemic by turning it off with a fairly harmless virus. So do you think that when if people have Omicron and they’ve developed antibodies to that and caught that naturally even though it’s not a naturally mutated virus then will they be better able to fight the original Delta or those other variants? No it won’t especially affect him it’ll just if it’s a dominant virus and it’s very harmless then the other one just isn’t going to be around to cause trouble. Okay you’re listening to Ask Europe Dr K.M.U.D.Galbo 91.1 FM from 7.30 to the end of the show 18:02 callers are invited to call in with any questions either related to this month’s discussion or indeed any other questions they’d like to pose to Dr.P about health related or quote unquote alternative medicine. The number’s 707-923-3911 so from 7.30 to the end of the show 8 o’clock callers call in to 707-923-3911. Okay so moving on to the kind of major content of this next 40 minutes 45 minutes I read an article about the Oakland Institute and this was a 2014 article and the article is certainly yeah nearly eight years eight years later what we’re seeing now in Ukraine and Russia it’s kind of not really a political question but you know it’s really it’s really a question that’s embroiled in health and government control and takeovers 19:11 and you know aggressive campaigning of which you know people have certainly heard a lot about Roundup and Monsanto and we’ve all heard about GMO and Monsanto and it’s a huge corporation so the Oakland Institute like I said published a 2014 paper outlining what was being described then as a global corporate takeover of agricultural land in the Ukraine and when you look at Ukraine it’s been hailed as the bread basket of Europe with a staggering 32 million plus hectares of incredibly fertile black arable soil now for those of you who are gardeners or horticulturists or farmers you’re well aware of what this means to crops planted in short lush rich fertile growth with excellent crop yields and quality harvests if you too are Monsanto one of the biggest agribusinesses on the planet or one of a handful of other players buying into this hugely profitable location 20:15 rights to ownership and to play this game is extremely lucrative and corruption as always exists at the highest level for the highest returns naturally Ukraine’s agricultural land was under a moratorium that banned its sale through January 1st 2016 and when Ukraine separated from the Soviet Union in 1990 collectivized communal farms were disbanded and land was distributed in parcels approximately four hectares each to people living on the collectivized farms in 2001 Ukraine passed its land code legislation that gave people functional titles to land and since then there’s been a moratorium on the sale of land which has noted was extended through January 1st 2016 the moratorium on land sales applies only to agricultural land making it both legal and affordable for investors to build and operate a 100 foreign owned processing facility on its own industrial land while leasing fields from agricultural landowners until the moratorium on 21:16 the sale of agricultural land was lifted a second way the investors could circumvent the land moratorium was by buying shares of large existing Ukrainian agribusinesses the system of land distribution in the 1990s often led to the concentration of land in the hand of a few elites alongside land opportunities in Ukraine for development production and the use of agricultural inputs like seeds agrochemicals and fertilizers have attracted investment by agribusiness giants monsanto cargill dupont and others so i was going to ask you dr p and you had lots of other information to tie this everyone has heard about the international monetary funds yeah offering the Ukraine a 40 billion dollar loan if they would stop the moratorium specifically so monsanto and the other giant corporations could concentrate ownership 22:25 uh on the big corporate scale and that uh that there was a coup to make make that happen because the elected president had rejected the imf fund and the imf were working with a world bank on all of the other so-called western authorities wanted to reverse that stop the moratorium and so they supported the coup and the coup is very clear that they were going to adapt laws that would let monsanto take over and when the coup happened in fact that didn’t take place and so they had to 23:34 get rid of the legally elected president and establish the Zelensky government supporting the monsanto privatization system so how do you uh how do you see russia’s involvement i mean because it seems to be a two-sided story some people say that you know the Ukraine from a political and or ownership geographical perspective well part of the monsanto thing is that they want to use chemicals round up to make the profitability of certain giant land uh corporations say favorable to them and the european union had opposed the united states policy 24:40 of supporting monsanto and genetic modification and so the there was a conflict between western europe who had quite a lot of resistance several european western european countries went along with wanting to outlaw GMOs and that was creating stresses between western europe and the anti-gmo people and it turned out that historically russia had been passing laws to promote organic farming and to outlaw GMOs and so they were aiming for a hundred percent freedom 25:47 from GMOs and naturally from monsanto and that really was the polarization for the coup for the international monetary fund loan when the elected president uh made a deal with Russia for a loan that would bypass the international monetary fund that was the actual moment when the coup took place and they got him out of out of Ukraine i i read more i think there’s a couple of years ago and so he can back me up on this that Vladimir Putin was boasting that he was going to make Russia one of the if not the biggest 26:52 organic food producer in the world yeah that’s what one of his goals was but i mean i thought GMOs are still banned in europe well i think they are in england i’m pretty sure england banned GMOs in no i thought in england they’re not banned but because they’re not part of the EU so the EU is banned GMOs is that your understanding dr pete um they are wobbling on the issue that there are still opposition to it but the now the war for monsanto has affected the west and they aren’t pushing so hard to to oppose the GMOs i wonder how the the whole fertilizer shortage again as apparently Ukraine is a big exporter of or manufacturer of fertilizer uh i wonder how that plays into it along with the um the the agricultural like rich diversity that there is possible there in ukraine and how this quote 27:55 unquote food shortage is now uh they’re talking about before we get into the subject of uh baby milk um the food shortage issue um i wonder how i wonder how politically motivated this is in terms of uh oh you can see many specific things in which it’s uh uh being just openly uh promoted for example union pacific railroad announced that they just weren’t going to ship all of the fertilizer that the farmers needed and that proceeded by several weeks at the announcement that they were not going to allow the shipment and sale of urea which is used in the diesel 28:56 motors of trucks and uh by restricting the availability of this urea fuel modifier that they can turn off truck delivery too but as a railroad since they said they’re not going to ship all of the fertilizer that’s ordered and why did they say that no one knows but it seems to be that they are controlled by black rock uh the giant funds black rock and that is also just openly uh uh intending to turn off the food economy i mean really so they want to create a shortage for some monetary gain oh yeah 30:05 the um if you look at the pattern over the last several years when that the at the very just weeks before the pandemic uh cloud swab was saying well we’ve uh done our best to use the carbon dioxide employment change uh mistake on science uh to fulfill our purpose of controlling the overall production but now luckily we’ve got something much much better that in just a period of two or three years uh we’ll be able to turn off the national and world production of of everything the or ordinary daily economy including food and all of the necessaries of life 31:11 i mean you can’t you can’t make this stuff up and i i just reminds me of that the whole uh the whole discourse that i first heard with rima labo back in 2006 i think it was codex alimentarius and how the entire thing is essentially a playbook um from from the end of the war or just before that really with the emergence um of technocracy through to global governments and one world currency it’s all it’s all been documented and the way she was talking back in 2006 i i obviously blew me away i couldn’t believe what i was hearing i just is this totally fantastic fantasy or is this you know i started looking into it and the more you look at it the more connections you see and so when we get things like the war in ukraine and we hear well actually maybe you know russia was siding on the side of organic production and 32:13 you know yeah it was part of form of russia and so what really is the problem i mean obviously there’s probably people dying don’t get me wrong i don’t not condone a war but the reasons by which this happened are serious government evil prospects and control and manipulation of the populations of various countries to produce the narrative they want and that’s exactly what social media has sought to bring about um since it all came out for facebook and youtube and all of the glorious technology of social media uh you know the advent of it we were back in 2009 or so when the iphones were becoming really popular and the software to do this was connecting all these people like never before so kind of you know it might sound may sound a little scary to people that are just listening to it but there’s a lot more in it and unfortunately um i don’t think there’s a huge 33:13 amount we can do about it except peacefully protest and i think that’s the saddest part of what i’ve witnessed going through these last two years is that there’s such a polarization there’s such a control of information on the one hand that people are not getting the full information i just heard today that simone gold uh one of the doctors in la of the american frontline doctors um who were organizing um you know patient consultations and alternatives to covid treatments that were you know the experimental drugs she’s just been in prison for two months uh and this was all part and parcel of her um 2020 appearance at the state capital and her peaceful protest yeah peaceful protest basically saying that she objected to what was going on and that the whole thing about free speech is like if we’re not careful folks it’s gone you know and getting ratted out by your neighbor is in and the soviet style era of people watching people and people policing each each other 34:14 it’s kind of a scary reality which i think is crept in so pervade you know pervasively with this covid quote unquote pandemic that most people are looking i don’t know i’m not quite sure where they’re getting their information from that’s countering this narrative that we hear about because it’s it’s everywhere you look i mean to find an alternative view on the covid uh scenario it’s the kind of exception anyway you’re listening to ask your doctor on garb k medial for 91.1 fm from now until eight o’clock the lines are open uh number 707 923 3911 once again 707 923 3911 okay so getting to uh the milk crisis the baby milk crisis i wonder what what’s your opinion of this is because i know you’ve definitely got lots to say about uh soy and poofa and all of these things i mean from a perspective of making money from 35:17 a corporate perspective of uh you know mothers in africa um and i’m not saying that women that have children that don’t produce enough milk shouldn’t be helped of course not but there are other alternatives to formula so what do you think about this baby formula crisis and it may be not a bad thing the soy formula had its own terrible side effects in immature animals the estrogenic factors associated with the proteins used in making the milk substitute uh are cause deformed genitals in the developing young and uh later later promote tumors of various sorts so the the plant-based milk formulas 36:20 uh were a terrible problem in themselves uh and benzene nestly uh innovations uh uh but basically selling dehydrated cow milk uh as a basis for uh people around the world to mix up at home uh to produce a liquid milk substitute uh uh despite the fact that clean clean water to mix it with is absent in so many of the poor countries so that they were doing something very counter social and the interest but the even in the us uh where people couldn’t make a formula themselves if they 37:28 really couldn’t produce milk they could simply make a formula based on cow milk and uh when it isn’t dehydrated the reaction on the immune system is is less less harmful take take a non-human milk and introduce it right at the very beginning uh will cause some antigenic differences but uh at least if it’s made from fresh cow milk that’s a lot safer than dehydrated because every every time you dehydrate a living substance uh you kill it and oxidize some of the proteins amino acids and especially the fatty acids 38:36 the cholesterol is oxidized that’s really only one of the fairly trivial problems of dehydrated milk the cholesterol is is damaged made toxic but many many other components of the milk are susceptible to oxidative damage and there is a whole uh anti-science that has grown up to defend the industry’s use not only of dehydrated milk but of the added polyunsaturated fatty acids which is it’s really a separate issue 39:37 uh because they they argue that human milk contained more poofa than cow milk and so that has been a separate industry to say that the baby must be given a supplement of uh ant minus three fatty acids because they they say uh almost all babies at birth have evidence of a deficiency of ant minus three fatty acids but that’s because the placenta has filtered it out uh yeah exactly it is recognized as something to be excluded during pregnancy and but they reverse that and say you need to supplement 40:38 everyone because everyone is deficient because the body naturally tries to keep it away from the baby you’re deficient that’s just the rationale is insane uh and they extend that to say that uh the aged brain uh contains an increased amount of ant minus three poofa and so they they are wanting to say that because you find it in the old brain that means it should be there but meanwhile the old brain has deteriorated in proportion to the reduction of mitochondrial energy production and that reduction corresponds to the increased presence of ant minus three poofa in the brain 41:42 so at every point they’ve twisted the science and one of the ways they twisted is with a certain test of retinal responsiveness to electrical stimulation and they say if you increase that with your added poofa you’re going to show that that addition makes the the eye develop faster and the the brain developing uh is mental ability sooner but that that is all this sanity speculation okay um we got a call that came in apparently the caller wanted to ask the question off the air so uh before we go to this next question uh the lines are open 707-923-3911 is the 42:42 number to call uh so okay what was the what was the question that was being asked so the caller wanted to know if you could talk about some good things for menopause such as um she’s having brain fog and nausea well ginger is always great for nausea and brain brain fog okay so good new new new tropics um i don’t know how supportive you are of new tropics outside of uh using anti stress substances like pregnanolone um for decreasing cortisol and for decreasing inflammation but what would your what would your response to that be oh yeah all of those things coffee for example aspirin things that promote mitochondrial oxidative use okay sugar and herbal support would be vitex chase treeberry and black cohosh those are very 43:46 effective at helping mitigate the menopausal symptoms okay so uh let’s go on to the next question i don’t know if we’ve uh finished the milk yeah dr we I wanted to ask a question about the milk so all baby formula is dehydrated milk or dehydrated let’s just say it’s all dehydrated so when you say make a formula out of milk would you suggest adding anything to cow milk fresh cow milk yeah you can adjust the amount of of fat and water if it makes it more palatable is to the baby but just as is it’ll work and so what about this um talking the news of a synthetic breast milk what do you think of that oh it definitely works do you think that would be 44:48 preferable to cow’s milk for babies or oh sure yeah human well assuming that the mother is eating properly because the human milk reflects the human diet because we don’t have a rumen so the cow can eat uh grass and weeds and quite a lot of polyunsaturated fats and detoxifies them in the rumen so as a rule uh can say that if the woman is eating well then her milk is going to be better than cow’s milk right but so what the question i was asking is of course we all know that 45:50 mama’s milk breast milk is preferable for a baby or the best but with a healthy diet but i’ve read about the making breast milk in a laboratory trying to synthesize breast milk in a lab i was wondering what your thoughts were on that uh well probably not good i might have certain similarities to breast milk but it’s definitely going to be a synthetic material chemical what about uh what about a subject of artificial meat and again it’s between you know between milk and meat and uh cancelling out substances like sugar they must say quote they who are they but the industry and whoever’s behind the industry is seeking i think to separate people from their natural world and i’m not saying 46:55 oh everyone needs to drink milk but i am saying that milk is an extremely good food and i think there’s so much evidence to support its use that the whole demonization of it is really the same kind of skewing the information that you’re getting that you’ve given previous examples of in research you’ve all you’ve mentioned recently about protein intake for older people necessarily needing to be decreased and that that’s not a bad thing so what about that in terms of the amount of you’ve never been big on muscle meat per se you’ve always uh encourage people to use the whole animal getting the gelatin from making a broth for example of chicken or knuckle bones or you know lamb shank yeah yeah for many years people have been aware that with aging the metabolic rate slows down and brode de barnes was thinking about that 48:00 the importance of the metabolic rate and he had been using a supplement of i think two grains of armor thyroid and he decided to go on a high protein diet when he was around 60 i think and found that he had to double his dose of thyroid hormone to maintain his functioning showing that for an older person what seems to be a good level of protein can actually be very powerfully suppressive to your thyroid function okay so we’ve talked about things like soy protein in the past being used as a 49:02 meat alternative we know that’s definitely not a beneficial substance in terms of it raising estrogen in in men and women and being in relatively inflammatory in its own right so i think it’s just part and parcel of our human human nature and i think this really for me it’s kind of speaking to the buyer beware mentality that i think everyone needs to try and hang on to and remember because i think in it’s a just like social media and technology um we’re kind of cajoled and lured into this kind of seemingly fuzzy world of comfortable technology and we’re really just sucking down so much poison that i think it’s like being on drugs that are completely separating you from reality in terms of what’s actually going on around you that you 50:03 don’t say anything and you’re just cajoled and fuzzily oh it’s okay the government knows what they’re doing this covid vaccine is a good thing it saves lives what you’re talking about you’re the crazy one um i’ll bring that subject back out in a moment here but we do have another caller on the air so um let’s take this next caller call away from and what’s your question uh i’m from the arcade area um i just wanted to make a comment kind of looking at the general trend of things in this country where you know big corporations are want to control everything uh or at least the bulk of the economy um so it had to do with um seeds basically um you guys were talking about food and growing organic vegetables and stuff like that and i was surprised talking to one of the vendors at the farmer’s market that she had to buy seeds um i don’t know if it’s some kind of license type of thing but 51:10 just looking at the trend of how things are evolving i would expect that over time you know the seed supply is going to be controlled by completely controlled or mostly controlled by big companies and it would behoove people to learn how to uh make their own seed you know grow their own seed save seed and try to keep it from being contaminated with i’m sure uh genes that are going to be inserted to either you know make it so you could only grow uh seed and it won’t reproduce or what have you so i guess that was my comment just um moving forward that’s a good thing for people that try to explore thank you for your show yeah you’re welcome thank you for your call okay yeah so and i wanted to just kind of round follow up that that caller with you know this really applies to people that are fortunate enough you know to have a garden i’m not talking about acres 52:15 of land but i’m just talking about people that have a small garden you know to grow vegetables in because obviously you know and we’ve all known it and it’s happened in china uh quite successfully where millions and millions upon hundreds of millions of people were pulled out of rural agrarian locations and brought to the cities it’s all about the cities and it’s all about the mass media control they have over populations when you’re in the cities and under their domain and you don’t have a garden and you don’t have a connection to the natural world that’s when all of this is breaking down that’s i think very uh very similar to um you know some of the kind of biblical references to that very same subject and like the tower of babel uh and how all of this was just a mass of confusion and um you know god made it impossible for them to understand each other and that was because they just wanted to get on with it without god and they didn’t feel they needed any kind of natural creation they could all do without do without all of that and i think 53:17 unfortunately it’s a kind of side effect of our humanism that you know we don’t you know we kind of numbed and i think so many people unfortunately are just sucking it down you know and um yeah i find it hard to find it hard to believe in some ways that they’re pulling it off but i think what’s happening really is a concerted and orchestrated attempt and we’re not even attempt i think they’re doing it uh it’s an orchestrated uh play and uh we’re going through the motions but i’d never give up and i would encourage everybody listening never to give up they never as far as i’m concerned they’re never going to win you just have to keep resisting and keep resisting for the very end because the end is not the end okay um so yeah i’m dr p again like you’ve been you’ve been around quite a while now and you’ve seen governments come and go and heads of state come and go and you’ve seen lots of headlines and politics etc i don’t know i just asked you in these last few closing moments about your impression yeah is there any hope of the world what do you what do you think 54:19 about it i mean i know we’re still we’re still alive and we’re still trying to do the right thing but um and where are you where are you with all of this i’m still hopeful good the uh like reiner fulmish said we have to do everything legal and impossible to try to prosecute these people but at some point he’s going to count on uh some kind of a cosmic bailout for us wait reiner is counting on a cosmic bailout uh yeah i forget his exact phrase but interesting he said he couldn’t explain it rationally but he had this confidence that the universe wasn’t going to let that turn out the way the world economic 55:25 or the imf okay well well that’s hopeful there’s there’s hope then yeah we’re good i appreciate your time uh joining us on the show and uh only only sad that we didn’t have more callers but i can only hope it’s a busy weekend people have rodeo and a summer arts fair and that’s local i can only hope that people are listening listening and not calling in but i can always say the archive is there for people to listen to in the future and the future will vindicate what you’ve said for a long time so thanks so much again dr peep for joining us okay thank you thank you and good night okay so i just wanted to kind of finish off with saying that this this connection is undoubtable you know between technocracy and dehumanization through lockdowns and social isolation um so with government coercive measures and soviet era style social control where individuals are set against individuals similar also to the brown shirts of nazi germany the orwellian reality we are now in and which unless it’s 56:28 resisted will become de facto the new normal and must be resisted vehemently through peaceful protests and political involvement on the state and local level needs to occur it’s the reason we need another haig and charges of international war crimes against humanity where the guilty are charged and why rhino formics group in germany is at this very moment pressing these charges so the thing is ongoing um i like to think that there is a real justice and uh that we’re not just going to be sucked into the matrix and we’re not going to have any uh any any uh anyway through it so did you say there’s someone else uh he wanted to ask a question well i think dr peeps probably hung up by now anyway hello yeah go ahead we’ve got three minutes as well okay the top of the hour so okay a couple of things uh one is um the uh i don’t even think we’ve got time we’ve got three minutes it’s not going to happen i’m i’m so sorry okay we better 57:28 we better call this it because i will run over and so i basically i want to know okay they say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and you seem to think that uh getting some kind of treatment is better than getting a vaccine to prevent the covid and you know i would rather not get it than have to you know get it and be treated for it but so i’d like to an answer to that question and also basically why do you think that the vaccine is worth for you than the covid itself uh the information is out there for anybody who’s wants to search for it so it’s not something you’re going to see on your facebook group or on your youtube channel or google or the fact checkers that check that work for google and it is two minutes to the top of the hour so i need to give credit to dr pete and his website and his information so i appreciate your call but don’t have time to answer it i’m sorry so okay for those of you who’ve listened to the show they 58:29 run every third friday of the month from seven to late p.m we’ll be back in july we’re coming up to solstice now so we run a business called western botanical medicine and dr raymond pete his website is ray pete r a y p e at dot com and he has got plenty of scientific reference articles that are not his opinion but are pulled from current medical journals or past medical journals medical research trials etc etc and again may not be something that you’ll find on your facebook group or if you just google it up until this point you’re probably not going to find it and some of it’s going to be censored and we’re probably moving into a more censored environment as we go on folks so people just watch out you know uh anyway without being alarmed mr balick my name is andrew mary and we’ll talk to you again in july my name is sarah jr hennison mary thank you for listening 59:41 you

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