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00:00 Well, welcome to this month’s ask your doctor. My name’s Andrew Murray My name’s Sarah Johannes and Murray, and I’m delighted to be back on the show joining the incredibly knowledgeable Dr. Pete and my wonderful husband Okay, so it’s February 21st 2020 The second show this decade as I mentioned last month. It’s a new decade but we are still able to Intreat dr. Pete to join us on the show to share his wisdom last month Very briefly. We were discussing resonant frequencies the effects on cells of frequencies and I came across a lot of very interesting abstracts Done that were actually 19. Sorry 2019 and 2020 so even in the earliest parts of January there are articles being posted on PubMed research articles and abstracts related to electromagnetic frequency and 01:01 Extremely low frequency electromagnetic frequencies and very exciting news because one of the main Studies that caught my eye was a treatment of breast cancer where they were showing it was Absolutely effective and as an adjunctive therapy to Traditional Cancer management in breast cancer. I would just like to say that it was part of a adjunctive therapy Not the sole therapy as the authors wanted to make sure they pointed out too But that it had very significant cell killing effects So last month like I said that was the beginning of the show we opened it up and we got quite a few calls in So didn’t get a chance to get through some of the other very interesting articles on different pathologies that This post EMF was being used to treat and I know in the past discussions and shows we’d Touched a little bit on rife therapy 02:01 We’ve definitely mentioned Vaccines and I know dr. Pete’s latest newsletter on vaccines in context is something else we’ll get to Once we get through some of the pathologies related to the abstracts on EMF and its treatment And then there are some other questions that they have that are part and parcel of people asking questions and wanting to put into dr. Pete So it’s a live show folks from seven to seven thirty We basically interview dr. P asking questions and listen to what he has to say about the mechanisms by which he understands the Activity of certain things that we don’t normally see as being relevant or being effective because it’s just not the It’s not the way things are sometimes that when the drug comes out. It’s given all these different Treatments treatment uses and actually turns out to be fairly negative. So He’s got a very different perspective on a lot of things that we would see as just headlines and advertising 03:04 And goes certainly into the science of it to show and explain why it’s not a good thing So dr. Pete, let’s introduce you to the show you here. Yes Hi, dr. Pete. Okay. So as always for people who maybe haven’t heard your name or know anything about you We’ll definitely at the end of the show give out your web details for people to find more about you But would you just give an outline of your academic and professional background? I went from After graduating from college and getting master’s degree in Humanities And studying linguistics for several years. I decided to study brain biology for a PhD and When I got to the University of Oregon, I quickly decided that brain biology was a dogmatic topic at the time and I looked around and found Reproductive physiology was actually doing empirical science. So that’s what I did my dissertation on reproductive 04:12 physiology and the changes aging makes in the energy metabolism of the reproductive organs Okay, very good. Okay, but people that are listening from 7 30 to late p.m We take callers live on the air the number if you live in the area or even if you don’t live in the area Let’s just give out the whole number. So no matter where you are 707 923 3911 So from 7 30 on callers who invited a call in 707 923 3911 and talk to me I love the way that you can describe your educational background in a slightly different manner every month. It’s just wonderful. Thank you So you said that that’s very briefly going back to what you said about the developmental biology or reproductive biology It was empirical based still so it hadn’t been swallowed up by the The machine Yeah, the the professor the main professor in the female reproduction Arnold Sodervald 05:14 had Been working in the field way back in the 40s and he was one of the early people to test the effects of vitamin E on Reproduction in the 1930s and 40s. It was considered a sex promoting Vitamin or almost a hormone And he was one of the people that showed that its effect on increasing fertility Took place by being an anti estrogen the older an animal got the Earlier it became infertile He found that increasing the dose of vitamin E steadily with aging he kept the animals from miscarrying well into old middle-aged And I continued that research and found that It was partly acting by way of improving the production of 06:20 Progesterone as well as lowering the effect of estrogen And I also remember you telling me about those flamingos in the African Rift Valley That don’t age Reproductively because they have so much CO2 from not only the elevation but from the non-puffer algae they’re eating No one is really sure, but I think the high carbon dioxide environment is very likely a big part of it They’re the usual mortality curve It’s a semi-plato Up until middle-aged and then it crashes and the the mortality rate and per year for most organisms Increases rapidly after a certain age And with a flamingos it seems that all through a period of their whole lifespan 07:21 the annual mortality continues at just about the same rate by Accidents mainly And then they they can breed up until they die from an accident right apparently yeah well very very briefly when you were when you were doing your PhD did what forms of vitamin E Did they know of then I’m not saying it was so many hundreds years ago, but you know 40 years ago, whatever How’d they discovered them all or I found a bottle of the very old stuff in the freezer in the lab 1968 or so It had been there for decades and it was a very very viscous material and a light amber color and I tested it against some of the quinones comparing Enzo quinone for example are reacting it with vitamin E 08:27 and Doing a combination staining experiment I got chemical reactions that showed that the Sensitivity of the quinone reaction was very vivid in that old sample and the newer samples So-called pure vitamin E. I haven’t been able to see that same reaction That they got around 1970s using the very old stuff. Is that anything to do with its antioxidant? I don’t know. It was a really a very different kind of Reaction was it where did they get that vitamin E from how did they process it? I’m that that was bought from Sigma chemical company. Yeah 09:27 But it was Fairly typical at the time. It was very highly refined. It was the highest grade available at a time but at that time All vitamin E. I was fairly brown colored and very very thick and I think Some of the studies suggested that it was a waxy highly saturated long-chain fatty acid That was part of the Endurance promoting and antioxidant effect not the Simple to cough for all itself So it makes a big difference. What form of vitamin E they’re using to test and Coming up with these results. Does that mean that we need to be careful when we’re supplementing with vitamin E? Yeah, lots of it now Even 10 or 20 years ago the majority of it was highly diluted with 10:30 soybean oil highly unsaturated exactly what my professor had found was the antagonistic effect it protected against the Pro-aging effect of the polyunsaturated fats So if your vitamin E is thin and liquid then it’s probably not a good vitamin E if it’s thick and viscous Then can we assume that that’s a better quality? I think so All right, we’re good. That’s a little bit of a digression But that a very interesting nonetheless because I was looking at vitamin E just last month and wanting to get some feedback about The best source of vitamin E are very quickly. Do you have any? Would you speak to that? What do you think is a good what makes a good quality vitamin E supplement? I Think the the mixture of the Isotopes or the 11:30 Non-receive make natural forms alpha and gamma are probably The most important but I think the mixture is occurs in nature. It is much better than any of those synthetics D L alpha has been sold for a long time because it’s cheap to make Synthetically, okay, so what about a wheat germ oil is one of the main sources for it, right? But you would not advocate that given It’s very full of polyunsaturated fat. I Tried some of it in the 1970s and that caused a choking Sensation when you took this a little bit of it, so you’re recommending that you take a mixed to coffee roll supplement of vitamin E and not just an isolated D alpha to coffee roll. Yeah In the 1940s 12:31 the anti estrogen Quality that was identified from from the 1930s an anti clotting and anti estrogen effect Was very clearly identified, but with the rise of the estrogen industry starting in 1940 that Property that the idea that vitamin E could be very pro fertility It was the main fertility vitamin and at the same time purely anti estrogenic that really Put a crimp in me advertising idea and they were I think a major factor in creating the doctrine that vitamin E’s action is as an anti-oxid and the The vegetable oil industry at the same time was trying to sell the idea 13:32 that seed oils are edible and In feeding them to animals They were finding that animals became sterile on a high intake of the various seed oils Polly unsaturated sterile and fat Right didn’t they put on weight to then they find that farmers could give the animals Yeah, but the most when they have a really high proportion they became sterile and Brain deteriorated I’m going to add some the brain were the first to deteriorate and That my professor for example identified that as An estrogen promoting effect that has continued to be confirmed that estrogen increases the accumulation of polyunsaturated fats in the body and 14:34 increases their activity at any one moment and those fats Simultaneously are increasing the effect of estrogen So vicious vicious circle. Yeah, so the anti estrogen effect was Identical to the anti poofa effect, but both the food the seed oil industry and the estrogen industry found it very convenient to Sell the idea that vitamin E is merely and the antioxidant so from the 1940s on D alpha to cough for all was identified as how to measure the Value of vitamin E because it was the most antioxidant and so until just fairly recently the only Component that they measured what was the alpha component, but it turns out that the gamma and others have 15:40 very distinct more important biological activities including Opposition to estrogen cool Excellent. All right good. Well, I’m glad I’m glad we accidentally went there It’s a good a good breakdown of vitamin E and it’s used for sure Okay, so you’re listening to ask your a doctor K. M. E. D. Garberville 91.1 FM From 730 until the end of the show eight o’clock you’re invited to call in with questions related or unrelated to this month’s continuing subject of ELF extra extremely low-frequency electromagnetic Frequencies for healing. We have a bunch of abstracts here that does want to get through with Very specific known pathologies just to get dr. Pete’s Insight onto the activity of how these frequencies could have such a profound effect. I know we’ve mentioned rife therapy in the past and For want of not understanding it as well as I’d like to and certainly want to believe rife is a very 16:40 Realistic approach. They certainly wanted to put the man in prison and take away all of his research material Back when Raymond Rife was doing his research. So Probably sounds like something they wanted to keep covered up not to get too conspiracy theorists about it Anyway, the numbers 707 923 3911 That’s 707 93 3911 dr. Raymond Pete’s joining us live on the air There’s a dr. Pete. I just wanted to cover quickly. I don’t want to I don’t want you getting bored with any of the subject matter Sometimes I feel that it would kind of drudge through some of the subjects you’re not that interested in perhaps but Without going too far in that direction. I looked at some articles last month for Extremely low frequency electromagnetic Spectrum and these electromagnetic fields on various pathologies and we talked about the breast cancer one that showed definite conclusive positive benefits on breast cancer I saw another one on and it surprised me here because I know you’ve always mentioned high altitude being very good for people and 17:47 The increased co2 and it being part of a longevity Formulation if you like high altitude reducing stress improving co2 and improving longevity But this does a test that was done on rats And they were I guess probably because the ulcers were Was simulated they weren’t actually I don’t know that I think they were put in a hyperbaric chamber at You know different partial pressure of oxygen to simulate higher attitude But it was a high-altitude stress ulcer healing in rats. So they gave these rats ulcers And they said that basically it was a hypoxia that was a part and parcel the reason they got these ulcers and that it was fairly prevalent among people at high altitude but Do you have do you have any idea first? I guess about High altitude and ulcers ulcer formation in that particular experiment they were using restraint stress 18:48 To produce the ulcers and that happened to be combined with high altitude So I don’t think anything can Be inferred from that study for humans. So the stress was that they were restraining the rats Yeah, if you’re being suspended by your tail at high altitude It doesn’t matter what altitude you’re gonna be stressed out. Yeah Okay, well anyway, all right, I just wanted to bring it out. They they said that the low-frequency pulse electromagnetic fields could penetrate the stomach tissue and they said they relieve the symptoms of the Stomach ulcer and promote the regeneration of disturbed tissues and they said that there was a clinical potential for this therapy for Ulcer treatment. Okay, well, maybe that dwell on that one too much and how about This other study here was put it’s entitled the neuro protective effects of low-frequency pulse electromagnetic fields in a schemic stroke And this again, I think is probably part and parcel of reperfusion or reducing the 19:52 Inflammatory sequelae that happens as a result of reperfusion after an ischemic event I think people I think about people that have hard attacks or coronary Yeah, coronary artery occlusion and heart attacks and then benefiting from using Hawthorne extract as a herbal medicine and definitely Has shown to reduce the ischemic the size of the ischemic tissue post event and promote healing they mentioned some of the inflammatory cytokines that are reduced by the treatment and I think behind those particular Protective changes, I think there is likely to be an increase of some of the basic Defensive factors such as heat shock protein Any kind of stress will bring on these stabilizing proteins and I suspect that those are behind the the various 20:56 Reductions of the inflammatory mediators another Acute stress induced protective factor is hypoxia induced factor that tends to come up at the same time as the heat shock proteins and these Helps nerve cells for example to get through intense stress, which could be Bluecoast deprivation or oxygen deprivation either one right because it these I have to have to be a little careful here when I Look at these things and and and maybe take them out of context But it’s a little bit like inflammation. You know, it’s not all bad Inflammation is necessary to achieve certain end results, but obviously out of control inflammation is where we discuss inflammation as being negative Okay, all right, let’s see here the other article I’m looking at I think that’s actually we can probably skip this one 22:00 This is part and parcel of hypoxia induced neuronal cell death They’ve mentioned here that there was various signal per signal molecules that were involved in inflammation and various proteins that were secreted in response to information and that this Pulse electro magnetic Fields could mitigate the effects of this. I think I’m probably more interested in how the mechanism by which sound waves and this is again it kind of harks back to a rife therapy and disrupting Cancer cells or indeed bacteria that rife was experimenting with and how the frequency And I think we have to make analogies here to things like and the Clifton suspension bridge swaying in the wind because of the harmonics that were produced by the wind blowing through the cabling and how that frequency and that resonance became very destructive and destructive and 23:01 Involved of bridge failing, but how how these electromagnetic fields generate this disruptive event to Become healing, you know fit in terms of inflammation and how that actually works Do you have you have any insight into how that may actually, you know, it may actually Be physically provable. I mean, I didn’t really look at articles in terms of actually outlining the science of it Just those is very excited to see articles referring to people’s disease And especially bone treatment bone remodeling. It was very conclusive, but how how they how this activity could actually be a physical a physical event The research of Robert Becker in Biological electrical activity he found that Organisms are responsive to Extremely weak electromagnetic signals pulsations in in the earth 24:08 electromagnetic field and Older research In the 40s and 50s. We’re finding that all sorts of organisms govern their metabolic rate by Changes picked up from the electromagnetic field Currently the doctrine is that it’s simply the light and dark changes that are queuing in The expression of certain genes appropriate for an either or daytime, but in this older research they would put the organism in sealed chambers out of sight of the outside changes of night and day and some of the changes persisted even in holes in the ground mine shafts and Plants for example that folded their petals 25:11 during the night Some of these plants were taken down and they Could still detect the changes of day and night until they were 60 feet below the surface There are some very penetrating electromagnetic fields that are Crucially important for the cycles of plants the the current dogma that it’s nothing but daylight and nighttime are Really trying to cover up that extreme sensitivity to weak fields and how important it is That we’re being bombarded with polluting electrical rhythms I Can you ask you a little bit and I got one or two more abstracts will quickly want to look at but I wanted to Bring up the subject again Probably not for too long But just to bring it up again the whole 5g rollout of wireless internet that’s taking over Europe and it’s obviously mounting 26:16 Opposition to it, but we’ll go there in a little bit I had another article here and it caught my eye. It was for the treatment of Alzheimer’s And they were saying and actually we go a little bit more specific here and they were using 5 Hertz and 90-minute cycles of 5 Hertz and they said that there was a definite improvement in cognitive Ability so for those Alzheimer’s patients that are definitely declining cognitively. They say they saw a definite improvement Using that and they’ve they said during the abstract here. They give to give a little bit more information. They were talking about tissue regeneration Because of the ability to Stimulate cell proliferation and immune functions via the specific heat shock protein family of heat shock proteins and and how that I Guess that part probably plays into the neuro fillery Neurofibrillary tangles and those kind of proteins that get deranged in Alzheimer’s so that was quite interesting and 27:23 then the last thing I wanted to cover Was a Actually, did you want to see? Oh, no, go ahead. Yeah, okay. Well, this this next one again is just a another article here About bacterial infections that antibiotics are not able to treat anymore. So kind of a drug resistant bacteria type scenario where they’ve used electromagnetic fields and basically blocked things like tumor necrosis factor and transcription factor Kappa beta and they have basically been able to prevent a previously untreatable bacterial infection from getting out of control and Have actually been able to slow it down to a point where they’re saying that this Continuous exposure to pulse electromagnetic field at 5 Hertz Demonstrated significant changes in the down regulation of all those inflammatory cytokines that would be part and parcel of breaking down the cell Damaging the tissues and all the sequelae that Inflammation brings with it and all the damage that it brings with it. So that’s pretty pretty cool 28:28 So dr. Pete, would you recommend a practical approach to using these elf and various post-emf Treatments, I don’t think there’s been enough research on It’s clear that these Acute treatments that can stimulate increased blood circulation and these defensive heat shock protein and and hypoxia induced factor which are defensive but The the subtler things long-range Development of course I don’t think there’s enough information yet And there’s very little interest in following up research that was done 40 or 50 years ago on sounds for example The dogma says that ordinary 29:34 Speaking Frequency Sound waves at that intensity Couldn’t possibly be Interactive with cell chemistry, but several experiments have demonstrated that in fact just moderate volume music or speech vibrations affect the activity of Muscle enzymes ATPase for example was one that was tested and The pitch a 440 cycles Was found to distinctly Activate that particular enzyme each enzyme probably has its own Responsive frequency, but that was contrary to standard biochemical Cell function and so it was totally neglected 30:36 ATP was found to respond to Musical frequencies That’s another violation of standard physical chemical So we’re supposed to speak to each other and hear voices Yeah, and listen to music and Speak kind words rather than shouting and screaming. I know they have they done Test on the various Pitch of the voice Yeah, the pitch affects enzyme activity Yeah, I can believe it completely without having to see any proof is just just a concept of What is hearing a baby cry? Well, I don’t put anyone on edge. Yeah, or people that get in road traffic, you know Situations where they’re just being loud and obnoxious or you know, I can’t see that as being is being creative or healing in any way It’s always it is being inflammatory and destructive. It’s all part of that screaming and shouting cycle 31:36 Okay, so let’s hold it there a second You’re listening to ask your own doctor came you dig up a bill ninety one point one FM From now until eight o’clock, you invited the call in with questions related or unrelated to this month’s subject of the closing subject here of electromagnetic fields and healing for different Hurts time frequencies and different times It’s all out there on the internet if you want to look at it folks is pretty exciting stuff and there’s 2019 and 2020 publications in this I’ll say quote-unquote respected medical journals, but they are On PubMed and you can see the various journals that have printed out the or put these Abstracts out there for peer review and they’ve actually shown up as articles So the number here is seven zero seven nine two three three nine one one Dr. Raymond Pete joining us and we do have two callers on On the line, so let’s take this first caller caller. You’re on the air way from what’s your question? Hello, is this me? Yeah, you’re on the air. What’s your question away from caller? 32:36 Calling from Garterville And I love the conversation and I’m wondering where it’s going in general as far as how much Individuals need to deal with and how much is actually medically relevant I’ve been dealing with a chronic problem for a while and that pushes me to the mind limits of Mental ability Because of past traumatic brain is Injury so I Wonder what dr. Pete has to say about Organic damage To one’s brain as far as any of this new research goes Dr. Pete, are you able to hear that clearly? I’m not getting it too clear, but I got the general idea about 33:43 How I can’t hear you at all. How much repair happens to organic brain damage Well, I know what I think he was asking is this gentleman has organic brain damage and he’s asking how much Relevance Sorry, we’re having a lot of feedback from the caller listener needs to turn his radio down when he speaks to us Okay, did you hear that listen if you could Couldn’t hear the answer Otherwise, so I have to get close to my radio. Okay Okay, so just one one small caller you you are suffering with traumatic brain injury. Is that correct? I’m You sound so distant. I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s here. Yeah, I’m not too sure either Okay, but what I think he’s asking is is any of this emf or elf 34:43 frequencies Applicable to brain damage. Dr. Pete, and he wanted to know if you thought that that could help his brain damage I’m I think the random The white no, I’m hearing all of you now I’m nowhere near my radio what I was possibly asking is What advice would you have for somebody who realizes that there is damage I Think I’m when when the brain has any inefficiency From from whatever cause it’s more susceptible to Interference From being around a broadcast station for example The the healthier the brain is the higher its threshold is to that kind of 35:50 pollution and the healing influence of the natural hormones proceeds at at any age and In any starting condition In traumatic brain injury for example, they found that progesterone and vitamin D are both of them extremely helpful for facilitating repair keeping down the inflammatory processes that would About to something like a scar formation rather than a creation of new functioning nerve circuits I If I might interject just because I’m only Barely understanding half of this because of the weird connection. I’m nowhere near my radio, but he seems to be saying something about 36:54 Progesterone and vitamin D as being helpful for Brain function. Yeah, that’s correct. If you if you look online you’ll find lots of articles published by incredible Universities and scientists engaged in traumatic brain injury as a subject specifically mentioning progesterone’s being very supportive and very anti-inflammatory So as a layman’s question Where do you get progesterone? Is that something that would be prescribed or is that something that one could find on their own or you can find vitamin D and progesterone online Yeah, what I heard was you can find vitamin D and progesterone online Yes, you can find both of those in a good health food store too. So as a supplement. Yeah, there’s nothing there’s nothing restricted about them And there might be three or four doctors in the country who are willing to prescribe 37:58 Yeah, those things but it isn’t necessary to have a prescription for them Yeah, and also Dr. Were you recommend where does where does the if I might ask where does the progesterone come from? It’s usually from wild DM It’s synthesized from wild DM as a starting material It’s the same molecule that your brain manufacturers The brain has the highest concentration of any tissue in the body of progesterone It’s an essential brain Stabilizing molecule. Okay, I think we should wrap this one up and move on to the next caller Who’s waiting appreciate your questions and hopefully you were able to hear what we were trying to say But next caller caller you’re on the air where you from what’s your question? Are you there caller I See the lights are flashing and they are first of all 38:59 My main question is to all three of you what are you and I’ll take my answer off the air What do you know if anything about dr. Hilda Clark machine? I thinking about that right in terms of Rife I’m sorry. We’re having a lot of feedback here. I think hold the Clarks apparatus was a simple direct current device which is In Robert Beckford’s research he found that he could promote and normalize promote nerve regeneration and Establish normal function when nerves have been cut But the use that Hilda Clark made of her direct current device I don’t think there was any research supporting the things she claimed for it There we go Okay, let’s take this next caller caller you’re on the air where you from what’s the question? 40:05 Yes, I’m calling from Washington to coma region and I’m calling on behalf of my husband since he wasn’t able to call and do to work He works in the medical field and was recently denied a influence Okay Okay, for some reason we’re here in the engineer talking to He works in the medical field and he was recently denied a influence of vaccination exemption request By his hospital’s immunization exemption appeals committee despite the hospital having a written policy that allows employees with strongly held personal beliefs against vaccination to simply wear a mask instead of receiving the flu shot My question the rape is since these health care workers have compulsory annual flu vaccination with toxic adjuvants Are there any changes that you would recommend to such people to their diet or? supplementation regimen around the time of vaccination in order to mitigate the effects of adjuvants on systemic inflammation For example, is it safe or effective to increase aspirin intake in order to minimize cytokine production? 41:06 Yeah, interesting. So good good good question And we were going to cover adjuvants specifically in Dr. Pete’s polio article, but Dr. Pete Would you speak to that? Did you hear that clearly? Yeah, and the same things that will protect you against any any injury from radiation to Trauma or bacterial Toxins They can be used to protect against the aluminum particulate matter and the other Random proteins that are contaminating vaccines aspirin is an important one progesterone and the the youth associated steroids And DHEA and progesterone in particular are protective against the the whole range of 42:06 inflammatory processes Okay, I mean what kind of doses would you recommend on aspirin like a couple grams a day then you’d want to be taking vitamin K with that? Or would you think a low dose would be sufficient? I think I’ve Just the day or two before and the following of vaccination. I think probably 500 milligrams per day would be good and that would require some Vitamin K as well vitamin K2. Yeah vitamin K is another generally protective factor calcium sodium magnesium These have a basic anti-inflammatory function when you get them through good foods Okay, so did that did that address your question ma’am? It definitely did. Thank you for your time with Dr. Apeep. Yeah, you’re welcome. Thanks for calling. Thank you for your call 43:09 Okay, so those people listening as he’s asked your doctor on K. Medi-Galbapool 91.1 FM from now until the end of the show the 8 o’clock you invited to call in and that number is 707-923-3911 once again 707-923-3911 We do have another caller here lined up. So let’s take this next caller call away from what’s your question? Hi I’m in New Harris and this is Kim. I wanted to share that there is a site online Dr. Pollock pauluk.com Can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you Dr. Pollock. He said yeah The engineers talking to someone now and apparently it’s cutting into you so I don’t know what’s happening Yeah, I can hear you again. So just say that again. Hello Yes, Kim we can hear you now the engineer is not speaking so we can hear you Okay, it’s interesting. I can’t really hear you guys, but I wanted to tell you dr. Pollock.com 44:14 PAWLUC LUK Pollock He has done extensive research on pulse electro magnetic field and his latest blog Talks about Traumatic brain injury. It was just posted February 10th 2020. Good. You can sign up for his articles at dr. Pollock.com We’re good. Well, thank you for sharing that. It’s a quite very timely Hopefully the first caller can yeah, I hope for the first call Dr. Pollock, okay. So for all of those of you listening, I’m very sorry about the trouble with Feedback and not hearing us properly I know it has been a question in the past and some people have been pretty vociferous about it Okay, so let’s take this next caller caller. You’re on the airway from and what’s your question? How are you guys doing good? How are you? What’s your question way from? 45:14 Hello caller we can hear you How are you folks doing? Good. What’s the question I? Have a I have a question first. I just wanted to have you guys ever heard of dharma thing called the MD No He has a I can’t really hear you but he has a book called food is medicine or food is medicine and Which I haven’t read yet, and I’ve read a little bit as meditation as medicine Hello Hi, we’re we can still hear you Okay So what’s your question? That’s not gonna be yeah, we’re we heard part of your okay. Yeah, somebody just told me I was going to be next The the dharma thing called the MD he talks about how when you meditate and your tongue hits the roof of your mouth It releases amino acids to your brain and helps you build yourself to release the amino acids from your brain and 46:15 It’s been real helpful for me for healing of bone injuries, but um the question I have is how does um Spices how do spices help our digestive system? What do they help our cells take in nutrients and stuff like that? I could take my answer off the line. Thank you. Okay. I think dr. Pete you you will answer that probably with a Lots of spices of allergenic type response, but what do you think about spices and nutrient uptake? You know the idea that anything stimulating your appetite Your nerves your brain it is in control of your digestive system that was Pavlov’s Basic research seeing how how the brain manages the whole digestive process and and If you have negative thoughts and anxiety you’ll have digestive problems and 47:24 The spices that that stimulate Salivation for example will stimulate secretion in your stomach and small intestine and Make everything digest optimally But some spices happen to be allergenic for some people so you have to be cautious Well, you have to experiment and find out and also just like chili or capsicum that increases blood flow so that it can improve digestion Okay, so but in general the caller was asking about spices as aids to nutrient absorption and I think What you’ve mentioned about people that have malabsorption syndrome for example is that when they’re not actually producing enough bile from the liver or They’re not stimulated to release You know pepsin or the end of these other digestive enzymes. There are certainly Digestive enzymes that can work, but obviously there’s plenty of herbs that do stimulate secretion of Salivary enzymes as well as digestive enzymes and increase hydrochloric acid and that is all part and parcel of nutrient absorption 48:30 And a lot of these would be termed spices so things that would be aperitifs things like cinnamon Ginger Cloves these are definite spices, but I also recognize that there are people that are definitely Sensitive to those and they can cause other symptoms but well bitter bitter herbs are very useful at increasing the digestion the digestive enzymes and increasing absorption of nutrients and increasing stomach acid and of course people that are low thyroid will have a decrease in all of the the enzymes and the Digestive secretions needed for absorbing nutrition the bitters work on multiple levels stimulating your nerves and some of them Actually improve mitochondrial energy production Some of them have systemic Sedative and stabilizing effects. It can be very important to your general health Good things like Genshin 49:31 Wormwood Any of the we’ve started giving our daughter a century. Yes, and which is a little better. It’s a little clover. Yeah All right, excellent. There is one more caller. Let’s let’s take this next caller caller. You’re on the air where you’re from. What’s your question? Yeah, my question relates to the topic of the day Dr. P. Wee referring In your earlier discussion on energy to scale our energy which ultimately can be you know, it doesn’t really degrade It’s been around since I guess Tesla, you know, developed it Essentially also known as zero point energy and the health benefits I guess as I understand it, you know in a nutshell or that it enables the cells to operate it You have the appropriate frequencies, which I guess are in the 70 to 90 millivolt range Is that what you were referring to earlier? No No, I’m sorry. I’m I’m asking dr. P. Oh Well the stabilizing hormones 50:35 And and the nutrients and physical factors of thyroid hormone progesterone pregnenol on carbon dioxide for example all tend to Stabilize around the 70 not to 90 millivolt resting potential but the The high energy state Really is a quiescent state so that the the boldness is Not Active it’s a quiescent. Yeah, my my second question. Yeah My second my other question relates to dr. Ling. I guess who died last year and I heard she’s speaking about him earlier But I guess his AIH Hypothesis I’m sorry 51:38 Hello, can you hear me up to links a Association and dr. Hypothesis Yeah, yeah, sorry. So essentially like a red blood cell has 300 million of these NPUs so within one red blood cell So essentially are we talking about health that must be at some point analyzed not at the cellular level But at the NPU level I’m not know if the cell in links view is a Oh unit a unified phase Which Doesn’t doesn’t have the Properties of a random solution, but a single unified functional Sort of a personality that goes through Basic changes That organize its function 52:41 I What do we get that? All right, I think we’ve got some real problems here. Let’s just call this good for the evening. It’s five to eight I’ve got a quick question. I wanted to ask dr. Pete Dr. Pete had had somebody send an email in who was concerned With the fact that most cattle most milk dairy cattle Are kept in a permanently pregnant state and he was wondering What what you thought perhaps as the potential estrogen load of milk? I don’t know if it’s that relevant, but what do you think about milk and? cows that are constantly in estrus and there is an anti milk lobby that makes a lot of Publicity and that’s one of their current ploys direct people away from milk, but if you look at the 53:43 consumption of milk over the last 50 years There’s a tremendous decrease even even in children. Yeah more and more. They’re they’re shifting to yeah, so-called not milk vegetable. Yeah Milk substitute and that during this time looking at the population You see a tremendous increase in premature puberty in girls And a great increase in gynecomastia the development of breasts in boys and men. Yeah As the milk consumption Estrogen is it here? Yeah, and the cows aren’t kept in constant constant pregnancy because I have a dairy farmer friend He’s well. He’s saying that basically they’re pregnant. They’re made pregnant They deliver the cow a baby calf and then obviously they’re producing the milk But then they’re automatically made pregnant again essentially. No, they get a dry and off period. Well one of the reasons milk tends to have an overall 54:46 Protective effect against estrogen is that the estrogens that are in milk are in a Detoxified form estrogens sulfate for example is the least harmless form of estrogen not at all comparable to the Estrogens that are in the soy milk substituting right exactly Okay, well, let’s hold it there dr. Peake as we’ve only got a minute and a half before the top of the hour Thank you very much for joining us again. I’m sorry about the The difficulty with the engineering and the sound and the feedback and everything else So for those people who’ve tuned in and want to know more about dr. Peake, he can be reached at www.raypeake.com REYPEAT.com He’s got lots of articles fully referenced about many different pathologies Most of which people are going to going to look they will find certainly information relevant to what they’re searching for and then also he’s written some books and 55:46 Obviously he’s lectured fairly widely But information is quite hard to find out about dr. Peake. So I think he’s I think he ends up Doing a lot of his own research and doesn’t really doesn’t really get around like he used to but anyway Thanks so much for joining us dr. Peake for those people who want to find out any more about us Our business web address is Western botanical medicine.com My wife and I both produce medicinal herb extracts with GMP Registered and inspected and audited and all that good stuff and I’m sort of fight organic Let’s fight organic. Yeah, I’ve been doing it over 20 years too. So for those people who’ve listened to the show and Called in thanks to your questions until March of next Thursday Friday of next month in March Good night. Good night. Thank you for listening

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