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00:00 Well once again it’s the third Friday of the month seven o’clock till eight o’clock p.m. Eastern sorry Pacific time from seven thirty until eight o’clock this evening we have a live calling with people welcome to calling with questions related to the topic of the show and or some unrelated questions we get all sorts from time to time so once again very pleased to join you here live from the kmart studios in garbable as march it’s gone the equinox now and the clocks are sprung forward and we’re definitely getting some sunny warm heralds of the coming spring that we’re in now i guess but the coming early summer so once again i’m very pleased to introduce dr raymond p on to the live show and like i said from seven thirty till eight p.m. we’re inviting callers to ask questions related to this month’s topic which is the antiviral 01:04 activity of medicinal plants and their constituents and how dr p interprets the antiviral activity because it’s not always a straightforward antiviral activity but rather a host response that’s often the remedy or the provoking provoking factor which stimulates immune system into defense so the number if you live in the area or even outside the area or from iceland or australia or wherever you’re calling from number seven zero seven nine two three three nine one one now once again seven zero seven nine two three three nine one one and from seven thirty till eight p.m. we’ll be taking calls so once again dr p thanks so much for joining us as always i’d like to start the show off by asking you to introduce yourself give your a rundown of your professional and academic backgrounds so people can understand where you’re coming from and later on i’ll give people more information on how to find your website and your articles after undergraduate 02:08 study in humanities and a master’s degree also in generally humanities pieces on william blake i later about ten years later went to graduate school in biology interested in brain physiology but ended up working on reproductive physiology because the the brain biology people seemed to to and indoctrinated with uh membrane theory and other stylish things at the time so i worked on reproductive physiology and that got me interested in how the hormones affect consciousness among other other things and how nutrition and hormones interact with other environmental factors to affect our immunity and development consciousness and so on okay 03:10 all right well i think to open up this month’s topic i know some of the subject matter we may have touched on in the past i know certainly some compounds will come up repeatedly in terms of their anti-inflammatory and stress reducing potential as well as antioxidant potential and a number of other things that work together for the good of the host um we’ve been intimately associated with viruses uh ever since we walked the face of the earth and then i’ve heard various stories of um viral dna uh being part of our dna i think up to eight percent was that is am i right in thinking eight percent is uh kind of often quoted proportion um a retro viral uh dna uh seems to be around that okay all right so firstly um given given 04:19 how you understand viruses and um any potential benefit uh that they may confer although most people consider viral illness not at all beneficial but a detriment to their health and to the health of others uh obviously the world health organization um has been campaigning a long time uh for things from polio eradication to the kind of ebola outbreaks that have been uh grabbing the mainstream news but how are we to interpret the viral inclusion in our dna and our evolution with them if we’re to understand their role and our approach to dealing with the damaging effects of coexisting with viruses especially where they cause high mortality and morbidity while bacteria have have their own independent existence they can generally live without us viruses depend on a higher organism to exist and um when i was in graduate school 05:23 i asked a few people what they thought the origin of viruses was and no one wanted to suggest anything at all the nature of the immune system at that time 1970 people were still very puzzled about how we could have such an immense potential immunity to every sort of conceivable antigen at that time there was still thinking in terms of being born being created with every antibody every gene specifying an antibody and someone worked out the numbers and saw that it would take something besides a tennis ball for a nucleus of every cell if it was to contain and genes for every antibody that we produce and 06:26 so people had to start thinking about innovation the inventive process happening for the immune system and the origin of viruses seems to be related to that process of cell invention innovation and interaction people have said that viral diseases became a human problem at the same time that we shifted to an agricultural economy suggesting that diet could be part of it and historically wars famines and deforestation all sorts of natural disasters have led to epidemics and stress is one theory is that stress 07:30 causes mutations in the virus causing the benign virus to mutate and become dangerous whatever the mechanism is it’s known that viruses appear and circulate during social stresses when you look at an individual under stress each type of tissue or organ sends out messages when it’s under stress little micro vesicles of microsomes of various names for them that are emitted as a very fine submicroscopic particle which contains nucleic acids RNA DNA proteins hormones a great variety of substances that travel to other cells in the body and can be assimilated transmitting differentiated nucleic acid patterns to other cells that are under stress 08:42 helping them adapt messages oh yeah and when the individual is under stress this is a natural everyone does this constantly and the six of you are the more of these micro vesicles you have circulating around and that seems to be why old serum transmits aging young serum transfusions communicate a youthful physiology so part of the stress of aging is we’re sending more and more of these distress messages around and since viruses never could develop on their own it’s probable that they’re an emission from a stressed population escaping from this therapeutic corrective adaptive process that happens always 09:47 constantly within our body as part of our normal development some of that escapes and getting into an organism which is in a different state of stress that can become a virus that or a micro vesicle that the recipient organism hasn’t learned how to deal with interesting i i want to go back to something you touched on that triggered a memory in me about an article that i read about the epidemiology of viruses as best we know it or we can understand it now but that they wanted to link the fact that viral diseases became a lot more prevalent during organization when people and community started living in it because you mentioned the word agrarian when they started getting together and growing crops in one location rather than being nomadic and population started to increase locally in a concentration that up until that point never 10:50 really allowed viruses an effective means of spread but once we started becoming community oriented and living in towns and bigger towns and cities etc it may be very easy for viruses to spread from one person to another it was the grains that made that kind of civilization easy to develop and the grains are bad for you right yeah two things in particular they’re very high in phosphate and low in in calcium the um that that in itself i think is uh enough to damage your immunity so you think it’s just that um just that practicing of growing wheat in large quantities to feed the masses uh affected the nutrition not the nutritional status of the people enough to allow something uh like that negative effect of decreasing calcium and increasing phosphate you to to actually become an issue or develop into a problem that would be 11:58 affecting a person’s health and or allow the host to become susceptible and a high iron content the diet is another thing that damages immunity because most microorganisms depend on iron as one of their hosts if you’re always you’ve always mentioned iron as being a very damaging element in terms of its ability to oxidize things and rapidly cause that kind of damage and that high iron is always associated with disease i mean yeah and that has been one of my interests in looking at the role of milk in public health because it’s very low in iron right high calcium yeah and babies are immune to many diseases such as malaria and viral diseases while they’re being breastfed and and so they’re getting a high calcium intake 12:58 and low low iron intake so you do i don’t i don’t mean to throw it out there to question you per say but um that’s a fact is it that babies that are being breastfed have a statistically lower proportion of disease than um children that have been weaned and have decided to eat food and i i yeah yeah some of these like respiratory infections are said to be only about 20 percent as frequent as breastfed babies and malaria and such in the zones where it’s endemic babies don’t get it until right after they stop being breastfed and for you’re just holders so okay let’s hold it there for a second um you’re listening to our scurope doctor on kmud garbable 91.1 FM um from 7 30 to 8 o’clock uh we’ll be taking callers uh i can call in the number here 707 9233911 i just wanted to make a mention as well during 14:02 this show as well as you probably have heard prior in this week and we’ll be hearing over the weekend and through next week that it’s kmart’s pledge drive and right now well we’re at 30 34 170 out of a hoped for 70 000 so we are essentially uh you know virtually halfway between uh 70 000 uh in raising the funds necessary to keep this show and all the others on the air i’m just want to remind people time and time again that we have a free speech radio station here in this part of humboldt county in northern california and there’s not that many freely independent radio stations broadcasting pretty much what’s local and pretty much what is the current pulse of things whether it’s politically or economically etc um so it’s a very valuable resource and i know this show wouldn’t exist without kmud so i’m very grateful for kmud to allow this and all the other programs to exist 15:03 and it’s free speech in its purest form so i really appreciate people calling in and pledging whatever amount they can afford uh for a yearly membership or lifetime membership if you can afford that but anyway yeah please donate because it’s what keeps the show going um so dr p uh to carry on the uh kind of discourse here about your um the understanding that your reasoning behind disease born of a virus and your understanding of our ability to interact or live uh in the presence of a virus and or some viruses that it’s not in the interest of the virus to kill the host because they can only replicate inside a living organism and you’ve mentioned in the past that viruses or uh in fact the genetic information they contain is passed down uh from generation to generation through and it can be passed down through the dna and that actually it’s a you’ve 16:04 said it’s kind of a messenger system in some way but can you explain that and in terms of how that could possibly benefit uh the organism because i now want to talk a little bit about viral disease and i would imagine anybody with cold sores or you know they contract measles or they’ve got warts would ever imagine that this could be a beneficial thing but um in terms of what viruses do and and and then infim their information that they carry and how they plug this into our dna to affect a change um given that we’ve coexisted with viruses ever since we were walking the face of the earth um how do you how do you see viruses in the scheme of things you know when they’re not actually to straight out killing people with Ebola or um you know other deadly viral diseases how do you imagine that they’ve existed for so long and they how how they could be beneficial it in the big historical epidemics there have always been some people who never caught the disease 17:08 were simply naturally immune uh i think that’s why everyone is when they aren’t subjugated and fed a grain diet right i think the uh the social invention of disease especially viral disease is a definite historical thing that you can see the cellular meaning in a very direct way uh that the um there hasn’t been much written about the concept of reductive stress but simply means that when your cells are being uh burdened or overstimulated uh more than their oxidative metabolism can deal with uh they they lose their oxidative pro oxidative balance and go into the 18:09 reductive stress and that’s where iron for example becomes uh toxic because iron that is harmlessly stored in the oxidizing cell suddenly becomes a source of free radical destruction when the cell goes over into the overstimulated reductive state and i think that’s the central uh fact of the failure of the immune system is the something interfering with the oxidative pro oxidative balance of the nervous system and uh calcium deficiency or phosphate excess is another thing that contributes to that reductive stress uh the parathyroid hormone shifts the cells in that direction uh and so when you’re eating uh too much uh grain phosphate uh you increase your 19:13 parathyroid hormone that shifts your balance over in the direction of too much reduction activating cellular weakness and oxidative destruction good you have mentioned uh failure regularly about still cells stability and how the cells inherent stability uh is essential in terms of maintaining good health and that it’s the reductive processes that damage um cellular integrity and stability and that these things energetically lead to a weakness with um results of you know the cells inability to maintain uh order if you like because everything everything in this universe is about energy and order and entropy is the kind of opposite end of that is the disease decay chaos state of you know breakdown whereas in the perfect in the perfect body everything that we have has really been given to produce order and uh you know replication and cell turnover 20:18 and managing cells and everything that we hear about disease death and cancer etc especially cancer is a disorganized inability um to stabilize the cell and things are out of control so from an energetic point of view uh your your your your mind sets upon that type of energetic um basis for good health and it looks at viruses in exactly the same kind of light perhaps and as many other things um yeah for the cell energy system uh cancer and uh bacterial and viral infections and various types of inflammation are all the same process uh it shifts from the production of carbon dioxide which is an antientropic factor uh the carbon dioxide uh spontaneously binds to all of the amino groups in proteins and uh shifts the the acidic balance and so the mineral retaining 21:22 balance of the cell stabilizing it in the uh potassium retaining uh calcium and and sodium resisting uh condition of the cell the stable uh conformation of the cell proteins and when something interferes with your ability to produce that stabilizing carbon dioxide instead we produce lactic acid which adds exactly the opposite it shifts us over into the uh uh unstable state uh increased ph ionization that attracts calcium and sodium and can’t take up enough magnesium and potassium okay good now you’re listening to ask your doctor kamedy our bill 91.1 FM from 7 30 until the end of the show at 8 o’clock callers are invited to call him questions they’d like to post to dr p either about this month’s subject of antivirals and viruses 22:23 their existence etc etc or unrelated subjects so the number here is a number 707 923 3911 okay so getting on to um obviously we need i say obviously but i think it’s in most human interest not to be diseased especially in the light of this month’s subject of viruses it’s definitely beneficial not to get smallpox or not to get ebola or etc etc they’re obviously it’s not a beneficial state to be diseased like that and so begs the question apart from smallpox which apparently is the only known successful eradication even though they have stocks of it in russia uh and i think america have stocks of smallpox and they almost got them to destroy those stocks but anyway i think it’s the only eradication program that has been quote unquote successful um in terms of actually dealing with viruses uh how and i guess this wants to i want 23:28 to bring up another point about technology that in the last four or five years has made some pretty big leaps maybe uh perhaps with not enough oversight because i know the creation of human embryos that can resist hiv is a fairly controversial subject in china where they disclosed or at least people found out they’ve been using CRISPR technology to edit genes and that these gene sequences never before so easily uh tampered with uh clipped etc etc and reinserted back into the embryo to do what they wanted has become available now and i i know that you’ve said that they just haven’t had enough time to refine this and what they’re doing at this point in time is actually probably going to be a pandora’s box but what do you think about the whole process as i know you’re not mechanistic so that’s why i’m asking you but um in terms of editing genes and inserting or reinserting or um you know editing what do you think how do you think how do you 24:30 look at this technology in terms of can do you think it’s going to become helpful or do we think it’s still going to be plagued by the same takeover i think it’s exactly the uh the same ideology that was imposed early in the 20th century as neo darwinism and it basically removed some of darwin’s most important ideas and called it neo darwinism but darwin wouldn’t wouldn’t have subscribed to neo darwinism it’s a purely mechanical theory of existence in which random variations in the genetic material is the essential idea it’s randomness from the bottom up random changes lead to organization eventually yeah by weeding out ones that don’t work supposedly the random 25:35 changes led to something that worked and and then those by random diffusion within a cell do various things everything is explained in terms of random changes uh the uh ever since uh lamar kandarwin the practical people working with organisms have known that that doesn’t work it’s only the academic ideologues who have pushed that abstract view of genetics uh james a Shapiro it is has worked as a bacterial geneticist he has written books uh describing bacteria has perfect genetic engineers they’re perfectly designing and engineering their genetic system but uh his view of all organisms are of nature 26:41 is that life is cognitive all the way down top to bottom and instead of randomness it’s cognition cognition on the cellular level brain level and so on okay so what about uh bacteria phages now as a kind of elusive point here to manipulate viruses what was word bacterial bacteria phage the oh yeah the phage technology i yeah yeah but that for the intestine or wounds that are infected with bacteria that eastern europe and uh asia have over the last 70 or 80 years have developed a great collection of these viruses that specialize in destroying living on bacteria and they’re harmless to people but they will eliminate bacteria that have got out of control 27:45 in our intestines or in infected wounds okay cool um okay so i’ve got some specific questions about some specific viruses and just uh because i know that you’ve always got an alternative approach to treating uh conditions and some of these conditions obviously i’ve um i’ve asked you about in the past here with people directly even um and i’ve seen myself you know uh the outcome of this um i wanted to i guess first start uh with something that is i think they call it 30 or 35 percent of the population have either come into contact with it or are currently uh suffering with it and this is um human papilloma virus that both in males and females and in males the genital warts and in females the dysplasia uh that can be seen by gynecologists etc on females 28:46 that can eventually lead to cervical cancer um certainly seems to be a pretty a pretty alarming state where there’s so many of the population are actually suffering and i know whilst uh things like genital warts seem to be quote unquote self-limiting uh in terms of it not just progressing from bad to worse uh but they eventually clear up and potentially you don’t see any further complications of it there is there is and has been associated with them things like penile cancer and so that this is one example of a virus here that’s directly interfering with the host’s DNA and energy and flow of electrons in the correct ways to bring about this cellular degradation to a point where the body’s lost control of the organization there within the organism and so either uh either cancers are rising as a result of this and this 29:51 is what they call the oncogenic the oncogene or the oncogenic effect where this virus has actually been shown to cause a future cancer what do you what do you think about um both of those things the human papilloma um and genital warts and and the kind of things they engender the cervical dysplasia that is uh one of its effects uh can if it persists can become carcinoma in c2 or cervical cancer and so on but all of the women that i’ve known who had cervical dysplasia or carcinoma in c2 of of the cervix uh stirred it up in just a few weeks by improving their diet and applying vitamin a vitamin e progesterone taking supplements of folic acid and thyroid 100 percent of can i just hold you there i i know i personally have um uh worked 30:57 with this and helped just advising other people you know just being there in terms of the source of information for exactly what you’ve just mentioned is a vitamin a you say then progesterone and i know that this would be something that um would be best used topically in terms of a pessary kind of treatment right how would how do you see that um with those substances and i guess we’ll call it for the sake of the topic of this month antiviral how would you see that antiviral activity affecting the change in the tissue that after x amount of time comes back as being healthy tissue again and not dysplastic um the irritation among other things any irritation increases uh the reductive balance of the cell and the activation of estrogen production and estrogen tends to lock it into that uh reductive and dysplastic condition and these various things 32:04 in in different ways vitamin a opposes the structural changes on epithelial cells as an anti estrogen differentiating effect progesterone knocks out the estrogen and its products all of the metabolic changes shift the cell away from estrogen and inflammation towards the oxidative energy producing condition the mainstream mainstream medicine would hold the hold the view that colposcopy which is a term they’ve given to this procedure where they take a basically a cone that they bore a cone of tissue out of the cervix in the area where they identify this dysplasia this dis disorganized cell and that goes against all the tenets of anything that you’ve ever held true that cancers you just don’t start cutting into tissue around a cancer because 33:10 not just from a potential of not getting it all but having any kind of spread but because the alarm signal that is being well documented or the bystander effect uh when cells are in alarmed and in trouble as would happen during something like a you know an excision uh that’s a very trigger for something to become uh in a state of uh alarm if you’re extremely healthy you you can heal you you can stand to have a bit of tissue cut away and heal it up with a healthy almost not visible scar but to the extent that you’re not fully in the oxidative condition uh any wound is going to leave its trace as a more or less defective healed area of bad scar tissue uh has a lower oxidant tension puts the cells under stress tends to attract repair cells 34:14 but to damage the repair cells because the the tissue is defective so it becomes a center for cancer regrowth uh any destruction of the tissue if you’re not fully healthy which you wouldn’t be if if you were having the cancer in the first place but if you can recover your good oxidative health then you can probably stand having a bit of tissue cut out okay i just want to remind people ask you erup doctor kmd guverville 91.1 fm from now until eight o’clock the number to call is 707 nine two three three nine one one and we do have our first caller uh on air waiting and caller you’re on the air away from and watch the question hi i’m from arizona thanks for the show and you and dr peat dr peat your article on immune deficiency it mentions the auto antibodies several times and glutamate is an excitatory amino acid and glutamate b carboxylase is the 35:21 enzyme that turns glutamate into GABA which is associated with relaxation somehow and the question is about how some people have auto antibodies to this enzyme and these are associated with type one diabetes and stiff man syndrome and i was wondering if you had any comments on the system and how does gamma hydroxybutyrate and or passion fruit juice influence the auto antibodies in GABA i think the energy system should be able to use the antibodies to clean out the the defective enzymes and not continue to be produced uh the uh i i think uh supporting the GABA system with magnesium glucose carbon dioxide anti-inflammatory things uh the pro GABA steroids 36:22 derived from progesterone in particular uh and the and a immune uh steroid dha uh which helps to redirect the antibody production estrogen tends to make us overproduce antibodies but not be able to uh guide the correction process so things that shift the whole physiology towards oxidation and uh the relaxed highly highly energized state of the cell i think that’s the the route out of all of those autoimmune diseases okay thank you and do you have any comments on people who have adverse childhood experiences or in physical injuries like i had a head injury like 20 years ago and anything related to that um those those same things the things that increase stability 37:25 and energy production and carbon dioxide production all of those are constantly causing cells to be born and differentiate in the right direction my last question is is there any use to GABA supplementation like there are a lot of products or powders out there that have this i’m normally it doesn’t get into the brain because of the so-called blood brain barrier but when the brain is very injured it is taken up because uh basically the brain needs it but uh ordinarily i think it’s enough just to uh eat a pro oxidative diet avoid the excessive phosphate uh lactic acid iron and so on okay well thank you have a good day thank you if you call i think we have uh one or two other callers waiting here so let’s go to our next caller call away from what’s your question um from new york um and i hello yeah hi there’s 38:30 some kind of feedback i’m not sure if the engineer can do anything or if it’s anything your end no it’s nothing to do with me but um two questions dr p we’ve spoken before um first question relates to dry co2 the notion of um doing that in a bath or doing it in a big bag you know may not be ideal so one other approach and what i tried just want to get your feedback on it is to get four different bags put them like around your both legs up to the knee um on both arms sort of beyond the elbow and you know fill them up with the co2 and actually you could do it with a shower cap too on your head without you know bearing your breathing and if you go to sleep at night i found that like four or five hours later i’ll wake up and i’m over 50 so um you know the hormones are moving in the wrong direction i’ll find that the there’s a lot of moisture i mean literally in some cases a lot of wetness um in those bags after four hours if you do it for like an hour you 39:35 don’t get anywhere near that amount it can wake you up so i’m just wondering is that a good approach what is going on there and does that make you dehydrated should you be drinking water because clearly you’re getting rid of bad water and retaining good water but i just wanted to get a little more of a physiological explanation of what’s going on and how it’s good and how long it lasts um the mechanism is that the carbon dioxide relaxes your skin blood vessels so your skin gets pink and warm and then the plastic bag prevents the water from leaving so it’s a just natural sweat vaporization but it’s an inconvenience but it doesn’t hurt anything but is it a good thing in other words is it literally removing bad you know poorly structured water from the cell well people who have had terrible edema keeping their legs or lower body 40:43 in a bag very very efficiently get rid of the edema so it much of the water is going to leave through your kidneys and your lungs being briefed out but also some of it is is leaving through your warm skin so do you think that’s a good thing to do i’m in place of the other i mean if you’re heard of that or is what are the downsides of what i just described no no problem except you might get mold might get wet skin fun because if you stay too humid too long it might favor the growth of microorganisms on your skin in a matter of hours i would think days yes but in a matter of like two hours no it probably isn’t a problem but uh like just wearing sweaty shoes for several hours can favor overgrowth of fungus okay second question relates to thyroid um you discussed 41:50 the adrenal gland and how it can rejuvenate itself and other glands and so it seems to me that the adrenal gland provides a multitude of different hormones in production whereas the thyroid only produces you know i guess t1 through t4 if i’m not mistaken maybe a few others but nowhere near the breadth of of the adrenal gland and so i’m wondering if the adrenal gland does all the things that it does and it’s able to regenerate itself why wouldn’t the same thing apply to the thyroid gland in other words it seems that in i’ve heard in the past that perhaps it’s can be useful for older people even if they haven’t had deficient thyroid to continue to take thyroid medicine you know forever and i guess i’m thinking why is that because you certainly wouldn’t apply that to adrenal glands is it possible that thyroid to rejuvenate itself and actually function normally such that you could literally not have to take any thyroid medicine 42:50 after some period of time or you could take two or three other items that ultimately would provide an adequate proxy the reason people benefit from taking a thyroid supplement isn’t that their gland is weak it’s that their whole body is working to interfere with the function there there can be enough uh thyroxin circulating in the body of a hypothyroid person uh for a dozen people but if your body is not activating it properly not not able to mobilize the mitochondrial respiration then that thyroxin is counterproductive in in some cases it interferes with with the formation of of the effect of t3 if someone wasn’t happy taking that for a long period of time they had an adequately or maybe just a minor suboptimal function thyroid are there two or 43:53 three things that you would say i know i’ve you know that you would say that are really important if you’re not going to take thyroid uh medicine to proxy for that i when you have eliminated most of the polyunsaturated fats in your tissues then your tissues are extremely sensitive to thyroid hormone and so your gland doesn’t have to work very hard to keep you in a high metabolic condition so that’s the number one thing okay so what you’re saying is the thyroid will do regenerate itself the same way an adrenal gland will same way any gland will but that’s actually not the point at the point is it’s the body and your consumption of poofa that transport the absorption the cell et cetera it’s it’s the entire train ride to the cell that ultimately gets um interfered with not the gland production that would you say yeah and by the time a person is is 45 the body is really soaked in polyunsaturated fats they they talk about the 44:58 uh and and minus three fatty acids as being of predominant in the brain but that’s only an old brain a healthy young five-year-old brain is highly saturated in comparison to a middle-aged brain it’s funny you mentioned just another point on this on the omega-3 because mary enig wrote an article which and i i can’t remember if you support her review or not but she actually said that the problem you need some and you need them to be in equal proportion the threes that you know one-to-one ratio between threes and sixes um but she doesn’t say that you don’t need them and there just seems to be even from people that are alternative medicine people who are relatively credible and have no you know vested interest you know to deceive anybody it seems there’s a lot of sources that that seem to believe that there’s some benefit so i don’t 45:59 know whether the goal is to get to zero or because you’ve also mentioned that the ratio of saturated to unsaturated may actually be more important than whether or not you you you um accumulate poofa so i’m just trying to get a little bit of perspective on that because context i guess is everything right um yeah if you look at a newborn brain people are now saying that all newborns are deficient in poofa but uh when you look at the brain function the reason little kids can learn so spectacularly quickly is that the brains aren’t overloaded with poofa the the metabolic rate is extremely high in the absence of poofa that was one of the things things that burr in 1932 or three discovered was his animals that were made deficient in the so called essential fatty acids he put them under a bell jar and found that they were consuming oxygen 47:04 almost twice as fast as the normal rats and people are the same we have a terrifically high metabolic rate when we’re two or three or four years old and it’s gradually suppressed as we accumulate fish oil and bed spoil thank you for that call i appreciate your i appreciate you call we gotta call the waiting so let’s move on to the next call yeah you’re welcome uh call where you’re from what’s the question hi i’m calling from new york and thank you for this great show another new i had a question sort of similar to the previous caller um about fully hydrogenated oils um i i think dr pete i think you’ve um recommended fully hydrogenated oils um to improve metabolic rate um my question is um do you think that the the catalyst that they use uh to hydrogenate the oils and and the little maybe the the particles that flake off of the 48:08 the uh screen that they use for hydrogenating them do you think that’s a that’s a serious problem or it’s definitely worrisome and i i think we should look for a much better way to get saturated fats but uh if the experiments like like the rations who used fully hydrogenated peanut oil and found that old mitochondria were restored to the youthful functions just with that highly saturated peanut oil the results are so good that despite the possible danger of of traces of of the catalyst okay all right thank you um do you think that the more saturated the fat is then the the more maybe the more anti viral and antibacterial it could be because i know the coconut 49:11 oil is but um yeah i think it is the saturated fatty acids that are most antibacterial and probably help help with the viral resistance okay well thank you very much i appreciate it thank you thank you for your call okay in case there’s anybody else out there wanting to get a question in before eight o’clock the number here is 707-923-3911 this is ask your obdoctor k midi guvville 91.1 fm and i just want to mention again that we are running our pledge drive here folks so for all of those people that are listening whether they’ve called in or not we’d really appreciate your financial support however however much you’d like to give and if you just call the same number the 707-923-3911 number would work to get your pledge to the people waiting to receive them and we do appreciate your support is what keeps the radio station alive 50:12 okay so dr p a couple of couple of interesting calls there i wanted to carry on the topic here with antivirals looking at some specific components in plants and namely some medicinal plants that have been pulled out and have been used as trials i know i know trials but for trials is sake sometimes a little bit poorly designed or sometimes the results are skewed unfairly in one or the other direction but obviously things like the flavonoids and i want to mention my other question that i have for you if we get time for it now ringen and and now ringen in but let’s start with the flavonoids as a chemical group especially from green tea now we’ve all heard about the benefits of green tea not just from the chinese but from many other people around the world who seem to believe and some 51:13 research is showing that there’s some definite clinical benefit from consuming green tea daily as i’m sure you will say that coffee’s consumption is also very useful but the antioxidants epikatikin and epikatikin gallate they’re said to be reducing glutamate excitotoxicity now you’ve always talked about excitotoxicity in general as being a very negative energy reducing kind of states of wasteful state for cell yeah puts you in the reductive stress right so if um if both of these flavonoid compounds then reduce this excite excitotoxicity then that’s got to be a good thing in terms of stabilizing things and calming the cell down and reducing inflammation right um you know although they’re called antioxidants look like like vitamin c is called an antioxidant yeah but when it’s in the cell and when those flavonoids are in the cell they function as prooxidants they 52:20 shift the cell into a healthy oxidized condition right well that’s a good thing obviously uh so how about um okay so narrowing genin narrowing genin is received a reasonable amount of pres attention here and also i’ve seen quite a bit of material on pub med doing trials with narrowing genin and this obviously is one of those one of those things in grapefruit peel and orange juice orange juice exactly orange juice for sure but they certainly mentioned that the content within the peel and the membranes of the citrus family both oranges and lemons but specifically here uh in grapefruit yep marmalade this is a great drug that’s interesting i love my wife’s listening but i always always started my day with that was bad then it was toast but marmalade i had every morning i had marmalade for breakfast anyway so um the benefits of narrowing genin do you see any other benefits or the way that you would understand narrowing 53:20 genin to have a um you know kind of uh antioxidant stroke antiviral too i mean the the the research for narrowing genin was uh based on um herpes virus so um they use both narrowing genin and hesperatin which comes from orange and lemon peels and as well as the membranes that join the fruits within the orange or the lemon um acting as antiviral do you know what you know about those flavonoids would you understand that mechanism in any other way no i i think it’s exactly the same mechanism that aspirin aspirates antiviral function a pro oxidative oxidative cell restorative function interesting all right so you’re you’re still very much on the side of cell energy and the organization that energy brings is being a route towards uh restoring the cell and restoring health okay all right i don’t know if we’re having enough time because 54:22 it’s four minutes to eight um but i wanted to break into uh pomegranate and the extract from the rind when they had done experiments and trials with this substance mixed with zinc against herpes one with acyclovir resistant herpes virus uh there was a marked increase in antiviral activity with this zinc um and pomegranate rind extract do you know would you have anything quickly to say about the zinc uh that because i know in the past you’ve mentioned it topically um perhaps as being effective i suspect that it is uh sort of like a cofactor for vitamin a both of them are very important for healthy protein synthesis i’ve experienced when i was about 50 i had aging eyebrows starting to get stiff and i found with a zinc supplement or a vitamin a supplement either one would reverse the age properties of those 55:29 eyebrows and i think that’s because they accelerate normal differentiated protein synthesis and oppose the degraded estrogen excitation reductive process interesting okay well thanks so much for your time i think next month i think we’ll carry on uh where we left off with some of the other antiviral medicinal plants and how you’d see their um effects physiologically and how you would describe those effects as well as uh further further work on another subject that hopefully we’ll get a chance to talk about next month thanks so much for your time okay okay so for those people who have listened and haven’t called in and for those people who’ve listened and called in um thanks so much for joining uh dr pete’s website can be found www.repeatrypeat.com he’s got a fully uh referenced oh library if you like of different uh diseases and how 56:32 his research as well as bringing up research that was done you know 80 or 100 years ago which was very valid scientific research which unfortunately his time goes by gets corrupted with the new uh the new paradigm unfortunately um how that is explained scientifically they’re fully referenced uh and we can always be reached uh our business is western botanical medicine uh on our website www.westernbotanicalmedicine.com i’ve archived all of our shows uh and before long here there will be a pretty comprehensive instagram uh website also which will have all of dr pete’s quotes and all of his radio show excerpts related to specific subjects i think it’ll be a great free uh website information uh place to actually go and get some current real words from dr pete there’ll be audio files as well as excerpts so thanks so much for joining us until third friday of next month good night

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