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00:00 Well, good morning. Welcome to part two of our little show running just a few minutes behind. Patrick Timpone, OneRadioNetwork.com, with Dr. Ray Pete. He’s a PhD and he’s on the show with us on the third Monday of each month at around 10.30 central time and he’s been at this for about what, now 35, 35 years? 40, 45 years and you’re wow. And you’re feeling good? You’re 83 revolutions around the sun, 83 revolutions around the sun. And Dr. Ray Pete drinks milk and has sugar so you know you might want to listen and see how he does Dr. Pete, good morning. So I was just kind of asking you off the air for a second but let’s dig into this because we just had a guest who was talking about the idea that these viruses, 00:59 measles and herpes and all these things we actually have, his conjecture is that we have these in our bodies already. You know the root canal people that we’ve had on have proven through biology and peer reviewed studies that they open up these root canals doc, you know these infected guys and they find things in there like all kinds of things from herpes to syphilis to all kinds of crazy stuff that’s already in the body. Does any of that you know kind of balance with your whole thing and you’ve been at this a long time? Yeah, have you heard of Peter Duisburg on the HIV critics? Yeah, I mean a little bit. Tell folks who he is. I started graduate school in biology in 1968 and in I think was in 69 a Tim and Baltimore published an article saying that they had evidence that DNA could be 02:11 transcribed into RNA and RNA could a virus could according to the existence of that enzyme there was a possibility for a virus to insert it’s from RNA to DNA it could leave its trace its genes in the nucleus and at the time all of my molecular biology professors denied that that was possible because they had the dogma that genetic information goes only from DNA to RNA to protein and so the idea that protein could be a virus or that RNA could be integrated into the genes as a virus RNA was not supposed to be 03:13 translatable in the DNA but it turns out that we’re full of retroviruses some people say huge proportion of all of our genes consist of retroviruses and during stress we emit these as possibly part of a curative system in around just a little while after that there was an acupuncture acupuncturist lent me a pamphlet he had written by a North Korean claiming he had evidence of particles of nucleic acid circulating in our lymph well he said it looked like our lymphatic system but he said it was a completely separate circulatory system a third circulatory system carrying these virus-like particles that were 04:15 actually emitted by cells to repair cells in other parts of the body that was he wrote that around 1965 I think and just in the last oh 10 years or so it’s now recognized that we are full of these tiny particles carrying RNA and DNA and proteins emitted under stress aging and any sort of sickness or stress because our cells to emit particles that circulate so that they can come out of a stress tissue carry be carried in the blood to the bone marrow for example and change cells in the bone marrow so that they are able to repair the injured cell a new way communication of viral like particles and 05:17 since our genome is fairly full of these viral type particles retroviruses that’s a very plausible idea that viruses could originate from stressed organisms and we know that the epidemics originate in famines and wars and conditions that are stressing organisms and they don’t necessarily have to travel only from like the green monkey theory of AIDS traveling to humans or the snake to monkey to cats and humans of the Chinese virus 40 years ago there were two botanists researching plant viruses at Oregon State University and they would use pumice powder on their fingers and rub the solutions of plant viruses into the 06:27 leaves of plants to create the viral disease they were studying and within a short period of time both of those researchers came down with the same kind of rare degenerative brain disease which to me was very suggestive that a plant virus had invaded their system and I stopped eating raw vegetables at that point so if if if I have a virus that manifests itself to help repair something in my body our previous guest was talking about how herpes will do the lips may do some things like chapped and everything because the person well his whole thing is like the person wants was saying the person needs to be wants to be kissed so the the lips will try to you know put more of these little sensitive particles out there and you know 07:30 and all that and and the herpes will actually come in and try to you know heal that up you know kind of thing and but if this is true and some of these things like come out of patrick that are already there you know they’ve been there forever and they’re and they manifest for a healing process that I need to go through karmically spiritually I can’t I can’t pass those on to somebody else can um yeah a couple of publications in the last few years have found that within the body it’s now known that they not only go to the bone marrow to change our immune system cells they can actually go to the gonads and enter our germ cells so they can be passed on so it’s exactly the situation that darwin proposed with his gemules coming from all of the body parts going in to the gonads modifying them for the inheritance of acquired characteristics 08:40 but in this recent research they were just demonstrated that the micro vesicles do enter germ cells among other cells and oh 80 years ago people were talking about the strange properties that exist within a continent they see similarities between plants and invertebrate insects and and various mammals all varieties of organisms share some properties within the continent that the evolution doesn’t explain those and so they’ve proposed that long ago 09:40 that particles pollen for example teres genetic information and we breathe it and a lab in Germany for I guess going back 15 years at least as demonstrated that if you eat beef for example you can trace the genetic DNA patterns actual long pieces of DNA from the beef that you ate into your bloodstream and into your cells we’re incorporating not only viruses but just cellular DNA from the various species that we eat so it’s entirely possible that when you cough on someone for example that they inhale not only viral infections but 10:42 your DNA is all around you and anyone who contacts you is assimilating that they’ve now demonstrated that in a good number of people have been tested and after death they can test a woman’s brain tissue for example and find the DNA traces in her brain and other tissues of each of her previous husbands wow wow so DNA is is much more pervasive than we usually think well spiritually it really kind of makes sense isn’t it if you have the idea if you believe in reincarnation as I do in past lives in karma and we we reincarnate with somebody for a certain experience and they have these things that we share I mean that’ll kind of make sense to 11:46 me yeah you know what I’m saying it kind of makes sense it’s like there’s no accidents kind of thing yeah it’s a pretty much a continuous string of information of genetic material so was Darwin onto something or was how far off was he oh he had all of his principles down just didn’t know the details didn’t know there was such a thing as DNA but he had the idea right yeah he was on he was on to it Dr. Ray Peters with us Patrick Timpone one radio network.com we have lots of questions who always do is a PhD in biology University of Oregon way back where he specialized in physiology he taught University of Oregon or Bennett College Montana State University he’s down in Mexico nutritional counseling and so he’s been around for quite a while for 45 years if you have a question or two so what kinds of questions 12:50 have you been getting about this whole corona thing and what kind of insights do you have for our audience or March 16th which looks like who knows could be the still long time to go with this country you have any opinions on that where you think this thing is going oh yeah I sort of sympathize with Trump that I think the CDC has been helping a couple of drug companies to increase their their share of value skyrocketing share prices of the the vaccine maker and both World Health Organization and CDC have that connection with the vaccine industry and a lot of people have been exposed for corruption but no one is doing anything about it so in a typical 13:52 year the CDC has said that an average of about 40 000 Americans die of the flu right so now they’re getting excited when a few dozen people die it is out of proportion to what they claim to be the usual annual mortality from flu yeah and is it true that most of these people when they call the flu it’s really it’s a pneumonia kind of a goes in the lungs and does that whole thing yeah and the way the CDC has built up the market for flu vaccines is to call anyone who dies of pneumonia a death from influenza but a very old person say a hundred year old person without any particular sickness might just eat too much raw cabbage or something that gives them gas and that will cause pneumonia 15:01 and so people dying of pneumonia can’t be counted as flu deaths so CDC has been fudging on that but the it happens that over 10 years ago the coronavirus was known to simply activate the well-known inflammation systems the anphotensin system for decades we’ve had the anphotensin receptor blockers and ACE inhibitors the anphotensin converting enzyme produces the inflammatory protein that causes blood pressure to rise and so on and there’s a close interaction between serotonin and anphotensin and those are both well studied 16:10 causes of aging related inflammation so your your anphotensin exposure and production will increase in old age and that increases your your likelihood of getting pneumonia from anything it’s a general inflammatory system that increases contraction of blood vessels and risk of clotting and fatigue of interfering with energy production and so on and the people who are dying at a very high rate from the coronavirus are those who already are suffering from circulatory disease hypertension heart disease and stroke and so they already have an active anphotensin system and the virus finds an environment already going in the direction 17:21 it happens that the ACE that the anphotensin converting enzyme number two yes ACE2 ACE2 yeah it’s a de receptor for the virus the virus attaches to that in the process of entering a cell and becoming infective and ACE2 is the enzyme that undoes the work of ACE itself ACE produces anphotensin and ACE2 then destroys anphotensin so what the virus does in binding to ACE2 seems to be inactivating the inactivator of anphotensin that leaves ACE free to make anphotensin which then doesn’t have any way out so it accumulates causing all of the dry cough 18:31 the high fever increased hypertension and stroke and so on someone was on the show conjecturing that oriental people tend to have more of these ACE2 guys in their body is that possible if it’s ACE2 yeah that would let them be more vulnerable a better target for the for the virus but it would also suggest that they having that without the virus would be more resistant to the age related inflammation i kind of lost you there um that since that’s the protective enzyme the ACE2 the ACE2 destroys anphotensin if you have a lot of it you’re like a young person young people have more of that and so are less susceptible to the virus but also to age related degenerative diseases so so why do you think there’s there was so much going on in this Wuhan 19:39 place i mean can we conjecture that from where you sit what was the question why why was there so many people affected like in this Wuhan city where oh well have you heard about the military games of course yes of course um yeah the day the american soldiers left exactly 14 days before the outbreak and oh i hadn’t i hadn’t heard that really um south korean and uh taiwan virologists have traced the gene pattern back to find that in the us there are five different strains of the coronavirus the Wuhan Wuhan strain is just one of those and uh they say logically you can have derived the Wuhan from one of those pre-existing five strains 20:42 but you wouldn’t have at this time five descendants and the the inheritance goes the other way that the that the Wuhan strain is like a branch on the tree and the preceding varieties of the virus were existing in the us already and already and many of us had this already have these guys in there right uh yeah yeah they’re just and and you know the cdc patented the corona virus 17 years ago they did good for them and research was being done at fort detrick supposedly are creating pathogens to create vaccines to counter them so the suggestion has been made that that there was an accidental release of that and an article in in nature 21:49 years ago said people people have been quoting well the recent comment on that old article was that people are citing this article to indicate that the virus originated at the fort detrick lab that that couldn’t be possible because it would incriminate fort detrick sure right but it’s possible in your opinion that it yeah it was a bio weapon thing yeah and I guess it could be very possible that this was a whole controlled releasing for all kinds of political reasons yeah yeah they shut down the the lab in july or august and then there was the epidemic of lung damage or pneumonia blamed on vaping poisons but then shortly after that the the Wuhan episode 22:51 so um so some of these strains were lab created with does that pose a a more substantial problem for the human immune system to to deal with it if it’s coming from outside of them but it could be already in there anyway I’m kind of confused well in the lab you can accelerate evolutionary changes and make very improbable things that might never statistically happen yeah in a living organism which makes it just not easy for the human body to to work with it because evolution you just kind of figure it out as you go with these viruses that are that are theoretically everywhere right these viruses yes and in these labs researching pathogens creating pathogens to imagine an attack 23:52 and how to create a vaccine to it the the pathogens they create are more imaginative I think than nature yeah I mean so it’s I guess it’s evident that the somebody’s going to come out with a vaccine for this thing soon right and they’ll probably then want everybody to get it or sell it or yeah that’s why the stock prices of that vaccine company have gone up so much because they say they’re close to coming to the market with it but the trouble is that for ever since before this wine flew the guy that got fired for exposing the non-existence of this wine flew he was warning that the whole thing is pointless because flu viruses 24:57 mutate faster than you can create a vaccine and test it for safety so by the by the time you can show that a vaccine is effective and safe there will be no flu left to to do to do anything with a pen yeah so I mean because you would have to make a flu virus a year before the flu season anyway right yeah yeah so if the lab was very clever they could produce the disease you’re ahead yeah put that one out yeah well what do you think there’s there’s been people around over the years that have that have conjectured that this hiv thing is not really a virus that you can see and it’s just not there and there’s a german supreme court that just upholded biologists claim this article that we put on our website that measles virus does not exist it just doesn’t 25:58 exist yeah but I’ve followed peter doosberg’s argument closely now for 35 or 40 years and but I he has never been proven wrong he lost his research grants and is now officially out of the science world because he persists with his evidence and and what evidence is that let’s recap what evidence that has doosberg said for the last 40 years that there is he says it’s the genetic dna strip is a retro virus he says it’s a harmless retro virus and we’re full of such dna when we’re under stress it shows up in the blood so you can have a blood test for it but all it’s showing is that you’re a stressed individual and that’s just one of one of many 27:07 pieces of dna that shows up in this cloud at the time he was presenting his argument this other information of mitral vesicles carrying dna and RNA all through the body every time we’re under stress that just wasn’t known except to this the acupuncture world but it’s now a common knowledge that stress causes retro virus material to explode into the bloodstream so you can find and sell a blood test for just about anything you can imagine so which follows then with some people they go through this quote flu season unquote and they’re stressed or worry and angst and and they’ll come up with something where somebody else won’t because it’s it’s already there and it just manifests itself yeah and people have tested blood samples taken in army recruits decades before anyone suggested 28:17 that there was aids or hiv virus right from 1960s for example and giving the standard dna analysis to those blood samples every year tested half percent of the population have tested positive for aids every year at that steady as far back as they had blood samples point five percent has tested positive and more recently when you go across and actually look at random blood samples it’s still half a percent is infected but if you pick out if you pick out sick people yeah you’ll find a very high percentage so i guess it’s possible all this is all conjecture but the whole thing with the gay lifestyle could have been i don’t know just fear and angst and and and maybe guilt and and these are 29:25 doosbergs and it correlated exactly with their use of particular drugs the drug causes stress and causes the virus to come out as well as causing the sickness so there was a correspondence but it was caused by drug use oh by giving the drug to to the people who tested positive after the treatment came out doosberg said you’re creating the virus that you’re you’re treating but before that he he correlated there and the bay area in particular yes there was a fad of using particular vasodilator drug for a play for experience yeah like a poppers yeah yeah exactly right right and how did that tie into it with the gay community with the poppers 30:28 that that particular drug creates a very intense stress reaction that causes the release of these retroviruses so doosberg argument and you follow him for you’ve been following him for 40 years doosberg yeah from his first arguments around 1982 i think it was my goodness and so people that tested positive and that’s a certain percentage um then they would take the AIDS drug and then that would that would blow the thing up could they pass on this this thing to somebody else through sexual encounters oh um probably i guess the same way a mother passes on uh these micro vesicles it’s it’s a normal thing to pass whatever is circulating in your bloodstream to show up in the egg or the sperm right well dr repeat is with us patrick timponi 31:34 dr pete stay right there we’re going to take a quick little break here well uh please tell folks about one radio network as you heard the last show now this show you hear things that are just different from what you hear around the rest of the world and we like that because that’s where we’re trying to just keep digging and digging we’re not saying that every guest has the truth the whole truth nothing but the truth but it’s up for you to make your own decision about that judge the people and their experience and where they’ve been and how this might fit into your life or not patrick timponi one radio network dot com previously with peter ragnar who’s a great example of staying young and healthy we asked him what kinds of things he takes personally for myself i look at all of the supplements that help bolster her and harmonize my hormones and you know this is both for men and for women and uh 32:38 when you go online there’s so much information about that out there i i’ve actually i’ve heard on uh one of your advertisements they’re patrick about the pine pollen i personally take pine pollen which uh is i think it’s an amazing product uh has an amazing effect upon the body peter it’s one of our favorites too pine pollen any of these are thrival links you have the pine pollen pure potency pine pollen gold and if you’d like to get it every month the auto ship is the best price also steven buehner’s book exclusively on pine pollen is right there in the site too daniel’s site right here on one radio network dot com brian clement who heads up the apocrates institute in florida talked about saunas here helkey writes it for brian clements would brian give us some tips on what supplements we would need to take if we do saunas several times a week to replenish lost minerals from sweating but dr ral who you had on as a colleague and a friend we do 33:41 often conferences together in europe and i agree we have saunas here i take a sauna so you know this no matter where i travel in the world 365 days a year i think it’s mandatory really 87 percent listen closely 87 more heavy metals and chemicals come out in an infrared well no wonder we feel better when we take these saunas we have to relax yes we do and then there’s also a scientific proof if you believe in any kind of science that you can do is say a urine push in other words um you can do some et dda or something like that and p and then test your your your metals that come out and there could be some you know whatever mercury or arsenic stuff like that lead and then you can do a far infrared sauna for about 30 minutes you do the test the p test again and actually more of these guys come out through the kidney kidneys for sure and i would just conjecture i 34:42 guess then the uh the feces as well so not only are we getting a lot of stuff out through the skin but then you know the heavy metals which go in this toxic stuff which has been shown to be in the fat it’ll come out the p and poop as well so these things are really helpful you to detoxify for what it’s worth i do on almost every day of my life and i just do it i had been incredibly helpful for me to stay well and happy happy boy um so if you’d like to get one we have the relax far infrared sauna they’re made in taiwan medical university they’ve won several awards for the technology the far infrared rays you sit in there you see the picture if you’re listening to the show and video this morning you see the picture there and you can just email me and we’ll give you one for one thousand one hundred fifty dollars delivered lower forty eight and we ship them all over the world all over the world the lower forty eight and if you live in um in the eu for example 35:49 it’ll come with the proper plug it’ll just work just fine for you so that’s the relax far infrared sauna i think the retail is about thirteen hundred bucks i don’t think you can calculate a a dollar figure to do what this the goodness it can do for you to help to detoxify whatever you know it’s going on around there and planet earth which is kind of strange these days uh so it’s a good great investment but you have to email me to get the deal uh because we can’t put it in print patrick at one radio network desk com just a quick uh plug here on the aqua cure hydrogen machine folks have been asking if they can get these shipped to europe you see the picture if you’re listening on video yes you can george sends it with a little adapter so you live in the eu anywhere in japan uh this will work for your particular plug they they do ship them all over the world and the one year uh no questions ask money back care and tea for this hydrogen browns gas producing machine uh works for the promo code one radio and then the one year no questions 36:56 ask money back and then a lifetime warranty uh just so you know on uh one radio network com you can click an order if you want to get one of these guys and we think they’re just really cool just pretty amazing technology and uh just email me if you have any questions or use promo code one radio on the on the machine we are listeners supported one radio network we’re talking with dr ray pete uh and he’s here the uh first uh the third monday of each month at 10 30 central so we’re real grateful you take the time to do this dr pete thank you people really enjoy hearing from you you want to do some e-mails you want to do okay you okay uh here is from amy i broke three bones on my left shoulder on friday march six fractured the right knee i used to basco for topical pain relief it’s working for me what can i do to aid in the speeding up of healing i’m not planning 37:56 on surgery have you used any magnets uh dr pete have you ever used magnets and what else can she put on this guy topically to help heal or internally the topasco idea is a traditional medical idea to increase circulation i think it does work uh ultrasound gentle low low energy low frequency ultrasound greatly accelerates bone healing you can get a cheap apparatus for i think around a hundred dollars yes yes you can uh and i’m applying that a little bit every day uh does internally it probably imitates the the action of the tabasco sauce and red light uh has a similar uh increase uh open blood vessels 39:00 and uh accelerate energy production and speed healing does it have to be some fancy red light with the particular uh or could just be the chicken lamps the ones that we use right yeah sunlight is best because it increases your vitamin d which is the other essential a bone healing factor yeah i i i was diagnosed with an x-ray with a little burns on spur on c4 c5 you know kind of thing and and uh one of the chiropractors recommended one of those ultrasound machines you know to help that whole thing just kind of normalize itself and i don’t know i got i think it was like 150 bucks it’s really nice and um they’re easy to use too aren’t they yeah um they accelerate wound healing in general someone found that infected tonsils healed up when they put a an ultrasound probe on them pretty interesting 40:01 here’s an email uh dr pete you said that potatoes rice and hominy are good foods so does that mean that you don’t care about the glycemic index or low that it may be on our body um i yeah i am cautious about the starches any starch if you take it even when it’s well cooked a load of starch can pass directly into your bloodstream in mouse experiments they could show that any any of the starches with grains ranging from five microns to a hundred microns all of those could pass through the wall of the intestine into the bloodstream unless there was a lot of fat and fiber taken with it and uh once these get into the bloodstream 41:03 the particles might be bigger than capillaries and depending on the size they can plug blood vessels and and cause tissue cells to be deprived of blood supply so i stopped eating most starches about 40 years ago when i read that research uh the research has been repeated many times now so it’s uh it wasn’t just one person’s yeah exceptional and so then what kind of foods did you drop out after uh believing this research to be accurate rice, wheat, potatoes, primarily the only starch i eat now hominy or tortillas made with the uh lime process called nyxtamalized corn what’s hominy i you know of course we’ve heard of hominy grits can you actually buy hominy that’s kind of uh you could make a little cereal 42:08 with butter whatever and be good for you can you buy it yeah the lime breaks down the starch so that i had students experiment with it and it didn’t have any of those harmful effects that we could identify the lime also digests the protein makes it more nutritious can you purchase hominy that’s already been all limed up and ready to go uh yeah except the canned uh whole wet hominy almost always comes with additives to to keep it white and the sulfite uh can be dangerous for a lot of people can you buy organic dry hominy that’s been yeah yeah yeah and um you just cook it up it’s the same as hominy grits only in big pieces and so generally they’ve all been that nyxtamization thing has already been done uh yeah yeah it isn’t it isn’t the hominy unless 43:14 it’s been cooked cooked in lime uh huh does that you think that bob’s red mill guy does he do hominy the pretty good place that does these kind of products you know i don’t i don’t know about it but but you can actually buy if it’s hominy it’s been what’s that word nyxtamized nyxtamized nyxtamized and that’s that that that takes away the whole that thing uh yeah that you took it takes out most of the polyunsaturated fat it increases the niacin content and it pre-digests the starch to a great extent could that be part of the issue that all of the the no grain people are not really talking about but could be an issue with people having hard time with eating these grains you know the the gundries with the lectins and all the these people oh oh yeah in in the the u.s southern states uh polygra was a big problem but the because they were 44:19 eating corn without the lime treatment the uh central americans mexicans south americans chinese everyone for thousands of years were cooking their grains in ashes producing sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide or burned limestone for the lime and they were detoxifying their grains but at the same time that would produce a lot of of niacin and reduce the the leucine content but without that people were getting getting very sick uh with um polygra have you can you lead us to a um a concise clear way that we can do this whole lime thing at home if we want to eat some of 45:22 these starches yeah you can buy powdered lime at any i think some of the the big markets like like whole food are probably selling it now but for sure at any latino market powdered lime right yeah and then if you want a big kettle like a gallon of water you put in maybe a pound or two of of corn kernels and a big tablespoon heaping tablespoon or two of of the lime and boil it until the seeds swell up to about the size of an olive and get soft and that’s how many the cellulose coating separates from it at that time so 46:25 you can stir it and strain off the the flaky material that isn’t pleasant and that’s how they do it in in in uh mexico right because i kind of know they kind of know that it works better for the body and tortillas yeah and tastes much better it’s interesting ordinary bread even if you chew it for quite a while you don’t notice the sweetness from from your saliva acting on it but with a tortilla or harmony in just about 30 seconds you can taste the sweetness appearing interesting can you what if you liked to make your own bread and you use some heirloom wheat like iron corn or something could you do the whole lime thing with that yeah someone has been emailing me from italy trying the process on all the different old traditional grains yeah and she says they all work very well so you could do the same thing you do a gallon maybe of water 47:30 a pound of uh the wheatberry zincorn would be the old traditional one and you do the same thing with the tablespoon of lime and boil it and then could then make your bread from that yeah yeah wow pretty cool pretty cool you learned this down in mexico right when you were down there for a long time yeah so you said fat and fiber so what if you do a baked potato and put a lot of butter and eat some fiber some kind of um psyllium or something like that would that would that make it easier well the potato itself especially if you eat the peeling that there’s enough fiber in that if you have lots of cream or butter on it oh so that that helps it to be more digestible yeah yeah dr p great stuff dr p should we be worried about melatonin in our food melatonin in our food no not that i know of it can be toxic if if you buy it in a pill and uh take 48:35 outrageous doses at 10 milligrams i think it can upset your hormones but the physiological amount of melatonin one milligram is safe dr ray pete is with us patrick timpone one radio network dot com march 16 please pass on these links to everyone that you care about dr pete you recommended drinking kale broth but what about herbs such as tarragon or parsley or dill and so on many many of those are very full of allergens so if you have any any digestive problems or respiratory congestion you should check your sensitivity to those foods here’s another email you have mentioned that our teeth are absorbed calcium would washing our mouths out with lime water help restore our enamel that’s a good question 49:36 yeah superficial cavities not cavities but superficial imperfections will pick up calcium right out of the the solution calcium phosphate yeah crystallizes right into the solution but the the same lime solution you cook the corn in probably won’t help except as a detergent effect the baking soda is a good detergent to clean or remove the starch or sugar particles but it needs the the phosphate with the calcium for these repair processes in the enamel defects we’ve been promoting a product called pearlsium which is from real pearls and they seem to do that i’ve seen in my own teeth where it’s 50:37 actually fills up little ridges you know fills up little ridges because it’s it’s the kind of calcium you said it works that i forget the name of it i think that’s calcium carbonate calcium carbonate yeah the first calcium to be laid down in the bones for example is calcium carbonate and then as it ages and matures it takes up the phosphate cody writes in from florida i was listening to the show i heard dr pete all mentioned that he does any potatoes i’m interested in no why and i i think we covered that one right we’ve already covered the potato thing so even though potatoes with a lot of cream and the the skins you just still pass on those knowing what you uh yeah mostly for the allergenic effect of that whole family tomatoes eggplant bell peppers for example oh the whole nightshade thing you think there’s something there’s something real with that uh yeah quite a few people have an allergic sensitivity 51:42 to it dr rey pete here’s beth in uh norton illinois do you have any theories on what would make a person susceptible to getting shingles or thoughts on how to prevent them shingles um yeah it’s a stress breakout of the chickenpox virus of the herpes family uh and it’s probably involving those micro particles that are are shed by cells under stress and aspirin by reducing stress and inflammation of all of the anti-inflammatory things help to prevent the the cycling recurring episodes of shingles once it starts then it just has to play out over a period of a week or so but during that time if you do all of 52:48 the anti-stress things vitamin d lots of milk and orange juice some some aspirin of vitamin k has some anti-inflammatory effects that protect the blood vessels good old aspirin does that so so i know some of my friends out of town who go to traditional doctors they have them on these little aspirins for this or that not a bad idea then yeah the aspirin actually has germicidal antiviral properties there was a a study done in washington dc of AIDS patients giving them big doses of aspirin and they were improving and the study was called off despite the disappearance of of the AIDS symptoms but going back though um if these viruses like 53:57 we’ve you’ve been talking about in our first guest are really doing a lot of things they’re supposed to do what would be a situation where we want to go in and try to kill them with this or that i’m kind of on on the confuse with that idea kill kill which the yeah kill a virus right right uh uh the um some of the when when your body can’t integrate them the body starts to disintegrate it’s a matter of energy you can repair yourself and advance to the next stage of functioning if you have the the energy to do it but when when you’re just not using oxygen properly so the things that create stress are are those that block oxygen use and 55:00 you end up producing lactic acid instead wasting the glucose making lactic acid the lactic acid uh accelerates the process producing inflammation and further reducing the ability to use oxygen because that process is part of wound healing which is a reversion to a primitive like in the first stages of growth of the fertilized egg it relies on a very energetic use of the energy supply of wasteful use of oxygen to produce intensely fast growth the lactic acid production is good during wound healing but for the whole organism 56:03 you want to get quickly out of that stage and back to oxygen use for full energy production and with aging and accumulated toxins and such it becomes harder to restore the full oxidative metabolism so any little viral threat can become permanent so that’s the argument for people in a weakened condition on meds and nursing homes and all that you know that might be a case to go in and try to manipulate to because they don’t have the energy to deal with it yeah and carbon dioxide is what should be produced in producing energy rather than lactic acid and one of the things that will make it easier for for example a wounded or sick or aged person to 57:04 restore their energy is for example a bathing in carbon dioxide in a bath tub or a bag you absorb it through your skin and that increased level of carbon dioxide turns off the inflammatory process suppresses the wasteful production of lactic acid and the reduced lactic acid tends to turn off all of these virus release processes and how do we what do we put in the bath to do the whole thing through the skin to create more carbon dioxide internally you absorb and they’ve known that in mineral springs that are rich in carbon dioxide and bicarbonates the bicarbonate itself is turned in the surface of 58:06 the skin into carbon dioxide and is absorbed into the skin even though the carbon dioxide in the bloodstream is very high normally compared to the water you’re bathing in the body has such an affinity for it it will pull it out of the water converting bicarbonate to carbon dioxide at the surface and then absorbing the carbon dioxide and the pure gas likewise enters the skin dissolves in the body fluids very well so you’re talking about actually putting baking soda in your bath tub yeah yeah that’s that traditional thing of a pound or so of baking soda and maybe some epsom salts with it but both both of those the the magnesium will be absorbed better for the bicarbonate that goes into the body with it and that that would be the argument 59:12 too for a little bit of baking soda even internally if you want it i’m yeah i’m on the skin it’s remarkably therapeutic. Dr. Ray Pete is with us Patrick Timpone at his March 16th please tell folks about our our show here and we have a lot of very interesting people as you can hear what is Dr. Pete from chris in canada think about hearing loss my doctor said well we just kind of lose some of our hearing as we get older is there anything i can do to reverse this thyroid is the single most important thing there have been a couple of publications showing that high estrogen damages the the the hair cells in the hearing apparatus and i think prolactin along with the estrogen you want to make sure those aren’t elevated they tend to go up with aging and thyroid and vitamin 01:00:19 D are the things that prevent those types of damage to the apparatus of the inner ear. Larry writes in 73 male atherosclerosis my left car how do you say that carotid carotid artery how do you say a carotid artery sorry 100%!o(MISSING)ccluded and a year ago my right carotid was 70%!(NOVERB) occluded according to last week’s ultrasound my occlusion is getting worse and my doctor wants me to have an angiogram does Dr. Pete have any suggestions for maybe non-invasive alternatives test and or issues he said i’ve used liquid etd a vitamin d3 vitamin dk2 that’ll kind a sliposomal magnesium and but that’s not helped the condition i’m the process we were talking 01:01:21 about in relation to the virus at the angiotensin system is at the root of the development of atherosclerosis and experiments in animals and people show that you can reverse the process and start getting the the plaques unloaded using the ACE inhibitors and the angiotensin receptor blockers what’s an ACE inhibitor oh the enzyme that makes angiotensin the first approach they had was a molecule that blocks blocks the function of that enzyme so you don’t make angiotensin but it’s more immediate and complete you can get a hundred percent blockage of the the receptor 01:02:21 so the angiotensin stops having its its harmful effect with the blocker low sartan for example a recent last week i think article in lancet magazine by three european doctors researching lung function warned the public not to use low sartan as the chinese had recommended and these european doctors i think failed to read enough of the research of the preceding 10 or 15 years because low sartan protects the chinese have good evidence that it’s protective against the inflammatory processes of of the virus but separate research completely unrelated virus 01:03:22 shows that the molecules like low sartan helped to reverse atherosclerosis have a very general anti-inflammatory process even migraine headaches it’s now i’ve recognized as a very helpful thing along with serotonin receptor blockers serotonin and angiotensin and histamine are very closely interactive with processes like migraine and atherosclerosis and is low sartan a pharmaceutical med yeah it’s i think the cheapest of them and among the most effective can you buy like natural or get taken natural ace inhibitors or angiotensin guys progesterone the body’s natural it lowers the receptor production so it’s not as immediate and powerful as these pharmaceutical drugs but it works yeah it works 01:04:30 actually a progesterone cream even for a guy would help to de-pluck the body yeah slightly not as powerfully how about high-dose vitamin c we’ve often heard that that’ll do it any any research showing that’s true a little but it it has its side effects too too much i mean what yeah the the manufactured stuff is is never absolutely clean yeah an experimenter using distilled water put a gram of of reagent grade highest purity a carbic acid into it and then put it in an electron spin resonance apparatus and showed it was as full of free radicals as a killing dose of x-rays wow really speaking of x-rays if one 01:05:30 does an x-ray or it has to do or guys go out and do CT scans are those things that we could if we want to do that to to minimize the ill effects of x-rays or it’s just something that happens in the body will the body repair from any damage x-rays do oh all of the anti-inflammatory things do help do they low sartan included protective against x-rays like progesterone and even turmeric and things like aspirin term yeah yeah um here is an email from tie 65 year old taking two grains of nature throw a daily he could foods have experiment with many approaches to reverse type 2 diabetes level don’t want sugar meds some ideas of what i can do well vitamin d is helpful vitamin k is another thing that helps to handle the the calcium 01:06:38 which helps to handle the sugar thyroid and vitamin d work so closely together you can’t really separate their effects a little little plug here for a surthrival daniovi talus they have a vitamin d k2 product on through any surthrival link very very clean ingredients nothing yucky in there very good so you get the vitamin d and the k2 as well some folks take these big doses of vitamin d and there’s actually a company that’s putting out a 50 000 kind of unit thing in general how do folks kind of figure out a vitamin d dosage if they want to take extra vitamin d during the winter 5000 units a day is able to bring most people up into the middle of the range 50 nanograms per milliliter 50 to 60 is a good healthy range 01:07:42 and for some reason i guess doctors don’t figure people are going to take their daily vitamins so they like to prescribe these 50 000 unit doses once a month or once a week until gets to level up but would it actually hang in there all that time i mean 50 000 yeah it’s um oil soluble so one dose will increase your blood level gradually because it goes first into your fat tissues and and then is gradually assimilated into your circulating blood downsides are you having too much tea yeah but it’s highly exaggerated in the experiments it takes a million units a day for many days but before you get the real calcification 01:08:46 but a lot of people try to discourage its use by saying that you can get calcified blood vessels with fairly moderate doses but what i think the biggest misunderstanding of vitamin d and calcium is that they think that the calcium you eat and the vitamin d are going to go right into your soft tissues but what causes calcification of the soft tissues is a failure of energy exactly the energy process that causes atherosclerosis and and all of the inflammatory processes the parathyroid hormone and the aldosterone aldosterone is part of the renin entrotensin aldosterone system are increasing your blood pressure and and all of the stress related virus related conditions 01:09:54 parathyroid hormone and aldosterone collaborate to knock down your energy production and shift you over to lactic acid production parathyroid hormone is its main function is to pull calcium out of your bones for emergency use in the bloodstream so when your aldosterone and parathyroid hormone are high you will have increased blood calcium and the calcification of the soft tissues which is precursor to atherosclerosis and hardening of the arteries but if you lower your aldosterone and parathyroid hormone by having enough calcium and salt in your diet lots of calcium in your diet it can be thousands of milligrams a day will tend not to calcify your your arteries but to lower 01:10:54 the parathyroid hormone along with vitamin d lowering the parathyroid and when the lower the parathyroid is lower your mitochondria are able to work full speed to produce energy which keeps calcium where it belongs in the bones not in the blood vessels so warning people not to eat calcium and restrict their vitamin d is exactly what’s going to increase your blood calcium and your blood vessel calcification whoa so these dark greens are good right collards and all kale cook these babies up right they’re good for you yeah because they have the highest ratio of calcium and magnesium to phosphate and phosphate phosphorus in nuts seeds and meat and fish the high phosphate to calcium ratio increases your parathyroid hormone and damages your bones 01:11:57 and puts the calcium into your blood blood vessels oh and nuts seeds and meat yeah it’s the high calc so are you making an argument for like just a vegetarian greens thing well it’s best to let the cow eat the greens all right and and then drink the milk drink the milk cheese because the cow has the apparatus to detoxify the greens the greens the plant doesn’t want its leaves to be eaten so it puts irritants and digestion blockers into the leaves the leaves and seeds have defensive toxic chemicals to prevent being eaten by insects and cows and so the cow has the the extra stomach which favors the the growth of microorganisms which destroys those 01:12:58 toxins and release the amino acids and other nutrients to form the milk so a cow is a detox factory have you ever had the the basket I think a sheep cheese the bass cheese boss oh yeah I use it every day man is that the best ever cheese or what I like it yeah wonderful I like almost all cheeses but every day I do eat the sheep cheese that’s funny that’s correct yeah sheep cheese good stuff okay let’s go to the phones good morning you’re on the air with dr. Ray Pete who’s this hi good morning my name is Mel I’m from Fort Worth Texas Dr. Pete thank you for being here for us I hadn’t drunk orange juice in 20 years and after listening to your show I started to drink the orange juice and for the first time in 25 years my hands and feet for the last six months were 01:14:00 nice and warm and now they are back to being cold so I don’t know what the deal is here and also first time my thyroid test came out point one and it was always two and three and the doctor kept saying it’s normal it’s normal so I’m wondering what’s going on and also I want to know about your formulation for progesterone cream is it done by one company or the same formula okay let’s let’s do all those so so you’re saying that first when you did the orange juice then your hands got warmer and then then they then they didn’t and then you said the tighter you mean you’re talking about your tsh yeah okay your tsh went from where from two and three to point one I was thrilled to bed well that’s good right it goes down dr. right or her tsh went down right yeah normal normally when you look at healthy people they 01:15:03 have the lowest tsh but also stress hormones can lower it so if something caused your your cortisol and adrenaline to go sharply up that also could account for lowering the tsh so in that case it’s important to look at your temperature heart rate and also if you have a blood test for t3 the t3 is the active hormone that produces the heat well how could the orange juice help her her thyroid must have worked start working better to get more circulation in her hands and feet it does contain the reason I recommend it as a favorite carbohydrate is that it comes with many very powerful anti-inflammatory flavonoids naryngin and a noble etin and a whole variety of very 01:16:08 anti-inflammatory things that can help your thyroid work but when your hands and suddenly get cold it’s very important to to look for what’s happening sometimes it could be calcium deficiency or vitamin d deficiency interfering with energy production by by increasing parathyroid hormone not getting enough salt in your diet is another thing salt and calcium work closely to hold down the aldosterone parathyroid system wow so it gets a little complicated so you are and my dear you were interested in knowing something about a progesterone formula yeah doctor repeat has uh yeah get it and are they all okay whichever company yeah he’ll tell you here just uh listen okay yeah the formula I designed in the 1970s uh a progesterone in in vitamin e and natural 01:17:17 uh coconut oil uh that has been made ever since by a company called kino gen kito gen kito kino gen yeah the email is kino gen at gmail.com is that k-e-n like Nancy yeah k-e-n-o-g-e-n and so that’s just progesterone vitamin e and coconut oil kino gen and you like that product because you you develop the formula yeah and so there you go how does that help you is it just that one company that does that k-e-n whatever yeah that’s that’s the same company that I licensed it too long ago oh okay thank you so much you’re quite welcome yeah all your help yeah very interesting kino gen so so you you believe that that’s a better choice in just doing the progesterone cream a la carte you know like the from the wild yams or something yeah if you 01:18:21 want to use it on your skin it spreads more easily if you add some coconut or olive oil because it has so much vitamin e in it that it’s very viscous and can be diluted with about a an equal part of olive or coconut oil oh cool here’s one for you uh boy this is a new one I’m very interested if there are any movies that Dr. P found enjoyable or noteworthy as a positive experience for him also any fiction books hmm oh um none I would have to think about that I have occasionally read fiction and now and then I I see a good movie but they aren’t on the top nothing that comes atop here yeah let’s talk we ran a little late can you stick around for a few more minutes okay okay okay stay right there yeah guys we normally end at noon and just keep them 90 minutes but we got a lot of emails and we 01:19:25 got started late so um I’d like you to stay right there please previously with the highly credential Dr. Thomas Levy he argues because the literature shows that oxidation is the cause of disease but the whole point is the location the concentration the duration the distribution of oxidized biomolecules determines 100%!o(MISSING)f all diseases and so that’s why I say oxidative stress doesn’t cause disease oxidation is disease is disease if there’s no oxidized biomolecules you don’t have a toxin the toxic effect is oxidation of biomolecules that’s the entirety of and by the grace of god several months ago george wiseman said this about hydrogen hydrogen is the world’s best antioxidant by a long shot first of all is 700 times smaller than something like coq 10 400 01:20:27 times smaller than vitamin c things like that so it can literally go the hydrogen molecule can literally go through everything in your body and go right into the very dna and repair it so now it makes sense why george was able to say this back in august 2019 with such conviction the body accepts that gas and uses it to heal everything it’s like the fountain of use it’s a astonishing the amount of ailments in fact in scientific studies and they have over a thousand scientific studies now they are showing that it either helps the body heal directly or indirectly from virtually every ailment that ails any water-based life form okay i’m sold and i was able to get one a couple of months ago thanks to your support it’s called the aquacure hydrogen machine breathe the gas and bubble the water there’s a promo code one radio for 10 discount i think a great investment for you knowing what we know now on one radio network dot com 01:21:30 about a year ago i was in the throes of this uh little tummy karma thing that i that i’ve had and and i was drinking just a whole lot of this pure fresh frozen aloe from one of our sponsors um stocked an aloe one and it was great and it kept me kind of uh on track but it really didn’t heal right to tell me which you know there just had to be some kind of a gastritis thing going on or ulcer or something and you know i just i was very curious about that and so as of late we found that there was some a sublexation in c4 c5 which is directly tied in with the stomach and uh the uh vegas nerve and that has been uh been worked on over the last month and now i’m back i ordered three or four the uh the stocked an aloe one and uh just made really so 01:22:34 this aloe product can really heal things in your tummy all small intestine things like that now i had this um this energy with the sublexation and you know if you got the nerves pinched and all that you know the stomach is not going to do much of anything except survive so help me survive but it didn’t heal not like it’s doing now and i’m only doing two three four five ounces a day and wow i’m just i’m just so grateful uh so this stocked an aloe one if you’d like to try some aloe this is pure aloe it they they just take out the the meat and then they they put it in the in the bottle and they flash flash no i can never say that flash freeze it and then that’s it and it comes in frozen it’s all packaged up in nice styrofoam you just throw out what you need put it in a glass thing and drink it and if you want some there’s no sodium benzoate there’s nothing in there except healing potential of aloe and it’s very very powerful you put this on your face you can do 01:23:38 a lot of stuff with it but just drink it and i would conjecture and i’m just making it up i don’t know if it’s true but virtually anyone could have a good time with their stomach their small and large intestine to having uh aloe into your body it’s just pretty pretty miraculous stocked an aloe one you can click an order on one radio network dot com nothing is more expensive than bad information know the source one radio network dot com dr repeat is a phd and uh he’s uh repeat uh dot com it is a repeat dot com phd biology been at a very very very long time he has a newsletter that you can sign up for and he’s going to give you the email here of how to do that and then it’s uh every other month for a year or so it’s really a great price what’s that newsletter doc that email repeat newsletter at 01:24:41 gmail dot com repeat newsletter gmail dot com what was your latest one on it has an s repeats oh rapids no rapids newsletter yeah we always put that on our our front we have a hot link there all right on the show what’s your latest newsletter about uh gilbert ling’s work uh he died last fall about a month short of 100 years he was one of my early influences in biology that my first couple of weeks in graduate school i realized my professor was talking hot air and started reading the background and found that every time he cited the source for his beliefs if i read in the same journals i i found better contradictory work that had been published by gilbert ling and so i contacted him and had been following his work steadily since 1968 01:25:49 so this newsletter is is explaining the meaning of of his work and how how a sort of insanity took over uh biological especially uh nerve function uh electronic functions of cells he gave an actual clear consistent explanation where all of the standard things that people are still pretty much talking about are are essentially uh impossible fantasies very interesting here’s an email from joice i heard an old show with a guest that patrick had on jonathan right that suggested estriol est o r i o l could actually be used topically on the face for wrinkles does dr pete think that’s possible it makes this the skin take up water and so it will 01:26:58 plump up the skin but meanwhile it’s um altering the collagen estriol is the weakest estrogen 10 times weaker than estradiol but people need to use 10 times more to get the effect and the effect is exactly the same as estradiol the powerful dangerous estrogen and uh but they they like to use it i don’t know if it’s still practice but for many years they used it on cattle because it made them take up water and wow when they started doing that uh a steak when you put it on a on a frying pan it tends to exude water and so it boils instead of frying but estrogen does that to your skin too it makes it swell up with water and so it looks smooth and shiny is that good no oh it’s not it’s not good 01:28:06 so you don’t want to put estriol on your skin it’s just not good idea yeah okay it’s it’s pro aging my my dissertation was on the age accelerating effect of estrogen oh you know what i mean and the estrogen is what we get from uh what soy beans and things like that correct yeah yeah so we don’t like those guys i would like to know what soap dr pete uses many of the natural soaps are full of poofas i know i use a pure coconut soap coconut soap yeah yeah i have two questions and this one is from mary can dr pete talk about physiologic role of neural preneferine and neural adrenaline wow i have the um adrenaline system has been maligned it’s the fight or flight immediate response stress hormone but it does activate other stress hormones cortisol and so on 01:29:18 so it can if it persists it can be harmful but the the history of it maligning that has led people to over emphasize the opposite parasympathetic part of the nervous system which with severe stress and aging the parasympathetic overtakes the other side and creates the degenerative processes so things that momentarily increase the epinephrine or adrenaline side can be very very helpful if they are stopped soon enough and sugar and salt happen to be two of the the nutrients that will limit 01:30:19 uncontrolled production of the adrenaline system thyroid i’ve seen hypothyroid people who had just hour after hour their blood would be saturated with as much as 40 times the normal level of adrenaline compensating for the low thyroid function and so when you first take thyroid if you have been over producing adrenaline you will experience a stress speedy adrenaline reaction people think that’s the thyroid action but actually the thyroid has a relaxing function you have to adapt to it gradually by getting your estrogen your adrenaline under control and having a sugar sugary and salty foods while you’re adjusting to your thyroid 01:31:22 will let you keep the adrenaline under control and then when your thyroid function is good adrenaline is all good it speeds your thinking and does everything helpful for adaptation it’s just the overproduction of it usually from hypothyroidism that becomes a stress problem very good thomas says mid 40s always had leg cramps for many many years and he said he would notice that sweet or salty in the evening would exacerbate it and then then he figured out that having lots of water before he went to bed would would really calm it all down and he wanted to know what could be going on and why do people get cramps mainly at night when they are lying horizontally the parasympathetic system turns on when when you lie down right your adrenaline 01:32:23 goes down and that’s the the sort of thing I was just talking about the parasympathetic goes up at night and with age in particular the parasympathetic starts overpowering the adrenaline system and during the night that causes your blood sugar to go down and the falling blood sugar turns on other stress hormones and you go into various asthma can occur primarily at night and even epileptic seizures can be triggered by that parasympathetic dominance lowering lowering your blood sugar but parasympathetic it is better at night it’s more to relax and to sleep right 01:33:23 yeah normally that that that happens with with young people but with old age it exacerbates the problems of aging and I think thyroid hormone deficiency is is as part of that age related sleep problem interesting here’s an email for you can pneumonia be treated at home for example with food or coffee or niacinamide red light or watching funny movies that’s funny what do you think about that pneumonia it’s usually produced most often produced by inflammatory signals that they can come from your intestine or from germs but anti-inflammatory things uh chicken soup a source of salt and gelatin for example orange juice milk and ice cream 01:34:33 all of these can help reduce inflammation aspirin losartan the the thing I mentioned for android tension opposition that that has been used for treating pneumonia among other things yeah interesting which potato has the most ketones red ucon or russet the red potatoes are usually higher in water content the the russet I think has the best nutrition technically you could find the nutrients in the ucon but the high I think they’re the ones with the the yellow keratin content they are harder to digest because the the keratin interferes with the breakdown of of the start linda wants to know if you can talk about the 01:35:39 Scandinavian Scandinavians how they cook fish in lye like lootfish is there health benefits I don’t think there’s any I think was a just a a preservative the thing keeping okay fish in story there Amy wants to know what charcoal help with virus um if you have have a bad intestinal situation charcoal or I think the best approach is do you have a daily carrot carrot salad for example will clean your intestine and remove antithyroid factors oh that’s the one where you put what do you do doc you put a little bit of vinegar and coconut oil in there and I care and salt salt yeah of course salt gotta have some does what does Dr. Pete think about mixing magnesium carbonate with vinegar and calcium gluconate to improve the absorption of the calcium and magnesium 01:36:44 I’m mixing magnesium carbonate with vinegar and calcium gluconate magnesium carbonate at first of all a lot of people are sensitive to some impurity in in most of the products that I’ve seen I used to use it regularly as a magnesium supplement but I’ve had a very bad headaches from it and lots of people experience that so you have to be cautious with any of those pure chemicals uh Nancy wants to know is there any way to make my the valves in my legs work again a big diagnosed with venous reflux disease and so fearful of having the procedure done I’m doing support stockings anything I can do the stockings are definitely helpful but the the cause of it is usually a hormone imbalance 01:37:48 high estrogen in relation to dha, pregnenolone, progesterone and testosterone the bad ratio of estrogen weakens the wall of the veins and lets them balloon and tend to form clots so having checking your your hormones making sure that your thyroid is good is that that’s usually a deficient causing the high estrogen to the progesterone and androgen ratio a couple more here then we’ll let you go to work um okay does rape boy you guys are getting clever this morning does rape eat this is from the Nathias does rape eat believe in god? it depends on on how you define it I’m 01:38:51 sort of a fan of the process theology if you google that you can find what one of the most famous current process theologists they’re they’re basing their thinking on alfred north whitehead who was one of my philosophical influences whitehead made himself unpopular among philosophers by using the word god but if you read the process theology based on whitehead you’ll get an idea of my approach Dr. Pete I love you shows this is from Paula in Scottsdale Arizona my dentist used a cone beam x-ray and told me I have a cavitation in my jaw from a tooth that was extracted 40 years ago he said about 95 percent of all extractions end up with some cavitations I’ve never had any pain or tenderness there in my 01:39:53 mouth but he wants to do surgery and scrape and clean out it properly be very pretty expensive expensive I’m wondering if this is really needed no I don’t think it is if there’s no pain there’s very almost certainly no infection when you pull a a tooth sometimes the bone doesn’t fill in right no problem there okay you don’t believe there’s a problem there no okay cavitations what is Dr. Pete’s opinion on eating organic adami soy is the estrogen too much or if eaten in moderation would it be okay adami soy um I think it’s okay is a condiment in very limited amounts for example soy sauce I think is safe to use occasionally and in a small amount but the more for example in Hawaii there was a study of people 01:41:00 who ate tofu and those who didn’t and dementia was higher in the tofu eaters dimension was higher in the tofu eaters yeah what’s that about I wonder just yesterday Jim yeah well I think poor diet in general because tofu isn’t isn’t a very complete nutrient right another study in China found that milk drinkers had a much lower incidence of dementia high quality protein and anti-inflammatory properties of the milk what about tempeh you get organic tempeh reasonable food or stay in in moderation just for a place for food but yeah not a staple yeah yeah final one you’ll like this one after my husband started massaging my lower legs it seems like the healing kicked in overdrive swelling reduced immediately and now I’ve been able to 01:42:00 walk carefully again is there a correlation oh sure of course love heals everything right you have to massage your legs I mean how could you not feel better right yep yeah boy well Dr. Pete thanks so much for being here it just was we had a great time and I was really appreciating the virus stuff early on and and let us know if there’s anything we can do if you’d like to visit Dr. Pete’s website is rape eat dot com you can look in our archives we’ve had him on the show quite a few times just put rape eat in the search function top right of one radio network and pay plus on these links to everyone that you care about all right my friend thank you sir you take care of yourself and we’ll talk to you next month okay okay thank you yes sir bye bye dr. rape eat he’s a good one

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