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00:00 Music. 24:35 And we’re live. Okay. Ray Pete, George Yenkov. We were just talking about, we were talking about Mexico, but I really wanted to talk about just everything that’s happened. You know, I think last time we were talking, the Russia, Ukraine stuff was just kind of coming to a head. And I unpack it for us, Ray. What do you think’s going on and give us your unique perspective? Everyone should really understand what the Azov battalion is, that they were an extremist group. They were, for example, involved in setting a union hall on fire while there were dozens of people inside. And if they came out, they killed some and most of them burned to death. 25:38 And they marked under swastika flag, and their hero is Bondera, who was a major genocidist under Hitler. So they’re just about the nastiest people that you can imagine. They were integrated into Ukraine’s National Guard because the Breakwood Republic’s favored unions are nominally favoring socialism. And since the Nazis, they aren’t the same as the Azov battalion, but the oligarch related Nazis control the government in Kiev. They get along nicely together. And the government in the Donetsk breakaway area of the Azov battalion 26:44 is leading an attempt to genocide the Russian speaking population. Kiev assigned them that job after they outlawed speaking Russian and all rights for the Russian national citizens, as well as Russian speaking people, ethnic Russians. The Kiev government has been shelling them constantly now for, I guess, seven years. Didn’t they send the Azov battalion and they crucified some people in the Eastern Republics? That’s what I’ve heard. I didn’t want to look at the videos. And how does this play into the larger empire game? Do you think this whole thing kicked off as kind of a cover for the biggest crime of the century? Maybe that’s part of going? 27:48 You know, the Victorian, Newland thing that they were openly talking about installing a puppet government in 2014 and explaining that they had invested a lot of money in it. And crucial to the coup was having several snipers killing the Ukraine policemen as well as demonstrators to get the people believing that the government was killing demonstrators, but they were killing police and trying to get them against the mob. That was when the elected president left. So it was a very U.S. promoted coup right from the start. And the nominal purpose publicly is that U.S. 28:58 under Clinton decided that they should expand NATO right up to all of Russia’s borders after having a bullish promising Gorbachev that NATO would not expand another inch. But that was just to relax the Russians so they could move nuclear weapons right up to all of their borders. And when Putin became active in saying that he couldn’t tolerate any more of the advances after several of the little former Russian republics had been assimilated by NATO, Russia fought back in Georgia. And what was the other area that they militarily 30:08 clashed to move to integrate with NATO? And that nominal desire to have NATO right up against all of Russia’s borders making it the next step would be to use those weapons to threaten Russia up to the point that they could change the government and break up the Russian state so that the vast amount of resources could be divided up just what Hitler had in mind. And this attitude of the U.S. and Britain has continued now since the First World War that their purpose has been to keep Russia from cooperating closely with Germany because 31:09 Germany has always had the leading technology and Russia has had the unlimited resources and potential grain production, timber, and all sorts of essential and voluminous minerals. And so if Hitler’s plan, for example, to conquer Russia and take their resources, everyone realized that would give Germany absolute control of the world. So that was in their minds at World War II and it continues. Anything that would favor Germany doing business with Russia has been inactivated in various ways and now 32:14 getting world opinion such that Germany is practically forced to cut off their main energy supplies. The cheap natural gas and oil from Russia is very essential to the German economy but by treating the embarrassing situation in world opinion they have forced their puppet government of Germany to turn off their energy supply and eventually bankrupt themselves. And meanwhile the U.S. keeps buying vast amounts of Russian gas and oil. It’s German as they don’t want to have cheap gas and oil. How does low life like Newland get on the record plowing to kill foreign officials and people and still not fall under that U.S. law that basically 33:19 prohibited U.S. officials from doing that abroad? The international law is a concept that came in with United Nations and when the U.S. talks about the rules, what they mean is they’re absolutely throwing out the tradition of 70 years of international law. But I think there’s an actual U.S. law which prohibited, I think it was, forget when it was passed but basically it said that no U.S. government employee is allowed to actively plot the assassination of a foreign government official and this is a law that’s on the U.S. books. But all of the treaties are technically the law in the U.S. when Congress 34:28 ratifies a treaty that makes it a national law and if you look at the history of U.S. treaties no one obeys the law. Right yeah so basically it’s they follow whatever law suits them but when it comes down to restricting the secret operations or things like that abroad the law doesn’t apply. So how does this navigate kind of the oligarchs into a one-world government situation? Is this like something that was standing in their way or how does a person understand that? Oh there one-world government has to be ruled by the U.S. There are these actual extremists in the government since Kennedy’s time it’s been very obvious that they seriously believed better dead than red and the chairman of the chiefs of staff 35:36 was constantly maneuvering to get a world order using atomic weapons going. Well one of the big narratives like the so-called liberal Democrats are like pro-Ukraine the so-called right-leaning Republicans are pro-Russia and then the super like kind of fringe conspiracy people are saying oh it’s a big show the whole thing is theater and so why why would you reject that whole thing that Putin is like playing a villain so they they can do a cyber attack and etc etc etc why would you like vehemently reject that? The Trump was a big interference with their plan the American plan to establish to keep Germany as a puppet state and to do everything to end up dissolving the Russian state and when Trump said he could do 36:42 business with Russia and he didn’t think wars were a good idea immediately they said he was conspiring with Putin and that whole thing was a conspiratorial fabrication coming out of the Democrats party organization with Hillary leading the way referring to Putin as Hitler. And then where do you see this all leading you know like the last time we talked to it felt like it was just getting off the ground and it’s like it got in so intense so quickly and it’s hard to imagine that it’s going to go it’s not going to get a lot worse. Where Russia is losing ground is in their public relations because the the story of satanic Putin has been so efficiently 37:47 propagated even sane people can’t hear what they hear and can’t see what they read like someone emailed me that Putin on the day he recognized the republics said his purpose was to decommunize through Ukraine that he is actually a fascist and what I heard him say in that speech was his purpose was to denotify the Ukraine nothing about decommunizing them and so his purpose since the breakaway republics favored socialism and unions they had to say that his purpose in stopping the as-of battalion from shelling civilians his purpose really was to go in and commit genocide against the socialists. Have you seen the other claims that Putin is basically 38:51 trying to re-establish the USSR? I’ve heard suggestions of that but under him one of the critics lines is to say that because Putin frequently uses the word god and spiritual values and traditional morality that that means he’s not very secret fascist but the communists got to the point where Stalin had stopped the active persecution of religion in the early 1940s because he saw that nearly everyone in Russia was an orthodox true believer and so he said 39:52 what what’s the socialist party doing persecuting their main supporters and Putin is following to that degree he’s using the common concepts natural to his country of spiritual values honoring traditional morality and speaking in the terms involving references to god and that really offends like a lot of the so-called Marxists and communists in Russia hate him for that they want to go back to the old-fashioned persecution of believers and so when he talks in a national ethnic manner they say that means he’s a fascist and 41:01 what wants to among other things restore the kind of communism that existed under Stalin and others have you seen some of the polls in the former Soviet republics I think with the notable the actual people on the ground in numbers of two-thirds or more favor the return of the Soviet Union simply because they say their lives were more stable or at least more human under the old system and right now you have one percent on and everything and 99 living in basically abject poverty and fear yeah the average citizen lost everything the pensions jobs and so on and for transferring state property to the oligarchs under with the leadership of economists from Harvard yeah do you think there’s a what how would you estimate the risk of a 42:05 I don’t know third world war because the way things are going now if Russia wins the war in Ukraine basically the it throws a major major major wrench into the will of the plans that the west had for this part of the world yeah I think Biden is already showing that the that would totally make the western rulers insane and the way he talks is pretty insane and also the west kind of loses credibility if Russia achieves its goal in Ukraine then basically it shows the west and the entire world that it’s still a great power and it can pause credible challenge to the empire yeah that’s a great problem for the west that Asia does potentially 43:06 terminal condition for them so they will resort to anything to resist that I think they’re going to start saying that even though the Ukraine was easy to defeat the Russians had to use massive genocidal methods and they’ll be claiming that Russia has committed atrocities all across the country yeah for they the shelling of the breakaway republics has killed at least 10 000 people over these last seven years and even if we put aside the the the the actual winning the war in Ukraine now Russia being isolated financially and politically uh under the of course the guidance of the empire um it’s it’s 44:08 Russia and China are being pushed together by basically no desire of their own but now they have to cooperate in order to survive this and if they come up with an alternative payment system and start trading all these commodities in something other than the US dollar then that’s pretty much game over for the dollar wouldn’t it be oh yeah that’s what the west has seen coming now for years and when the US froze Russian assets and stopped the financial transactions the Russians had almost equivalent power they could have frozen the western assets in Russia with great damage to people in the US and could turn off their cheap gas and several other things that they could have retaliated with it against the sanctions 45:11 but what they’re doing is not trying to punish the west but trying to just shift their business right but economically united Russia and China are essentially that’s a checkmate for the west um other than a major war to subjugate that that that that union the west doesn’t really have any other cards no i think it’s almost unavoidable that China and Russia are going to come out in a functional control position okay so if the the elite wanted eventually the US dollar to go away anyway so that they can replace it with their um digital currency do you think that may actually help their plans the fact that the russia and china alliance may accelerate the demise of the dollar what do you think is happening too fast for their days i’m not sure but i think the dollar was already experiencing that movement away from the 46:17 petroleum supported dollar and that was going away from the petroleum dollar was what got iraq and libya murdered they were introducing a gold back a finance system so they had to be killed to save the value of the dollar but now they can’t do that too china and russia were moving basically in the same direction libya and reacted regarding oil prices with the way things are going right now and with the war and further supply chain disruptions which is what the the elite calls them um do you see the potential for inflation continues rapidly in the united states and maybe even civil civil unrest breaking out over these ridiculous prices yeah the inflation is already happening because of the actions they’ve taken for the pandemic 47:23 but i think it’s blending right into the the world moving away with china and russia getting together so i think there’s nowhere to go for the dollar except losing value faster and faster and what do you think will be a move a financial move on the elite’s part introduce quickly the cbdc’s or uh yeah basically controlling they can cancel the bank access simply the way canada did uh confiscate the money of people independent actions of all sorts and uh force people quickly into the digital credit card economy 48:27 but in order for that to happen trudeau by the way declared martial law or he invoked that law that’s essentially equivalent to the martial law what would what would it take to to do that in the united states unless there is some kind of a civil unrest didn’t take any law at all to do all of the illegal mandates the news that a state of emergency existed they didn’t talk about it but i think we’ve had a continuing state of emergency now for many years and so they can get away with uh martial law behavior without having to declare anything so you think they will just be able to freeze people’s deposits and get away with it yeah well somebody listening this might say oh i don’t care about the ukraine or russia stuff but the effect on the food chain that’s like a that’s one of the consequences of this have you been following 49:29 that at all right not in detail but yeah there they’re expressed policy now for several years starting well before the pandemic is to phase out what they called the legacy economy uh the small businesses all across the country to destroy them one way or another and the mandates simply telling people they couldn’t continue running their their restaurant or gym or whatever business they said wasn’t essential and so they just by fiat confiscated or destroyed businesses forcing people to deal with places like amazon and so jeff basis practically 50:32 has doubled his wealth because of the pandemic and i was specifically referring to like it doesn’t russia export like all of the wheat or something and so that would hurt farmers even more in ukraine ukraine yeah and they could do all kinds of boycotts they could find many other markets in the u.s and europe for all of their excess production grain and petroleum in particular but rare minerals that are essential to the western economy they can turn those off simply turn off western technology industry and russia and belarusia together i think are responsible for two-thirds of the fertilizer used around the world to grow food and if they stop the exports of that then nobody grows food no matter where they are 51:32 at least come at an industrial level right i mean people can do it in the yards they’re in a position of tremendous leverage over europe and the u.s but they see such actions as leading to retaliation militarily and they’re very not retaliating for the and then again people hate when i ask you to speculate but could you see maybe a cyber attack performed by cia and associated could that be like a sink into some kind of war situation yeah and it could happen anywhere as long as it is convincingly blameable on the russians that’s their basic thing and and that he doesn’t even have to be convincingly blameable they it’s like the virus it’s whatever they say it’s unconfirmable 52:33 well especially under they’re right at the point of being able to declare a pandemic of marburg hemorrhagic fever virus that’s one of the things that could hold hold things in the crisis state but a huge fault flag operation is very likely i mean the trauma of staying home and not seeing your loved ones might pale in comparison to not having water or food or turning on the power that might be really bad okay is there oh do you have any more news on the marburg stuff i know you said they were a readying a vaccine have you been following that have you seen more things because it seems like the public can only hold attention on one narrative so it’s going to be either russia ukraine or a new virus like it would be difficult for good yeah i think they are so in control of 53:35 the media that they can let out little bits when one thing slacks in the news they can prep things up by letting out a new danger so they’re alternating between a new virus cyber attacks all kinds of possible threats in georgia interrupt me if you have any more on the ukraine russia stuff but people did want me to ask you about the new information about the reverse transcription i mean you’ve been saying this from day one so have you seen anything that was interesting or unknown uh recently i think peter mccullough and some other people have been talking about the proof of maybe it was in the liver of the reverse transcription for this yeah showing it exists in the liver a group at mit and harvard more than a year ago demonstrated that the process really does happen in in cells but showing that it happens in human 54:46 liver cells is very important and just by having a feeling for how cells operate right from the start the the claim of people like fouching that uh introducing rna is going to almost instantly lead to the degradation of of that rna and it couldn’t possibly be a reverse transcribed and the product of reverse transcription naturally couldn’t get into the you into the nucleus uh so that was all like sophomoric molecular biology that fouchy had never studied but anyone familiar with the actual workings of nucleic acids in the organism knows that 55:51 those rules are made for the drug companies like the idea that you have to encapsulate rna into some kind of a lipid membrane to get it in the cells the lipid substance is actually designed to act as an adjuvant to stir up the immune system but it’s been known for a long time that naked rna and naked dna are circulating in our blood system all the time and if you add a particular type of rna or dna strand it shows up very powerfully inside cells you don’t need anything to target the nucleic acid to make it go into cells it’s can go right through the surface of of the cell and begin to be incorporated into the nucleus so the so-called 57:02 principles that make such a thing impossible are nothing but the ignorant fantasy of of the pharmaceutical people and pharmaceutical people actually uncovered nucleic acid is going in and out of cells constantly and it it goes in and out of the organism through body fluids sweat saliva tears urine these nucleic acids originating in the body are coming out all of our surfaces so if you put a a cold object under your nose so that the warm breast condenses on it and analyze it then you find big molecules like nucleic acids and proteins in that condensed vapor and that was incorporated into a manual 58:08 when Pfizer was experimenting to develop a vaccine they warned their people giving the vaccine not to let pregnant or or nursing women be exposed to someone who is vaccinated they were fully aware of this shedding process that is going on all the time and i couldn’t be the only one that was fooled by the 5g nanotech graphene oxide can you i’m sure you get that question all the time do you just want to extrapolate on that a little bit your thoughts yeah i listened to some of the early reports of the so-called discovery of graphene oxide and these guys said they would be presenting full detailed evidence of how they identified 59:13 it as graphene oxide but that has never been presented it’s just there’s a junk in the vaccines physical particles of graphene oxide is compatible with what they see and there were some publications proposing that for mind control and modification of cells that graphene oxide being able to pick up electromagnetic fields could be designed to translate electromagnetic fields into particular nervous and chemical effects in the cell but that there are just a few articles proposing that but what they did was 01:00:15 blow it up and said it has already been done and then georgie interrupt me anytime so shift the topic something that i’ve been interested in these past few months talking to different people is that it seems like there’s kind of themes and maybe the people i talked to and the theme currently is that people are doing and this is not going to blow your mind anyway because you’ve been talking about this for a long time but people are doing significantly better on like a one to two ratio of t3 to t4 or a one to one then even a one to three or one to four and so since that’s just fresh in my mind right now i just thought maybe we’d concretize it here with just your thoughts on that and like why would somebody do better on a one to one or one to two right if you’re for example under the influence of something like estrogen that is interfering with liver function and cell function in general especially interfering with oxygen as the energy basis after causing a shift to oxidation of fatty acids 01:01:18 then this wasting of oxygen as an energy source prevents the conversion of t4 to t3 the conversion requires a certain level of oxygen of glucose as the energy source and so high estrogen women in particular are very very frequently have a block between t4 and t3 that’s been known for decades that or t4 in a healthy young man works almost exactly like t3 in women it’s about 10 times less likely to be an adequate thyroid supplement for syrux in the loan of t4 because estrogen is such a deterrent 01:02:25 to the conversion and men under stress who have done too much aerobic exercise for example can’t get their t3 to come back after the stress because factors such as aromatase have been activated by the stress and continue to interfere with the glucose function and so stressed men and the average woman has a very low ability to convert tyrox into the active hormone and so if you give a ratio that has enough t3 to keep the oxidative system running and then just enough t4 to fill in when there’s a dip in energy availability 01:03:28 everyone has their optimal ratio some people do fine on just tyrox and but they they weren’t really the bulk of the hypothyroid population it’s a failure to convert that causes most type of thyroidism for yourself can you detect a difference you know between a one to one and a one to two no i’ve never tried resolving it that fine and then georgi interrupt me at any point i i’d like something closer to three to one well so you should you mix it yourself i will go along for days at a time with nothing but c no plus but i then i definitely feel a boost if i bring it up to sweet one ratio also you supplement additional t3 to uh to basically change the ratio okay and is that a climate or seasonal thing is it what like a seasonal or climate 01:04:32 thing like changing in the summer or winter yeah the need for thyroid is uh usually about four times as high in in a northern winter as during the summer and for many years i found that two grains of armor was just right for me in the winter and only half a grain it was enough to warm me up in the summer and then georgi interrupt me at any point okay so i wanted to talk about uh because we only have 15 minutes here um uh heavy metals right that was something that kind of got talked about on the internet a little bit and i know that you have an interesting specific perspective including the redox balance into that equation rather than just like the heavy metals are i mean they’re harmful but they’re harmful in context with uh like the overly reduced redox state right uh yeah the uh for example if you’re uh stressed for oxygen uh that will bring up heme oxygenase which turns heme into 01:05:43 billy verden carbon monoxide and free iron and free iron in the presence of a deficiency of oxygen is reduced producing hydroxyl radicals that cause oxidative damage so the oxygen deficiency leads to sort of explosive random type of oxidation damaging proteins and nucleic acids and everything so iron serves as like an emergency oxidizing agent what was the oxygenation iron the free iron released serves as an emergency oxidizing agent yeah in the presence of excess electrons when oxygen is deficient the oxygen should be 01:06:43 uh disposing of the uh uh excess electrons lowering the uh uh reductive pressure of the cell and that should detoxify any free iron that’s sitting there it should say in a harmless oxidized state but the stress activates by having uh electrons escape and reduce the iron so that the iron then reduces uh uh uh converts things to free radicals so would supplementing with quinones would essentially protect partially from iron toxicity yeah i think that’s how a lot of the so-called antioxidants work like inside the cell uh ascorbic acid is an oxidant not an anti or reducing agent if you take so much that you experience a reducing 01:07:52 atmosphere that creates extreme damage from free radicals so the ascorbic acid is functioning as a protective factor in the oxidized state of the cell and the so-called plant derived so-called antioxidants like flavonoids are actually inside the cell they’re working like ascorbic acid as prooxidants helping to deliver randomly reducing an electron pressure converting it into a more oxidizing state that protects against the free radicals i’m sure you’ve seen the studies that show that aside from 01:08:52 their chrysanogenicity of some of the more heavy metals like lead or aluminum uh basically the majority of their chronic damage comes from increasing oxidative stress would the same protective effect would be seen by supplementing with quinones or other oxidizing agents against other heavy metal toxicity accept iron i haven’t seen that demonstrated but i’m sure it’s uh happening uh that i i think could be demonstrated if you had the right uh quinones of right uh oxidative potential if someone has heavy metal toxicity what would be your generic approach to uh mitigating the damage and potentially if it’s if it’s even possible getting those heavy metals out things like uh coffee to accelerate passage through the kidneys 01:09:54 heavy coffee drinkers were found to have less heavy metal load especially in their kidneys and then the things rich in flavonoid type substances such as orange juice and grape juice have a huge protective effect but the the regulation is dangerous potentially dangerous right because it can spread all over the body yeah okay so how how would be how would these flavonoids what’s what would be their mechanism of action if they’re not colliders and same for the coffee oh by uh essentially uh enacting the free radical uh conduction and regeneration okay so somebody has a buildup of some heavy metal as long as they’re protecting from the free radical damage over time you’re saying the body should be able to excrete that excess 01:10:58 by its own mechanisms there’s no defeculation yeah unsell you did experiments with mercury that suggests that’s how it works with just the right amount of vitamin c for example you can put the mercury into a harmless valence that passes out of the body with various key letters okay um what was gonna say oh the um I forgot anyway so no worries we’ll go on to an advertisement here okay the newsletter is available by email now it’s $30 for 12 issues over I can’t believe I’m screwing this three years right well what was the new the new schedule for the newsletter uh four times you’re not especially at any particular time but just on the average one per quarter got it okay 12 issues which can be paid through PayPal at Ray 01:12:00 Pete’s with an s newsletter at gmail.com uh Ray’s books are available by the emailing the same address from PMS Dementopause a progesterone and ortho new nutrition for women and then Progest E from Keenogen you can email Catherine to purchase Progest E Keenogen at gmail.com each bottle of Progest E contains 3400 milligrams of progesterone and you know right in my limited research on hair loss it kept coming to my attention that I thought progesterone was like the hair protective hormone of course reading your work as well and searing and seeing it in spirinal lactone be used in um kind of pre finasteride or pre pre um propitia papers being used for hair loss but why why wouldn’t just go those things are more profitable to promote even though they have huge side effects and the estrogen industry has propagandized for decades 01:13:01 against progesterone because if it was realized that everything good about female hormones protection against heart disease for example derives from progesterone not from estrogen if if understanding progesterone goes too far the estrogen industry suffers after 2002 when they saw that synthetic progesterones with estrogen cause increased mortality from heart disease and and breast cancer and strokes there was a tremendous shift towards the use of progesterone and along with that came the estrogen industry financing all kinds of against progesterone and maybe for a young man or something losing hair listening to this why wouldn’t just taking 01:14:04 progesterone be why would that be kind of an impotent approach like why why would that not be all that would be needed to correct that problem it has to go with general and especially uh uh elimination of uh in the most factors that block hair follicle that includes uh a good thyroid function good vitamin d function and adequate calcium among other things but uh progesterone with vitamin d and calcium and thyroid uh can not only for restoring hair growth but for everything and and health and natural resistance will be optimized uh two comments here first the studies on cypro their own acetate and the other synthetic progesterones if you look at the dosages used for hair growth there were six using 600 to 800 milligrams daily 01:15:09 I don’t know of that many people who tried using natural progesterone in those doses so it’s the reports are usually coming from people and saying why is my hair not coming back also a second uh comment case report a college buddy of mine originally from Italy mountain climber basically lost all of his hair classic androgenic alopecia by the age of 22 we were roommates in college and then he basically kind of gave up on civilization and went to the to live in a commune in the Tianxian mountains in central Asia in kyrgyzstan and he fully regrew his hair as a full head of hair now and refuses to come back to civilization saying that uh it’s essentially killing us which i’m sure you’ll fully agree with and he lives at about 14 000 feet and says that life there is is perfect and he does not want to jeopardize it by coming back to and living at lower altitude he only goes to 01:16:10 Italy maybe wants you to see his parents but other than that he’s given up on modern life uh yeah the high altitudes the only thing wrong with 14 000 feet is it’s always cold but there’s very lower in lower incidence of all of the degenerative diseases i hadn’t heard about hair growth but our dental health is very different at high altitude than at sea level heart disease is much lower at high altitude dementia cancer and i guess you could include premature hair loss as a degenerative disease but that’s interesting to hear that he had for now but i mean i see maybe once every couple of years if he even comes to 01:17:11 states he doesn’t do anymore with sometimes exchange emails when he goes down to forget what’s the kyrgyz city he goes down once a month to check his email there but he basically says it’s not just the the hair he says that once you get out of the big city and go out in nature he says that that he cannot explain but life is so much more real and full there and he doesn’t miss any of the amenities of civilization he has water and electricity and that’s just about everything he he needs to live a fulfilled life yeah the people just mountain climbers for many years have remarked on the euphoria sense of well-being they feel when they get up to a high altitude the first time i went up fatigue on the long walks of the mountain but after getting to about seven or eight thousand feet i felt like jumping and and skipping and running 01:18:13 to the rest of the way so what do you think modern life offers is a benefit if anything like what’s what’s the indispensable thing that modern life offers that we cannot do without if we move to live in a more i’ve never understood that but billions of people don’t move to the mountains they’ll quickly turn them into i don’t know disney land or something absolutely last thing on this then i’ll let you go right um maybe you said it a long time ago that for hair loss the intervention had to be proportion people are always saying like oh you know i know my friend who eats bad and he’s keeps his hair and i’m losing my hair like what what that person losing here and is in more advanced states of aging or stress but that to a lot of people that’s not a parent that that’s what’s happening would you agree with that you’ve probably heard of the increased aging of the circulatory system but bogged people have that out of very high frequency 01:19:21 and it’s an indication of the likelihood of a heart disease developing and so it does show up in other aspects of the health and just before you leave what what why does that happen like the the circulatory system causes that defect in the ear their hair follicle has to produce energy vigorously and if your systemic energy is being blocked in some way the skin is one of the first places that can experience you can live with quite a bit of atrophy of your your hair and skin on nails and still keep your lungs and and brain working so the skin and the cymus and a lot of the muscular system the blood vessels are protected a lot more than the 01:20:31 skeletal muscles against stress and aging i really appreciate oh good did i did i cut you off rey what was that i thought i cut you off but i was gonna let you go because i don’t i don’t want to keep you longer than an hour okay rey sincerely appreciate it thank you so much for joining us georgia dean gov thank you so much guys thank you we only had an hour today but again rey thank you so much we we went over so much in an hour so i really appreciate it okay everybody have a safe weekend we’ll talk to you guys soon peace out take care okay bye so 01:25:27 Thank you.

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